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Remember this cardinal rule of thumb: Less is More.

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Niche Markets will buy anything

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But how can I show off how totally awesome I am if I'm not allowed to wear costume so busy that it triggers an epileptic seizure?

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Use a rainbow colored scythe.

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>torture happy peacocks
this is probably the most accurate definition of dark eldars i've ever seen.

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>Look at my minimalistic design. So beautiful. Pay me in full. Ignore that I spent twenty minutes on it in total.
Go away Apple.

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And what qualifies you to judge, I wonder?

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3G is ugly.

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Not always true, depends on some other factors. And I don't even like 40ks design myself.

Also. EVE? Works for what she's supposed to represent, but still looks fucking boring.

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It's funny how he mentions the part about the torture happy peacocks and yet fails to notice that it is that point entirely.
There are fictions out there that don't follow the Less is More rule and that is that.
Deal with it.

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Yeah, nahh, you're a fag

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Accurate, but to be fair, chaos armor isn't made that way. The spikes happen spontaneously as result of chaos influence. True story.
The underlying typical space-marine armor is just as good an example of bad design.

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Which is exactly why they SHOULD have overdone designs. Everything else, assuming you want to imagine 40k as a serious setting (which I don't), could do with some less skulls and spikes, though.

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Not realizing that w40k i supposed to be overtop crazy bullshit.

0/10 apply yourself

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I think that's everything.

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QUALITY design.

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Eh, sometimes minimalism looks really nice.

SS uniforms, for example. It's a shame such nice looking clothes are sullied by their association with such terrible people.

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Wall-E: functional for over 700 years
EVE: has no spare parts

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No, you idiot. Less is less and more is more. But I agree with the picture, the Uruk Hai design from the movies is really well done. Low fantasy will always trump faggy high fantasy.

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This. Nazis may have been just about the worst sort of beings the human race ever produced, but god damn were they snappy dressers.

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I'm a Jew, and I support this message.

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The history of the 'armet' is even more interesting than its design.
I believe it was given to king Henry the eighth, who was heavily into jousting in his younger years, by the German king, who had the best Armour and smiths in europe and was the formost king respected by the pope. Henry later procured his own armory, and much later created the church o england.

Is design probably is a joke, or even used or psychological warfare.

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If I ever come into possession of a large amount of money and lose my sanity, I would contact Hugo Boss and have them produce uniforms for my evil army.

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I heard than was made to be used for the Jocker of the King, not be the king himself.
>Weird helms thread.

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First of all I abhor you using a picture of the war master. I am happy though that you don't like his armor.


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Compared to maoists, nazis are positively wonderful people.

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Self centeredness often accompanies evil.

However the ww2 german army uniform was copied for the SS. It was a continuation of the refinement of the ww1 design and germans made much of their Prussian military prowess in history.

The use of leather jackets was wide before them, even during ww1, but only popularised by the germans. Im not sure but i think it was because leather was a decent form of body Armour too, and kept out the wind.

If you think about it, its kinda like humans want to have a thick hide like a bison. To make them more durable. Perhapse i should procure something like that.

However the uniform failed badly when it came to the Russian winters as it was not designed or them.

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>German king
>Germany wasn't a thing back then

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The HRE, bro.

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Well, yes. But it isn't Germany.

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Pretty sure there were many people just as bad in history, the Nazis just happened to among the first to be terrible people wqith sufficently destructive technology in the "western" world.

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Meeeahh no i really think thats what the documentary said...

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All this has done is make me want to have a Chaos Army that incorporates Urak-Hai designs.

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>Germany wasn't a thing back then

There wasn't Germany, but there were Germans.

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Germany as a country? No. Nationalism in General wasn't much of a thing back then. Most modern countries are actually pretty damn young.
But "the Germanies" and the "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation" sure as hell existed, and there was at least one "King" in it, while many of the powerful members tried to get themself that title by Loopholes and similiar stuff.

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Yep. The horned helmet was a part of the set of armour gifted by Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian the first to Henry VIII. The rest of the armour was lost. For a while it was thought that the helmet belonged to Henry's jester.

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bad fucking examples OP

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True. But we're talking about how stylish the uniforms are.

And the SS uniforms are probably the most stylish ones ever made for armies since WWI.

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>OP can't distinguish practical =/= good 100%

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Fyi, the King of Bohemia was technically a "German King", the Dukes of upper Burgundy tried to get themself crowned Kings of Lotharingia, Prussia was a German Kingdom and Austro-Hungary had a ruler that was King and Emperor at the same time.

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It's not that it's impractical tho OP does focus on it, it's that it's not well designed. It lacks really memorable, distinctive features (the closes Speshs marines have to that is the womble helmet, the rest basically screams generic machine-gun armed dudes in armor) and is visually...hard to distinguish. You could argue that the gothic style used many "spiky" bits too, but they all aimed in one direction, upwards, and they were small enough to not weigh the buildings down. GW's attempt at gothic is essentially covering dude in glue and throwing buckets of nails at him with no plan or overarching geometry.

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So was for the King and no the Jester? Well, I don't know if for a tournament it's safe enough.

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you meant "allegory", buddy.

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I think OP got his message a little messes. Less does not mean better, nor even more "realistic".

It's not more or less. Having a very simple, smooth lines, aesthetically pleasing iThing is just as bad as spiky bits and chains.

What OP should be looking at is "function". Don't think what "looks" more realistic, but what actually works. Form from function. Just look at the Stryker. The vehicle in all the promo material and shit is basically without anything, a bare bones vehicle. Something you're sure to see in scifi. Just look at the APC from Aliens. A sleek, clean thing with nothing ugly hanging from it.

Then at the bottom we have the Stryker in action, as you'd see it on the field. Buried under tons of accessories and gear. Also, far less a sexy future tank and more like something that'd be rolling up the beach in Normandy.

Just look at many of the guns in use today. Sure, there's the media sexy MP5s and G36s, and we've seen so many M16s and SAWs that we can't think of a world without them. But just look at less known weapons that are no less used by militaries of the world. There's more than a few fuglies in the bunch, but they're not designed to look good, just to work.

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exactly, if something functions, it doesnt matter how ugly it is. people will use them over the pretty things

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Which makes the fact that they have some of the simplest designs in 40k, a little ironic.

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>Remember this cardinal rule of thumb: Less is More.

From what I remember, the armour design of the LOTR movies laboured under three constraints:

First, they had an actual smith going around telling the artists that they were being retards. He did that a lot.
Second - somebody had to wear the armour, so it actually had to work IRL.

All three do not apply to the two examples on the right side, which pretty much explains why they turned out like they did.

The design principle "Less is more" has very little to do with it.

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It really depends on what you're going for really. The Warhammer settings are SUPPOSED to be over the top. (At least, I hope so.) Giant Space Vikings ripping up Crazy Torture Elves, Germanic Warriors covered in seals, charms and beard battling Mad Scientist Rats with gasmasks. That's one of the things that I feel appeals to people. It's batshit insane. It's like that Dick Punching Bear Quest we had. Some people just want to go "Fuck this shit, imma gonna burst through this shitdick's wall like the Kool-Aid man, whip out my flaming chainsword and duel his dragon ass while a storm rages and Shoot To Thrill blares in the background!" It's the feeling you get when you laugh with joy at some over the top stunt on YouTube. It's pleasure in Audacity. Pure adrenaline awww yeeeeeeah!

Now, if you want to be a bit more subtle, that's understandable. Hell, I like subtlety as much as the next guy. I like to be wowed just as much as I want my world rocked. I like The Soul Rebels just as much as I like Alestorm WALL-E was a good movie, Pixar know how to design characters. It's really what your trying to achieve. Apple and Oranges, fellas.

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>First, they had an actual smith going around telling the artists that they were being retards. He did that a lot.
>Second - somebody had to wear the armour, so it actually had to work IRL.

How does that differ from real life designs? First there's the dude that actually has to build the wild ideas the architect came up with, who has to bring it down to reality.

Then there's the fact that it has to be used, not just passed around at rich people parties. So you have to make it function as it's suppose to.

And everything has a budget. Money has the final say in everything. You can make the Best Thing Ever that no only works but looks super awesome, but if it costs the GDP of a small nation, nobody will want it.

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The rule isn't less is more. The rule is do some research and put some god damned effort into your design to make it look believable yet also effective in what you're trying to convey. And when I say "put effort into your design" I don't just mean painstaking mechanical detail like on the right. I mean actual planning *before* you start drawing in earnest. THEMING. BELIEVABILITY. RESEARCH. Put some bloody thought into it! Creativity =/= doing whatever bloody nonsense comes into your head.

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You don't get tetanus from metal, you get it from plants/bacteria getting put in your wounds.
Wounds which would be covered up by your armor.
Try again.

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Wounds you would get just by putting the fucking armor on.

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The problem is, it's not distincitve. All the evil shit is...well, people with spikes on. Because spikes are evil and so everything shall have spikes everywhere. At least the eldar and tau and even empire has different styles. Evil shit? spikes. errywhere. With tyranids getting cheated because they don't get skulls.

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Haha, no.

The one on the right is a fucking joke of bad proportions, and OTT crap. If you think that's an epic fucking win, then you're either fucking 12 years old, or like to fuck 12 year olds.

>> No.19752921

Which would be covered by the armor once it is on.
Meaning bacteria can't get in it because the armor is sealed.

>> No.19752926

Wait wait... did OP seriously just call out Warhammer's design for being cartoony and impractical? With that kind of mental prowess shouldn't you be publishing a scientific article about the amazing discovery that water is in fact wet?

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>the worst sort of beings
You might want to google 'stalinism', 'maoism' and several assorted megadeaths that, believe it or not, dwarf the death toll of WW2 as a whole.

Except it doesn't count in the west because slavs and yellow people are not really poeple, or something.

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Yes, because that armor is going to prevent sweat from bringing whatever bacteria you might come in contact with directly to that wound.

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Not the other guy but: What if, just hear me out, what if, what if i like all of the designs, minimalist or over the top for different reasons. What if, now, just hear me out, what if people have different opinions to you? Well thats how it appears. So. That must mean you are also a kiddie fiddler for disagreeing with me. Isn't this fun?

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Reminds me of a dream I had.

I was back in the army and it was the future. And we had a fucking bipedal combat armour thingy. It was around 12 feet in height with legs, arms, torso and a head. And it looked just like all the rest of the military gear. It had thick metal pipes, everything covered in thick engine grease, the panels vibrated as its diesel engine was on, making a terrible racket, etc. It was less a sleek future thing and more of an army truck that became a humanoid. There was sweet tech there, like the optics on the head, beneath all the paneling and camo-net, but the overall design wasn't very pleasing to the eye once you got near it.

But still, it carried an arm mounted autocannon with all the grace of Soviet engineering, down to a trumpet muzzle.

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Eve and Wall-E design is cartoony. Streamlined proportions, exaggerated features, that's cartoonism. Putting spikes on everything and pushing the amount of detail while drawing in a semi-realistic fashion isn't a cartoony design.

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Sharp things imply danger.

That said, those designs are particularly busy. Compare them with the newer Dark Eldar designs like this one, which are sharp (danger again), carapace-like (implying something alive and predatory), and sleek (implying swiftness and speed).

There are overwrought designs in 40K, but not everything is SPIKES SPIKES ERRYWHERE.

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That marine's proportions are retarded. Here, I've fixed it for you.

>> No.19753055

>Animation studio widely renowned as the best in the world, doing very serious films
>Relatively small company deliberately trying to be over-the-top and silly with their game
And you hold them to the same standards of design?

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I think it's merely because we haven't been able to rummage through the records Soviet Union and China as well as Nazi Germany, and because it's not topical anymore. Post-WW2 it was nice to bring forth all the warcrimes and point that the other guy saying "see, this is what evil looks like".

But we had to endure the Soviets and Chinese for decades to come, so we didn't have exact records of all the crimes, and once the USSR fell and China decided to own the US, not to mention that whole new generations had come and gone, no body really cares anymore.

It's like if you were 47 and finally won that bet you made when with your friends you were 12.

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.... His shoulders are still parallel to his head, it would take a complete redesign to make that actually work.

>> No.19753086

Also that isn't a Deldar. It's WHFantasy. Malus Darkblade. He's a darkelf.

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It's because we idly stood by while those massacres happened. We care about the Nazis because we get to be the big badass good guys who saved the day (in our own minds).

Mao, Stalin, the story doesn't favor us. "And we worried about our own while millions died," doesn't tell as well as, "Then we swam the Atlantic, kicked every Nazi ass we saw, and saved the day MURIKA FUCK YEAAAAHHH!!" So we paper them over and go back to RAWR NAZIS WERE MONSTARS!

If you want an interesting study of the kinds of people who perform such atrocities, read The Authoritarians. It's available for free on the web, and it's fucking fascinating and terrifying.

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Do you really think that guy's limbs extend into the armors limbs? because that's just dumb. His entire body is in the torso of the suit, so really it's more like a small mech than power armor.
>Unless the artist said otherwise, in which case the marines name is tinyheadus.

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This is actually pretty good

>> No.19753112

That's even more retarded. Here, I've fixed it for you.

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The Imperium of 40k is based around the catholic church, an organisation well know for VERY ornate design, the space marines also tend to follow specific archetypes which may or may not have intricate design features, Warhammer and 40k's design choices represent well the gothic world of the lore, there are sleek races (Tau, Eldar) and there are bestial races (Orks, Tyranids) which follow the OP's very restrictive ideas of 'good' design, but every case of design is different.

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/TG/ doesn't seem to understand a whole lot about character design.

That being said, you can have a design with lots of superflourous details to make things look chaotic and spikey. The trick is to make all of those blend in to each other so it becomes a wash of stuff that your eyes filter out, then add in a solid part as a focal point.

For example, if your have a character entirely covered in spikes and skulls and so on, it's going to read as a mediocre design because you can't focus on anything. But if you then add a bright, basic red cape then all of a sudden your eyes are drawn immediately to that cape. You tune out all the details as background information.

This does tie in to a less-is-more approach though, since all the details on the body you ignore are effectively the same as a monotoned leotard for the design. You simply with a different flavor.

Assassin's Creed is a good example of this: All the main characters have different details on their costumes, but because the focal point is the white hood you can recognize an assassin even when all the other details are different.

>> No.19753133

Warhammer (40k more than fantasy. . .but still) is about AWESOME HEROES fighting AWESOME BATTLES while powermetal is playing in the background.

Everything else is secondary.

>> No.19753151

Yeah, but it's a 13 year old's idea of awesome on all accounts.

>> No.19753158


>you can recognize an assassin even when all the other details are different.

That's...not a good thing.

That and I've found pretty much all of the Assassins creed designed...uninteresting. They don't seem to have life or personality to them, being more 'This is what a young teen thinks looks cool and badass'

>> No.19753246

The Uruk Hai looks like a gang of black LARPers.
The second one looks like a mascot for refrigerators.
Wall-e looks like Short Circuit's Johnny 5's retarded son.

You're adding in thematic elements because these things are known from movies, portraying more than just 'evil black guys.' Whereas the chaos space marine and dark elf have no such benefit.

>> No.19753262


Thats a stupid argument, why would tetanus bother a hundreds year old vampire lord or a chaos space marine. Apart from anything else all the people on warhammer that wear spiky Armour are crazy fanatics that are too busy being completely insane to worry about cutting themselves on their Armour.

>> No.19753271

They are a little generic I'll admit, but a good design is built on being able to tell what someone is at a glance. Basically the fewer details you need to recognize a character the better.

In this case the assassins are all sort of uniform not only to fit a design in a bunch of vastly different settings but because they are basically a role you step into, both metafictionally and literally in the game.

That being said, they tend to lack individual personalities from a design standpoint which is a detriment. Not my personal favourite designs, but they are good at illustrating my point up there.

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>Not understanding that the Grey Knights are blinged out for a reason
>Not getting that "why are grey knights so covered in details" is flat out answered in the Codex
>Not getting that every detail helps ward of Chaos
Put more thought into it. You're doing good, but you could improve :3 .

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>Not understanding that the Grey Knights are blinged out for a reason
>Not getting that "why are grey knights so covered in details" is flat out answered in the Codex
>Not getting that every detail helps ward of Chaos
Put more thought into it. You're doing good, but you could improve :3 .

>> No.19753317

...as though the bullshit rationalizations they come up with for why they've glued ten thousand extra bits onto their guys excuses their ugly designs.

>> No.19753318

a 13 year old in the 80's and 90's maybe, nowadays not so much

>> No.19753355

It still looks retarded as fuck

>> No.19753376

Yeah a 13 year old nowadays would give them katanas and some sort of ninja symbol and a tail.

>> No.19753433

To be honest, when it comes to Warhammer fluff and stories and artwork, I just kinda want to have that kind of enjoyment. Just go "Fuck yeah! Ork Flying Aces having dogfights aawwwwww yeeeeeah!"

It letting my hair down, so to speak. I can enjoy fine art and literature as much as the next man. But, some days I just want to blow up a giant cathedral mecha after leading it into the range of a orbital cannon that fires Deff Dreds into it. Is that so bad?

>> No.19753446

And so does the iRobot thing in the OP's pic, what's your point? I thought you wanted utility and sensibility, and that's what the Grey Knights exist for. They tack on so much bling and garbage BECAUSE bling and garbage helps repel Daemons.

>> No.19753505

I was lurking to know more about that helmet, this pic explains it a bit more.

>> No.19753512

Nurgle and Nurgle.

>> No.19753647


Let me see if I'm understanding you correctly. You think >>19752838 is good design because all the superfluous details have a purpose? Because, protip: THEY WROTE THE FUCKING FLUFF. They were not constrained by anything. Someone drew that and said, "Yes. This is exactly the way I want Grey Knights to look", and then they designed the fluff around that.

Alright, I don't think all of 40k's designs are bad. Many fit into the over-the-top and utterly ridiculous world they created (look at literally any tank from the Imperium). That Grey Knight picture? That's just retarded.

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Pretty shit thread you guys got here.

>> No.19753762

It's fuckin' terrible is what it is.

>> No.19753788

Pretty shit indeed, good Anon

>> No.19753797

it's bloody embarassin m8

>> No.19753813

Absolutely not in keeping with the fine standards of /tg/, my friend.

>> No.19753825

real bloody rubbish innit

But okay enough of that shit the lesson of this thread is that you should combine normal armor with colorful clothing for maximum style/utility saturation.

>> No.19753826

Remember, "Man can believe the impossible, but man can never believe the improbable."

That tends to get forgotten in a lot of fantasy, sci-fi and fan-oriented genre media too.

On the other hand, that dark baroque nonsense would be right up Terry Gilliam's street.

>> No.19753830

That argument works the same for any fantasy character design. Any silly features of armor or clothing can be explained away as required for magical effects.

>> No.19753839

Amen to that brother

>> No.19753844

The other lesson of the thread is that Warhammer Fantasy rules and any/all of its bad art comes from Warhammer Online.

>> No.19753853

I think OP's pic is totally correct, except when you actually take it into models. A lot of art that gets made of the shitpile armor looks bad, but on a well painted tiny man it can look really impressive.

As far as character design though, yeah it's total shit.

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>> No.19753865

Now if only I could buy Bretonnians without fear of A) painting them horribly or B) not actually being effective due to Bretonnians being really out of date.

>> No.19753868

>liking warhammer for the design

Warhammer isn't about good design.

Warhammer is about skullguns on the scrotchgun of the skullrobot with a cannoncathedral on its back.

It's supposed to be utterly ugly and giant, and absurd and gothic, and insane, and dark.

It's supposed to be beyond-over-the-top.

You don't know shit about design nor art, so take your autistic crap the fuck out of here, and you can come back when you've read some shit about the creative arts.

>> No.19753881

>Warhammer is about skullguns on the scrotchgun of the skullrobot with a cannoncathedral on its back.
Then explain the Imperial Guard.

>> No.19753888


>> No.19753897

Oh God, I had forgotten the address of this blog! Thank you!

>> No.19753905

Are you blind and typing on a braille keyboard or did you NOT FUCKING SEE THE 30 MILE DROPSHIP DROPPING A TRILLION SOLDIERS IN THE BACKGROUND?

>> No.19753910

Actually Dark Eldar Do put their Armor on in the Dark.

They love it.

>> No.19753929

Google "Hunger Plan" and "Goering's Green Folder" for what was the long term objective of the nazis.

>> No.19753967


oh wait no it's a giant subdued grey hulk

even the fucking TITAN is a relatively reasonable shade of grey, and i can't see a SINGLE skull on either

>> No.19753984

>not distinctive
Do you even know what the word means? Show me a fucking design that can be mixed up with 40k, spiritual successors (rippoffs) need not apply.

>> No.19753985

Better to do more with less, than more with more. I.E. efficent designs look better. nigger.

>> No.19753987

It's not like stuff with over-the-top designs are some of the most (in)famous places in real life or anything.

Oh. Wait.

>> No.19753993

Any Rob Liefeld comic?

>> No.19754013

What the fuck are you going on about.

>> No.19754014

Nobody had to carry that into battle, and it's pretty fuckin' ugly anyways.

>> No.19754016

Just look at this horrible mess. This room would be far superior if it were just a bunch of concrete walls and a functional staircase. Less is more, guys.

>> No.19754033

>trying to pretend that isn't ugly as shit

>> No.19754047


Ornate deco was the 'in' thing among the rich and powerful for hundreds of years. Probably thousands of years. Probably since the dawn of time. Your opinion is completely inconsequential to everyone but yourself. Good day sir.

>> No.19754049

Fuck your shit, OP. It's Jes Goodwin time.

>> No.19754052

I wouldn't like it as concrete, but if you dropped like all but one chandelier?
It would be vastly improved.

>> No.19754055


>> No.19754062

>> No.19754066

>> No.19754073

>> No.19754076

>Ornate deco was the 'in' thing among the rich and powerful for hundreds of years.
See where your powdered wigs and gilded clothes get you?

>> No.19754080

>> No.19754083


>not designing your own outfits

Everyone gets to dress like athrun zala in my military. But with miniskirts, and captain's hats.


>> No.19754091

This entire thread... OP doesn't even make sense.

Entertainment does not require the same rules as art.

Etertainment is exactly what it is. Entertainment.

>> No.19754092


The point is that what we thought looks good has changed radically based on the time period and culture. If you went back to Russia two hundred years ago and told them how shitty their fancy room deco was, they would laugh you out of high society. You can't just apply an engineering design rule of thumb to a design that is meant to be purely aesthetic and expect it to hold true.

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>> No.19754102

>> No.19754107

>> No.19754109


>implying the French Revolution was because the peasants didn't like popular fashion.

>> No.19754112

Don't try to tell me this isn't better than the average university library.

>> No.19754113

Nah. But we can disagree about aesthetics.
Not saying that people couldn't make crazy over elaborate shit, but that doesn't mean we have to say it looks nice

>> No.19754114

>> No.19754122

>The point is that what we thought looks good has changed radically based on the time period and culture.
Yet the flashiest that people in history got for actual, common, functional battle gear was the Hussar. And the Hussar is still pretty simple, at least compared to SPIKES N' PAULDRONS. There's a difference - a huge difference - between designing a ballroom and designing a combat uniform.

>> No.19754123

Back in the day, every single thing had to be done by hand. Every tile had to be laid by hand, every stitch, every bit of pattern on a sheet of fabric had to be done by hand. By artisans that took years to train in guilds who were protective of their secrets, which was often backed up by the government because lace was considered a strategic resource in the 18th century. As such, pattern and flourishes on clothing, housing and other products was expensive and were a sign of wealth. You showed off your wealth by having things with all sorts of complex fiddly bits on it compared to the plain stuff that commoners had to settle for.

Then came the Industrial Revolution and the Jaquards Loom and other things designed to manufacture these things cheaply and efficiently. The middle class wanted to ape the nobility and the lower classes wanted to ape the middle class to gain some of their prestige. So you get gaudiness overload. Then people realized that over the top pattern overload was not as aesthetically pleasing as controlled restrained simplicity, inspired by the Japanese. And that's were modern design, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism came from.

>> No.19754126

See, this is okay design. Its ornate, but everything is functional. No spikes jutting out, no massive chandeliers making ti feel cramped, the walkways curve like that for a reason, it has large windows to let in light. This is good ornate design.

>> No.19754127

>> No.19754133


You're entitled to your subjective opinion. I think certain things in Warhammer look fucking stupid.

But OP's argument is presented objectively. And that's fucking stupid.

>> No.19754134

It was a sign of noble excesses and vices, which is why it was basically removed from French society following the revolution. If YOUR tax money was being spent on fucking POWDERED WIGS you might take issue with it too.

>> No.19754139

Don't you think 40k should shit all over aesthetics.

It's fucking dystopian.

It's supposed to look like someone took a truckload of skulls and let them be painted by Karel Appel on a depressing day, and you only give him the colour palet of a Playstation shooter game.

>> No.19754142

>clean colors
>clean lines
>the most "decoration" is some shaping on the ceiling
What were you trying to prove?

>> No.19754145

Yeah okay I haven't actually read the OP I just replied to that pic of an ornate church.
So good job errybody in this thread?

>> No.19754153

Then what would the Mordians do?

>> No.19754154

>There's a difference - a huge difference - between designing a ballroom and designing a combat uniform.

In reality? Yes.

In fiction? Nope.

Though, that said, there really are some pretty damn ornate armour designs out there. Some of them make the Hussar look plain.

>> No.19754157

>there really are some pretty damn ornate armour designs out there
Gilding and so on, sure. Not the same as spikes and flanges and and wings.

>> No.19754161

Mordians live in the dark. So they don't see their uniforms anyway.

>> No.19754167

>> No.19754183

Yes, not the same. But again, FICTION.

You seem to ignore, too, that the whole point of the Imperium and much of Chaos' aesthetic is that they look overburdened and inefficient. Everything about those factions is there to indicate that they are a horrible mess or tradition and religious bullshit over logic.

>> No.19754184

>doesn't know about winged hussars

Look at this faggot and laugh.

>> No.19754193

Also fuck all the artists who aren't Blanche that go fucking crazy with the proportions of marines. Especially the faggot who drew that grey knight in this thread. This is how they are supposed to look, god damnit.

>> No.19754201

Not exactly. Modern architecture didn't originally have anything to do with aesthetics.

It was driven by the desire to build functional, cost-effective buildings during the period of rapid growth following the world wars. People didn't have the patience or money to spend decades building huge, beautifully ornamented public works projects, so they emphasized efficiency over aesthetics.

It was only later that the architecture community invented all this nonsense about the virtues of minimalism, largely to justify the boring ugliness of their own projects.

>> No.19754205

You know they didn't actually wear the wings into combat, right? Those were parade decorations. Look it up.

>But again, FICTION.
Yes, fiction gives you leave to make your stuff look as much like World of Warcraft as you want.

But ask yourself if you really want it to.

>the whole point of the Imperium and much of Chaos' aesthetic is that they look overburdened and inefficient
And yet, the Guard. Hell, even the basic Space Marine is pretty simple conceptually, with only 2 major colors and a few charms and seals.

>> No.19754218

I love that drawing.

Just how it hangs on the edge of scifi and ancient.

Not many people would be able to pull something like that off.

>> No.19754219

>> No.19754232

Jes Goodwin's marines are the best marines. Actually, make that anything drawn by him.

>> No.19754243

>that feel when you will never have an ornate mosaic floor

>> No.19754244

>> No.19754271

You know, I never noticed, but...

...those proportions are...

...kind of cute~

>> No.19754274

Space Marines are ridiculously huge, they have pauldrons you could flatten a mountain range with, and they very often wear heraldry that implies insane devotion or some kind of tradition.

Guard imply the inefficient nature of the Imperium on other ways. Their tanks look outmoded and cumbersome. Their troops are terribly armed in comparison to everything else and present in ridiculous numbers.

And by the by, I've seen very few examples of 40K design that even approach WoW stupidity levels. Even among the most ornate of Spess Mehreens, there are few that qualify. You're not WoW until you have a volcano floating over each of your pauldrons, constantly spitting flaming dragon heads.

>> No.19754283

You would be amazed at what they did in the late 19th century. There were factories that cast concrete blocks with Gothic or neoclassical features (generally being purely decorative unlike the columns in an actual neoclassical building or things like flying buttresses which were invented to prop up high ceilings), painted them to look like marble and granite and had them as kits. Businessmen would then order them, have them shipped over by train and build replica neoclassical styled buildings with steel frame structures from kits.

>> No.19754294

Hurpa durpa proportions.

>> No.19754295

>Space Marines are ridiculously huge, they have pauldrons you could flatten a mountain range with, and they very often wear heraldry that implies insane devotion or some kind of tradition.
Uh...no? No.

They're like 9 feet tall, which is huge for a human being but not the same as being a world-striding giant. They wear surprisingly subdued colors, often with a main color & trim color pattern. Their pauldrons are large but not overcomplicated.

>And by the by, I've seen very few examples of 40K design that even approach WoW stupidity levels.
The ones in the OP & that one picture of a Grey Knight. If you don't mean to defend those, then we actually don't disagree about much of anything.

>> No.19754306

Let's not forget fake medieval armour in such enormous quantities that if you see medieval armour outside a museum, it's most likely a 19th century fake.

>> No.19754371

If we wanted to talk about ACTUAL overwrought designs, we'd have to look at Warmachine or Pathfinder or something. 40k's ridiculousness pales in comparison to them.

>> No.19754397


>> No.19754408

>Pathfinder Samurai
Purity Seals and all

>> No.19754413

It's funny how those proportions work out when applied to reality.

>> No.19754454

Not really too far out of proportion.
grey Knights were always amongst the flashiest of Marines so everything is a bit bigger.

>> No.19754487

Wow, it's like he's heroic scale.
looks better than one should think.

>> No.19754508

the overblown hurr duur spikes to the point of ridiculousness is WAD.

and yeah it gets in the way. most people in warhams are incompetent. the strongest power is a vast cargo cult and their biggest threats to survival are cargo cult heretics, bone through the nose savages, and an eternal hivemind so stupid it feeds whole hive fleets to the furnace even when it has every advantage.
NO ONE is bringing their A-game.

>> No.19754538


lol, how can someone not know about winged hussars

>> No.19754560

40k's design seems silly and indistinct; at least, for the older, core races. I like Tau and Tyranids, and I think Necrons would be okay if they were curvier. Maybe have some Babecrons.

>> No.19754579

you oversimplified it a bit. When you do that, anything could be retarded/

>> No.19754618

Did you miss the part where they didn't actually wear the wings into battle?

>> No.19754634

Congratulations on making the worst post ITT.

>> No.19754664

You make tyranids sad.
I Enjoy the Aesthetics of the giant bugs rampaging the galaxy.

>> No.19754834

I agree.

>> No.19754925

If anyone wants to see examples of stylish, yet realistic, soldiers with distinct palettes & outfits, here's the Warhammer Fantasy Empire Heraldry book.


>> No.19755002


Silly maybe, but hardly indistinct. The only reason you might feel that way is that it's aesthetic has been aped so many times in the years since its creation that, to look at it now one would think it generic. /tg/ will never admit this, since most of it is "too cool" to like WH40K, but the universe is actually fairly unique within the science fiction genre. That isn't to say it's not silly--of course it has it's nonsensical bits. But it IS an effective style, as evidenced, once again, by the many clones it has spawned.

>> No.19755040


Interesting that you've posted probably the best design in the entire thread. Paint Johnny 5 khaki and he'd not look out of place on some road in Afghanistan today.

>> No.19755209


>> No.19755218




Tetanus; aka rusty nail disease; aka LOCKJAW.

Last time I checked you want to be mobile when you're fighting.

>> No.19755245


Which is what makes it a bad argument to justify gaudy designs.

>> No.19755255

Gonna see how /v/ feels about this.


>> No.19755288


I think you've missed the point of what he was saying. A Chaos Space Marine wouldn't be concerned about getting tetanus in the dark (or in the light of day for that matter) because his biology would give NO FUCKS and would clear that up like a mild case of the sniffles.

>> No.19755292

Kind of agree about Chaos. Given that the Imperium was already COVERED IN SKULLS, trying to put EVEN MORE SKULLS on Chaos was a bad move. It turns into an unwinnable Skull Race and everything just looks more and more like it was designed by a teenaged idiot.

>> No.19755308

How do you know that?

>> No.19755314

Learn to spell, OP, jesus christ.

>> No.19755335

Guys. Guys. It's okay to think that Warhammer art looks stupid. It really is. But you need to understand that it's also okay for other people to like it. If you want more realistic models, you have many, many other options to choose from.

Complaining about the art design of a specific selection of models is like going to a fruit stand and upending all of the oranges in a fit of rage because they're not apples. Why don't you just go buy an apple?

>> No.19755351


I'm offended that you're offended about people being offended over Unrealistic WH40k armor

>> No.19755387

As an author, storyteller, and artist I can tell you that this is a load of crap. I don't get where you're getting this information, but simplicity only works well when your target audience is of simple mind itself. At the same time being overly complex is a bad idea because even the most detail oriented minds struggle to take in the details of the piece. A healthy middle ground between simple and complex is the ideal place to be with any piece of creative design. Examples:
A: The Alien from the Alien franchise is a perfect example of this. A simple silhouette that shadows a far more complex surface design, which, at the same point, because of the behavior of the creature itself within the movie, is rarely seen.
B: The Mech from District 9. The design itself is highly complex, with lots of moving parts and interacting pieces, however the audience only notices so much of this because of the motion of the mech in the movie and the still scenes with it are few and far between.
C: Michael Bay's Transformers. Same as above although even more so, because the audience has to keep track of the two different forms, as well as the immensely complex transformation sequence.

>> No.19755388

Yo, design thread, imma let you finish, but I just want to say that the Eldar are the best-designed faction in 40k by about a million miles.

(not the Dark Eldar, though, because 'let's put spikes on the Eldar' was not an inspired choice)

>> No.19755421


I think Dire Avengers look pretty stupid, but I love the way Guardians look.

Too bad Guardians suck as troop choices. I use em anyway.

>> No.19755439

Actually given GW's monopoly of the tabletop wargaming industry it's more like going to the apple section of a grocery store looking for a McIntosh apple and finding nothing but Granny Smith apples.

>> No.19755449


>A: The Alien from the Alien franchise is a perfect example of this.

Funny you brought that up, because it's the first thing that popped into my mind reading the initial argument. The Alien (and Giger's work) is one of the most enduring designs in popular fiction today, and it ain't because of its simplicity.

>> No.19755453

>C: Michael Bay's Transformers
>just used Michael Bay's Transformers as a positive example


>> No.19755459


You should go to a different store. My store has a dozen kinds of apples. What sort of podunk grocery store would only have Granny Smith?

>> No.19755464

the individual pieces may be ornate, but they come together into simple patterns that look good.

>> No.19755477


>> No.19755487

it's called being objective, he never denied that those movies are crap, he just stated one thing about them that was reliant

>> No.19755492


>> No.19755500

But they are. The materials that the Japanese use for their armor is easy to dye or lacquer so "gaudy colors" isn't a big deal. There's no excessive bits to interfere with their mobility or get caught on things. The fact that they have a lot of stuff on them doesn't mean they're not practical, it means you don't understand what "practical" means.

>> No.19755508


It's fairly common knowledge that Space Marines have greatly enhanced bodies. Redundant organs, hyperactive immune systems, vat-grown organs, you name it, they've got it. I'm sure there's something in there that will protect them from tetanus. I mean, it's not like a front line soldier is never exposed to it or anything, and the Imperium thought of (almost) everything when creating the Astartes.

I would source the enhanced bodies stuff for you, but it is ALL OVER the fluff. Seriously, you can't kick a tin can without hitting a reference to it somewhere.

>> No.19755511

The transformers themselves looked fucking terrible.

>> No.19755514

That dude has a boss hat.

>> No.19755539

Jesus Christ I didn't notice that. I only watched the first film, but it was one of the worst failures I've ever witnessed. How can you make a film in which the whole point is to show giant robots fighting and then film said fights in a jerky epileptic explosion-filled way that makes it impossible to work out which robot is hitting which or even what any of the robots actually look like?

>> No.19755552

>There's no excessive bits to interfere with their mobility or get caught on things.
>bigass golden paraphenalia all up on the middle guy's dome

>> No.19755562


Except where that ignores how natural selection works. diseases are likely to keep on competing to be able to work against their immune systems and the immune systems of animals and beings suited to death planets, or else disease wouldn't be continuing to kick around. eventually their wounds are going to get infected by something they can't take care of and then it's goodbye space marine.

Not to mention that regularly wounding yourself tends to be more harmful than helpful before entering combat.

>> No.19755576


>Implying the general will be on the front lines.

>> No.19755618

What the hell does dyeing have to do with shit? Do you even fucking know what "practical" means? I'm talking about how this shit works/helps them out in combat. (Nigga, google this) And gaudy colors ain't gona help you jack shit when fighting somebody. You're fucking retarded if you don't realize that their elaborate helmet shapes and FABULOUS armor designs were full of ceremonial/aesthetic aspects that don't help for fuck while in combat.

>> No.19755622


Yes, I agree that somewhere out there in the universe there is probably some horrible, freakish disease that an Astartes immune system could not counter.

That disease is not tetanus. Now stop being so obstinate.

Also yes, self-inflicting wounds before a battle is not the best tactic, but if that's really the point about Space Marines that you decide to take issue with, I humbly suggest you reconsider your priorities.

>> No.19755632


It's more about the principle of the matter than about it being specifically tetanus. The only real issue I have with them is that almost everyone lacks a degree of common sense.

>> No.19755635

>natural selection
there is almost nothing natural about space marines, they aren't a species, they are living weapons, now if someone made them capable of breeding..........

>> No.19755684

>implying armies irl don't do assloads of impractical shit/wear gaudy armor
Seriously though, if thought for maybe, I duno, 7 seconds you could figure out why marines bling themselves out so much? Being shock troops, a large part of their role also consists of the image they put on for their enemies and fellow Imperials. And by blinging out, they are projecting an intimidating/reassuring presence of the Imperium to whomever they meet. This isn't like a concept that has never been done before irl.

>> No.19755687

It isn't natural selection of the marines, it's natural selection of the diseases.

>> No.19755704

>What the hell does dyeing have to do with shit? Do you even fucking know what "practical" means? I'm talking about how this shit works/helps them out in combat. (Nigga, google this)
im fuckin dying

Visibility on the battlefield's important for an officer. That's practical.

>> No.19755715

>implying natural selection doesn't select for both predator and prey.
l2biology dumbass

>> No.19755733


Natural selection doesn't occur for lifeforms that DON'T BREED.

And last time I checked, space marines don't go around boinking and having little baby marines.

Essentially they are the products of Artificial Selection.

>> No.19755787

>mfw when geneseed

>> No.19755845


you mean that thing that they IMPLANT in people? Yeah, that's not breeding and each space marine can only really give a certain number of geneseed transplants, seeing as it's moving an organ.

>> No.19755894

isn't geneseed grown by making women preggo, and then their mutant offspring has all the organs, and then they take the organs and put them into a nother person and mke them preggo

so on and so forth

>> No.19755937


apparently it's a series of injections and implants, and is an entirely artificial process.

>> No.19755939

that's the chaos borne daemonbachula

>> No.19756092

>selecting for geneseed that is resistant to virus

>> No.19756140


>selecting for geneseed that is resistant to virus

First, you have to choose geneseed that is resistant against TYPES of viruses; Second, you're assuming that there is genes for said disease resistance in the space marine's geneseed; Third, this assumes that the imperium would allow such 'impurities'; fourth, it ignores the ability for viruses and bacteria to mutate.

>> No.19756288

Well, there's probably the fact that a lot of times cerimonial armor is/was just exactly that.

"gaudy" colors help a lot while on the battlefield. If there's nothing to distinguish who's on my side, I might end up stabbing my allies, or getting stabbed by them. And the brighter the color the easier it is to tell it's my friend in the frenzy of a battlefield.

Bright colors are practical as fuck.

>> No.19756941

>The Simplicity is more in regards to art and architecture
>Several guys with fairly subdued chainmail armor and a guy wearing armor that was more ceremonial suit about 250 years of peace in japan under to Tokugawa shogunate

>> No.19757005

I dunno. Gave /co/ loads of boners, so...must be doing something right.

>> No.19757033


you could give them a block with a feminine face and they would probably fap to it.

[nospoilershere]I know because I am a /co/mrade.[/pleaseinstallspoilers]

>> No.19757848

There is a difference between functional aspects and pure ornamentation.

>> No.19758208

I just want to point out that a.) The OP is completely right, and b.) Anyone defending 40k is completely wrong.

Less is indeed more. Look at this image.
Darth Vader: All black. Helmet looks like a skull.. Cape. 'Black Knight'. RED laser sword. About 7 feet tall in the movies. Looks fucking imposing and menacing.
Stormtroopers: Helmets look like skulls. All white, uniform in appearance. Look imposing. Represent faceless evil, fascist thinking.
Emperor: Simple black cowl/cloak. Evil, twisted face. Cane is all twisted and gnarled, shiny and black in composition. Looks menacing.
Emperor's Royal Guards: Faceless evil (again). RED uniforms (like BLOOD!), Polearms when everyone else has guns (shows just how badass they are at fighting. Look fucking menacing.

The design of the costumes for every single character in Star Wars conveyed everything you needed to know about them, and there's not a single spike, skull, eagle, or any other lame symbol on any of them. Even when the costume designs were more 'cluttered' (like Boba Fett, or any of the other bounty hunters, all the other dudes in Jabba's palace) it was to convey something; i.e. they're all kind of ram-shackle, have bits and pieces thrown together through use and practicality.

And don't give me any bullshit about 40k being "more over the top"; episode IV has Vader cruising around in a space station the size of a moon that BLOWS UP PLANETS. The series (taken on it's own, as most people have seen it) is about the epic saga of a young man taking his place as the saviour of the galaxy. It doesn't really get any more epic than that.

>> No.19758247


>Warhammer is stupid because Star Wars is the only ONE TRUE sci-fantasy. Fneh fneh i have a boner for Anakin fneh

>> No.19758258

>and there's not a single spike, skull, eagle, or any other lame symbol on any of them.
>not a single skull
Look at the Stormtrooper again.

>> No.19758332

But it's a SUGGESTION of a skull, not a literal skull (no matter how artistically rendered). THAT is the difference. THAT is what makes them so effective at conveying the ideas of fear, prejudice, and malice.

>Warhammer is stupid because Star Wars is the only ONE TRUE sci-fantasy
I didn't say that. I said that the design aesthetic of Star Wars was more focused, and as such, more effective. Nice try though.

>Fneh fneh i have a boner for Anakin fneh
Notice how I've made no mention of ANY of the prequels. I thought they sucked. The design aesthetics were still there for the most part though. Nice ad hominem.

>> No.19758351

>But it's a SUGGESTION of a skull
It might as well be a literal skull.

>> No.19758380

I know I'm kind of late to the party on the particular topic: the SS uniforms were particularly snappy designs because they were designed by Hugo Boss (the actual dude, while he was alive, not his clothing company).

>> No.19758386

ITT: comparing works of narrative fiction in a visual medium to fluff art designed to supplement a tabletop war game. 40k art perfectly expresses how the mechanics for the respective armies works:

Dark Eldar: Evil, probably fragile, probably nimble, probably use magic

Chaos Space Marines: Evil, probably burly, "tank-y", probably don't use magic to the same extent as Dark Eldar

People comparing art across two different genres of entertainment are dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

>> No.19758400

Can we make it clear that anyone talking about how cluttered and overwrought 40k is ITT isn't talking about the Guard? Because you'd have to be pretty darn silly to think the guard are overwrought.

>> No.19758404

But it's still just a suggestion, because it's further removed from the reality. Just like the Armageddon Steel Legion.

>> No.19758406

You started good but your actual examples were fucking terrible.

>> No.19758419

That's clear enough. The IG are just WW2 taken UP TO ELEVEN!

>> No.19758428


>> No.19758434

Right, because the armies in the OP image are totally not related at all.

>> No.19758435


When OP says 'less is more,' you're grievously mistaking what he means

>> No.19758441

Simpler is better, but too simple is stupid.

>> No.19758530

Yeah, the imperial guard has a pretty good design.

Tzeentch jumps to mind as having nice designs too. Notice the distinct silhouette and how nothing is really competing for your attention. It's a good design, everything is cohesive.

>> No.19758540

Meant to link

>> No.19758544

No, I mean the way you chose to defend the Dark Eldar & Chaos. "Uh they look like magic users, whereas Chaos looks like tanks and not magic users!" If that's the only criteria you have there's way better designs that they could be given besides STUPID SPIKY FLANDERS

>> No.19758545

The aesthetics of 40k is one of the things preventing me from giving the system a go. It's all just so... ugly.

>> No.19758585

The thing is, there are over a dozen armies available for play in 40k. The art for all of them needs to tell a potential player at a glance what the army plays like. Think of it like art for a fighting game. Designs for a Street Fighter game are going to be much more cartoonish and exaggerated compared to something like a modern war FPS. The same principle applies to the art in the OP image. The pieces there are two fluff images for a tabletop game, the pieces on the left are an adaptation of a Tolkien property and two kids movies. Of course they're going to be more subdued. If the art on the left were characters in a video game I would have little idea how they would function.

>> No.19758618

Maybe try the Tau? They're pretty nicely designed.

>> No.19758684

Too bad they're aesthetic doesn't fit in in any way with the rest of the armies.

>Hilarious mental picture of Tau firewarriors sticking spikes and skulls onto their armour as "camouflage"

>> No.19758706

And the geneseed that's resistant to the virus will be the marine that survives.
2. Considering that geneseed mutation isn't an uncommon occurance, it isn't unreasonable to assume there can be some marine who's geneseed who posses resistance
3. >implying gene-seed can't have variable DNA sections
>implying that only 1 type of gene-seed is used to create space marines durhurpiguessbluhdangelsandsphesswulvesdunexist
>implying bullshit
4. And the host's immune system can adapt as well. What's not to say that the marine's defenses are souped-up to the point where it can easily react and counter new strains?

>> No.19758758

Thank you

>> No.19758763


2. then they need to find that marine and slowly spread out his gene, seeing as they can only give so much at a time.
3. there are 20 types of geneseed, and they are regularly tithed to check for purity. mutations that are there tend to be weeded out.
4. The reverse can be said as well. What prevents bacteria and viruses of deathworlds from being just as adaptable.

the point is even with better immune systems, WOUNDING YOURSELF is just plain retarded.

>> No.19758788

Well the aesthetic of each army varies widely, which is kind of the point.

Imperial Guard are toned-down and the closest thing to realistic in 40k, while Orks all have a sort of intentionally-ugly cobbled-together-scrap appearance. The Tau are a simplified, streamlined approach while the Tyranids have kind of an Alien look going on. They're all different and appeal and design, it's oddly only the most widely-publicized armies like Space Marines that look sort of bad

>> No.19759720

There is something to the Orks that is appealing aesthetically (in its way). They are not so much about being evil as showing off that they are crude, brute force, violent, cunning and able to work anything into a deadly weapon of war. They don't come off as a bunch of Try Hards.

>> No.19759927


>episode IV has Vader cruising around in a space station the size of a moon that BLOWS UP PLANETS.

Allow me to point out the flaw in this comparison: in the Star Wars universe, the Death Star was the greatest weapon ever created in the history of everything. The Imperium? Well, the Imperium pumps out a Death Star equivalent roughly every week. So no, Star Wars is nowhere near the level of crazy that Warhammer 40,000 is.

>> No.19760332

>I think it's merely because we haven't been able to rummage through the records Soviet Union and China as well as Nazi Germany, and because it's not topical anymore.

I come from the future. We think that Francis Fukuyama is the biggest tool ever and we've corrected most of our modern history to account for Russia's involvement in the mess that's Nazism, Israel and that whole terrorism-crap we got out of the Near and Middle East.

Seriously, so many people forget that Russia basically funded all the socialist regimes in the region and the pogroms in Eastern Europe were one of the major push-factors that got those eastern european Jews to move to Palestina in the first place.

>> No.19760783

Oh, for fucks sake.
Space Marines have a retarded good immune system, so most standard illnesses don't get through.
YOU DON'T GET MARINE-ONLY ILLNESSES. because there are, like, 1,000,000 marines in the whole galaxy. That is not a large enough popluation that a pathogen would evolve to target them. Same reason there are hardly any viruses for Linux.

>> No.19760858

>That is not a large enough popluation that a pathogen would evolve to target them.

Except in 40k viruses and diseases in general are not governed by evolution. They're governed by a god, and yes, papa Nurgle did create illnesses potent enough to afflict the marines. I mean...Death Guard? So yes, while most ilnesses would not afflict marine, being wounded while fighting chaos is probably very bad idea. Course, 40k is too much of fantasy setting, but if it was even remotely closer to realistic, you'd be the eldar or tau would come up with specifically anti-marine bioweapons.

>> No.19760878

Bioweapons specifically designed to attack people...who universally fight in NBC-sealed armor.

Sounds retarded.

>> No.19760924

>Today: /tg/ discovers that some settings have different aesthetics, and that some people prefer different aesthetics

>needless to say, it devolves into shit-flinging and name-calling.

>> No.19760954

Why is everyone referring to that picture of Malus as a Dark Eldar? He's a Warhammer Fantasy character. Dark Eldar actually have a much better design than that, as do Dark Elves themselves - that picture is terribad concept art for a terribad game.

The average Warhammer Dark Elf looks somewhat more like pic related.

>> No.19760958

Except Nurgle can just create a disease that kills Marines whenever he feels like it.

>> No.19761034

Except he has to bring that into reality and not just spray it on Isha. And the bearers of his blessings will just get smashed by IoM. And faith can protect you from the gifts of nurgle.

>> No.19761061

Designer here.

It depends on what you want to do.
If you target audience are children or if it's for advertisment (for example) you'd want a simple and sleek design.
Children don't have a high attention span and most people don't pay much attention to commercials.
Thus your design should be memorable yet not too complicated.

If your target audience has time to study your design it can be as complicated and detailed as you like.
The important part is to not lose it's focus.
You need to have a clear outline. If people look at your character and have to search for an arm or have to guess what's what you're probably doing it wrong.

The rule "less is more" only applies to concepts. The basic concept should be very basic. A good design appeals only by itself. But details are also important.
Small details give characters ... well ... character.

If you have a goblin for example, it's pretty much just some random goblin,
but if you put a dirty spoon on his belt, have him wear a rugged pointy hat and carry a blunderbuss, the whole concept becomes more interesting.

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>and thus, the natural order is maintained.

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