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After Spess Mareen, THQ and Relic have had enough of your complaints about too many Space Marine video games and agree to make a non-SM game. Since you complained loudest, they ask YOU for the premise of this new game.

What do you pitch to them?

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Dark Eldar Raider

it goes as well as you think it would.

>homotopy ofshipho
yeah, kinda like that captcha

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Civilization 4, Ork style. Possibility of exporting gameplay history into a FPS engine for combat simulation and FPS/3rd person gameplay ala ARMA but with less complexity and more stomping.

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The Sims 4: Eldar

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A stealth game where you play a genestealer setting up a cult and getting shit ready for the hive fleet.

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A guard FPS akin to the starwars battlefront series.

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An Imperial Guard game. We'll call it "Call of the Empire." It'll be like Call of Duty before it became played out like a neighborhood whore.

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a 40k version of starwars battlefront

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Imperial Guard war simulation made in collaboration with Bohemia Interactive.

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You mean like Call of Duty 2, with that scene from the Russain campaign during which you sneak through empty piping?
mite b cool.

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Game where a heroic Fire Warrior destroys waves and waves of Spess Mahreens.

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So, Mount and Blade for Orks? Trukk an' Choppa?

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Something based on Necromunda. So much room for Deus Ex type gameplay.

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A next gen 40k version of Starwars battle front.

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ill second these

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Necromunda Racing

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Orks. Like Mount & Blade, but Orks, and humans & xenos. You're an Ork. You get to loot and fight and win. Design new vehicles, orky them up. Get stuck in. Have vehicle statistics such as Dakka, Stompy, Fast, Tough. (The Dakka meter is never full.) Wage constant war.

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Rogue Trader game. You manage your ship and crew, engage in bitchin' space combat, colonize planets, go on ground missions, Just As Planned trading deals for maximum profit.

Plus, it'd be easy to make it so the player has at least three race options (human, Ork, DEldar).

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Or, how about an Adeptus Arbites game? Some hard ass arbitrator patrolling the seedy streets of a Hive World.

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GTA: New Gork City.

> From Yoof to Warboss
> NPCs will try to steal YOUR bike
> Join one of the many clans
> Start a fight and don't get arrested
> Punch people, recieve mob
> Get punched, loose status
> Many crazy quests
> Rivaling clans might have a battle every once in a while on the streets
> Suddenly a killabot marches right across the street and plows through a few barracks
> Almost everything can be destroyed
> Expect to die, a lot

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There was a thread about this game a while ago.
The one thing everyone agreed upon is that they will romance the eldar crewmember.

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Can't find the damn picture. Thought I saved the damn picture. FUCK!

Anyway, Gitz Row. Accept no alternatives.

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An RPG where you're working for the Inquisition. One where you don't become an Inquisitor for most of the game. Maybe not even until the sequel.

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Fuck that shit, my Kroot waifu and I will conquer the stars. With our love.

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>mfw there will never be another game featuring the Sororitas

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I want a Dark Heresy Noir game.

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Rogue Trader Game done with a galactic dominion building and space battles and such.
A Dark Heresy rpg with high lethality and investigation kinda like dues ex

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Dark Heresy cRPG similar to Fallout 1 & 2
written by Sandy Mitchell and Aaron Dembski-Bowden

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You play a sister. You burn people, then have Arbited demolish their houses. The entire game is you acting like a total dickwad towards hordes of unwashed, starving peons. Towards the end of the game you find out that they really are Xenos loving heretics tainted by Chaos, but for most of it you are being ordered to be a total asshole to people. With a flamethrower.

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GorkaMorka: An open world sandbox game where you play an ork of any tribe (each has special bonuses like Bad Moons make more money, Blood Axes receive benefits to stealth and stuff, Speed Freaks can get a special speed increase ability for vehicles). You can not only try to unite the orks of the planet all under your banner but you can also race, do missions, beat the crap out of diggas for no reason, and raise your own squigs.

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*Arbites, I meant Arbites.

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...I'd probably play that

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Arbites / Inquisition point and click
an inquisitorial kill team XCOM clone

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Wait, THQ and Relic have only released ONE Space Marine game...

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Most distracting post on /tg/ right now

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Sand... lots of sand.

Set it somewhere else and have the Orks roaming across dried-up seabeds, through ruined cities, mutant infested forests and over snow-covered plains. You could start out feral and choose your clan as you gain experience.

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If only I was a tripfag. Then I could be all "19700000 GET!"

But I'm not, so theres no point. :P

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You play a Warp Spider Exarch, newly ascended, guided by your past incarnations.
You advance via stealth, assault, and through perilious leaps through the warp, on your mission to explore an Imperial Hive world.

In the end, the hive turns out to be above a necron tomb, and the later missions see the Necrons start harvesting the world.

The final mission sees you sacrificed to bring about the Avatar of Khaine, who then marches through the battlefield, unstoppable, until an apocalyptic battle with a C'tan shard through the burning wreckage of the hive, smashing through into the Necron tomb, and shattering it to dust.

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I, for one, would like to see some of the named characters in a brawler type game. Mario vs. Draigo vs Snake.

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>Officio Assassinorum
>4-player co-op a la left 4 dead, but with stealth elements
>each character (eversor, callidus, vindicare, and culexus) has different weapons and abilities
>a mix of deus ex map design and FPS combat where you must draw a fine line between force and stealth, with certain classes excelling in certain areas

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Striking Scorpion; Chaos Theory
or Officio Assassinorum: Chaos Theory

games with stealth as a primary aspect give you a lot of room to just sperg out with the lore.

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Mechanicus, think Mechwarrior with titans.

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The Inquisitor, it's a four hour campaign where you investigate claims of heretic and xeno presence, then declare exterminatus. Every time.

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>ctrl+f homeworld
>0 hits


Homeworld 3, bitches. There is no other answer.

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but we already had a WH40k FPS remember guys...with the Tau and the Boltgun wielding Fire warrior.

I think it was called Space Chinks

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Sad thing is I have thought about this a lot. Starwars Battlefront style. All the species and classes. If your playing guard vs Chaos marines there will be more people on your team than the marines but they do more damage and take more. Orks can build things faster than any other race but they are weaker. Eldar take longer but they are stonger buildings and vehicles. You put in a leveling system like CoD. Starting off as a regular trooper and unlock up to a storm trooper, better grenades, other weapons. Humans can call in a special as in an assasin. (vendicar, evisor, callidus) played by the person with the most kills. Tyranids move the fastest but have limited long range weaponry. Tau have the best rounded armor and infantry classes but field less infantry than the guard. The only hope is next gen consoles can run this and more. With expansions I am hoping to include vehicles and maybe even flyers. A pipe dream I still hold onto is on the larger maps titans.

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A small squad based game ala Republic Commando. Early missions will have you fighting Orks where your primary concern is number of bullets flying as YA AIN'T GOT TIME TO SMOKE A BOWL PRESS B!!!!, later missions will have you fighting Necrons in their lair, and the final mission will be your team is up to be exterminated as you're obviously Chaos-influenced, so they send a number of Guard and a few SM after your team. Or, if you've got a number of Guard killed and had to call for aid many times, you're sentenced to death for incompetency and only have to face the Guard.
Depending on how well you've done, you may keep your entire team alive or they will die.

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Still got that somewhere,

Autogun is best pony.

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To keep it 40k related; Battlefleet Gothic

then release Homeworld 3 after re-learning the ropes (how many years has it been since HW2 came out?)

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Imperial Guard FPS, you'll be able to choose multiple different campaigns and direct a squad of guardsmen through absolute hell and try to get through the battle.

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Dynasty Warriors, but with Space Marines.

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One guy sluaghtering hundreds of enemies? For once, that's accurate.

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It is an MMO in which you play as the Imperial Guard.

Except you don´t grind the monsters.

The monsters grind YOU.

Basically, you play one of many losing scenarios, and the game´s point is to outlast other warzones. Can your Steel Legion in Armageddon hold against the Orks longer than the Cadians at the Gate holding against Chaos?

The players who get the most points through killing enemies or achieving special objectives get to play as officers or obtain special equipment or roles next round.

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They already made that game. It was called Space Marine.

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What regiment is in that pic?

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This. Please.

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Looking at the greatcoats on a not-icy world, I'd say... Valhallens?

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Sisters of battle

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Meanwhile, the Xenos/traitor warriors, who are generally tougher and deadlier than you, also get experience and loot from killing the players.

The end of every game would normally be either several high-level enemies or a monstrous enemy charging a hundred players who no matter how long they managed to survive, are severely outmatched.

Like, one ork that was pretty much nothing at the start of a campaign (but who still could solo up to three players in close combat) is a Warboss in mega armour when the end-game is reached and the Orks are assaulting the Imperial Palace.

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So basically Survival Mode: The Game

I like it. No doubt there'd be all sorts of crazy stories about how one guy managed to hold off ridiculous odds just by being really crafty.

There should be a lot of opportunity to use your surroundings to your advantage.

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I'd like it if it was mixed with >>19700312. If you could set up forward positions or sniper nests, or a comms tower that gives you a radar (and could subsequently be destroyed by the enemy).

I would throw all of my money at them. College is meh anyways.

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>Japanese romance game set in a Schola Progenium school.
>Love interests include a pious tsundere destined to the Sisters, Catachan tomboy, nerdy techadept in the making and a psyker weirdo.

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Rogue Trader, for sure. Gives the largest amount of freedom.

And guns. Sweet, sweet guns.

I demand proper and unique reloads for each weapon.

Yes, I'm odd.

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too many

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A character action game in the style of Mass Effect. You take on the role of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn in his quest to purge the Imperium of the vile heretic and filthy alien.

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Step aside, Counterstrike fanboys.

I propose a Free-to-Play, microtransaction driven tabletop game simulator., and a super sweet painting simulator.

Basically League of Legends crossed with Bloodbowl and a nice army painter.

Play online, doubles tournament support, browsable games for certain point values....

by computerizing the setup, we can do interesting things like letting players unlock new pieces of cover for their setup( some are larger, count as ruins, etc), different table sizes than just a square, or other interesting things that let us EXPAND the experience instead of restrict it.

Also, its affordable and cheaper than real models.

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I think you misunderstood me: No real story to speak of barring an opening, maybe an ending scene rendered in game, cutscenes kept under a minute, and the game focuses solely around a single player game of killing mass number of mooks who are significantly weaker, and maybe 1-2 good leaders throughout the entire map.

Basically, Space Marine has too much story.
There's a sentence I'd never thought I'd type.

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GW would never do that. Why buy models when you can do it online for free/cheaper?

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Shoot, they even raged about Vassal 40k, and that was completely free.

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Far, far too many, my brother.

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An example of this system:

The first scenario in the Armageddon Warzone is the defence of a railroad through which civilians are being evacuated. The map comprises a length of this railroad with several small IG checkpoints along it. Every few minutes, a train screams down the rails on its way out. Every time a train passes, you get a number of tickets added to each checkpoint, each ticket being equal to one Guardsman.

Every ten to twenty minutes, the checkpoints also receive special or heavy weapons.

While this is going on, foot-slogging orks charge in from behind the dunes. They move fast, firing huge weapons that can kill you in one hit, but true to orks they are horrible shooters. At first, Guardsmen dispatch them easily by shooting accurately when they are far away.

The problem comes twenty minutes later. At that point, a limited number of players who have the highest score (because they killed the most orks, planted mines taken from the checkpoint or built defences like sandbags and razor wire) are automatically promoted to various ranks, such as sergeants, quartermasters, etc... each class with a given special ability (quartermasters, for example, can put in requests for extra special or heavy weapons).

After their promotion, orks start arriving in huge numbers, riding trukks.

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An adventure/action game where you use orders of the Adepta Sororitas from Warhammer 40,000 for different missions. Certain missions will require a specific Order to complete, and success or failure leads to different forks in the story.

Combat Sweeps and Recovery Missions: use Orders Militant. Cleanse, purge, kill (sometimes rescue).

Reconnaissance, Rescue and Forensics: Sisters Hospitaler equipped with medkit or auspex, accompanied by purpose-built servitors.

Diplomacy and Research: Dialogous for research and Famula for diplomacy. learn more about your enemies and/or important mission information, requisition arms and assistance.

It ought to play a lot like the original Syndicate, but with more interactivity between you and the environment.

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>The game's cinematic intro begins
>A starscape fills the player's screen. Nebulae and millions of stars can be seen. It is the eerie quiet that can only be experienced in space.
>The camera begins to move downwards and pans to the right. A small planet fills up half of the players view. It is largely blue and seems peaceful
>In an instant a massive, silent explosion rocks the surface of the planet, clouds and atmosphere yielding in it's wake
>Suddenly, Imperial Naval vessels rocket past the camera, heading straight for the planet. There are dozens of them, and they are in an attack formation, fighter ships can be seen exiting the hangars.
>The player's screen begins to fade into a cloudy mix of crimson haze and dark black around the edges
>The camera pans back, revealing that the player was viewing into a data auspex of sorts
>Now the player sees he is in the center of a large, dark room, with walls that seem to ebb and flow with the distant sound of machinery. Rows of panels and duty posts are manned by small and weak servitors and chastised men, focused only on their tasks.
>The player is free to look around from his 'eyes', and sees his own gauntlet-ed hands, and decadent midnight blue armor, covered in arcane runes and symbols, sitting in a high ornate seat decorated in skulls and other symbols of death and terror

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All hell breaks loose when the players, who were growing complacent, realize that orks are tough when you can´t put five lasguns firing at each one. And when they reach close combat, a single ork can easily kill up to three Guardsmen (all of whom, again, are players).

All those players who accumulated points and got promoted? If they die? Back to square one. As time goes by and milestones are passed, more players can be promoted, but it is unlikely that the newer guys can replace the old ones lost, because the orks are coming in greater numbers.

And the orks who kill a ton of people?

They become nobs. Tougher, faster, more accurate, and way deadlier in close combat.

As time goes by, checkpoints are destroyed and taken over. Some orks stay at them, shooting at trains as they go by. Others move on to attack the checkpoints that still resist. And players start being able to spawn on the trains to protect them as much as they can.

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>It becomes apparent you are in the command room of some sort, with a large holo screen at the far end of the room, showing data and picts of some battlefield
>Behind the player, a raspy voice breaks the monotony of sounds
>"Lord Darkblood, the Imperials have fallen for the ruse. Your forces are in position and await further command."
>The player's character rises from his seat, and faces an armored figure in blue and yellow heraldry, with a very apparent insignia of a red-winged skull upon his pauldron. The figure bows deep to the player.
>The player's character speaks, and it is a deep and lustrous voice, commanding all in the room to cower ever lower at it's mere usage.
>"Just so. Their orders are as always. Slaughter the Loyalist dogs the moment they touch down to rescue their comrades."
>The camera now moves forward and pans around slowly, as the player's character laughs. It now faces the commanding figure in the room.
>As soon as the figure becomes seen by the camera, the screen goes black, with the character Darkblood laughing manically.
>The laugh echoes, and as it does, words flash across the screen in bold, grey letters, with a rhythmic and deep beat welling up to match the laughter

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Chaos Space Marine


Flamboyant Necron Lord Dance Studio.

>> No.19700704


However, the end is a foregone conclusion. As more checkpoints fall, the trains take more and more damage. Eventually, an evacuation order is given. No more players can spawn anywhere, not even in the trains, and the game ends when the last Guardsman either gets on the last train that is able to go through the map, or dies when the orks run him down as he desperately tries to kill a few more.

All the weapons lost in the fight and all the Guardsmen who died are substracted from the total resources available for the campaign, including the NCO and officer ranks lost (every sergeant who dies is one less sergeant available through promotion, or at least a sergeant who can get the special ability he would have gotten if there were sergeants still available in the roster).

Meanwhile, the Ork nobs? You can be damn sure those will show up in the next battle, along with all the other orks that got promoted. As time goes on, battles will only become harder and more desperate.

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An Admech game.

In the vein of Deus Ex Human Revulution.

You are playing a techpriest looking vaguely like a misshapen diesel train desperately trying to navigate airducts and ladders to Infiltrate the Hereteks.

Includes a minigame for when you have to untangle your body from Airducts and another as you try to avoid wiping out electronic devices with your cybernetic bodys massive magnetic field.

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Squats rise up and begun conquering the universe.

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I never asked for this. I never asked to be shown just how machine I can become.

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I like that idea but it would need to be just some Inquisitor because for one thing using a established char from the fluff would destroy all sense of choice (unless they let me hit some of that sweet psyker ass same goes for Kara later) and also that you would struggle to work some of the best moments in to the game. Things like Eisenhorn riding the giant angry lion out of the arena all whilst having a "Look at how few fucks I give" expression locked on his face.

damn, now I need to go re-read the books

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Ork Third/First person shooter RPG set on an ork world. Start as a yoof scavenging for supplies and fighting monsters, eventually work your way up to fight off a human reclamation attempt on the planet and knock enough heads to be DA BOSS and lead your own WAAAGH on the nearest human hive world.

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Xeno's Adventure: the vidya.

Explore, make friends, kick ass, herp, and derp.

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Gentlemen there is only one game that needs to be made
It has been discussed in the past and nearly totally laid out

We would make Gitz Row

>> No.19703423 [DELETED] 

An Inquisitor/Dark Heresy-style RPG series exploring the entirety of the 40k universe, from undercover missions on Tau worlds to assassinate Ethereals to exploring new worlds and fighting native fauna to uncovering heretical plots, fighting in giant battles, fighting gangs in the underhives and customizing your Inquisitor/ship. That would be fucking brilliant. Maybe even a few cameos from the Dawn of War games.

>> No.19703514

An Inquisitor/Dark Heresy-style RPG series exploring the entirety of the 40k universe, from undercover missions on Tau worlds to assassinate Ethereals to exploring new worlds and fighting native fauna to uncovering heretical plots, fighting in giant battles, fighting gangs in the underhives and customizing your Inquisitor/ship. That would be fucking brilliant. Maybe even a few cameos from the Dawn of War games. You start off recruited by the Inquisitor on a penal world, on death row for blasting your mate's head off with a lasgun. By the end of the game the Inquisitor dies and maybe you yourself become an inquisitor, and have gone from rough badass to fancy badass. Maybe you can fit yourself to look however you want by the end of it, maybe you just want to abandon the inquisition and join the Tau, or traitor guard. Or maybe you get eaten by Tyranids, or captured by Dark Eldar.

This would be the 40k game I would like to play.

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Just make the Eisenhorn book into a game. Anything but an FPS or 3rd person lol Gears clone will suffice.

>> No.19704131

An IG game where each player commands a squad sort of like in Freedom Fighters or Full Spectrum Warrior.

>> No.19704355

So it's like a tower defense game with Guardsmen?
This sounds simple enough it could be made on a shoestring budget!

>> No.19704404

It will be called Dark Heresy.

The game will be dark heresy, except online. It will bare a resemblance to games like left4dead and LA noir. In that the game is an investigation, but it can be played multiple ways similar to L4D.

However i also like the idea of making a 40k WoW, in that there will be certain hive cities, you will be an imperial citizen. You will belong to what amounts to a guild of your profession, which will have pre-determined limited number of positions of power/influence that are achieved through a combination of leveling up and success for the day at objectives.
Imperial guard/space marine players will periodically spawn on battlefields which will directly determine the game economy and prices and availability for various items.

Chaos will be a guild, as will alien sympathizers. These will be constantly at war with the arbits/commissars, and trying to tempt or manipulate the positions of power, this game will strongly resemble epic mafia. Mutants will occur randomly when you log on, for the duration of the day/time your alive.
The two starting factions will have to be chaos and humans.

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>Starwars Battlefront style
This this this.

I was going to suggest it but i didnt think anyone would take it seriously. Battlefront was for some reason better than MW2 and other games, even Battlefield 2.

It would be good if it could be integrated with 40k WoW:

>> No.19705024

I want a story driven game about Valkyrie pilots.

>> No.19705076

Grand Theft Auto: Kroot Edition?

>> No.19705105

Gorkamorka: MMOTPS, think Red Dead Redemption meets Borderlands.

Players can pull together warbands consisting of other players or hired NPCs. Vehicles can be purchased for warband use, upgraded, customized. Loot system a la Borderlands, purchaseable weapons and equipment from Mek vendors. Territories can be conquered, held, and lost by warbands, players gain teef for holding and conquering them.

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