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Alright /tg/, we know that GW's fluff generally involves trying to bring the Imperium to the absolute teetering brink of destruction as possible, without actually going the full monte.

Since we've hit M41 with the Cain novels, I ask...assume the Imperium imploded (Astronimicon fails vastly reduced in distance)...Emprah is still alive and generally combats Chaos in the Warp as he always does...but major parts of the galaxy are blacked out. What would it look like after a 1000 years of this?

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You mean we've hit M42 with the Cain novels.

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>just thousands

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Yes my bad. Whatever....45k.

I see a few things happening.

* Ultramarr system, while not outright seceding, is too far away to be tied to the Imperium anymore. Does their own shit. Still shits out endless SPHESS MAHREEN chapters to adhere to their spiritual liege's book

* Tau Fourth Sphere expansion goes crazy, as the Imperial planets can't really rely on outside help. Tau overextend, and are vulnerable, but now much larger. Netted quite a few planets and their pops/forces intact. Perhaps they even manage to snag a few Space Marine chapters to the Empire? Provided of course special privileges remain. Tau Empire and Ultramarr fight constantly.

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Humanity falls upon the brink of extinction, the other factions in the universe start cutting up the pie that was most of the Imperium.

I don't think it will be the death of man, but it will certainly be the end of its empire. The power vacuum in its wake leads to even more conflict and humanity becomes about as important as any other minor xeno group in the galaxy.

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who is that in op's pic, i mean, obviously the chick is macha, who's the guy with the hammer?

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>Ultramar gets it shit together
>tau empire spreads out
>Tau Empire and Ultramar fight constantly.

so... pic related?

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If the imperium is completely shattered than within 10,000 years nothing will be left. Without an Imperium to be used as a shield the Eldar will be slaughtered, with no large scale oposition the Dark Eldar will effectively poach humanity (one of, if not the largest source of their slaves) to near extinction, the Cadian gate will fall with ease, Tyranid hive fleets would consume swarms of human planets giving them tons of biomass allowing them to wipe out the Tau and other minor xenos races.

In the grimdarkness of the 51st millennium there is only Tyranids and Orks.

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>Tau Empire and Ultramarr fight constantly.

Sautekh dynasty already controls them.
They move much more quickly and respond to Imperial threats a lot better than the tau (they already claimed a territory 6 times the size of the tau in under 2 centuries, if you give them a 1,000 years the whole eastern quarter of the galaxy will be under Imotekhs iron fist).

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It's rumored that the Ultramarines ally with the Tau because the Emperor foresaw the coming of the Tau as the best way to destroy Chaos.

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God i hope thats untrue.

it's just too stupid. and for 40k that's saying something.

there is literally no way that could could be true with the established HH fluff but I don't really want to get into it.

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>Implying tyranids are a galactic threat

pic fucking related, get on my level organic

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Tau and humans, friends forever! For the greater good!

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* Lufgt Huron pours forth from the Maelstrom and takes surrounding worlds. Surprisingly decides to be lenient (he's a pirate after all, not pants on head Chaos retarded) and actually makes a respectable empire outside Imperial worlds and Maelstrom Daemon worlds. Upholds humanity there with the armies and SM chapters he absorbs

* Abaddon wins Cadia and the surrounding system. Settles down and builds his new empire so hes off radar for a while. That area of space just becomes slightly hellish...probably like the situation on Kai where worlds are Imperial, but have to pay protection racket to Chaos eventually. Finds his arms.

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Actually it just says a xeno race will be the solution to chaos... Given how ignorant the Tau are to the warp, I pretty sure he meant Necrons.

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Not necessarily, but a Tau Empire thats 40%-70% human, lol taht would be pretty funny

It really will be like communism!

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They will be if they are able to consume half of humanity because no human worlds can get outside help except for a very lucky visit by Chaos or Dark Eldar who will be the next two biggest killers of humans and will slay the survivors after the victory anyway.

Besides that I often agree that the Tyranid threat is overstated. Humanity has been very successful in defeating every major hive fleet that has entered the galaxy sans leviathan which is caught in an eternal war with Orks that due to the Eldar they can never win.

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I can see the daemon invasions already, considering tau can't into psykers or the warp.

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Any more images like that?

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>Lufgt Huron
>not pants on head Chaos retarded

you need to read The Gildar Rift
he's beyond batshit crazy and a little retarded.

he's still a solid leader but only because in the region of space he's the biggest thing out there.

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that sadly makes more sense than it being the Tau.

The problem is that the Emperor couldn't share his knowledge of chaos or how to defeat them.

before the HH he refused to acknowledge it's existence to his sons and once it was in full swing he was locked away in the throne room with the custodes until his final battle with Horus. and after that battle he wasn't really talking to anyone let alone Guilliman who didn't arrive on Terra until well after he was hooked up to the throne.

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Everyone knows Malcador held the real power, he just used the emperor to power the astronomician, and act as a figurehead. Hell Malcador founded the administratum, the officio assassinorum, and the inquisition, and the Grey Knights, the latter two happening during the inquisition, also he had time to power the astronomician himself before burning out.

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he couldn't of founded the grey knights.

the grey knights were created after the second founding and Malcador was killed before then.

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The Grey Knights are technically a second founding chapter, but the basis for them was formed during the Horus Heresy before the second founding, alongside the inquisition itself. Honestly Malcador would have been worth more to the Imperium alive than the emperor, he was like the emperor lite without the shitty parenting skills.

Also, from Lexicanum
"Much of the Grey Knights history remains in mystery and secrecy or has been purposefully removed from archives. However according to legend, the Grey Knights began as a project during the final days of the Horus Heresy. The Emperor foresaw that the Heresy would likely end at such a great personal cost to himself that he would be prevented from actively defending mankind from the great threat of Chaos and its Daemons. So the Emperor set in motion a plan to form a defence against such evil. Malcador the Sigilite, closest of the Emperor's servants, was sent to search across the Imperium for men suitable to rise to such a burden."

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Do we know the chapters of the original Grey Knights?

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Why does everyone think Chaos is pure evulz?

Just cause GW doesn't like to raise the point, but Chaos isn't pure evil. We already know the Emperor was a supreme asshole, massive dick, and terrible father. I read somewhere that much of his strength was because he made a bargain with the Chaos gods for the power to fulfill his mission, and then dicked them over.

Said the Primarch pods had Chaos prayers written on them too, to guide them safely.

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>40k Lore
Pick One

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40K is the bad guys vs the EVIL guys

It makes me laugh when I see edgy fags trying to argue seriously that the grand majority of Chaos worshipers aren't the most over the top evil factions in all of fiction.

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Just that it was made up of something like 8 marines from different chapters and 4 regular humans (generals or planetary governors or something).

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>Emperor was a supreme asshole, massive dick, and terrible father.

only because of those shit Horus Heresy novels

before that garbage came about the Emperor cared for even the most insignificant human life (Pius) in contrast to Horus being HURR RAPE KILL DEATH BURN and having no care for life at all.

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also, we know who 5 of those 8 were:

Nathaniel Garro of the Death Guard
Garviel Loken of the Luna Wolves
Tylos Rubio of the Ultramarines
Meso Varren of the World Eaters
Iacton Qruze of the Luna Wolves

Garro has two audiobooks and a novel to go, so the last 3 should be filled in. And I'm pretty sure he's "Janus".

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Pretty sure there was a Sister of Silence in there.

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Wasn't there an old short story involving the Emperor and the man running the last church on Terra before setting out on the Great Crusade, they debated religion, the Emprah lost and he let the guy get burned alive in his church? Doesn't sound caring to me, sounds like an asshole that is angry that he lost a debate despite having almost 40,000 life experience, immense intellectual and psychic powers.

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that's from the first HH short story anthology.

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Oh trust me, I know they're evil

they're so evil they're good

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Maybe when founding the inquisition proper, but the Grey Knights? The only problem I really have is that it would bring up the age old "Hurr! Durr! Sexy girl marines" debate.

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The Emperor won the argument at first with pretty reasonable points, the priest even went along with it at first, then the writer did a complete turnaround and made him a retard in one sentence.
It's pretty clear nobody at GW can write a character like the Emperor worth a goddamn.

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>1 Smurf and 3 Humans
>Other half of the Grey Knights founders were traitor legions

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TBH I like the emperor as a dick instead of a superman who loves everyone and can do no wrong. I mean the guy has tried to unite humanity and lead them to a greater destiny for 36,000 years by the time of the Horus Heresy, and has seen thousands of empires rise and fall, perhaps many due to his own actions. It is honestly retarded if he isn't bitter, cynical, or an asshole by that point.

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Inquisitor names Promeus and Moriana as two of the four founders of the Inquisition. They were the radical half.

Dunno about a Silent Sister, or anybody else who might've joined the GKs (besides the 8 original grand masters) and founded the Inquisition, but there were probably a lot more than 12, just that those 8 marines and 4 humans were the commanders.

There was a short story with a bunch of loyalist Iron Warriors, so maybe some of them became original GKs, along with the various librarians who testified at Nikaea.

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Well, they have shown their purity and loyalty despite the corrupting influence of their legion and their own primarch.

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>Other half of the Grey Knights founders were traitor legions

there are three yet to be named, but also the thing is that these were dudes whose loyalty was to the Emperor, not to their legions. hence the removal of their legion colors and symbols, new names, and having Malcador the Sigilite's personal sigil etched into their armor (it's the Inquisition's =][=).

So the ones from traitor legions were already pure/incorruptible.

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If the Emperor is a dick then he is unworthy. Dismantle the Golden Throne.

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yep it's called the last church. rather good. you can find it on 1d4chan

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yeah but this is GW. They may be retarded but they do shit for a reason; retarded reasons

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What if he's a dick, but he's right?

>> No.19682829

Do you think if that were the case he'd give a shit about whoever Horus killed on the bridge, or even moreso spending 10000 years in eternal torment literally holding back hell to protect humanity?

>> No.19682832

just like eldrid....

>> No.19682851

A Great Unclean One of Nurgle once described the Emprah as 'nice enough but a rather dour chap.'

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>implying there isn't massive retconning involved with Ollanius being a "perpetual".

>> No.19682876


i dunno. when it comes to Ollanius they've been pretty consistent with the inconsistencies. he's been someone different with every mention of him

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He might do those things out of cynicism. Think of it like this...
>Horus is the Emperor's favourite son
>Horus has killed the Emperor's second favourite son after rebelling
>Emperor battles Horus but can't bring himself to kill his favourite son
>A lone human stands up to Horus and dies horribly
>Bitterly seeing how much Horus has fallen the Emperor destroys his soul competely
He didn't slay Horus because he killed a human, he killed him because the man's death showed how much Horus had truly fallen. Horus could have simply tossed the guy back, or exploded his head, instead he went out of his way to make a man suffer by flaying him alive.

Anyway the story as a whole is retarded, your second favourite son is killed. Who cares? A complete stranger who you have never seen before dies? Oh that's it Horus is going down!

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>> No.19683028

You cannot into literary themes and heavy-handed psychology. It's like having a favorite relative who seems like the epitome of good and then seeing them steal or cheat without remorse. It's a cold slap. You think 4chan (weeaboo of all places) would've known this shitty trope a mile away. It's a TT with "There is only war." as a tagline, this isn't exactly Emerson or Hemingway grade writing.

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>Tau Fourth Sphere Expansion

I knew the F.S.E was delayed after Medusa to strengthen the hold on the T.S.E worlds, but I had no idea it was delayed for three thousand years!

Seriously now, those who claim that the Tau will bite more than they chew are ignorant of the Tau Expansion policies. The Tau are not on a warpath of mindless greed and aggression. The Tau are steadily building their Empire only expanding when the Council of the Highest deems it ready.

There is a careful and wise planning to the management of the Tau Empire. They are placing foundation of an Empire built upon unity, harmony, and peace. An Empire of great prosperous cities, interconnecting trade routes, and scientific wonders all of which will provide the Tau and Non-Tau citizens with an enjoyable and decent life.

>(they already claimed a territory 6 times the size of the tau in under 2 centuries, if you give them a 1,000 years the whole eastern quarter of the galaxy will be under Imotekhs iron fist).

This brings to my next point. While Tau seek a glorious Empire of peace, the other factions desire dominions of tyranny, slavery, and suffering. Empires of destruction built upon the corpses of their subjects and victims.

These Dominion and Empires, of course, would expand faster than the Tau Empire because they care nothing for the well beings of their subjects or the stability of their nation. The only thing they truly care about is their foolish ambition to grasp as much of the galaxy in their bloodstained hands as they can. This will prove to be their undoing, Once the weak foundations of their Empires collapse under their feet.

The Benevolent Tau Empire will outlast them all for it is a nation built to last an eternity as a domain of enlightenment and peace. This is proclaimed by the Master of the Undying Spirit and IT shall be SO!

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Go away.

Believe it or not you do more damage to the Tau's reputation than you prevent.

Lot's of new players come here asking for info on the Tau, lots of people just foolz link to your posts, lot of those new players think your an uppity arrogant dick.

I stripped and repainted my Rai'Dallah Sept army into Farsight colors because of you.

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>Meanwhile in the Imperium of Man

>Go away


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There are many among us who believe in the benevolent Tau.

>> No.19683469


the greater good

>> No.19683474


And many who agree with TIDF

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>The four stooges of Terra

Imperius Dominatus Galaxia


Glad to know that I have Bond Brothers in my cause against the Imperial propaganda Machine!

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The Imperium sacrifices 1000 psykers to keep a dead shaman alive while the Tau have safe cutting edge warp-skimming technology. They sacrifice a little speed for a lot of... humanity?

>> No.19683589


>A Little

A fuck-ton, actually.

>> No.19683609

By a factor of 3, not too bad. The Tau civilization isn't an institutionalized meat grinder.

>> No.19683618


oh you

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lol silly Tau dont know what they're doing, have no idea how shit outta luck they are

Tau Empire ONLY survives because the Imperium figures a Crusade to Exterminatus them would take a tiny bit more effort which could instead be spent fight Tyranids and shit.

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If the Imperium decided to destroy the Tau they would do enough damage that the Imperium would fall to other forces.

>> No.19683736


Because once your under the loving rule of the Water caste there's no reason you'd want to leave.

>> No.19683738

You mean... like Gregory House?

>> No.19683755


Implying it would require an effort annexing, and destroying the Tau Empire...

>> No.19683965

According to the stooges of Terra, It does.

Its more than an effort the Imperium can handle so it have to do with the Tau Empire kicking it in the shins until it abandons its barbaric ways and become civilized.

Remember the Tau did not start this conflict. If the Imperium choose the way of diplomacy and peace when approaching the Tau, all of this would have been avoided.

>That picture

I find it funny that you accompanied your post with that picture.

The Imperials fought heroically in that battle, but in the end they were crushed brutally by Commander Brightsword and his men.

>loving rule of the Water caste

Ethereal Caste, Gue'la, the Celestials govern the Tau Empire.

The Por (Water Caste) function is to keep the Empire connected in spirit and in commerce and expand it through diplomatic means.


I will name to you the heroes of T'au.

Aun'Shi, Shadowsun, Flamewing, LongKnife!

All of them have proven themselves champions of the Tau and the Greater Good.

While Farsight plays warlord in the Enclave, these heroes are defending the Empire from the savageries of the void and furthering the righteous cause of Tau'va.

>Female slit


>> No.19684018


>>Female slit


that says a lot more about you then you think.

>> No.19684036

He's clearly a troll.

>> No.19684095

Yes, that I appreciate accuracy and precision.

How would you like it if somebody drew you and added mammaric glands (assuming you are a male) to your anatomy?


How many times do I have to tell you people I am not a troll.

>> No.19684131

You can tell a lie as many times you want, convince everyone it’s the truth, and it will still be a lie.

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>> No.19684140

What I would like to see in 45k...
>Tau goes full chaos... But with buddhism
The tau, in an attempt to push forward the policy of greater good as opposed to chaos, start inching towards the slippery slope of technocollectivism. Their tech actually advances to frightening degrees. It becomes popular to upload your mind into communal intelligences. Somehow, these shine bright enough in the warp to attract chaos... And the Greater Good begins to eat at the tau as the god of unity, oblivion and harmony. It would act the same way that crazy Primordial from Exalted does. Like a demonic AI.

>> No.19684150

It's actually quite rare for the Tau to do that.

>> No.19684158

cant hear you over the sound of victory on kaurava

>> No.19684173

>Black Templars

>> No.19684177


>> No.19684184

its just a pic of tau getting owned in ranged combat, who said pic is related?

>> No.19684196


just like it's quite rare for the Imperiam to use exterminatus

>> No.19684201

and a tau getting owned in malee, which is <sarcasm> a big fucking suprise </sarcasm>

>> No.19684219

>corrected version
>still has no nose
>still has a pussy drawn on his head

you so silly

>> No.19684250

cant hear you over the sound of 6th ed's Rule
Im sure we Both can enjoy this one

>> No.19684253

Amendera Kendel is the name you are looking for.

>> No.19684265

>implying my main hitting squads cant re-roll atacks without that rule

>> No.19684272


Yes, it was a pretty terrible story.

The Emprah seemed pretty reasonable at first and then suddenly his arguments got so terrible that it was entirely reasonable for that priest to turn around and immolate himself in the remains of the church.

>> No.19684276


>> No.19684281

>Black Library
>Anything but Imperial wank

>> No.19684292

its called "canon"
kaurava victory is canon
tau getting their asses handled is canon

its either you accept that or look for another sci-fi where tau dont get their asses handled, but thats impossible both ways

>> No.19684298

I can do so much to spread the truth and enlighten the misinformed but if somebody choose stubbornly to reject the truth and stick to delusion, then it can not be helped.

Let him wallow in the filth of ignorance. I only care for the opened minded.

When I first saw this piece of trash. I was shocked to the core. Here I saw a Shas'O with no grasp on the teachings of Puretide and an Aun who is suppose to be the embodiment of the compassion and mercy of the Greater Good ordering the murder of his own men.

It is as if I was thrown into the warp and entered some sort of Twilight Zone.

I am glad they did not include it in the actual game because if they did I and many Tau supporters would have introduced Relic and Ironlore to the Darksun effect.

Willing Sacrifice =/= Being sacrificed

As I said before the murder of your own men is the way of the Imperium NOT the benevolent Tau.

I ended the discussion before!

The Kaurava system belongs to the Tau Empire. Indeed, No force in that conflict is capable of defeating the technological marvels of the Ar'Ka Cannon and the Nan Yanoi Moon Base.

I know, right?

>> No.19684310

Clearly, the Tau have potential in them. If we can simply destroy the vile hated ones to the far right, the Tau will rally under the banner of the Imperium!

Death to every Ethereal!

>> No.19684313

The Emperor wouldn't believe him because he had unwittingly wrecked the Emperors webway gate and let Chaos invade Terra. He probably just assumed Magnus had been tricked into believing Horus was a threat in order for Daemons to attack through the web way.

>> No.19684314

There is no confirmed winner for the Kaurava Conflict. Relic has confirmed that the Blood Ravens lost, but we still don't know who won.

>> No.19684317

Yeah, I mean he only actually won because he went "Okay, you know that god you saw ages ago, the one you've been worshipping? That was me, I'm not a god, don't worship me, and now let's get out of here".

>> No.19684321

hey , what do you think of tau's new little rule change

>> No.19684334

Will yet not, oh faithful ones?

>> No.19684365


I'd say the Rapid Fire change helps them out a lot more, especially now that their pulse rifles can contribute to wrecking AV10-11 vehicles. And Disruption Pods + pre-measuring.

If I were a Tau player I'm not sure I'd like the random jet distance; it gives you a higher average certainly but I might rather have a guaranteed distance with a slightly lower average. Those times you roll a 3 could really burn you.

>> No.19684399

It's only the ones from the unit that get left in the open that can be killed anyway. New rules state that if you can't see part of a unit, it can't be killed.

>> No.19684439

Why are they all naked? Wait...is that a Kor? On the ground? WHY?!

Dear T'au, NO! What is she doing outside of her Rig?

EMERGENCY! Would someone for the love of the Aun bring her an anti-grav Rig NOW!

MEDICAL DRONES! Fast, stabilize her condition before her limbs break and she sustains critical internal damage.

I am a Por and that means I am not suited to give my thoughts and opinions on combat specs and battle performances.

I leave this to the more qualified.

Now pardon me while I panic. Oh Aun, she is going to die. She is going to DIE!

>> No.19684465


It could be really low gravity, besides look at the feet, they don't actually look like they are standing on anything.

>> No.19684470


If the Tau Empire had but been around during the Great Crusade, things would have been much different.

The Imperium was built by the Emperor and his Primarchs. Imagine that, uniting a million scattered worlds ranging from irradiated post-apocalyptic wastelands, jungles inhabited by colonists who had degenerated to savage stone-age Tribesmen, and small, independent empires in Two. Hundred Years.

The Emperor believed in Science, he believed in unity, in peace. He sought to starve the Chaos Gods by freeing humanity from the shackles of superstition. Under his enlightened rule 90% of the technological advances that made the modern Imperium possible were made under his rule. Hell, the Imperium was seriously considering adding an ultra-efficient Xenos race as a Protectorate before Fulgrim fucked up everything. Of course it turned out that they worshiped Chaos, but that just means there should be an entrance check. The Imperium was even beginning to move past the use of genetically lobotomized clones to more efficient automated drones before the Fall.

There are those of us that are trying to restore the Imperium to its former glory. We are the radical Inquisitors, the Xenos-Fraternizing Chapters, the Rogue Techpriests, and loyalists of the Traitor Legions that have turned their back upon the slavery of Chaos.

We seek to rebuild the Imperium as the Emperor intended it. Not as a God in an empire of darkness and oppression, but as a leader and a man in a new age that shall dawn with such glory that all that comes before it shall be as the small light of a candle in the darkness in comparison.

Will you Join us?

>> No.19684471

calm down, its a simulation
also. this.... this ALLLLLL Day

>> No.19684533

Wasn't a new chaos god going to appear in the wake of The Imperium's collapse?

>> No.19684539

The Imperium really could conquer the Tau Empire without a second thought, the only reason they don't is because the Tau are useful and relatively difficult to uproot. 1,000 years ago Lord Commander Solar Macharius conquered 1,000 worlds in Segmentum Pacificus in the name of the emperor in about a decade before unfortunately dying young. Only a single world, far more advanced than even the Tau Empire held him at bay, and their fate was to be crushed by a redirected meteor. The Imperium could destroy the Tau Empire, but it is better to let the Tau Empire wage war against the enemies of the Imperium for it.

If we did conquer the Tau Empire the Orks waging the War of Dakka, and several minor Hive Fleets would be directed towards the Imperium instead of the Tau Empire. In all honesty our best option is to spare them, at least until the man threats in the galaxy are crushed.

Also, the Imperium of the Great Crusade wasn't nice, there are plenty of relatively advanced and friendly worlds, some even human or mostly human that were crushed because they wouldn't totally submit to the Imperium. The Imperium of the Great Crusade was just as bellicose, ruthless, and unethical as the modern Imperium. Instead of killing you for not worshiping the emperor they would kill you for worshiping the emperor, they still hated xenos, and they still relied on STC fragments for technology instead of conventional innovation.

>> No.19684570


I'm going by the older fluff that described the Emperor as a man of infinite Compassion.

Also, I have a HH book for you. It's called Mechanicum, and it's essentially an essay on how awesome the AdMech used to be and how much more awesome it could have become if shit hadn't gone downhill right then and there.

You know those laser range-finder-targeting thingies the Tau have? Markerlights or something like that, the Imperium had that, but better. They also had robots and crazy Directed Energy Weapons that were developed too late to be used in the main Great Crusade.

>> No.19684596

You mean the Star Child being brought to full waking with the death of the Emperor, and the sacrifice of the Sensei at a final apocalyptic battle with chaos?

Pure poppycock.

Just like the Eldar's belief the new god Ynnead being brought to full waking with their sacrifice at a final apocalyptic battle with chaos.

And no, there's no suspicious similarity between the two, so it would be crazy to suggest that Ynnead and the Star Child could be the same entity. Stop it at once.

>> No.19684600

>The Emperor believed in Science, he believed in unity, in peace.

He also believed in the supremacy of Mankind over all the children of the stars. He ordered his Legions to slay any human who dared take refuge with the Xeno and to burn entire civilization that refused his tyrannic rule.

He was a self righteous arrogant mad monster who would have strangled the infant Tau in their cribs.

>We seek to rebuild the Imperium as the Emperor intended it. Not as a God in an empire of darkness and oppression, but as a leader and a man in a new age that shall dawn with such glory that all that comes before it shall be as the small light of a candle in the darkness in comparison.

>Will you Join us?

No, Humanity is broken and wretched. Its only salvation is be dragged willingly or forcefully to the embrace of Tau'va where the Tau shall reshape and redeem them.

There will be no rebirth of the Imperium. No glorious return of your ''God Emperor''. The fate Terra is to fall to give way to the ascension of T'au.

This means that the future of Mankind, Its survival is in the hands of the Tau. You would be wise to join us, Gue'la, or give us the courtesy of stepping out of the way of our destiny as inheritors of the galaxy.

False Alarm then.

Huh..that gave me a scare.

>> No.19684637


Do you Tau happen to be related to these guys?

>> No.19684640

No I mean that the fall of the empire would be so dramatic that all those feels will create a new entity within the warp just like the eldar orgies made Slaanesh and the Black Death made Nurgle.

>> No.19684643


forgot pic

>> No.19684653

>>19684539 The Imperium really could conquer the Tau Empire without a second thought, the only reason they don't is because the Tau are useful and relatively difficult to uproot.

>without a second thought
>relatively difficult

And that's why I stopped reading there.

>> No.19684658


Humanity will be fine, a single unified force? that likely won't happen again.

Anyway humanity is becoming more and more full of psykers, which will make them either more powerful than ever, or covered in demons.

And the tau can't be on top, they don't have psykers, they can't properly understand and rule psykers, more human psykers, less effectively the tau could rule them. Which could end in humanity working with the tau, but they would never be subservient to them.

Also humanity can reshape themselves, they just have this imperium problem at the moment.

>> No.19684661


>He also believed in the supremacy of Mankind over all the children of the stars
>Implying any of those Xeno races deserved to exist and hadn't mistreated Mankind earlier

The Galaxy belongs to Mankind and the Emperor you Xeno, deal with it. You Tau should try defeating 13 Black Crusades, innumerable WAAAGHs! and several Hive Fleets and then you can talk about being great and saving the Galaxy.

>> No.19684681

Hear me out my wayward brothers of the Corpse Emperor!

We despise these faithless xenos most of all!

We have decided that it is the will of life itself that we join you in your upcoming crusade against these upstarts! Those who are smart enough will believe, in the power of gods. These were not the first faithless aliens we ALL of Man have crushed! And they will not be the last! But while we allow faithlessness to exist, it destroys the fabric of our existence! Hear me Loyalists! WE ARE UNITED, AND UNITED IN THE WORD OF OUR LORD GODS!

>> No.19684702


For once I agree with the crazy. Let's destroy the Tau first and then get back to killing each other.

By the way, what Legion are part of Eliphas?
Are you still Black Legion or are you a Wordbearer again?

>> No.19684715


If Abaddon is in charge I refuse, he has a shitty record.

Also Nurgle knows my price, and I know its steep, but damn it, chaos has nothing else I want.

>> No.19684935


I still carry my Sacred Badge Of Office

Do you truly think I would leave my legion of the brimming faithful behind for the armless failure?

Face it Brother, we are united in this, for good or for ill. We may worship different gods Brother, but we still worship. We know the One who blazes the Path. We may follow rival gods, but there is more than even Chaos. More than the God-Emperor. More than the hateful Star Gods, more than the crushed Eldar Pantheon by She Who Thirsts! Far more than this world, or the next. There is the God of All. That these cursed xeno would dare elevate themselves above The Supreme One is blasphemy upon until generations. This is something that cannot stand. We of Mankind, we have always been guided rightly. We must give back.

We in the Council received permissions from our great lords and His Holiness Lorgar to commence the next Crusade.

When the ships wait to jump off, we will be there. Till then.

Now I am going to say something I have not meant sincerely in ten thousand years, Brothers and Sisters.

The Emperor Protects

>> No.19685007


>> No.19685049


He hates that you won't accept his love.

>> No.19685105

I like to think Nurgle sees the world the same way the Pyro does

>> No.19685153

The lost Primarch has been found.
Samus is leading the new Sisters of Battle.

The chaos gods found their new champion, Alex Mercer. He loves to eat people.

The IG starts equipping their veterans with Nanosuits. They have a strange affinity for explosions.

The Tau discovered the secret of fighting spirit. Their moral is now their most important ressource, even being used to repair their mechs on the field.

>> No.19685184

On fire?

>> No.19685205

>shitty record
>saved the Sons of Horus from the brink of oblivion and turned them into the most powerful and numerous Traitor Legion
>earned the favour of each of the Chaos Gods in turn without becoming any individual power's pawn
>even fractured and wracked by infighting, all nine Traitor Legions acknowledge his leadership, to the point where warriors of different Legions, Chapters and warbands are willing to leave their brothers to wear the colours of the Black Legion
>ravaged hundreds of Imperial worlds, destroyed entire planets and star systems, and devastated countless others beyond hope of recovery
>recovered the daemon sword Drach'nyen, the Hand of Darkness and the Eye of Night, two of the Blackstone Fortresses, and the Heart of Chaos
>has a fabulous topknot

>> No.19685235

oh crap TIDF is here!

>> No.19685242


>> No.19685252

You're making it sound like he's an insane pyromaniac. No, like this:


>> No.19685263

you do realize that orkz keep beating T'au? Just saying, they reproduce faster and stole all your guns, so they could make orky plasmacannons

>> No.19685268

Hugetau to the rescue!

>> No.19685287


>> No.19685330


>> No.19685336

What about Xeno?

>> No.19685390

Yeah, it's shit and I probably should have thought of something better for the poster. And I couldn't think of anything to replace the fag flag other than "HURRR HAMMER AND SICKLE".

>> No.19685413

Not huge enough

>> No.19685533

>And the tau can't be on top, they don't have psykers, they can't properly understand and rule psykers, more human psykers, less effectively the tau could rule them.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Who knows, the Technology of T'au may one day rid the Gue'la of their curse.

> Which could end in humanity working with the tau, but they would never be subservient to them

The Gue'la have shown they are unable to self-govern themselves. It is up to the Tau to hold their hands and guide them.

Humanity's survival depends on their total submission to the Greater Good. There is no other way or path left to the Gue'la. The reasonable will bow before Tau'va, the foolish will perish.

Oh Nute you were always my favorite Star Wars villain.

''It appears to me that, lacking the sense of unity that might inform them of their insignificance, these Gue’la have come to think that they might own the stars themselves, even the spaces in between them. Only by our presence, I think, might we now convince them otherwise''

-Kor’o Tau’n Viel

>>>Implying any of those Xeno races deserved to exist and hadn't mistreated Mankind earlier

>Implying the Emperor did not wipe out peaceful alien species that co-existed with humans
>Implying Humanity and Its Tyrant have the right to judge what deserves to exist or not exist

Go away, HUEG, I am ignoring you.

>> No.19685536

Do you mean the War of Dakka?

Good. Then you should know that by the end of the 41K the Tau have contained and dealt with the Orkish and Tyranid threats, and have pushed forth into Imperial territory.

This could mean that Grog's head is resting as a trophy in Farsight's command room, or the Genesis and Ultramarine chapters have dealt with him.

The Orks are problematic, indeed, however they are not the greatest threat the Empire faces. They are just periodic annoyance. Pests and weeds to be exterminated.

>> No.19685565

Uhhhhh, Tau? Have you explored the uhhhh, majority of the Galaxy? Or are you just starting out? Because I have a list of planets you should REALLY avoid. They're called "Tomb Worlds."

>> No.19685669


Humanity was fine self governing for at least 20 thousand years, then some stuff happened, not humanity's fault, then we ended up with this imperium situation which has really been an issue for a while now.

Also being a psyker isn't a curse to everyone, the eldar are all psykers, and it isn't a curse for them.

>> No.19685757

Hello, grey-thing!
We'd just like to tell you that we're interested in joining-using your Good-Good clan, or whatever you call-name it.

Also, don't trust the Hrud-things, they're going to backstab the squeek out of you.

>> No.19685764

Greetings, Tha'hai emissary.

We like to have word with you. About merging into Tribe of Supreme Benefit. Or something. It be supremely beneficial. We think. Neat.

Also, be wary of Skaven. Skaven mischievous tricky double-minded.

>> No.19685835

It's perfect!

>> No.19685857

you mean it's gay, right?

>> No.19685912

>that dark revelations
>that everything

Oh Haha.

8.5/10 for effort.

We are aware of these ''Tomb Worlds. Avoiding them is no option. The existence of the Doombringers is incompatible with the Greater Good and thus they should be removed.

These ''Tomb Worlds'' must be scoured and destroyed. Whatever technology, knowledge, and wonders they contain must claimed in the name of Tau'va.

The ''Stuff that happened'' is due to the Gue'la failure to conquer their own Mont'au. The humans are beasts but unlike the Orks they can be tamed to serve a higher cause.

Through reeducating them and enlightening them with the Teaching of the Aun, the Tau shall transform this barbarous and backward race into upstanding partners in the great quest towards the promised destiny of T'au.

>Also being a psyker isn't a curse to everyone, the eldar are all psykers, and it isn't a curse for them.

Unlike the Gue'la, the El'Dar have fully mastered their strange abilities and it poses no threat to them or others (Unless they wish it).

The story of the psychic gift and humanity is similar to a story to child and flame. The child will find comfort from the warmth of the flame, but eventually the child void of wisdom and responsibility shall misuse the flame. This will end in the child burning itself and all around. Turning a gift of warmth into a curse of fiery pain.

An adult the (Tau) should step up and smack that child on the head for its foolishness and spirit it away from the flame.

Once the child is tempered with wisdom, then it shall be allowed to wield this great flame.

>> No.19686159

So you throw my attempts to help you back in my face, and call my race one of unready children? You insolent buffoon, your race has had technology for only six thousand years! You don't even know what the Warp is. I hope Trazyn steals all of your Ethereals for his collection.

>> No.19686236


The Imperium is working fine heretic. It's a lot better then before and don't try cuddle up to the Tau, they'll cut your dick off.

I still hope Calgar would get his ass up and invade Tau space with his Ultramarine and some successor chapters, dealing with this nuisance once and for all. Since the Imperiums finest should be more then enough to deal with the Tau.

>> No.19686324 [DELETED] 

Most satisfactory. Welcome to the Greater Good. You have assured your species prosperity and survival by wisely choosing to submit.

We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our Empire. Your culture shall adapt to serve the Greater Good.

>Also, don't trust the Hrud-things, they're going to backstab the squeek out of you
>Also, be wary of Skaven. Skaven mischievous tricky double-minded.

We shall put this in consideration.

Representatives will be sent to your homeworlds and dwellings to assess your species strengths and decide your future role in our Empire.

After they are done, The integration process will begin. For your own good you better not resist the assimilation, for once it is done you shall enjoy the full benefits of being citizens of the Glorious Empire of T'au.

Your childish outburst does nothing to disprove the notion the infantilism of your race.

Ehm..pardon me, I must leave you now. It is Ky'Husa time!

Farewell for now!

>> No.19686334

Most satisfactory. Welcome to the Greater Good. You have assured your species prosperity and survival by wisely choosing to submit.

We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our Empire. Your culture shall adapt to serve the Greater Good.

>Also, don't trust the Hrud-things, they're going to backstab the squeek out of you
>Also, be wary of Skaven. Skaven mischievous tricky double-minded.

We shall put this in consideration.

Representatives will be sent to your homeworlds and dwellings to assess your species strengths and decide your future role in our Empire.

After they are done, The integration process will begin. For your own good you better not resist the assimilation, for once it is done you shall enjoy the full benefits of being citizens of the Glorious Empire of T'au.

Your childish outburst does nothing to disprove the notion the infantilism of your race.

Ehm..pardon me, I must leave you now. It is Ky'Husa time!

Farewell for now!

>> No.19686477

The average Tau soldier is better equipped than the average Imperium soldier. Tau technology is slightly less advanced but much better distributed all across their empire. There would be heavy casualties.

>> No.19686531

Hey hey, TIDF.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well would the Auns rate Hot Fuzz?

>> No.19686550


Yes, Tau soldiers are better equipped than Imperial ones. But you should consider that the Imperium fields armies in the trillions across the entire Galaxy while the Tau have only a small Empire to defend. If the Tau were the size of the Imperium they wouldn't be logistically capable of supplying such a big army with the gear they have now. This is the reason the Imperium uses mostly Lasguns instead of projectile weapons, the logistics of supplying billions of men across the galaxy with bullets would be a nightmare and therefore the Imperium prefers Lasguns and their rechargeable power packs.

>> No.19686576

The small Tau empire size is also an asset in some regards. It offsets how slow their warp technology is and could afford them a controlled retreat that would allow them to assume a strong position that would inflict heavy casualties on the Imperium.

>> No.19686581


it annoys me when Tau try and say how much better life would be under their rule. when their nearest imperial opponents of any value is Ultramar.

in every Ultramarine book and in every piece of fluff where Ultramar is referenced it is described as the emperors vision realized. It has the highest quality of life for your average citizen in all the imperium and breeds loyal devoted citizens to the emperor. they are so loyal that is no need for a draft because the idea that you wouldn't volunteer to do your part is a foreign concept. now multiply that devotion across all the 500 worlds of Ultramar and put it under the leadership of the Ultramarines and the Tau don't really stand a chance. It's just a shame the Ultras are currently fighting the remnants of the Chaos forces that invaded the sector.

>> No.19686602


Tau confirmed for the strongest in all of the galaxy.

>> No.19686606

And by fighting people mean 'tea parties'

>> No.19686617

I've always wonder, if every planet in the Imperium is charge of recruiting their own soldiers, wouldn't that mean they're also in charge of supplying them?

Couldn't a planet gov. see to it that his soldiers are armed with something better a lasgun?

>> No.19686640

Describing exactly why they are called the Ultra-Sues in one post. Kudos.

>> No.19686644

Every single 40k thread is just one more gaytau quest thread for you isn't it?

It's either that or you're the most retardedly persistent troll I've ever seen or you have severe brain problems and actually believe a fictional species in a fictional universe needs defending from other neckbeards.

>> No.19686646

Stuff like that does actually happen. But the average is what's represented on the tabletop and in most fluff.

>> No.19686651

How do you measure "strength"?

>> No.19686659

I imagine it depends on if the world has those resources to begin with.

still im sure theres a level of bureaucracy that hamstrings even the most prepared world. I also imagine that there would be some level of hording amongst worlds that are equipped.

>> No.19686666

The lasgun is one of the best personal weapons in the galaxy the Imperium has access to, and it is easily and cheaply produced. It only looks weak in comparison to the overly expensive and harder to produce bolter.

>> No.19686668

im not saying theyre not sues.
im just saying telling how it is.

>> No.19686698

I'm featuring Tau in the next arc of my Dark Heresy campaign.

The party is going to encounter a splinter faction trying to subvert a small system into joining the Empire. However, they discover some truly heinous shit: Tau forced breeding programs to produce human psykers loyal to the Tau.

It's going to go over about as well as that sounds.

>> No.19686702

>It only looks weak in comparison to the overly expensive and harder to produce bolter.

It loos weak in comparison to EVER WEAPON in 40k

Save the Grot blasta

>> No.19686728

>Tau forced breeding programs to produce human psykers loyal to the Tau.

...that actually sounds exactly like something the Tau would try and do. That actually sounds like a pretty nasty DH campaign you have going

>> No.19686729

I felt hte argument with the Emprah wasn't so much that the Emprah went full retard, just that because it's written in the priests perspective at the end(albeit in 3rd person narrative), the Emprah comes off as a dick.

i.e., he describes the Emprah as having a look that was one of closed-mindedness...but that's the priest's opinion, not a fact. Then he lets the priest do what he wants(self determination) and suicide. He'd arrived to try and break down the man's faith to save him, but some people are just fucking unchangeable.

>> No.19686749

I would never willingly live under the reign of xenophobic dogs and extremists.

Also, one of the Tau member races is a psyker race. The Nicassar, they're professional pilots and social status in their culture is determined by psyker ability. The Tau could start doing high speed warp, they just choose not to.

>> No.19686768

Eh, fluffwise it holds its own. It may not punch through power armour with ease, but it blows the arms off most things.

I remember someone working out that, with the numbers given, a lasgun would go straight through modern armour and explosively evaporate all the liquid in a grown man's torso.

>> No.19686775

>The Tau could start doing high speed warp, they just choose not to.

Well maybe they could if GW could be torn away from space marines for 5 fucking seconds to release the Tau codex

>> No.19686787

>never willingly

I see what you did there.

>> No.19686812

So, the part where he says he's right compared to all the dictators and despots is just his opinion?

>> No.19686820


Does he bother you that much? why can't you filter him like most of us?

>> No.19686842

I wish there would be a doom faction.
With doomguy as one of their leaders.
And it would be so glorious, that the emperor and chaos would become outshined and blind from the badass they radiate.

>> No.19686865


McDuck would like to have a word with you.

>> No.19686872

>Implying TIDF isn't a true Tau hero

>> No.19686873

There will be true peace in the galaxy. Because tyranids will have eaten everything. With the info we got from scout fleets behemoth hydra and leviathan we will strip this galaxy clean and carry on. And hey necrons enjoy ruling the galaxy we left you guys. Best of luck with that restored empire thing. See ya.

>> No.19686882


I think it's just a matter of time until the Tau start expanding into Ultramar and then they'll get to feel the Fists of Macragge. They would get their asses kicked, mainly because of the Ultramarines being pretty strong and Magos Mathias Ward.

>> No.19686894


You're a Nid, you aren't a sentient being, you can't talk.

2/10 for the effort

>> No.19686945

Okay, it's the glorious faction.
Scrooche Mcduck is responsible for the economy.
Duke would train newbies into kickass, bubblegum-chewing Soldiers.
Doomguy is responsible for training the Soldiers who have finished duke's training.
Doomguy's succesful pupils are then teached by Jackie Chan how to use everything as a weapon to it's full capacity.
There has never been Dreadnought like vehicles, ever.
They had only some people who managed to lose limbs in the warp, because rookies.
Gordon Freeman is responsible for the R&D section.
How can we make it more glorious?

>> No.19687000


Solid Snakes responsible for espionage.
Umbrella Corporation responsible for PR.

>> No.19687091

Yeah like about half of the posters ITT have, right?

No, the contents of his ramblings specifically don't bother me but his efforts to derail any discussions about 40k with highly effective trollbaiting "tau defense" does annoy me.
Also I'm disturbed by anyone in any context who does non-RPG things in-character. It reminds me of mental ill people.

>> No.19687191

I don't see him posting much around this board how many 40K threads he derailed?

and what do you suggest as a solution for this problem?

>> No.19687263

It's speculated by the Cabal that if Humanity destroys itself, that Chaos will probably be destroyed somehow in said conflict. Which may or may not be the secret reason behind the Alpha Legion joining Horus.

I'm not exactly sure how that'll work out though, since Horus didn't kill the Emperor like the Cabal said he would.

>> No.19687284

I'm not counting. And I'm not suggesting any solutions other than to abandon thread every time the shitstorm begins.
But I'm sure more butthurt people can offer various solutions; "rape", "death by Angry Marine", "exterminatus", "Zyklon B" etc.
And with that, I bow out and go to work.

>> No.19687285


what's that? foul xenos lied?!

why I'm stunned.

>> No.19687296

Silly xenophobes.

>> No.19687344

This says how much of a threat the Imperium thinks the Tau are: The Imperium set more troops to liberate the planet of Vraks than they sent on the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

Seige of Vraks:
34 regiments of Imperial Guard
16 companies of Space Marines
2 Grey Knight strike forces
1 Titan demi-legion

Damocles Gulf Crusade:
19 regiments of Imperial Guard
5 Space Marine companies

Yeah, a planet that was deemed worthless and of no military value is more important than destroying the Tau. Only reason that Damocles Gulf happened was because a Cardinal bitched to the High Lords and it was to get him to shut-up and get the fuck out.

>> No.19687383


Finally somebody explains what big a threat the Tau are.

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