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Good news, everyone! I'm financing an expedition to some God-forsaken planetoid that may or may not be the home of an alien race that created all life on Earth!

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You are now imagining Prometheus as an episode of Futurama.

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There is profit to be had.

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It suddenly became watchable for me.

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Leela and Fry as Shaw and Holloway? Hermes and Doctor Zoidberg as Millburne Fiefield? Bender as David?


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Are we allowed to bring nukes ?

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All this stupidity suddenly makes sense!

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I think it would be a good idea to put some guns on the ship.

You know, just in case.

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I am now going to make a rouge trader crew based on futurama

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Zapp Brannigan is not an appropriate substitute for Idris Elba.

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why am i the only person on the internet who enjoyed this movie?

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Dumb people everywhere have your back!

It's got OK visuals and cinematography but the plot makes no sense, it's shit tier scifi, the characters make no sense, etc., etc. Oh and everyone is sick of anthropoid progenitors. Especially when their progenitating makes no goddamn sense.

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Because it makes you feel smarter than you actually are, because you think you 'get' it when, really, there's nothing there to get.

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Don't know, man. Personally I thought it was a trainwreck.

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That said, it's a bad movie and you should feel bad.

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I liked it too, but it was kind of really dumb and tried too hard to be smart.

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The giant stone head would have to look exactly like Homer Simpson.

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Why isn't this actually a thing?

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Dark Heresy would work better, with Professor Farnsworth as the Inquisitor.

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I enjoyed it mildly, but not for the plot or character development.

I sat through The Tree of Life on a double date with hipster chicks, then had to debate the movie with some hipster douchebag that was like the physical embodiment of concentrated /lit/. After that most any film is at least palatable.

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Good New everyone! You're being sent to ransack a Necron tomb!

Would bender be a tech priest or a servitor?

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>the plot makes no sense
See, this is what I don't get about the haters of Prometheus (not the guy you're responding to, I thought Prometheus was "eh" but not worth the stink it's getting). The plot was bare-bones simple:

>aliens seed life on earth
>get bored at/angry with us
>create a bio-weapon to destroy us
>accidentally unleash it on themselves
>two dipshit scientists find signs of aliens
>go to a planet they left a fucking star chart for
>get everyone killed because they're dipshits

I don't see what's hard to follow, here. It's just a B-grade horror flick with an A-grade budget, so I don't see any reason to overly love or hate it.

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The problem is that the movie never actually gives any solid evidence for a lot of that. It's mostly fan speculation.

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>aliens seed life on earth
this is shown in the opening shot of the movie
>get bored at/angry with us
admittedly somewhat questionable, but the first thing the engineer does when it wakes up is throw a shit fit and try to kill every human it sees so a logical conclusion
>create a bio-weapon to destroy us
admittedly inferred that it was created SPECIFICALLY to destroy humanity, maybe they have lots of stuff they want to kill and we were just on the list?
>accidentally unleash it on themselves
shown in the movie
>two dipshit scientists find signs of aliens
second scene in the movie
>go to a planet they left a fucking star chart for
~4th scene of the movie
>get everyone killed because they're dipshits
second half of the movie

I'm sorry, I just don't see any reason to complain about Prometheus' plot making no sense. I went into the movie blind, hadn't read anything about it, and I came out with these conclusions.

Now if you wanted to complain that Prometheus' plot was rushed and poorly-paced, oh hell yes I'm there with you all day.

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Fry: Scum
Lela: Arbitrator
Bender: Tech-Priest
Hermes: Adept
Zoidburg: Xenos in service to the Inquisitor

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?Implying he's not a robot scum

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Also Mom would be a rival(and corrupt) inquisitor

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Amy is undoubtedly the Vickers of the group. Infer from that what you will.

Mom would be Ms. Yutani.

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