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Need help finding the picture that humorously explains how ork colors work scientifically.
Something about the frequency the colors emits and such.

Meanwhile I will upload some random war40k related pictures

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This always made me chuckle. All the Space Marine primarchs have epic latin-sounding names, but the Dark Angels?

Lionel Johnson. It's just so ordinary sounding.

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Okay, I see Boba Fett and Predator.

Who're the others supposed to be?

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ya mon

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>Jagathai Khan

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love the frying pan

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even Marines need to pass time with something

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No one expects the imperial inquisition

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It's nothing to do with wavelengths.

Question: Suppose a clan of orks mutated Red-Green colourblindness, in that they perceived each as the other. Would they move faster, or would they know they were green and thus move at the same speed but also retain their natural orkiness?
What if one ork were born red-skinned?
A whole clan?

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*throws a choppahawk*

Guess it'd just be a Snakebite klan.

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well, I am looking for a certain picture that had a rather explained it in a rather funny way.

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>well, I am looking for a certain picture that explained it in a rather funny way.

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It's because they're a joke. RT era 40k was full of them.

A poem "Dark Angel" was written by a Victorian poet named "Lionel Johnson". The poem is about the authors aching homolust for another man (The titular "Dark Angel"). The joke, is that the horrible shame that split the Dark Angels is that the Fallen are fags, and that homosexuality is the secret they've been hiding: They're all closet fags and are trying to make up for it. Read the poem and about the author here:

RT era 40k was zany. Hell, the greatest Orky threat to the galaxy was named after Margaret Thatcher, after all.

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captcha: strongest yoistr

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P. sure that's Omegon, not Alpharius

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Macha \o/

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or white hair

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So is this the 40k version of chainmail bikinis? Am I supposed to imagine that that ladies' swimsuit is 3+ armor with jet packs?

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To think someone put effort into that. No just no.

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Tau raping human women? What kind of sick heretic would models something like that?

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I don't think TIDF would have anything to do with something that painted the Tau in a bad light.

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Good point.

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That chart is slightly off.

Pink is the Ork colour of stealth and sneaking.

Think about it, when was the last time you saw an Ork wearing pink.

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How long did it take you to make that in MS paint? Colored it for ya.

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anybody got a wallpaper for that?

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here ya go op

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heh funny, but no :P

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The new fluff still rustles my jimmies.

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I don't get it.
What the fuck does "Disguise" have to do with a bunch of junk, a tree, and an Ultramarine?

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wait a sec u tryin 2 trol me?

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dunno, can't see anything disguised either
but not sure I trust that marine.. he always waves

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I never understood this picture.
its clearly 40k but its too pretty and nice to be 40k.

Is this AFTER the war or something?

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Even in a setting like 40k, there must sometimes be happy moments. That is the only one ever documented.

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>Pink is the Ork colour of stealth and sneaking.
Just to be the stick in the mud;

Ork "stealth" is actually a mish-mash of misinterpreted information stolen from other races. Neon Orange and blue tiger stripes with yellow berets, pink pola-dots on white, orks understand that "camouflage" is something that helps them sneak, but they don't actually understand the core principles behind it, or even what the word really means. So they'll try and copy the camouflage of the IG regiment they were hired by.. and fail hilariously because the only paint they have is bright yellow and baby blue.

I think they explain it in-depth in the 2nd edition Ok codex.. but it's been more than a few years since I've seen that book..

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sneaky orks then?

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You know what bothers me?

When people assume that Orks are retarded.

No, you numbskull, Kommando Orks are actually quite capable of hiding. That's why they're so fucking scary, because they actually understand the concept of stealth.

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They did kind of change that a bit with Grotsnik however. he is described as deciding he needed to be sneakier, so he forsook most of his clothes to let his greenness blend in with the foliage, and used soot to black all the metal on his weapons and equipment.

Although, he is the "sneaky" special character, so typical Blood Axes are probably still less clever.

I like to think the more successful ones blunder onto working unconventional camo schemes without really meaning to. (The kinds that break up outlines, etc.) Also, some of the flamboyant red and orange schemes would work in some kinds of deserts and badlands, or places with reddish brick.

If the Bloodaxes simply resorted to stealing fabric from IG regiments they were fighting or copying it, they would get semi useful camo mostly by accident that way too.

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>SPACE MARINE Captain Dalrus
>Sir I found this Ork War boss
>Really? Then by all means, execute the xeno in the name of the-
>but you see Captain that's the problem, I THOUGHT he was a Ork, but he's apparently a disfigured marine
>I don't follow brother
>Just look! He's got ceramite armor pieces, and he's holding a bolter
>Well I don't know, the green skin and the foul smell
>Camouflage! What chapter are you from?
>No, me from Table of Contents.

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Besides, how could pink be sneaky if them oomans is all pink and they're so bad at doing everything.

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Objectively, Orks are retarded, but in the same way a idiot savant is retarded. They are either idiot savants at this or that kind of fighting, or if a weirdboy, and making stuff/breeding gretchin/etc.

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You know what bothers me?

When people put words into my mouth.

I know very well that kommandos are capable of hiding. That they can do so while in such garish colours is a testament to that.

Right in all accounts. I just feel it relevant to mention the older fluff when people bring up the "purple orks are sneaky because you never seen a purple ork" nonsense

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You know why you never see any fucking purple orks?

Those are the ones that are hidden.

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>Suggesting that some Orks fail to understand the basic idea of stealth even though some of them can sneak quite well. IE, being retarded.

Look, are there Orks that dress in outlandish colors and try and sneak around? Sure, I bet there are. I also bet those are the ones that the guardsmen shoot and laugh at how stupid Orks are.

And then, later on, they get surprised as fuck and murdered by the Orks who actually do understand stealth and do it correctly.

Orks might be silly as all fuck, but they aren't bad at war. Not at all. Some of them might do stupid things, but not all of them.

Or are you one of those faggots who believes that Orks make everything work by thinking it'll work?

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Blood Axes have the mentality to battle in a more conventional sense. Their camo doesn't work too well, but at least it'll break up their silhouette.

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Ork kommandos kind of have a failsafe considering the imperial cult's brainwashing.

"Hey, IG Trooper 479, do you see that? There? Is that an ork?"
"No way, orks don't sneak! That's impossible!"
"Oh shit, they're totally orks! They're stabbing me! Sound the alarm!"
"Too late, I've been stabbed too!"

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>Or are you one of those faggots who believes that Orks make everything work by thinking it'll work?
Quit strawmanning, buddy. Here, check this out; it's from the same era that has Kommandos wearing retarded camouflage.

it also helps that most of their camouflage is stolen/received from guard regiments

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How is that strawmanning? Sure, I took a cheap shot at you for your likely retarded beliefs, but I didn't argue against just those retarded beliefs.

I explained why you called Orks retarded with greentext, and then provided an example of how Orks can use retarded camo(and die for it) and how they can use propa camo(and actually accomplish something, like kommandos actually do).

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>A straw man is a type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position.

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Here is how Strawman works:

>Person 1 states A
>Person 2 claims 1 states B, refutes B
>Person 2 therefore claims Person 1 is wrong
>Person 2 is at best mistaken, but far more likely an asshole
>Don't be Person 2

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Would you look at that.

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You know, with the new rules for sniper and characters, I honestly think I'm going to make my Harker and his vets use sniper rifles, and have them camp objectives while they try and snipe motherfuckers out.

Hell, Harker's sniping motherfuckers with his Heavy Bolter.

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