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Hey /tg/, looking to get into the science fiction warhammer game.
Since most of my experience with it involves sagefags spamming marines and generally being stupid dicks on other boards, and collecting the Cultistchan pics I've seen, I don't know what to do. I don't want to play any chaos, but it seems like everyone hates the aliens and I don't really like the Imperium.
I like the whole "united front against destruction" thing the swords and sorcery warhammer game has, but that's not really to be found anywhere in 40k from what I've seen.
Where's a good place to jump into the story? I kinda like sisters since the whole "female space marine" thing seems like fun trolling of space marine players, but I want to ally with aliens and that kinda fucks me over. Tau seem really neat, but I don't want to be a bandwagon player. I like the green space marines I read a copypasta about once, but I like strategy in my games and it seems like marines are just charge and stab. Both kinds of eldar seem neat, but unreliable. I don't like risky kind of soldiers.
What should I do?

I'm really more into painting and lore than playing, but do eventually want to play.

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At least advice on an army to play?

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Black Templars player here:

Any army you play is going to take strategy unless you take a broken list(which there are few of that aren't easily countered by a passable player)

What sort of strategy do you want to play? Want a shooting army that relies on shooting skill and big guns, or an army that tries to get up close and beat the crap out of their foes with swords and hammers?

You want an army of specialists, always outnumbered but never outmanned? OR do you want a horde, that just overwhelms its foes in a tide of bodies?

What you want will limit what army you should start with, since many can do more than one but few can do them all effectively.

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Also this

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I like adaptability. I like to balance shooting with melee, when I played fantasy I loved Lothern Seaguard/Bolt Thrower/defensive Mage High Elf armies even when I lost because I could just dig my feet into the dirt and dare them to come after me. I'd imagine dwarves would have been my thing as well.

I hate casualties, I'd rather have less men than more dead ones.
I don't know the point limit exactly, but the gaming teams at my local shop play 2500 points in fantasy. I'd imagine the 40k equivalent is what I'd be aiming for.

Even though they're evil and insane, Sisters look cool. But my ally choices would suck and allies is really why I'm considering getting into the game (could sisters ally as battle brothers with those humans who joined the Tau?)

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They could ally as Battle Brothers with the Guard, which is how the Gue'vesa would function fluffwise.

For the most part, an average 40k game will run between 1500-2000 points. Fantasy games tend to be higher average points.

As things go, The Sisters aren't really all that evil(relative term; everyone is evil in 40k. Kinda its thing), though they are highly zealous.

If you do decide on Sister, IG attachment is a must as it will allow for a lot of the heavier stuff that Sister's current Codex lacks. Alternatively, you could always do IG with a Sisters detachment(would let you have more guns and to use the Sisters as mid-range combat screens)

This would also be good since it is hard to buy Sisters atm, sue to their lacking any actual plastic models or box sets.

Basically: Start IG, build into Sisters later is my suggestion. IG is also the most flexible army, and have a lot of different ways to play them, so you won't every find a situation you can't handle reasonably well

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What are the guard like, fluffwise? All I know about them is that there's a model of them raping an Eldar woman, and that they die in ridiculously large numbers.

What's a good place to start collecting? Is there a battalion with a smaller amount of useless troops?

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Don't worry, after the new book comes out Jaina will be no different.

Blizzard can't do non-asshole characters anymore unless they're mini God Emperors.

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I wouldn't recommend sisters, as their army is expensive (all metal) and they're currently the most underpowered codex...A common phrase for Tau/Eldar players is "at least we're not sisters". Heh.

Also, in regards to your OP, SoB aren't female space marines, so it's not really all that trolly.
I don't see what you mean with Tau being a bandwagon?

My personal advice is to play whoever the fuck you want, ignore advice what other people give you (including me, if you like the sisters aesthetic/platstyle, go ahead m8), research on how each army plays, and pick an army based on lore/aethestics/playstyle.

If you don't like sacrificing units, Orks and Tyranids are out. If you want strategy, Spess Mahreens are out depending on who you ask.

....But then you go on to say no Xenos or Chaos.

At this point the only two options are sisters.

However, I urge you to do some research on the SoB playstyle/costs before you start a sisters army. They're fucking hard, -4 str and all that.

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The diorama is a fapfic from /tg/ canon.
Imperial Guards play in three separate ways:
1. Fielding 100 fucking guardsman and rolling a billion fucking dice.
2. Parking lot of guardsman in chimeras, and lots and lots of tanks.
3. A hybrid of the two.

Guardsmen in fluff are the ballsiest motherfuckers in the galaxy. I recommend you go to 1d4chan.org and read their page on IG. There's also a tactics page there.

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I swear to god Mists can't come out soon enough so Garrosh can get the fuck out.

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>All I know about them is that there's a model of them raping an Eldar woman

Never seen that

Guard are a highly flexible army: They number in the billions, and entire worlds are devoted to churning out their weapons of war. They fight everywhere, inside the Imperium and out, so the sort of tools and equipment they use are the most varied of all the major armies.

They have low armor(5+ for most troops) and decent Ballistic Skill(hit on a 4+ for most things). They have little functionality in close combat due to a general lack of melee weapons except for sergeants and special models, but are excellent for shooting due to sheer number of shots.

They also have good armor, made the better through their ability to put most tanks in squads of up to 3, allowing for tons of armor in lots of different configurations on the field, from Line Tanks(the Leman Russ) to heavy artillery(Basilisks), to scout walkers(Sentinels), cheap aircraft(Valkyries/Vendettas), and anti-air(Hydras).

What you get really depends on how you want to play your regiment. Another benefit to the IG is that they have a ton of notable regiments/homeworlds in the fluff, so there are a ton of different sculpts for their infantry that you can get from GW base on how you want it to look

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>tons of different sculpts

By this he means 3, plus some blisters of 2 more.

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I'd post it, but I'm getting a duplicate file error.

Crashed eldar ship, bleeding eldar girl covering her boobs, leering guardsmen with guns, one holding the chestpiece and one leering while unzipping his pants.

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You mon'keighs make me sick.

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Yeah, I went to look after I said that, and realized they had reduced it since I last looked. They had at least half a dozen different kinds last time I looked(want to say about a year ago), was thinking of those. However, there are also the ones from Forgeworld (Elysians/Death Korps) if you have money you were just planning to burn in an oil drum or something.

Still, ya gotta admit: Vostroyans are badass looking.

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Personally I'de rather they get rid of the Vietnam-inspired catachans (the fuck is this, 1980?) and replace them with Vostroyan/Death Corps of Krieg/Tallarn.

Also, we need a Tallarn suicide bomber unit.

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I'm okay with xenos, just not chaos.

Garrosh lasts all of MoP, he's the END boss.
Whatever his plan is will be revealed in the next patch where Theramore turns into Southshore (but with explosive artillery instead of plague stuff) and Jaina's hair turns white. Half Theramore dies, the ones left were ported (but to where is unknown).

Garrosh's "true intentions" become clear. Based on how he's wearing the corpse of a greater daemon that before required constant shamans blessing to keep dormant, and how the final raid to kill him will be under Orgrimmar, it's the lead in to the Twisting Nether expansion (AKA Burning Crusade 2).

Then a book where she turns into an antihero driven by vengeance. Contains lots of naval battles.

Finally, one naval battle brings in pandas and Panderia is discovered and MoP begins.

As far as themes go, I really like the Starcraft "half retarded and/or insane Australian/Confederate marine" look and behavior.

The guy on the left kinda sums up the look.

I get the feeling I'd make my IG army like "Team Fortress 40k" with some Sisters fulfilling an Announcer/Pyro role...

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>Also, we need a Tallarn suicide bomber unit.
Tasteless, but I think that's fulfilled by Roughriders with explosive lances.

Also: The Catachan look is recognizable, and the sterotypical behavior is very fitting for the 40k setting in general. And, in, fact, yes the Catachans were thought up in the 80s, like a good bit of the early 40k fluff

I don't know WHY you'd do that, but I think Catachans would be your best bet for it. Think Vietnam-era Americans, but raised from a jungle world where everything is literally trying to kill you.

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Why must every Horde leader be so horrible? Garrosh is retarded and fucks up everything forever, SYLVANAS IS SUCH A BITCH, Cairne is dead and nobody gives a shit about Baine, Vol'jin doesn't do anything (and is more of a nobody thanks to Garrosh), and Lor'themar is a Blood Elf. I swear Gallywix is the Warchief the Horde deserves.

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It is cause all the Horde Races are allies of conveniences, and now that the original leaders aren't in charge, the Horde is slowly beginning to fall apart again.

This is why I Allianced.

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Enjoy your gnomes loser.

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Meh, at least they weren't Goblins...

Also I played a Dwarf. All of the steam tanks, all of the time

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>God tier
Gnomes, dwarves, goblins, trolls.
>High tier
>Mid tier
Humans, forsaken
>Low tier
Orcs, night elves (post vanilla for both).

>Disappointingly forgotten tier
Blood elves, tauren, worgen

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>Green Sluts Tier
>Blue Sluts Tier
>Boring Tier
Trolls, Orcs, Humans, Dwarfs
>You should all be dead tier
>You're only playing because you're going to ERP later
Blood Elves, Worgen, and Night Elves

The truth

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Damn my ex and her imparting a troll fetish on me :/ didnt matter until i didnt have anyone to share it with.

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If you're thinking of IG and want more of a fluff reason, I recommend checking out Guant's Ghosts and Double Eagle. I haven't read much of the other IG stuff except for Ciaphas Cain, but I feel those two give a good idea of IG life for a Guardsman.

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I'm not good with fluff or strategy.

What's better for both: tau worshipping IG with sisters, sisters with eldar, or IG (tau worshiping or regular) with eldar?

Also, is it true that Blizz mentioned bringing back Turalyon and Alleria in MoP to deal with the new ghost/demon villains?

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On an RP server, things are a little different.

>God Tier
Goblins, Gnomes
>Pretty Cool Guy That Doesn't Afraid of Anything Tier
Dwarves, Tauren, Forsaken
>Meh Tier
>Boring Tier
Humans, Orcs, Draenei, Night Elves
>Mary Sue Retardation Tier
Blood Elves, Worgen

That's just referring to RP ability in general, mind you. There are great RPers of every race, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em.
The main reason draenei and nelves are in the Boring tier is because they basically just become big blue humans the moment they set foot in Stormwind. They act like humans, not like the quasi-immortal beings they are.

Wait, what was this thread about again?

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Me begging for someone to tell my what to play.

But this is more interesting.

On a competitive server, the player types are more like this:

Humans, goblins, tauren
>High tier
Draenei, Gnomes (except mages and rogues), non-hunter night elves, orcs, forsaken warriors and healers
>Mid tier
Trolls, dwarves, worgen
>Low tier
Blood elves, night elf hunters, gnome mages and rogues
>Shit tier
Forsaken non-warriors non-healer priests

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And THIS is why starting pic should be related, always.

How many Draenei are RPd as horribly depressed alcoholics, who speak of the greatness of the "old country" of Draenor?

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Play what you will.

I can;t imagine not liking Guard, but eh. If you like Tau, play Tau, fuck the bitches who call you a hipster. You played Tau before you knew it was cool.

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Technically no, cause you just told him it was cool and he hasn't started yet

Also: Pic related is the only Hipster option in 40k

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Not many I've seen. But a lot talk cheerfully about the progress in turning the Exodar into a permanent home and how everyone in the alliance is such bros. Usually JC or mining characters since they tend to go for IF as their "home away from home".

I knew of 3 like that, one was in my guild and one was actually me.

Also very grim and dire "Auchenai" (never saw a DK one though).

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Eventually, I'll make a Malal army.

But fuck if it's ever a lot of greenstuff modding.

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>start thread
>help derail

You are the best OP ever.

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He forgot though, so it's alright.

Also, is Malal in 40k, or is he just Malice?

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Technically he's in 40k, just very minor such that noone in the Imperium except MAYBE the Inquisition knows anything about him. For the most part Malal's role has been co-opted by the natural animosity the Chaos Gods have for each other.

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If I had time, I would TOTALLY homebrew a Malal-themed Chaos Army, complete with his most powerful servant: Necoho, the Minor Chaos God of Atheism

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>Necoho, the Minor Chaos God of Atheism
>Chaos God of Atheism
>God of Atheism

All of my win

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>Necoho the Doubter is one of the renegade Chaos Gods. Necoho's warp-spawned existence owes itself to a paradox which should, by mortal logic, make his very subsistence impossible. He is a deity who represents the struggle against the entire notion of gods and religion. Needless to say, this means that his following is extremely small, even for an obscure renegade Chaos God. This is doubtlessly the way Necoho likes it. In the rare event he makes some sort of appearance to mortals, he often appears in the form of a short, slightly plump old human man, with a permanent expression of ironic amusement etched upon his face.

>Necoho has no known symbol, and has no temples or holy days, considering every day equally non-holy. He offers nothing to his followers, and asks nothing of them.

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How the hell do you pronounce that?

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Ne-ko-ho. Hard 'c', long 'o's

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Same character, he was never fleshed out in 40k really.

He's still canon in both, but GW can't really mention him without incurring legal trouble that they just want to avoid.
Basically, use modded versions of all the Chaos gods demons. Daemonettes go from excess to conservative for example (so kind of androgynously robed in flesh), nurgle daemons retain one eye and one horn but otherwise look entirely different (more like humans), bloodthirsters stand at attention clad in glorious armor, tzeentch demons are made of geometric shapes with a checkerboard coloring.

Greater daemons are self destructive, tearing off limbs where their skin changes from white to black and the real greater daemon of Malal/Malice is within (so it's blood/essence is the one attacking, it attacks you by attacking itself).

Champions of Malal/Malice are basically atoners in the Sisters of Battle, or flagellants in the Empire.

My theory as to why Daemons/Chaos Marines can ally with other non-evil races is because of Malal/Malice. In addition, you could have a conversion of Sisters into devotees of him.

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Dat git's krumped gud.
Figerz 'e wuz wot all dem 'umies an uthaz callz dem 'ghodz', an den 'e gots all big'n killy, so weeze 'ad a gud foight.

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>why Daemons/Chaos Marines can ally with other non-evil races

The assumption here is that there is a 40k race that would not be considered "evil" by any objective standard is the first mistake.

The second is that: Maybe they can ally because doing so would BENEFIT THE CHAOS GODS? Like, say, throwing an Ork Waaaagh! into a well defended Imperial world so that Chaos can slip in and steal a Warp Artifact?

>> No.19693674

"Evil" as in classically evil.
As in, Imperium is evil but Chaos is worse.

Fucking semantics.

As for why they can ally, THEY can ally. But why Tau or Imperial Guard would ever ally with them...Malal/Malice. It's the only plausible explanation for Creed leading Daemonettes and a Greater Unclean One without fear of being backstabbed.

Or "FORTHEGREATERGOOD" chanting snipers backing up Abaddon.

>> No.19693688

Or Traitor Guard. Or fighting off Nids/Necrons/Dark Eldar.

Tau are also a naive race in general, and if a Chaos group came up to them and offered to help(likely with the intent to backstab later), the Tau Commander would probably let them help in much the same way that Allies of Convenience works in 6th.

I like the concept of Malal, but unless we have Cahos killing other Chaos, Malal is not at work.

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>all Azeroth's leaders (and a Sue) gathered around discussing plans to assault Ulduar
>pointing to a globe that couldn't possible show the intricacies of Ulduar at that magnitude

Fuck your pic OP. I render this thread full of droids.

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Malal is always at work, his constant work is WHY the Chaos gods fight.

Each dispute comes because Malal warps their minds, each assault they make on one another makes him stronger.

He no longer has to directly battle them, they do that job for him.

Malal's power exponentially grows as their power increases.

You know if I had the time and cared, I'd do what TFID does for Tau as a Malal worshipper.

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Fuck you. SE Asian Studies fag and budding Vietnam War/Laotian Secret War buff here. I don't even like 40k much, but Catachans make me want to play Only War. I feel like I might play it a little more straight and a little less action movie, but a little, not a lot.

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It's not much bigger than a Plainstrider's beak; I've hit bigger back home in Mulgor.

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That's a map of the planet, obviously a prophesy or something.

Also, Brann is neither a Mary Sue or a racial leader: he's a parody.

Finally, I think it's a "What if" scenario.

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Imperial Guard options:
>Russian WW1 infantry
>Nazi brownshirts
>Vietnam era US Army in the safer third of the region

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Can someone voice in on this?
Here's a paperkraft for a Warcraft 2 elven destroyer for ya.

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>thinks Sue refers to Brann and not Rhonin

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What if malal is just a fusioned mass of souls who have been killed unjust for the sake of gods?
And he's growing with each soul, becoming mightier than all gods together, filled with vengeance and disappointment to the brim?

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Rhonin isn't a major character.

He had one book where he was drug along the countryside by Deathwing before breaking his BFG full of stolen magic and giving it back to the original guardians of the world.

Then he disappeared until WOLK where he's been elected head of the Kirin Tor (only reason that's odd is because Modera is the senior member, although it's probably political with the dragons since the KT are all about intrigue and shit) and knocked up Vereesa with twins. Which only kinda served as an odd shoutout to the Sylvanas family tree.

He's kind of a non-entity.

>> No.19693824

Hopefully when everything finishes up with the finecast range they'll bring back some of the other options, like the Mordian Iron Guard(Prussians), Armageddon Steel Legion(WW1 Brits), Valhallan Ice Warriors(Red Army).

>Nazi brownshirts
>More like British WW2

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