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Good afternoon, /tg/.

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check /rs/ before you post, picklefuck

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Yes, I'm sure a 1000kb pdf is a legit full scan.

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Was uploaded by an anon yesterday. No Fluff or appendix. Some pages are unreadable.

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Does this file refuse to go past 2% for anyone else?

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Rapidshare stalls from time to time.

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>neceffity soursu

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Dat T-Rex disguised as Dark Angel.

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The other one labeled as 6e is actually a 2e scan. Some trollin goin on....

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Why thank you, kind sir. Although every time I go to that site, I forget to uncheck the ox the first time so get the .exe THEN download it properly...

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scan by Laz is 100% legit

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This is now the 6e thread.
CSM Icons don't seem to affect Chaos Daemons.
Tau's anti-air vehicle is worse at anti-air duties than Crisis Suits are.
Nobody at GW likes Tyranids. Mix of almost no AA with wonky rules regarding monstrous creatures makes it a sad and confusing time to be a Tyranid player.
Last thread here:

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Right, want the maths.

FNP you can't negate.
CC is much more effective vs mech.
AP- has no negatives any more
3 Glance = dead vehicle, so FC Gaunts each morst vehicles, hitting on a 3+ at least.

So my MC with FNP challenges your PF Sarge, eats him in combat, before damage, then goes on to cream the squad. Tell me again, nerf?

Seriously, HG with Preferred Enemy?
Zoanthropes as buff instead of just bang
All your psykers?
Shadows of the warp, and a 6+ Deny the Witch.

My book arrived yesterday, and I spent the night going through it.

Tyranids scare me. Seriously. A rampaging MC with 2+ save will eat you quick smart, esp if it has FNP.
It's my opinion they will also get to combat.

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>a sad and confusing time to be a Tyranid player.


But right now, the idea of Rippers being able to eat tanks so easily is making me giggle too much to care.

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So is mechanised infantry guard confirmed as shit tier now? I was thinking of starting a steel legion army...

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I just want to read the fluff...

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Everything is shit tier now
>advice culteest
No one is effective

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>shit tier
No, not really. Only real difference is your Chimeras don't get stunned/slowed down as often, but may die more easily. Your guns are just as effective. Rapid fire works better.

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>AP- has no negatives any more
>3 Glance = dead vehicle, so FC Gaunts each morst vehicles, hitting on a 3+ at least.

My Necrons are so happy, I can't contain it

Also FNP can only be negated by instant death, it just ignores weapon AP values now and is (5+) unless otherwise stated, making it a really shitty res protocol without a way to buff its value.

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I get the no AA but whats so wonky about the new MC rules?

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Guard will do well with tank squads now. You hit the closes tank until it's dead before you hit the next, and immobilize doesn't kill one anymore. So now one takes damage, move it to the back and have your allied tech marine fix it up.

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>Shadows of the warp, and a 6+ Deny the Witch.

This is pretty much a universal buff to everything against psykers, people harp on it because its like a t-shirt save but to me its just something more to help slow them down. So A psyker has to take a perils test, then the unit gets a 6+ psychic defence, then they get to make what ever save is required for that particular attack (plenty of opportunity for failure).
Also the new powers aren't really that awesome and are far less limited in scope than I thought they would be.

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>book came out today

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It's a pity more Eldar units can't Deep Strike, otherwise the Skyshield Landing Pads would make excellent large Webway Gates for Eldar.

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>allied tech marine
Screw that, use a Techpriest. No HQ Space Marine point sink that way.

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Kharn hits at I1, Typhus is the same.

Thanks a lot GW.

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Too bad that practically anything will wreck the tank now and a tech marine can't restore hull points.

Long story short, there is nothing to repair if the tank is swiss cheese.

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And Kharn still doesn't have Eternal Warrior.

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good thing tau can.
work reeeeal nice for all my battlesuits.

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And every MC in the game can hit at S10 if they want to.

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True, if it's dead it's dead...
But they can fix hull points actually, check the FAQ.

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Kharn has a unique power weapon, so it's the same as always but AP3. Likewise Manreaper is a daemon weapon, so Typhus still hits at his regular I.

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Yeah, and it's easy to imagine it representing a Summoning Circle for the Chaos Armies.

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Force weapon, AND deamon weapon

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>No apendix or Fluff yet

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"Treated as Power/Force axe"
So, nope.

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Read the FAQ techmarines and engineseers can repair hullpoints

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huh. chaos spawn became somewhat less shitty now that they don't sit around being stupid

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Argh, no, Brain, you're supposed to be angry that GW is trying to get you to buy more stuff. Stop making me want to go on a converting spree!

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"the manreaper is both a deamon weapon and a force axe"
-gw faq and errata

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So did Guard get fucked over this edition or not?

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sorry ment to quote

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Nope just less random and hydras aren't as good

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GW even sells Ork "Aegis Defence Lines", you just need to place your Zzap Guns (Icarus Lascannons) and Quad-deff Gunz (Quad-guns) next to them.

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Sorry, forgot pic.

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No, definitely not.

24" Rapid fire when moving, allowing for FRFSRF
Buying cheap effective cover that gives a 3+/2+ save when you go to ground, allowing for "get back in to the fight" to function well.

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I feel bad for Dante.
>Dat wasted I6

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Rules as written, it looks like you can take Look Out, Sir saves versus Perils of the Warp. Or does it not count because the Perils wound is not "allocated?"

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How useful would it be for Chaos Daemons? Obviously you couldn't fit an entire army on it, but you could be precise with a few units. Although I must admit most of knowledge about Daemons is just that their entire army deep strikes.

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still matters for test and shit doesn't it?

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>no Ew

holy shit he sucks

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A wound isn't 'allocated' to the Psyker in that case. He just takes one.

Nobody's gonna let it fly, anyway. Unless they were an Ork player.

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Not at all. Blob squads, haha, oh man, nobody is going to charge your blob squads. Especially if you stick flamers in them. 'Course they could just shoot you to the Warp and back.

Hydras are not as effective versus ground vehicles, but still very effective versus fliers, skimmers, and jetbikes. Against a Hydra, they don't gave a cover save for moving, as they normally do.
Vehicle squadrons are stronger since Immobilization does not mean death, and you can leave an immobilized vehicle behind; techpriests may be worth taking and running alongside your vehicles; and you still get all the artillery, big guns, fliers of your own, AND all kinds of allies to help you out. Guard is still great.

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No saves of any kind allowed. You just -called- it a save, yourself.

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I called it a save, but the book does not. The book is what counts.

We gotta get this rules buffoonery out of the way now. Oh, wow, buffoonery is actually a word. It makes no sense for a guy to shove the psyker out the way and let the Warp kill him instead, but still.

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By raw doesn't he only have a pw? It says MC power weapon not Axe.

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Oh well, the Death Mask of Sanguinius is kind of fun.

Yes, but it looks like an axe, so it's an axe.

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>it looks like an axe, so it's an axe.
Is that a new rule in 6th, looks over RAW? haven't read everything

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You can glue whatever you want, and it will count as whatever you've glued, WYSIWYS in all it's glory. Can't wait till "want to buy old Eldar Banshees" thing in every eldar forum.

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Basically, yes. If a power weapon looks like a sword, it uses the rules for Power Swords. If it looks like a staff or a mace, it uses the rule for Power Mauls. Dante has a Master Crafted Power Weapon that looks like an axe, so he has a Master Crafted Power Axe.

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Yes, it is. It says the same thing for Force weapons, which would make you think most Grey Knights are armed with Power Axes now, but no. The Grey Knights FAQ made their force weapons super special.

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Dante you POS. First you don't get EW now you hit like a yesterdays news. Like you weren't a big enough Sanguinary Guard as troops tax already

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Tell me, have sniper rifles gotten any rule changes?

>> No.19686684

This, replace it with the power sword that comes with practically every SM box and now he's back to I6.

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Grey Knights FAQ just made all their force weapons AP3 + their rules, except daemonhammers which are AP2.

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WTF that's nonsense. they got to FAQ that. That's basically saying I can change his wargear without changing his wargear.

>> No.19686693

On a 6 to hit you get to pick which model takes the wound. Too bad Tau Rail Rifles don't have the sniper rule so sniper drones are not actually snipers.

>> No.19686694

anyone got page reference for the rapid fire change?

>> No.19686696

sniper drones now have 2+ coversaves
but the gun is still underwhelming

>> No.19686697


whats concussive? is that like Thunder hammer?

>> No.19686701

Didn't even need to be FAQ'd, they have unusual force weapons.

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It's exactly that.

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revering to

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If you get very lucky, your sniper rifle can penetrate AV11 and glance AV12. I think it was this way in 5th edition too, though.

Biggest change is that rolls of 6 to hit let you decide where the wound goes.
I am so sad

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Chaos terminators only get mauls or axes...pointless when you have powerfists

>> No.19686731

or you could convert....

>> No.19686735

Mauls let you strike in I order at least, are are pretty great if you're not against Marines.

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Should be the book's physical page, 52. PDF page 65.

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(in last thread)
>For each psyker in your army, you choose whether you want to give it a power as normal for your codex, or if you want to give up that power to instead randomly determine one from the 6th edition rulebook.
That's really sweet ! I'm gonna enjoy some zoan with warp lance AND Psychic Shriek.
... Or any other Telepathy random powers. They all seem neato.

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>I am so sad
Don't forget that it's a Heavy weapon (like all sniper weapons except the Necron one) and sniper drones are infantry (not jetpack). Now, I suppose 6 3 Heavy 1 Pinning isn't terrible, but I'd much prefer X 3 Heavy 1 Sniper

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Drach'nyen and Talon of Horus are AP3.

Have fun being clobbered by Calgar in terminator armour, oh mighty "Warmaster"!

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dont forget
you can buy like 6 squads and it still only takes up one heavy slot in the force org

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Only issue is that's eating up a lot of points pretty quickly. Thankfully, the drone controller has a networked markerlight. Can never get enough markerlights.

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I don't see how Monstrous Creatures got shafted. They get cover for being in area terrain, unlike in 5th. In addition to this, they all have Hammer of Wrath. In the Carnifex's case, that Hammer is at S9.

>> No.19686786

yep. fixing those horrid BS 3 drones, one MISSED FUCKING MARKERLIGHT AT A ... sorry i seem to have lost it there for a second.

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>When a model has two toughness values presented on it's page, use the one in the brackets, ignore the other value.
It's a good day to have a Ravenwing army.

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It is specified in your FAQ as instead of normal powers. The only people who are allowed that bullshit is GK. Because GK are underpowered and nids, eldar, CSM, and C:SM are OP.

>> No.19686797

3 glance meaning "Get a glance and roll a 3 on the damage chart" or "get 3 glances in a round"

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One HS choice can be 1-3 teams, any others are only 1 team. Not really worth the 80pts each when Pathfinders and Fire Warriors just got such a huge boost.

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I think the power exchange is all or nothing. So no zoans with lance + new power.

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Neither, but more like the second. Vehicles have hit points. They call them Hull Points. The vast majority of vehicles have 3 HP. Every glancing and penetrating hit removes 1 HP. Penetrating hits also inflict some other undesirable status on the vehicle. Glancing hits just strip the HP.

Deal 3 HP of damage to a vehicle over the course of a game, and it becomes Wrecked.

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It's hardly a reliable benchmark, but the Battle Report in White Dwarf featured a Daemon Prince with Bolt of Change and a random Pyromancy power.

>> No.19686816

>Trusting White Dwarf
Spotting rules errors is basically the only thing fun about those battle reports

>> No.19686817

No *single* zoanthrope with split powers. If you have multiple psykers, you choose whether each one will be going for the codex or the BRB. And you choose individually. One psyker may have codex powers while the other has BRB powers.

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Does it count for ID now?

>> No.19686821

It seems so.

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That's the second typo I've found so far. I know GW and Forge World generally hate writing properly, but do they have actual editors in their staff?

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So Deathleaper's Fangirl, what do you think about the change to Deathleaper in the FAQ, so that it still can use its signature ability with the new Night Fighting Rules?

It seems that, because it has Shrouded+Stealth, it has a 2+ cover save from all area terrain, and a 4+ in the open. But they don't have to roll to see it anymore. Would you call this a buff or a nerf, given that it is a primarily melee unit?

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File: 1.30 MB, 3284x4725, 1735411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A good day.

>> No.19686847

Do his rules state that it's an axe? If yes, then he doesn't get to swap, just like all chaplains are stuck with mauls, cause errata says that a crozius is a maul. If the rules say "master crafted power weapon" then you get to choose by converting.

>> No.19686853

That's pretty silly. Sounds like an oversight than RAI

>> No.19686866

i was hoping regular power weapons would get the 5+ parry save but I guess not

now even less reasons to take them over a fist

>> No.19686878

cost less. Man PW still cost a fortune really.

>> No.19686883

It's more of a case of "we can't be bothered to look at all of our own minis and errata which unit has what weapon, can't the players do it?"

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File: 2.05 MB, 1500x2900, 1295647123976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Would you call this a buff or a nerf, given that it is a primarily melee unit?

Too early to tell, I think. It means he'll always have some form of protection no matter what the enemy rolls (unless they bring out template weapons), but can be shot at by anything at any time. What is notable is he, and Lictors in general, got a bit of a buff in the anti-tank department. With multiple st6 shots and attacks, it's pretty easy to tag a few glancing hits on a vehicle and wreck it.

>> No.19686893


Yeah, Sergeant Fisto may be AP2 but he'll get challenged and killed before he swings by cheaper Sergeant Blade because of the fists' unwieldy rule.

>> No.19686897

Oh, there's a topic here. Cool.

So.... as far as I can see, it is entirely possible for the Doom of Malantai to gain the Iron Arm power. This seems quite good.

>> No.19686899


Krak grenades can be used against them so even SoB and SM now have S6 AP4 attacks against all MCs, melta bombs can be used so their sarges can buy 5pt 1 attack PFs against them, lost the 2d6 pen in exchange for smash (2x strength, half attacks) and hammer of wrath (one AP- auto-hit at base strength), flying MCs can by shot down by a single lasgun hit (they should have at least made it a wound), etc.

On the other hand tyrants are characters so they get precision strike and can challenge, harpies can actually survive a round of shooting, it's easier to get cover for our MCs (only 25% instead of 50%, and auto-cover behind a unit even if you're fully visible IIRC), while only the swarmlord can use half of the telepathy powers we still get some rather nice abilities for use with our other dudes, SitW still works, etc. We cannot deal with flyers barring a shit ton of luck, but other than that we're pretty well off. Just hope you don't fight nightscythe spam or vendetta spam because we can't even use AA fortifications due to the FAQ so those are auto-losses.

>> No.19686901

>It seems that, because it has Shrouded+Stealth, it has a 2+ cover save from all area terrain, and a 4+ in the open. But they don't have to roll to see it anymore. Would you call this a buff or a nerf, given that it is a primarily melee unit?
Same as Stealhsuits and Sniper Drone Teams. Except the melee bit, of course.I'm no tripper, but I'd say it's actually more a buff than a nerf. Still, I don't think it's really either. It's just different. I can imagine the unit getting shot at and negating a lot of what comes its way with its great cover save, but if your enemy can throw around "pie plates" from across the board, it might not be so fun.

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>Vehicles squadrons leaving an immobilized member behind makes it a new unit, not destroyed.
>Split SM squads can still ride the same transport together.
>Techpriests and Techmarines can repair damaged vehicles.

>> No.19686907

Correct, however since you can do this exchange, or not at the begining of the game after you see what your opponent has you can decide what powers will be best to use.

Lots of tanks: hang onto Warp lance
Lots of infantry: triple Shriek
Or just do biomancy and buff the rest of the army.

Hope for multiple enfeeble + Haemorrhage for extra fun.

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File: 51 KB, 534x188, tyranid_faq_psychic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah I think the faq is clear it's all or nothing on a per psyker basis. Shame, no broodlords with gaze for challenges and biomancy fun either =(

>> No.19686914

He's still only got 3 attacks at WS4, plus his strength is always the same as his wounds.

>> No.19686923


Its more his passive, not-a-psychic-power drain effect....

>> No.19686925

I remember the original Drach'nyen it could cut through anything and ignored saves (back when it was save modifiers this was very rare).

Now its only Ap3. Ah well, CSM get a new codex soon.

>> No.19686928


Smash and 6th edition rules for CC against vehicles makes S5 and S6 monstrous creatures better against mech than they were in 5th. S10 + rerollable d6 hitting on 3+ > 6+2d6 hitting on 4+ or 6+.

>> No.19686929

the influx of psykers means he'll always have a good target for his LD ability. Next to runes of warding it's one of the best anti-psyker abilities in the game at the moment

>> No.19686932

>new edition comes out after 4 or 5 years
>omg I need it
>refuse to pay for it

You poorfags should probably quit wargaming if you can't even afford the fuckin rulebook

>> No.19686936

So no one's scanned the errata or faqs at the back yet?

>> No.19686937


I don't play the game, I just enjoy theorycrafting a bit.

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i Tau battleforce a good starting set for someone joining the game?

i've never played before.

>> No.19686941

the errata is out at GW homepage.

>> No.19686943


Wait what?

>may generate a new power from either the biomancy, telepathy or telekinesis disciplines (IN ANY COMBINATION).

You can mix and match powers to your hearts content, go nuts.

>> No.19686960

Do you like the models? Do you like a shooty army? If yes, then its a good starter set probably, because its one of the few boxes that has a unit in it that can serve as your HQ selection (the crisis suit).

The Tau codex is pretty old though, if you don't mind that you have to wait a couple of months to get an update, sure go for it.

>> No.19686961


It's a good base for Tau, because it gets you 2 troops, and HQ, and a vehicle, but pretty much every Tau army needs Crisis Battlesuits and Broadside Battlesuits. Those are the star units in the codex, and the battleforce doesn't contain them.

>> No.19686967

70 bucks for the rulebook could go towards 2 units.

>> No.19686986

This is what I was looking at:

Good or bad?

>> No.19686996

No, you have misread. It means you can choose whatever discipline you want to draw powers from. It doesn't mean you can mix and match.

>> No.19687007

It's...okay? Incredibly expensive, but it is a good start if you want to play Tau.

>> No.19687013

Question :
If my commander fails 3 saves, can I use "Look out sir!" on all 3 and allocate them to only one model from his unit ?

>5th easesshi
right captcha

>> No.19687025

yes I know what you were refering too, so my post will not change.
If you had bought it 1(?) month ago it would have been alot cheaper but thats nothing you could change. (I suggest you order such bigger purchases from a store that gives 20% off GW prices, like wayland games or maelstrom though).

If you like the style of this faction than you will most likely enjoy it, regardless if its considered as powerful as the current "best" army or not.

>> No.19687029

why'd the price go up?

>> No.19687035

They're on GW's main site as of today.

>> No.19687039

Because GW.

I suggest looking around ebay for deals as well.

>> No.19687041


The way it's worded... it makes it sound like you either mix and match powers between normal Tyranid powers and one of the new schools, or between all 3 of the new schools. It's worded rather poorly.

What you would expect from GW I guess.

>> No.19687044


Because Games Workshop loves to charge ridiculous prices, and hasn't realized that their game would sell better if they lowered the cost of entry.

>> No.19687045

I have preordered it by Cash On Delivery through my LGS, but they said that the "shipment will be late". Yeah, right, they're fucking poorfags (they already delayed one of my earlier purchases by a week because GW refused to send it to them because of overdue payments) and probably don't have enough money from prepaid preorders to purchase the books for everyone.

>> No.19687048

If you somehow got 3 wounds allocated to your character, and you had at least three units in a squad with him, then yes. You could Look Out, Sir every one of them.

>> No.19687050

>Techpriests and Techmarines can repair damaged vehicles.

Remember they have to choose between repairing the hull point or the vehicle damage and every penetrating hit does both, so you have to take twice as long to repair the same damage (choosing either to keep the vehicle effective now at the expense of it simply wrecking from loss of hull points or work to keep it running longer but losing its effectiveness).

>> No.19687069

Haha I always forgot that rule in 5th guess I really should remember it this time

>> No.19687073

Guard player here

Platoons + Russ trios is the new hotness.

>> No.19687083
File: 102 KB, 1218x530, eted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah...nothing new.

Vehicle cover rules. Are they the same as they were in 5th edition?

>> No.19687100


Yes, except it's 25% obscuration instead of 50% that grants the cover save.

Monstrous Creatures now use the Infantry rules for cover saves. A giant Tyranid Trygon gets a 4+ save because part of his base is touching the edge of the base of a Ruins terrain piece. You jelly?

>> No.19687113

You sure?

>> No.19687116

No, because you are supposed to do wounds/saves one at a time.

>> No.19687146

>Go to Monstrous Creature entry
>nothing about cover saves

>Go to cover save rules
>Seem to apply to everything

>Go to vehicle cover save rules
>Only mention vehicles

So yes, Monstrous Creatures get cover now for being in Area Terrain, or for being behind a mob of infantry. Tyranids just got so much better. They can now be played as they were meant to be played: huge swarms of little bugs, supported by big ones in back.

>> No.19687160

You can focus them down now, though.

This new "focus fire" thing lets you take away a specific cover save of whatever you're shooting at.

>> No.19687176

Endurance buffing Zoanthropes would also be a'ight.

Why yes my 6 wound Tyrannofex has Feel no pain, It will not die 5+ regeneration, 6+ biomorph regeneration.

>> No.19687182

I thought focus fire just let you shoot at things with a specific cover save, not ignore it altogether.

>> No.19687186

That's...not entirely accurate. It means that if you're shooting at a group of models in one unit that have different cover saves, you can choose to neglect the higher cover saves and only shoot at the guys with lower cover saves.

>> No.19687188

Is that what it is? I must be confused.

>> No.19687189

Not really. It lets you only shoot at the members of the unit that are out of a certain level of cover. So if a unit has 6 people in 4+ cover and 3 in 5+ cover and 1 with no cover, you can shoot at the whole unit (which everyone then gets a 4+ cover save), you can shoot at the 4 that are in 5+ cover or worse (in which case casualties only come from those 4 and they get 5+ cover) or you can shoot at just the guy out of cover, in which case he's the only one that can wounds allocated to him.

>> No.19687197

Hydras are now BS1 against everything except Skimmers, Flyers and Flying MC's.

Balances them pretty well, they do AA and little else.

>> No.19687203

>Hydras are now BS1 against anything not flyers, FMCs and Skimmers

What the fuck? That's ridiculous.

>> No.19687207

BS 1 ia a tad, low, but that's ok I guess.

I would have gone with BS2.

>> No.19687210
File: 75 KB, 887x633, Focus Fire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm glad we can get this rules confusion out of the way early.

>> No.19687217


Serves the Guard right for spamming them.

>> No.19687219

>dedicated AA vehicle only being good against aircraft
>not being very good against ground targets
>"That's ridiculous."
Entitled Imperialfags, babymode IG players, etc.

>> No.19687221


Yep, anyone that was thinking they'd let them be the best AA weapon in the game and still be good against ground targets for 75 points was a fool.

>> No.19687231

You can still take the Leman Russ Exterminator if you need your twin-linked autocannon shots.

>> No.19687235

Personally I buy from Dark Sphere, which is 25% off. you still pay postage but with large orders it's not bad since maximum possible postage is £8 (courier) it's not too bad if you have a big combined order from a group.

>> No.19687238

Nah, it doesn't balance them, it makes them shit. If you want AA you take vendettas now, and reserve your HS for manticores.

>> No.19687244

>only good against air

This was never stated. There is absolutely no reason for a quad-mount of heavy automatic guns to be bad against infantry. Quit being buttmad about the Guard codex.

>> No.19687247


Manticores are 160 points and can get negated by one weapon destroyed result.

Vendettas are less efficient AA than Hydras: more expensive, have limited arcs of fire unless they hover, in which case they lose the flyer benefits.

>> No.19687248

Which'll just get torn to shreds by the enemy's fliers. Take Leman Russes. Take them in squadrons. Take a bunch of them. You'll be nearly unstoppable.

>> No.19687252





>> No.19687254

Why can't Daemons use CSM icons to deep strike without scatter? I see nothing that prevents this. I'm not trying to be a dick, just trying to learn the new rules.

I mean, they're battle brothers, so benefits cross over. I should be able to infiltrate some allied Chosen with an icon and do my Daemonic Assault from their icon, right?

>> No.19687259


>implying implications

Why should anyone be mad? Hydras got nerfed vs ground targets, so we got what we wanted.

>> No.19687260
File: 19 KB, 156x250, 1315702025245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been waiting for Russes to reclaim "best tank in the game" status

>mfw 6th

>> No.19687266
File: 78 KB, 900x675, warhammer_40k_tau_devilfish_4_by_dayweantart-d4s3bdv[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no, I'm quite happy your Hydras are no longer the Swiss Army Knife of the Imperial Guard. Shame that it'll hit any of our vehicles that moved last turn at full BS and will ignore our Jink saves. Guess we'll just stay put.

If I'm mad over anything, it's that YOUR anti-aircraft vehicle does (or seems like it will do) its job very admirably. 99,999:1 K:D ratio and all that. Meanwhile, our anti-aircraft vehicle is worse at anti-aircraft than our main battle tank is.

>> No.19687267

Which is fucked stupid. There is NO LEGITIMATE REASON to fuck Hydras like that.

>> No.19687269

It was stated in fluff to be as potent against ground targets as it is potent against aircraft. Well, whatever, I use basilisk as the only HS slot since 3ed, so this doesn't bother me. Though BS2 instead of BS3 for ground targets fits fluff better.

>> No.19687273

I hope they errata this. I played a tyranid player who tried to do this in 5th edition. Against kids half his age in a half term event no less.

Unsuprisingly, if you play your cards right you can make a non specialised army die in a fire (gaunt wall with FNP from tervigons and cover save from the area cover beastie).

>> No.19687277

I know you're happy, and it's because they just gutted one of the few all-purpose tools in the codex.

EVERYONE hates Hydras.

>> No.19687279

flyers are the reason.
Flyers are going to be very prevalent and strong and right now the Hydra is just about the best tool in the game for dealing with them.

Thus, while nerfed vs ground they have a totally new role in which they are Buffed considerably compared to other ground units.

>> No.19687280


Yes there is. They're the most efficient AA unit in the game, if they're also the most efficient source of all autocannon fire they'd be imbalanced. Now you take them if you want the best AA in the game but you get nothing more than that.

>> No.19687293

>No legitimate reason
I take it you've never had to deal with them as Dark Eldar and Tau have. They were not fun to go against, especially when there were two or even three of them on the other side of the board.

Just because you're firing at infantry at BS 1 now does not mean you're not still firing four twin-linked shots. In that regard, you're a heck of a lot better with your Hydra autocannons than you are with most other Skyfire guns.

>> No.19687295


You weren't allowed to do it in 5th edition. This change was probably intentional.

Other armies got buffs too, though. For example: Overwatch, Rapid Fire unaffected by movement, Snap Fire, and wound allocation front to back are all going to help IG, Tau and Necrons out considerably, but won't help Tyranids all that much.

>> No.19687316
File: 12 KB, 787x436, Cyrus's nightmares.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question from a guy who doesn't play Tyranids and doesn't normally do the blocking-models-with-other-models thing.

If you have two units of gaunts, and you organize them like this, each remaining in coherency with itself, could you realistically give half of each of your squads a cover save?

>> No.19687317

There's going to be a return of nob bikers.

T5 base, Warboss T6 base, and they get Hammer of Wrath.

>> No.19687320

>implying Russes haven't been best tanks in the game for some time now

It's fucking stupid how good the tractors of the 41st millenium are.

>> No.19687330

>Hive Tyrants with Wings are Flying Monstrous Creatures
>Winged Daemon Princes from Chaos Space Marines are Jump Monstrous Creatures
>Winged Daemon Princes from Chaos Daemons are Flying Monstrous Creatures


>Target Lock deleted from Tau Armory for no raisin.
>Target Lock vehicle wargear unaffected.

All I can think is they were initially going to let a unit split fire and the idiot writing the Tau FAQ didn't get the memo.

>> No.19687331

I recall they ruled against that in 5th. I assume it won't work in 6th.

>> No.19687332

This is true- at least now you need bulk between you and the enemy- now you could stick a load of squads in front of heavy weapons and simply blow a hole in the 2" spaced apart wall, instead of the player removing models from the other end of the lien.

>> No.19687340
File: 54 KB, 800x593, XV-88BroadsideBattlesuit[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Warriors of the Greater Good, take heed. Shield drones alone are no longer sufficient protection against enemy fire. With wound allocation, it makes the most sense to put the shield drones in front of the main shooters. Don't leave them off to the side anymore! Their position matters!

And drones still count for squad Morale check purposes, so don't go crazy with them.

>> No.19687348



More like balance.

Chaos Space Marine DP pays 20 points for wings,
Daemon DP and Tyrant pay 60 points. Now they get value for those extra 40 points, unlike during the entirety of 5th.

>> No.19687353

The newer Russes look a lot more like actual tanks now.

>> No.19687365

Actually, the Quad Gun for the Aegis Defense line is the most efficient AA weapon in the game. Because the mother fucker has Interceptor. Only 50 points. Even comes with its own cover save (aegis defense line/bastion battlement).

And EVERYONE has access to the mother fucker, and it doesn't take up a god damned heavy support slot.

Tell me again why any guard player worth his salt is taking a Hydra? Ever? For any reason?

>> No.19687366

that makes sense to me, i was raging about this earlier aswell and now i am not

>> No.19687369

I have not seen anything in the FAQs about it, which could mean both.
However, as *I* see it, they are battle brothers and the wording in the daemon and the csm one is: "Icon of Chaos", so they should be able to use them.
But then its chaos, I expect a v1.1 FAQ that screws this over, like the warptime nerf.

>> No.19687376
File: 65 KB, 669x313, plaguebearers 003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't see anything against it either, but I've mostly only skimmed over the scan stuff.

>> No.19687378

Except nids ololololololol

>> No.19687379

I have an actual idea about Target Lock. Shadowsun is allowed to split fire still. I think they took the Target Lock away mostly because of Broadsides. Having a pair of them, with one firing at one vehicle and the other at another, is pretty deadly. Or three of them with one splitting off.

You can also do fun stuff with with Crisis Suits with it. Maybe they were trying to tone down the firepower in light of Rapid Fire changes.

>> No.19687382


Aegis Defence Line with Quad Gun is 100 points, you get a maximum of one in 1-1999 points and you need someone to fire it instead of its own guns.

If Hydras were full BS against ground targets, no Guard player would ever take the line and quad gun.

>> No.19687384

Yes. And if you mix two units together like this, anyone who assaults this group will lose the +1 attack from charging he would normally get because of disoriented charge or whatever the name of that rule was, which penalized multi-assaults.

>> No.19687386

Chaos has already been almost completely dicked over by 6e, they might as well go ahead and finish the job until the new codex comes out.

>> No.19687388

In the german csm FAQ its said that a demon prince with wings is a flying MC.

>> No.19687389

I've been following 6th edition threads and all I can say it's laughable to call it a new edition. A few minor changes don't constitute a new edition - especially that those don't address any problems, trying to fix something, they just make things a little different. The very core of the game is just as broken as it was. It's the way to make money without doing anything really.

Changes are much smaller than between 3.5 and 3 D&D. Just imagine what would happen if wizards declared 3.5 as 4.

>> No.19687395


You can get 1 Quad Gun in the army (only allowed 1 fortification), it also does not ignore Jink like Hydras do and costs 25 more points minimum.

>> No.19687397

>a few minor changes


>> No.19687405


It's a fortification, not an ally. 'Nids can take it, and fluff it by saying that it's a spawned nest growing out of the ground, armed with a biocannon.

>> No.19687414
File: 7 KB, 397x399, untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

captcha eating my pics

>> No.19687429

GW's site said my collectors edition shipped out Last Friday yet I haven't received it yet. Has anyone received theirs?

>> No.19687433
File: 118 KB, 789x605, MachaDiary.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Haven't read the FAQ.

>> No.19687462

I don 't believe that will force a multiple assault. I don't have to move into base contact with a unit I did not declare an assault against.

>> No.19687470

Relic Blades? Demiklaives? More like faggots. Ahahahahaha

>> No.19687479



>> No.19687487

Jump makes you move like standard jump infantry.
Flying is all swooping and shit.

>> No.19687498
File: 9 KB, 200x199, post-6249-1216880015_thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since different Wargear no longer lets us allocate wounds and now that Snazzguns have ignore cover. Would Flash Gitz actually be worth something?
They have a 4+ armor save and a possibility to get FNP, both of which make them as tough as normal nobz.
Also with the More Dakka Upgrade they're only 30 points a piece and still got str 5 weapon. With some good luck, opponent gets only invulnerable saves against those shots. The down side ofc. is that they don't really have any melee weapons like da Nobz do.

>> No.19687513

Nid player here, the tripfag is correct.

Nids can't man the weapons, eg garrison a fortification with Hormagaunts and have a Hormagaunt fire the weapon at Ballistic Skill 3 however the emplaced weapon will still fire under the automated firing rule which is at the end of the shooting phase and it will do so at Ballistic Skill 2 at the nearest viable target.

Nids can purchase fortifications with emplaced weapons, fluffed up to be something like a seething biomass structure which spits clouds of bone shards into the air.

Please read the rulebook and FAQ with care and attention before deriding someone to read the said rulebook or FAQ as you just end up looking like an idiot.

>> No.19687549

>Tau's anti-air vehicle is worse at anti-air duties than Crisis Suits are.
Its worse at it than our main battle tank.


>> No.19687559
File: 110 KB, 756x897, that's why he said ololololol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank heavens, Cloudflare is gone.

1) >>19687405
See pic
2) So I have a question. Tau. Battlesuit armory. Iridium Armor.

Turns the battlesuit's armor save to a 2+, but reduces its assault jet pack move from 6" to d6". This has not been errated. So, in 6th edition, would this mean the suit rolls 1d6" for its assault jet pack move instead of 2d6"? What happens if he's in a unit who rolls 2d6"?

>> No.19687584

your image does nothing to disprove >>19687513's post

Are relic blades AP3? Or do they get AP2? I didn't see them in my scan of the book/FAQ

>Demiklaives are awesome, you just jelly of the I6 Klaivex

>> No.19687593

>What happens if he's in a unit who rolls 2d6"?

He makes a move of D6", the rest 2D6". However, they can't move out of coherency - so the regular suits probably won't be able to move the maximum rolled distance.

>> No.19687594

>30 pts apiece

>> No.19687602

They're AP3, unusual power weapons.

>> No.19687604

Yeah, that image would've been fresh a couple hours ago. Then Cloudflare.

Where are the automatic fire rules? I remember them, vaguely. Are they in the Fortifications section?

>> No.19687612

>Are relic blades AP3? Or do they get AP2?

"A relic blade counts as a Power Weapon whose hits are resolved at Strength 6".

It's a Power Weapon, so it's AP3.

>> No.19687624

Goddamn, Warscythes are vehicle rape. S7+2d6 for pen and then +2 on the damage table. Motherfuckers.

>> No.19687639

That's.. disappointing, I guess. Oh well.

At the very least I can actually take tactical terminators without a guilty conscious now.

>> No.19687646

Flash Gitz are still just a tad bit too random still with their variable AP and Ballistic Skill 2 and compete with Deff Rolla Battle Wagons, Deff Dreads and Killa Kan spam.

But they certainly have thier uses now. They don't give a flying fuck about Night Fighting, they can readily dislodge some of the new Stealth/Shroud 2+ cover save units from their area Terrain at good distance s'long as you can roll your 5s up.

They can still readily krump the shit out of things in CC too with their 3 attacks and 3 Initative.

They're certainly better now with their ignore cover skill but are they worth the Heavy Support slot? That's really up to your army composition. Does your army need another means of anti-infantry krumpin' and occasional but random MEq TEq krumpin' or would you rather have that multi-purpose Deff Dread for punching open tanks and TEqs or willing to give up a Battlewagon for transport?

>> No.19687672
File: 34 KB, 318x336, 1318002623359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ask your archon next door for using his portal for your

>> No.19687696

Allied units can't use Dark Eldar webway portals, sadly.

>> No.19687698

Wrong since it's counts as a power weapon, it can be a power axe with ap:2 or a power maul with ap:4.

Deamon Weapons also are power weapons, so now you get more options with them.

>> No.19687718

But they have addition rules making them Unusual power weapons which under the new rules simply makes the map 3 with w/e rules they have.

>> No.19687721
File: 17 KB, 404x130, pw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Unless erratad otherwise, Relic Blades and daemon weapons are AP3.

>> No.19687743

Exactly. The only things that can use the various Power Weapon profiles, are bog-standard, no-extra-rules, regular old Power Weapons. Daemon Weapons, Huskblades, Relic Blades, whatever - they have to use their own rules, modified to be AP3.

>> No.19687769

Which confuses me as to why Kharn and Typhus are specifically FAQ'd to have axes.

>> No.19687804

It's a completly out of place filler that means Chaos dex is next up.

>> No.19687807

Guess that means Boneswords too. Now there are 0 reasons to take Tyranid Warriors. Fuck it, I'll still use them.

>> No.19687811


Balance issues and differentiation. Now they are the only Chaos SC's that get to keep AP2 (Abaddon doesn't) and get +1S but strike at I1.

Crozius was also FAQ'd to be always a Maul so Chappies' attacks are always S6 AP4 Concussive.

>> No.19687817

Nope, because Boneswords are not refered to as "Power Weapons". They're like Necron Warscythes - the rules simply say they ignore armour saves. So their rules are unchanged.

>> No.19687820

Has there been any word about who can use which power weapons when the entry says just generic PW?

Because I can already see the age of spammed Mauls and Axes.

>> No.19687841

The ones modeled.

This leaves only one potential problem that I can see, which is the Ork Burna.

>> No.19687845

>Balance issues
>anything in the Chaos 'dex

>> No.19687849



Bonesword is a bonesword, not a power weapon. It is not affected by the rulebook as per RAW and hasn't been ever erratad to be a PW. It ignores all armor saves as per codex entry.

>> No.19687856

Unusual, so AP3.

>> No.19687859

I don't understand your question. When you choose a generic Power Weapon for a list, you also choose a weapon type. It's whatever you have represented on your model.

>> No.19687882

Same goes for Leliths swords and Sliscus' poison.

I'm not sure if there is any point in taking anything but Venom Blades for DE characters and Sergeants (not that anyone took gear for any sergeant save Aberration before) now and Flickerfield for anyone but fliers.

Well I guess that shaves off quick 50-100 points from every list. People are going to need those when they change their Ravagers to Fliers.

>> No.19687899

You're acting like AP3 isn't a boon in 99% of combats

>> No.19687906


the warscythe was in a similar position of being an armor-ignoring CCW, and was errata'd to be AP 1 (among other things)

why they didn't do something similar with the bonesword i don't know, but if its not listed in the Tyranid codex as a power weapon, then it doesn't use any of the new power weapon rules

>> No.19687912

I was just asking if there were any restrictions.

I really don't see how Power Swords could ever be more useful than Axes when the squad only get limited amount of PWs and Mauls when the PWs are massed.

>> No.19687922

The Agoniser is still a good, solid choice. I'm not planning on dropping down to Venom Blades or cutting Incubi from my list because they can't mow through Terminators any more - they'll just occupy themselves with tearing apart MEQ units while the Terminators get a face full of splinters and die before hitting combat.

>> No.19687932

It isn't much of an upgrade when it comes to killing power.

Agonizer was on the edge before and now it just flew off the board completely.

>> No.19687939

Yeah, it's weird. Given the wording, right now it ignores armour saves but is AP- against vehicles.

>> No.19687940

Power Swords can challenge Axes and then either keep them out of combat or cut them down before they get a chance to swing back.

>> No.19687946


Power Sword is the best option when facing things like Marines and fist sergeants - you pierce their armour and stand a good chance of killing them in challenge before they swing. If they refuse they can't strike and you remove a powerfist from combat nonetheless.

Fist strikes simultaneously with axes and against mauls they get 3+ saves.

>> No.19687950

Man, I REALLY suck at building lists. When I try to build a list from scratch, I get caught up on options and constantly refer to rules earlier in the codex. I never get far at all. Does anyone have any advice for staying focused and interested in list-making?

>> No.19687956

That's because it falls under unusual weapons now.
Unless it got FAQ'd like the warscythe.

>> No.19687969

The only unusual weapons are force weapons and power weapons. The bonesword isn't either of those, it really needs FAQd to clear this up.

>> No.19687973

>Unless it got FAQ'd like the warscythe.

It doesn't need to be. The phrase "Power Weapon" isn't included anywhere in the rules description, so it isn't a Power Weapon and thus isn't affected by the new rules. It just outright ignores armour saves, but won't get the +2 on the damage charts that the AP1 Warscythe gets.

>> No.19687978


It's pretty clear even now.

No AP value (matters against mech), strikes at S, retains its special rules which are ID chance and ignoring armor saves.

>> No.19687987


>> No.19687994


Rules as written in the nid dex:

"No armour saves may be taken against wounds inflicted in close combat by a Tyranid with a bonesword".

Nowhere in the description is it classified as a power weapon, so it retains its armour-ignoring abilities.

>> No.19687996

Commander Farsight's Dawn Blade:
- Ignores armor saves
- Rolls 2d6+5 for armor penetration
- Is not said to be a power weapon of any sort
So, presumably, it is AP- versus vehicles. Correct?

>> No.19688005

Mauls are great for krumpin' light and mid armored foes and good for prelonged fights with high wound, high initative units by knocking em flat on their arses. But when you start getting mobbed by MEq or TEq you're going to wish you had something else.

Axes are great for krumpin' low quanity high armored troops (Termis) but when that unit starts getting mobbed by high quantity low quality troops or end up getting charged by orks you're going to wish you had a maul or sword when your effective strike back capabilities rapidly diminish.

Power Swords still have their place, right in the middle ground capable of cleaving through 3+ without iniative fucking you up at the expense of having a slightly tougher time up against toughness rolls.

There's a bit more thinking involved in wargear now than what seems obvious.

>> No.19688006

Correct. Outright ignores all armour saves but gets no modifiers on the damage chart.

>> No.19688007

Boneswords and warscythes aren't in the appendix, I just checked. Actually, ALL non-imperium melee weapons aren't in. Only generic stuff like power-X power-Y chain-X chain-Y and ect.

>> No.19688009

I gave the fluff a quick read through earlier; didn't seem to be much that was different.

Did the Ultrasmurfs/Tau thing turn out to be true? If so, could somebody give me a page reference?

>> No.19688018

Abbadabbadoo ain't so tough now with AP3 Drach'nyen and Talon of Horus.

I bet Logan or Lysander could take him.

>> No.19688033

No it's not. I just read through the fluff sections too. Honestly it was BARE MINIMUM stuff. All races get 1 page of brief general all around fluff that are just obvious shit that we already know.

Even the space marine section makes no mention of the a ton of stuff like how many marines per legion and ect. Only modern information.

>> No.19688036 [DELETED] 

Nope, nothing in the rules say that and in fact in the weapon section it says to refer to the codex if the weapon is not covered in the main rules. Boneswords are not once referred to in the main rules, they are not normal close combat weapons and they have their own special rules in the codex.

So be considered a CCW they would have to be referred to as a Close Combat Weapon in the wargear (but they are called Boneswords. So the rules tell you to refer to the codex.

So they are currently the last "ignore armour save" weapon in the game until the next codex (or next errata update if GW ever bother removing them).

>> No.19688040


Not having an AP value listed is not the same as being AP-

>> No.19688041

If someone has the rulebook can they please do a quick appendix scan?

It's the only thing stopping a lot of us from testing the game....

>> No.19688052

>Power Sword is the best option when facing things like Marines and fist sergeants - you pierce their armour and stand a good chance of killing them in challenge before they swing. If they refuse they can't strike and you remove a powerfist from combat nonetheless.

Ironically, the new challenge rules really help out my Necrons. He can either risk his IC punching himself to death then getting a warscythe to the face or he can cower in the back where he can't support his unit. All of this and you dont even have to worry about positioning your lord before combat.

>> No.19688054

Wow, I suck, disregard this post. Reading comprehension fail.

>> No.19688057


Each army's FAQ should have AP values for combat Weapons. Warscythes are +2 S, AP 1, Armourbane and 2-handed. AP 1? FFS. Like they weren't good enough already...

>> No.19688058

I thought it was fun with looted wagons despite their weaknesses, but with the ease of destroying hull points? I don't know man. Sounds like it will explode even earlier now.

The alternative is a battlewagon or kans. Any suggestions?

>> No.19688062

You could take IG as allies and bring some 'Looted' Leman Russes, along with a bare-bones platoon to use as Diggas or something.

>> No.19688063

Allied Leman Russ?

Battlewagon was always superior transport to the looted wagon and neither was known for their shooting ability.

>> No.19688072

Don't forget Mindshackling hilarity.

>> No.19688080


Both are so much better than Looted Wagons that it isn't even funny.

Best Fast Attack is probably the Dakkajet though the blitza bomma perhaps became useful with flyer rules.

The BRB bombing run rules seem to be an alternative for dropping the bombs without using the random table, though it can't benefit from the potential movement phase supa-shoota shot with the generic rules.

>> No.19688089

More Boyz.

>> No.19688090

So what would be the best Power Weapons to use on my Vulkan/Drop Pod Marines?

>> No.19688104

What do you want them to do?

>> No.19688105

Dont forget that if he doesn't accept the challenge then its effectively losing 2 units in that combat because the IC can't participate and the lord is free to shackle another hapless combatant.

Add this with the new snap fire rule for when someone tries to assault you and Necrons aren't so bad in combat anymore (except maybe against faceless hordes).

>> No.19688113

So let me get this straight....

Weapons which have the description "ignores armour saves" aren't power weapons now?

And all those expensive weapons which were technical power weapons hit at AP3?


I've been looking through the FAQs and nothing seems to cover this, anyone got an appendix scan up anywhere?

>> No.19688126

Depends entirely on what you're fighting. There's no obvious best one that'll beat everything and anything. Being Vulkan I'm guessing you're already heavy melta?

>> No.19688147

BRB says that unusual Power Weapons keep their rules but become AP3.

FAQs trump this in few special cases (Warscythe) but there are still loads of weapons that ignore armor saves but don't care about the power weapons rulings because nowhere does it say that they are power weapons.

There are so many obvious anti-infantry weapons in this category (Leliths knifves, Sliscus' poison, Boneswords) that no on should be annoyed about the fact that those weapons are effectively AP- against vehicles.

>> No.19688158

I've got the link to the Necron one, basically everything is a buff (pretty happy)


>> No.19688169


Warscythe is a poor example since it never was a power weapon.

A better example would be the Rod of Covenant which is specified to be a power weapon in the codex should be just default S AP3 but was erratad to +1S AP2.

>> No.19688172
File: 761 KB, 640x360, 1340753746524.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thanks to power weapon AP 3 broadsides and iridium tau commanders are good melee units

>> No.19688182

"Ignores armour saves" are now weapons that strike on the user's initative and strength values unless they have additional special rules in their rulebook to change this.

They will continue to ignore armor saves as though they were 5th edition power weapons.

They have no AP value attached to them for the sole purpose of not getting a bonus to vehicle damage rolls unless again they have a specific rule in their codex saying they add to vehicle damage rolls.

For example Commander Farsight's Dawn Blade
Will continue to ignore all armor saves, still get it's bonus to armor penetration but will not get a +1 or +2 to vehicle damage rolls because it has not been defined with having AP 1 or AP 2.

>> No.19688189

Today is a good day to be a necron player.

My chariot barge king
is going to be trolling around with his scythe

>> No.19688195


Wow, big bonus for crons considering how much 2+ saves they can have (now that almost everything is either ap3 or hits after them, being the only AP1 weapon that isn't I1) and not to mention how much gauss will rape hull points.

>> No.19688196

the armor-ignoring weapons are what, boneswords and warscythes and Lelith's whip?

the 5th ed warscythe was never a CCW, not a power weapon (i think the oldscythes were, i dont have my oldcron dex handy)

5th ed boneswords are CCW, not power weapons

im wholly unfamiliar with the DE weapon, and don't have their codex

regardless, the only one of these weapons that has been FAQ'd is the warscythe, and it is still not a power weapon

the appendix won't do you any good if this is what you're after

but, name a weapon and i'll see if its in there for you

>> No.19688208

>Massed 2+

Yeah no. Lychguards and Weave Lords hardly count as massed.

>> No.19688213

We've got the FAQs, we need the rulebook appendices. Anyone with a book on here who wants a few minutes of fa/tg/uy fame?

>> No.19688219

Wow, so wait, Hydra is now BS1 against ground targets?

Yeah, fuck that noise. Up the price or whatever, but since when have anti-tank guns been ineffective against ground targets? During Vietnam US used M42 Dusters purely against enemy infantry and light vehicles.

And what good is dedicated AA gonna do for me, when I don't know any people who even own flyers. Currently I'm the only IG player around who even has Valkyries.

>> No.19688228

can Anrakyr use Mind in the Machine from a CCB now? i haven't been able to glean an answer from the new rulebook

>> No.19688229

I'm about to drive down to my GW. If nobody posts before I get back, I can do pictures, but no scans.

>> No.19688235

Good enough for me.

>> No.19688237

Not the *only* such weapon left, but your point is still on target.
Oh come on not Cloudflare again...

>> No.19688240

unless you have a codex with not-shitty Lychguard, they don't have a 2+ armor save

>> No.19688250

The "Ignore saves" thing applies to a lot more weapons, for example Sliscus (5+) Deamonblades (GK) and the Dawn Blade....

I find it incredibly ironic that a crappy Tau SC has a sharper weapon than Draigo or ABADDON THE FUCKING DESPOILER.

Looks like Horus couldn't build a glove for shit....

Also a lot of us need the appendix for hull points/USRs and further clarifications not in the FAQs.

>> No.19688251

old chaos marines are now nerfed to fuck and back. Our terminator box set is garbage now because we have no power swords in the box. Just axes/maces. Way to make us fucking garbage GW. I am calling 6th edition a massive failure with having read some of the rules. Yeah wound allocation is more realistic but it's kinda bullshit that "axes are lower initiative" well wonderful that makes them less useful than powerfists...

>> No.19688252


You're going to need them to counter Vendetta spam and scythe spam when they become popular.

Available anti-air that isn't a desperate alliance is easy to get for Guard.

- Vendettas
- Quad Guns
- Hydras

Contrast Eldar who only get a Quad Gun and one allied anti-air unit.

DE at least get a maximum of 3 flyers + quad gun.

>> No.19688253

command barges are more bullshit than ever now.
Gonna enjoy zipping back and forth with my barges popping anything with the back bone to try to catch up to it.

Also being about to engage models in combat, without actually being is combat is delicious.

>> No.19688266

unless you're playing at 2000pts or higher, then DE can have 6 planes and 2 quad guns

>> No.19688268


Axe is a cheapo powerfist, one would expect to get a less powerful weapon for 15 points less than the real deal. This doesn't make it imbalanced, it's perfectly fine for the points (generic PW cost).

>> No.19688277

Thousand Sons are now the most powerful psychic army. They're able to ignore large amounts of enemy powers and the sergeants get powers from the BRB

>> No.19688279

...So Logan Grimnar has a Power Axe, which can instead strike as a power fist?!


>> No.19688281

He never couldn't, open topped vehicles dont have fire points and are, as such, immune to the to the FAQ ruling.

So keep on trolling my brother.

>> No.19688297

Plus it's not specialist, so extra attacks are easier to get.

>> No.19688301

im about to hand off my rulebook to a friend, and since i've posted about this twice now i'll just do it

here are the HP for two armies: Vanilla Marines and Orks

the appendices dont have special rules for vehicles but here's something that you all may have missed: all open topped transports are Assault Vehicles now. hooray!

next post will have the HP

>> No.19688313

hey thanks but what happens when I don't want to run 1ksons and everyone who ran mass berserkers/plague marines is garbage.

Idk about you but chaos has so little wargear that you're usually scrambling for upgrades to your units in higher point games. A fist is infinitely better and now that you can single out power fists in an unit, might as well pack as many as you can in.

>> No.19688321

"Vendetta spam" has been a thing for 3 years now, yet I'm still the only one with any IG flyer. Know 2 Necron players, but I really can't see them whipping out the cash for scythes just like that.

>> No.19688323


Axe Morkai isn't a power axe.

Read its entry:
"may be used as a FROST BLADE or, if Logan wields it with both hands, a power fist."

Frost Blade is +1S AP3 strikes at normal I.

>> No.19688324

No, it's a frost blade/power fist.

>> No.19688331


I'm writing on my army list what a weapon is. I don't care if it looks like an axe, I'm using the fucking power sword rules.

>> No.19688341

Please can you do a quick scan/photo of the appendix section?

>> No.19688349

Plague Marines are still good, They're permanently T5 and only lose their FnP to S10.

Berserkers are the ones that got shafted.

>> No.19688354


Except for the fact that power weapon sergeants can challenge your fist champs and kill them before they swing or prevent them from fighting if they refuse.

>> No.19688355


Vanilla Marines: Land Speeder/Land Speeder Storm and Stormtalon Gunships have 2 HP; Dreads, Pods, IClads, Preds, Razor/Rhinos, Venerable Dreads, Vindicators and Whirlwinds have 3 HP; Land Raiders have 4 HP

Orks: Warbuggies, Wartrakks, Skorchas and Kans have 2 HP; Blitza-bommer, Burna-bommer, Dakkajet, Deff Dreads, Looted Wagons and Trukks have 3 HP; Battlewagons have 4 HP

>> No.19688363

Yea Arankyr on a command barge is known for his faggotry

Love how he'll pop any vehicle ever then find your biggest gun to fuck you in the ass with it.

>> No.19688365
File: 112 KB, 692x496, gt1500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aww, little boo boo Imperial Guard player is upset that he can't get more autocannons than God on the table at once?

The Hydra isn't just effective against Flyers. It works against Flyers, Flying Monstrous Creatures, and Skimmers. You may not see many of the first two for a while, but Skimmers sure are everywhere. Your fellow Guard players are have had their precious Valkyries turned into Flyers. (Though not Vultures, strangely. Very strangely.) Your Hydra is going to be the best anti-aircraft model in the game unless Chaos gets something really nasty in a couple months. Or, perhaps, if the Skyray finally gets properly updated.

Hydras were a unit that did everything. They ignored little fast guys' special cover saves, they ruined light vehicles, and they put gaping holes in the chests of infantry, all pretty equally. All that for a very low cost. It was ridiculous.

As a Guard player, you do not want for autocannons, or lascannons, or high-powered weaponry. Don't whine that your anti-aircraft vehicle is no longer great against ground units.

>> No.19688367

im unable to scan it, sorry!

since you asked, though, i can find a few things for you before i split

>> No.19688368

Berserkers are garbage but plague marines and MoN lords is now T5 base. Can shrug off PFs like a boss.
And tzeentch gets a 5+ deny the witch save everywhere while that overcosted sorc is finally worth his points.
The ONLY saving grace of slannesh is the lash which can be used to drag sergeants and special weapons to the front before you completely neuter the enemy squad

>> No.19688377


Another nice thing is that Nurgle Lord on a bike is T6 base and thus cannot be ID'd with S8-10.

>> No.19688381

oops i missed the Stormraven, it has 3 HP

>> No.19688393


Necron/Eldar hull points?

>> No.19688400

>preordered Collector's edition last friday
>got a "your order has shipped" email on the 25th
>never got a tracking number email
>isn't here yet
>from prior experience, it'll get here monday or tuesday because I didn't have them send it to the nearby GW bunker (because I avoid going in there as much as possible)

>> No.19688406

Just give us all the appendecies.

Why is it that everyone with a book /tg/ wants scanned is always in a hurry or has a life or some other excuse to not scan.

>> No.19688407

No camera?
Can you give a summary of the Dark Eldar section with the hull points?

>> No.19688409

Oh that sucks. For me,
>went to store on thursday,
>saw piles of 6th ed rulebook and psyker cards on display
>spent all thursday masturbating to new rules

>> No.19688422

Necron: Barges, Scythes and the Stalker have 3 HP; Arks and the Monolith have 4 HP

Craftworld Eldar: Vypers and Warwalkers have 2 HP; Falcons, Prisms, Night Spinners and Wave Serpents have 3 HP

Dark Eldar: Venoms have 2 HP; Raiders, Ravagers and both flyers have 3 HP

>> No.19688423
File: 120 KB, 400x332, opwilldeliver[1].jpg_131349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

C'mon man.... I need to play tonight!

>> No.19688426

Because most of you guys are total faggots except 1-2 people in a thread of 5-10

>> No.19688433

lol everyone is after the appendix.

I heard that GK paladins count as characters, is this true according to the appendix?

>> No.19688441

Hey 40kids, I quit this game over a year ago but still have my army. I'm wondering if it might be a good time to sell or maybe play again. How do missle/plasmaback spam Space Wolves (deal with it, crybaby) fare in this edition? Think they'll be in demand?

>> No.19688442


if they hadn't been retarded and released the starter boxes at the same time as the rulebook, I probably would've had them ship the collector's edition to the bunker and picked up a starter box today.

I'm not spending $75+tax on something I'm already getting in Deluxe-O-Vision, but I sure would like a mini rulebook that can leave my house.

>> No.19688446

Can I get some Tau please? Oh please.

>> No.19688453

Power Axes still get a +1 to Attack for 2CCWs and still cleave through 2+ armor at the cost of having less instant death chances.

With that +1 attack you can clear out larger formations of high armor, low wound units faster. The reduction of strength doesn't really matter unless you're aiming for instant deathing things as with +2 Strength you're more than likely still rolling 2s to wound.

Up against vehicles you'll need to roll higher on your penetration rolls but you'll be hitting alot more with the new vehicle weapon skills, factor in the +1 attacks and you can readily glance rear AV 12 down to Zero Hull and penetrate the shit out of AV 10-11.

>> No.19688457

Holy fuck... they are.
Dem psycannons... will have precision fire.
Also so are all assassins if you were wondering.

>> No.19688459



>> No.19688460


>Scythes have 3
>Raven has 3

Wow, all those people saying most flyers had 2 HP last week were full of shit.

>> No.19688464
File: 590 KB, 1000x796, 1274057481255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hurray! My fluffy guard army is now a reality!

Allied SoB again!

>> No.19688466

they sure are

so are -- get this -- dreadknights

and a few other things

and to the guy asking about why no scans: my scanner won't do jack if its not totally closed up, which means id have to cut this $78 book up to scan it, and i don't feel like doing that

i don't mind giving info out as i have though

>> No.19688476

IG tank HP?

>> No.19688482

friend is playing battlefield right now so i can do a couple more lookie-loos

Tau: Pirhannas have 2 HP; Devilfish, Hammerhead, and Sky Rays have 3 HP

>> No.19688483

Chaos Marines & Tau?

>> No.19688486

>Holy fuck... they are.

brb replacing my pally weps with halberds and making an offering to my Mat Ward shrine.

>> No.19688488


>> No.19688496


Thanks a ton, buddy. Now I can finally play.

>> No.19688512

6th ed CSM is going to be by Kelly, right?
That means that (my army) DA will be writing but crudacce. I doubt MW will touch it since he just pumped out Newcrons

>> No.19688514

Harbingers of Destruction are characters and you can have 10 of them sniping enemy characters with S8 AP2 guns. No wonder they ruled that bike toughness bonus helps against instant death now.

>> No.19688515


Chaos: Dread, Pred, Rhino and Vindicator have 3 HP; Soul Grinder, Defiler, and Chaos Land Raider have 4 HP

IG: oh my god you fuckers have so many vehicles

Armored and Scout Sentinels have 2 HP; Hellhound + variants, Basilisk + variants, Chimera, Deathstrike, Hydra, Leman Russ + variants, Valkyrie, and Vendetta have 3 HP

>> No.19688525

Can't you just hold it so the page is perpendicular to the book?

No camera? We don't care about quality, as long as it's legible.

>> No.19688531

You know, you could just say what has 2 HP and what has 4 HP. Everything else would be assumed to be 3 HP.

>> No.19688532

What does it mean?

>> No.19688545

That's not really helpful, I don't give a shit about a rules errata for a game I don't play. I'm just asking if they are a good tournament army currently.

>> No.19688549

i could, but i'd rather be as thorough as i can. these aren't scans after all and i don't want to hose people who are planning to play with this info!

>> No.19688554


Space Wolves are still very good in 6th, worry not. Long Fangs and Grey Hunters in transports haven't stopped working.

>> No.19688558

I think Cruddace has been shipped to Fantasy, so I'd guess maybe Vetock? I think he had a hand in the new Rule Book.

>> No.19688581

SW were top tier in 5th, doubt that will change in 6th

missiles will continue to be great for marines since they can use Flakk to hit flyers, and they can snap fire krak/flakk missiles if they have to move

can't overwatch/snap fire plasma cannons since they're blast weapons, but they're not too bad

>> No.19688587

some cunt needs to just scan the fucking appendix already

use your blurry shitty phone camera already jesus

>> No.19688599

Cool, thank you for the reply!

>> No.19688606

I like how all of the FAQ/Erratas have _6th_Ed_V1.pdf at the end of the filename, EXCEPT:


which kind of sort of >implies that there will be no further errata for CSM, because their codex is the next 40k release.

>> No.19688610

Well in 5th Draigowing had the advantage of exploiting wound allocation because every one could take a unique wargear load out. In 6th with wound allocation you can't do that anymore.

However, now that all paladins are 'characters' you don't even need to have unique wargear you can use 'Look out sir' to allocate wounds however you like or put them on Draigo.

Also, psycannons would get precision rending and in CC you can challenge problem units and counter their weapon choice.

>> No.19688613
File: 251 KB, 997x1000, 1295729556221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was the understudy of Jervis on Ogre Kingdoms, right? Then maybe DA will have a chance to not be assfucked.

>> No.19688618

someone needs to go buy the rulebook

if anyone wants me to look up weapons in the appendix, give me their names please! they're alphabetical, not grouped by codex, and its very dense

>> No.19688634

In 6th edition, wounds are allocated from front to back. If I shoot at a mob of orks in front of me, the one closest to me is assigned the first wound, then the second-closest gets the second wound, third-closest gets the third wound, and so on.

Characters are an exception to this. If you roll a 6 on a To-Hit roll with a Character, you get to choose which model they are hitting. If my Commissar rolls a 6 To-Hit with his bolt pistol, I get to choose which Ork in the mob (that is within range of the bolt pistol) I get to hit. Typically I'll aim for a Nob, or an Ork carrying a special weapon. Some priority target. That model will suffer any wound that the bolt gun inflicts on the unit.

Paladins are stupidly strong. If it is true that they are all characters, then you have an entire unit of models with good BS, psychic powers, and powerful ranged weaponry that, on any To-Hit roll of 6, can choose how its wounds are allocated to the target it is shooting.

That's rather frightening.

>> No.19688637
File: 8 KB, 205x251, 1313611049848s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go and get a fucking job if its THAT important to you.

>> No.19688642

they don't sell it here yet, but thanks

>> No.19688651
File: 29 KB, 461x373, patrickstoned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19688654

they don't see it here, thanks
we play off the scans as any new releases usually come out a month later here

>> No.19688656

Normal missiles can't use flakk shots
AP3 or more is basically like AP- in 5th. A steaming pile of shit.
Your best bet now is to kill vehicles by reducing to 0 HP. Penetrating won't do anything.

>> No.19688658


Burst Cannon, Flamer, Ion cannon, Kroot Rifle, Kroot Gun, Markerlight, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Pulse Carbine, Pulse Pistol, Fusion Blaster, Railgun, Rail Rifle, Seeker Missile, Smart Missile System, Vespid Neutron Blaster

Many, many thanks.

>> No.19688662

Then import it. Fly to the next country over and get it. Use a mexican drug mule.

>> No.19688663

None of those have changed.

>> No.19688669

Well we can only hope.

>> No.19688673
File: 157 KB, 550x729, 1306881023317.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19688680

Thanks. I was REALLY hoping that the Rail Rifle would get sniper, but it's all good.

>> No.19688681
File: 73 KB, 509x373, man smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Summerfags who don't have a job and must beg mummy for money. Go back to school already you little dipshits.

>> No.19688682

strange, homepage says its release date is 6/30 (or for non americans 30.6. ... so you just could have gone to your store and buy it

I didn't buy it, because I gonna order it in a week lol not paying full price xD

>> No.19688685

>Play Guard for years when they sucked.
>"Suck it, Guardfag. Should have chosen a better army."
>Suddenly Guard gets better.
>"Fuck you, Guardfag, flavor of the month cheesemonger."
>Guard gets nerfs.
>"Babby gonna cry?"


Right now I feel like when the last Daemon army book came out. I've ran a pure-Slaanesh daemon legion since Hordes of Chaos book came out and it did ok. Then pure-Slaanesh without a Keeper became useless and when I tried to point this out, everyone called me a troll and just wanting daemon to be even more OP.

Apart from 2 Hydras, I have 3 infantry autocannons and no lascannons. In about 6000pts. of Guard. Yes, I'm a bad Guard player and I deserve all the bad things in the world.

>> No.19688687

Does it mention CCW?
I'm assuming agonizer is AP3, but what about huskblade?

Any difference to dark lance and splinter cannon?

>> No.19688690


Penetrating still has 16,7% chance to kill if you shoot with missile launchers or autocannons or tesla destructors or whatever.

It has 33% chance to kill if you shoot with Dark Lances or Blasters or lascannons.

50% with railguns or melta.

>> No.19688706

Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster, Havoc Launcher

>> No.19688708

All of your squad leaders are characters including the XV88 shaswhatever.

And your commander's shassomething squad are all characters.

You have enough sniping.

>> No.19688712


You can fit 45 autocannons in 2k points if you want with the current guard dex, without using hydras.

>> No.19688734

Has anyone tried Gauss Blaster Immortals yet with new rapid fire? Are they still not worth it? My 1k list currently has very little gauss (Tesla out the ears) and I'm wondering what I should build my Immortals with. Not planning on running warriors or this wouldn't be an issue lol.

Unless I up the points and take warriors in an ark...

>> No.19688738

Appendices scan??

>> No.19688813

Yes, but am I gonna start buy and converting even more model, when I already have more than I'm gonna need in a long while. I suppose I'll just field them when facing armies with lots of skimmers. Or when that one daemon player and his flying GD's.

See, this is why I don't buy many "special" units. One thing that has never failed me so far with Guard is tons of infantry, plain Leman Russes and a squad of (scout) sentinels. Those things have remained useful through editions while all the rest comes and goes.

>> No.19689210

Deathleaper's Fangirl, are you actually a girl

>> No.19689411

Who fucking cares. Get out.

>> No.19689469

peace, friend

>> No.19690395


I thought they were getting rid of the rule about everyone needing to take a wound before a model can take two?

>> No.19691572

>Tau sniper drones shouldn't have sniping
I am disappointed in you Anon

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