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Do you do it?

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You just walked into the right neibourhood, my friend.

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what sword and shoulders are those OP?

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I take a kit and bash it repeatedly.

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I'm currently putting together a 1/500 of the gundam GP01's Dendrobium, it's like a Meteor unit, only moreso. Fuck if I know what it's gonna count as when I stick a crisis suit in the middle. Fuck if I care.

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son, kitbashing is ALL that i do. I think i have yet to build and paint a mini that i didnt alter it in some way

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>Left to right

>Not bad. A bit bulky, but it works. Bold but not ostentatious.

>Carrying everyone's beers to the party

>... What

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I fucking love to kitbash. Taking pictures from my laptop cam because...well i'm poor

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The shield is actually a Justice leg armour segment, the wings are from Epyon's wings, and the headpeice is Justice's. Shoulder spikes are Tyranid Extended Carapce bits.

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Emperor's Champion Sword. I guess the shoulder pads are from some Imperial kit from fantasy.

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Sword is from the Emperor's Champion kit, shoulders look like they might be maximini.

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Made stim injector out of a tau's backpack and made a punch shield out of an ork bit after he killed 3 bikers in melee thanks to god rolls

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A few frame peices crudely glued onto a Rhino for an A-Team tribute. Didn't have any bubble dome bits unfortunately.

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Kit bashed the fuck out of this guy. Looks a bit crap but honestly I'm not surprised.

I should buy green stuff

That said the only part that I REALLY have a problem with is the "turret" plasma gun.

looks a tiny bit too much like a penis

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The gundam's feet and brocap stern were hotglued to a C.D. does that count as a kitbash?

>cases. ivhurr

And not captcha is mocking me...

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Today I'm hopefully going to get a box set of Dire Avengers, I use the spare bitz to make my Corsair Prince!

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In 42.064, a squad of Elite Terminators went rogue, Accused of a crime they didn't commit. Now they operate as soldiers of fortune, if you can pay them and if you can find them. You might be able to be assisted by THE A-TEAM.

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I was so sad when they discontinued the 1/175ths scale (or whatever it was that was a little smaller than 1/144ths). That was the perfect size for crisis suit kitbashes.

Deathscythe's not finised.

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Forgot to say how I made him.

Well cut a targeting array in half and glued it to the front of his face. Then glued the two drone antennae to the lower sides to make the extension blend into the normal head. Made the mistake of cutting them BEFORE placing them


Then i lopped his right tit off like a fucking amazon to glue in half of a razor back targeter. Missile launcher is from a drop pod and cut his arm in half.

That was a real bitch but oddly enough the hardest part was cutting the razor back targeter in half. I have no idea why it took me 3 hours to saw through that thing but it did

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Why yes, yes I do kitbash.

>Scout legs
>Cadian torso, arms and lasgun
>Catachan head
>Kroot rifle muzzle
>FW Elysian democharge
>Random fuckhueg knife

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you ... Sly Marbo.

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You need to model brother baracus driving it and brother captain Hannibal hanging out the top hatch smoking a cigar

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And here's the view you will never see. He's behind you...

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>paints not thinned
>no primer
>plastic is visible
>paint cracking
>diarrea as base

0/10 thats the best i can do

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>Commenting on the paintjob instead of the kitbash

0/10, that's the best I can do.

Save the painting shit-talk for the painting threads. I am well aware that my painting sucks Carnifex balls, but I'd like to think that my conversions are halfway decent.

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Not as much as I used to, but yes when I find the time

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I like the gun and scout legs are a good fit

paint does suck but hey

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Not that guy, but he'd be fucking godlike if the paint was a little better.

But hey, you paint better than me so who am I to talk?

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fuck yeah, i just staret on a fallen army

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Hawt damn, I must take inspiration from that sword.

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Those kroot are awesome

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Orks were made for kitbashing.

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Where'd you get that missile launcher from?

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Never did get around to finishing painting the rest of the small BFG fleet I bashed. Or the GorkaMorka gang + Trukk I made... or the BloodBowl Team...

The guys at my gamestore are terrible about starting a specialist game, playing a few times, getting me all excited and busting out the bitz... then stopping playing it before I finish building stuff.

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I would kit bash with that sword everywhere. If only it didn't cost $15 a pop

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Awesome looking models man

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one of the gundam from gundam wing series.

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im about halfway to converting this chimera into a griffon.

just need some ideas what to use for the heavy mortar.

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Could you use the mortar from the IG Heavy Weapons Team kit?

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Are those lego wheels?

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This is the first Tau battlesuit I have actually liked, well done.

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Did someone put that in a microwave or something? Its all bendy and warped.


They're leftovers from an old model car I think.

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yeah, but itd loon a bit small down in there.

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forget it in my car. got up to about 108 outside that day. direct sunlight too. such cases.

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I really should find some time to finish at least a few of my projects

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I did, back in the day, but lack of people to play with and rising costs made me give up the Warhams altogether.

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It might be best to use it as a beast wrecked terrain piece right now. As for gun to fit in there, if you were hella rich id recommend the lascannon on the fortress of redemption. The ball turret might be a perfect fit and if you cut off the tip of the lascannon it looks like a giant smoothbore

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Maybe use the artillery turret from ramshackle games? The turret by itself costs £8 so it is not exactly cheap but it could look cool.

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8pounds is a bit steep. specially since i need 2. but oh, it is pretty.

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Demolisher Cannon from somewhere? Could tilt it upwards to look more like a mortar, and it seems to have a similar size to the pics I see.

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This is a story of perhaps my most favorite break-in ever (when I wasn't even a rogue) and the most hilarious escape that followed.

Possibly a TL;DR but you're TG and I know you're better then that.

>Playing in a Pirate themed campaign. Our captain is a dwarven rabble-rouser (half-fighter/half-rogue) named Grimnir Goldcrest (motherfucker had a blond mohawk) and we had a samurai-cleric (she was weird with that)
>I Roll up a Level 4 Knight devoted to Hextor.
>Wield a great hammer in both hands because fuck class bonuses
>Name: 'Cannon-Ball' Fritz. I hit shit like a mack-truck going eighty.
>Is the right-hand man to the captain. His word is my law.
>We here tales of a crazed man imprisoned talking about an 'island of gold'
>You bet your ass we're interested.
>Sneak in, talk to the man, who rambles incoherently, but has fits of sudden intelligence. He tells us the guards took a map he made.
>We search for the city-guards evidence chamber. Turns out it is a separate building.
>Its a big brick of with one ONE door (locked) and ONE window (light emitting from it).
>DM gave us all one magical item to start off the campaign. I was given wicked looking claw gloves that helped me climb. Our samurai/Cleric was given a robe of bones (Why mention this now? Wait and see).
>Grimnir orders me to climb up, clear the place out and return to the boat, while he and the cleric go to distract any would-be guards.

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Or the wider part of the Basilisk's gun barrel. Though, that may defeat the purpose since you'd have to get another piece of artillery to make this one.

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You should certainly see if this will work, next time you play against someone who using an executioner or a punisher ask them if you could have a look at their unused turret, you may even have one since you have an imperial guard army.

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A Wild Geentext appears!

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I love these!
Got any more?

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Nice story, but I think you have the wrong thread.

On topic, I would kitbash everything I could to make my Catachans look awesome if I had the money. I probably will do as such to create some Regimental Advisers once I get the (conveniently still heavily discounted) battleforce sitting at my FLGS. Might do that in the next couple of weeks.
Hell, I've still got a bunch of Dark Eldar sprues still laying around, I could use some stuff off of those, too.

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No more kroozas, just a dozen or so little ones, mostly cobbled out of various imperial guard weapons.

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most of the rest of the kit is from Sevrin Loth and honour guard FW kit

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That is relevant to my interest too.

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a few things coming up, first off is a nurgle termie lord

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IF libby, needs some more paint

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They're not nearly as nice due to size issues. Though a few came out pretty neat or characterful.

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none of the bits here came from any one chapter

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made from a heavy bolter and 2 meltaguns

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I kitbash.

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backpack is an IG grenade launcher ammo drum

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Love how that looks

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Nice, thanks for shearing!

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cheers, it's been neatened up since this pic but i don't have a more up to date picture

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I dabble. Posted this before (I think?)

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So I am thinking about making some WW1 imperial guardsmen, my basic idea is to use the torsos in my picture, victoria miniatures laser gun arms and her Brodie heads, not too sure what legs I should use . So anyway does anyone have any advice on this idea? Or have any experience making some WW1 guardsmen.

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I need to do it more, but I got a bunch of other crap to paint first.
Though this is my Defiler turned Mega-Skorcha-dread.

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That is pretty dam cool I really like that claw hand it has.

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How do you like that? It's just a proof of concept, so the painting isn't really top-notch and the photos is made with a phone, but you should get the general idea. It's made entirely from Cadian plastics with a Westwind head, and it's my first use of plasticard ever. The pouches are from SM Tactical kit.

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Duh, i meant greenstuff, not plasticard obviously.

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Check out this thread: dude has done some cool 1900-1914 Brits.


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what scale?

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Heroic Proportions make all the models look like ass.

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That's a really pretty paintjob. I wish you'd do the snow differently though (or not at all). It just doesn't look right and really detracts.

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You mean "baller as fuck".
I see no issues with the models. Certainly none stemming from proportions.

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That looks pretty dam cool, I especially like how you have removed the shin guards and made them into something a bit more WW1-ish, oh and thanks for sharing, very inspirational.

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sort of pissed. drop the right guy on headfirst on the floor. the iron halo looking bit was completely crushed. Glue held though. Oh well, at least i managed to fix his face up from what you see here

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They are pretty awesome. No helmets either, just the peaked caps (which is much more stylish)/

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Where does /tg/ but its bits from? I can't find anyone that stocks broadside bits.

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Thanks for the link.


Another good thing about the heads is their pretty dam cheap.

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Doom of Malantai I put together with extra mawloc head bits and the extra heads from a carnifex kit to extend his brain.

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Why yes I do.

I have the others ready to be done. Just have yet to get around to them.

$250 rough rider squad. For Chaos!

It hurt so much to -cut up- DKoK riders...but it was for the greatest good of all, papa nurgle.

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shit son

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It's not painted yet and the greenstuff cape didn't quite turn out how I wanted, but here's my bloatmage mini made out of a Space Marine's head, a Nurgle Chaos Lord's body, and the staff of a random Menite.

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Kitbash, eh?

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WIP of my counts-as-Trukk.

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From above, with unmodified Kans.

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I could totally see Orks doing that!

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Now dat is proppa orky.

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Yeah! Although I think the doors and the side could use more plates and rivets.

It's too... elegent right now?

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please respond

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I just finished mashing together some Bloodletter and Tyranid bits to make xenomorphs with guns for a non-40k sci-fi game.

Also, took some Westwind jet troopers, cut up the hands, cut up some rifles from Defiance Games marines, cut up some SAW barrels, greenstuff'd some rifle stocks, and made some stealthy jet troops with silenced rifles.

Also used Mantic marauders with VOID plastics to make not-quite-orky soldiers with heavy rifles and riot shields. Going to turn them into dog-soldier aliens like the guys from the 5th Element.

Feels good man. I'll post up some pictures of it all when I'm done painting the armies.

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