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Look guys I get why the Sms and tau are battle brothers. There have been fluff of them being broish to one another.

What I don't get is why the eldar and tau are battle brothers. There have been zero instances in the fluff of eldar and tau being friendly to each other so what the hell? Where did this come from?

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They both kinda look like they might be robots when they're in their armour.

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You know how you like to help baby birds back into their nests? Or lift kittens so they can get where they wanna go?

That's what Eldar (and SMs) are to the Tau.

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Because Tau are gullible as hell and Eldar will play along while it suits them.

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>Where did this come from?
...Dawn of War?

Although there is that one quote from Eldrad too.

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I have absolutely no idea, considering Eldar have been noted as specifically avoiding the Tau because Eldrad Ulthran sensed a great darkness in them.

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I'm homebrewing that tau is only allowed eldar as an ally and vice versa if its ulthwe. Theyre the most dickish and most connected to the tau, while the rest are often enemies.

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>“I have followed the myriad potential futures of the Tau with great interest. Though barely even striplings compared to us, I feel a strange protectiveness towards them. In time I believe they will exceed even our greatest feats and master the darkness within their souls.”

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>Token of respect
>implying the eldar respect anyone

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You just know Tau are going to develop Eclipse Phase-style Seed AI and fuck over everyone in the galaxy (themselves probably included).

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>A few days after the end of the Kaurava Conflict, a package arrives at Fal'shia, neatly wrapped and with a pretty pink ribbon tied around it.
>Attached note reads "From Caerys of Ulthwé, no hard feelings" alongside a crudely drawn smiley face.
>Tau open it up to find the mangled, shuriken-riddled corpses of O'Or'es'Ka and Aun'Ro'Yr, their faces still contorted in pain and terror.

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My bad.
Looks like someone took that bits of that out of context and misled me.
Forgive me, for I have been deceived.

Have a rabbit as means of apology.

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>Prisoners of war in 40k

(Craftworld) Eldar take prisoners? I thought that would just slow them down.

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Yeah, I would think they would avoid taking prisoners for the same reason the quarians don't have prisons in Mass Effect, they live in space and there's just not enough room on their ships to waste on permanently housing criminals and POWs.

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They have a warp presence, it's just small (like a certain other part of them, dohohohoho).

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The old non-canon Xenology book seemed to imply the Ethereal caste was created by the Eldar.The Tau believe the Eldar can truly come over to the Greater Good.
The Imperium takes prisoners. There was specific mention of Tau captives being taken after the screwy war of Tyrea. They were interrogated for information.

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Can someone explain to a fellow gentleman these new allies rules?

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6th edition rulebook fluff says they simply don't appear in the Warp.

Tau should totally get Deny The Witch saves of 5+ by standard. Totally.
Yes, I know that's not how it works.

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>A dying race
>Allying with
>A race that sterilizes people


This will end well.

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>A race that sterilizes people
Find a canon instance of that actually happening.

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Different Eldar do different things.

>Yet sometimes an Eldar Corsair may display the greatest compassion to their defeated enemies if it pleases them to do so. The so-called Duke of Asteri Reach, Avele Swifteye, commands a Corsair fleet out of Biel-Tan craftworld, and has continued Biel-Tan's pledge to protect the Maiden worlds from settlement by lesser races. On the world of Yrthal, Avele destroyed half a dozen Human settlements before the fledgling Imperial colony surrendered. He took the surviving forty thousand colonists to a nearby habitable moon, keeping them in stasis aboard his ships while they shuttled back and forth in short warp jumps, and promised that no further hostilities would be taken against them if they did not stray back to Yrthal.

Granted, that was a Corsair, but he was also from Biel-Tan, the most xenophobic of all craftworlds.

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One of the Codices has an Eldar farseer quote discussing how the Tau are a glorious and amazing race, destined to save everyone.

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Dawn of war. GW has stolen enough from the DoW franchise and retroactively put it into their game that DoW is more cannon than GW shit.

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No no, they don't sterilize people. Only evil, rebellious people that breed like rabbits, like Catholics.

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Sterilizing people isn't very evil. I don't know why people bring up that fact about the tau so often.

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We would had to fuck before to breed...

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Because imperial fags are so desperate to find stuff that says tau are evil, they cling onto a alternative ending to a barely canon source.

Or, to put it another way, if DOW is canon, so is fire warrior and all my fire warriors should have a 2+ invulnerable save from their personal force fields.

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>Hey guys Why do you keep calling genocide evil? It's just genocide!

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This thread's direction pleases me.

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The thing is, it's an ethical genocide. You might actually increase the quality of life of the race you're genociding before they die out. There is no suffering involved, and the problem works its self out. It's beautiful.

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But, genocide implies trying to wipe out a species, and they aren't trying to wipe out humans. Even in the single vidya source on sterilisation they only do it to a world that rebelled three fucking times.

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I'm pretty sure in the Tau codex before the one we have at the moment there was something about them teaming up to do...something. And the Eldar would manipulate anything. If that means allying, so be it.

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It's not really genocide, or at least not by design. They aren't trying to wipe out the humans under their control, they're trying to control the growth of the population that they conquered to prevent the humans who are fanatically devoted to a hostile authority from rising up against them, as they are prone to do.

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Their policies of sterilization should be looked at seriously by some real world governments, namely ones that have to deal with gypsies.

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Typical disheveled Tau sympathizer.

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You can take a detachement of units from another codex in your army (ally matrix permitting). If you do so, you have to take 1 HQ and 1 Troop selection and up to 1 Elite, FA and HS each.
There are three degrees of alliance quality:
Battle Brothers - You treat the allied units pretty much exactly like your own with the exception that they can't enter each other's transports.
Allies of Convenience - Independent characters can't join squads of allies and vice versa
Desperate Allies - If two allied units are within 6" of each other they need to pass a test or they can't act each turn.

Other silly things: Eldar are Battle Brothers to Dark Eldar, Nids can't ally with anybody, Black Templars and Sororitas are Desperate Allies while Grey Knights and Sororitas are Allies of Convenince.

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>In the next Tau codex, there is this blurb where a Tau time traveller from the future tells a Farseer that Eldrad sent them to help.

>The Tau get new Temporal Agent unit who are time travelling cyborg-Tau from the future. They have been enhanced to the point where they have sixes across their statline, they move/attack like solitaires, dodge like assassins, stealth field, teleport and have enhanced auspex. Their downside is that they automatically leave this timeline (and the table) on a 6+ every round after their first.

>Another related reveal is that the Ethereals are also from the future where the Greater Good is destiny.

Bear in mind that this is from an early copy of the next Tau codex and might not end up in the actual one. But it should give you an idea where Tau fluff is headed

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>Dawn of war.
Hahahaha you actually think that's canon?
For one, the sterlization in Dawn of War came after a Tau ultimate victory -- which didn't happen, if you have at least half a peanut for a brain, because we all know the Blood Ravens won.
>DoW is more cannon than GW shit.
No, an off-shoot game is not more caNon than what the writers on high themselves say.

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[Citation needed]
Posting shitty and false rumors is almost as bad as reddit shitposting.

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Really it makes sense

Tau are all to ready to make friends
Eldar are all to ready to have someone die for them

It's perfect

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>Dark Eldar/Eldar bros5lyfe
25 years of Corsair/Exodite fluff disagrees with you. And even though they're split, they're still both eldar. The life of a dark eldar is still worth more to an eldar than an entire world of humans.

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GW has outright said that anything bearing the 40k logo is official canon. Even if it's wrong according to a different piece of fluff, both are still right.

40k is basically choose-your-own canon fluff and go with that.

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>"early copy of codex"
>"My dad works for GW you guys I swear"

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As far as genocide goes, it's the most ethical option. Would you rather final solution style genocide happening to your people?

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>Eldar are battle brothers to Dark Eldar

But that's true you fucking retard. American white supremacists and Nazis may have disliked each other in WW2, but they still hated black people.

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dance me puppets, daaaaance

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ITT: socially inept neckbeards who cannot fathom such simple interactions as: " The enemy of my enemy is my friend... for now "

Get your neckbeards out of your asses, christ.

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Holy shit, the grey knights wearing sisters into battle was a lead up so they could have them as allies of convenience instead of battle bros

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Exodites I'll give you, but looking at Craftworld Eldar it seems kinda odd that they get along so well with people whose philosophy is pretty much diametrically opposed to theirs. Sure they're of the same race, but the idea of a blood-drinking, prisoner-torturing Archon chilling with a squad of uptight Aspect Warrios seems a bit weird.

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It's not ethical for me to punch an old lady in face by arguing that it's the most ethical option compared to shooting her.

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Everyone hated black people. Phabian socialists in both america and europe wanted to "exterminate the darker races."

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So Goto and eldar kidneys are canon.

I think not!

There is weak fluff and solid fluff. Nobody with a lick of sense would take the weak fluff seriously.

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The enemy of my enemy........is my friend.....

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>nobody with a lick of sense would take 40k seriously

ftfy. I love it n all, but it really is just OTT sillyness that should be treated as such.

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It is, however, fun.

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That argument doesn't even make sense. Hell, even if that sentence structure made sense at all it still wouldn't make sense.

Is it more ethical to kill someone brutally and painfully, or let them live out their lives?

If you're intent on committing the ultimate act in moral absolutism, why not do it in a way that doesn't harm the victims?

The question isn't whether genocide is wrong, it's what forms of genocide are worse.

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I like to think of the allies rule ass GW putting the fluff in your hands. YOU are the one that is suposed to come up with why you have eldar and DE in the same army. Remember, both the eldar and DE are more like the greek city states than the persian empire, each kabel and craftworld is independent of eachother and each has their own customs and allies. Let's not forget about the harlequins.

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the enemy of my enemy is my enemy

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The enemy of my enemy is myself. I hate that guy.

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Can't help but think that this thread is missing something.

>> No.19737385

Is this what its missing?

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You got my interest though.

What comic is that?

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Wait wait wait..........
Nnnnnow it'ssssss perfect.

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>Attached note reads "From Caerys of Ulthwé, no hard feelings" alongside a crudely drawn smiley face.
>Tau open it up to find the mangled, shuriken-riddled corpses of O'Or'es'Ka and Aun'Ro'Yr, their faces still contorted in pain and terror.

That is how I choose to believe it happened.

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Post the Tau one!

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>the idea of a blood-drinking, prisoner-torturing Archon chilling with a squad of uptight Aspect Warrios seems a bit weird.

The craftworld eldar don't believe in the sanctity of life or anything like that, they just have a different idea of the best way to delay their inevitable destruction -- hiding in the webway and torturing other sentients to stave off Slaanesh's hunger, versus practicing extreme self-discipline and preserving yourself in a soulstone until your craftworld eventually falls.

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