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Damn you, Gabriel and Thule!

What are the secrets of Cyrene and Kronus?

Curiosity is killing me. I must know!

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not tellin

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"The Secrets of Kronus shall not pass my lips."

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Angelos might know the secrets of Cyrene, and Thule has the secrets of Kronus, but only Boreale knew the secrets of Cyrus.

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Then it's a good thing you don't have lips any more, just a voice-synthasiser.

So spill the beans, dead-guy.

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Gordian last message was a foreshadowing of the events of Chaos Rising and Retribution.

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cyrene- angelos lets a greater deamon of khorne live
kronus - they discovered whos their primarch is, probably primarch of thousand sons, because they destroyed the records instantly and there were alot of "wink wink" from GW about it
Kaurava - boreales incopetence killed most of the chapter

there you go, now kindly remove yourself from /tg/

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The secret is




Space Marines are fagots hanging off the dick of their dead emperor.

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>cyrene- angelos lets a greater deamon of khorne live

Nope, that's Tartarus.



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oh right

cyrene- angelos orders exterminatus of cyrene because it was lost to chaos, alot of civilians died, plus it was his home planet and stuff

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Also Matt Ward
>Your fucking secrets OP

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Gabriel's Eldar porn stash.

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>impling three companies is most of the chapter
>implying Boreale was incompetent and not one of the greatest heroes known to the Blood Ravens who was brought down from within by the traitor Cyrus

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A serious accusation, but Cyrus did have a motive.

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>implying implications that i did not imply
ok leaving this "alfabusa" style faggotry

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5 Companies

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In Chaos Rising during Cyrus's traitor speech he says Boreale "walked three companies into the slaughter of Kaurava". Two companies survived.

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