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So I'm considering getting into 40k once I can afford it, and I'm torn between the Tau and Black Templars. From what I've read, the Tau generally want to hang back and fight from a distance (aside from the Kroot units) and Black Templars don't mind getting up close and personal.

Fluff-wise, these are easily my favorite factions (with Orks coming in close behind) and I definitely want to field one or the other for my first army. I'd appreciate any input you can give, aside from "Tau are weaboo shit." I know, I still think they're cool because I'm an enormous faggot. Thanks.

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Personally, as someone who plays neither, I would go with Tau. Templars have a couple interesting minis (I've always liked the Emperor's Champion), but I think overall Tau have the more interesting unit selection.

Also, assuming their update in a year or so doesn't fuck them over, Tau with Allies are looking to be a pretty strong force in 6th, whereas Black Templars are, well, just another Marine faction in a game where everyone builds to counter Marines out of habit.

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Black Templars because they're space crusaders

While they do tend to like to get up close an personal they're also quite formidable as a shooty army.

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As a Black Templars player perhaps I am a little biased, but I would heartily recommend the Templars. I'm not sure what direction Tau might take in the next edition - already we're debating about whether they're ALL GOOD or ALL GRIMDARK. With the Black Templars, however, you know where you stand. Pure, unadulterated zealotry combined with an awesome Latin/Teutonic Knights motif. You get to do shit like paint "Imperator lo Vult," or "Dies Irae" on your banners, you get to out-melee pretty much anyone, and you get to look down your Puritanical nose at essentially anyone but the Grey Knights. Go wild, listen to Gregorian chant, and play Black Templars.

Also, the paint scheme is easy and looks very crisp.

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troll senses tingling..

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Oh there is a way to solve all this.



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I'm slightly leaning towards Tau because I like the look of their armor quite a bit, and the variety in units is appealing, thanks for the input.

Templars do have the awesome "FUCK HAVING A HOUSE, WE'RE GOING TO LIVE IN SPACE SO WE HAVE LESS DOWNTIME BETWEEN KILLINGS" thing going for them, and I dig their fluff. I'm just not sure if I want a Marine army, since I have a tiny bit of hipster inside me that wants to use something weird.

Oh, I should mention that as far as painting, I have no artistic talent whatsoever. The pic is "Look at me, I'm the DCI" from MTG and seriously, that's how good I am at art. Which army is harder to paint, and how shitty is my army going to look until I learn2thin?

Fuck you man. Just as I'm about to decide fully on Tau, you remind me of everything I love about the Templars. I actually considered Grey Knights for a bit but I hear they got Ward'd hard and are OP and Sue as fuck now. Fucking Gregorian chant. How fucking cool. Also, they seem easier to paint which is a bonus for me.


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Your senses are too advanced, you'll create the Chaos god of Paranoia.

A lot of players will be jumping on Tau because of the allies update. Either this is good or bad. You can 1) avoid the bandwagon or 2) Get a lot of support in the online community as a newtaufag.

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I myself am working up the ideas for a Tau army. I do enjoy how in the new rules they can team up with a lot of armies. So you don't even have to pick just one man.

You can mix Tau with near every other army. But Tau for sure.

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Forgot my pic like a retard.

Oh. My. God. If only I could play that loudly as fuck at my FLGS. I'd be on the Templars so hard.

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I'm a Templars player(note the name), so of course I'd advocate Templars. Tau are kinda an old Codex and likely won't get an update for a bit yet and kinda showing their age(they're like 4th in line, in most internet speculation, not that that should stop you if you REALLY like an army), while the Templars are about as old, but still able to hold their own against most armies.

It really comes down to what you want: Kroot are useful but mostly as speedbumps, I certainly wouldn't rely on them to win a fight with the Tau. That's gonna mean lots of shooting, and though 6th edition is looking to be shooter friendly, I like to have more options.

Templars can shoot or chop, and we really like the Armoured Spearhead if you want to roll some mechanized marines.

hope that helps OP

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Heh, I am a fairly bad painter too. I've played both Tau and Templars (Gasp! Heresy!) and find each about equally easy to paint, with some caveats. Tau tend to have a lot of open surfaces without a lot of detail on their armor, so you plop some paint on and you're done. On the other hand, they end up looking kind of bland. Templars are a little more labor intensive but still easy (can you spray-paint stuff black? Can you put this white paint on this brush? Cool, you're a bona-fide Black Templar) and tend to "pop" a little more. Just my 2 cents.

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TDIF is a tripfag who RPs as a Tau recruiter on /tg/, downplaying their bad points and going at length in character about how they're the best.

Tau wouldn't be as hated here if not for him.

I was in your position. I was torn between Sisters and Tau. I'm going Tau at first since I want their models no matter what, and I'll get some Tau-converted guardsmen to go with them.

Eventually I'll get some Sisters and ally them with the guardsmen (fluffwise it's interesting and non-canon-ish I guess, but works for rules).

You can do the same: get Tau and convert some Guardsmen later, and after that get Templar for two armies using one ally between them.

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For your consideration, Allies:

Battle Brothers - Eldar, Space Marines

Allies of Convenience - Black Templar, Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Orks, Space Wolves

Desperate Allies - Chaos Daemons, Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle

>Black Templar
Battle Brothers - Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Space Wolves

Allies of Convenience - Eldar, Grey Knights, Tau

Desperate Allies - Dark Eldar, Necrons, Sisters of Battle

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Are you me from the future?

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Orks and Tau, OP, that's the way of the future.

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AHAHAHAHAHA! Black Templars allying with Xenos before Sisters of Battle? Indeed, Black Templars allying with xenos at all? DOHOHOHOHO. My sides, sir.

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Your decision is obvious, OP: Tau with Black Templar allies.

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What doe that mean exactly? Sorry, super new to the whole thing.

Even more Black Templar propoganda and... I'm right back in the middle.

Thanks! The painting is a big concern for me. It sounds like they're both pretty easy, but I like the idea of being able to customize the Tau a little more as far as colors, although the Black Templars "popping" more sounds enticing

The guardsman idea sounds good if allies come into play a lot, and I think I'll probably do that no matter what.

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I don't think I read the chart wrong, my good chum.

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I don't understand why GK(who is part of the big I) are Allies of convenience for the Templars, while the Sisters(who are only sometimes part of the big I, and uber-zealous) are Desperate. They may not be the most effective, but we should get along much better than that.

I'm sticking by the Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch bits of the Codex until I get a new Codex. Screw Xenos, and screw these psyker mongrels

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OP, as far as painting goes, Black Templar are the easier of the two to paint by far.

I have shaky hands due to getting hit in the head too much, and this is how easy it is to get BTs looking good enough to play:

Spray Paint Black
Paint shoulders white
Paint eyes red
Paint metal bits shiny silver metal

BAM. You're done. They won't be the nicest looking things ever, but from 3-4 feet away no one will notice.

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I have some suspicions about that chart's legitimacy, especially when it calls for Eldar and Dark Eldar to ally in any situation whatsoever. It may be a strictly pragmatic thing so they can run tournaments, but cannot and should not be taken as a reflection of any faction's fluff.

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>Battle Brothers - Eldar, Space Marines
Really? Should have been Eldar and Guard if anything.

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Just copy-pasting from a site, not sure if this is 100% accurate since I don't have my book yet:

Battle Brothers - Your two forces benefit from each others universal special rules, psychic powers, and everything. They are essentially the same force.

Allies of Convenience - These two forces are joining to fight a common foe, but are not the best of friends. They do not benefit from each others Universal Special Rules or any psychic powers. You will treat each force as being separate.

Desperate Allies - Only the most dire of circumstances will bring these two forces together on the same side. If any Desperate Allies start their turn within 6" of your normal units.you must roll a d6. If a 1 is rolled then the unit does nothing for the turn as they refuse to act. They are either betraying your or watching you for betrayal.

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OP, do these Tau battlesuits make you drool and salivate? http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Tau/TAU-BATTLESUITS-AND-DRONES?filter_reset=1

If not, it is clear you should play templar

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Also: Desperate Allies units are not scoring and cannot contest objectives. From the book.

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Actually OP, if any plastic mini makes you salivate, seek professional help, and play neither Templars nor Tau.

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I play drop Guard and those suits make me salivate.

Granted, the FW Vulture makes me salivate more, and the FW Elysians have been the subject of numerous orgasms.

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Who was it that said that BT and SoB are basicly tsundere for each other?

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We really, really don't need more Meringue players of any flavor.

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Tau could nevery be this stylish.

just sayin'

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But meringue is delicious.

Why does it feel like this whole thread is one of those cartoony "angel on one shoulder, devil on the other" situations?

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I would wait with both until the new codex is out. I don't know which codex is older, but why begin with an army whose codex was considered old with the last edition of war hammer 40k :|

ONly reason I don't play tau is this. Templar look cool, but I don't know if they are fun to play with the codex you get now

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Tau vs Black Templars?


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Is this picture concept art for the hotly awaited crossover of Space Marine and the GTA series?

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Because it is. A black clad angel of vengeance persecuting the evil greyskinned devil.

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Well those are just straight up fucking gorgeous.

As absurdly awesome as those are, I will NEVER be able to paint that good so I'm not too concerned.

That is almost exactly how I feel, actually. Black Templars are the devil, oddly enough considering how they view themselves.

I've heard the new Tau codex should be out sometime around Fall, and I probably won't be playing till around Winter, but I asked now because I want to get an idea of what I'll be playing so I can learn in the meantime so I don't annoy anyone at my FLGS by showing up not knowing anything like a tard.

Thanks to everyone in the thread, and I'm sorry I'm such an indecisive girly-man.

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Idk, but I remember seeing this:

>Brother-Sergeant Pious Devout "S-sister. Come and crusade with us?"
>Sister Angelica Sacrosanct "S-sure... but not because I like you or anything!"

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black templars only have 4 unique models.
that's boring as fuck.
play tau

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>Tau Codex in fall
Not likely OP. They have CSM to release before the new Starter set, the Set itself(supposed to be Chaos Marines and Dark Angels), and Dark Angels after that.

Tau may be next, may be Templars, may even be Eldar. It devolves into speculation beyond that. But everyone is almost sure that its gonna be Chaos then Angels for the new Starter.

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so he can get unique characters like the toilet pope?

>> No.19716575

> toilet pope
Motherfucker don't come in here and talk about something you called a "toilet pope" and not share pictures. That sounds hilariously awful.

Oh well shit. I read somewhere that it was actually supposed to be Tau -> Templars -> Eldar. Any idea what timeframe we could see a new Tau codex?

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Won't be until next year wth 6th edition and The Hobbit game getting pushed this year.

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That's OK, OP. Obviously it's your decision to make, and you shouldn't rush into it because an army is a considerable commitment of time and resources.

I've B een trying to work sub L iminal mess A ges into this post, and though it's C ost me a lot of time, it doesn't appear to have wor K ed aT all. it sEeMs that kind of PLoy is hard to ARtfully pull off.

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> toilet pope

>> No.19716619

Behold, the Space Pope!

No clue OP. could be anywhere from Summer of 2013 to Summer of 2014.

If you really want the Tau, don't let that stop you though man. Friend of mine plays them, and thinks they are the shit.

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Wow a new segway!

>> No.19716627

Oh hello there Gue'Vesas I hope everyone here is following the greater good nice and proper. As you know we seek unity and prosperity for all.

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Nice simul-post

>> No.19716666

Oh my god who's fucking idea was that? Hahaha.

I think it says a lot that I still thing the Tau are boss as fuck after seeing that shit.

You should take lessons from Hypnotoad, I hear he's pretty good at sub All Glory to the Hypnotoad.

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>I'm slightly leaning towards Tau because I like the look of their armor quite a bit

Every new Tau player does this...

Then they discover the ugly truth about Fire Warriors and their effectiveness on the TT

>> No.19716680

although fifth ed seems to be shaping up to be a significant buff to FWs (move and shoot 30, rapidfire @ 15)

>> No.19716681

How effective are Tau in general? Theoretically speaking, if the best army (Grey Knights? Space Wolves? I don't fucking know) is a 9-10, where do the Tau and/or Templars fit in?

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W-we just go on the same crusade together! Plus Black Templar-kun barely even talks to me...

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Templars I'd rate about a 5. Tau the same.

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>play tau
>people will want to play you

>play black templar
>oh look, MORE marines....

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OP, remember this: Imperial Guard are the backbone of the 40k non-evil armies. Tau are the chain that unites them all.

Either way, if you use allies (which everyone will be doing, it's the hot thing to do) you're gonna do one, the other, or both most likely.

Pic related, Tau converted Guardsmen (which is basically a job where you buy both, and take Tau bits and put them on the IG. There's no official way to do it, you could just put Guardsman head and legs on Tau, or chop up the tops and glue them to the IG, or whatever. It's really a fun thing if you like greenstuffing).

Finally, to the people talking about Sisters: the ONLY group they can really ally with is IG. They're grudging allies with the rest of the Imperium, and red with a few of the xenos. They can't ally with Chaos forces ever.

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Woah! Quads! Also, I was thinking about the Hypnotoad the other da - ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

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Very difficult to say now that 6th edition has just hit. Shooting has been buffed and close combat nerfed somewhat so they should prove to be a lot better than they were last edition.

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Id say a 6, maybe 7. but, again, biased a bit

Never had ANY issue getting pickup games at my FLGS.

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>I'm in my crisis suit, shootan things. Oh look, a dreadnaught. Let me just hold still while this thing lumbers up to me and punches my face in.

>> No.19716734

Get out with that Futurama shit. We don't want you derailing the th - ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

>> No.19716736


The probablem with Fire warriors is they offer str 5 firepower (which your army is already bristling with) at an expensive cost for a unit that will run away if anyone so much as looks at them funny and fold if anyone within 500 miles thinks about engaging them in close combat.

Plus they have NO special weapons and their transport is not only expensive but it has no fire ports.

Kroot at least are cheap, can infiltrate, can work as meatshields for your REAL units, and can cause shenanigans when placed around forests.

Everyone likes the way Fire Warriors look. The problem is that they just don't bring anything to your army that it actually needs.

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As a black templar I can so get behind this.

Honestly, the desperate allies things make zero sense. I even remember there is a mention in our codex that one of our most famous banners include Ecclesiarchy symbols that are specifically in honor of the Sororitas.

>> No.19716753


>Tau are the chain that unites them all.

>> No.19716781

He rolled doubles 1's to jet back.

>> No.19716785

it all depends on your preferred fluff
both are nobel in there intent, some argue that there goal is simial but meet at different ends. one seaches for redemption the other wishes to simply to help others see reison.
both are good guys in there own eyes.
just seems if you prefer who is merciful

>> No.19716789

The whole allies thing is GW building upon the already established phenomenon whereby the Sisters are employed by the High Lords to investigate the Templars and determine if they're breaking their doctrine (ie: they're more numerous than they should be).

It's frequently brought them into conflict before, the Templars have an incredibly strained relationship with the inquisition and its assets.

>> No.19716794

Yeah, but consider this: you don't ever see them together, right?

Americans honor New Yorkers after Sep. 11, but most of the US still hates the fuck out of them.
Californians too. Next big earthquake, everyone will pity them and send them support. But god forbid they actually talk to each other for more than a few minutes.

Don't even get me started on Canada...

>> No.19716805

Mhm, cause of the civil war that ended the Age of Apostasy, which gave rise to the Sisters.

I just don't see why GW wants to keep us apart! They're just as fanatical and in love with Violent Purges as we are!

>> No.19716809

that's a broadside

>> No.19716812

>"The Codex and the Ecclesiarchy say we shouldn't but my heart, says we must!"

>> No.19716816

Most of us hate New Yorkers? Man, we must live in, like, parallel universes that are almost identical but with a few tiny changes. As for Californians, you are correct.

>> No.19716817

Play the Tau! This song fits them perfectly!!!


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Necrons, all of the advantages and firepower of the Tau without being compete fuck nuggets in combat.

6th Edition was very kind to them as they have the only AP1 weapon that doesn't hit at I1, Command barges literally get to Sweep over people and cut their heads off indiscriminately, Wraiths will rape anything that isn't a terminator, Gauss weapons cause auto glancing and most vehicles have 3 hull points (warriors can rapid fire a Land raider to death in one shooting), nothing can fight a necron lord with a warscythe and mind shackle scarabs in a challenge, they have the best flyers and flying transports in the game (able to move 36" and still disembark a unit), and now resserection protocols are better than FNP in every respect (only 5+).

>> No.19716852


>both are noble in their intent.

The Tau are obsessed with the domination and forced subjugation of the universe in accord with the whims of their mind controlling overlords who feed them a very poorly defined catch-all philosophy of the GREATER GOOD which only really serves to keep the Ethereals in control of their caste system.

The Templars are violent berserkers who only strive to emulate the savage martial example set by their Primarch Rogal Dorn. They're the Loyalist chapter that pretty much embodies the worst qualities of the Imperium. Violence for the sake of blind honour. They're not really committed to the preservation of the common citizen, they're devoted to their own sense of arms mastery and bravado.

>> No.19716853

tau will give you a second chance

>> No.19716856

"My love burns hotter than the promethium torched witches we burn together."

>> No.19716868

Wheres the site that has the list of allies that each chapter/side gets?

>> No.19716874

Forgot pick

Oh and practically half our vehicles are 4 Hull points.

>> No.19716875

Well, honor and an extremely rigid zealotry.

>> No.19716882

>yfw Korra in the second row, to the left.

>> No.19716889

Violence for the sake of blind honour. They're not really committed to the preservation of the common citizen, they're devoted to their own sense of arms mastery and Bravado.

Jus as a quick fluff lesson, from what I've heard, Salamanders are basically the exact opposite and usually pretty kind and bro-ish to the average citizen?

>> No.19716895


so that's what they're calling it.

>> No.19716896

It says (somewhere, forgot where. Might be their site) that the Tau are the only race in the universe that remembers the concept of mercy.

Tau don't simply execute all the survivors and wounded of a battle. They also don't torture them for information, or to demoralize their enemies. That's mercy in war in real life.

>> No.19716907

yeah, considering all AP2 hits at I1 now, Necrons aren't so bad in combat anymore.

>> No.19716911


Sallies and spess wulfs are pretty sympathetic to the cause of the little guy. Ultras to when they want to be.

Templars are the sort that fire bolters and set it on fire and then purge it because it might be a psyker before asking questions.

>> No.19716915

GTFO, no one wants you here.

>> No.19716919

So, how viable is a shooty BT army? New player, obviously, but their special rules felt to me like they were geared towards melee.

>> No.19716922

Right here.

Notice how Tau can at least sort of ally with everyone, Sisters don't like anyone.

I still stand behind the Tau-allied human Guardsmen being the bridge in both armies.

>> No.19716923

Yes, Salamanders are bro-tier with civilians. They are both humane and human, and I've heard that they even live with civilians for part of their year (could someone fluff confirm this? not sure) However, when your sector is overrun with vile blasphemies and horrifying xenos that mock the very concept of a benevolent universe and would make HP Lovecraft run screaming for the Valium, there's no doubt in my mind which chapter you want. In case of emergency, break glass, release Black Templars.

>> No.19716932

>Templars are the sort that Fire bolters and set it on Fire and then Purge it because it might be a psyker before asking questions.


>> No.19716935

you can say the same thing about the imprium, sacrificial pire of your psykers to the emperor

>> No.19716954


>> No.19716956

Yeah, only the maintenance of the Astronomicon is the only thing that links the Imperium together and prevents all of humanity being overrun one world at a time. Utilitarianism, do you know it?

>That being said, there is a certain delicious irony there.

>> No.19716959

you know what the scary part of that picture is.
she dosent have her soul stone, if he dies, it the end for her.

>> No.19716965

Salamanders and Raven Guard are the nice ones. They'd go out of their way to save lives. Space Wolves and White Scars might save you and then might rape you after if they felt like it.

>> No.19716994

space pope is actually kinda scary now, being toughness 5 with 4 wounds and 2 strengh 5 bodyguards with counterattack, and a rerollable 4+ coversave

>> No.19716997


Not really glorious, it mostly means they execute citizens for the most innocuous reasons.

In Aaron Dembski's Helsreach novel some salamanders come to the temporary aid of the Templars and he tries to sort of paint the sallies as too devoted to saving every civilian life regardless of the greater tactical picture.

But how it comes out is mostly Grimaldus bitching like a fucking baby that the sallies wont let him have glory in BATTOL. Whereas the Salamanders come off as a lot more focused and composed.

In fact most of the novel is just Grimaldus internally crying like a little bitch because he wants more glory.

Sallies are best marines

>> No.19716998

better than melee actually. Templar shine as a gunline army and has the ability to put in both a special and heavy weapon in just a 5 man squad. Their shooty terminators can also take 2 heavy weapons on just 5 man, and get tank hunters as well.

>> No.19717001

>In case of emergency, break glass; release Black Templars


>> No.19717004

really THATS the frightening part for you?

not the implied violent interspecies rape that is about to happen?

>> No.19717014


dreadnaught close combat weapons dont.

>> No.19717017

Yeah, no I'm kidding. Templars are terrible people but that's what makes them fun.

Salamanders are probably my favorite chapter if I had to pick one based on who I'd rather sit down and hang out with.

>> No.19717023

that was clear, and worse thing's will happen to her when she dies.

>> No.19717025

Ah thanks

>> No.19717028

Getting Raped by slaanesh for all of etenerity is considerably worse than getting raped to death.

>> No.19717031


>Space wolves might rape you afterward

Bullshit, the wolfs fucking love humans. Remember how pissed Grimnar got when the Grey knights executed all the guardsmen after Armageddon?

It all really stems from the fact that the wolfs have a really close bond with the barbarians of their homeworld. They do remain aloof but they take interest in the tribes and the conflicts of the little people.

>> No.19717032

If you want nice marines, you go and get lamenters. Salamanders are basicly lamenters lite when it comes to being nice.

they're not a founding legion though, so salamanders will get the mention as "the nice marines" every time

>> No.19717037

Heh, I would love to hang out with a bunch of Salamanders. That would be legitimately bro-tier.

>> No.19717068


ya much worse then eternal soul rape by slaanesh

>> No.19717084

Don't look directly at it. Whatever you do.

>> No.19717087

I don't think you'd enjoy that. Check the crotch bulge.

>> No.19717090


Salamanders aren't nice at all. In fact they're made out to be particularly fierce and taciturn. They're just more humble and aware of the fact that they're doing a service to the people of the Imperium.

Plus they have the strongest bonds to their homeworld populace of any chapter. When a young aspirant goes off and becomes a marine he actually returns periodically to his family and checks on how they're doing.

>you will never have uncle tu'shan come visit you for Emprah day ;_;

>> No.19717095


its just beef curtains

>> No.19717097

>internet sarcasim.jpg

>> No.19717130

the only fate worse known to eldar is what happend to one of there goddesses. Isha... poor poor Isha

>> No.19717144


raped by slannesh."rescued" by nurgle. yep, that blows.

>> No.19717153

Which space marine chapter was it that guarded an defeated Eldar craftworld's soulstones until a contingent of other Eldar could come along and secure them?

>> No.19717154


hey, Nurgle just wants to earn her love!
but he is socially awkward in his attempts to woo her.

its like a very grimdark romantic comedy

>> No.19717158

"Nurgle takes advantage of this by force-feeding her his latest creation and sees how long it takes the goddess to overcome its effects. If he is pleased, he releases it upon some unsuspecting world, if not, he starts over, working at his cauldron until he has something new to give to his 'companion'."

>> No.19717172

....so what you're sayin here, is that Nurgle is a fa/tg/uy.


>> No.19717197

All I remember is one ordering the whole infinity circuit of a craftworld.

>> No.19717200

Beaten to the punchline. Nurgle is a fa/tg/uy. Complete with force-feeding his girlfriend his own hobbies. In this case, quite literally force-feeding.

>> No.19717203


I remember the Invaders chapter destroying an entire craftworld

>> No.19717282

> force-feeding his girlfriend his own hobbies. In this case, quite literally force-feeding.

Oh god I lol'd. I can totally picture it. "Y-you like testing my new experiments, r-right d-dear?"


"Oh g-good!"

>> No.19717309


"maybe if i can just make the perfect poison then she'll appreciate what I do and love me back."

>> No.19717336

You have no idea how hard I laughed at that. That mindset is just beyond fucking hilarious.

>> No.19717351

With a primarch with that name, why aren't the Ultras all Frenchmen?

There's a creepy fapfiction for that. They all rape her, tearing up her insides. They take her soulstone to sell and her jaw is broken from the facefucking so she can't plead. They shoot her rather than bring her back for torturing.
There's a noblebright ending where they leave her to die, and as she slowly dies and a Slaaneshi daemon comes for her through the warp a comrade saves her. She finds out she's pregnant and the Eldar council want her to raise it. Thus begins the half-Eldar race.

Then an even grimdarker ending where the soldiers are shot for heresy, she's dissected and the fetus studied to prevent humans from breeding with xenos.

I fucking hate 40k beyond the superficial basics of the fluff...

They're also the only black people in the Imperium who aren't about to die as nameless guardsmen.

In the /tg/ canon where she develops that condition where you genuinly relate to your abductors and he lets her chill in the garden...do you think she ends up getting Nurgle to fight Slaanesh for the souls of the Eldar race?
Think about it: dying without a stone as an Eldar. Either you'll be raped for all eternity before being eaten, or you'll turn into a blob monster (for an Eldar, this means Squats or Ratlings) who is otherwise loved and chill with your goddess in a creepy garden that can't hurt you.

>> No.19717356


where's a drawfag when you need one?

>> No.19717376

the saddest part of the story is how she still tries to whisper cures for the plauges to mortals.

he gives her his love and all she gives back is betrayal ;_;

>> No.19717382

In the /tg/ canon where she develops that condition where you genuinly relate to your abductors and he lets her Chill in the garden

Stockholm Syndrome

Come on! Damn it we need one.

Seriously. It was a happy story until she decided to stab jolly old Papa Nurgle in the back.

>> No.19717389

>Trying to decide between Tau/Chaos/SoB for first army
>See this
>Throw all my dollars at the monitor
>Everything is in euro's
Damn, gonna have to google a currency converter for this to see how much this gonna cost me

>> No.19717411

isn't actual chaos cannon that nurgle likes humans and makes these diseases for the exact purpose for them to overcome them and strengthen them?
so her giving the secrets to cure them is just playing into papa nurgles hands.

i remember reading it in one of the demons codexes or army book. also it may be outdated.

>> No.19717425

now think about this
if GW had not been lazy, THOSE would be basic battlsuits,
they were concepts bade by the guy who made the 4th ed tau additions. \
Including pic related

>> No.19717455


holy fuck. He's literally riding a giant gun.

The Orkz would probably salute him.

>> No.19717463

1) It's not red
2) He's not fighty enough.

>> No.19717531

1) It'll be red after he runs down an Ultra.
2) It's a left handed faptau.

>> No.19717535

plus der ain't enouf dakka or shiny bitts

>> No.19717571

>This is a Tau Commissar.

>> No.19717652

If Tau don't have a rule for full Crisis Suit armies in the next codex I'ma be mad as fuck.

>> No.19717666

what an odd thread, i happen to play both armies at 1800 points. started with Tau as everyone in my group was going some form of marine other then my friend who plays dark eldar. dont get me wrong OP both armies look great on the table, have their perks and suffer/enjoy the fact that they are 12+ years old.

if you enjoy the look of the tau armor, then honestly i would say go with the tau, they have an aesthetic that is just appealing to the eyes. plus you have the one thing in all of 40k that just puts a smile on anybodies face. Railguns

look lets face the facts here, you like railguns, i like railguns, everyone loves railguns! so the good lord above decided to give us plenty of ways to get our filling for railguns, and in different flavors. you can go with the nice and delicate hammerhead, pop a tank here destroy a squad there there, doesnt matter. the thing is a monster against both tanks and infantry because of the delicious S6 AP4 large pie plate it can pop incase you feel a need to spread to love to more then just tanks.

then you have the broadsides, now mecha is cool almost everyone can agree with that, and tau have crisis suits that can wreck just about anything given the right weapon, they are your bread and butter take all you can, but when you absolutely without a doubt need something big dead, you take broadsides. take a crisis suit take away his fancy jetpack and then pop two good old railguns on his shoulders and watch stuff explode. terminators? dead, land raider? dead, titans? well give em an extra turn but rest assure, dead.

oh and we can ally with anything but nids so when ur done making your tau army enjoy the fact that you can then build another army and ally them for extra variety on the table. hope iv helped you out

>> No.19717704

why do you think its leaning to the left so much

>> No.19717711

dude the tau codex isn't 12+ year old

4ed was what, 2003? so at MOST the 4e tau dex is 9 years old

>> No.19717728

oh shit my math be way off, its only 7 years old, dam im fucking tired, thanks for the catch there

>> No.19717793



we just need to find one.

>> No.19717860

Wait, where is the story to this post?
I've seen this picture a million times but never knew it had a story.

>> No.19717869

Orks first. Then Tau.

>> No.19717888

Wait..... guys...... Why not both?
a cadre of tau that have seen the emperors light and wish to serve the imperium

>> No.19717932

Tau are weeaboo faggots for gaylords.

Marines are glory stealing faggots for pricks

It's all about the guard. But you have declared yourself a massive wanker before hand. Plz do not play the forty-Ks.

>> No.19717953

Cue the "Guard are so cool and the total underdog who fight the hardest even though it's one of the strongest armies in 40k capable of oneshotting armies from across the map on turn one!" faggotry.

>> No.19717980


but only because you asked so nicely

>> No.19717982

U jelly.

They are just the best looking brah. Not animu rejects or steroid abusing zelots

>> No.19717998

If 40k consisted of Guardsmen from different planets fighting each other it'd still be diverse enough to stand on its own.

>> No.19718008

Guys, how come when I start a thread asking what army,
but when OP does it he gets 200 replies 140 pictures ommited, click reply to view?

>> No.19718014

Guard didn't used to be filled with such intensely self-masturbatory douchebags did it?

I'm sure guard players were actually decent human beings once instead of dicksucking brodudes.

>> No.19718029


The fuck did I just read.

>> No.19718030


>> No.19718042


>best looking

Tau armour looks cool, but the generic GW battlsuits look too clunky, and the Tau themselves are just bland grey vagina men.

>> No.19718052

If you want, you can have a large main force of whichever army you choose. And if you want to run squad-based 200 point games like Kill Team, you can have a tiny specialist force of the other faction.

Also, you've considered style and fluff, but not playstyle. What do you want in a army? A good all-around toolkit, or a super-shooty speialized fighting force? Maybe you should consider what you want to see on the tabletop.

Another mechanic about Tau you might want to consider but everyone forgets about is the Markerlight. Strip cover, buff BS, snipe leadership, and launch seeker missiles. Crisis suits are your bread and butter unit, railguns the meat, but markerlights are the delicious sauce that give your army the spice. As tripfag R'Myr is fond of saying, "A Tau force without markerlights is below average. A tau force with markerlights is above average."

>> No.19718062

>comics of spess mehreens everywhere
>only one black library book from tau perspective, no comics, one lousy fps game upon which the book is based
>black library literally pretends it doesn't exist

>untold billions of comics, books, and games from imperial perspective glorifying them and how it's not so bad living under a soul-crushing theocratic dictatorship
>any time tau are mentioned it's pointing out how flawed they are and how the greater good is a sham etc.

>my face when it's politically unacceptable for GW to be nice to tau outside of the fluff of their own codex

>> No.19718078

I just want some advice picking my army, anon ;_;

>> No.19718086

There is a place for HFY. This is not the place. I play Guard, yes, but I don't purposefully start HFY shit.

I think all the HFY shit came with the 5ed codex and it's massive wave of powergamers. Guard players used to be the bro-est of the bros, the awesome underdogs, the buttmonkeys of GW for the longest time. They knew they were going to lose, and they were cool about it. Kind of like Grey Knight players before their update at the tail end of 5th. Then the powergaming douches moved in and here we are. Sisters players will eventually occupy this position if Ward doesn't write their real codex.

>> No.19718095


The Imperium has been around longer and has an intricate and established multi level society.

Tau are a bland and unfleshed out faction with no depth beyond their caste system and the Ethereals.

Perhaps their next codex will give the writers something more interesting.

>> No.19718109

>Tau are bland and unfleshed out

Then let Black Library write some fucking books about them to flesh them out.

Problem. Fucking. Solved.

>> No.19718128


that's what I'm complaining about. GW doesn't seem to give half a fuck about the tau or fleshing them out, while the space marines need a codex for every chapter and the guard needs a new pen and paper centered entirely on them. And another billion books about them.

>> No.19718139


>any time tau are mentioned it's pointing out how flawed they are and how the greater good is a sham etc.
everytime the inner workings of the imperium is mentioned its to show how incompetent it is.

there are no "good guys" in 40k. no matter how much Tau fans want them to be.

frankly i like the Tau better when they're shown to be welcoming at first but once your inside the empire you have secret police a strict caste system to keep minorities out of power and "reeducation" camps for the newly conquered. its a new type of subtle evil in the 40k universe that is entirely their own. it makes their presence in the setting both unique and more believable.

>> No.19718140


I love these pictures. Tau battlesuits popping out of nowhere going, "Sup, faggot?"

>> No.19718158

>BL Books
>Making anything better at all whatsoever
I shiggy the diggy with my wiggy

>> No.19718165

The guardsmen are heroic or sympathetic, the space marines are chivalrous, and the token 'evil bureaucrat' is the only fly in the imperial ointment time and again.

I also like the tau being covertly nefarious, but they're consistently portrayed as being outwardly dysfunctional.

>> No.19718168

>Certainly my trusty laspistol will do the trick!
this is more than slightly disturbing, especially because I happen to like the IG
>conscript, take her breastplate
>Sgt. I'm not too sure about this

>> No.19718184

the only thing that bothers me about that comic is it falls for the Railguns = Blue Laser trope.

Railguns are not fucking lasers nor do they look like them. In all the fluff of them being fired it says there's just a shimmer as the air the shell travels along is superheated but that's it.

Why do people have to fag it up with big gun must fire big laser.

>> No.19718206

despite it being based on a poor fps. the firewarrior book is actually pretty solid.

i would lmagine if they put out another omnibus of short stories from the pov of the xenos the tau would be included. if received well they may decide to have another book focused solely on the Tau.

I imagine the reason for the writers not wanting to write about the Tau is that there is not enough mystery to them when compared to the other xeno races.

>> No.19718220

Do all Tau have little goatlegs with hooves? Or is that just some of them?

>> No.19718226

they evolved from bovines, so i think so, yea

>> No.19718230

There's a knife half buried in the mud like 6 inches from her hand.
Pretty sure someone's going to get their dick cut off

>> No.19718231

except for the bit where photon grenades work like normal grenades because retards don't fact-check anything they write

all of them, but as above some artists can't be arsed to even so much as look at the model of what they're meant to be painting

>> No.19718239

Crisis suits are gay anyway. I would rather have the ability to take zero crisis suits and be remotely competitive.

>> No.19718245

The fire warrior book was really fucking good. It dealt in some heavy themes and it addressed the major paradox of tau society.

naturally, it isn't in the BL catalog anymore, and isn't sold on shelves anymore, presumably to make room for yet another horus heresy novel.

>> No.19718253

then are taurens their fantasy counterpart?

>> No.19718255

oh yes and in the book Air Caste being SHORT

I mean come the fuck on. Do they check anything they write?

>> No.19718260


G...goat legs?

My boner is wilting.

>> No.19718261

Black Tempars are outdated as fuck.

Tau are getting a new codex soon (supposedly after Chaos Spess Mahreens)

Wait until the new Tau come out, then see about it.

I'm currently waiting on CSM to see if I want to drop BA and make an Iron Warriors break off legion.

>> No.19718269

i think its forgivable. certainly not the most shocking continuity error within BL's fiction.

like the part in the book courage and honor where the etherials have psychic powers. i honestly thought it was a neat concept but a little too jarring and no other writer really capitalized on it so you just have this one lone psychic etherial loose in the canon.

>> No.19718279

She wouldn't even need that. Eldar have like wolverine bones and diamond organs or some shit. I'm pretty sure their vaginas could cut a dick off.

>> No.19718281


Hopefully this will restore boner morale!

>> No.19718286

OH YES and while i'm ranting they go on to suggest Tau are vegetarian, despite being evolved from a hunter fucking soceity and having sharp teeth.

yes it's all minor stuff but it throws everything else that is written into contention

>> No.19718290


its Black Library so... no.

lets not forget the massive, worldbreaking errors within the HH book Outcast dead.

>> No.19718297


>> No.19718300


Here's the story that goes with it.
With the allies chart, you can take traitor Tau guardsmen AND Creed with real guardsmen.

>> No.19718319


explain? I haven't heard criticism of that particular book.

>> No.19718324


so hawt

>> No.19718327


>Implying goat legged women can't be sexy when they learn to shave.

>> No.19718335


This is pretty much exactly what I imagined Tau looking like.

Where does it say they have goatlegs? And hooves?

>> No.19718336


> Hammerheads popping up from behind fence posts and lamp posts.
> Cr... C-c-Creeeeeeed?...

>> No.19718340

>where does it say


>> No.19718352

battlesuits Outflanking and getting to reroll becasue of acute scenes

>> No.19718354


I've never seen bare-legged models of Tau. Armor doesn't mean hairy little goat legs.

>> No.19718363


>> No.19718367

Sorry I was getting worked up, goat legs is false, hooves is true.

Ever since that Xenology book which is meant to be all about Xenos biology drew Tau with fucking feet i've lost faith

>> No.19718370


>> No.19718373

Draenei are depicted pretty inconsistently in that regard. The in-game model has some feathering around the hooves, but a lot of the official art makes them look completely hairless.

>> No.19718375

pic related

>> No.19718387


in the fluff and in previous books it is explained that after horus turns to chaos but before istvaan Magnus relays a psychic message to the emperor. this causes all sorts of damage to the throne room, unleashes a portal to chaos right inside terra and because of this and because no one believes Magnus, the Emperor sends Russ out to bring him back to terra to face justice. this message is manipulated by Horus to tell Russ to kill Magnus.

BUT in Outcast dead magnus's message arrives on terra long after the massacre at istvaan. making the whole point of the warning useless. also, at this point terra is rallying the legions to protect terra so why would Dorn or the emperor send Russ across the galaxy to arrest Magnus when he would be more needed on Terra. also, i have heard the whole "chaos warps time" theory but it still doesn't make sense. when russ arrives on Prospro it is still before istvaan and when magnus's body is destroyed and the surviving thousand sons are sent to the eye it is before istvaan. Magnus is not seen again till after istvaan when he appears on Horus's ship almost immediately after the massacre.

>> No.19718406


These legs look like they bend the normal way.

What if they only have regular feet and their battle suits have hooves for some kind of aesthetic reason?

Maybe they DO have feet. The feet of that model don't even look like hooves, they look like some fucked up lizardbird feet.

>> No.19718412

maybe he was sending him to tell magnus to stop faffing about and get to terra

>> No.19718426


Oh, ok. Thanks. I missed the part about Prospero getting wrecked before Istvaan, I thought that happened concurrently to the massacre. Whoopsies.

>> No.19718429

no. sorry.

>> No.19718432

Tau have hooves because they live on a desert world, hooves are better than human feet for walking on sand.

All Tau inf models have hooves as does all their art, excluding Xenology because the guy is clearly a hack

>> No.19718437

Rumor has it that all Tau units are going to get a permanent +1 Ballistic Skill in their next codex. That should make them basically what the fluff says they are: expert marksmen.

>> No.19718454


But then why does this guy


Have like weird lizard feet? Those are clearly not hooves.

>> No.19718455


You'd think that with all their advanced tech, they could rig up some sort of aiming assist between helmet and gun scope to give them better accuracy.

>> No.19718469


Picture's kind of small. Might want to look for larger pics or different models.

>> No.19718474

if you had the model you could clearly see they are hooves, they have a little bit of skin coming down but they are definitely hooves.

Are you suggesting that all their armour isn't shaped like their real feet but in fact just styled that way?

>> No.19718478


Except that it's fine and very clearly not hooves.

>> No.19718479

its called tareting arratys and markerlights
tau just need a better platform for there delivery

>> No.19718480

How do things look through those helmets?

Humans wear them too, so I don't think it's Tau physiology specific...plus they seem to see better than SMs.

>> No.19718483


Spess Muhreen armor isn't shaped like the man underneath, so I don't see why not.

>> No.19718490

>clearly not hooves

whatever you want to believe

>> No.19718502


>better platform

Tetras. Tetras are the better Markerlight platform.

>> No.19718504

excuse me?

>> No.19718522

>Dreadnought ever getting close to a broadside

Tau army was doing it wrong.

>> No.19718530

This entire thread serves as a reminder as to why I play Orks.

>> No.19718532

Sorry, I was gone for a bit playing EVE. Holy shit so many replies. Thanks for all the info. If no one minds, I think we should convert this to a thread to help out >>19718078 since I've pretty much decided on Tau. Thanks so much for all the opinions guys. If I really like 40k, I'll probably do Orks or Black Templars next. Probably gonna wait for the new Tau codex though and if it's massively underpowered I'll go Templars. Plus waiting gives me time to save up to get some really good stuff.

Which armies are you trying to decide between?

I think I'm more into the highly specialized concept. It fits my general playstyle in other games as a glass cannon.

>> No.19718538


If a Tau Cadre lets a Dread get that close to their valuable Heavies, they deserve to get squashed.

>> No.19718547

Thats for sure.

The only time a dreadnought got close to my army (T'was a basilisk in this case!), my techpriest smacked it real good with the servoarm and wrecked it.


>> No.19718555


i dunno, tau can get mean. some fire warriors riflebutted my bloodthirster to death the other day.

>> No.19718579

A lot of odd things like that happen in my 40k games with friends and such.

Had a single guardsman squad kill a daemon prince in CC taking only 4 losses.

Stormtroopers destroyed a lictor with 0 losses.

Tau stealthsuits killed a squad of termys in close combat.

Crazy, eh?

>> No.19718601

my devilfish, immoblisied and disarmed took on a SINGLE ork nob with one wound left.
as soon as it entered assault it blew up to the tanks defensive nades

>> No.19718626

If I was a master of the green stuff, I'd take a space marine, an Eldar, and a Tau and mod them to look like they're making TF2 Garry's Mod faces like this one.
All in Tau colors.

>> No.19718639

Oh god.

Thats hilarious.

Had a commissar lord and his attendant veteran squad take on two squads of deffkoptas with the buzzsaws upgrade.

No casualties, ran them through.


>> No.19718791


just replace the terminator with the dread and you see how it happened.

>> No.19718806

>squad of fie warriors make a last ditch effort to keep the las objective from some thundercav
>thundercave charge in, but lost charge bonuses to out defenceive nads
>We strike first, roll nothing but 5s and 6s
>he fails the saves. the entire squad dies.

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