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Our wiki: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki
Our chat: http://cbe005.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23RisingSons&server=irc.Rizon.net

The game should start at 6 pm GMT for whenever I get back home.

TL;DR for new players: Chapter was caught red handed while trying to hide some xeno technology and now Inquisitor Faceless owns them. Now they are being sent to Hive World Inaria to do some shady business in order to ensure his silence... Also, there are just a little more than 900 days until some mysterious invasion is supposed to hit their homeworld.

Pic made by Chapter Master PC game team, let's support them however we can and prove that /tg/ can get shit done!

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Meanwhile if someone will come here earlier than me and will be bored. BerserkOnFire contributed to the game by creating Wuxide Craftworld that is/was led by Farseer Sun T'zhu. As this is player created content, I give you almost free reign to fluff it out. If it seems legit in the end, it will become canon and go to our wiki.

Main questions:
-Special characters

Have an Eldar beauty to motivate you. I like her because she has my first gf's eyes. I am out.

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Chapter Quest!? Hell yeah! We just need to get that =]I[= cunt from our backs!

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Reporting brother.

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I would burn the empire for her.
Would rather take the Max Decarus route though

Anyway. Autarch Sun Ge'Ahn. Following his ancestors teachings he lead to war with both strength and strategy that were legendary, whether fighting boarding actions in the void of space or on planet he would fight with ferocity and skill that brought him to victory countless times.

Sadly his fall came at the hands of his hated kin the dark eldar after he defeated one of their raid groups. A jet bike wing came upon the Autarch while he was traveling back to the web way gate and killed him with sustained fire after he took three of them down.

Feel free to disregard my crappy attempt if you guys want

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Sounds good.

>> No.19709595

I came back a lot earlier than I thought, we can start the game as soon as some more players show up. Meanwhile I'll cook rice and add more fluff to the wiki.

Dear anon, I approve of your idea. Sun Ge'Ahn is now a canon character.

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It's me.

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Cool. Actually reading romance of the three kingdoms paid off a bit then.

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I hope that you are happy with the way I incorporated it.
roll d10 for Heresy reduction for giving Dresos Kand for the Inquisition.
roll d10 for Heresy reduction for taking drugs to the Inquisition(if I remember correctly that was your decision.)
You slowly get up from your Spartan bed and shake your head. Warp jumps. You hate warp jumps. To be honest, you never liked them even before, but after what happened while you were in the Eldar captivity, you simply cannot stand warp jumps. You put on your humble tunic and prepare for your morning meditation, when someone knocks at the cell door.
>Come in.
Renard, leader of the Shadow Guard and your personal adjutant comes in.
>My lord, we have just came back into the real space. We will be in Inarian orbit within an hour. Nerial has already received coded message from Inquisitor Faceless, that he is waiting for you in the "Parnassus" space station orbiting Inaria. Please, come with me, Chapter awaits your orders.
You nod your head and follow him.As you enter the command bridge, you see Inaria on the cogitator screens of your ship.

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rolled 4 = 4

heresy reduction for Kand

>> No.19710019

rolled 6 = 6

Heresy reduction for drugs

>> No.19710023

rolled 1 = 1

Doing a roll for one of them, someone else can do the other roll.

Let's see what info we can pull up on Inari whilst we wait to talk with Faceless.

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rolled 3, 4 = 7

That's awesome. More than I was expecting from it.

Rolling for heresy reductions

>> No.19710037

Your recent acts made your record a little bit more bearable for Inquisition to look at.
Chapter Heresy: 44%
Also, Chapter Master receives +1 WP for the last encounter

>> No.19710066

>Let's see what info we can pull up on Inari whilst we wait to talk with Faceless.


>> No.19710178

Renard approaches you with a data slate:
>This might prove useful, sir.

Nerial, your astropath, turns his blind eyes to you as if he could see(you suspect that he actually might, but not in a physical sense) and whispers:
>Lord, the one without face think that he can order you to board the station of metal in orbit of planet that is below us to meet him, to see him, to obey him, to work for him, to keep him silent...
Nerial turns away from you and sticks a plug into his temple as if it was a dagger.

>> No.19710189

For now, let's do as Faceless says and transport across to the station and meet him.

What is the composition of forces we brought along with us?

>> No.19710199

I say we take our shadow guard with us, Faceless didn't specify to come alone.

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>He is getting worse recently.
Renard nods towards Nerial silently. Someone taps you on the shoulder as you turn around, you see an incoming fist. Roll d100 to dodge or do whatever you want to do.

>> No.19710213

rolled 97 = 97

Just dodge.

>> No.19710220

rolled 88 = 88


>> No.19710225

rolled 97 = 97

Avoid the fist, maintain readiness for a follow up attack, do not retaliate until we have identified the assailant.

>> No.19710236


Gentlemen, we have successfuly prerolled the 97s out of our dice.

>> No.19710248

We're gettin' punched so goddamn hard....

>> No.19710266

With three successive strikes Brethorius punches out d4 of your teeth and kicks you in the abdomen, throwing you at the wall.
>Oh... Brother, I am so sorry, I thought you will intercept my attacks... I just wanted to check your instincts...

>> No.19710281

"OW!...FUCK ME!......

Thank you for your concern Brethorius....it seems I must improve my reflexes...."

>> No.19710289

rolled 3 = 3

rolling for teeth.....

>> No.19710302

rolled 2 = 2


>> No.19710303

rolled 1 = 1

Hopefully, SMs can regrow teeth or something.

Well done, Berthorius, you have successfuly checked my instincts.
The recent events have been distracting me and I will have to remind myself to keep my mind on my sorroundings

>> No.19710308

It seems my instincts are being dulled by constant worrying about leading this chapter instead of fighting alongside it

>> No.19710312

Well....their bones are reinforced by their upgrades, perhaps teeth can be regrown by the same thing.

>> No.19710314

Given all the other shit they can do we probably will eat some concrete and pop a few new teeth out in a day or two

>> No.19710318

Your reflexes indeed seem to get weaker... you lose -1 Fighting Skill, but the whole commanding bridge has a good laugh at your expense, raising morale from Low to Average. Brethorius seems to be very shy of what he has done, he stays a lot more silent than usually. Renard turns to you:
>What are your orders, sir? Shall we dock at "Parnassus" or we should descend into the planet?

>> No.19710346


Dock with the "Parnassus", I say.

>> No.19710354

Have a hearty laugh with Brethorious and remind the bridge crew why it's always prominent to be alert.

We'll dock with the station and see what Faceless wants us to do.

>> No.19710394

Dock with the Parnassus
See what our foul mouthed inquisitor wants of us

>> No.19710430

Added "Physical appearance" http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Master
The clanging gates open and you step onto the space-deck of "Parnassus". In front of you already stands Faceless, with two Acolytes at his side and small clearly sub-human figure that you assume to be a squat.
>Heh, good to see you, marine. We have a work to do. Did you bring a company, just as I told you? Also, I assume, that your marines can work underwater, right? I think that those pimpin' suits Imperium threw out so much cash on should be able to hold a leak, right?

>> No.19710464

Probably better than your helmet can inquisitor. Now since you have answered the basic question of where we are going what is our objective and landing coordinates. I brought more than you requested in case we have unforeseen developments

>> No.19710474

We can function underwater, yes.
Now, what would you have us do?

>> No.19710619

Request information of what we'll be doing on the planet, in full detail.

>> No.19710668

>You surprise me, captain... Master, that is, sorry about it. We will make a good team. Situation is relatively simple. There is an underwater base somewhere here.
He shows you coordinates on data slate, but it's not a single place. His index finger is circling a teritory of what you quickly calculate to be more than 30 square miles in size.
>That's why I requested more of your brothers than is neccessary to deal with the enemy - the trick is to find them. It means splitting your forces into small teams that will scour the area until you find underwater complex. This base belongs to a certain heretic I was following for quite a long time. Now you may not like me and I may not like you, but I will be honest, he is an Inquisitor. Now don't go all high and mighty on me, it's you who stole heretical goods, not me. This guy is a radical, just like me. But he's got too deep for his own good.

>> No.19710690

>I want you to find the base, infiltrate it, find cell/container/room or some other holding place that is labelled C-228 and exterminate whatever is inside. Expect the worst.

>> No.19710692

Very well, Inquisitor, but once the base is found and the traitor apprehended, we will have nothing to do with his justice or punishment.

When should we begin landing forces?

>> No.19710695

>"Very well, what should we expect in regards to resistance?
And why, exactly, do we want to find this particular Inquisitor?"

>> No.19710704

Split into standard squads and take our tank along.

>> No.19710712

>"What do you mean by 'worst', Inquisitor? A tyranid Bio-titan? Anything that bad would require more than we have."

>> No.19710724

I'm not sure if we should take the tank, underwater terrain could royally screw it over.

>> No.19710726

Personally, I'd vote against bringing the tank with us. As cool as having a super-tank underwater would be, too much could go wrong with it (fall off a underwater cliff, stuck etc), how would we extract it when the operation is finished as well?

>> No.19710752

Your record will remain clear. I will file everything as if you were cleaning out one of the hive-ganger nests in Tachion Primaris underhive. And that Inquisitor is not even at this base right now. I hope. You will have nothing to do with him.

You will go down into the planet in closed containers labelled as "Machinery for fishing ships", this way enemy won't expect you. As soon as you will reach the underwater Hive Scylla, a fishing boat I rented will take your containers aboard and sail towards the area I showed you. Fishermen know nothing of what is in the containers, they know only that they need to throw them out in the middle of the sea. Once you reach the bottom - begin your mission. How many marines/other machines do you send?

(important note - Revenant suits do not work underwater)

>> No.19710800

We will send 350 battle brothers, 10 techmarines and 10 apothecaries.

Also, won't people know that we were here because our ship is parked in orbit?

>> No.19710808

What forces can we expect down there?

Also, do you have *any* idea what may be behind door C-228?

>> No.19710820

Currently I bribed space station officials to list your ship as "stopped for refueling". If you would approach the planet close enough to deploy tanks, they would notice space marine aircraft going down and it would alert them.

Not inquisitor, marine, but something what he is trying to create. It must be destroyed.
These concerns are legitimate. Chance for accident related-kill would be around 45% even if you would manage to deploy this tank.
For the first time since you met him, Faceless shuts up, comes closer to you and whispers:

>> No.19710836

add a librarian to my earlier list.

>> No.19710852

Trianon is quite inexperienced unfortunately....

We seem to be having a lot of situations lately where Anterion would have been extremely helpful.....

Curse you laughing god!!!!

>> No.19710864

Inquisitor...do you have any specialised items for dealing with such a foe?

>> No.19710877

We don't actually need him to fight, we need him to gather information.
Fighting demons and other warp dickery is a lot easier when you know what you are dealing with, where to shoot and how.

>> No.19710886

This is indeed true.

>> No.19710887

>I am sorry, but I cannot tell you anything beyond what I have told you already. If I am wrong, you might make wrong decisions and if I am right, it will not make any difference. Also I would like you to take my friend Urgh with you.
He motions towards squat.
>He is superior technician and has unparalleled knowledge of opening places that want to stay closed. Just don't show him to 'traditional' techpriests. They might get itchy.

What characters do you want to deploy with the force? What is your main weapon for this mission? Who is your second in command?

>> No.19710919

I say we deploywith Trianon as a second in command, leave Brethorius on the ship to serve as coordinator.

Our main weapon will be lots of marines.

G2G now, dinner time, be back soon.

>> No.19710938

>What characters do you want to deploy with the force?
librarian, chaplain, head techmarine

>What is your main weapon for this mission?
bolters and meltas. Plasma guns could cause a hull breach and fuck up the underwater installation.

>Who is your second in command?
The first captain

>> No.19710956

>>19710800: We will send 350 battle brothers, 10 techmarines and 10 apothecaries.

I forward this as our force composition.

>> No.19710969

roll willpower.
>Here, take these.
Faceless takes out a bolt magazine from his bolt pistol and gives it to you.
>It's not much, but I hope they will help. Sanctified bolt rounds tipped with silver from Saint Belissarius church bell. I took down a few dark ones for good in my own time. Godspeed.

He shows you the way towards the hangars where dozens of empty containers stand, prepared for your marines to use them.

>> No.19711058

Alright, time to get moving, I think that we did all the important preparations

>> No.19711061

rolled 24 = 24

Also, rolling willpower since Luigi seems to have left.

>> No.19711091

Mission Name: -[not given]-
Force Commander: Chapter Master
Supporting Officers: Prinium, Trianon, Urgh
Coordinator: Brethorius
Force: 350 marines, 10 techpriests, 10 apothecaries
Very soon you find yourself in a closed metal box, descending into the planet. For a while everything is quiet, but as soon as you reach the underwater hive, you hear machinery working and hundreds of voices shouting in frustration. You don't have to wait long, in a few minutes your container is picked up by a crane and loaded into the ship. Marines beside you check their bolters again both with eagerness for battle and slight worry of something unknown for them. This part, waiting, is the worst in soldiers life, but marines know how to deal with it, they soon start talking among themselves about the glory that awaits the Chapter, about the differences in the cults they follow and about plans/hopes for the future. Do you join in or do you listen from the side? Listening might give you a better view of what marines think about the Chapter right now, but if you would join in, you might raise their spirits... For whatever you do, roll d100

>> No.19711107

You control your anger easily. This xeno "God" might have saved your life, but his turn will come...

>> No.19711134

rolled 26 = 26

Join their conversation, remind them of the successes we had so far.

>> No.19711138


>> No.19711179

Your charisma and inspirational words lift the spirits of your brothers. All actions this squad will take today will get (+10) bonus and you gain +1 Leadership.

Suddenly, you hear mechanical cranes turning to life again. Something grabs your container, it starts shaking and you are lifted into the air. For a minute or so you hang there and then you are thrown out into sea... You feel as your container is sinking faster and faster to the bottom. What do you do?

>> No.19711210

We wait until we touch down onto the seafloor, once there, we exit the containers and begin our search for the underwater installation.

>> No.19711229

Split into standard squads of ten and do this.

I assume that we already have a planned search pattern, so go along with it.

>> No.19711306

Your container hits some underwater rocks, but soon slides off and descends into the sandy ocean bottom. You rip out a hole and ignoring the flooding water rush out into the open. Sudden change of pressure is more than enough to kill a mortal, but for you it gives nothing more than slight ear pain.

roll d100 for how successful was descent into the ocean, it's taken from your strategical skill(Int 39)

>> No.19711320

rolled 86 = 86


>> No.19711346

rolled 1 = 1

hopefully a better roll

>> No.19711497

As agreed in chat, first roll will be ignored. Decide what is the name of this operation!

Combination of good weather, luck and your strategic girth, you managed to organised your forces together in less than half an hour. Also because of good intel by Faceless or maybe just some divine intervention, your scouts report that they found some man made structure to the east of your position. You stand now on top of an underwater rock and look at your minions below you - over three companies of silent warriors. When you turn on your vox, you can hear a soft shimmer of hundreds of breaths being taken, but everyone is silent. They all wait for you to say something.

(remember, that no one but you and officers atm know what to expect, others just follow your orders)

>> No.19711519

Operation Ghostly Justice

>> No.19711554

Yeah, sure

tell them that we can expect to encounter heretics here. It is possible that they are merely misguided as opposed to outright malicious, but we must purge them all the same.

Our librarian is to notify us of anything of interest he might notice.

>> No.19711642

page prepared.

Your words meant nothing for them, but Ghosts know better, than to question orders of their superior, especially their Chapter Master. Marines quickly disperse into squads, where sergeants form them up into a respectable combat formation. You reckon that with army this size you might have chances of taking down one of the smaller imperial worlds, like Mormark, not even speaking about a single base.Your forces move towards the underwater enemy facility.

Very soon, Kronos, your morbid Leutenant who commands the forward squad contacts you:
>Lord, we are at the outer wall of this installation. Should we plant charges or should techpriests try to gain access to one of the doors? Maybe we should instead try to infiltrate through one of the maintainance pipes(this might be dangerous)?

choose and roll

>> No.19711661

First, we get in position, then we open a bunch of doors and move in, bolters and meltas at the ready.

>> No.19711668

I say we use out techmarines to gain access to one of the doors, a too....explosive...entrance would garner too much attention.

Conversely we could organise all our squads to take a position around the base, and they all enter explosively at once, in different places of the facility.

>> No.19711675

rolled 32 = 32

forgot dice

>> No.19711691 [DELETED] 


"Brothers! I will not lie to you, this mission will be another hard test for us! For we do not fight Xenos or Mutants on this world, but a Heretic who has turned from the emperors path to summon the fou>>19711497
l might of the dark powers!

The Holy Inquisition has informed us that this subtle Heretic plans to summon something unspeakable onto this plane! We shall stop him, and crush his tainted minions under our foot, for even if they wear the mask of righteosness, they have be corrupted by the demonic. Purge them all Brothers, for the Emperor and the Ghosts of Retribution!"

>> No.19711733

Urgh, the ugly slow squat that one of your brothers has to carry on his back, contacts you through the vox:
>Give me 5 minutes, big guy, and by the ancestors, I'll fry all of their systems back to the Dark Age.

Your warriors form up, prepared to storm underwater base, but many look to you, wondering whom will you choose for this task - some stranger that works for the Inquisitor that hates us, or a trusted brother Prinium, who worked with machine spirits all of his life?

>> No.19711758

Send both of them to work on the systems.

>> No.19711852

Both of them start working on the consoles, communicating with each other through vox chatter. However you notice that Prinium is getting more and more nervous, demanding Urgh to follow protocol and appease the machine spirits before asking them to unlock the doors, while Urgh is just laughing and blathering something in techno slang.

You realise, that you can still recall one of them away from this task.

You can:
A.let Prinium work on infiltration:
time: 10-15 minutes
Chance to open: 70%
Chance for detection: 10%
B. let Urgh work on infiltration:
time: 5 min
Chance to open: 95%
chance for detection: 50%
C. Let both of them work on it:
time: 20-30 minutes
chance to open: 100%
chance for detection: 60%

you roll only for chance to open, I roll for detection

>> No.19711888

rolled 15 = 15

Rolling for Prinium

>> No.19711925

rolled 93 = 93

Your men are visibly more cheerful, that you chose Prinium over Urgh. Squat mutes his vox for some unknown reasons. Prinium tinkers with the controls for a few minutes when all of a sudden underwater gates start opening. Rolling for alarm.

>> No.19711965

Everything seems to be moving along fine so far, looks like it's time to attack.

Try not to get noticed for as long as possible

>> No.19712020

Move in, scan around, stay in stealth, use Urgh to open the doors when we're in a situation where time is more pressing and use Prinium when stealth is crucial.

>> No.19712044


Kronos rushes forward, turns to the forward detachment, points his chainsword at the darkness of open gates and through crackling vox shouts:
>Marines! For Corax! For Master! Into the Shadows!
Fanatical in their devotion and merciless in their attitude, his own Deathwishers in unison reply:
>Death to them, death to us!

Roll d100 for their attack

>> No.19712055

rolled 95 = 95


>> No.19712064

rolled 88 = 88

I like these guys, seems like a respectable cult

>> No.19712070


The shit is up with those rolls? The Emperor seems to hate you guys lately.

>> No.19712103

rolled 89 = 89


>> No.19712110

rolled 36 = 36


>> No.19712196

It is likely, that many Deathwishers will get their wish today. Are you sure that you are of Raven Guard stock? Maybe you were made from Lamenters gene-stock? It would seem more likely.

At first everything is going your way - Kronos and his marines charge into the base, alert is sounded, but too late, every technician, worker or guard is cut down without mercy, painting white walls in red. It didn't last long. All of a sudden out of hidden places in the walls dozens of automated plasma turrets start raining death. Brother Jorkar, Ignur and Celestios are cut down, whispering your name with dying breaths, others, almost three squads with Kronos and Prinium - are cut off, unable to retreat or advance...

>> No.19712273

rolled 56 = 56

Try to find an access panel with which to shut down the power to these turrets and hope to hell that they dont have a back up generator. Still though Im serious if we keep a cult it should be these guys

>> No.19712281

>Kronos, Prinium! Get your men to stay in cover.

>Brethorius, can you see any approaching enemy forces?

>Urgh! Can you shut down these turrets from the wiring in these walls?

>> No.19712317

Trianon approaches your side. You see worry in young Librarians eyes.
>My lord, there is a strong psychic presence here. Actually I have trouble scanning the area, it deceives me, even right now I feel as if there is another psyker among us... I am afraid I will be of little use here. And lord... Maybe we should leave Kronos and search for the other route? We can't help them now.

>> No.19712363


>No marine left behind Trianon!

>Urgh, you may not like me, but you serve Faceless, and it's in Faceless's best interest we succeed, which would have better odds when we have more marines! CAN. YOU. STOP THE TURRETS?!

>> No.19712384

You find a wall panel, techno runes are flashing in front of you. Roll your tech skill(Intelligence 39).

Kronos replies:
>I always wanted to go down in a midst of combat after taking down a squad of Traitors... This is not a death for me, you may worry not, we'll stay in cover.
Brethorius reports from the ship:
>We are prepared to deploy additional forces if needed, but we have no indication that someone is approaching the base. Outside everything seems normal.

>> No.19712408

If Urgh refuses to help, contact Prinium:

>Prinium, I located an access panel, [describe runes], what do I do?

I'm not rolling in case I get a 95 or something and cut the wrong wire etc.

>> No.19712437

Urgh looks at you and slowly turns away:
>My mission was to get you inside. It is done. You will complete this mission anyway, you have enough bodies here to just walk through that fire, who cares if you will lose 10, 30 or 200 of your brothers? I bet your precious Prinium can do this way better than I. I see no reason why should I so something...

You can try to persuade him(Persuasion -20) or try to make some kind of deal.

>> No.19712445

rolled 84 = 84

Consult either one of the tech people over vox and pray to corax for good measure

>> No.19712457

>Okay Urgh, how about:
>You stop those turrets, and in return we *don't* leave you on your own in the middle of a hostile base?

Meanwhile, has Prinium given us any advice yet?

>> No.19712480

rolled 88 = 88

Urgh is thinking.

>> No.19712503

rolled 35 = 35

[willpower failed]
>Ok, ok... I will do that.
He rolls for deactivation.

>> No.19712539

>Go! Now! I've managed to deactivate turrets for only a few minutes, they will come online again soon!
You realise that there is no way for you to get all of your force into the inner base. Do you withdraw all of your forces or push forward with a small detachment of Deathwishers?

>> No.19712576

Keep going, get to their security control centre

>> No.19712585


>Thank you Urgh, I appreciate it.

Tell Trianon, Prinium and our men to take up overwatch positions, out of sight of the turrets, meanwhile, we move with Kronos and the Deathwishers towards the objective.

>> No.19712599

underwater marines, now this is neat

>> No.19712635

You start running through the deactivated kill-zones, closely followed by your brothers, however before you are halfway through Urgh contacts you:
>Your time is almost over marine, move FASTER!

Roll agility (36) and roll 3d10 for how many Deathwishers manage to keep up with you.

>> No.19712642

rolled 70 = 70

Rolling agility

>> No.19712644

rolled 3, 10, 7 = 20

Rolling for keeping up

>> No.19712674

We activate our digi-ring.

>> No.19712954

As you run through the corridors, you feel that you wont make it, so you activate archeotech digital ring that you looted from Dresos Kand. It immediatelly creates a shield around you and closest matines, vaporising plasma shots in mid air... You break out of kill zone and fall down behind the corner with Deathwishers at your side. Kronos turns to you:
>We have two squads, lord. What shall we do?
You notice that your digi-ring grows dim, you'll need to recharge it to use again.

>> No.19712990


I say we keep moving towards the security control centre.

>Brethorius, any activity on the outside?

>> No.19712999

You feel something... Some strange presence... Roll perception.

>> No.19713032

Roll intelligence(39) to navigate.

Brethorius reports:
>Nothing, sir. But Faceless contacted us and told, that he has to leave system immediatelly. Should we do anything?

>> No.19713034

rolled 70 = 70

rolling for perception

>> No.19713066

rolled 45 = 45

an ancient evil awakens

>> No.19713073

rolled 48 = 48


>> No.19713092

Your psychic powers are too weak to understand anything except for the fact, that there is a very strong psychic entity nearby... You make a note to develop them more.
>What is it, lord? Are you ok?
Sarkos, one of Deathwishers notices something strange about you.

>> No.19713118


>Brethorius, keep a close eye out for any projectiles or energy build-ups from orbiting vessels....

>Yes, marine, I am fine, just trying to get my bearings in this infernal place.

>> No.19713121

It's hard to understand where control center might be, but you notice something else:

AREA C-198

on one of the doors...

>> No.19713140

>Sir... Two Imperial Navy vessels just came into the system. I am not sure whether it's relevant, but I thought that I might report it.

>> No.19713153

I swear, if that little shit Faceless set us up

>> No.19713174

>Hail them, tell them that under the authority of the chapter master of the Ghosts of Retribution, they will tell you their purpose in this system.

>> No.19713183

What do you do?

>> No.19713211


>> No.19713219


>> No.19713326

You open the door, behind it you see just a simple table with a book on top of it. What do you do? There is nothing else in the room.

>> No.19713340

Order one of our marines to pick up the book.

>> No.19713349

The book calls out to us. We must take it.

>> No.19713361

and then we continue on to the control room, STAT

>> No.19713373

You point at Sarkos:
>You, pick it up.
Other Deathwishers look at each other but say nothing.
>Yes, sir.
Sarkos picks the book up from the table and brings it to you.

>> No.19713390

Well, he didn't die...
So just quickly flip through it, pocket it and then do this

>> No.19713423

Roll willpower.

>> No.19713448


>> No.19713458

rolled 77 = 77


>> No.19713494

rolled 19 = 19


>> No.19713536

Willpower 47, roll 77, 30 points of failure...

As you just quickly flip through pages, one of the pictures catches your eye. It is an interesting drawing of some strange man, but it's bright colours and interesting patterns mesmerize you... All of a sudden you notice, that man in the picture moves, he invites you to come with him. He know where the Wrath of Corax is. And he knows how to stop the invasion. He knows even how to win the love of that El... What a heresy is this!? You can't release the book, you don't feel as if you are holding it, you feel that you are in it's pages..

Roll willpower again.

>> No.19713552

rolled 90 = 90


>> No.19713557

rolled 86 = 86

Emperor please.....

>> No.19713564

>Come, come with me...

>> No.19713566

rolled 46 = 46


captcha: railroad fromdme

>> No.19713595

>You like me, don't you? What has Emperor ever given, except for pain, misery and loneliness..?

>> No.19713602

rolled 94 = 94


>> No.19713604

rolled 46 = 46

Rolling for willpower once more.

>> No.19713605

roll WP gain.

>> No.19713606

He gave me a laser gun.

>> No.19713615




>> No.19713640

rolled 76 = 76


>> No.19713688

ok, /tg/ dice is broken. It breaks the laws of mathematics.
It's nice. You feel nice, for the first time... In your life? You feel love. You feel happiness, you... You think, that you don't know what's your purpose in life! It's such a strange and pleasant feeling! You can be anyone, anything, you can make the life whatever YOU want to be... This is amazing!
Blood. Half of the world goes dark. It's on your fingers. Nothing is nice anymore...
Someone is holding your head and you see how Kronos raises a bloody knife once more into the air...

>> No.19713738


>> No.19713755

Grab knife. We must finish our mission and deal with whatever the fuck just happened after we get out of here

>> No.19713762

Rolling for grabbing knife

>> No.19713763

How do you try to do that?

>> No.19713770

rolled 32 = 32

Rolling for grabbing knife (properly)

>> No.19713782

Grab his wrist as he brings the knife down and move out of the way just enough whilst redirecting the direction of the thrust using his own force.

>> No.19713841

Agility 36/ rolled 32...

You barely succeed to catch Kronos' hand before he can blind out your second eye.
>You... You are awake, Lord. I am so glad... We thought we lost you. I didn't know what to do.
Kronos is sitting near you, holding one of your eyeballs in his left hand a bloody knife in the other. A little further down the room you see the old black book on the ground and a lying marine.
>Brother Tiskion... He saved you sir. grabbed the book out of your hands. But he must have caught a glimpse of it. He went berserk. I had to put him down.
Kronos shows something what passes for sadness among his type of space marines.
>You shouldn't have done that, milord. What are your orders?

>> No.19713873

rolled 35 = 35




>> No.19713877

Leave that book, carry on towards the Security Control Centre.

>> No.19713881

Order an Apothecary to deal with Tiskion
Then head to the control room

>> No.19713956

Marines who just recently were ready to lay their lives down for you now accept your words with silence. Everybody knows a pointless death when they see one. The worst thing is not that he died because of Chapter Masters stupidity or that he not died like he wanted to - on the field of battle, but that he died a tainted death. Apothecary will never recover his geneseed and he will never have heirs to wear his armour. And his soul... No one knows what happened to it, but it is very unlikely that it will ever rest by the Emperor's side. Marines just quietly give their respects to Tiskion and move out to search for Area C-228.

Roll for navigation d100

>> No.19713972

rolled 66 = 66


>> No.19713981

I cryd evry tim

>> No.19714021

You go through the halls and corridors of empty base, looking for the C-228. You think that you've bled from your eye enough to gill a good sized bucket, when at last you find what you were looking for. A door with those letters. But it doesn't attract your attention so much as the man who stands below them...

>> No.19714031

aim bolter at man
ask who he is

>> No.19714047

>You shall not pass.

>> No.19714049



>> No.19714052


>> No.19714060

I quit

>> No.19714068


>We have been ordered to clear this room of a demonic presence by Inquisitor Faceless of the Ordo Hereticus.

>> No.19714074

turn round, go home, leave the planet, go back to fort.

>> No.19714075

>I am Deiron of Grey Knights and I serve Inquisitor Quixos as ordered by Grand Master. You shall not pass beyond this point, brother. Turns around and go from where you came. I don't wish to spill your blood.

>> No.19714081

Demons? Me Space Marine
Chapter? No, me from Table'O Contents

>> No.19714092


>> No.19714097

i'm liking where this thread's goin

>> No.19714099

rolled 84 = 84

Okay, he doesn't want to kill us. You know what?
I want to go home.
Rolling for go home

>> No.19714109


Inquisitor Faceless ordered us to clear this room.
Inquisitor Quixus ordered you to defend this room.

What shall we do, Grey Knight?

>> No.19714112

>Whatever is beyond this door is not your or my business. We are both servants of the Emperor. Heed my warning and walk away. I have but single duty here, protecting this room and I will not fail it.

>> No.19714125

Man, we lost a goddam eye because we were stupid enough to look in a book.
I don't think we can take a Grey Knight on a GOOD day.

>> No.19714132

fuck these choo-choo dice

Inform the grey knight there's a *gasp* daemon behind the door and that Quixos has gone off his rails. We even brought a librarian to prove it!

>> No.19714133

>Be careful brother, things are not as they seem here.
>Gather your forces and retreat.

>> No.19714156


>You are sworn to destroy the demonic, yes?
>You will find an unholy demon behind that door, why on Terra would an Inquisitor request you *guard* such a thing, unless he has lost his way?
>I implore you, just look in there.

>> No.19714193

You have 19 Deathwishers, Kronos and yourself at 90% health.

He is alone, armed with force sword and bolt pistol.

I'd say chances are 50/50. You could make him kneel from the sheer power of 21 bolters being discharged at him, but he's a psyker...


>What do you propose we do, brother?

>I was possessed by daemon. We keep them on Titan for these purposes. Would you attack our fortress too? Do you think you are smart enough to grasp Inqusitor's plan?

>> No.19714213

Let's just
Open the door and check to make sure everything is ok inside.

If it's fine, we'll leave.

And if there's a daemon...well, you know what do best, my grey friend.

>> No.19714229

I, again, propose we leave. this Quixos has Grey Knigts.
Faceless does not.
fuck Faceless, let's leave, this is of no business to us. Grey Knight swords supersede annoying Inquisitor cuckolding.

>> No.19714246

rolled 64 = 64

He seems to think about this argument. Roll your persuasion. I am rolling his willpower(60).

>> No.19714248

Can't you see what the new Grey Knights codex has done to us!

Bitches please, there are 21 of us and one of him, he has no chance.

>> No.19714258

rolled 42 = 42

the dice. they are of no use at this stage.

>> No.19714263

rolled 85 = 85

fine, if we can't leave we negotiate

>> No.19714285

You know, maybe our Inquisitor is a heretic, not the Grey Knight's.
I don't think we should attack him just yet

>> No.19714294

rolled 27 = 27

Deiron thinks about it really hard. (You need to win by 4 points your persuasion)
You win your test equally(with Charisma 42, roll 42)

>Curiosity is a sin.

>> No.19714322

rolled 11 = 11

rolling for whatever the fuck now

>> No.19714323

rolled 73 = 73

Undress and seduce the Grey Knight

Rollan for seduction

>> No.19714328

However Deirons arguments no longer seem so impenetrable... if you would find some other way to persuade him, he will be weaker.

Deiron gets (-20) to his willpower rolls.

>> No.19714338

rolled 81 = 81


>> No.19714345

Make an argument and this roll will be counted for it. It's a good roll, don't spoil it with a bad argument.

>> No.19714353


>Just think of it this way, Knight. If you look in the door, what have you done? Been slightly mistrusting of an Inquisitor.

>And if you don't look in the door and there's a horrible daemon inside? You have betrayed the Emperor himself.

Here's your roll.

>> No.19714357

Tell him that this place is not to be trusted, and that his inquisitor may have told him to guard the wrong area.
The threat may have moved, and he may be wasting precious time.
I guess
who agrees?

>> No.19714380

My grey friend, you have been tasked with guarding this place, surely, if you wish to guard something, you must know what it is to maximise your defense. I imagine your superiors have never ordered you to defend a fortification without knowing its size, have they?

If there is nothing afoot inside here, we will leave, and as I understand, and if there is daemonic presence, it would be in direct violation of your sworn duties.

What do you say, my friend?

>> No.19714396

I second this, please disregard >>19714353

>> No.19714409

rolled 55 = 55

Your roll 11 out of 42 = 31 success point

Deiron rolls for his willpower, he needs to roll 9 or below

>> No.19714441

>There... There is wisdom in your words. I will take a look inside. But you must promise me, that you will not make any attempts to do anything without my permission, swear it upon your purity!

>> No.19714458

I swear, if my will fails me, you may take my other eye.
The Emperor Protects brother.

>> No.19714511

>No, I need you to swear upon your purity and love of the Emperor! These are the only two things that count in this galaxy...

>> No.19714530

rolled 6 = 6

I...well yes, I swear upon my purity as an Astarte, and upon my undying love of our glorious Emperor.

>> No.19714531


>I swear upon the Golden Throne itself! On my purity and my love for the Emperor! I will stay has you request!

>> No.19714540

Very well,
I take an oath upon my purity, sanctity and love for the Emperor, brother, that I will do as you have asked.

>> No.19714550

>Good. That will do.
He turns around and opens the door...(if you want to sneak kill him, it would be a good chance)

>> No.19714557

lol no

>> No.19714570

Don't you dare bait these poor readers, especially with the dice as they are today.

>> No.19714574

Lets just wait for a bit. See what happens

>> No.19714578

fuck you demons
Let's just follow him

>> No.19714579

rolled 88 = 88

Let him go in but prep our weapons in case of chaos/daemons.

>> No.19714588

Ignore the roll I forgot to delete it.

>> No.19714598

after all that? lol nope

>> No.19714643

Good to see you, Monosynaptic.
As you come into the room, you witness a true horror in front of you - on both sides of the room there are dozens of half-dismembered Astartes, but they are neither living nor dead, their flesh is still alive, but they show no signs of intelligence or free will... They are chained to the walls, kept in cages and their organs - in jars. But in the middle of the room there is another one. But it is different... You feel, you know that he's intelligent and in terrible pain...
Deiron is shocked at the sight.

>> No.19714651

He may have more knowledge or advice
ask Deiron what our next course of action is

>> No.19714659


>What say you now, Knight?

>> No.19714669

Hesitate, wait for the GK to do something, if the thing in the chair moves at all, unload every god damn bolt sanctified round into it.

>> No.19714691

He's chained to his chair, there are dozens of tubes going into him from all sides and some arcane markings surround his seat.
>Brothers... Help... Me! You need! To warn! Silencius! Kill us! Kills us ALL! KILL US ALL!
He collapses in his chair again.

>> No.19714714

These are no longer Astartes, they are befouled monstrosities
Turn to our Grey Knight and tell him it would be a sin not to give them a proper purging.

>> No.19714716

Look to the GK for instructions, we're way out of our league here.

join the chaaat:

>> No.19714727


>You know what we must do, Knight.

>> No.19714758

>These... These runes... I know them. They are similar to those that have been imprinted onto my flesh when... When I was possessed. But how..? This Inquisitor, this Quixos... He tricked us! He must have somehow gained access to the Book of Rites! What a blasphemy, to use that sacred knowledge for creating these horrors! He tried to replicate us, Grey Knights! Or maybe..? No, that cannot be. I... Wait. I need to think.
Deiron falls silent.

>> No.19714781

Wait for him to regain his composure. He might get pissed off if we do something not to his liking.

>> No.19714788


>Deiron! This blasphemy cannot be tolerated, you KNOW what we must do brother!

>> No.19714801

Disregard this.

Is better

>> No.19714804

Take a walk around the room, see if we can't gather any clues about all this, and who/what the fuck is Silencius.

>> No.19714953

rolled 35 = 35

pre-empative bad roll

>> No.19715045

Roll perception for clues.
Roll intelligence for interpretation.

Monstrosity in the middle of the room lifts it's head again.
> Nghh... No! No! You must!
It seems he regains consciousness and starts talking in monotone voice:
>My name was Sixtus Acenos, First Company, Calliope Squad. I was Librarian of the Silent Guardians Chapter, brother and servant of my Chapter Master Silencius. We were betrayed and we failed. Tell him not, tell him NOT to trust Quixos, He lies about Zykion, Zykion was right, the threads of fate of the Imperium lie here! Tell Silencius, that I witnessed one of them, star children who bear the blood of the Emperor, I am sure! I AM SURE!
Deiron takes out his bolt pistol:
>What blasphemy is this!?
Monstrosity continues:
>You must listen, you must listen to me and then kill me, for I don't know what he did to me... You must find them all, Dark Hunters, Ghosts of Retribution, Silent Guardians, Knights of Adamant, Storm Dragons and others, we, you, I, no you must find all the Fated Chapters and warn them. War is coming, Golden Throne WILL FAIL and the Box, you must not forget the Box that was given by the Emperor! Quixos will try to find it, because it's destined to...
A single bolt round rips off Sixtus' head.
>Request granted.
Kronos spits on the floor.
>Why didn't you want us to hear about the box? Your hand didn't shake when he blasphemed against the Immortal Emperor, but you killed him for some box. What's that about?
>Silence. I must leave for Titan. Now.

>> No.19715067

rolled 99 = 99

rolling for w/e

>> No.19715136

rolled 95 = 95

Rolling for clues

>> No.19715174


Alright brothers, take these other marines to peace.

>Brethorius, any news?

>> No.19715201

You start looking for clues and killing off the undead marine bodyparts, but all of a sudden you are contacted by Trianon.
>Sir, it seems that fighting has hit one of the maintenance systems, base is falling apart, I am afraid that if we will spend more time here, we will be buried underneath the rubble. What are your orders?

>> No.19715223


>Full retreat out of the base!!!

>> No.19715227

rolled 53 = 53

Lets just go home, we lost an eye to a book, no way we want to stay look for more clues if its falling apart.

>> No.19715244

>No sir, Faceless has left the system and those Imperial Cruisers docked at "Parnassus" for refueling.
Overall this mission is over. I really hope that either Capital or someone else will keep their word and document it on it's page and you get +3 xp points for today. Despite AWFUL rolls I think we did good and only 4 marines have died in total.

>> No.19715280

let's see
lost some marines
did fuck all when it comes to finding out shit
made bros with a grey knight...sorta
Got a new prophecy
Let's go home

>> No.19715285

>I think we did good
we lost an eye

>> No.19715341

You finish everything and return to orbit as soon as possible.

btw, did you take the black book with you?

Deiron comes to your cell:
>Thank you for opening my eyes, Chapter Master. It was a terrible thing and I will make sure, that the next time Quixos steps on Titan to ask for something would be his last. But for the peace of your mind you should forget everything what was said there. Just forget.

>> No.19715380

Like fuck did we take that book with us....
I believe we left it on the floor.

>Peace of mind is a luxury we chapter masters can ill afford, but I will try....

>> No.19715391

Aye, knight. I'll not speak of these atrocities.
>Ask him if we may be able to contact him again one day, should we be serving the Inquisition and in need of Grey Knights we can trust

>no you didn't take the book, we aren't that fucking stupid

>> No.19715494

>I would be happy to work alongside you one day. But I wouldn't suggest you meet other Grey Knights any time soon. At least not until you get sanctioned. Yes, I know. Your mind is strong and you hide it well, but recent intrusion made it visible, there is a gap in your defences now... I might have to kill you myself if you do not close that gap soon. Here, take this as a parting gift from me.
He gives you a small book with a title "Psychic Rites of Grey Knights".
>This is something every initiate Grey Knight receives. Learn from it and fortify your mind. Stay strong and do not fall.

>> No.19715516

rolled 7 = 7

rolling for navigational trait.

>> No.19715549

>I...thank you for your generosity. And your forgiveness. I hope you understand the precarious position I'm in. However I'll focus on my defenses for the time being.

someone think of something for us to do next
I'd say set out to find faceless

>> No.19715551


>I will study it extensively. Thank you, Deiron, may the Emperor guide your hand.

>> No.19715555

and other 2 xp
+1INT, right?

>> No.19715565

Yes I believe that was the mutual agreement.

>> No.19715629

900 days until the invasion.

Session over, thanks, gents. You did well today against all odds. Hm, I think there won't be any way to replace that eye in order commemorate this victory. Oh, btw, your perception is halved for vision based tests because you are one-eyed. Nah, just kidding.

I should be here tommorow, so if some of you can join us - we'll continue

>> No.19715746


Thank Skargan, looking forward to it.

>> No.19715757

this was fun, my first time in one.
I didn't quite understand the part about the Eldar.
Does Chapter master have an edlar woman he likes?

>> No.19715829


Read through:


Then laugh.

>> No.19715844

thanks I'll check it out

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