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Has anyone tried their hand at making races using the rules from the book and willing to share?
If not... I wouldn't mind ideas.

DM said I could try it out, but I don't have a good concept to launch myself off from.

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I made a race of Anubis-like guys. Was pretty cool. Gonna get to play one in my next campaign.

A friend made some mushroom dudes and a race of sorta-Necrons.

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I'm working on making a race for each year of the Chinese zodiac, give me a minute and I'll post the four I have done.

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Huh. Those all sound cool.
Post them up. I'd like to look at them.

Are they all standard build?
I promised him I wouldn't exceed the 10 points that is the standard range.

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Is there any way to make a standard level construct race?
Like the warforged or something...

Can you subtract enough from the half-construct build?

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Sorry, it seems I left my notebook at my friend's house.

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Anubis is 11 points (Dwarves are 11, for the record).

I don't know about the Mushroom dudes, but I remember he said that the almost-Necrons were like... 30+ points and he hadn't even finished making them. It was mostly a thought experiment.

Anyway, I hadn't written up anything fancy for the Anubians, but:

Monstrous Humanoid (3 RP)
Medium size (0 RP)
Normal speed (0 RP)
Standard language (0 RP)
Standard (+2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Cha) (0 RP)
Darkvision (- RP)
Skill Bonus (Perception) (2 RP)
Scent (4 RP)
Lifebound (2 RP)

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Try filling some of these roles up with races

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Honestly, my favourite thing from that book was the Redeemer paladin archetype. It meshes so well with Shelyn's paladin code.

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Well darn...

Do you remember how you made a half-dragon as a standard race?
Did you just give it the dragon template and that's it?

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...this sorta makes me want to post up the monstergirl roulette and roll to see which monstergirl I should make.

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Looks cool. Saving it.
Thanks anon.

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Do it!

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Come back when you figure out how to make it.

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rolled 20 = 20

Alright gentlemen, let's get dangerous.

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Youko, huh?

Something of that level would probably be well over the 10 point standard. Is it time to go crazy, gentlemen?

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rolled 53 = 53

Let's go.

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rolled 86 = 86

Lets roll

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rolled 99 = 99


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Too bad that's already a statted monster.

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rolled 67 = 67

K then

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I should really just stick to lurking.

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The hell is a roper again? Some sort of goo girl?

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rolled 55 = 55


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More like a stalagmite with four tentacle arms and a big wormlike mouth.

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rolled 49 = 49


Man, thread just became all kinds of awesome.
There goes my night.


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rolled 94 = 94

it begins

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rolled 72 = 72

For the fun of it...

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rolled 23 = 23


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rolled 76 = 76


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I've used to it start statting out some of my group's Dawn of Worlds races. It's been looking good, but I doubt we will ever actually play in the setting.

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Anon! Quick!
I need your mushroom race build to cheat my way to rolling again!

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rolled 81 = 81


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I'm somewhat disturbed by this, but hey I suppose I can deal with it... plus that pic reminds me of Double

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My friend is telling me he hasn't finished making them yet.

Anyway, work on the Youko has begun. I'm going full retard with this, expect hilariously powerful results.

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rolled 42 = 42

Keep rollin rollin rollin...

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well what the hell

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rolled 81 = 81


Here I go

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rolled 77 = 77

already has 81. Rollin again for diversity

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rolled 30 = 30

k lets give this a shot

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rolled 53 = 53


All right...
This was a quick stat up of a slime-ish race at 11 points.
Blindsense is dipping into the monstrous stuff, but it fits with the theme.

Monstrous Humanoid (3)
Medium (0)
Slow speed (-1)
Weakness (-1) +2 Con, +2 Wis, -4 Dex
Energy resistance (1)
Change shape, Lesser (3)
Climb (2)
Blindsense (4)

You select which energy resistance you get to determine what slime you descended from.

I know it was put together quick, but what do you guys think?

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rolled 90 = 90


Already have 53, plus it is a slime theme.
Rolling again.

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Okay, done, clocking in at a mild FORTY-TWO racial points.

Medium Monstrous humanoid (0+3 RP)
Normal speed (0 RP)
Advanced (-2 Str, +4 Con, +2 Int/Wis/Cha) (4 RP)
Linguist (1 RP)
Advanced Wisdom (4 RP)
Advanced Charisma (4 RP)
Illusion Resistance (1 RP)
Lucky, Lesser (2 RP)
Beguiling Liar (2 RP)
Gregarious (1 RP)
Silver Tongued (3 RP)
Sociable (1 RP)
Change Shape, Greater (6 RP)
Object of Desire (1 RP)
Seducer (2 RP)
Slapping Tail (3 RP)
Tripping Tail (3 RP)
Prehensile Tail (2 RP)
Darkvision (- RP)
Low-Light Vision (1 RP)

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rolled 75 = 75


Give centaur a couple of spell like abilities and call it done.

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rolled 52 = 52

Whelp thats kinda boring. Rerollan a new one while I post

Monterous Humanoid (3 RP) [Darkvision 60ft]
Normal Speed 30ft
Ability Score: Specialised (1 RP) +2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 CHA
Cornered Fury (4 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Whenever
a member of this race is reduced to half its hit points or fewer
and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial
bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class.
Sprinter (1 RP): Prerequisite: Normal speed; Benefit:
Members of this race gain a +10 foot racial bonus to their
speed when using the charge, run, or withdraw actions.
Bite (1 RP): Prerequisites: Small or larger size; Benefit:
Members of this race gain a natural bite attack, dealing
damage equivalent to that of a creature two size categories
lower than normal for their size (Bestiary 302; 1d2 for
Small races, 1d3 for Medium, etc.). The bite is a primary
attack, or a secondary attack if the creature is wielding
manufactured weapons. Special: This trait can be taken
up to two times. The second time it is taken, the bite
damage increases by one size category.

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rolled 5 = 5


>> No.19629372

rolled 25 = 25

Let's roll.

>> No.19629734

rolled 94 = 94

Sea Slime
I'm not familiar with how they work so I winged it.
aberration 3
small 0
standard (+2 con/cha, -2 str) 0
shadow resistance (transparent) 2
shadow blending (transparent) 1
camouflage (oceans) 1
swim 2
toxic (paralytic venom) 1

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Has anyone got a PDF link for this?

/rs/ isn't turning up anything, and I'd like to join in.

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I don't think the link I used is still up.

Try googling ARGTRANSPARENT.7z

>> No.19630156

T'was still up.

Let me get reading.

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What do you guys think of this half ghost?

Half Undead (5 RP)
Medium (0 RP)
Normal Speed (0 RP)
Greater Weakness (-3) +2 Dex, -2 Con, -4 Str
Standard language (0)
DR 10/magic (+6 RP)
Spell resistance, greater (+3 RP)
Flight (+4 RP)
Light Blindness (-2 RP)
Sunlight Powerlessness (-2 RP)

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Says it requires a password?

>> No.19630375

Try using archice.foolz.us/tg/ to find the thread that link was posted in. The password is there, and sadly I can't remember it.

>> No.19630398


Case sensitive.

>> No.19630423

The fuck is a half-ghost?

>> No.19630435

Uh... Rolling.

>> No.19630442

A yellow dragon.

>> No.19630452

A touhou.

>> No.19630891

Apparently, it's >>19630194

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Here is an idea I'm fleshing out...
A race that doesn't actually exist.
It only THINKS it does.

Fey (2 RP)
Medium (0 RP)
Paragon (1 RP) +4 Cha, -2 Str/Con/Dex
Standard language (0 RP)
Spell-like Ability, At will: Major Image (6 RP)
Belief Powerlessness (-2 RP)
Feat: Spell Focus Illusion (2 RP)

(Disbelief Powerlessness: If all creatures within 60 ft disbelieve the Major Image, it cannot take any action and is staggered)

It basically uses its Major Image ability to create itself.

>> No.19631178

rolled 26 = 26

Monstrous Humanoid (Darkvision 60 ft.)
Normal (20 ft. land speed)
Standard (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Int)
Summon Botfly Swarm: Beelzebub can summon a swarm of botflies once per day.
Flight: Beelzebub have a fly speed of 80 ft. and have perfect maneuverability.
Breath Weapon: Beelzebub can spit acid onto its enemies once per day in a 20 ft. line for 1d6 damage. Anyone caught in the Beelzebub’s acid must roll a reflex save for a DC of 10 + ½ the Beelzebub’s character level + the Beelzebub’s Constitution modifier. The acid does half damage with one a successful saving throw.
Swarming: Up to two Beelzebub can occupy a square at the same time.
Light Fascination: Beelzebub that exchanges gazes with bright light become fascinated and need to do a will save DC 25 to break free. Breaking free is a standard action.

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