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Considering that the new edition of 40k allows for allies, what would be the best way to run an Adeptus Mechanicus army?
IG w/ Space Marine allies: Master of the Forge, dreads, land raiders, etc
IG w/ Grey Knight allies: Coteaz, henchmen, GK techmarine, land raider
IG w/ Tau allies: Kroot are gland war vets, fire warriors are gun servitors, broadsides are praetorian servitors
Tau and Necrons?

ITT: AdMech on the table general
Also, fun army ideas for the new edition

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i wanna make an Inquisition army with grey knights and sisters. but apparently they cant be battle brothers cause ward wrote a story about grey knights rapping and killing some sisters for some reason.

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Necrons with Imperial Guard Allies.


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IG with GK allies. Pick inquiz that allows those versatile bodyguard fellas to be your bread and butter for about, 2 squads. Pack tanks, etc.

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I don't know but my Space Marines (who are supposed to be Iron Hands descendants) have had enough shit and flipped the table over. I'm allying-in an Overlord and his paddleboat, some immortals and a *scythe (depending on point level, although I like the idea of having dedicated transports just trolling around the board while there's a necron gunline somewhere).

it seems like for once, GW made a kit where you can swap variants fairly easily, except for the cables leading to the death ray / wormhole. they seem a bit fragile. other than that, this looks like a job for magnets. (or even blue-tack)

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Crons and IG are an unholy alliance, though. They CAN work together, but it does more harm than good.

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Seems a lot of us want to work with Coteaz in some way, but I'd like to run an inquisitorial freakshow myself. It'd be either GK allied to Sisters or Sisters allied to Gk depending on how the force organization requirements work out. I just want to spam as many acro-flagellants and penitent engines as possible. Maybe some zealots as counts as repentia as well. I doubt it'd be particularly effective, but it'd be funsies.

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Any rules on points limits for allies? I want to run GK with a FUCKING HUGE Imperial Guard ally.

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no point limits, just FOC limits: Mandatory 1 HQ, 1 troops. Optional second troops, 0-1 on everything else. dunno about terrain.

IG can get fuckhuge on that, but the best way to do it would probably be to switch it around - main army is the IG, GKs are the allies.

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also, any ideas for doing Kroot Mercenaries as a list?

hopefully the "you have to take Firewarriors in a Tau army" rule will get kicked the fuck out. or, if allying with tau, your 1-2 troops choices isn't really "firewarriors and another unit if you want/can squeeze it in there".

Dunno what I'd use for Shapers, but I guess Orks would be the best 'dex for Kroot variety. Of course, Orks seem to be the best 'dex for variety, period.

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For those who haven't seen it

Sorry nids.

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>dat unreadable thumnail

and who would nids ally with anyways?

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oops my bad

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It would depend on their diet.

Been eating lots of orks, you get krorks, been eating lots of eldar, you get psychic kroot, etc.

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tyvm sirrah

riches freexp

I want riches and free xp captcha, where do I sign up?

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oops, meant tyvm to >>19655467

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Straight Necrons, nigger.

Warriors are your Skitarii with Haywire Bolters. Immies are your SPESS MEHREENS of the Iron Hands or a similar chapter carrying heavy bolters with suspensors, like old Deathwatch Killteams used to, or using lightning shooters like the AdMech loves to do. Skimmers are venerable Land Speeders with special shielding.Triarch Stalkers are Dreads with flamer arm and multimelta arm. And so on. Use your imagination.

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and for a plain-text version: http://pastebin.com/4pE8S5xx
(not updated with the different levels of alliance but at least you can see who is bros with who)

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That reminds me of how, in my Iron Hands-descended special snowflake chapter, I had it where Librarians and Techmarines were switched around - nobody trusted the pyskers but the guys who spent 50 years learning how to use a wrencha are bros.

But some of the Psyker Powers, really, could just be represented by a guy hauling experimental wargear. Perils of the Warp is just the inherent risk of not-fully-tested equipment or weapons being pushed beyond their normal use. (like how Imperial Plasma "Gets Hot!" because it's being fired so often. take one out of storage, take one shot every five minutes or so, and unless you're on a desert planet you should be fine).

So, like, Smite could be some kind of crazy super-rapid-fire bolter. Psychic Hoods would be technology based partially on Gellar Fields and partially on that crazy thing the GK's get (Psyocculum?) to shoot at psykers with like BS10.

Depending on how psykers are in 6e, I may be chopping up my librarians and turning them into techmarines who break things instead of fixing them.

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Grey Knights don't like fighting with others because they'll have to mind wipe Marines or execute humans.

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>that allies chart
And the award for least love received goes to...TYRANIDS, second time in a row! Rejoice, for the Cruddace Treatment(tm) was but the mere beginning! But seriously, they better make Nids powerful as all fuck to compensate. We're talking 115-point fexes, Genestealers and Lictors ignoring armour saves, blast marker death spitters, AP 3 venom cannons on MCs, etc. etc. And how about returning to viable options for NOT relying on 200+ shitty gaunts and 2-3+ Tervigons? Shit, I don't know.

But who am I kidding, nothing will make my army through fifteen years become what I liked under 2nd-3rd, even 4th edition. They didn't even allow for allying with IG excluding vehicles, which could have opened up for Cult armies. No, no, heaven forbid we do the obvious.

Well, it's not like GW will miss me. Outside of the BRB, I haven't bought anything from them this whole last edition, and the coming one will see me buying less.

Fare thee well, o shadow of the GW I once knew. The galaxy is a big place, and whatever happens, neither of us will miss the other.

Polite sage for offtopic rant.

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Fearless no longer forces you to lose more dudes if you lose combat. MC's are getting buffed to hell and back and any 2+ save MC's will be awesome seeing as all AP2 CC weapons are initiative 1. Flyrants will be able to fuck some shit up with vector strikes. I'd say Nids got a pretty good buff from the update.

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Play him off, Keyboard Scythean.

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Settle for nothing less.

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>Tau with Space Marines Detachment
>Put two Broadsides in a Rhino

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what would be the point?

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two models can shoot out of the rhino, and braodsides can shoot after moving.
at least that yould be the imminent PROFIT!!! in 4th or 5ht edition.

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The point would be moving 12 inches, firing two twin-linked railguns, four missiles, and a bolter, and then still having the broadsides after the tank gets inevitably glanced to death. Basically turning the Rhino into a lightly armored main battle tank that explodes into a less-mobile version of itself.

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Take IG and put them in a chimera. Those have FIVE fire points.

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Tau and IG are "Allies of Convenience," they act as separate armies on the table; so they can't ride in each others cars or benefit from their special rules.

On the other hand, Space Marines WILL benefit from their Tau allies' Marker Lights.

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Does anyone know if you can take an IG army with techpriests as your only HQ choices? I would have thought not, since it doesn't take up an HQ slot, but if memory serves the FAQs for Black Templars DID let you take a Templars army with only an Emperor's Champion.

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IG w/ Marine allies:
HQ: Master of the Forge
Elites: Dread? Techmarine?
Troops: Scouts as skitarii?
Fast: Land Speeders?
Heavy: Well, just about anything, really

GK allies:
HQ: Coteaz (duh)
Elites: dread, assassin, techmarine
Troops: henchmen
Fast: none that would make sense
Heavy: Land raider or dreadnought

Tau allies:
HQ: commander or Ethereal as a Magos
Troops: fire warriors as skitarii or gun servitors, kroot as gland war veterans
Fast Attack: gun drones as... some sort of defensive weapon? Piranhas as AdMech land speeders,
Heavy Support: broadsides as praetorian gun servitors, sniper drones as... some other sort of defensive weapon or turret

What do you guys think?

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I get it...oh. NOW I get it. Nigga, that shit's hilarious.

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Didn't the Tau deicide that Chaos is one of those things that do not have a place in the greater good?

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On a somewhat Adeptus Mechanicus related note

I think skulls with "angry eyebrows" are retarded

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>techpriests as HQ's

Yes the january 2012 guard faq says that you can take either kind of priest as your obligatory choice.

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Kick ass. Hopefully that stays true for 6e.

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Fookin' Wayne England. I spent the first 16 years of my life thinking his skulls were anatomically correct.

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You have to remember they can ally with themself, which means an additional FOC. Not that bad when you have good HQ units (especially with the new MC buff) and lotsa elite choices.

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I want a Dark Mechanicum detachment with my Iron Warriors. IG, then? I still dont understand why they can let me be brothers in arms with traitor guard, instead of allies with imperial guard, wich makes cero sense.

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No, they cant, you dumbfuck.

>> No.19661753

Can they? The official chart doesn't have a square for people allying with themselves.

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Go with Chaos Daemons.
Your daemons are machines and robots possessed by daemons.
Troops are chaos androids.

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You can't ally with yourself and you can't take named characters as your HQ choice for allies.

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woah we have a badass over here

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One of those things is true.

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Considering that Black Templar and Blood Angels are Bestest Bros, does that mean Blood Angels get Vows? If so, thats all sorts of fucked up

>> No.19661899

And sanguinary guard give the Templars Furious Charge and Feel No Pain.

At least both of those rules are less good now?

>> No.19661905

Sanguinary PRIESTS, that is

>> No.19661906

if having no square means you cannot ally, what does Come the Apocolypse mean?

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Stop pretending to know things when you don't.

The allies rules are really vague and we won't know what actually works until FAQs come out.

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It means that there is no hway.

The chart indicates that you cannot ally with yourself, either, because it is the same army. It's not like they could have put "Come the Apocalypse" for allying with your own army.

>> No.19661945

Sounds more like "a cold day in hell"... as in it'd be possible, but like with the old allies rules, you'd need to have a damn good explanation, and you'll suffer a load of penalties.

>> No.19661967

what exactly are the different levels of penalties/bonuses for allying with different "levels" of allies?

>> No.19662031

No idea yet.

Just commenting that "Come the Apocalypse" doesn't sound like a complete ruling out.

>> No.19662036

Count as same army, are two separate armies, and if you get too close with your allies waste one turn watching them for signs of betrayal. Or something like that.

>> No.19662062

Sounds retarded that they would put two different kinds of "No Way." Redundant even by GW standards. Instead of being flashy with a "After hell Freezes Over" on a matrix couldnt they of flat out said, "NOPE," and remove any ambiguity?

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Come the Apocalypse means nope.jpg
A blank spot means it is the same army.
Stop being fucking retards, you can't fucking ally with yourself, and allies take up your own FOC slots.

>> No.19662147

also, does the Dark Angels codex still have the "hunt for the fallen" thing? I haven't looked at a DA codex in ages.
if so, how the hell would that work if they're allied with just about any imperial faction?

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it means you can when you play APOCALYPSE, DUH

>> No.19662221

Right now I'm thinking about things from a fluff+effectiveness perspective.

I'll need to see the new Chaos dex, but I fully plan on making 1Ksons NOT suck. And I'll be incorporating a few daemons into the army, too. I just need to figure out which ones. I love the idea of Tzeentchian Heralds in my HQ.

Question: Has anyone seen any good Pink Horror conversions? I'm torn between stripping my old metal ones or buying some wood elf dryads. That'd be an easy way to make heralds, too. Or special characters like the Blue Scribes. But I'll probably have to buy the Changeling.


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You know, the fun thing about using Tau as allies is that there are really no negatives for taking O'Shovah (other than no Kroot or Vespids), since you can only get 1 fast/heavy anyway.

>> No.19662599

There will never be daemons as cool as the previous metal horrors/daemonettes again.

GW has doubled down on cartoony chaos so they can sell it to kids. I know it's a cliche to point that out but nowhere is it more obvious than with the chaos daemon models.

Either hunt some of the good horrors down on ebay, or buy a pack of the new ones and mix them with dryads for something that looks okay-ish. Not much else to be done.

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Well, I've more or less decided to go with an Imperial Guard army with Grey Knight allies.
The HQ and Troops are obvious choices (Coteaz and Henechmen), but for the Elites choice, should I go with a Techmarine, an Assassin, or a dread?

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