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Hey /tg/, I need help making a decision about the army I'm going to buy soon.
Since I'm making a Descent of Angels army I'll be getting 60 assault marines. I have two choices, buy a box of 5 marines from theWarstore.com at $25 or buy the same amount of marines for around $15 off of a Chinese recast company called Coolcastornot.com

The thing is, I don't know much about this Chinese site. The percentage of miscast is unbeknown to me and you apparently can't heat up the resin and bend bits that are lopsided.

Think it's worth taking the chance?

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Here's a link to the space marine stuff. The pictures don't look bad by any means, but what's stopping these people from just showing the good stuff?

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They're generally poorer quality to GW and I'd wear a mask when cleaning off the flash and other bullshit. Otherwise great value. Enough to justify purchasing them from CoolCast. They'll take a bit of time to reach you.

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How do you mean 'poorer'? As in not as intricate? Honestly to me the hobby by importance is 60% painting and 40% gaming.. A terrible looking model isn't worth the time and effort I'm going to put into them in my opinion.
>They'll take a bit of time to reach you
Yeah, I live in Pennsylvania so it'd be like two to three weeks sadly.. theWarstore takes about a week and is dependable.

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>live in Pennsylvania
>2-3 weeks
nigga this is chinese bootlegging we're talking about. You'll probably be waiting the better part of 7 weeks, maybe more.

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I'd stick with thewarstore.

IIRC, that Chinese company has moved around a few times before, and while I've read they've done refunds, you can't be too sure.

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There's another alternative: getting stuff offa ebay

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7 fucking weeks? Are you joking nigga? God forbid if I DO have to make a return it would take 4 damned months to get product, and even then there's a chance of fuck ups.
If what I'm being told is true I might do that.. I'm in the National Guard and I have two week annual training soon, that'll fetch me almost 1k to spend on the 6th so I wouldn't mind all THAT much if I have to spend alittle extra for assurance.

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I've picked up some stuff from coolcastornot.com. well technically from their old name before GW closed down that site name.

The models are good quality, minor bubble on the treads of my grot tanks but nothing really bad. The GK termies had some minor flash but much better then the bit of fail cast I've dealt with.

Shipping took about 2.5 weeks from order to doorstep.

I've been getting ready to do another order with some buddies tossing in on some stuff for their armies.

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You know I used to order off ebay but it seems whenever I try to bid I get outbid every time. Albeit bidbots or whatever, it gets tiring time after time.

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Where do you live? I honestly don't believe it would take 7 weeks, that's really fucking long.

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I play BT so i need to get an extra box of stuff just to upgrade my marines to look like they're BT marines. This of course left me with an inordinate ammount of bits. I realized that I for the most part only really lacked two twings (well, three if you include bases) and that was the backside of a torso and pair of legs. These could be fairly easy acquired as bits offa ebay, even with buy it now. I must've assembled 20-30 marines this way for a fraction of the cost of getting just more marine boxes. Should be possible in your case as well

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>I play BT so i need to get an extra box of stuff just to upgrade my marines to look like they're BT marines

No you don't you idort

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>7 weeks
Dear god it's slower than Tau Warp drives!

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well, fine I don't NEED to in the same sense that Space Wolves also don't NEED to get grey hunter boxes for their grey hunters as opposed to just regular space marines boxes

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Sounds like your typical surface mail shipping time really. Shipping things by boat takes a fucking long time and shit is probably just stuck in a harbor somewhere for weeks

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Da fuck

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I mailed a box of shit from Canada to New Zealand. Took 3 months to get there.

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Mailed several heavy boxes from Japan to Yuurop once, also took months. Seriously, it's not a chocking time frame for boat mail whatsoever

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Uh, I ordered a mousepad from Hong Kong.
It took them 2 and a half weeks, I thought it was pretty bad.


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You're not getting me. There's a big difference between surface mail and air mail. Typically when ordering shit online, surface mail isn't among the options

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Hope OP is still around.

A few weeks ago I ordered a small box of stuff from Coolcastornot, to determine quality over a few products and see if they'd be a regular to buy from. I picked up a random resin model, a forgeworld model (so I'd have two different companies/moulds/whatever to compare) and some brass etch.

The brass etch is a touch thinner than what I've had from Forgeworld and Secret Weapon mini's, and is thus easier to work with but also more likely to bend on accident. Detail is sharp and crisp and honestly can't tell the difference at a glance between any of the companies.

For the resin, the resin itself is visibly different to what GW and FW are using. It's closer to FW, a more solid and brittle version to what finecast is using. As for the quality, that's really going to be up to you to decide. I rate this higher than every Finecast miniature I've dealth with (half a dozen to date) and on par with my FW experiences (hell, there's no warping on the whole vehicle kit whilst my deathkorps needed every gun soaked and straightened).

You will notice in the image given that the lines are sharp and crisp, my iphone sucks for macro photography, there is a single bubble on the pilot's wrist that I can fill with glue. These haven't been cleaned, straight out of the baggie with a dry-fit.

Postage took roughly 2 weeks, I'm in Australia and I payed for postage instead of leaving things to fate.

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