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Can we get some Real Life PCs

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With his familiar.

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are CE characters fin too?

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His Imperial Majesty Norton I, Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico.

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Wait guys. Let me put this on. It gives me +3 to aim.

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Fucking read that as Toph attack at first

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Silly Zodiac Killer, you can't wear sunglasses over a paper bag!

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Anyone from /k/.

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This is that one guy in your group

You know the one; every group has one

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My friend did some research and discovered that Jack Dempsey - Hobo, Bar room Prize Fighter, Dockworker, WWI Army reject, Senatorial Family Bodyguard, Virtually uncontested Heavy-Weight Boxing Champion of the Roaring 20's & subsequent martial arts author, film star and WWII Naval unarmed combat instructor - was in fact the inspiration for Captain Marvel, right down to the chin.

He claimed he could defeat any robot that went up against him.

Link goddamn related.

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Interesting thing about these, there is a gang in Africa called "Le Sapeurs", that basically have swag offs.
Gatta say they have some taint.

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>expect to see bravado
>he discusses the limits of variation inherent to AI

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I cold see Benedict XVI as an end boss.
He was the Prefect (director) of The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (current name of the papal Inquisition).


He was director from 1981 to 2005

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Im i the only one in this tread?

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No, I just don't have any pictures of IRL PCs.

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well my folder is running low on usable images, so this thread is about to get even slower.

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And I don't have any that aren't common. I could post some anyway I suppose, though.

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Just let me whip out my Cool Dudes folder

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Someone call for THE Chaotic Evil bard?

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Also, that kid who went through some serious shit in your CoC game? Guess who he grew up to be...

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Why use fakes when reality exists?

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Sure, what wold mad scientist fall under?

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Evil you say?

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I'd put him at True Neutal- science for science's sake

Shit I'm already outta pics

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I can't believe it hasn't been posted yet

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Never fear I got yo back with this bard

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Thats not a shoop

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I was just about to

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Russian Orthodox? Only group I could think of that would be liveried like that, and attended by troops.

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We don't post shoops in these threads.

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Fun fact: in my post-apocalyptic Call of Cthluhu game, one of the various communities of survivors is run by Tumblr Social Justice Warriors. The PCs are gonna have the option of helping not-Breivik wipe them all out. (I'm making them all cultists too)

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I don't know. I'm just going through my 4chan scrape folder.

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Play me off Hamilton

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I remember this.

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>Die Cis Scum

DMX, I choose you!

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Never a better real life PC.

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All y'all need to get on my level

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This man received a public stipend because his mustache was classified as a city treasure. It used to be bigger but terrorists captured him and shaved him, and he's busy regrowing it.

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Damn duplicate files

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rolled 13 = 13

Why is there a second chair?

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I would think that Ian Anderson is quite the bard.

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You were invited.

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Libya I fucking love thee

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What the fuck is going on here?

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Take your pick

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Made a nice roll on hide in plain sight

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What's going down there?

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shit is going down there.

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not sure but

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I love you Africa, and all of your weirdness.

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I'm assuming they dress like this because this is just what they scrounge up, and they don't have the same social stigmas behind the clothing?

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You talkin shit bout my waifu?

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God damn it Ted, what have I told you about Min/maxing!

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Finger off the trigger goddammit!

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William Lyon Mackenzie King confirmed for a Sidereal Caste whose charms actually worked.

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Maybe, but im having a hard time thinking this one was "scrounged up"

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No. They dress like that for the same reason a PC would dress like that. They believe that their ridiculous clothing gives them super combat powers. There's one group that believes if you are completely naked the bullets cannot find you.

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They where fairy wings for the magic in them. I don't know about the graduation robes but I would guess they're wearing those because they graduated. If not then that's probably for mystical reasons too.

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rolled 12 = 12

well yeah, they aren't the ones shooting people
they're the ones telling the people shooting people who to shoot

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Holy shit that is fucking awesome.

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Depends. If they're Kony's men, they were ordered to dress like that, and to wear dresses and such, because that moment of confusion your opponent experiences is a moment you can kill him. It helps that the west sends such cast-off clothes.

Brilliant, but utterly ruthless.

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The "bullets can't find you" guys also drink the blood of children. They don't believe nudity by itself makes you immune to gun fire. THat would be silly.

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I want to see a fight between him and the exploding knees kid.

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If only it had a true AI

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Actually those are likely sapeurs and as poor as anyone else. Warlords tend to wear army uniforms, or even more magical gear if they're religious.

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The protagonist of every video game.

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This is the kind of scar you could have if you got hit with lightning.

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Obviously Ethel can kill you a dozen ways barehanded.

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A familiar and his master.

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Those guys are entirely different. Those are sapeurs. Sapeurs reject colonialism as well as nativism. They are counterculturalists through and through. Their wearing multi-thousand Euro suits is a statement in and of itself. It's somewhat strange, but still a pacifist movement, basically saying that they are someone special and that even they, in their hovels, can sport high fashion.

Kony's troops wear expensive dresses, ties, and crazy frocks to dazzle and distract, so they can kill their opponent.

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rolled 12 = 12

thats fucking awesome
also you can point at people and go "ZAP MOTHERFUCKER"

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Fuck me, that's gorgeous.

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La Maupin


The essence of bard.

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It also comes with severe nerve damage, so yeah.

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Yes but bitches love it. Who cares about being able to use your arm?

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OK that's going onto my list of fucked-up post-apocalyptic societies.

>"Yeah, it turns out that now most of west virginia belong to these guys who [insert fucked up stuff here]."

>"That's disgusting! What do they call themselves?"

>"...The Aristocrats!"

>mfw all the other guys throw their books and dice at me

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I'm fairly certain he was a PC. I mean just look at him.

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I can only imagine the callouses on her feet.

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That cops face cracks me up.

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get on my level

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You know he's a stone cold killer.

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the only person who can beat Teddy Roosevelt

is young bare fist boxing champ Teddy Roosevelt!

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I dumped most of my more esoteric "general purpose" PCs. Time for soldiers.

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I'm completely out of suitable PC photos. All I have left are PC level weapons.

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French military standard.

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We had some pretty weaboo presidents here in America.

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how cute

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Can ya step?
No. No you can't.

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Or if you have a girlfriend with some henna. Whatever.

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rolled 4 = 4

>prototype bolt pistol

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Link says it all.

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not nearly crazy enough for me.

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Look closer. It's a scar alright.

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Actual IRL bolters.

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The Davy Crockett is awesome.

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There is a very high likelihood that firing that weapon would take off your hand. You have to hold the barrel to steady the shot, meaning that lower arm is covering the side of the cylinder. As soon as you shoot... good luck.

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You've probably seen this one; the banana is rather a hot topic in many threads.

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and you guys said that you can't have feminine armor!

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>not fully automatic.
>not explosive.
>not guided.

also bolters shoot roughly straight.

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rocket propelled bullets.

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dat gorgeous rusty FAL

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I'm done for tonight.
Have a mace gun.

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>You have to hold the barrel to steady the shot
Unless you're Popeye.

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you may notice that i did not say:
>not self propelled

also if you want an IRL bolter there's this thing called the AA-12 you may be interested in...

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rust? On a FAL? Poppycock! That's the gorgeous patina of a well used weapon of manslaughter.

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Libyans = orks

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And that's the image limit.

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Reasons vary between superstition, distraction and intimidation.

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Fun Fact: The guy on the far right is a very young Henry Rollins

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Samuel L Jackson?

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Come on, no way is that a claymore. A claymore's a twohander - that stick in the OP pic can't be that.

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Bitches don't know about my basket-hilted claymore.

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See, fagots, this is how you wear a fedora.

Mad pimpin', yo!

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It's a protest. Some fellows are upset that Savile Row, a street in London known for tailors, could potentially be getting a branch of Abercrombie and Fitch, an American clothing franchise with decidedly inferior standards. It's a bit farcical though. None of the people displayed in that picture, at least in the foreground, are actually wearing savile row tailoring. They're essentially hipsters who fetishize the ideal of an old-timey gentleman. The actual customers of Savile Row were doubtless at home or work when the picture was taken.

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>Dat background display piece
I fucking love the Catholic Church...

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Man, /k/ is white as shit.

>> No.19708564

>as shit
What you been eatin boy

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No, he's right. We're the whitest people around.

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Obviously no DMs in here, or we'd have more stuff like Major G.P.W. Meredith and Mad Jack Churchill.

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Too bad they didnt use the money for its commission to help feed starving people across the world or pay for education and all that.

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He's making a joke about white shit.

>> No.19709637

Except for what they've already done of course.

>> No.19709654

Maybe he's a komodo dragon. They can digest bones, and therefore have white shit.

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I thought it was because reptiles excrete large amounts of acids instead of urine...

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It is indeed a claymore. I don't know if he killed anyone. But he was the only one to my knowledge with a confirmed kill with a long bow during WWII.
As for the claymore, I read he was wielding it while out capturing German patrols.

And like a true PC, his only complaint about WWII was that it was too short. He wanted to do more fighting.

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>talking about white shit
Haven't you ever heard of the difference between a piece of shit and a nigger?

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"Claymore" can refer either to the basket-hilted claymore of the 17th century or the two-handed Highland claymore of the 13th-16th century.

And now you know.

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He did charge a machine gun nest with his sword iirc so quite possibly he did kill people with it.
It is crazy enough for the bastard to have done and yet it is smarter than charging with a bayonet attached

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Only thing I know for sure regarding his use of the claymore was he would hide in a tree and have a squadmate act as bait for German Patrols. When a patrol spotted the guy, they approached and started questioning him. Then Mad Jack would jump out of the tree swinging the claymore and shouting for the Germans to drop their weapons. And they did.

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>not fighting on the christian side, then getting kicked out of it, then fighting with the muslans, getting named "the lord" (sidi/cid) and then GOING BACK WITH THE CHRISTIANS
fucking casuals.
Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar was here, y'all niggas faggots and casuals.

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I have never seen so little fucks given. I think this guy is going into negative fuck territory. He is harnessing the disinterest of the very air and rocks to lower his fuck levels to inhuman proportions. A PC indeed.

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He doesn't even look mad. He just looks disapproving.

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