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So I grabbed the beta rules for Only War, and I have a few questions.

1- Can multiple Training/Equipment Doctrines be taken if you have the points for them?

2- I'm confused with how the standard equipment works. With Regiment generation, it says everyone starts with a las pistol, yet under the Char Gen/Class Specialty everyone gets a las rifle or some other weapon. Is there really any point in dropping 5-10 points to "upgrade" from a las pistol or am I missing something here? It makes no sense that I would need to upgrade to such a ubiquitous weapon.

3- How the fuck do Affinities work? I like to think I'm at least semi-intelligent, but for the life of me I cant figure this shit out.

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Jesus is this not out yet I swear it was years ago I heard about this I was telling a friend about it last night

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>Can multiple Training/Equipment Doctrines be taken if you have the points for them?
No. The book expressly prohibits this. You may have gotten confused when it says your regiment can take three Doctrines, but a sentence or two later it clarifies: you can have only one Doctrine of the three available types.
>2. Standard equipment
It does seem kind of wonky, but if your Doctrine doesn't start with lasguns in your standard pack, which is possible, all the classes come with a lasgun to...round out the equipment, I suppose.
What I was confused by was that you can potentially not have a lasgun in your standard kit in the first place. My first regiment created was a Siege Trooper regiment, so I didn't notice it right away -- they get an M36 lasgun in their standard kit. Someone else can probably help you more here, for FFG just generally dun goofed.
>3- How the fuck do Affinities work? I like to think I'm at least semi-intelligent, but for the life of me I cant figure this shit out.
Do you mean Aptitudes?
You have a number of Aptitudes. Buying talents, skills, or purchasing upgrades requires experience.

The AMOUNT of experience it costs is determined by how many Aptitudes you share with that particular upgrade. All characters have the General Aptitude. I will give you an example.

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The Weapon Specialist starts with these Aptitudes:
- Agility
- Ballistic Skill
- Fellowship
- Fieldcraft
- Finesse
- Weapon Skill
- General (all characters have this Aptitude)

If the Weapon Specialist wanted to buy some skills, he'd look at the Skill List. Suppose he wanted to buy these skills:
- Awareness
- Parry
- Stealth

Awareness has the two Aptitudes of Perception and Fieldcraft. The character has Fieldcract but not Perception. Therefore, he meets ONE of the TWO Aptitudes. Looking at the Skill Advances table, buying a new level of Awareness would cost 300 xp.

Parry has the Aptitudes of Weapon Skill and Defense. The character has neither of these Aptitudes, ZERO of TWO. Therefore, according to the Skill Advances table, to buy a level of Parry would cost the character 500 xp,

Finally, Stealth has the required Aptitudes of Agility and Fieldcraft. The character has both of these, TWO of TWO. Buying a level in Stealth would cost the character 100 xp.
Likewise, if the character wanted to buy a level of Acrobatics, which has the required Aptitudes of Agility and General, he would spend 100 xp on it, as he meets both of those Aptitudes, TWO of TWO.

Those examples assume you don't have a level in any of those skills already. If you do, you use the next experience level on the table. For example, if the Weapon Specialist already has a level in Acrobatics, counting as Known, and you want to raise it to Trained, it would cost 200 xp.

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>3- How the fuck do Affinities work? I like to think I'm at least semi-intelligent, but for the life of me I cant figure this shit out.

Use the reading luke. Use the reading.

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Yes Aptitudes, my apologies.

Thank you, this helps out a lot. It just seems like a rather backwards and overly complex method of doing things.

I did read it and I didn't understand it.

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I do not think it is complicated at all, but merely that it shoehorns you into a particular build. A Weapon Specialist can go from Known to Experienced in Stealth for the same experience it costs to become known in a Tech Use he doesn't have.

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>It just seems like a rather backwards and overly complex method of doing things.

Oh, I'm not the only one that thinks that? Good to know.

I mean, it's an interesting idea to have any skill or talent available for a character, so you can specialize and customize as you wish. BUT, you can always ask your GM for an elite advance if it's going with your character concept anyway, so I honestly don't think it's needed. I'd prefer if talents and skills were given as a list without ranks like in DH/RT (that is, doing it in a way that DH/RT doesn't). So rather than having 6-7 ranks, with each rank getting new skills and traits and talents, instead you'd have ONE big list of skills, traits and talents to access from the get go. You want to get some of the high powered melee/ranged talents right away? Okay, but your skills will suffer. Yes, being able to get Medicae +20 by like, maybe 1000 XP for a medic character, might seem overpowered, but really, why should someone who focuses on those kind of skills be forced to wait so long for them? Likewise, an AdMech character going for The Flesh is Weak might decide to just go for all 4 ranks of the talent at once, at the cost of 2k xp. Yeah, you might say, now he's too much of a tank or whatever, but on the other hand he also just spent 5 sessions of xp on it instead of any other talents or skills. So it still balances out.

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though they've like tripled the penalties compared to Black Crusade.

BC/OW Base: 100/250/500/750, total 1600
BC Ally: 250/500/750/1000, total 2500
BC oppo: 500/750/1000/2500, total 4750
OW One: 500/750/1000/1250, total 3500
OW Zero: 750/1250/1750/2500, total 6250

Skills are worse. Where Allied was 200/350/500/750, a solid increase in costs compared to the base 100/200/400/600, it wasn't as brutal as OWs 300/600/900/1200.

Opposed vs No Shared Aptitudes [like a sergeant wanting anything to do with ballistic skill]? its gone from x2.5 cost base: 250/500/750/1000 [total of 2500 vs the base 1300xp from training to +30], to FIVE TIMES: it now costs 5000xp to train, say, tech use to 30 on a guardsman.

The xp value per session, 'round 500 for an evening, hasn't changed, but, like the removal of 'variable intensity' on las weapons [which was not good enough to make them worth taking, but at least made them almost halfway passable against some targets if you really had to use one], they've severely pigeonholed everyone into exactly the two-aptitude stuff OR ELSE.

Picking only the twin-aptitude stuff, you can look like a DH character with matching XP to his deathwatch party.

Anything else, you're making the Deathwatch values look fucking cheap.

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Look on the bright side; if enough people agree with you on the cost/dislike of aptitudes, then they will likely change it.

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as far as upgrading to las guns. Some worlds start of with really low tech. So it kinnda makes sense that their troops might not have access to las guns or even las tech at all.

you would think the lord governer would set aside atleast one factory to create the weapons and armored needed to maintain his troops. but its 40k so you never know.

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Semi-related to Only War. This is a Logistics roll failure.

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I kinda like the system. Not sure why. I just do. So..i disagree. But can't say why.

That was constructive.

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>No. The book expressly prohibits this. You may have gotten confused when it says your regiment can take three Doctrines, but a sentence or two later it clarifies: you can have only one Doctrine of the three available types.

I don't think you're correct there. You can only have one Regiment Type, but you can take multiple training or equipment doctrines if you have the points for them. The only limit is you can only have a max of 3 doctrines (including regiment type). I see nothing preventing you from taking two training doctrines or two equipment doctrines.

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Yes...looking at it again myself, I believe you're right. They wrote that part rather poorly, too. So:

You have three Doctrines.
One of these is your Regiment Type.

So, really, you only have two Doctrines.
Distribute these two among Training and Special Equipment.

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from the looks of it, there's two or three people saying "the cost has gone too high", being told by others "NO. there has to be SOME sort of penalty or anyone can be anything".

A little odd, but not a good sign. "Hey, this is prohibitively expensive" getting told "STOP WANTING EVERYTHING FOR FREE, THINGS HAVE A COST" leads to devs having to ignore both sides...

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This makes sense, since "Regiment Type" and "Commander Type" are not Doctrines, where as "Training Doctrine" and "Special Equipment Doctrine" are. So you could have an extra of either as long as you had the points.

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That is pretty stupid. The whole point of Aptitudes instead of ranks and classes/professions seems to be that it will let you take anything you want, as long as you meet and stat or talent or skill prereques, and you're willing to sink the XP on it. AKA, letting anyone be anything. Which I actually agree with. But as things are, it's going to take some getting used to for people new to aptitudes, having to cross reference the talent/trait/skill aptitude charts every time they want to get something. And more importantly, things are just too expensive. Sure, you can bee a heavy weapon specialist with furious charge.....but it really shouldn't cost so much. Especially characteristics. As show here >>19752613 in Only War, raising a dump characteristic costs 750 for the first advance, 250 more than any other FFG 40k system (DH, RT, BC, DW). It's just not right. Skills and talents/traits similarly get shafted.

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Kinda, but Regiment Type apparently is a Doctrine according to that

>the players may select a number of doctrines from the following three lists (Regiment Type, Training Doctrines, and Special Equipment Doctrines).

Which implies Regiment Type is a Doctrine, which makes sense to me.

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yes, but it's difficult to do effectively so far as I can tell

Items with the [Main Weapon] descriptor replace each other, so Lasgun [Main Weapon], or Sword {Main Weapon] replaces the bog standard Laspistol [Main Weapon]

id est, you can only have one [Main Weapon] item

>mfw, I gave Maailmans a kit standard laspistol because it's NotEarth so officers have two

Affinities make every skill, ability upgrade, and talent cheaper if a character has one or both of the item's affinities

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Upon re reading this, It looks like you don't actually need to have a Training AND Equipment Doctrine, you could have two of either if you really wanted.

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You already said that.

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>inb4 you'renotplayingAlucardanymore.gif

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No, I said "extra" originally, I thought that Regiment type didn't count towards the three, and that you could take a Training and Equipment Doctrine and then take another of either one on top of that.

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I've got a question about Mortars. The Indirect quality, more specifically. How does an ally with an auspex factor into you shooting the weapon? There are no mechanical benefits listed here, in the weapon entry, or in the entry for Auspex.

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Forgettin' the pic, derpaherp.

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Do you mean using an Auspex to locate otherwise undetected targets and then calling indirect fire on them?

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not that hard

Tech-use skill test with DoS/DoF adding/subtracting to the attack roll in increments of +/-10.

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>What I was confused by was that you can potentially not have a lasgun in your standard kit in the first place.
That's not strange at all. A lot of units without a lasgun are units that potentially don't need long arms to do their job, like mechanized regiments.

"If you've got your tankers out of their tanks, then we've got a problem that small arms probably can't fix," is the logic. They've got their pistols for self-defense, which is more or less the only type of weapon in the armory that you can theoretically call for "self-defense."

You can argue that you can give them las-carbines, but they're just not...given them. Those are for drop regiments.

And the Administratum has no qualms, so neither should you.

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Yes, after going through and making another Regiment for fun, I saw that Armored Regiments stay with their laspistols. That makes sense.

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Pistols and just a flak vest, not even a light helmet. But, like that other guy said;

>"If you've got your tankers out of their tanks, then we've got a problem that small arms probably can't fix,"

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Reading that makes me think that someone with an Auspex can count as a spotter to make the gunner aware of the target. So you could either have a guy forward of the shooter voxing back target coordinates and acting as a spotter, or you could have a guy sitting right next to the shooter with an Auspex scanning and making him "aware" of the target.

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Post your Regiments, bitches.

>Maailman Expeditionaries

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Willpower; +3 Weapon Skill or +3 Ballistic Skill; +3 Agility; Drop Troops suffer -3 Fellowship; Mechanised Infantry suffer -3 Perception

Starting Skills: Common Lore [Imperial Guard; Imperium; War; High Gothic]; Drop Troops are trained in Operate (Aeronautica); Mechanised Infantry are trained in Operate (Surface)

Talents: Air of Authority or Unshakeable Faith; Resistance [Fear]; Drop Troops receive Catfall; Mechanised Infantry receive Rapid Reload

Well-Provisioned: Maailman Expeditionary Regiments receive a +10 bonus to Logistics tests in order to appropriate fuel and spare part to maintain their vehicles.

Starting Kit, Drop Troops: (as standard kit, except where noted); 4 weeks' rations (replaces standard issue); Good Craftsmanship Knife (replaces standard issue); Lascarbine with 6 power packs (Main Weapon); Laspistol with 2 power packs as sidearm; Flak Armor; Respirator; Grav Chute; 3 Frag grenades, 3 Smoke grenades; Chrono; Munitorium Manual; Additional Field Uniform; Dress/Parade Uniform; Micro-bead vox

Starting Kit, Mechanised Infantry: (as standard kit, except where noted); 4 weeks' rations (replaces standard issue); Good Craftsmanship Knife (replaces standard issue); M36 Lasgun with 6 power packs (Main Weapon); Laspistol with 2 power packs as sidearm; Flak Armor; 3 Frag grenades, 3 Krak grenades; Chrono; Munitorium Manual; Additional Field Uniform; Dress/Parade Uniform; Micro-bead vox; 1 chimera IFV per Squad

>Schola Progenum, Maverick Commander, Drop Troops/Mechanised Infantry, Well-Provisioned

Faggot who wrote this had some fluff that needs major work; not posting it because we want rules, not faggots who write.

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How do preferred weapons for regiments work? I noticed that the heavy weapon specialist doesn't have any options for weapon training beyond launcher, low-tech, and heavy. How is he or she supposed to used a bolter when they don't even know how to use it?

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Heavy is all heavy weapons or at least 'pick any one type' methinks.

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Check the newly released errata for Only War on FFG's site. It has rules for favored weapons and re-does the Heavy Weapon Specialist by removing the option for Melta and replacing it with the company's favored heavy weapon.

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I wouldn't let it give the Mortar crew (or whoever) a bonus to their firing though. There is already something for that, the Hand-Held Targeter.

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Is there a way to come across the beta core rules PDF without having to... pay for them?

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Uh....yes.... it's called checking /rs/ or google.

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Shoot, since the Megaupload raid, it's like every uploading site wants you to register or sign up for an account. No more will we be able to just upload things to the main sites.

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They are for free on FFGs site.

>> No.19753545

...really? The fuck did I pay $20 for my copy then? You sure?

>> No.19753547


The updates, yes.

The actual Beta PDF, no.

>> No.19753555

Derp, my bad. 11th Hour was up for free.

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Ah, okay.

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I'd literally just use the rule for getting assistance from another - you get a +10 bonus to your roll for everyone aiding you, up to 2 people can help

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Yeah, having an Auspex also grant bonuses to firing would be silly.

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hey, somebody actually saved my shit... I don't know how to feel about this

...and my writing isn't that bad, there's just no discussion about how to write Maailma as "not an overpowered self-insert" based on what we know... okay, maybe it is bad...

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Don't worry about the aptitudes. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2IY1aRP-1QRbmFRSDRDWHFYT3c/edit?pli=1

Just use a calculator. My issue with the system is that you don't get enough aptitudes, meaning your character is absolutely crippled in terms of advancements for a very long time in a game that is more lethal than usual (just about every guardsman starts with less wounds than a DH character--and the NPC guardsmen have better stats than the average player character in the beginning).

>> No.19754042

If you were given about 500-600xp a session, I think it wouldn't be a bad thing. Sure, you'd have to wait a couple sessions at a time to get Tier 3 things, but that should be relatively normal after awhile. You'd max out every "easy" advance you could along the way as another choice, but it's what happens with the Aptitude system: bard-it-out, or focus.

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Nothing costs 4 points on the extra standard kit items table. Aggravating. Ah well, I'll post a regiment I just made. Haven't fluffed them out yet.

Rolled 4d10 and got 1, 1, 7, 7. So:

1177th Viruxes Regiment
"And Counting"

Death world 9/12
Characteristics: +3 to two of PR, TH, ST
Skills: Trained in Survival
Talents: Light Sleeper, Lightning Reflexes, Resistance (Poisons)
Wary of Outsiders
+2 to starting Wounds

Supine commander 8/12
Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Ecclesiarchy)

Drop Troops 5/12
Characteristics: +3 Agility, -3 Fellowship
Skills: Operate (Aeronautica)
Talents: Catfall
Standard Kit:
• 1x Lascarbine (Main Weapon) with 4x charge packs
• 1x suit of Imperial Guard Flak Armor
• 1x grav chute
• 2x frag grenades
• 2x smoke grenades

>> No.19754106

Demolitions 2/12
Standard Kit: +10 bonus to all Logistics Tests to obtain grenades, missiles, explosives, and special tank ammunition

Hardened Fighters 0/12
Characteristics: +2 Weapon Skill
Talents: Street Fighting
Standard Kit: May replace its standard melee weapon with either a Low-Tech Weapon of Common Availability or better, or may apply Mono-Edged to its standard melee weapon.

Universal Standard Kit:
• 1x uniform
• 1x Poor weather gear
• 1x laspistol with 2x charge packs
• 1x knife
• 1x rucksack or sling bag
• 1x set of basic tools
• 1x mess kit with 1x water canteen
• 1x blanket and 1x sleeping bag
• 1x grooming kit
• 1x cognomen tags (dog tags)
• 1x Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
• Two weeks’ worth of combat sustenance rations
Favored Weapons: Meltagun, Mortar

Hand-Held Targeter to standard kit (Scarce) – 20/30
Micro-Bead to standard kit – 12/30
Munitorum Manual to standard kit – 9/30
1x Overcharge pack to standard kit – 4/30
Chrono to standard kit – 2/30
Additional field uniform to standard kit – 0/30

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needs a favored weapon

how about... Autogun and Heavy Stubber? or maybe Missile Launcher for flexibility?

failing that Lasgun & Heavy Stubber/Missile Launcher

>> No.19754339

Aside from fluff reasons, why aren't there any benefits to using the Uplifting Primer and Munitorium Manual?

...oh wait... the joke is that they're only useful for knowing how to not get shot by your Commissar/Munitorium Liason

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Did anyone save the Drookian Fen build from a few days ago?

Pic Related

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wait, isn't the basic weapon supposed to be like the specialist kit?

>Maailma having something more special than ready access to lasguns

hmm... so weapons specialists are the designated marksmen...

>> No.19754465

Both the Uplifting Primer and Munitorum Manual are supposed to be in every Guardsman's kit, according to their respective entries in Only War. The Universal Standard Kit only comes with one book, however. So...are we supposed to pay a 2- or 3-point tax to get the other book in our kit?

>> No.19754476

>mfw the MM is 5 points

>> No.19754503

actually, anyone who bards out BEFORE they've completely filled out everything they want with dual aptitudes for [keep in mind, OW 'elite advances' are on the "opposed deity" level if you have one aptitude: two is right out] is going to be lagging far behind the remainder of the party.

Teaching the grunt Tech Use might seem like a good reason for the expense, but keep in mind he's getting it on a lot of common lores as well, and the sergeant can't hope to learn anything related to using that pistol he has on there at a rate even remotely approaching those under his charge.

>> No.19754568

>doesn't get that all of these mechanical deficiencies are totally in-character for 40k Guardsmen

>> No.19754597

This is why I'd rather just have a big list of cost pre-calculated skills/talents, enough to be the equivelant of 7 career ranks for DH/RT characters. So yeah, each class' list would be several pages long, but you'd have access to everything from the beginning. Want to quickly go for some melee monster skills as an Ogryn? Go for it. Anything that's not on the list can always be elite advanced if you ask your GM nicely.

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Think I still got it saved from when I made it. *looks* Here we go:

Regiment: Drookian Fen Guard
Homeworld: Drook VI (Death World 3 points)
Commanding Officer: Recommended are Bilious and Choleric (2 points either)
Regiment Type: Light Infantry (2 points)
Training Doctrines: Fieldcraft: Bog and Swamp) (4 points)

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Agility, +3 Perception
Starting Aptitudes: Agility
Starting Skills: Survival, Navigate (Surface)
Starting Talents: Lightning Reflexes OR Light Sleeper OR Resistance (Poisons), Paranoia (Bilious Officer)/Rapid Reaction (Choleric Officer), Sprint
Wary of Outsiders: Drookians tend to be slow to put their faith in anyone other than themselves and their comrades, and they chafe at the expectations and strictures of more civilised society. They suffer a -10 penalty on all Interaction Skill Tests made in formal surroundings, and similarly impose a -10 penalty on any Interaction Skill Tests made on them by any non-Drookians. These penalties can be waived at the GM's discretion if the Drookians are dealing with those who have earned their trust.
Wounds: Drookians add +2 to their starting wounds
Standard Regimental Kit: One Lascarbine (Main Weapon), 4 lasgun charge packs, One suit of Guard Flak Armor, two frag grenades, two smoke grenades, all the contents of the Universal Standard Kit, Respirator, Survival Suit, 2 extra weeks Ration (4 weeks total with USK reations)
Favoured Weapons: Flamers, Plasmaguns

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You'll have to change the favored weapons a bit, since its apparently one special + one heavy.

Maybe plasmagun + heavy flamer? (I'll admit I picked the favorites based purely on that picture)

>> No.19754744

We could use flamers, but their use has been kind of trained out of the saner militaries. If Mailfag was true to his statements in that crappost, having lasguns as favored would go well with the Well-Provisioned doctrine and the idea that they're mostly equipped with homeworld tech aside from the lasguns, so, yeah, I guess it works, but it's a bit of a waste.

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What's up with this Maailma thing? what's the hate about?

>baconc kiyoshi
why, no captcha, I hadn't thought of combining Avatar warrior-chicks with bacon; it sounds martially delicious

>> No.19754979

heh, storm autogun

>> No.19755006

thank you.

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I dunno, I'd say twin-linked. Too primitively rigged-up to be properly Storm.

>> No.19755165

Name: 1st Varangian Guard "The Axes"

planet: Miklagard Hive World (base recruited from several Ice Death worlds in the system) <Play as Death World(Ice)>
+3 to any two of: perception, Strength, toughness
skills: all deathworlders are trained in survival
chose one of the following: light sleeper, lightning reflexes or resistance (poisons)
wary of outsiders -10 on interaction tests in formal settings as well as with any non-deathworlders (GM discression)
+2 starting wounds

Commander: Harald Sigrunsson <Choleric>
starting talents: Rapid Reaction

Regiment Type: Line Infantry
+3 strength, -3 intelligence
Starting Skill: Athletics
Starting talents: Rapid Reload

Training Doctrines: Iron Discipline
Starting Aptitude: Willpower

Special Equipment: Augmetics
The Regiment gains a +10 on all logistics tests to obtain Biotic implants and replacements.

Standard Kit:
• One uniform
• Poor weather gear
• One M36 lasgun and four (4) (Main Weapon)
• One Knife
• One Set of Imperial Guard Flak Armour
• One Rucksack
• One set of Basic tools
• One mess kit and one water Canteen
• One blanket and one sleep bag
• One Rechargeable Lamp pack
• One Grooming kit
• One set of cognomen tags
• One Primer
• Combat rations two (2) weeks
• Two (2) Frag Grenades
• Two (2) Krak Grenades

Additional Standard Kit:
• Add one Chain Axe to standard kit(8)
• Add Autopistol and 2 magazines as sidearm (8)
• Add an additional uniform for field use to standard kit (2)
• Add a micro-bead to standard kit (8)
• Add a chrono to standard kit (2)
• Add Recaf to standard Kit (2)

Favored Weapons: Missile Launcher, Meltagun

>> No.19755609

This is really annoying. I'm trying to make a regiment based on the one a DH character of mine served in, and all the options I was going to pick for fluff reasons seem to have overlapping bonuses for traits and such, and I'm not getting any Aptitudes.

And once again speaking of Aptitudes, how the fuck do they work for characteristic advancements like for BS/Str/Wil etc. It has the characteristics themselves listed as aptitudes in the book along with other stuff like offense/defense/knowledge that i cant seem to find anywhere else.

>> No.19755758
File: 113 KB, 813x428, aptitudes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Offense, Defense, Knowledge, etc are only used for pricing XP spending.

What aptitudes you get depend on your specialty, however certain regiment creation choices can also grant additional aptitudes.

If you get a duplicate aptitude somehow (say your Regiment has Iron Discipline, which grants the willpower aptitude and you play a Psyker, which comes with the willpower aptitude already) then you are allowed to exchange the duplicate for another aptitude named after a characteristic/attribute (weaponskill, Perception, Agility, etc).

I'm not really sure what is confusing you, so I dunno if this helps, I found the aptitude system pretty easy to figure out (and like it a lot better than previous 40krpg game's class systems).

>> No.19755943

bumping for interest; these types of threads die way too fast

>> No.19756211

House Fortiga Private Guard

Hive World (Vaxanide) - 3 Points
Fellowship and Perception +3
Skills: Common Lore (Imperium) and Deceive
Accutsomed to Crowds [Talent]
Hivebound [Talent]
Hightening Senses (Hearing)
<Reduce starting wounds by 1>

Commander, Lord Hrast (Melancholic) - 2 Points
Air of Authority [Talent]

Light Infantry - 2 Points
+3 AGI -3 Toughness
Starting Skills: Navigate (Surface)
Starting Skills: Sprint
Standard Kit: one lascarbine and four charge packs per
player character (main weapon), one flak jacjet and flak
helmet per player character, two frag grenades and two
smoke grenades per player character

Hardened Fighters - 2 POints
+2 Weapon Skill (???)
Starting Talents: Street Fighting
Regiment may replace its standard melee weapong with either
a Primary Weapon of Common availablility or it may apply
the mono-edged upgrade to its standard melee weapon.

Scavengers - 3 Points
+10 on any logistics test, rolling DOUBLES draws attention
from Imperium


Stub Automatic [8]
Microbeads [8]
clip+harness [5]
grapnel [5]

Just created this regiment based off the villains of my last DH game.

>> No.19756245

There's a lot of posts saying characteristic advances and such are too expensive based on the aptitude system. I haven't read OW extensively as yet, but after a little consideration I can't yet see a problem with just using the same characteristic advance curves as in DH, if the prices are a problem for people.


If people are finding that a problem, i'm thinking you could use DH's:

Personally i'd be tempted as OW's seems a little harsh for people who have one matching aptitude (and thus are at least somewhat competent in the characteristic).

Seems pretty straightforward so far; can anyone else see a problem there that i'm not seeing?

>> No.19756265

I think that's a pretty good solution, and I can't for the life of me understand why they didn't just do that from the beginning, making level 1 advances being 100/250/500 depending on aptitudes, rather than 100/500/750.

>> No.19756285
File: 306 KB, 300x507, IG01_3349_Chapterplate-1_1086_MauroDal-Bo_2_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I forget, how much XP was it recommended to award per session in Dark Heresy? In Only War its 400.

>> No.19756303

'Neither xeno, nor heretic, nor daemon of the Warp stays these warriors from the swift completion of their appointed crusades.' - Maailman Pledge

Recently discovered within the Spinward Front, Maailma is unique as an Imperial-controlled world for its high population, radically varied environment, and, most notably, a moderately advanced technical base without a sanctioned Mechanicus presence or descendant as well as a lack of STC forerunners. Under clandestine conversion for some time, the Periphery Wars necessitated regimental tithes which, thanks to the above factors, were capable of being met in relative abundance and without the typical methods of recruitment; thus Maailma excitedly flung itself at the stars under the martial banner of the Emperor's Aquila. The profusion of Cult-compliant religious traditions also promotes no end of fervent citizens that find themselves comfortable amongst foreign faiths within the wider Imperium, providing their valued deployment across the width and breadth of the Emperor's Domain (certain zealous exceptions noted, ref. Redemptionist Cult).

>now with hopefully less faggotry

>> No.19756305

I think it;s like, 200 for DH, 400 for RT. Given that things in RT tend to cost 200 for skills/basic talents rather than 100 as they do in DH, it's fair in my eyes.

>> No.19756315

Due to the advanced technical base and constant strife between the various planet-bound factions, Maailma's military personnel have proven well-versed in selection trials, rivaling the quality, competence, and loyalty towards cause of Schola Progenum recruits. This post-industrial manufactorial capacity of an otherwise self-sufficient planet has allowed establishment of modernised pattern-standard production facilities on the Periphery, ensuring that each Maailman regiment is deployed and continues to be supplied better than the majority of Guard regiments. By way of their internal media delivery network and insatiable curiosity, education of the populace to Imperial standards has likewise proven a nearly effortless task. While recent recruitment statistics exceed expectation for even fortress worlds, initial voluntary tithes of guardsmen exceeding several trained regiments every decade with enlistment momentum not expected to last into the second generation post-contact, the particular evolution of warfare between Maailman factions has best geared its people for service in Drop Troop and Mechanised Infantry regiments, both rarities on most battlefronts and a welcome addition in the beleaguered Periphery.

Maailma's new-found status as a valued Imperial servant, combined with their maverick attitudes, and distant placement from a central authority, creates potential for widely applicable promotions to leadership positions (as seen often in their planetary armed forces) to the detriment of personalities unsuited and unbecoming to the common Imperial Citizen. It is the hope of Departmento Munitorium officials that Maailma's freshness to the galactic warzone and Imperial status will eventually be tempered into dutiful zeal.

>> No.19756323

Maailman culture is devoid of all but vague remembrance of their status as a far-flung colony coinciding with the loss of relic technology and the priesthood developed around it. This lack of history resulted in the colonists adopting the identity of Terra itself and believing themselves the seat of human ancestry until formal contact was made and military tithe demanded as payment for citizenship under the Emperor's Guiding Hand of Wisdom. Maailman military tradition breeds confidence in the face of fear and equally daunting egos, especially amongst Guard recruits; religious traditions are also heavily intertwined with military history, boasting a higher proportion of the truely faithful than is common among civilians. All Maailman recruits have undergone a naturalisation process to aid their Expeditionary Regiments in better coping with the wider Imperium with a focus on smooth integration within the command chain of the Imperial Guard as well as the basic aspects of their combat specialties.

Being the host to several industrial concerns run by both the Mechanicus Priesthood and elements of Imperial nobility has granted ready access to modernised arms, munitions, and vehicles, most notably the venerable lasgun. With their own staggering manufactorial capacity, Maailma is able to produce the majority of its soldiers' kit on the homeworld, Departmento Munitorium agents serving to export those items to Maailma's soldiers and abroad under transit-repayment contracts with the inhabitants.


>> No.19756348
File: 99 KB, 498x633, hila_WillTheyLast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well, given there are less skills to spread your XP across in Only War, higher XP costs might not be too bad, though raising characteristics DOES seem a bit steep, at least for the first +5 or two.

Pic related to thread, a good representation of the Imperial Guard as a whole.

>> No.19756355

Favored Weapons (both regiments): Lasgun; Heavy Stubber

>> No.19756404

Hmm, they HAVE trimmed the skill list a bit, haven't they? Still though, I think that they removed anything people are likely to get. Wrangling and Secret Languages, Literacy, Speak Language.... I mean, I guess secret languages could be cool if the regiment has their own language to make it harder for enemies to decode their transmissions, but that seems like you could just fluff it in rather than make it a skill.

>> No.19756450

>transit-repayment contracts
wait, we're getting trolled by the Munitorium to pay for shipping our soldiers' gear... seems legit

>> No.19756462
File: 36 KB, 300x429, Drop Troops.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Personally I'm all for the condensing down of skills. I've been playing in a long-standing RT game and my skill list is massive. And I'm not even the utility guy, I'm the rogue trader, my job is to be suave, charming, hit things with swords/thunderhammers and blow brains out at half a kilometer with my Nomad.

We're actually on vacation from it after so long, gonna be starting back up soon, with Only War as a warm up.

Honestly, I'm slightly scared, I know the GM is gonna be gunning for blood given our RT characters just refuse to die no matter what he throws at us, we've barely burned any fate in our adventures.

>> No.19756653

I think the experience costs for One-Aptitude upgrades were made to be so high while Two-Aptitude upgrades cost so little, for a couple of reasons. First, FFG wanted to make each player able to really excel in their area, based on the class they chose. Second, they didn't want players to advance too quickly. Only War is about war and little else. The ultimate state for a Guardsman in the game is to become some kind of elite Rambo who can tackle any mission. In the other 40k roleplaying games, the focus is on more than just combat, scouting, and war. I also suspect FFG was afraid of Guardsmen going from fresh, nearly-green troops to veterans or Stormtroopers after one campaign, and they set the upgrades and advances high to compensate.

I think they set them too high, however. Entry level in a skill you have Two Aptitudes in is a whopping five times less than one you have only One Aptitude in. You could get he first and second tiers of a skill you have Two Aptitudes in for 350 experience and be part-way to the third tier, for the same cost as it takes to achieve entry level in a skill you share a single Aptitude in. Zero Aptitude costs seem okay, but One Aptitudes, I believe, cost too much.

>> No.19756715

Everyone is a specialist in the Imperial Guard; if you aren't trained to line up and snap off a wall of lasery death with your squad, then you're a tech, a driver, a tankbuster, a sniper, commander, or SAW operator

it's 40k military shortsightedness and lack of redeeming qualities messing up the Glorious Imperial Reconquista, not tacticool operators operating tactically

it's about lesser men of simple lives drafted into hell and inevitably ground to a fine pulp

the Comrades rules should be enough of a hint

>> No.19756766

Skills from Dark Heresy that got squatted:
>Chem Use
>Lip Reading
>Secret Tongue
>Silent Move
>Speak Language

They also added Parry and combined Drive/Pilot, but that's still a lot of consolidation. I forgot how much shit there was.

>> No.19756836

Some of those make sense to get rid of. How was Tactics used in Dark Heresy? Or Climb and Concealment?

>> No.19756847
File: 146 KB, 700x704, 6507493neg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What? Now how will I play Tarot in the Trenches for extra Lhos?!

This is terrible!

>> No.19756938

Gambling now comes under Logic (not being a dumbass with your bets), with any cheating you do coming down to Sleight Of Hand.

Many of those got rolled into other talents. Search, for example, is now part of Awareness, Demolitions is covered by Tech-Use, Climb by Athletics, etc. I'm really quite thankful they cut down the skill list, because in DH training in being a basically competent acolyte was spread across a dozen+ skills. That and splitting sneaking about into two different skills is a dumb.

>> No.19756945
File: 43 KB, 640x480, Warhammer-40_000-Dawn-of-War-Winter-Assault-908-6[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never boggle a psyker's mind by beating him in poker with your +20 Gambling again

>> No.19756948
File: 375 KB, 1466x1275, changes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't remember ever using Tactics. But everything that got removed is still there, it's just part of another skill now. Pic related - I made this for BC, but the skill section still applies.

>> No.19757022

It's folded into the Logic skill.

Same with the other skills.

Barter - Commerce
Chem Use - Medicae
Ciphers - Linguistics
Climb - Athletics
Concealment - Stealth
Contortionist - Acrobatics
Demolitions - Tech-Use
Evaluate - Commerce
Gambling - Logic
Lip Reading - Awareness
Literacy - Linguistics
Performer - Charm
Search - Awareness
Secret Tongue - Linguistics
Shadowing - Stealth
Silent Move - Stealth
Speak Language - Linguistics
Swim - Athletics
Tactics - Logic
Tracking - Survival
Wrangling - Survival

>> No.19757043

I thought that tactics came under Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) or a similar lore now?

>> No.19757070

What do I do if, during character generation, my character has three separate instances of being given the Common Lore (Imperial Guard) skill? I do not remember what the book said to do.

>> No.19757080

just take it once i think

>> No.19757266

I houseruled it as the skill building on itself, so +10, +20 etc. Seems like your dude(s) know a shitload about the Imperium.

>> No.19757518

That's what I thought to do too. They must have the Primer memorized. There was a link floating around for the Munitiorum manual, too, a few days ago. Anyone have it on-hand?

>> No.19758909
File: 184 KB, 1022x766, IMG_3975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They must have the Primer memorized.

I'm not sure that would be too much help, given the quality of some of the info in there (though some of it is pretty good).

>> No.19758963
File: 72 KB, 640x480, traitorguards014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alternatively, pick another Common Lore skill that fits the character, with GM approval. War, Voidfaring, Exotic Cooking, Local Sports Team, etc.

>> No.19758973

>I'm confused with how the standard equipment works. With Regiment generation, it says everyone starts with a las pistol, yet under the Char Gen/Class Specialty everyone gets a las rifle or some other weapon.

The ONLY specialty that even has the option to start with a Lasgun is the Weapons Specialist, and why the shit would you do that?

All other specialties either start with a more specialized weapon, or don't get any weapons at all (medic, operator, tech-priest).

So upgrading from a Laspistol to a Lasgun gives the less combaty classes a decent gun, and it gives the other classes a backup in case their primary weapon jams, gets destroyed/lost, they run out of ammo, or they don't feel like wasting ammo.

>> No.19759290

> 2 - standard equipment
I'm guessing you're looking at the "Universal Standard Kit" section? The laspistol and flak vest mentioned there are only supposed to be given to regiments that don't have anything better mentioned in their entry (read: vehicle regiments). Every other regiment type gets a lasgun/carbine and better armor for free as standard kit, and their specific weapons/armor replaces the stuff in the universal standard kit.

Example: If you roll up a mechanised infantry regiment everyone automatically get a m36 lasgun and full flak armor instead of the default pistol/vest used by recon regiments.

Some of the individual character specialties don't have any specific weapons assigned to them, so they initially have to rely on the regiment's standard weapon(s).

>> No.19759354

You know the really shitty part about being a Storm Trooper? Average starting Strength and Toughness for an Only War character is ~30. That means you can only carry 36kg. Standard loadout for a normal guardsman is just below the limit--but the Storm Trooper's weapon weighs 16kg. The Storm Trooper Carapace you start with is 15kg. You can carry 5kg of more gear before you start taking fatigue tests every three hours, so I hope you weren't thinking about carrying your other standard issue weapon as a backup, since your primary weapon only has 30 shots before you have to get rid of it. God help you if you're a drop trooper (the grav chute weighs 15kg).

>> No.19759395

Better buff those stats, then. Though, to be honest, I don't know any GM who actually keeps track of carry capacity. Most just let you carry what's reasonable.

>> No.19759403
File: 242 KB, 1600x666, SAM_1599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'd think that the armor, being worn and thus distributed pretty evenly around your body, wouldn't count for carry weight.

Then again who ever pays attention to carry weights in these sort of RPGs unless its gross abuse like trying to carry a heavy bolter and a multi-melta or something.

Also, I'm pretty sure Drop Troopers ditch the grav-chute on landing since the anti-grav baffles and braking thrusters have limited power/fuel. I rarely see Elysians actually wearing the things anyways.

>> No.19759426
File: 434 KB, 1084x960, burns gone crazy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1337th Herpian Derpers

Primary Focus: Operators

Planet: Hive World (3)
+3 Agility, +3 Perception
Common Lore (Imperium), Deceive
Accustomed to Crowds (Crowds are clear terrain)
Hivebound (-10 Survival outside)
Urban Violence - Heightened Senses (Hearing)
Wounds -1

Commander: Fixed (1)

Training: Recon (3)
+3 Percepton, -3 Willpower
Combat Sense
Start with Chimera and Magnoculars

Doctrine: Favoured Foe (3)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Hatred (Xenos)

Special Equipment: Combat Drugs (2)
Injector w/ 3 doses of Frenzon

Standard Kit
Grapnel (5)
Dress Uniforms (5)
Melta Bomb (Very Rare, 20)

Groups of coked up lunatics in dress uniform running headlong at enemy tanks, screaming incoherently, armed only with a lascutter, their only objective to jack said tanks to bring back to their lander, named Garage. (Priceless)

>> No.19759839

Good luck doing that.
The Storm Trooper does NOT have the Strength attribute. He's paying through the nose, only having Offence

>> No.19760362

True. Maybe they should drop its Agility affinity and replace it with strength? Does Toughness still factor into carrying capacity?

>> No.19760560

The gulf between two and one matching aptitudes is pretty phenomenal, yeah. I guess they don't want everyone burning all their XP boosting their characteristics, but it feels like overkill.

>> No.19760738

more like they've turned the range so characters of a given xp value are either "Dark Heresy" powered, or "Deathwatch" powered.

If you do ONLY [even if its not really sensical compared to what the actual job or training should involve] your double-affinity upgrades, you will find yourself staring shit down like you were playing fucking ascension.

If you make the lethal mistake of wasting a few thousand XP on things which may very well make perfect sense [like boosting strength on your storm trooper, letting your sergeant learn how to use his fucking gun, etc], you will find yourself at best around the RT crowd.

If you focus, far as I can tell, more than HALF your gained XP in things you don't have doubles for? At 15000xp, you certainly WILL be making those space marines look very powerful indeed...

And given deathwatch's values, that's a fucking problem.

every single individual purchase that isn't double affinity is two, three, or even five purchases you've given up outright, for a given xp set.

>> No.19760848

Yeah, that's what bothers me. It doesn't so much limit power, just makes characters hyper specialised and extremely good within their fields. I'd much rather one and no aptitude upgrades be somewhat more expensive at low ranks and massively more expensive at higher ones. Like picking up a WP upgrade when you've got no matching affinities won't break the bank, but getting it all the way to +20 should be hideously costly.

>> No.19760879

not "in a way that makes sense for imperial guardsmen" either. Which really doesn't help.

Personally I say drop the numbers down to Black Crusade's "true/allied/opposed" values. On average that's about x1.5/x2.5 for the one aptitude and zero aptitudes respectively. Which is a lot, but not retardedly so.

>> No.19760892

I might try that out in the game I'll be running soon. I'll stick with RAW to start with, but to be honest those costs are already making me worry. That said, I'm also worried that OW could end up like my RT game; high rank PCs become unassailable bastions of excellence unless you start throwing monstrous tyranids and greater daemons at them. High level play has broken every 40k RPG so far from what I hear, and if OW has a solution to that then I'd like to give it a shot.

>> No.19760895

286th Helgan Assault Infantry (Nickname 'Helghast')

Planet: Penitent (3)
+3 Toughnes, +3 Willpower
Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy), Intimidate
Blood of Martyrs (Nerves of Steel or Orthoproxy or Unshakeable Faith)
Only One Life to Give (+10 Willpower test to run)
Untempered Zeal (Reroll Charm to inspire zeal or hatred)

Commander: Fixed (1)

Training: Siege Infantry (2)
+3 Toughness, -3 Intelligence
Nerves of Steel
1 M36 Lasgun and 6 charge packs, 1 Respirator, 4 empty sand bags and 1 entrenching tool, 2 frags and 2 photon grenades.

Doctrine: Diehards (3)
Toughness Aptitude

Well Provisioned
(extra gear)

Standard Kit
Good Quality upgrade to Respirator
Photon Visors (installed in respirator/helmet, glows orange)

Amusing villains, decent playing regiment, awesome visuals. Never played the games though, just like the look.

Thing I'm wondering is how a Vehicle game would go. It seems like you'd end up with a very unbalanced playstyle for most of it, as one or two fellows would dominate with massive guns and driving while the others would have nothing but sponsons. It'd be worse in a Hunter Killer or Sentinel Recon regiment, as those only fit one guy, leaving the rest of the party to huff and puff behind, desperately trying to keep up with the driver and his big gun.

>> No.19760919

Another way to fix it that'd reduce the power of the players would be to leave 1/0 aptitude costs alone and instead raise 2 aptitude costs, which would make buying non-specialized skills look relatively better AND prevent a squad of guardsmen from taking on a squad of Space Marines and winning without any cunning.

Thing I'm hoping they fix is Vehicle armor, as I'm really interested in a vehicle game.

>> No.19760955

I am too, which surprises me. I was ready to write it off on being another Deathwatch, but for some reason I'm seeing other possibilities beyond "go kill 200 heretics."

Vehicles definitely need sorting out. They're extremely difficult to threaten with actual anti-tank weapons, let alone weapons that could penetrate rear armour in a pinch on the tabletop.

I think vehicle games will work out like starships do in Rogue Trader; a few of the PCs shine, the rest kick back most of the time, then everyone gets out and goes to do stuff. OW has the advantage of vehicles being (theoretically) easier to destroy and less of an issue to replace than voidships. You blow up a tank? They have a bit of an oh shit moment, a few people might die, squad gets a new one for the next mission. You blow up a voidship? Well, now you've just irreversibly removed the PC's single most important asset and radically changed the course of the campaign.

>> No.19762009

Has anyone run a game yet? Even the demo one from Free RPG Day. I'd be interested to hear how it holds up during actual play.

>> No.19762388

Well fuck me running, I can't make the Regiment I want. I always come out one bloody point over 12.

My original plan was to go with:
Fortress World
Line Infantry
Die Hards

I would have to switch out Die Hards for Hardened Fighters, but I really don't like the benefits it give.

>> No.19762411

Did anyone try mixing Only War with tabletop? Me and my friends wanted to get into 40k and I wonder how small the battles can be for players to enjoy them

>> No.19762429

Wrangle with your GM, see if you can take a penalty for an additional point?

>> No.19762746

I don't have a GM, I'm just messing with the system. And sadly, if I was playing a game, I would be the GM.

>> No.19762790
File: 95 KB, 800x1006, Varnmed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure there'll be splats out in a year's time that'll let you do what you're after. Can you change the CO type to save a point, or is Choleric one of the cheaper ones?

>> No.19763010

Commanders only cost 1 or 2 points. I could go with Fixed, which is only 1 point, but I would much rather have Rapid Reaction over Command. Then again, I really wanted to make a Sergeant character, so having an extra +10 to Command would be nice, but it's next to useless for any other character.

Also, am I wrong, or are the few options on Tables 3-1/12 the only options available for classes besides the Comrade orders? Or are there going to be more things in the full rules?

>> No.19763015

Theres a game started recruiting over here:

Oh, thats Varn... what was his story again? I remember it was good. Any pasta?

>> No.19763034

Read the rules, those are suggested. There are no lists of options, just abilities that are cheaper than others.

>> No.19763080

Varn's story relates to an old DH group that got stories posted up here.


When the nobleborn scum who adopted a cult survivor and whose name is literally "Fiend" is the least heretical of the lot something weird is going on.

>> No.19763092
File: 226 KB, 1563x1244, 1094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well the big difference with vehicles is that the PCs who aren't so good with them can get out and do stuff independent of them.

For example, ambushing an enemy supply convoy might mean the tank takes care of the escort vehicles while the players use things like plasma guns or missile launchers to destroy the lighter trucks and also take care of ground infantry.

Vehicles can also be very vulnerable to attack from (typically hidden) infantry at close range, especially do to their poor visibility/awareness when buttoned-up. Friendly foot soldiers can help defend against.

Don't think of the non-vehicle user PCs as just kicking back, think of them as fighters to the tank's warship.

>> No.19763114

Yeah, you've got a point there. That and tanks typically need infantry support so they aren't snuck up on and subjected to ten sorts of awfulness.

>> No.19763125

See, now I feel weird, because my characters name was Varn, and he was a rough a grizzled Guardsman who last an arm and part of his face fighting over a grenade with a cultist. He was fond over overkill and high explosives. He also got pushed out of Valkyrie a mile up.

>> No.19763144

I think all those named Varn are destined for great things. Not necessarily good things, mind you, but certainly entertaining ones.

>> No.19764355

Speaking of the guard, does anyone have the Imperial Guard pin of girls pictures? With the Catachan and the Vostroyan etcetera? My google-fu fails me

>> No.19764490

Check 1d4 chan.

>> No.19764495
File: 232 KB, 1080x1080, volstroyanguardchick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont have the catachan one

>> No.19764528


Alright, thanks.

>> No.19764539

Hey, does anyone have a link to the erreta? I can't find that shit anywhere.

On Affinities: Personally, I think they should rip out Characteristic affinities. The costs are too wonky, and EVERYONE needs a dip of one thing or another there.

>> No.19764547
File: 125 KB, 700x950, 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I got another.

>> No.19764550


>> No.19764565

Does anyone here have experience with Warhammer 40k Roleplay? Doesn't have to be Dark Heresy or Only War or whatever. I'm going to run a campaign for my friends, but we only have experience with D&D (3.5 specifically). How does it compare? Is it more or less complicated? Is it fun?

>> No.19764591
File: 513 KB, 800x1444, 1339650368722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Jawsome. Have this in return.

>> No.19764594

I found the old Dark Heresy system a little slow and sluggish, and things like full auto were crazy powerful, but those issues have steadily gotten better.

Black Crusade and Only War are massive improvements, even without having played them.

>> No.19764643


I've played one or two games of DH, and it's a LOT different from a d20 system. It's a lot more gritty and deadly and takes some getting used to. I've gone thought RT's char gen but never actually played and I've never touched BC. I've really been looking forward to OW, and while I really like some parts, others kinda turn me off a bit.

>> No.19764684


More gritty and deadly how? Does that mean the combat is faster? One of the things that bothers me about D&D is it takes almost an hour to two hours for a single battle.

>> No.19764709

Barring rules-lite systems, that's going to be a problem in most games, unless the players know the system really well and you have a dice roller.

>> No.19764710


Combat CAN be very fast, depending on how many players and NPCs are involved, and what level they are. At higher levels the game slows down a lot becasue everyone has so many traits and powers and gear bits that modify things.

At lowers levels though, even Tank PCs can get get seriously hurt, if not outright killed by a few hits from a pistol.

>> No.19764718

Weapon Specialist Starting Aptitudes, Talents, and
Modifiers (page 48): Replace “or Common Craftsmanship
Meltagun” in Specialist Equipment with “or Common
Craftsmanship Regimental Favoured Basic Weapon.”

Ok, that's awsome. Means I can start with a longlas as the DM of the squad.

>> No.19764834

I wish there was an option to take the Ratling comrade specialties on a Weapon Specialist.

Sometimes, I just wanna be a sniper without being a hobbit in space.

>> No.19764861

You're not alone. Some people on the beta forums have said the same thing.

>> No.19764869

There's a lot of talk about that on the Only War forums too. I personally would just change the size, crazy attribute bonuses and remove fucking cooking (jesus GW, subtle) and call it a sniper.

Of course Weapon Specialists can also be snipers, with the right Regiment Favoured weapon, but without the comrade advances they're going to be more Jack-of-all-Trades

>> No.19764900


I don't mind the option of ratling....ness, I just want the chance to also not BE a ratling.

Even if it were, say, "Other Comrad Advances may be taken, but at more XP costs."

Or something.

Those two advances, though. Are fucking awesome.

Or even just the spotter one.

>> No.19764903


>> No.19764970


Longlas, dammit!

Plus, I'd still have a lasgun for backup.

Hence wanting to keep it Weapon Specialist. Rapid swap.

>> No.19765073

don't lose it, you'll make Sergeant DeVrais very sad

>> No.19765140



>> No.19766049
File: 58 KB, 533x400, Molotov_cocktail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That is a lovely tank you've got there. It'd be a shame if something happened to it.

>> No.19766065

That seems like a waste of wine.

>> No.19766122
File: 387 KB, 1527x747, Burning T-55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Proper Molotovs aren't made out of wine (you drink that first). They're usually a combination of various combustable chemicals. Gasoline + Oil of some kind is the common one.

In 40k it could be just straight-up promethium.

Anyways, have you seen the "On Fire!" vehicle rules on page 214? Nasty stuff.

>> No.19766194

Well here is a regiment I made
Kroshin Grenadiers

Imperial World:
+3 Willpower
+3 Any other stat (Ballistic Skill)
Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (High Gothic)
Hatred (Mutant)

Fixed Commander:
Starting Skill: Command

Mechanized Infantry Regiment:
+3 Agility
-3 Perception
Starting Skills: Operate (Surface)
Starting Talents: Rapid Reload
Equipment: M36 Lasgun, 4 Magazines, 2 grenades of each type, flak armour, and a chimera per squad

Iron Discipline:
Starting Aptitude: Willpower

Starting Aptitude: Ballistic Skill
Starting Talent: Deadeye Shot

Modified Kit:
Carapace Chestplate
Hot-shot Lasgun

Joke Option
Imperial World, Fixed Commander, Mechanized Infantry, Sharpshooters, Well Provisioned, and 2 additional frag grenades, a smoke grenade, and a krak grenade.
4 Krak Grenades
5 Frag Grenades
1 Smoke Grenade
Grenades everywhere

>> No.19766268
File: 175 KB, 833x615, Combat_Drop_Zone_X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Might as well post the regiment my group will be playing soon:

Scintillan 81st Airborne Regiment
Origin: Hive World
Commanding Officer: Maverick
Regiment Type: Drop Troops
Doctrines: Close Order Drill, Hardened Fighters

Characteristic Modifiers
• +3 Agility, +3 Perception, +3 Fellowship (Pick two)
• +2 Weapon Skill, +3 Agility, -3 Fellowship,

Starting Skills
• Common Lore (Imperium)
• Deceive
• Operate (Aeronautica)

Starting Talents
• Heightened Senses (Hearing), Paranoia or Unremarkable (Pick one)
• Combat Formation, Double Team or Weapon Training (Chain) (Pick one)
• Catfall
• Resistance (Fear)
• Street Fighting

• Accustomed to Crowds (Crowds do not impede movement)
• Hivebound (-10 to survival tests in non-urban environments)
• -1 Wound

Standard Equipment
• One Bullpup Lasgun (Main Weapon), four charge packs, Red Dot Laser Sight
• One Chainsword
• One Mono-Edged Knife
• Two Frag Grenades
• Two Smoke Grenades
• One set of Guard Flak Armour
• One Respirator
• One Grav Chute
• One Microbead
• Contents of Universal Standard Kit

Favoured Weapons
• Flamer
• Missile Launcher

Unofficial Theme song: High Speed Dirt - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z0LoC7sh2s

>> No.19766612
File: 560 KB, 1680x1050, Cover is for the Weak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One change I really like is that in addition to its previous benefits Cover now provides a bonus to dodge tests. +10 for half cover, +20 for full cover.

Because I am Weak.

>> No.19767124


Here you go, bro. There's some House Rules with a Marksman speciality added so you can be a sniper but not a hobbit.

>> No.19767618

Well I think I finally finished.

102nd Corrinthian Spectres

Corrinth- Fortress World
+3 BS, T
Common Lore (War), Comon Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Guard)
-Hatred (Chaos)
-Nerves of Steel

Colonel Jakob Hagvris- Fixed

Line Infantry OR Siege Infantry
+3 Str, -3 Int +3 T, -3 Int
Athletics Tech Use
Rapid Reload Nerves of Steel

Die Hards
Aptitude: Toughness

Demolitions Doctrine
+10 Logistics to obtain grenades, missiles, explosives, and special tank ammunition

Extra gear:
Demolition Charge
Flame Grenade

>> No.19768052
File: 55 KB, 500x341, Torian Hussars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>17th Torian Hussars
Homeworld: Highborn - Grand Toria
Commander: Melancholic - Colonel Andre Renard
Regiment: Hunter-Killer
Training Doctrine: Die-Hard
Equipment Doctrine: Demolitions

Comprised of the sons and daughters of Grand Toria's aristocrat class, the Torian Hussars are a fast attack regiment that specializes in striking the enemy where they are at their most vulnerable, destroying assets and materiel with precise, surgical strikes.

The leader of the 17th Regiment is Colonel Andre Renard, formerly a brilliant and dependable commander, now a shadow of his former self following the death of his son in battle. Though he is still a competent commander, too competent to be relieved of command at any rate, his glory days are long past and he typically lets the regiment run itself, only stepping in when higher authority is called for.

The Torian Hussars are famous among other guard regiments for their uniforms. Though they are in many ways similar to the Death Korps of Krieg in terms of dress, namely the thick, heavy greatcoats, theirs are dyed in bright, ostentatious colors, and they favor decorative top hats over gasmasks.

>> No.19768197

Yeah, I noticed that too. I need to double check how cover works now; does it still automatically block hits to certain locations as well as providing that bonus?

>> No.19768537
File: 153 KB, 750x600, Imperial_Guard_Infantryman_by_Duffield03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes it does. Well, it provides extra armor, like it always has. Check the bottom of page 184.

>> No.19768616

So it does. I wonder if that was a deliberate choice, or just another example of the right hand not talking to the left at FFG? It'll make cover even more vital, so that's cool, though it does seem redundant that a shot can hit cover due to the hit location struck, likely negating the entire shot, and cover gives you a bonus to dodge.

>> No.19770928
File: 420 KB, 600x428, from-beyond.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19774388

What are good ways to isolate the players from their regiment? Beyond simply killing off everyone but them, anyway.

>> No.19775083

Having them misdropped/ transports shot down if traveling by air, or somehow cutting them off if by ground. Blown bridges, collapsed tunnels or extremely intense enemy fire that forces them to go a different direction would all work as ways of cutting them off. Or you could pull a Saving Private Ryan and have them detached from the main force for some special mission behind enemy lines, or just send them on a scouting mission.

>> No.19775090

They were holding an objective and their communication got broken so they didn't hear the retreat order.

>> No.19775376 [DELETED] 

Why do different specialities get different numbers of aptitudes? I'm looking at the Heavy Gunner and they only get 6 when many others get 7, and two of them don't seem that related to what they do. Part of the result is that it costs 1200xp for them to pick up Bulging Biceps since they have no related aptitudes.

I guess this really is a beta.

>> No.19775386

Why do different specialities get different numbers of aptitudes? I'm looking at the Heavy Gunner and they only get 6 when many others get 7, and two of them don't seem that related to what they do. You think they'd have Strength in there.

>> No.19775598

Strength is more related to melee combat than anything. Toughness is also used for carry weight, and more importantly defense. Think of the Heavy Weapons Spec. as more of a Tank, not DPS.

They are there to carry the big guns for special situations, things like Flamers and Missile Launchers. If you want a more general purpose Heavy, then go with a Heavy Stubber.

>> No.19775758

I guess, but it still seems odd that the gunner only has one aptitude for shooting and one for lugging heavy shit about. Surely they should be really good at one of those two things. I guess that they are tougher than most though, although I'd personally put that down to being the Stormtrooper's job, something that speciality does sort of do.

>> No.19775811

Look at it this way. The Heavies only real job is to either act as a specialist heavy hitter or as a base of fire. They aren't going to be moving around a lot or preforming special actions. As big stationary targets that do a lot of damage, they only need aptitude in shooting things and staying alive. From a balance point of view, they sacrifice skills and abilities for the retarded amount of damage they are capable of dealing out and the ability to use the really cool toys.

I do however feel like they sorta screwed the pooch with some of the classes. Medic and Operator should be support classes, while Ogryn and Storm Trooper should be combat classes.

>> No.19776034

Ok this is my usual question /tg/: how does it balance with the other books ? Obviously DW is far more powerful but what if a player wanted to use a DH or RT character for whatever reasons ?

>> No.19776043
File: 475 KB, 1032x1568, 1943_sahara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


getting Isolated during a long-distance fallback is quite nice. Especially if they need to cross some inhospitable terrain like a desert or frozen tundra to reach friendly territory again. Gives them something to fight against other than the enemy.

>> No.19776055
File: 577 KB, 800x533, shoulder_based_fire_by_elysiantrooper-d3ckxde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>or the retarded amount of damage they are capable of dealing out and the ability to use the really cool toys.

Just to play devil's advocate, as a Weapon Specialist any weapon in the imperial guard armory is just 200 XP spent for me to be able to use it. Even heavy weapons.

Exotic weapons would only cost me 400 xp.

Granted I'd have a bit of a harder time purchasing the stuff that lets you rambo heavy machineguns and I don't get those lovely comrade skills, but its something worth considering.

>> No.19776100


Yes but just becasue you can USE a weapon doesn't necessarily men you HAVE one. Heavies get to start some very destructive weapons and can start investing in complementary skills earlier. Sure a Wep Spec can use heavy stuff, but it'll take a session or two, and even then he probably won't be as good with his weapon as a Heavy will be.

>> No.19776123


Currently right now, not so well. OW changes some classifications around and has a proprietary method for players to obtain gear. I'm also pretty sure that the availability rating for OW were done differently from the other books, since certain weapons in OW are a lot easier to come by than in other books, mostly with rearguard to heavy/special weapons.

I had wanted to give all my guys Combat Knives from the IHB, but OW introduced a new classification "Low Tech", so it really would be up to a GM to give a go/nogo for things from other books that sorta fit into that classification, but don't actually say so.

>> No.19776131

Ok, here's a question, probably just a misprint, but some starting Regiments get Combat Shotguns to begin with, and many have pistols and the like, but no standard troop is proficient with Solid Projectile Weapons? Is this just a typo? Should they be proficient with them?

Also, Heavy Weapons Troops can start off with Heavy Bolters, but aren't proficient with them? Again, another typo?

>> No.19776157

Heavies have the Heavy weapons proficiency, which means they're competent in the regiment's favored heavy weapon

>> No.19776182

Really? Where does it say that? I thought favored weapons just gave a +10 to logistics tests to get them,

>> No.19776258


Heavies have the starting Weapon Prof talents: Las, Launcher, Low-Tech, Heavy

This means they can use any heavy weapon. The errata also adds "or the Regiment's favored heavy weapon" to the Heavies list of starting guns. So they could start with a Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolder, or whatever the Regiment's favored heavy weapon is.

The players also get a +10 to Logistics test to obtain the favored weapons (Basic and Heavy) and their ammo, no matter what class they are.

>> No.19776288

Oh wow, at first I just thought that everyone could use SP weapons just becasue, not SP is listed in the Weapon-Training section as a separate thing.

That MUST be a typo, it makes no sense any other way.

>> No.19776310
File: 78 KB, 495x420, Weapon training.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This means they can use any heavy weapon.

Actually you need the corresponding skill as well.


Nope, no one starts with any weapon trainings except what their specialty gives them.

>> No.19776391

That still lets them use a large variety of heavy weapon to start with, or it could be another typo that should read Heavy (Bolt).

As for as SP weapons go, the only class that COULD get SP training are Weapon Specs, yet everyone could start with an SP weapon depending on Regiment type and training.

It makes absolutely no sense that no one else can get SP training, it should at the very least be in a Regiment type, like an SP or Las choice.

And the more I think about it, the more I think Heavies should start with a Heavy Stubber instead of a Bolter.

>> No.19776443

>It makes absolutely no sense that no one else can get SP training, it should at the very least be in a Regiment type, like an SP or Las choice.

The answer, of course, is that FFG have fuck all quality control. That's why the beta exists.

>> No.19776523

In this game do I play like squad leader with people under him, or just common guardsman?

>> No.19776554

Depends what speciality you pick. Most get a Comrade (buddy/minion/psudo-extension of the character) who they can order about and the Sergeant is built around buffing and ordering the entire squad's pool of them instead of just his own.

>> No.19776840

How compatible are the vehicle rules in only war with those from Rogue Trader or Deathwatch? IE, can I throw in Tau in a Piranha and have the rules and numbers basically line up?

>> No.19776861
File: 1.24 MB, 867x577, LemanRussTank12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Somewhat, Guard vehicles, and to a lesser extent the other races in the book (Orks, D.Eldar, Chaos) are pretty damn durable compared to RT: Into the Storm vehicles.

Its been a point of debate on the FFG beta forums.

>> No.19776935

That's lame. I mean, your dude doesn't get to make a lot of meaningful decisions on his own if he's just some grunt at the lowest end of command chain.

>> No.19776961

Like, the Chimera's beefier than the Rhino? Or the Dark Eldar stuff is beefier than the Rhino?

>> No.19776980
File: 437 KB, 1280x800, 67227-imperial-guard-tanks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Its an RPG about playing a grunt in the Imperial Guard.

If you want to play Warmaster or general something I'd suggest Rogue Trader with a military theme set during a crusade or something.

Alternatively, there is nothing stopping you from playing Only War, handing the PCs a bucketfull of XP each, and declaring "all right, spend your XP wisely, cause you're now the General and his personal bodyguard and advisers." High level play is still possible, even if there aren't levels.

>> No.19777015
File: 117 KB, 800x680, tallc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Chimera: 35/28/20 armor, 35 structure

Leman Russ: 45/35/25 armor, 70 Stucture points

Bane-fucking-Blade: 50/45/35 armor, 120 structure points

It gets a bit silly. You'd need to tag a Leman Russ on the front armor at least three times with a MAX damage roll with a LasCannon to put it into criticals. An average roll with a LasCannon would only do 3 or so structure points. Even with decent odds of Righteous Fury (a 1d5 mini crit) that is kinda stupid.

>> No.19777110

That's part of the setting. The premade missions they've released so far tend to isolate the squad while giving them a mission to accomplish. Specifically "retake and hold this base" and "retreat to this firebase before we glass the area from orbit." How the players go about performing that mission is up to them.

>> No.19777142


I'm okay with how they divided the specialties.

The Guardsman Specialties are a collection of specialties found pretty much in any squad. The bread and butter of Imperial Guard.

And the Support Specialties are special cases. Unique specialties that are attached to individual squads on case by case basis.

The distinction of Guardsman and Support are a bit misleading. They're more like Guardsman and Specialist.

>> No.19777224

For regimental weapons, are a bastardized autocannon made into a PTRD and the long-las good choices or are they a bit redundant if they both have accurate? Valhallan scouts, hence the antitank rifle.

>> No.19777225


Well... yeah. It's a game about Imperial Guard. Of course the PCs will be the "grunts".

But the game is geared more towards the characters being a specialist detached squad that can undertake a wide variety of missions rather than always being the tiny cannon fodder part of massive line assaults (although that can happen too).

Recon, special operations, rescue missions, coordinating base defenses, assaulting strongholds etc. etc. There's plenty of opportunity for the characters to make individual decisions and do their own thing. The chain of command just hands them the broad goals to accomplish and sets them loose. Nothing really that different from any other RPG.

Sure, Only War can be played with characters experiencing the banality of war by getting frostbite and footrot sitting trenches and getting shot in the face by unseen snipers. Or losing their lives trying to take three feet of the battlefield just because some higher up decided to try to impress his boss. That's a way to play too.

Or you can take notes from films like Aliens, Predator, Tears of the Sun or whatever. The squad is a capable team of individuals who are given a job to do and a wide latitude to do it.

>> No.19777272
File: 1.09 MB, 936x1463, 936full-the-guns-of-navarone-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I prefer old WWII movies myself.

Imagine "The Guns of Navarrone" where the titular weapons are Surface-to-Orbit Lance batteries threatening the entire Imperium invasion fleet.

>> No.19777281

So how do Acolytes, Sisters and Rogue Trader personnel fit balance-wise in Only War ?

>> No.19777306
File: 512 KB, 1056x1600, Kelly's Heroes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Someone already house ruled up the Dark Heresy classes as specialties for running Dark Heresy games using the modern/Only War version of the 40k RPG rules.

When using characters from other games, the important thing to note is that in general skills have been slimmed down. Demolitions is part of Tech-Use now, for example, while Tactics and Gambling have been folded into Logic.

Another example is concealment, shadowing, silent move, and the like have all been lumped into "Stealth".

Personally I prefer the smaller selection of skills.

>> No.19777315
File: 46 KB, 321x475, DirtyDozen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Or The Dirty motherfucking Dozen.

Of course, Imperium would have already won every war if every IG squad had badasses like Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson.

>> No.19777330

A bit hard to work out. As it is the costs for advances in Only War are huge, but the book recommends you hand out 400xp a session. At starting level they're probably somewhere around rank 3 acolytes, though substantially better geared and with less characteristic advances.

>> No.19777344

How would you houserule Sisters then ?

>> No.19777367
File: 184 KB, 735x213, Screen shot 2012-07-07 at 1.53.17 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back when White Dwarf was worth reading..

>> No.19777375
File: 78 KB, 397x800, Sharkmouth Drop Trooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


For comparison, here is my Weapon Specialist I made for my group's upcoming game. He is a member of the regiment in this post: >>19766268


Also, I rolled really really good for his stats, I was surprised. I am gonna die for this, I just know it.

>> No.19777399

Into the game? Likely bodge together a "regiment" for their order, give them starting skills/talents/etc and 6 or 7 aptitudes then let them proceed as normal, albeit with GM oversight on what they're picking up.

For aptitudes I'd probably go with Ballistic Skill, Willpower, Perception Offence, Defence, Knowledge. For Sisters of Battle, mind you. Gives them a distinct focus towards combat while also maintaining their iron will, inclination towards rooting out heresy and being more learned than the average soldier.

>> No.19777490

Already been done and in a neat if backwards way.


The sign of the Emperor determines what type of Aptitudes Sisters start with.

>> No.19777499
File: 128 KB, 791x800, Tau_badass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a question: has anyone started making their own adversaries yet? Tyranids, Tau-tech, and other customizations out there?

>> No.19777509

Dark Heresypedia has rules for Tau equipment.

It's rape-tastic.

>> No.19777587

I'm currently interest in the multitudes of GM styles the denizens of /tg/ will use. For example, tone, story, and characters.

Tone can be anywhere from outrageously Grim Silly to depressing overwhelming levels of Grim Dark. I'm of course ignoring the fact that too much Grim Dark can quickly turn into Grim Derp if the GM becomes lazy. Let's just say, that the GM is a ok or excellent GM and can pull it off.

The difference in things such as tone play a massive Only War. It's the difference from facing:

A: A highly competent, well supplied, numerous foe such as Traitor Guard who know what they are doing or Dark Eldar waging war for slaves and territory.


B: Facing a Baneblade converted into a mobile stage with Noise Marines wearing leopard skins and fish net stockings, wielding noise guitars.

Both can be fun to fight against but in different ways, obviously. My question is: What does /tg/ prefer? Serious? Or Silly?

>> No.19777590
File: 175 KB, 574x863, Last_Chancers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Deathwatch book and supplements holds plenty of Tau and Tyranid stuff.

>> No.19777682

Tau tech will murder the everloving shit out of Guardsmen. Their guns are designed to threaten astartes. The Pulse Rifle does 1d10+12 damage, 4 Pen. On top of this is can do semi-auto (S/3/-), is Gyro-stabilised and has a range of 150m.

>> No.19777694
File: 62 KB, 1000x515, IMG_5430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am not my group's GM, but I prefer relatively serious games with a heavy dose of ADVENTURE! action and a pinch of over-the-top awesomeness. For Rogue Trader anyways.

For Only War, I'd probably try to do a middle ground between Grim Dark War and Michael Bay Action Movie.

In my opinion the players are the protagonists of the story, whatever it is, and they should get the chance to do awesome things, to beat the odds and be Big-Damn-Heroes. However if they do something really stupid fate shouldn't hesitate to kill their shit. Death should not be cheap however, if a player is gonna die, unless it is because they were stupid, it should be for a good, awesome and hopefully heroic reason.

>> No.19777698

While I appreciate both I'm best at running the former. Not without it's moments of levity, but I'm one of those terrible people who does 40k with a mostly straight face.

Though one day I do plan to try my hand at Shas levels of absurdity. It'll make Greg Stolze blush.

>> No.19777804
File: 38 KB, 431x342, oddball-kellys-heroes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm looking forwards to doing pulp adventures with the group. Think the group facing against the nefarious Ethereal Aun Fum'Unchu, or the vile and most certainly heretical forces of Techpriest Schriebenoff. Throw in a dash of Kelly's Heroes, and we're set.

This is, of course, purely an excuse to have Commissar Oddball driving around demanding why Operator Moriarty won't lay off them heretical waves.

>> No.19777918
File: 101 KB, 628x370, eastwood-and-sutherland.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Well, yeah, man, you see, like, all the tanks we come up against are bigger and better than ours, so all we can hope to do is, like, scare 'em away, y'know. This gun is an ordinary Battle Cannon but we add this piece of pipe onto it, and the Heretics think, like, maybe it's a Vanquisher Cannon. We got our own ammunition, it's filled with paint. When we fire it, it makes... pretty pictures. Scares the hell outta people! We have a loudspeaker here, and when we go into battle we play music, very loud. It kind of... calms us down. "

>> No.19777977

Great responses. It seems it's half and half when concerning /tg/ folk. Onto the next round of questions. Story: What makes a good story, in your mind?

Is it unveiling the grand arch of deeds, some evil and malicious, others kind and gracious to the players for them to act on accordingly? Such as a Sergeant trying to kill the Commissar because he blamm'ed his brother, or a man on the execution block for sharing his Emperor given rations to children?

Or does story involve the players solely, with NPCs taking a side seat when it comes to those who hold the reins. Instead of delivering fate, the players drive the story and the circumstances that surround them forward? Such as directing a city's defense from a tidal wave of foes or driving the wounded Lord General out of the enemy artillery barrage and to the LZ?

Or perhaps you like to have a middle ground? The players can heavily influence the world around them, but there are still other people doing equally if not more important things at the same time or around the same time.

Which one do you go with?

>> No.19778032

My personal plan involves sending the players into a relatively unknown situation and having them both deal with fighting a war and what happened on that world while the Imperium was away.

In terms of the overall direction of the campaign I've yet to see where it'll go. For now they're just going to be a squad following orders. Where they go from that depends on how the group plays. Regardless of what does happen the camera will be focused on them, so to speak. There might be a much larger war going on but the game will be about their part in it.

>> No.19778091

This reminds me, was there ever more of Alpha Team AKA Saturday Morning Heresy?


>> No.19778283

The two situations of the first type catch my heartstrings, just a little.

>> No.19780644


I'm a fan of the middle area. Keeps my players on their toes, keeps me largely interested in continuing to create enemies and schemes to oppose them, and at a level where they're still subservient to others, it gives me chances (in the case of Only War) to screw them over with just-as-incompetent allies.

>> No.19780931

Just noticed that some specialities get more aptitudes than others. That for balance reasons, or just stupidity? Given how important they are for reducing XP costs an extra aptitude is a massive advantage.

>> No.19781081

Does anyone know of any OW games?

I keep having trouble finding one.

>> No.19781834

I know someone from here is running one over on rpol.net, but that's a forum game. Check out the game recruitment/lonely neckbeard thread?

>> No.19783085 [DELETED] 
File: 352 KB, 1261x1641, exalted_comic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19783538

Well, I made a thread and it lasted 3 days and some things actually got worked out in it. I feel pretty proud of myself. I guess it's time to pop over to the FFG forums and bring up this whole SP Training thing up.

>> No.19784828
File: 36 KB, 496x550, Guardsman_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hey, stop talking like the thread is over. Its still got dozens of posts until autosage.

>> No.19785753

In that case, before I head over to FFG, does anyone else have anything they would like to point out that they think needs fixing/tweaking/explaining?

>> No.19785901

Nothing that hasn't already been mentioned.

>> No.19788844

Big things are the Ab-Humans, Storm Troopers and Commissars needing different worlds. Training for any weapon you can start with as standard. Alternate sniper class.

Think most of that's covered on the boards anyway.

>> No.19788874

So... how about rules for Neko PDF force ?

>> No.19788886
File: 134 KB, 775x1000, 324d6542e1e0b23a348100e10793647c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my pic.

>> No.19788904

Start as Mutant Homeworld. Starting equipment: One bolt round to the face.

>> No.19788914
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>> No.19788918

Time to go join the Greater Good then.

>> No.19788920

If you're serious, then it's your own game do what you like. I can't think of any homeworlds fit for 12 year old cat girls, and they don't exactly fit the setting so I can't help you.

>> No.19788941
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>> No.19788946

Oh right, you're just trolling, thanks for letting me know.

>> No.19788953 [DELETED] 

Couldn't we make these catgirls Tau auxiliaries, except "counts as" Imperial Guard/Kasrkin/Sisters of Battle and refluffed as alien mercenaries?

>> No.19788973

Well now you're really no fun.

Anyway, now that the grump is out of the way: how about a Neko Tau regiment ?

>> No.19788975


Origin: Felinids

Cost: 3

+3 to 2 of the Following: Agility, Perception, Fellowship

Skills: All Felinids start with Acrobatics, Charm and Common Lore(Imperial Creed)

Felice Grace and Sense: Felinids may start with Heightened Senses(Smell), Catfall or Lightning Reflexes

Insatiable Curiosity: Felinids have a curiosity that gets many of them killed...but has saved many more from otherwise unexpected ambushes. A Felinid Must make a +10 Willpower test to avoid investigating anything 'Unusual'

>> No.19788989


Hmm...you'd probably want them as a specialist, not a Origin. Otherwise you get 'I'm a Felinid Orgy'

>> No.19788992


...that should have been Orgyn.

Oh bugger.

>> No.19789000

I have to say I hate all this Felind/Catgirl business, but that has to be the most hilarious typo ever.

>> No.19789009

Maybe Add: Felinids start with -1 Wound

Otherwise I see them having a minor edge on other origins.

>> No.19789029


Heh. Point.

Starting Attributes: +10 Agi, +10 Fel -5 Tou, -5 Will

Starting Aptitudes: Agility, Weapon Skill, Perception, Social, Finesse, Fieldcraft, Fellowship.

Skills: Stealth, Charm OR Deceive, Awareness

Starting Talents: Heightened Senses(Hearing, Smell), Lightning Reflexes or Catfall, Weapon Training(Las, Low-Tech)

Starting Traits: Unnatural Agility+2

>> No.19789045

Give them starting wounds on par with Ratlings and it might be balanced.

>> No.19789046


Perhaps. I'm not making any claim that what I'm making is balanced. I based it pretty my thing for thing (Just with changed skills/triggers) on the 3 point Penitent.

>> No.19789050


That was the plan. Fast as hell, pretty talky, sneaky and dangerous in a melee (Though the lack of STR AND Offense makes me a bit worried there) but not really able to take a hit.

>> No.19789061

That is eeriely close to my group's homebrewed Abhuman Race. Furies. Basically think of Harpies, very, ugly, harpies.

Fury (Homo sapiens aquilinus)
Characteristic Modifiers: Agility 10+, Fellowship 10-, Toughness 10-.
Aptitudes: Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception, Willpower, Offence, Agility, Ballistic Skill.
Starting Talents: Heightened Senses (Sight, Smell), Weapon Training (Las, Solid Projectile, Low-Tech), Unshakeable Faith, Disturbing Voice or Disarm, Mimic, Frenzy.
Starting Skills: Forbidden Lore (Furies), Dodge, Acrobatics or Athletics, Awareness, Stealth.
Starting Traits: Unnatural Agility (2).

>> No.19789071

What armament are they supposed to wield?

>> No.19789072


I'd drop perception for offense. Makes them even more 'Abhuman Howling Banshees that can social'

>> No.19789089


Common Quality Laspistol, Good Quality Sword, 4 Blind Grenades, 4 Frag Grenades

I was thinking that...though looking at...anyone...build for close combat, maybe upgrading them to chain+common chainsword might be worth it.

>> No.19789104

Fuck forgot starting wounds and equipment.

Starting Wounds:1d8+3
Specialist Equipment: Poor-quality Long-las or Common Quality Bow with 20 Mono-Arrows(Remove Primitive 7 on the Bow, Arrows are of Common Availability for the purposes of restocking), Totem of the Emperor, 1d2 Smoke Grenades.

>> No.19789124

>Gambling is Logic
>A regular [Weapon Specialist] guardsman won't be able to gamble for shit

...well that's bullshit.

>> No.19789130


Sorry but I have to emphasis that they are getting more grenades than anyone else in the book. Weapon Specialists get a choice of 4 Krak OR Frag, and Ogryns only get 1d5 Frag Grenades. And Blind Grenades? To filthy Abhumans?

>> No.19789147

I agree. They should add a few more skills just for variety's sake. Like Preform, I can't find any replacement for Preform in the book!

Aptitudes: General, Social.

There, done.

>> No.19789165

Others get heavy weapons and tons of Wounds, sniper rifles or psychic powers.
They are just kitties with a few more grenades.
They have minimum Wounds, can't take any hit and don't even get the hard target rule for ratlings.

>> No.19789186

Gamble sensibly? No. Cheat like a motherfucker? Sleight of Hand is a cheap advance for them.

>> No.19789191

Ratlings also get Camoline Cloaks.

Although I have no idea why we want to equip Catgirls for close combat. They should be ranged fighters. Have you ever tried to run a squishy melee user? It doesn't end well.

My Renegade in BC had 12 wounds and 4 TO against CSM, CSM who had 20 Wounds and 8 TO. That difference was enough to destroy my Renegade. Low Wounds, TO, and bad armour make for terrible short lived melee fighters.

>> No.19789196

Not that cheap. It's Agility/Knowledge, meaning one matching.

>> No.19789207


I built them for close combat because they seemed Agility focused...and I didn't want to make them 'Big Ratlings'


Blind Grenades are as rare as Frag. They are Smoke, not Flashbangs.

>> No.19789227

The point still stands. I could run a test combat with most melee focused enemies in the book and you can watch the catgirls get torn to ribbons.

They won't be big ratlings. They are dead quick. Focus more on their agility and perception skills rather than their combat focus.

>> No.19789236

Well, BC has the problem of humans competing with Astartes.
But I agree them to be terribly outsustained by anything out there.

Then they need some rules that give them an advantage in their field.
Give them stealth, shock weapons and explosives.

>> No.19789237

Blind Grenades aren't in Only War.

>> No.19789239


What would you suggest then? Even the medic has a combat focus, I can't really not give them one.

>> No.19789249


Ooh, I like the 'Shock Weapons and Explosives' idea.

Perhaps 'Stealthy Grenadiers' as their focus?

>> No.19789273

Give them these Aptitudes

Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Perception, Social, Offence, Agility, Ballistic Skill.

Then give them something long range such as a Sniper Rifle or Long-las, but perhaps give them special ammo for these weapons to better differentiate them.

>> No.19789276


Not a bad idea, unfortunately Demolitions is in tech-use, which is Intelligence and Tech. So they can't do tripwires or mines.

Still, they could use grenades or launchers ok.

>> No.19789279

They'd be more like Shock Troopers. Go in, hit the enemy fast as you can, and get out before they can do anything about what you just did.

>> No.19789288


How about Solid Projectile instead of Las? Give them Combat Shotguns and Grenades. Chuck down a grenade, shotgun the fuck out of anything that moves, retreat before anyone still alive can retaliate?

>> No.19789291

If you give them Tech Use (and possibly Talented (Demolitions) ) at the start, it can still work.

>> No.19789302

Sounds good.

Wow, we found a way to make Felinids useful. They make excellent shock troops, and you don't have to worry when they all die horrible deaths due to being cut off or bogged down like most shock troops because they aren't people.

I keed.

>> No.19789343


Ok Taking this all into account.

Starting Attributes: +10 Agi, +10 Fel -5 Tou, -5 Will

Starting Aptitudes: Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Perception, Social, Offense, Agility, Ballistic Skill.

Skills: Stealth, Tech Use, Awareness

Starting Talents: Heightened Senses(Hearing, Smell), Lightning Reflexes or Catfall, Weapon Training(Solid Projectile, Launcher, Low-Tech)

Starting Traits: Unnatural Agility+2

Wounds 6+1d6

Starting Gear: Combat Shotgun with Melee Attachment, 4 Blind and Frag Grenades

Look ok?

>> No.19789353

Again, Blind Grenades aren't in Only War.

>> No.19789356

Hm... dodge?

Yeah, they are just called Smoke here.

>> No.19789363


Yes they are. Second from the top of the Grenade table in the PDF I have.

>> No.19789384


Hmm...my PDF has them listed as Blind...maybe you have a newer beta than me.

Also, I was hesitant to give them Dodge (As much as they need it) because no one seems to start with dodge for some reason.

>> No.19789392

Well, they do have all it takes to buy Dodge for cheap anyway.

>> No.19789403

A valid point. It's not like they won't be able to easily buy it with starting EXP. They should have a Common Lore (Felinids). It would make sense they would have some knowledge about themselves.

>> No.19789411


>Skill to set up trip-wires and explosives.
>Smoke Grenades
>Fast Enough to dodge bullets
>Combat Shotguns

OUCH. I wouldn't want to face them.

>> No.19789422

You're right but everyone else only gets smoke as standard equipment.

>> No.19789425


Eh, Ratlings and Orgyns don't have it for their own abhuman type, I figured that it would just be a subset of whatever skill covers them.

>> No.19789450

But cats think it's all about them.
And it's not like that would give them any real edge.

>> No.19789462

Yeah it's more a fluff thing at any rate.

>> No.19789473

So after my players heard of Only War, some of my Dark Heresy plyers (Mainly the one that was playing Imperial Guard before) want to switch to Only War. So I have a few questions:
Is it possible to import character from DH to OW like with other 40k RP system?
And is stat for Tau from DH compatible for OW?
Just a felinid? Nay, you're thinking too small. An entire regiment of monster/girl. A Lamia Storm Trooper name Ramiarez.

>> No.19789489

Yes. There is.


>> No.19789517

Well, DH works very differently in terms of how much stuff you get.
Starting level characters should be no problem, but once you have some thousand XP, they just snowball out of control with all the stuff they can take.
You should probably just start over with new characters.

>> No.19789541

Ah thank you for this.
>but once you have some thousand XP, they just snowball out of control with all the stuff they can take.
Huh, so I guess they're going to make a new character but at a higher level than normal then.
Now I have to create the regiment for them aswell. Thanks.

>> No.19789555

Best talk to them about what kind of regiment they would like.

>> No.19789570

The game is set in my own sub-sector. I'll let the players create their own character and I'll create the regiment for them since they're leading a local regiment in a fight against Tau forces.
But I'll talk to them about it.

>> No.19789643


Now, for a regiment to use them:

The Lions Pride: A regiment drafted from the Planet of Elysium IV, a planet with a long standing history of Felinids that is mostly tolerated by the populace. Due to the ravaging of the System's Space Marine chapter, the plant has had to stand alone for several years, turning the former Paradise world into a well trained fortress world with a reputation for self sufficiency...if a bit of a maverick streak.

In combat, they are easily identifiable by their Rebreathers and Goggles. It is very common for them to lace the Rebreathers with various combat drugs, a trick gained during the first darkest years without support.

Origin: Fortress (3 Points)-Enemy is Pirates normally.
Commanding Officer: Phlemic (1 Point)
Regiment Type: Hunter-Killer (3 Points)
Equipment: Demolitions (3 Points)
Combat Drugs(2 Points)

Additional Equipment:
Preysense Goggles (15)
Dress Uniform (5)
Rebreather (8)
Chrono (2)

>> No.19789658

Alright. Just make sure they are not all hyped up for tank action just to find themelves as light infantry or something.

>> No.19789665

Oh don't worry, they know full well what they're going to serve with since they're with the regiment long before Only War is release. I just have to actually stat the regiment out this time instead of using swarm rule for both side.

>> No.19789688


Elysium? You shoved them in the same system as the Celestial Lions?

I guess that works with the name.

>> No.19789725

Regimental Type: Pounce

>> No.19789733


Ok, I have to admit, that's a pretty cool sounding regiment. Stealthy hunter-killers with high explosives, combat drugs and operator-tier goggles.

>> No.19789747

Combat Drugs: Felinid Nip.

>> No.19789791


Felinid Nip is apparently Frenzon or Stim. Who would have thought.

>> No.19789876


I hate you. Because I know I'm never going to get to that. My IRL GM hates anything silly in 40k.

>> No.19789889

Autosage reached, new thread required.

40k is inherently silly. What differs from game to game is how seriously you treat the silliness. Catpeople are inherently silly, but if they're constantly spat on, subjected to abuse and used as cannon fodder it grimdarks them up pretty quickly.

>> No.19789899


Indeed. They are likely treated about as well as Ratlings and Orgryns. They are not outright abused like Beastmen...but no one cares when they hear the regiment died a horrible death and they get the first pick of long odds missions.

>> No.19789904

As does making them drug frenzied killers with explosives and shotguns.

>> No.19789918

Made a new thread:


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