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Why don't you worship Marduk yet?

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because I don't know shit about him?

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I worship the only true god.
The christian one.
Are you ready for the pyre heretic?

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Because Tiamat was the shit. Marduk is a dirty fag.

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>mar duk
>mah dick
>idol shaped like a cock 'n balls

>> No.19713196

>he doesn't conjure basic elementals
>and he doesn't summon Lilith
Seriously, though, what does Marduk has Yahveh doesn't?

>> No.19713198

Because im not a hipster.
I worship only mainstream deities.

>> No.19713215

Because I worship Tiamat.


>> No.19713220


You dismiss all the other gods save one. I merely dismiss one more.

No gods, no angels, no demons. Only man.

>> No.19713228

Because I'm too busy worshiping Nurgle.

>> No.19713242

Because my soul belongs to Morgoth

>> No.19713270

The most impressive defense system of the ancient world.

>> No.19713278

>not worshiping the nameless horrors from beyond time and space

>> No.19713287

A bitchin' temple.

>> No.19713303

And some plants.

>> No.19713315

Why not serve Cthulhu?

>> No.19713325

I'd be more worried about the nameless horrors that are very much a part of our own time and space.

>> No.19713337

>mfw this heresy

>> No.19713348


He's no Nyarlathotep.

More like NyarlatBROtep, amirite?

>> No.19713357

Go away, Papist. We all know you're in Hell sucking the Devil's cock.

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Here's Yahweh's temple for comparison. No, it's not that gold domed thing. The rest.

>> No.19713364

Anubis here.

Just weighin' the hearts of man to determine their purity.

>> No.19713369

That's just the foundation of Yahweh's temple. It was just as big and awesome as any other god's temple until the Romans blew it up.

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>Not worshipping Xipe Totec
Hope you enjoy getting flayed.

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>> No.19713398

....actually, being flayed was a rite performed on the faithful. There were worse things for the unbelievers.

>> No.19713402

Also, you two are faggots. Enjoy worshiping a beast that Marduk killed before humanity existed.

>> No.19713406

Yeah, no. Captives were killed and flayed.

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>Implying there's a good endgame to worshipping Aztec gods

The best you could hope for is that the person sacrificing you has a steady hand.

>> No.19713435


Motherfucker was a dragon! Marduk was just another dick with a beard, in a time when everyone else was a dick with a big, fuck off beard. I'll go with the dargon, thank you.

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You faggots should really be worshiping Death. He's the only god who reliably demonstrates his existence anymore.

>> No.19713464

>Not participating in the world's oldest extant religion
Do you even share a wife with your four half-brothers, and also marry snakegirls?

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Everyone makes sacrifices. Also, Tiamat was transfigured.

There's a reason Hecate had three faces. Tiamat never had five heads until D&D fucked her up for the sake of mech-fluff.

>> No.19713474

>implying you're not jelly of the beard

>> No.19713502

I prefer my gods to be supernatural beings, not ancient aliens.

>> No.19713503

So jelly

>> No.19713513

More beard than man.

>> No.19713526

>Implying God didn't create the world 6000 years ago.

>> No.19713530

I see your god. And I accept him. It's a big universe. It's a bigger multi-verse. He could very well exist. And I have no quarrel with him. And either he is reasonable enough to accept that or he is powerful enough to crush me like a bug on a whim. So, it's ultimately meaningless to worship him. It's like an ant worshipping a human. What the point? What do you think of ants? Exactly.

So, I'm just going to go on with my life. I doubt I will live to see humanity. or our descendant species, will achieve. I hope we will one day gain enough knowledge that we can become gods, but I doubt I will live to see that day.

Tl;Dr: Don't see the point, homes.

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>too many arms
>not enough dicks


>> No.19713538

Because I killed him.

>> No.19713544

>fun comparative religion thread
>atheist unable to take a joke
What a surprise.

>> No.19713572

God should have left more historical evidence proving Abrahamic religions were older than Vedic ones then, instead of trying to trick everyone with dinosaurs.

>> No.19713583

>Not worshipping the Almighty Dollar


Needlessly expensive cigars always taste better when you're sitting on your armchair made of orphans.

>> No.19713593

he wasn't tricking anyone

dinosaurs were his first effort at creating a species to worship him, but they were all homosexuals and socialists so he killed them all

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>Why don't you worship Marduk yet?

>I'm totally gonna fight the deadly vagina goddess and her endless swarm of monsters yeah... totally

He's basically a trickers god who became the High Father... for punching the mother of all life in the vagina.

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Still better than the Aztecs, who basically made their devil their 'High Father'.

>> No.19713635


But that's why raptor jesus was better than human jesus.

Well, except for all his sermons sounding like "skreeeee-ohhnnnnk."

>> No.19713656


Well, who would you appease more? The cool guy that will forgive you, no matter what or the monster that's trying to constantly screw you over?

>> No.19713664

Pffft. He just needed to borrow those powers to defeat Tiamat. And by the time he was done it was only proper to proclaim him king of the gods so there wasn't much reason to give them back.

Are you going to keep bringing up ancient history or get down and worship Marduk with us?

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They (at least some of them) did think the cool guy was going to come back, it just turned out he was Cortez.

>> No.19713690

just what the fuck was that anyways?

>> No.19713691


And that's why I refuse to believe that a civilization who thought a dirty spaniard was a god also had an entire city made of gold.

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Marduk was forgotten. Tiamat was transfigured. And continued to be transfigured throughout history. She even has a place in Christian mythology (Lilith), while Marduk is just gone.

It's easy to see who won the real battle.

>> No.19713933

Sol Invictus
("Invincible Sun")
The official sun god of the Roman Empire.
I think we can agree that when it comes to warming that rock you call home your truly, gets the job done.

and oh sure call it Christmas, invent some bearded mother in a jumpsuit, but just so you know every time your partying on the 25th I'm getting major props

>> No.19713968

>an entire city made of gold.

What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.19714027

el dorado, bro

>> No.19714080

El Dorado wasn't an Aztec legend, moron.

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>Not Worshiping Osiris

Have fun with that whole everyone goes to pseudo-hell thing Mesopotamians. I'll be eternally young chilling in the fields of Aaru with all the wealth and bitches the Nile has to offer.

>> No.19714143

Not making pacts with goetic demons.
C'mon son. If you want results, left hand path is the way to go.

Even YHWH agrees. Binding contracts is how you get shit done. Jews had to cut their foreskin off, I will leave the decision up to myself.

>> No.19714159

doesnt mean that wasnt what he was talking about, does it.

>> No.19714245

>I'll be eternally young chilling in the fields of Aaru with all the wealth and bitches the Nile has to offer.

Naw, you'll actually be working in your current job. Forever.

>> No.19714270

i imagine that you would be very good at it
interesting idea for a dwarven mythology, if they are good enough at *job* they are rewarded by being allowed to do *job* for their deity, for the rest of time.

>> No.19714364

Sometimes when dwarves travel to the afterlife they bring back items built by craftsmen that have had millennia to improve their craft.

>> No.19714387

all dwarven enchanting is actually asking the afterlife for a replacement item

>> No.19714406

>Not putting your faith in Ra-Hoor-Khuit and the pantheon of Will.
>Worshiping gods of spiritual slavery.

>> No.19714463

>Not worshipping the loa.

Enjoy your dry, distant, asshole gods with sticks up their asses!

>> No.19714496

This is now a Sun Wukong thread.

>> No.19714519


Depends on what Marduk you're referring to...

(And yes, that's a black metal album about tanks. Traitor Guard players may well squeal with delight at this point.)

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>> No.19714569

What's this I hear about not worshipping Inti?

>> No.19714608

Say that to my face and see what happens.

>> No.19714626

Slayer of Tiamat...

>> No.19714706

That's a funny way of spelling my name, father of men, the Allfather, the Delight of Frigg, Eagle Head, Lord of the Aesir, friend of wealth, Enemy of the Wolf, Balder's Father, Flaming Eye, Battle Enhancer, Chieftain, Lord of the undead, Sole Creator of Magical Songs, Lord of the Earth, God of the Hanged, Lord of HliĆ°skjalf, One Eyed, the one, the only, Odin!!!!

>> No.19714774

>Not worshipping the one true creator Ahura Mazda.

Get with the times man.

Really though, Zoroastrianism did that whole God/Devil deal before it became all popular and mainstream.

Go ahead and try to prove me wrong, I'm completely infallible.

>> No.19715159

Why can't I hold all this power and wisdom?

>> No.19715230

I only worship Gilgamesh

>> No.19715288

It's pronounced Shamash.

>> No.19715514

>tfw nobody remembers you, let alone your birthday.

>> No.19715636

I'm looking forward to a Second Titanomachy, with Tiamat, Cronus, the Jotuns, the Asuras, the Nephilim, and so forth all teaming up to destroy the petty, squabbling pantheons of gods.

The void gave birth to the earth and sky and the earth and sky gave birth to the true heirs to our universe. The second generation, the Gods, are usurpers - supreme rulership of creation is the birthright of Titans!

>> No.19715640


How could you not appreciate an album that ends with 'Fistfucking God's Planet'? You are obviously FALSE METAL.

>> No.19715696

Haha, no. The Gods will only die when they fall out of memory. How many people off the street know of the Titans?

>> No.19715743


Beings that predate humanity wouldn't require human worship.

>> No.19715769

So, why haven't any of you ca/tg/irls come with me behind this dark tree yet? Haaaail Kurupi!

>> No.19715784

I politely disagree.

>> No.19715824

>Not accepting me as your lord and savior (Kalki's cool too I guess)
>I Sure Higgity you guys dont Diggity

>> No.19717512

There's only one god and he doesn't dress like that.

>> No.19717581

There is only one god and his name is Death, and there is only one thing we say to the god of death, "not today."

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>> No.19717647

Because I worship Tiamat. Join me in her sacred chant:

>> No.19717668

>not being a syncretic animist polytheist
>os meum quando

si deos barbarorum non accipio, seditionem contra nos facient. melius est regere cum mente aperta et manu valida, quam haudquaquam.

>> No.19717675

>Worshiping a dead bitch who can't handle a little noise

Nigga U dumb.

>> No.19717698

You guys can have fun with your desert gods or whatever, we Anglo's, Germanics, and Nordics will be over here with the true ones.

>> No.19717706 [DELETED] 

Because I worship the hearthmother who sheltered us since the dawn of man.

>> No.19717725

Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of my own badassery.

>> No.19717738

Because I'm too busy being invincible and fighting universe destroying demons.

>> No.19717747

These are strange people who act nothing like proper Orlanthi. We must slaughter them.

>> No.19717760

Please, kid.

>> No.19717762

Lauda Iovem semper.

>> No.19717782

>ctrl-f omniquantism
>0 results

>> No.19717784

What's that? Speak up, I have an appointment with some lovely virgins later.

>> No.19717800

Make way! Real god coming through!

>> No.19717822

Germanic, Slavic, and Celtic myth and religion is the best myth religion (With Greco-Roman and Hindu coming in at a second place tie).

>> No.19717832

Because I could use him as a footrest.

>> No.19717844

And now I know what that is. Thanks Google.

>> No.19717846

Keep thinking that bub.

>> No.19717847

I read Servant of the Bones recently, which is sorta about Marduk. It was a shitty book overall, but some of the ideas in it were sorta cool

>> No.19717862

Lauda eum et natis eius. Rex dei est optimus aeternus

>> No.19717871

Have you even vomited up a universe?

>> No.19717874

Fine, I'll amend it: Indo-European myth and religion in general is the best.

>> No.19717881

Atqui, is est rex deorum.

>> No.19717887

Make way, make way, Priapus COMIN THROUGH

>> No.19717902

That's cool hombre.

>> No.19717910

Kurupi here, let's not turn this into a dickwaving contest.

>> No.19717912

Laetor ab imaginem.

>> No.19717925

ITT: faggot gods compared to my Finnish gods.

>> No.19717926

I worship:
-A conflation of Sol Invictus, Apollo, Helios and Janus as a sky father.
-Vesta the hearthmother
-Mercury as a travler, merchant and as a phsychopomp

The only God I refuse to revere is Jupiter. He's a piece of shit

>> No.19717933

Sum non bonus cum lingua latinae.

>> No.19717938

Say that to my face fucker. Next time there's a storm....prepare your anus!

>> No.19717964

Tu non est sapiens insultare deum deorum.

>> No.19717974

I'm sick and tired of gods and their ways for the time being. Bunch of assholes. Fun assholes, we got into real shenanigans, but still assholes mostly. Now I only give them praise and sacrifices when I'm in dire need. Eclectic religon FTW!

>> No.19717994

Pay your homage to the Tribunal and we'll keep those meddling Daedra cunts out of your life.

>> No.19718010

Uhh, what'd you ask OP? Too busy fapping away.

>> No.19718023

Alright we all know there's only one way to judge a god, and that's by his sweet swag. Any of you other guys got a horse this fine? I bet not.

Or perhaps we should judge by lineage? How many descendants have you got, misters and misses i'm-so-above-mortals, never fought and bled on the lands of your people. Me and my bros, we were probably ancestors of all Ireland by well more than a thousand years ago. That's put our blood on every continent of yours, ladies.

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No, in Xian myth she would be "the face of the deep" or maybe Leviathan, not Lilith.

>> No.19718060

Hoes suck my dick cuz I look like Marduk. I think I know who won this thread.

>> No.19718063

My response to that is "Thou shalt not have other gods before me." According that there are other gods and the Christian/Jewish/Islamic god is the most powerful/jealous and doesn't want to play second fiddle to Shiva or Anubis.

>> No.19718066

Nah, Lilith as a night demon already existed at that point.

>> No.19718096

True, old Yahweh wasn't the only god. And didn't think he was. Hell, he once fought Dagon physically and won.

>> No.19718098


>> No.19718116

Christianity springs from a polytheistic faith. It is a plot by a jealous God who seeks to destroy all other gods not through conquest, but by making their worshippers forget they existed. Another Shit tier God if you ask me.

>Implying I could ever be afraid of a God who was low enough to cut his father's balls off.

>> No.19718119

I'm an Erishkigal man. Always have been.
but Marduk's cool I guess.

>> No.19718122

Oh my god Based god. You can fuck my bitch based god. Swag on 100,000, 100,000,000, oh god damn based god! Let me bask in your swag!

>> No.19718137

The bastard had it coming! And don't you EVER fucking bring up my father again!

>> No.19718166

God's ex-wife could shit a better god than you.

>> No.19718179

Christianity springs from another monotheistic religion, Judaism.

>> No.19718180

Your father brought us stability in the heavans and a golden age on earth. He was a brow and you are a chump who has brought only strife and infighting. Even without his balls he's twice the Sky Father you ever were.

>> No.19718182

Hey guys what's going on in this thread?

>> No.19718213

Hades is the best god.

>> No.19718214

Which ultimately comes from Semetic Polytheism in a similar way that Zoroastrianism comes from Iranian polytheism.

My point is that the Christian God was once only one of many.

>> No.19718314

Zeus and Hades were second-string. Posideon was the real deal.

>> No.19718510

>Not worshipping The Master
The guy gets stuff done.

>> No.19718607


>> No.19718637

So, it's like a form of religious survival of the fittest.

>> No.19718665

Poseidon barely got a cameo. Hades is the best Olympian. I like to think that the Greek storytellers used a voice like the one in the movie.

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