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Greetings fellow /tg/ compatriots.

To those here who makes money out of miniature painting and other /tg/ related works...

Are you managing to make a living out of it?

Be honest.

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>Implying those are occupations
They're hobbies. Inherent money sinks.

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If you're a good enough painter that you can sell painted minis for a profit sufficient to support yourself, you could be a proper artist and make 10x more.

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I've got a friend who does some painting on commission for people who don't want to paint their own armies, but it's a far cry from a career.

I make money on poker, but not enough to try it fulltime. My girlfriend made it clear she'd leave me if I ever try to make a go at professional gambling.

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I knew a guy that did that for a living.

He had lots of health problems, so he couldn't work. He painted armies in a matter of weeks, and sold them, or did it on commission. He was able to afford his medical treatment and live in an apartment alone, so... I guess it worked out. He used to get armies shipped to him from all over the place too. Australia, UK, everywhere in Murrika, Germany...

I wonder if he's still kicking.

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I really doubt you can make enough for it to count as a career. However I've been thinking of doing it too.

Buy a random box of minis from a popular army (SM always sell), paint them up and ebay them for a profit. Work box by box so if nothing sells, you didn't spend THAT much money (and you might end up with an army to play with on the side.

I'd imagine it's good for supplementary money to support a hobby (or perhaps a low-tier drug addiction)

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If it makes enough to pay for your models you play with you basically get to do your hobby for free. Could be a lot worse.

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The thing is I'm a professional digital artist and I'm just completly fed up with that shitty ass exploitative industry.

I'd rather scrounge a living supporting other people's leisure than doing art assets for another shovelware.

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Kinda feel you there. You might be better off using those digital skills for prints and such than painting minis. The market is wider I think.

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I've done a handful of character art comissions, but there's no way I could support myself off of it. It's a fun on-the-side thing which brings in enough to buy a Steam game here and there.

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