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Calling all Drawfags, Calling all Drawfags!
We are calling for an emergency draw thread. ASAP!

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This gif is the basis of what im working on, 2 monks fighting.

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So, do we have any actual drawfags here right now?

I kind of hope so. I have one or two requests for a game I'm currently running. It'd be nice to have someone skilled take a crack at them. We haven't had a drawthread in, like, forever.

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I'm hoping for some drawfags myself.

I want my orc samurai drawn as Kamina except with Wolverine hair.

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I'm a lazy drawfag without a tablet, and I did my own request of a Lead Dragon, but didn't know what to do with it,. Now I can bump this thread, send it on the internet, and forget about it. Yay.

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If there are any Drawfriends about and willing to take requests, I do have one.

A young woman of dwarven-halfling height, slim of build with monochrome (black or white) hair. Wears a tunic and pants of an Art Deco design, but a less modern looking hooded poncho over that with a more gypsy/tribal theme. She has dark-lensed goggles over her eyes or pushed up on her forehead or around her neck to protect her eyes from the sun. She may have a sniper rifle on her back and a pair of handguns of a more Art Deco of "Diesel-Punk" aesthetic.

Thanks in advance, but if no one is able to, no hard feelings!

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Here, scribbled something based on your description.

Couldn't fit the poncho or sniper rifle, because I realized that the pose would make it rather cluttered looking with my skills.

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And here. Didn't want to draw another pose and colour, so scribbled a bit.

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Well, since this thread doesn't have other requests, I'll head to bed. Bumping in hopes that the requesters will hopefully find these.

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Damn it.

I do have a request. I need a drawing of a new caste of Ethergaunt. One with grey/blue skin, and a dark blue mask-thingy, wearing thick robes around its lower body, with several large...catheters, I guess, on its torso and arms (plugs for shit to be easily injected to). On one arm, it has a mini-alcemist's lab. The other bears a complicated technomagical gauntlet with a giant spike projecting underneath the arm, and a bunch of rotating poison vials on it.

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I'll see what I can do in the morning. I'll hopefully have the whole day free, so I might as well use it to draw.

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I would like a character portrait of a short-haired human female with a hooded cloak, leather armour, a sunburst tattoo around her right eye and a two-handed axe with spikes in the form of a sun.

Argentina sun semirelated.

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There's an NPC in a game I'm running that the players are amused by: Meryl Pha're'pta

I need a picture of a very short, very petite human woman with bulging, too-intense eyes rimmed with too much eyeshadow. Hair is black and cut in an egyptian fringed/bob thing. Cheerful expression, wears fantasy overalls full of embalming tools.

The joke is that she's a wrench-wench, but she works with zombies instead of machines. Its a PF game set in Kaer Maga. She just had the PCs rig a zombie fight to get back at some likewise-cheating assholes. (a monk PC controlled the zombie remotely [yes, its a futurama reference])

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Your style is nice!!

I hope you will come back today because I would like to request a heavily battle-scarred (yet sexy...) human barbarian doing something awesome and action-packed from you!

She carries an extra-large greatsword and has the numeral "13" tattooed on her body (forehead, stomach, chest, or somewhere else up to you).

Bonus points if you can do the numerals in Davek. I attached what I think are "1" "2" "3" in Davek, so I guess it would just be the "1" followed by the "3" (please ignore the "2" in the center), but I don't speak Dwarven so I may be wrong to think it is this simple.

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Thank you so much!!! You even scored the bonus!!
You sir, are a drawfriend, scholar, and a gentleman!!

Thanks again, I'm ready for the game tomorrow, with this!! 1,000,001 thanks!

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Hey drawfriends. I'd love a picture of a septuagenarian knight. Short cropped hair. Longsword user.

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A retarded and silly Thri-Kreen monk wearing peasant's clothing.

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Ummm smexy Dark Eldar lovingly torturing her IG-prisoner-husband?

You know, cuteify DE torture...I know its tough, but the rewards are grand. Namely, props

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I require a drawing of this fine gentleman.

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You know, a few of us drawfags have moved onto tgchan.

Reporting in for drawfag duties. Traditional media.

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DrawMasters of the universe, I'd strongly appreciate the following:

A red and yellow carnival poster with a unique character in the middle: He is impossibly tall (With ridiculous legs and arms) in a purple pinstripe suit with a purple top hat shadowing his face. Any skin you can see is pure black. On the top, curved text reads: The Tall Man Taketh. Preferably in a pose that makes it look like you are looking up at him. It's the big bad's calling card in my campaign.

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>Go to tgchan
>Cool, a drawing board!

I mean, okay, but I'm cool here.

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Let's be honest, that's what old /tg/ drawthreads were built on! I'll be watching the thread a bit, but I'm way out of practice, and haven't been here much since the mods started really busting down on the porn. I really do think that if a lot of people hadn't moved over to tgchan, than we'd have just lost them as drawfags entirely, which would have been a shame.

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I would like to request a drawing of Sir Bearington in full knight armor

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>Image loading
That's cute...
>finishes loading

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An imperial guard medic with a las rifle slung over his back a chameoline cloak and a surgical mask.

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A grandmother offering cookies to a confused Ork.

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Several Guardsmen with this uniform around the rubble of a ruined Leman Russ, with one Officer wielding his chainsword on top of the melted tank.

His face is grizzled, unkept, torn with war scars, but it is focused in determination and hatred and he is shouting this:

"Skull Smashers! I'm not gonna ask you to fight for the people of this piece of shit world, and I won't tell you some shit about fighting for the Emperor. But I'll say this; there are mutants to kill, so what are we doing around here?"

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I see you have found me.


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Yeah. I thought it was wrong to request drawfagging in your thread on tgchan after just making a request.

Thanks for the uniform again. You really did capture the look of Volksgrenadiers while giving it a 40k look.

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Dude, not many people go there. It is fine to make more then one request, in my thread at least.

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Requesting a Cholo Noir detective . Mexican guy somewhat spiky hair wearing a bandanna across his forehead , another one wrapped around his neck within easy pull up reach , an open button up shirt , a trench coat over the shirt and a single shoulder holster with a M1911a1 contained within . Preferably doing something suitably noir-ish

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I'll keep that in mind. Was just trying to give other people a chance at getting their stuff drawn. But it does seem to be more stagnant than usual. Perhaps this thread will give it the much needed popularity it deserves.

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In that case, could I request this woman in the picture in a frilly dress, looking pissed as hell?

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Pillaging the holy land.

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Hahahahahahaha, awesome!

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Alright requesting a small scene .First guy is a human male a wizard short cropped hair dark skin looks like he spends a lot of time out in the sun young mid twenties at most . Guys dressed to the model of practicality leather armor covering all his weak spots keeping him perfectly safe . He's chasing the second person , a female elf with short brown hair carrying a wooden club who's dressed in the exact opposite manner , where he's covered and practical she's skimpy and useless , around a campfire while carrying a suit of light armor and screaming something in the vein of put on some real fucking armor .

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Someone already did it. Oh well, that's what you get for not refreshing the thread. This is what I got so far, gonna leave it at that.

Not that I really managed to make it "loving" in a sense that it's fun to torture.

Just came out really depressing for some reason.

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Sure sm missing my tablet right now.

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Sweet, great as always.

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thanks bro.

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Rebamping this.

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I remember my early days as a drawfag. Good times and worse art.

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The joke is she pumped his body full of drugs to make his sense of touch ultra sensitive. He thought she was going to flay him, but she had something for more sadistic planned.

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Politely requesting a picture of two NPCs in my game . A young man kid really wearing a sleeveless black hoody, baggy dark grey cargo pants and a skull bandanna mask .Both his arms are covered in black bulging veins and he has a small pistol strapped to his thigh and a bow and arrow quiver slung over his back . The second NPC is a young girl .She's pale as hell wearing a skull mask , a 1920s era pink dress and pink hoody over the dress and carrying around a blood stained baseball bat and a small demonic looking teddy bear .Heres a picture drawn by another kind drawfriend of the girl .

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Briggz I have a humble request!

Draw these characters doing something! Anything!

>> No.19683855

requesting a Marneus Calgar brofisting Iron Hand Straken. This results in a massive explosion blinding the surrounding chaos marines from its sheer awesomeness.

>> No.19683865

Draw me.

>> No.19683873

Requesting a burly mandalorian in battle scarred armor. He has a scarred, scowling face and a high and tight hair cut. He is holding his helmet with one arm and clutching a blaster rifle in the other. the armor is a mix of the left and middle suit styles in my pic.

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Dude, not even the guy who requested this, but damn. I mean, you did really well.

The lighting and look on his face just sell it.

>> No.19683929

Thank you Sirbrigs .I knew it was worth the nighttime jump scares to stay up for this

>> No.19683931

Too much to draw for me. Cut it down to sketch. Need to go out for a while, so this is what I got so far, in case I can't finish it.

>> No.19683944

What you seeing?

>> No.19683958

Why, thank you. I need the practice.

>> No.19683964

You drew that in like what, twenty minutes?

Man, you should spend several hours on a piece one day. Just to see how well it can turn out.

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The couches are looking at me funny . my cats are chasing the three inch cockroaches around again , a rat just got massacred by my roommates pet chichuwawa and is dragging the carcass around the living room and I'm pretty sure mister bones is peaking at me from around the hallway corner .Oh and a thunderstorm just broke out

>> No.19683983

Gentlemen, I think we know what we must do.

We must have a drawfag draw this. It's too good to pass up.

>> No.19683994

Sounds awesome.
Im game

>> No.19684008

You must be on the East Coast.

>> No.19684024

West Coast actually . Mexican neighborhoods are insane .Also I just checked out the window not a thunderstorm its my drunk neighborhood smashing an aluminum baseball bat on a metal railing for some reason .

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You're never going to get off Mister Bones Wild Ride.

>> No.19684166

Minotaur Cleric?

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>> No.19684270

I love you, thankies!

I remember that one and have it saved. I requested that back then too...thanks drawfags. You rock. I hope to join your ranks one day.
Hmmm if any drawfags are bored or not doing anything, draw Carron going apeshit over METUL BAWKSES again?

Also, captcha is Ipswich. beenstr...prophetic?

>> No.19684373

Colors, more reasons to be missing a tablet.

Last one for me tonight. Find me on tgchan and drop some requests.


>> No.19684380

>dem colors

Bye sirbriggz, stay awesome

>> No.19684394

I could use some drawfriendedry for my quest thread.

>> No.19684403

hey ben ya here? Try not to have such fucking sketchy lines you faggot.

you know who

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>Christ, this sucks

What's the quest?

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Morning and done. Fun to try hash shading once in a while.

>> No.19687081

I'd like to request a character I play. She's a samsaran (six foot tall human with blue skin and no irises) with long hair, a wizard/psion with no physical abilities at all but absolutely brilliant.

Preferably, she'd be wearing some kind of robe that still reveals her pants, though.

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re-requesting this please

>> No.19688094

Sorry back, had to go do things, like sleep.

The quest is Space Marine Quest.

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Oh wow, I'm so glad I found this. If the drawfag who did this is still here, thank you! Its really, really kickass, captured exactly what I was going for, and added a bunch of even better stuff.

I only wish the "dreads" were more obvious, but still awesome.

>> No.19688322

I'm not gonna read a whole quest to find out what you want. Make some suggestions.

>> No.19688412

Fair enough. I was not sure if you were still here.
I need an image of our glorious chapter master.
Standing ready for battle.
Blood angel successor chapter. He has a helmet in the Image of his primarch that is living metal and reflects the mood of whoever dons it.
His armour is like that of the sanguinary guard, metal abs and nipples and his chosen weapons are as follows his power sword from Baal and a relic bolter also from Baal.

If you choose to draw him without his helmet his has long dark almost tribal hair a neatly trimmed bear and mustache and a face covered in tribal tattoos.

>> No.19688487

Draw and Dash

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>> No.19689676

I like your NPC.

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I'd just like to say that you, sir, got some serious art skills.

>> No.19690610

I'd love it if someone would draw me a scene using my rather meh profiles. Yeah I know, the head to too large and shit. It will be used in the Autumn: Paramodern Combat project.


So basically these two women are of the same Eidon (race), but are not of the same culture. They have a strong distaste for each other. The first is a relatively healthy Montis woman. They abuse a certain drug known as brown-root, which coupled with their scarce resources causes them to be skinny.

The second is known as the Immorti, which are permanently diseased members of the Montis. They're even skinnier, to the point that they're grotesque, and prefer to fight with melee weapons. The Immorti have a mask fetish, as it used to be the cornerstone of their faith. Specifically, the bird mask represents cunning and intuition.

Could you draw me the healthy montis woman, with the weapon I've included (its going to be short, due to it being a carbine) standing next to the Immorti; both giving each other uncertain looks? I'm going to use it in the Montis section of the wiki. Feel free to add accessories, as long as the two's thin bodies can be seen.

The former should have more modern clothing, while the latter will wear as little as possible. Also, try to have the Immorti be thin enough to make her unsexy, while the former should be at least a little attractive.

>> No.19690630

holy fuck thats adorable

>> No.19690641

Durp, wrong image.

>> No.19690745

This struck me as something similar...

>> No.19690790

Mmmm, Manning.

>> No.19690836

I do like myself some Manning...

Yeah- actually that mask works really damn well. Off to my references folder with you.

>> No.19691306

Am I a furry if I'm turned on by people dressed in a manner that makes them symbolic of animals? I'm not into anthro... but dat ass and dat mask.

>> No.19692541

Nah, I'd say it makes you a costume fetish. Rather normal actually.

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