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Donatello is in King's Landing, searching for the Braavosi smuggler Glarus Ptek after receiving word from his father that the man had something to do with the Tears of Lys being smuggled into King's Landing and used to attempt to frame them for several poisonings. Meanwhile at the shell, Lord Leonardo, Maester Splinter and Ser Casey discuss matters of state while little April gets to know her new friend Arya Stark.
Pick your character.

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Lord Leonardo Bulwark.

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Link to the archives please?
Shame I missed the last thread.
Also, Leonardo

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Having sent a raven to Donatello earlier, Ser Casey brings up the training of House Bulwark's troops. "We need to decide what to emphasise in their training. The garrisons can be trained for better endurance, combat awareness, or sparring. The archers can train combat awareness, upper body strength, or marksmanship, and your navy can be trained for better manuevering, ranged combat, or fighting boarding actions. Your Personal Guard are currently training their strength, endurance, and fighting abilities equally, though if you want to emphasise one and reduce another we can easily do so."

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So yeah, Green units have one point to put in abilities, and Trained units (your guards) have three. Maester Splinter also points out that with the gold brought back from the Tournament, you can afford to improve the arms and armour of some of your troops. You have 3 wealth left over, and each improvement costs one.

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I'd say marksmanship for the archers, endurance for garrisons and maneuvering for the ships

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after endurance training switch to sparring for the garrison

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lets start to train them for the tercio system.

fuck peasant levies.

Professionally arch-loyal soldiers with esprit de corps out of the ass flying the flag of house bulwark.

the first we need to train them is to have them be multiple troop types in the same formation.

so that they can at the same time shoot the fuck out of something while still presenting a pike wall if charged.


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Yeah, well at the moment we only have archers to go into war.
Garrison should stay in the shell and tower and the personal guard is a fucking personal guard.
So right now you can make a well disciplined tercio full of archers. At least we make sure they can actually shoot.

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Did I miss a thread?

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wont work. sure game of thornes is early XV century analoge but they dont have gunpowder, and without it you cant have shot.

then there is the fact that we dont have the numbers nor the money to fucking keep them always active- its the reason the tercios and spain eventually fell - lack of manpower and money to sustain the tercios. - that and lack of proper cavalery support.- in the XVII ct when the tercio faded away it was because outside the battlefield the Spanish could not replace losses (we also dont have enough people to volunteer for it constantly) nor the money to pay them (could we pay veteran troops in the multiple thousands monthly?) and on the battlefield the Spanish cavalry always got routed leaving the tercios to fight the second half of most battles themselves.

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the whole point of the tercio is to have at least two troop types in the same unit or very fucking nearby to be practically considered a pair unit, so that they can utilize combined arms.

going only archers is begging to be raped.

here, see this :

but agin, i doubt we can make it happen. - sure it would rape any equal numbers in all westeros, but we cant really afford it.

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April is a lusty, cruel adolescent girl?

come on guys, couldn't you have fudged the rolls or something, shit.

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>going only archers is begging to be raped.
That was kind of my point

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You order your archers to increase their time at target and range practice, have the garrison march around, climb, swim and othewise exercise to impove their stamina, and schedule war games for your fleet to practice achieving favourable orientations and formations against an enemy. Your guardsmen continue their current well rounded training regimen. Now it is time to manage your lands. You can use your influence to attract further bounty hunters and calling in friends to help stamp out pirates (swapping up to six points of Influence for law), conscript men into your army (swapping population for power), or invest money into your holdings (spending 2 gold to increase any house resource by one).

House Bulwark
"Not One Step Back"
62 Defense:
The Shell (Superior Castle, 50), The Maw (Tower, 10)
31 Influence
31 Lands:
Wetland with coast (6). The Shell.
Bridge (8). The Maw
Grassy plains with stream and Hamlet(17).
24 Law: -2 on Fortune rolls
26 Population: +1 on fortune rolls
27 Power:
Green Warships (8)
Awareness 3
Green Garrison (3)
Endurance 3
Green Garrison (3)
Endurance 3
Trained Personal Guard (9)
Athletics 3 Endurance 3 Fighting 3
Green Archers (4)
Marksmanship 3
33 Wealth:
Port (10)
Maester (10)
Master Smith (10)

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We couldn't make it better even if we tried, right?

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You'd need to conscript some men for that, it would cost 2 power to improve a unit from Green to Trained.
You could conscript up to 6 Power points without affecting your fortune rolls, and that would get you some green Infantry, who could soon be upgraded to trained, as well as buying upgraded armour and weapons for them and the guard. Plus, as I said before, you could also conscript artillery units.

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what is our fortune roll at the moment?

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The more I read about players' descriptions of April, the more disturbed I'm getting.

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+7 modifier to results from your holdings. Lord Leonardo has Status 5 and a single rank in Stewardship.

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I dont blame u she turned into one scary ass girl due to rolls then came the fluff.......................

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That was sort of the point. She's a sociopath, but she's OUR sociopath.

>> No.19580675

I'm fine with her being a sociopath. It's the sexual undertones with a small child that's making me horrified.

>> No.19580686


Who is she tsundere for? Donatello?

>> No.19580706

well no one has said anything yet other than the fact we REALLY would NOT want to be who ever sorry sap is

>> No.19580709

Nah. I'm assuming it's going to be the apprentice smith.

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I hope not. If I see the words "Oooniiii chaaa~n" anywhere in this thread I'll report the post and back trace it for the cyber police and the state police

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tho something about a pirate was mentioned

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Poor Gendry. Trapped in a castle with Arya and April.

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I fucking hate this trope. It's so absolutely stupid. No woman actually behaves in that stereotypical way, at least none that I have met. And I have met my share of girls.

Whoever came up with this idea should be flogged.

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Well she's a little girl and sexuality is all but a confused mess when you're are adolescent, my guess is that the lust for her is more kind of a lust for life. For now.

>> No.19580753

blame shitty rolls

>> No.19580758

she is 12.

about the age where she starts to get to those feelings.

and instead of focusing on writing bad fanfic about gay twink pairings she focuses more on her sociopathy , desire to stap , skewer, shoot, poison and otherwise kill through inventive social circumstances the fuck out of her way towards whatever she wants.

basicaly you dont want to cross her. ever.

I bet when she is all grown up she will be worst than anyone in the entire westeros. I bet she will have a crush on Valerian, and i want to see her options about Daenerys when she hears he wants to marry said lizard bitch.

>X-bow Daenerys
>poison Daenerys
>Stab Daenerys.
>Strangle Daenerys during non-consesual hate sex.

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Who the hell is Valerian?

And being a sociopath doesn't mean you're a murderous psychopath. That's, well, psychopathy.

>> No.19580784


I am barely holding myself from trollfacing.


Well i prefer aprill being tsundere for someone out of the series.

>> No.19580800

Let's hope it doesn't shift to Arya. That would be creepy. Very, very creepy.

>> No.19580828

Well, let's begin this shit?

I say we go with April. Let's flesh out her character.
I really, really hope we can work her out so she doesn't become creepy fetish fuel.

>> No.19580835

That reminds me, who the hell is Leonardo's wife?

>> No.19580839

Good plan.

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>> No.19580850


Who the fuck is ded?

>> No.19580856

He means dead. Which is a surprise to me, at least.
Died during childbirth or what?

>> No.19580865


Did we even mention a wife in the first thread?

>> No.19580866

I think he meant dead.

>> No.19580912

At least not until she's 20 and we marry her off to Walder Frey, the Immortal Twin-Lord.

And yeah, I'm happy to run some stuff with April while people argue about managing the house. When we last saw her, she and Arya were showing off their awesome swords. The two of you more or less have run of the island, and a whole afternoon to play. What do you do?

>> No.19580928

Nobody's ever brought up Lady Bulwark before. Maybe she was just hiding the whole time.

>> No.19580930

Suggest Arya decide what we do

Know thy enemy and all that.

>> No.19580951

I like that plan.

>> No.19580959

I thought Arya was going to be our friend since she likes to stab things too? I mean we showed each other our swords, doesn't that mean we're BFFs?

>> No.19580973

The Lady Bulwark was originally just some minor noble, whose family was eradicated while she hid in the Shell. She fell in love with her guardian, and the rest is, as they say, a bunch of boning.

>know thy enemy
u wot m8

>> No.19580983


We just met the bitch. We need to see what she likes, for future reference.

You know, in case we have to destroy her.

>> No.19580984

April knows that Arya's had fencing lessons now, right?

Find some practice swords and spar, then.
April might be friendly, but she also has a superiority complex, I'd wager.
If she loses, it's a shitload of training with papa afterwards, to make sure she

>> No.19581019

Arya wants to explore The Shell, and persecute any cats you might happen to have. She wants to look over the battlements and find some secret passages through the castle. "Winterfell has them, and the Red Keep is full of them. When I went down there I saw dragons, and a juggler and a wizard plotting against my father, but now the Kingslayer's run away from his guards after trying to kill him. I hope he gets better soon."

>> No.19581023

>Showed each other our swords
If we weren't girls, that would be totally gay.
That could work.

>> No.19581042

You mean it isn't already?
Then let us show her around our secret passages.

>> No.19581047

"Then lets go look for secret passages then. Maybe one will lead to the shell of the Great Atun."
Secret passage finding time. Fuck yeah.

>> No.19581048

"The Shell is absolutely huge, and way more defensible than the Red Keep. Come, I'll show you around. Afterwards, we can see who's better at fencing."
Say the last part with a coy smile.

>> No.19581060

>show her around our secret passages
I see what you did there.

>> No.19581065


Rollan to find secret passages.

>> No.19581072

rolled 57 = 57


whooops, here.

>> No.19581091

What do we need to roll for exploration of the Shell? Oh, and uh, inform an adult.

>> No.19581104

I think that we'll be fine. But yeah, inform Syrio.

>> No.19581134

"I'm being trained by Syrio Forel, and he's the First Sword of Braavos. He's the best swordsman ever, apart from my father. When I grow up I'm going to be a warrior and crush my enemies, like Queen Nymeria and Visenya Targaryen."
You two run around the corridors, poking at funny looking rocks, tugging on torches, lifting tapestries, and shoving book cases and weapon racks around.
Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest to look for secret tunnels.

>> No.19581142

rolled 5, 1, 6, 1 = 13



>> No.19581166

He is totally cool with you two running around the castle. The pupil of the First Sword of Braavos has nothing to fear from cobwebs and stone monsters

>> No.19581173

Not bad. Looks like we might find one.

>> No.19581186

"First Sword of Braavos? I've heard of them. They really are impressive, but my dear Lady Stark, training means nothing unless you learn. Have you learned, Lady Stark?"

>> No.19581207

rolled 36 = 36

Rolling for dominatrix sex with Arya

>> No.19581216

rolled 3727925 = 3727925

Rolling for this to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,

>> No.19581229

You wander around for some time before Arya points out something strange. Around an area of one wall, there seems to be far less dust than there is elsewhere, as through there's a small gap and a breeze is blowing through. After fiddling around with various possible switches you finally find a turtle whose flipper can be twisted, releasing some sort of latch and allowing you both to swing open a section of the wall. The pathway is unlit, and you can hear some kind of noise down the end of it.

>> No.19581239

"Might be a hatch to the sea. Can you swim, Lady Stark?"
Go down the pathway.

>> No.19581243

Go grab a candle stick or a lantern. It's exploring time.

>> No.19581266


Also is it me, or OPs picture is a just perfect and close to what we are trying to do..

>> No.19581267

You could just go here, and read all the erotic fan fiction you want. It even has Ghost and Nymeria yiffing in at least two stories

>> No.19581276


Please stop posting that link bro. Somewhere, a wolf dies whenever you post it.

>> No.19581293

As does a rather large part of my sani-abloobloobloo

>> No.19581327

No. Dude. Just NO.

>> No.19581337

Hagadoogie doogie maybe is good because then he go have have undarage sex fantasees outside House Bulwark thread adoodoodooodooooooooo

>> No.19581344

Fuck, you're right.

The passageway is old and roughly hewn, featureless but for a few cobwebs, dead bugs, and rat's bones. You find a stairway leading down, after which the passageway continues, before splitting in two. One of the paths seems to have a roaring or whistling sound coming from it, while the other has some kind of quiet moaning.

>> No.19581357

Roaring and whistling, then come back for the moaning

>> No.19581358

"We should not split in two, before you suggest that. It's easy to get lost in the Shell. We should definitely stay together. Which way do you wanna go, my dear Lady Stark?"

>> No.19581368

Go towards the moaning. The whistling is likely the wind, or to an opening of some kind. Plus, MOANING. Whatever's there must be good.

>> No.19581389



>our faces when we find Jamie and Cercei, incesting.

>> No.19581391

We uh, we did bring our Braavosi weaponry, right?

>> No.19581420


Wait a sec. WTF happened to Iris?

>> No.19581424

She's with Leo, I wager

>> No.19581472

>Implying you wouldn't
You're on an ADVENTURE! You need you noble weapons to smite your enemies!

You continue down the path. As you approach, you can tell that the sound is coming from a man. It grows louder as you reach a T-junction, with rotting wooden slats apparently covering peep holes all along it.

>> No.19581491

Glory holes? Torture?
Is it happy or lethargic moaning?

>> No.19581510

Yeah, I spaced when talking about the ship's arrival. Or maybe she was disguised as a maid at the time, and April didn't pay any attention. Iris is at The Shell, being treated with all the courtesy due a guest of her station, but unless you say otherwise it is being done discretely so as not to alert the world.

>> No.19581543

It sounds like the man is in some pain, and April is old enough to be pretty sure it's not sexy moaning.

>> No.19581556

Torture then. Let's get out of here. We're not welcome.

>> No.19581575

Let's scope out Arya's ability to deal with people in agony.

I doubt Leonardo would allow torture in the Shell, which means this might just be a famished man or someone struck by a pirate and left to die. The Shell might be infiltrated. We should go and see,

In any event, I'm off for a while. Good luck saving Westeros.

>> No.19581594

Good point. Have fun.

>> No.19581640

Arya wants to go and see what's happening. You approach the peephole that seems to be where the noise is coming from, but as Arya slides it open the warped guides start to splinter with a cracking noise. The moaning stops, and a Pentoshi accented voice asks "Who's there?"

>> No.19581665

Say nothing. Do nothing. Cover yours and Arya's mouth with your hands. Let's wait and see here.

>> No.19581673


>> No.19581682

You hear another voice say "We're the only two down here, idiot. Are you going mad already?"

>> No.19581693

Keep quiet. Keep listening.

>> No.19581796

The two voices speak in what sounds like heavily accented Valyrian, and seem to be arguing with each other a bit, before the first one starts softly moaning again.

>> No.19581815

Can we try to see the inside now? Or they will spot us?

>> No.19581819

Alright. We should leave now. Time to check out the other passage.

>> No.19581858

You can try, presumably whoever built this place intended for people to be able to see in without being seen. Or you could head off the other way.

>> No.19581867

Fine. Let's spy on them.

>> No.19581925

You can easily see through the peep hole, but Arya needs to stand on her tip-toes to reach it. You're looking inside a dungeon cell, where a man in tattered sailor's clothes with greasy blond hair cradles his injured left arm. Looking further down the corridor you can see that it's possible to go further down along the path, or you could turn back and head for the sound of the sea.

>> No.19582013

Let's go head for the sound of the sea.

>> No.19582097

Agreed. Also does Arya knows how to swim?

>> No.19582117

The other passage seems to be somewhat better made, despite the ravages of time and the elements. You eventually come across a door leading to a room with a few skeletons, spearheads, and rusted circular shield rims. Further along the corridor are more skeletons, and an iron gate barred shut, and the bar pinned into the walls. Beyond, you see the pathway widen into darkness.
"It must be an underground cave, for your family to escape a siege."

>> No.19582150

"Let's try to get that gate open."

>> No.19582182

"Not really. The baths at Winterfell aren't really big enough, and all the rivers and lakes are too cold. How hard can it be though, dogs can swim."

>> No.19582208

"Then I'm not letting you go into any water. The ocean is dangerous."

>> No.19582249

You have to work together, but you manage to free the bar and lift it from the gate. You're not too sure if you can put it back on though. The hinges shriek as you open the gate, and you find yourselves in a cave with a few paths carved out. One leads downward to the sound of water, while another leads up and has a faint breeze blowing from it.

>> No.19582258

Let's go towards the breeze.

>> No.19582293

After a while you come to a steep slope with footholes carved into it, and sunlight up at the end.

>> No.19582316

Well, what are we waiting for? EXPLOARIN'!

>> No.19582412

You and Arya climb up into a grassy field, surrounded by the four-horned sheep for which Shell Island is famous. You blink a few times in the bright light, and hear someone shouting at you. "Ooh yeh damn kids! I tol' ye teh stay out ah mah paddack!" A stunted old shepherd is walking towards you and waving his crook angrily.

>> No.19582431

You know how the Starks have wolves? I think the Bulwarks should have family pets. Like, different types of tortoise. With Lord Bulwark having a massive leather back he rides into battle with.

How do we go about doing this?

>> No.19582458

Size reference of Leonardo's mount.

>> No.19582487

I suppose the first step would be to get Animal Handling 3 and a Training specialty, so you can have the Benefit Animal Cohort, which is an animal which fights together with you, and also gives you bonuses to fighting rolls. You can have pet turtles anyway, but they won't be battle-turtles like the Starks have. And yeah, soonish I'll be giving out some XP so the characters can improve skills and get benefits

>> No.19582515

And I guess fighting from a turtle would grant similar benefits to fighting from a horse, with the caveat that a turtle doesn't move very fast.

>> No.19582535

Yeah, but that would give increased accuracy. And I doubt a horse has this level of intimidation.

>> No.19582558

I just now noticed the blood.

>> No.19582737

I'm off to sleep now, that turtle will haunt my nightmares.
I'll post the character sheets and how much XP they have to spend. 30XP increases an ability by a level and 10XP increases a specialty by a level.
Also, Donatello and Lord Leonardo can get another benefit each.

>> No.19582748

Lord Leonardo Bulwark, Lord of the Shell
Agility 2 (Flaw -1D)
Athletics 3
Cunning 3 (Memory +1)
Endurance 3
Fighting 4 (Shield +2 Longsword+2)
Marksmanship 3
Persuasion 4 (Bargain +1 Convince +2)
Status 5 (Stewardship +1)
Warfare 4 (Command +1)
Will 3 (Courage +1)
Head of House, Charismatic
Nemesis (Shraddar, Lyseni pirate)
Destiny Points 2/2
Intrigue Defense 10
Compsure 9
Combat Defense 7 in normal clothes, 1 in armour, 7 in armour with shield
Armour Rating 10
Health 9

Donatello Bulwark, Heir
Animal Handling 2 (Ride +1)
Cunning 3
Endurance 4 (Resilience +1)
Fighting 3 (Long Blades +1)
Language 3 Common Tongue
Marksksmanship 3 (Bows +1)
Persuasion 3
Status 5 (Stewardship +1)
Warfare 3 (Command +1)
Will 3
Head for Numbers, Heir, Weapon Mastry (Bastard Sword)
Disturbing Habit
Destiny points 3/3
Intrigue Defense 10
Composure 9
Combat Defense 6, 0 in armour, 4 with armour and shield
Armour rating 10
Health 12

>> No.19582757

Maester Splinter
Animal Handling 3
Cunning 4 (Decipher +1, Memory +1)
Healing 3 (Treat Ailment +1, Treat Injury +1)
Knowledge 4 (Education +2)
Language 3 Common Tongue
Language 2 Ancient Valyrian
Marksmanship 2 (Flaw:-1D)
Persuasion 3 (Convince +1)
Status 4 (Stewardship +1)
Will 3
Knowledge Focus (Heraldry, History and Legends), Maester, Master of Ravens
Intrigue defense 10
Composure 9
Combat defense 6
Armor Rating 1
Health 6
10 XP

April Bulwark, Leonardo's adolescent daughter
Agility 3
Awareness 3 (Notice +1)
Cunning 4 (Memory +1)
Deception 3
Fighting 3 (Fencing +1)
Knowledge 3
Persuasion 3
Status 4
Stealth 3 (Sneak +1)
Adept Negotiator, Lucky, Fast
Destiny points 3/3
Intrigue defense 11
Composure 6
Defense 8, 11 with Braavosi blade and dagger,
Armour Rating 1
Health 6
10 XP

Ser Casey hasn't done shit.

>> No.19582758

Gonna need that animal handling for my grand plan.

>> No.19582774

They eat jellyfish. You know, those things that cause as many injuries and deaths as car accidents? Yeah, they eat those.

>> No.19582801

I think the idea of giant war turtles as mounts is cool and all, but they're such slow moving animals. You couldn't charge with a turtle mount and you'd be an easy, slow moving target for archers.

>> No.19582802

I've spent hours researching these turtles for this shit. They eat jellyfish, yeah, but they will maul enemies of Bulwark.

>> No.19582817

>Implying fear wouldn't hinder their shots as Lord Bulwark slowly rides upon them atop -Insert turtle's name here-.

>> No.19582828

Are they really powerful enough for that?

Also, I find this to be a great idea. An animal that can be used to ride out on the water?

Also, what benefits can we take?

>> No.19582845

I thought the same thing, initially, but this is Westeros, and magic might be in play. Turtle mounts have been suggested in earlier thread, and we just couldn't get them to work, realistically.

>> No.19582902

Largest leather back ever found weighed in at over 2,200 pounds and had a body size of 7 feet. They can swim at 21MPH or 5KMH and upto 12MPH on land. Their sheer muscle mass does the job.

We could just slap some magic on that shit and boom, feasible mount.

>> No.19582910

Turtles are amphibious creatures, don't forget. The might be slow on land, but I'd imagine they'd be fast swimmers. Water-based mounts? Cavalry that can go to places others can't get to and all the tactical advantages that presents?

>> No.19583030

You'd dismount once onland, it'd just be faster. But your mount would be trained to fight alone, without a rider. Keep 'em close to the waters edge, where they have the advantage and can retreat if need be.

So a raid would work thusly. Ride across water to target, you leap off the turtle's back as soon as wading is easy and start hacking away with your weapons, turtle hauls itself onto the beach behind you, starts snapping at shit, causing chaos and panic. Turtle stays behind, tying up defenders, you get on, do what you gotta go, then hop back on the turtle and swim away when you're done.

Amphibious shock and awe, perhaps?

>> No.19583044

We don't have magic, is the problem.

I'm going to quote something I wrote in an earlier thread:
>"Attach a saddle with handles on the turtle and use it as a submarine"

>> No.19583068

Soft back turtles (i.e. The Leather back) are faster than most people. If you're weighed down with plate and chain, that fucker is gonna be on you fast.

>> No.19583118

Leatherbacks are soft shelled turtles, right? Not hulking plated armoured turtles?

A big part of the turtle's edge lies in its armour, that it'd be able to shrug off arrow fire and such.

Just how tough is a leatherback's armour is my question.

>> No.19583135

Depends on the turtle, the bigger they are, thicker the leather hide.

>> No.19583160

Adding onto this strategy, what about snapping turtles? Not as mounts, but as amphibious attack dogs. Couple of those bastards in the water with you, adding to the confusion and terror would be pretty scary.

>> No.19583200

Do we have gunpowder? If so, why use a turtle as a mount at all when the obvious and coolest application for one would be 'mobile weapons platform'.

Medieval Blastoise.

>> No.19583219

No gunpowder, just wildfire. And I wouldn't put that on my beautiful turtle.

>> No.19583314

Perhaps we ought to think of acquiring some...

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