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How has chaos not taken over the entire 40k universe? Shouldn't nearly everyone be corrupt at this point?

If they fight, get mad, etc., it feeds Khorne. If they fuck or enjoy anything, Slaanesh gets fed and gains power. Any hopes or ambitions/knowledge lead to Tzeentch gaining power. And every time someone dies or gets sick Nurgle gets power. Since all of these things are in every single person alive (especially in the 40k universe) how has chaos not corrupted the fuck out of everyone? And I'm not talking about the Black Crusades or anything like that. The very material manifestations of these gods are in people, so shouldn't everybody be corrupt outside of just the CSM or cultists?

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Your thinking is askew. The Chaos gods only exist because living beings have emotions. They won't go away while so many living beings exist. That's what makes 40k so grim.

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>They won't go away while so many living beings exist

That's my point. With so many living beings and with so many things feeding them, shouldn't the chaos gods have more than enough power to corrupt everybody? All it takes is a fuckbuddy or the sniffles and you should have a cultist outbreak in no time.

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It is because that they eternally fight each other, they cannot unite as one. As long as one god is ascendant, the other will do their best to pull him down, that is what chaos is, brutal destructive cycle of mutually assured destruction.

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The ultimate meta-reasoning is of course so Games Workshop can sell more models. But several theories, all of which are suggested in the fluff (which of these is most important is probably best left to your own interpretation):

-The Emperor is supposedly holding the ravening reality-devouring energies of the warp at bay daily (hence why he gets fed all the psyker trainee washouts - their souls power his continued corpse existence on the Golden Throne).

-Chaos is inherently divided so can never really make a coherent effort, or at least coherent enough to take over (see Black Crusade I thru XIII)

-Chaos gods can only manifest their full power within the warp itself, an alternate dimension. Tearing reality itself is still pretty tough; it needs a pretty cataclysmic level event (which lends perspective on how crazy those Eldar hangovers which led to Slaanesh must have been).

-The Inquisition/Astartes/IG/Imperial Navy/other Imperial factions are doing an actually really bang up job of holding Chaos at bay, whether it be via executing heretics/fighting Chaos directly/implementing 1984 style thought controlled societies. The whole authoritarian, medievalist mindset of 40k perhaps helps keep the excesses of humanity at bay and keeps the Chaos gods dormant.

-The Eldar have got something figured out and are keeping Chaos at bay through the subtle manipulation of events

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>how has chaos not corrupted the fuck out of everyone?

Because generally speaking, that sort of innate corruption is tied to extremely heinous acts that attract the attention of a God personally, a mental/physical/spiritual reaction to warp energy, or already knowing about the existence of Chaos and the effects your actions will have. Simply performing bloody and violent acts feeds Khorne but it doesn't necessarily attract his attention.

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This, really. There's a significant difference between feeding a god and becoming his pawn. Someone feeds a god when they get pissed off. Someone becomes their pawn when they snap and start killing folks.

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Here's how it works:
There's power in, and power out.

Killing of sentients by sentients (Khorne doesn't get power by "u mad") fuels Khorne. A good source of this is, say, orks. This does not actually make you very susceptible to chaos corruption. It is just why Khorne is #1 chaos god.

But the people that GET power from Khorne are crazed berserkers (generally, though if you think about it, being a melee dude in a galaxy of guns requires some skill, and so non-CSM tend to sometimes get good at tactics if they want to survive, and Khorne encompasses other warrior aspects).

But the berserkers do not actually kill many people at all (in comparison to orbital bombardments by inquisitors, etc.) melee violence is a shitty way to kill.

Similarly, Tzeentch gets power by people hoping for a better tommorrow, which includes ambition, which includes politicians.

But politicians, etcetera, do not actually spontaneously gain the ability to shoot pink fire out of their eyes.

And so on. The people that GIVE a chaos god their power are not necessarily the people GIVEN power by a chaos god. All the kills by Grey Knights, Black Templar, Sisters of Battle, Orks, Eldar, etc fuel Khorne, but such people hardly like Khorne and are not exactly corrupted by him (though Black Templar do act, behave, and have abilities exactly as you'd expect from Khorne CSM).

Similarly, Nurgle gets his power from people suffering from disease, death, and decay. The people he GIVES his power to, are, on the other hand, actually people who are not dead yet, and generally, aren't going to die anytime soon.

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This is very black and white thinking that if I sneeze I am sick, and nurgle's all about sickness
ergo A=C

You actually need a MUCH deeper understanding of chaos to be affected by it or stay too long in an area with chaos taint in it. ( Think of chaos like cosmic radiation) If you get sick and lose all hope, then beg and cry for help, MAYBE Nurgle will notice

kill a man, has nothing to do with khorne. Kill thousdans of men. Nothing. Khorne care HOW and WHY you spill blood. Do you kill for fun, the excitement, the blood-lust. To taste the red ichor? Then Khorne might take interest

and since you are very white or black it will be the hardest damn thing to tell you about slaanesh.

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Fueling the chaos powers isn't the same as merely sustaining them. Having a massive lust for power and backstabbing and scheming your way to the top will fuel Tzeentch. Thinking about getting promoted as a Guardsman while diligently doing your job barely sustains Tzeentch. Same with the other ruinous powers and their associated domains- Nurgle doesn't want you to get a cold, he wants you to have your insides boil out with a terrible disease that makes you explode. And so on, so forth.

As fascist as the Imperium is, it's their discipline, more or less, that keeps things from getting utterly fucked over, as they're the most numerous mostly-sane race. Eldar are disciplined as shit, but there's few of them. Same with Tau, though the Tau have basically no warp presence. Every other race is either insane, driven by need, or again, chaos.

I may be totally off base with this- I haven't played WH40k since 3rd edition, but this is the way it worked back then.

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Why has chaos not taken over?

Because for chaos to take over it has to manifest.

And it won't do that for every wife-beater and scheming clerk. To summon daemons? You need a Napoleon level general or Lothario level sex-addict. Those are few and far between.

And even then? Ehhhh. Chaos incursions happen. The Emperor protects. By which I mean the rest of the tribe/police/Judges/Guard/Committee For Public Safety takes care of that.

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>The whole authoritarian, medievalist mindset of 40k perhaps helps keep the excesses of humanity at bay and keeps the Chaos gods dormant.

>During the reign of the Emperor

Skepticism, secularism, and rationality prospers, Chaos Gods have essentially zero influence until an utterly bizarre string of improbable events (Horus just so happening to attempt healing at a shamanistic sweat lodge and being converted by Lorgar, the father of the imperial creed). The entire thing possible only due to one man given a truly retarded amount of power.

>After the reign of the Emperor

Chaos is threatening to possess psykers and even non-admech sanctioned toasters (albeit in fanon only), Chaos is fucking everywhere, to the extent that in the book about how awesome and over 9000 Grey Knights are, the book directly states the Grey Knights are going to lose, civilization will fall, and Chaos is going to win. Similarly, in the Necrons book, it notes daemons of Chaos consider the mother-fucking-Necrons just another race to annihilate.

Far from helping hold Chaos at bay, the utterly deranged religion, created by the guy who corrupted Horus, is one of the biggest things fucking up the Imperium. Notably, humans who join the tau, nor the alien psykers amongst the Tau Empire (the ones in BFG) never have whispers of daemonic corruption, so it pretty seems that chaos cults mainly thrive when you take an utterly fanatical and medieval lunatic with no hope for the future (the average Imperial citizen) and offer a way out.

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Chaos is the worst side of our traits amplified.

Chaos is the dark side of humanity, because that which drives us to better ourselves is also the thing that destroys us.

Wanting more is not bad, untill you GIVE your self over to the feeling

wanting to kill the people who want to kill you isn't bad untill you GIVE your self over to the bloodlust

Wanting to advance your position of control things around you isn't bad untill you GIVE yourself over to it

Wanting to get beter from sickness but losing hope isn't bad untill you GIVE into the despite

Get what I am saying here? Falling to chaos is a willing act, whether you know you make the choices or not.

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1. the amount of power choas gains from each act of depravity is microscopic in scale.
2. The empire and the eldar activly repress and destroy choas were ever they can.
3. And above all, choas spends to much effort fighting itself.

take away any one of those however. and you would have a choas victory.

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>Falling to chaos is a willing act, whether you know you make the choices or not.

The fact that people get corrupted entirely on accident through completely random and bizarre methods (ie., going to a sweat lodge, or because you found a nice desk) says otherwise.

Of course, that sort of thing is pretty rare, but does explain why Ordo Xenos loves to kill Imperial Guard for the crime of "Saw a mini-Nurgle once."

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I would think that you'd have to succumb to the extremes of these conditions to effect the gods. Some guy masturbating in the confines of his home, or a guy dying of cancer aren't going to effect the gods in any way, especially if they're still moderately loyal to the emperor, since he'd be the ones to gain their souls.

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> created by
Yeah okay. I think that sort of happened around him and he was too busy to shut it down.

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The fuck you talking about? Lorgar was definitely the most energetic preacher of the divinity of the Emperor that ever was.

Til he got told to cease and desist with creepy daddy worship.

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>alien psykers

That's because alien psykers suck compared to human psykers.

Human psykers even have more brute force than the Eldar. The only reason they're "weaker" is that they don't have centuries of training and an iron will to back it up. They have implants and a soul-bind to the Emperor.

Alien psykers are like thorny berries. Tasty, but they don't last and its a bitch to get to them. Human psykers are like ripe peaches. Soft and easy to get into, and very juicy.

The reason xenos forces get so little shit from chaos is because humans are attracting all the attention.

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That's a bold claim. You can, I hope, support it?

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Because Abaddon is 'armless.

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>Skepticism, secularism, and rationality prospers, Chaos Gods have essentially zero influence until an utterly bizarre string of improbable events (Horus just so happening to attempt healing at a shamanistic sweat lodge and being converted by Lorgar, the father of the imperial creed). The entire thing possible only due to one man given a truly retarded amount of power.
>Far from helping hold Chaos at bay, the utterly deranged religion, created by the guy who corrupted Horus, is one of the biggest things fucking up the Imperium.

Uh, no. Have you even kept up with the fluff?

Fulgrim was corrupted quite handidly without any religious shit. Magnus and the Thousand Sons were fucked by Tzeentch before the Emperor even brought the Legion to Prospero, when he trolled Magnus hard by inflicting the Legion with mutations, then taking them away in a let's make a deal situation.

Just about every primarch who fell were perfectly skeptical, rational, secularists, and it did not do anything to protect them from the Warp. Each also fell independently, and inevitably.

Skepticism, secularism, and rationality are no shield against a force that acts as a psychically sensitive radiation and/or memetic virus.

The Imperium's religious dogma is, ironically, the only thing keeping Chaos from running all over the galaxy by giving people something else to believe in as a counter.

Chaos does not need people to worship it, it just needs someone powerful enough who can be influenced to act as a vector. What you believe does not matter to beings who are the product of emotions.

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He's pulling it out his ass. Eldar are, without ambiguity, the single most powerful psyker mortals. That's why chaos fucking LOVES fucking up Eldar.

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>Each also fell independently

The only thing you got wrong. Erebus and Lorgar specifically converted Horus.

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>That's because alien psykers suck compared to human psykers.
Baseless assumption. And before you bring up those quotes about Humans outstripping Eldar when it comes to psychic might, remember that there are just as many GW books saying the exact opposite.

>Human psykers even have more brute force than the Eldar.
Being unsubtle doesn't mean they're "more powerful". If anything it just belies a lack of skill. And aside from one or two vague statements from dubious sources, Eldar psykers have quite a bit of brute force on their end, despite their self-imposed restrictions.

>They have implants and a soul-bind to the Emperor.
Implants are there to supplement meagre psychic prowess, and the soul-binding is only done to astropaths

>Alien psykers are like thorny berries. Tasty, but they don't last and its a bitch to get to them. Human psykers are like ripe peaches. Soft and easy to get into, and very juicy.
there so much wrong with this statement that it's hard to decide where to begin. However I will mention that the Eldar are among the most sought after mortal prizes of chaos. Sort of like Space Marines, but both for different reasons.

>The reason xenos forces get so little shit from chaos is because humans are attracting all the attention.
actually there are many alien races that have been wholly consumed by chaos. The only reason humanity seems to "get all the attention" is because they're the protagonists of the current era in the grim dark future. Were the game set during the rise and fall of the eldar, all of chaos's attention would seem to be focused on them.. for example.

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Also keep in mind that humans get a shit ton of attention from Chaos because there are a Fuckton of Humans in the Galaxy, especially compared to the number of Eldar (measured in the low billions) and the Tau(slightly higher billions). We are plentiful, have decently powered psykers, and by virtue of being plentiful produce a good number of psykers for Chaos to get its hands on

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>soul-binding is only done to astropaths
Grey Knight terminators say hi.

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got a book and page number?

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Billions would be a number for a single major craftworld. There are quite a few billions of Eldar, but even that number is dwarfed by the Imperium easily.

It's likely a single major craftworld has more members in it than the entire Tau population.

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I'm pretty new to Warhammer 40k, so excuse the ignorance.
But is there really a Chaos God for hoping for a better tomorrow?
Jesus christ how horrifying, the idea of you can't even hope without feeding some crazy god that will use that same hope to wipe you out is just...mind boggling

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Tzeentch! He's also the god of sorcery and mutation.

Or, well, that's Old Fluff, but nothing's contradicted it. Same with Khorne being Valor and Nurgle being love.

While they haven't said it isn't there, they haven't done anything with it in a good long while.

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Eldar are probably more powerful overall, but since they have Slaanehs trying to suck out their souls, they tend to be very careful with the use of their powers and prefer sublty over brute force. Essentially Eldar are always using fettered casting while Human psykers typically use unfettered or push their powers, and do all sorts of fancy psychic pyrotechnics. Sure, it might lead to the occasional psyker exploding into Daemons, but there's billions more psykers so it's not a huge loss.

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the emperor! your weak heretical mind betrays you! we stand strong against there corruption due to HIS light! FOR THE EMPEROR!!!

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Is it even possible by any sort of logic for the Emperor to be corrupted?
If so, wouldn't it just end all life as we know it?

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The thing that's come up is an emphasis on the duality of the Chaos Gods, at least by my understanding.

Like, Khorne is a bloodthirsty God, but he values bravery and martial skill as well, and he fucks you up if you try and offer him unworthy sacrifices(like innocents, who wouldn't be a suitable fight for Khorne's faithful)

Tzeentch is all Hope and stuff, but the hope he provides is this ever-changing, monstrous future full of no constants at all.

Nurgle is the god of Disease and Decay, but he also represents a certain amount of optimism, a willingness to carry on in spite of the knowledge that you'll ultimately wither and die.

And Slaanesh is kinda easy: hedonism coupled with ambition and a drive to excel.

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Aren't Orks the species with the largest population across the universe? Yet somehow they seem to be unaffected, or at least much less affected by Chaos than other sentients. I think it'd be safe to say Chaos could never win until they wipe out the entire Ork species which is pretty much impossible.

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Codex: Deamonhunters p25

>> No.19591852

And can Chaos affect Nids?

>> No.19591865

They have their own Chaos Gods, is the thing. They all worship Gork (or possibly Mork) and do it with all their hearts and every action. The most devoted sorcerer could not give to tzeentch what each ork gives to Mork (or possibly Gork).

>> No.19591868

>"it's whispered that they"
>"if these stories are true"
Cool story, bro.

>> No.19591872

>he also represents a certain amount of optimism
That sounds a bit off with him being the god of despair, but he's the only chaos god known to show any kind of compassion and genuine caring for his followers.

The Nurgle mentality is the exact opposite of hope: it is giving up. Just lie down, there's no need to fight. Accept the gift he offers.

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No, the emperor soul is a powerful warp entity in itself, called the star child.

This is what the sensei (the emperors children) draw upon for their powers.

>> No.19591877

Orks are sotr of insulated from Chaos, as the power of the Waaaagh is a more collective-based Warp presence than an individual Warp presence. While Orks may end up helping out Chaos by being prodded into Waaaagh-ing at an opportune time, in general Orks are hard to truly corrupt to the whims of Chaos.

Nids might be protected for the same reason. Unless you had a Chaos Daemon powerful enough to challenge and defeat a Hive Mind in psionic combat, and then somehow control the whole of a Tyranid Hive like the Hive Mind does(a task that it is biologically built for, keep in mind), then I suppose you could corrupt the Nids.

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My opinion is that every couple of times a Chaos force gets big enough to seriously wreck some of the Empire's shit beyond repair a space hulk just falls on their base out of fucking nowhere and it's all WAAAAAAAAAGH! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO!

>> No.19591894

But it's a dark sort of hope, it's a persistence/determination that he fuels them with. You can see it represented physically in that, despite all the horrible diseases that ravage the Nurglites' bodies, they still live and function relatively normally. That physcal existence is the embodiment of Nurgle's mindset.

Optimism may not be the right word for it though

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If one of the chaos gods tries to corrupt orks, gork (or possibly mork) bashes dem on da 'ead.

>> No.19591896

Posting relevant 2e fluff.

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Let's pretend that didn't happen, shall we?

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bonus page!

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I want exact numbers. How many billions can a single Craftworld sustain? five, twenty, or a hundred billion?

I have seen this claim many times in my stay here. It strikes me as absurd.

The Tau are masters of civilization, management, and architecture. They are fully capable of building cities that can support billions of lives.

The Tau Empire is an empire of a hundred worlds and numerous colonies. In each Tau world you will find cities teeming with energy and life. Metropolitan cities, oceanic cities (Under and above the water), sky cities, and orbital cities drifting in space all of them populated by millions and millions of Tau and Non-Tau citizens.

For Aun's sake, several billion Tau died at the start of the War of Dakka when Grog dropped his meteor on the Capital City of Atari Vo.

Again please could you give me an exact number? At least an estimate of the population size of an average Craftworld? I need to know for curiosity's sake and also so I would not wince each time this claim is put forth again.

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Do I need to point out that similar wording was used about them being made from the Emperor's own genetic material?

Besides, how many people knew they existed, even before the new codex?

Yes they can. It was one of the mission scenarios mentioned as a reason for Grey Knights to fight Tyranids.

>> No.19591963

>Datz coz Orkz are da 'ardest dere iz!

But yeah, Orks are the most numerous and hold the most psykers in the galaxy, not that they know it. IDK how it works, probably something to do with Gork and Mork.

>> No.19591966


>The very material manifestations of these gods are in people

Sorry OP, but you have this backwards.

People feed the gods...the Chaos Gods are the metaphysical manifestation of *us*.

But still you have a point, Chaos should be strong as shit...and well, it is isn't it? The only reason (beyond the Emperor and his lot) that Chaos hasn't fully eclipsed humanity is because they are also all jealous gods and are constantly vying for control over one another, not just the material universe (ambitious ones aren't they?)

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Whatever you do, do NOT respond to this creature.

>> No.19592003

Only if they are cut off from the hive mind, genestealer cults can fall to chaos for instance.

>> No.19592006

>Do I need to point out that similar wording was used about them being made from the Emperor's own genetic material?
No? Since that's never been a confirmed truth either it doesn't really add weight to your statement.

>Besides, how many people knew they existed, even before the new codex?
Not many, and those who did are horribly naive to the actual practices the chapter goes through. Which is exactly why idle gossip should not be taken as fact.

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Oh my, I heard about you last night when I mentioned I'm new to WH40k and was leaning towards Tau being my favorite race.

>> No.19592033


Or I swear on Aun'Shi's abs of steel I find you and beat the answers out of you!

Ehm...Seriously now. I need to know because this information will come handy in the future when the Tau start embracing the El'Dar into the Greater Good.

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guyz, when someone makes an action that a god favors he doesnt empower him, he just gives him energy to exist

when someone makes a sacrifice to a god, then he gets stronger, but usually uses that new found energy to reward his servant in hope to gain more sacrifice

>> No.19592049

I didn't think Tau got mad. I just thought they got the stick up their asses shoved in/pulled out a bit more...

>> No.19592051

Hey now, I understand he isn't well liked but I can't judge before I get to know him myself, sorry.

>> No.19592062

sorry cant hear you over the sound of victory on kaurava

>> No.19592063

Don't say we didn't warn you...

>> No.19592068

And Kronus, don't forget Kronus

>> No.19592078

This guy >>19592033 sounds awful like a THAT GUY. I am not sure Eldar will join the greater good, why shoud they? Is that some kind of new troll?

>> No.19592081

and any other conflict tau has/hasnt fought in

>> No.19592091

just ignore him, this is a kind of guy who will ignore fluff and canon when speaking how great tau are at cocksucking

>> No.19592093

Tankred ENDURES!!!

>> No.19592101

more pics of tau getting pwned in range

>> No.19592106

>wait for it....wait for it...

>> No.19592111

and a tau pwned in malee...what a suprise!

>> No.19592118

and to sum up my argument

>> No.19592133

And this is why I Templar

>> No.19592135

that's a hellhound

>> No.19592136

and this is how i templar

>> No.19592150

I can't tell from what we see if it. could be a rhino or a Land Raider too.

Was assuming this and the prior pics were all in same context

>> No.19592156

its still depics the top the tau will ever achieve

>> No.19592160

Random question for you guys, what do followers of the Imperial religion call themselves?

>> No.19592161

Yeah, you've just met TIDF.

Possibly the worst thing to come to the Tau fanbase since Shadowsun.

>> No.19592172

humans, imperials?

>> No.19592177

Since it's universal in the Imperium, they just call themselves Humans/Humanity/Mankind.

Chaos humans are just Heretics

>> No.19592191

Nah, that's definitely a Chimera or one of it's variants. The turret and the edge of the sponson mounting give it away.

I thought it was a land raider at first too.

>> No.19592195

Here I am asking you people for a direct answer about the Craftworlds.

Instead of answering, you choose to start a squabble with me.

You are to blame for this incident NOT me.

If you people are incapable of having a civil discussion and answering my queries, then I have to search for my own answers.

>implying the Imperials won

We welcome the new Sept of Kor'Ro'Va into our prosperous Empire!

I would linger here and introduce myself to you, but I have more urgent matters to attend to.

If you want to get to know me, then look up my posts in the archives.

I (mostly) have not written anything I am ashamed of. It should give you a good idea of my character and why I am here.

Farewell for now.

>> No.19592207

Well what am I suppose to put on my census form then?

>> No.19592212

it's from a comic about a platoon of Cadians (with hellhounds) who are fighting the Tau

>> No.19592222

It's unknown how many Eldar a craftworld can sustain.

Kaurava was canonically won by the Imperium.

And everything you've ever written should be looked on as an example of how NOT to be a fan of something.

>> No.19592225

Imperial Cultist.

>> No.19592235

>Kaurava was canonically won by the Imperium.

Source or I will drop a METAL BAWK on you.

>> No.19592257

Well, TIDF sure seems like an ass, I'll grant that. However, I think he's right about relative populations of Tau and Eldar (although obviously rather over-the-top with his praise of the Tau Empire). A large Craftworld probably has billions at most. A good-sized Tau world will also probably have billions - what we've seen of their architecture it official art suggests that they also have hive worlds, if perhaps somewhat prettier ones (I like the Tau's building aesthetics - not so crazy about the mecha).

Anyway, back on track with the discussion here - Eldar souls are the tastiest, hands down, but Eldar tend to be so uptight about everything (Craftworld Eldar) - or so anti-psychic (Dark Eldar), that they're hard to corrupt. Human souls are more plentiful and easier to get at, though. Ork souls are hard to get at (protected by Gork and Mork), but such things as Khornate Stormboyz and Nurgle Orks have existed in the past. Tau have very little warp presence. Tyranids don't seem to have individual souls or proper sentience on an individual level - while they're not immune to physical corruption from chaos, they don't have minds to warp. The Necrons are more-or-less soulless. I think that's all the major races. So the reason humans are the Chaos Gods' favored servants in general is that there's a lot of us and we have a moderately strong presence in the warp (a human soul is a candle, an Eldar soul is a bonfire, a Tau soul is a single LED). Also, power in, power out, as was discussed earlier. yadda yadda

>> No.19592274

In regards to Tau, the generally accepted metaphor is:

imagine there's a plate of crackers, and it's sitting all the way on the other side of the room. This is the Tau.

Now, right around where you're sitting, nice and comfortable on the couch, are a bunch of plates. and each of these plates are piled high with cookies, and they're RIGHT in front of you. This is Mankind.

>> No.19592283

/tg/ and YouTube comments probably.

>> No.19592285

There's no canon winner of SS.

/tg/ likes to think that the Imperium won.

>> No.19592303

>Most of the Internet likes to think the Imperium won

Everywhere I've looked people say the Guard won, but those are all forum sites so they aren't reliable sources for canon info. But it does suggest most people seem to think the Guard won it.

All we know for certain though is that the Blood Ravens lost.

Also: The Blood Ravens won Kronus handily, and it is mentioned explicitly that they completely defeated the Guard(Purge of Victory Bay), the Necrons(How Thule lost his eye), and Chaos(Backstory of Eliphas returning in Chaos Rising). It is also likely that they defeated the Eldar as well(Kyras has their Farseer's Soulstone, which is recovered by the Eldar in their ending of Retribution).

>> No.19592313

>Idiots watch Blood Raven Stronghold Defeat video on YouTube; see Imperial Guard beating Space Marines.
>Idiots deduce from this that the Imperial Guard winning is the canon ending.
>Idiots spread word that Imperial Guard are the official winners of Soulstorm. Other idiots believe them.

It's so utterly stupid, it must be true.

>> No.19592329

Well, in general, the Imperium wins the video games. Since most of the fanbase sees the Imperium as the protagonists(since, you know, they're humans, and, you know, we're humans), the assumption is Imperial victory. Since the Blood Ravens are explicitly stated as having lost, that leaves the IG.

I mean, even when the Imperium loses, they don't really. Winter Assault has the Eldar doing the final mission, but even then the IG general somehow survives and puts a hurting on the Necrons, if memory serves.

>> No.19592332

Carron for president

>> No.19592345

>>this thread

>> No.19592366

>Winter Assault has the Eldar doing the final mission, but even then the IG general somehow survives and puts a hurting on the Necrons, if memory serves.
Yep, but Sturnn allowed Taldeer's Boners to possess the Titan's machine spirit and direct its weapons at the Necrons, which eventually led to the Dominatus exploding - presumably taking out the surviving Imperial Guard. I'd imagine Sturnn perished as well, else surely he would have been the one pursuing Taldeer in DC and not Alexander.

>> No.19592391

>sturnn being killed off
no sir, I don't like it.

He's the only DoW Guard general I enjoyed. Plus dat voice.

>> No.19592394

Sturnn dead. A Titan lost. A Guardsmen regiment blown to bits. The Ultramarines are also dead.

I say it was a bad for the Imperium.

>> No.19592401

Bad day*

>> No.19592409

At least the Blood Ravens got some good loot out of it.

>Unerring Thunderbolt
>When this weapon was used in defense of Lorn V, the allied Imperial Guard General Sturnn dubbed it the “Unerring Thunderbolt” when a missile attack found the weak spot in a massive Daemonic Defiler’s armor and destroyed it before it could rampage through their lines.

>Gaze of Tigurius
>This master-crafted lascannon last saw service with the Ultramarines who accompanied Chaplain Varnus to Lorn V to retrieve the Titan Dominatus. Its moniker is meant to compare the fate of its targets to that of any unfortunate who would anger the mighty Chief Librarian of their chapter.

>Holy Armor of Purgation
>Modified power armor, borne for centuries by a Grey Knight of the Ordo Malleus. Blood Ravens claimed this armor from a Grey Knight's remains after the Necron assault at Lorn V.

>> No.19592410

Hang on...the Imperium has the titan because it was excavated and moved from that site within a few days of the final mission.

>> No.19592424

Is that from the novels? Because... I mean, Goto...

>> No.19592427

Then what was the thing Taldeer blew up?

>> No.19592428

Well, he is the only one who places the Blood Ravens as being present at Lorn 5 to be gifted with the items, so take that for what it's worth.

>> No.19592429

It depends what's more canon in your opinion.

According to CS Goto's "Dawn of War: Tempest," it's a perfect Imperial Guard victory.

I dare say that Black Library books are more canon than videogames.

>> No.19592444

The Blood Raven fluff say they never visited Terra and yet they have many of Relics of Terran origin like the custodes weapons, gears, and such.

Maybe things just appear mysteriously in their armories.

>> No.19592446

But you forget the most important part, anon...

Do Eldar even have kidneys?

>> No.19592450

I think it's time to use our chainswords to clear a moment of clarity. Perhaps if we look into some pools of ocean, the answer might be found.

>> No.19592457

Then explain why the Guardsmen were hunting Taldeer with a vengeance in DC?

The game says she was fleeing Imperial justice.

>> No.19592462

Yeah, I'd say the DoW books are totally canon

>uthwe sends slave tribute to Lelith and her "totally secret" slaaneshi cult
>assault marines killing tanks with their jump packs
>eyeball explosions
>it pleases him
Best 40k lore? Best 40k lore.

>> No.19592467

You forgot something.

>> No.19592475

I don't actually get what's so bad about space marines using multilasers.

>> No.19592478

The Eldar did fight through a number of guard positions when they were trying to beat the guardsman to the Titan, and this is the same general that didn't allow dropships with reinforcements to come in until he was sure the site was secured.

Plus they're Xenos, so do they really need a reason to chase them?

Rage over the codex astartes not supporting that action.

>> No.19592481

You also forgot teenage feral world boys clambering over Eldar tanks and disabling them by chucking rocks in the intakes.

>> No.19592482

Atleast he died standing ;__;

>> No.19592485

There are plenty of valid reasons to ridicule Goto's writing, but "MuLTILaZORZ!" is one of those things that's been blown way out of proportion, to the point where some people genuinely believe that everyone in his books is armed with them - even Tyranids.

>> No.19592495

If anything, ridicule him for the fact that he makes Eldar eyeballs explode on three separate occasions (Taldeer, a Harlequin and a child Farseer although that was later edited out), vividly describing the oozing craters that remain.

>> No.19592508

''Even dead you can not see the truth''

A reminder.

Eliphas slew Thule and ended their long rivalry. Chaos has triumphed!

>> No.19592513

Everyone's gotta have some kind of fetish.

>> No.19592526


>> No.19592617

nope wrong.
Chaos isn't necessarily bad or evil.
Khorne represents all of the aspects of war and combat, from Kharnes planet killing angry moods, to rough housing with your brother.

Khorne Represents honour, courage, camaraderie as well as Killing, maiming and burning.

However most combat and war is Kill, maim burn, not respect, befriend and honour.

Chaos represents certain emotions, but it represents the emotion as a whole not just one end of the spectrum.

Tzzentch is ambition, but ambition is almost always driven by a selfish component so therefore Tzzentch is selfish and conniving rather than hard working and honest.

Nurgle represents decay, and by association happiness because all happiness is experienced during and in spite of our inevitable decay.

Slannesh represents pleasure, and honestly Human beings have a tendency to take pleasure to the excess. Slannesh is the ultimate in excess.

If war was honourable, ambition was pure, decay was accepted rather than staved off at every turn and pleasure was enjoyed in moderation, even if only by the majority of the sentient races, the Chaos races would be a whole lot less Grimdark

>> No.19592624

You do, of course, have some source for these 'light sides' to the Chaos Gods?

>> No.19592653

>no one mentioning Khorne's role as an innovator and inventor
The dude makes shit.

It's why Khornates have so many superheavy warmachine variants and demon engines. Of all the gods he's the most technologically inclined, largely because of his condemnation of sorcery.

>> No.19592663

it's in the lore.
can't remember where but look around you'll find it, i'd try third or second edition.
Chaos does represent sentient traits, and sentient beings behave chaotically.

>> No.19595845

And he still gets daemons infused in weaponry too, doesn't he? I know there are daemonic hellcannons in Fantasy.

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