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Hello elegan/tg/entleman.
I wanted to ask you this:
What do you think about the blood ravens chapter?
Not the jokes or the meme but your honest opinion.

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They're bland as hell. Their only interesting feature is being TS successors.

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The games are good enough, and the character of the chapter is something relatively original for 40K, its just that TG, like always, has latched onto a couple tiny facets and created an entire disproportionate and ridiculous farce out of those. I doubt you will find serious discussion here.

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Superb Characters.

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It doesn't help that in the games the sort of hint quite obviously that they steal shit

Overall they are an ok if a bit bland chapter, the knowledge thing is a cool idea but not very well used

If they actually ever progressed the plot in 40k as a setting then I think they could become an interesting subfaction, but given time is no longer passing in 40k just battles replaying themselves over and over they will just be another fucking spess mehreen chapter forever

They are useful for the vidya games though simply because they have no background that is established to conflict with what the designers want to do with them and they have a lot more opportunity for interesting developments thanks to that

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Do they exist outside the games?

Are they mentioned in any of the Codexes?

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"It was Kaurava that damned you, I think. You allowed a reversal of war to defeat you."
"Spare me your moralizing, Tarkus. Kaurava was no reversal - it was a slaughter! A slaughter caused by the incompetence of Indrick Boreale!"

"I do not question the tragedy, but I am more concerned what the presence of xenos at Argus portends."
"It portends war. The defeat of a common foe merely leaves the stronger for you to deal with. The Kaurava Campaign taught me that much."

>tfw Relic will never reveal what actually happened in Kaurava

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I think i read somewhere ( I don't remember where exactly) GW made the Aurelian crusade canon.

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>Blood Ravens is a Codex abiding Chapter

>Chapter Master/Chief Librarian as their leader
>Half the Chapter are Librarians


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I know the Aurelian crusade was mentioned in Space Marine but that's the only time I've heard of it outside of the Dawn of War games.

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They're pretty bland honestly.

I don't think they're mentioned in any codex, but they're are novels.

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Kaurava was the entirety of Soulstorm. Indrick Boreale was so incompetent that he got a vast majority of his troops slaughtered in trying to defend that backwater system from all sorts of evils. Probably a series of Pyrrhic victories.

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Any idea why the Grey Knights give the Blood Ravens special treatment?

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>Chapter Master/Chief Librarian as their leader

A minor break, maybe.

>Half the Chapter are Librarians

Having lots of psychic Marines is not against the codex, if a lot of your recruitment stock is psychic or your gene-seed causes it then there's nothing you can do about it. The fact that they're in the Librarius makes them codex.

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I think they have to be bland, to provide a wide list of available troops, because it's more fun if you have the full selection of options instead of an arbitrary wall made of fluff blocking you off from some possible units.

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Inconsistent writing.

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I always understood that the grey knights were there to watch the blood ravens as much as fight for them

It makes sense from a fluff point of view if you accept they are thousand sons successor / loyalists

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What I want to know is which faction defeated them, and how. Were they driven off in a decisive battle at their stronghold? Or was their strength whittled away through a series of costly engagements to the point where they decided victory was no longer worth it? And as for Boreale being incompetent - the only canon support for that is Cyrus when he turns traitor, hardly an objective source; especially considering he labels all the Blood Ravens' leaders incompetent (but everyone always ignores that).

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>Blood Ravens

What is the connection? Why he hates them so much?

Their corruption or destruction pleases him greatly. It is as if they are a loyalist Legion Chapter (Blood Angel, Ultramarines etc)

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>Kyras : Traitor and slave to Chaos
>Thule : After the Dark Crusade, He is a broken man
>Angelos :Never got over Cyrene. Weighted down by his guilt and regret
>Aramus : A mute with nice hair

He is kinda right.

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I think they're a bunch of bastards for stealing an Iron Snakes banner and painting over it (DOW2).

I mean honestly. They're Space Marines. They ought to know that's kind of a big deal.

I detest them, and look forward to reclaiming the honor of Ithaka first chance I get.

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A friend of mine plays Blood Ravens. He facepalmed hard at Boreale's bullshit and decided that his company had officially gone renegade in response to how shittily the Chapter is being run.

Since my Eldar are fluffed as basically Craftworld Indiana Jones we decided that they were working for them now. Power armoured muscle in return for ancient swag.

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You mad?

You shouldn't. The Iron Hands got it way worse.

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>It is as if they are a loyalist Legion Chapter (Blood Angel, Ultramarines etc)

Because they're a loyalist Thousand Sons successor chapter

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Why would he care?

Care enough to throw all these resources to see them destroyed?

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What did they lose - someones prized bionics?

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From the canon it couldn't have been IG since they find the documents saying the blood ravens were out to cover up heretical shit and so they would be raped by the =][=

probably the eldar or tau. The necrons lost kaurava canonically iirc and the orks with gorgutz always seem to lose

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Throwing away his resources and failing spectacularly is Abbadon's way, after all.

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Thule and Angelos are stretches. Cyrus clearly has a lot of respect for both, and they've both proven themselves more than a few times

Still mad that you never get to play Mangelos in Retribution (aside from the tutorial). Diomedes is fun, but Angelos has more.. meaning. I mean, you got to play him in the first game, Cyrene is a thing, the whole finishing the job with the Maledictum..


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He doesn't want them dead. He wants their SOULS. To trade to Magnus for some favor, I'd imagine.

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They're pretty great, made an army of them.

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Painted mini in 5e Space Marines codex.
Index Astartes article when White Dwarf still did that.
Official traits in 4e codex.
They might also show up in Insignium Astartes, I forget.

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Any Iron hand fans out there?

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As a result there pretty much isn't anyone in 40k whose shit I don't want to slap.

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With this mighty weapon and the invincible Nan Yanoi Base, the Tau surely have won the Kauravan conflict.

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wrong thread bro


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Abandon ship!

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Ignoring that one.

Its a den of trolls and miscreants. Holding a constructive discussion is impossible there.

I have made a new policy of ignoring threads where I am mentioned unless there is something that needs addressing. I am tired of being called an attention seeker (Well, I love attention after all I am a Water Caste, but not that much).

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But the dark eldar snuck into the base and destroyed it, subsequently raping all of its inhabitants. Tau cannot into webway.

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Go away TIDF, nobody likes you

Sage because TIDF

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Or maybe the Orks breached the walls, closed on the Tau, and "CRUSHED THEM BENEATH THEIR MASSIVE FORMS"...

...What's the Tau equivalent of "squad broken"?

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I said it once and I will say it again.

I do not care about what you people think of me. Love me or hate me, It matters not.

I am here only for the Tau.



The Dark El'Dar and their stronghold on the moon of Lacunae were reduced to atomized ash by the Ar'Ka Cannon.

The Tau cleansed Kaurava of all enemies of the Greater Good and turned the system into a prosperous and peaceful Sept of the Tau Empire.

This is the only acceptable outcome.

>What's the Tau equivalent of "squad broken"?

"Ethereals protect us!"
''Aun'va preserve us!''

Damnable Flayed Ones spam!

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But the Tau's shitty penis extension wasn't even online yet when the night raid happened. The Tau were sleeping and dreaming of ethereal buttholes when the dark Eldar hit them like a hammer.

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"Where are the Tau's guns?" (Kroot)

>> No.19580412

"Get it together shas'la!"
I think

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I was just wondering what would be the most appropriate thing for a Tau to say while getting their faceslit pounded by an Ork kokk. (Would post whatdazog.jpg but don't want to get banned. Have Mad Dok-chan instead.)

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That is morale restored quote with a Shas'Ui attached to the Fire Warrior squad, I think.

The way they say it makes me laugh.

Oh bless their savage hearts.

I just said there will be no other acceptable outcomes other than a Total Tau Victory.

The Tau won in Kaurava.PERIOD.


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rolled 13 = 13

Something along the lines of "MRRGRGRHRFRRGRRFRGRF"

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It wouldn't happen, because Orks don't have dicks, and Orks only care about Rokkin', Fightin', and Drinkin', ya git.

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you can get banned for zog? Anywho, I remember Kroot yelling something like "THEY ARE TOO POWERFUL"

I love them Kroot, need some new models in the next codex.

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Not possible. Even if they could survive the dark Eldar, the true Eldar master tmrace would have destroyed them. Big guns are useless against superior technologies, warp power and wisdom.

>> No.19580519


Who does that?

Really, why would you steal.... Recover a banner only to repaint it in your own regalia.

They must be intentionally be trying to piss off the other chapters.

Well except the Space Wolves who they seem to be fanboys of.

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>Big guns are useless against superior technologies, warp power and wisdom.
Big C's going three for three on that

>yfw Carron wins the kaurava bowl

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"The Black Templars Space Marine's legendary hatred of psykers at times extends to the Blood Ravens. Legend has it this animosity came to a head in M36 when a Templar crusade engaged a strike cruiser of the 5th Company - led by a Commander and Librarian. Some say this power fist was named specifically later to goad the Templars."

-Dawn of War II's Gauntlet of the Templar

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>superior technology
>outdated imperial shit

>> No.19580583

>tripfag in charge of acting like a retard and having shitty (wrong) opinions

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Those Mekboyz are an ingenious bunch though. And I'm sure some inquisitive Orks less stuck in their ways, Blood Axes for instance, would be curious about what humies and such do with their gubbinz.

Also, finally found a link to the image I was talking about.


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"So what is it used for? I mean it is just lying there beside the toilet"

"Well, sometimes we run out of toilet paper."

>> No.19580620

Those boyz are mukkin' about.

>> No.19580628

Prove me wrong, heretard.

>> No.19580646

Oh boy, a fanboy fight!

>> No.19580708

Current and previous SM codices has them.

In the previous codex they're even included in the chapter traits list. Traits: See but don't be seen (acute senses and infiltrate) and trust your battle brothers (counter-attack and true grit). Drawback: Flesh over steel (retarded force organization chart regarding tanks and transports).

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''Citizen militia. Fire Warriors they are not''

-The Unknown Shas'O commenting on El'Dar Guardians

Battles between the El'Dar and Tau are rare because both factions favor the peaceful route if it is possible. However if they are forced to do battle then it will be a battle of speed and mobility.

Dashes and faints. Clever maneuver followed by counter maneuver. The battle will be a magnificent showcase of the Art of War.

The experience of the Masters against the burning passion of the upstarts.

Can the old outrun and outpace the young? Can they stand against their energetic determination?

Unlikely. The El'Dar threads of fate shall be blown away by the winds of destiny.

The Destiny of T'au!

>Warp powers

It was the El'Dar unwise overconfidence and reliability on their Warp powers that cost them many battles. It cost them dearly!

Just ask Starbane.

So do not even attempt to scare me with it, Gue'la.

>Eldar master race
>Carron wise

This forum gets weird on the weekends

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I believe they're mentioned in the Blood Angel's codex, mostly pertaining to their similarities in paint scheme.

>> No.19580990

>mfw grorious tau fire warrios are on par with untrained human cannonfodder in close combat if not down right inferior like they're inferior to eldar citizen militia and wholly inferior to their own auxiliary troops in most things

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TIDF, you know, you are being biased about whole TAU thing, right?

>> No.19581088

I think that's his thing. He likes jumping in praising Tau and shit and then get in squabbles with Imperials.

>> No.19581107


But why? I mean whats the point?

>> No.19581125

I'm really not sure. I'm thinking to be an asshole.

>> No.19581152


Well, asshole seems to be a bit harsh in this case as he isnt actively insulting anyone.

>> No.19581164

Pompous git then?

>> No.19581170

Death has come for you, fleshling.
Welcome the gentle embrace of oblivion and be reborn.

>> No.19581192


Probably, though you know what. He cant be worse than that anon who is stalking you. You know, the Winter Fetish one.

>> No.19581306

Then it's funny how "citizen militia" can drop even the finest Tau operators with ease. Your space cows are nothing compared to the intellect, physical superiority and speed of the Eldar. Even the technology that they rely on is pleb shit compared to the artistic perfection of Eldar war machines.

>> No.19581313

True. So very true.

>> No.19581324

Fire Warriors are always outnumbered by their opponents, but they are NEVER outmatched.

Anyone who doubts the prowess of the Shas quickly abandons his doubt when he witnesses them in battle.

Ha...You don't say?

Yes, I am biased towards the truth and fact. Yes, Biased against ignorance and lies.

What a pointless question! Just kidding, well...

I choose this as my purpose the moment I saw all the anti-Tau sentiment on this forum.

People spreading lies about Tau'va and distorting the image of the Tau.

I could not stand for it. IT WAS DISGUSTING ( and still is)

The people should listen to both sides of the story and make up their own minds.


Ka'mais will be avenged.

>> No.19581331


Well, to change subjects, what is your opinion about golden throne. Or why Emperor spents that much time working on it and webway.

>> No.19581339

I'm looking into building a Blood Raven army, but I'm not sure which codex best represents them. I'm torn between the Vanilla codex, or the Blood Angels (for all of their shiny stolen toys). Any advice?

Either way, I'm gonna buy a Bjorn dreadnought and give him a shitty red painjob over his Space Wolves grey, just for you /tg/.

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Well, i cant blame you about Tau hate, but still, you are ignoring things about them you know. I am not saying Tau are communist hypocrites, or something like that, and Greater Good is an interesting concept, but like most factions, there are both sides of coin. You are looking at it from bright side.

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Go away tom, you aren't even canon!

>> No.19581664

" After the Tau's first government didn't work out, the Ethereal came, and we dove into denial. Now everyone follows the Greater Good. "

" OR ELSE! "

>> No.19581695

I actually dig the idea of the greater good being nothing more than a banana republic.

>> No.19581706

I am not debating the skills of the masterful El'Dar or advocating their murder ( The loss of a single El'Dar life is a mournful tragedy).

But fact is fact. One can not escape reality no matter how harsh not even the illusive El'Dar.

The reality is that the El'Dar are in their twilight. They are passing from this existence and fading away. While the Tau are at their dawn. Glowing with hope and promise. Stepping forth to take their place among the Stars.

Destiny itself has chosen the Tau to ascend to greatness and inherit the mantle of Guardians of the Galaxy.

So the El'Dar better rein in their foolish arrogance, shallow their pride, and bow before their successors.

Yes, there are two sides to this coin. One is corrupted and twisted by the falsehoods and lies of the Imperials and the other is kept pure and wholesome by the truth of Tau'va.

In each mind this coin toss takes place. Will they believe the lies of the Imperial scum or will they accept the truth of the Greater Good?

Pardon me, sir, I will always root for the that good side of the coin.

>> No.19581736

>>What do you think about the blood ravens chapter?

They are just the Relictors, but less interesting, and visually they appear to be some shallow minded combination of Blood Eagles and Raven Guard, with some Thousand Son fanwank orbiting the whole mess.

Relictors are cool, why not just use them?

>> No.19581744


I didnt mean that.

I mean that while there are Tau who believe in Greater Good, there are also Tau who use it to control masses and hold power over others.

>> No.19581777

>and bow before their successors.

They survived the War in Heaven and outlived the C'tan.

They survived the birth of a God that tore the guts out of their species.

They survived the rise of the Imperium and the Emperor's bloody, xenocidal crusades.

Even now, in the twilight of their kind, the Eldar still survive. They're damn well going to outlive a feeble, blundering race of ignorant blue children trying to cobble together an empire of peace and understanding in a galaxy where none exists.

>> No.19581812

It is already known that the tau empire breaks under the weight of the tyranid fleets in m42. Your bovine communists are no successors to anything. The Eldar will persevere and regain their glory in due time. It is you who supports arrogant and proud upstarts. The pride of the Eldar is fully justified by their culture's glory. The tau need not bow to their superiors, they should just lay down and die, realizing that their pathetic civilization failed before it began.

>> No.19581880

>there are also Tau who use it to control masses and hold power over others.
That sounds like one of those things /tg/ insists is canon but which isn't supported by any actual fluff. I've yet to see any examples of Empire-aligned Tau acting for selfish reasons. Whether it's due to super secret Ethereal powers or genuine belief in the justness of their cause, all Tau (again, within the Empire, not Farsight's lot) believe in the Greater Good.

>mfw this is now a Tau thread

>> No.19582088

Use the Black Templar Codex for maximum irony.

>there are also Tau who use it to control masses and hold power over others.

Is that an accusation against the Aun? Are you implying they are tyrants?

No, the Celestials are the wise guidance and council that leads the Tau and their allies to the promised destiny. Without them the Great Terror shall return and all will be lost.

Speaking against them in such manner is unacceptable.


Is running and hiding ever fearful of the shadow of your own sins and failure considered living? I can not imagine it being an existence worth enduring.

>They're damn well going to outlive a feeble, blundering race of ignorant blue children trying to cobble together an empire of peace and understanding in a galaxy where none exists.

And here is the arrogance I spoke of. The one that blinds the El'Dar from the truth.

Mark my words, The day will come when the prideful El'Dar recognize the superiority of the Greater Good. Until then let their delusional arrogance bring them solace and comfort they need it.

>It is already known that the tau empire breaks under the weight of the tyranid fleets in m42

The Tau Empire have contained the Tyranid and Orkish threats, and are pushing against the Imperials in the Eastern Fringes.

The 42K is starting fabulously for our Empire.

>The Eldar will persevere and regain their glory in due time

Denial of absolute facts.

Hmm...Usually I get it from the Imperial supporters.

>> No.19582122


The etheral are definitely noted as having creepily powerful control abilities over the tau.

They appear to regard it as double-plus-and-good, unlike for humanity, where it would be the start of an EVIL CULT.

But keep in mind Etheral are intelligent tau. And anything that benefits the race as a whole also benefits them.

No guarantees for other races. It's just logical.

>> No.19582180

I wouldn't call the Saim-Hann, Biel-Tan, or Iyanden craftworlds "running and hiding". Hell in the case of Saim-Hann and Biel-Tan, they're right out in the open and daring some fuck-stick marine captain to even ATTEMPT to try to wage a war with them. Iyanden on the other hand, is actively working out peace-treaties with most nearby Imperial worlds and actually bartering with the Inquisition. Even to the point of allowing Xenos Inquisitors to spend time on the Craftworld, and provide one in particular access to the Black Library.

>> No.19582600

Wow, the propaganda is strong with this one.
>implying the Tau haven't lost multiple planets to the nids in m42
And you really think that picking your battles is running? Foolish tau logic.

>> No.19582668

There was hive fleet gorgon (i believe) tore through tau space, the tau lost a couple worlds, 1 to the nids, 1 to the dark eldar who helped fight off the nids but proceeded to take another world for themselves, 1 to the necrons who showed up blew the nids away and proceeded to fuck another world, one of the tau un-named allies got exterminated by the nids and eventually the nid fleet was stopped at a tau sept where the tau with the help of some imperial guard managed to stop the nid advance and eliminate the fleet.

the imperial guard then proceeded to siege the sept world.

no major worlds were taken. but still a swath of tau space was blown through.

>> No.19582672

>Wow, the propaganda is strong with this one.

Holy shit, I just realized something.

TIDF isn't roleplaying a tau and making absurd claims because he actually believes them, he's roleplaying a totally indoctrinated Tau who blindly believes everything the ethereals are telling him.

So, when he starts being obnoxious and telling people that Slaanesh is dead, he not saying what he believes, he's saying what your standard issue indoctrinated and doped up to his forehead vagina Tau believes.
He's actually doing a good job of showing how annoying and obnoxious they are.

But, does this still make him a douchebag?

>> No.19582716

There's Ulthwe as well, the Eldar of which spend their time flying loops around the Eye of Terror looking for chaos warbands to punch in the dick.

>> No.19582727

Yep. But a little less so.

>> No.19582775

you just realized this now?

>> No.19582993

Yes, I can be a bit slow sometimes, especially about things that I don't really give a fuck about.

>> No.19583077

Am I suppose to be impressed by a fe...wait a Rai'kor.

Why I am decrying the El'Dar? Honestly, I just surprised myself. I tend to refrain from speaking against the El'Dar due to my fondness for them.

See what you made me do?!

The El'Dar are no target of mine. They do not pose a threat to the legitimacy of the Tau claim on the Eastern Fringes nor do they stand against the Greater Good.

Sure their ignoring of the Greater Good is tiresome and frustrating, but once we sit them down and talk to them surely we shall reach an agreement (If only they would return our calls and stop fleeing from our diplomatic expeditions!).

>Wow, the propaganda is strong with this one.

The ignorance I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Were you asleep the whole 13th Black Crusade? During the whole Third Sphere Expension?

Good T'au and Aun'Va's patience....

>And you really think that picking your battles is running? Foolish tau logic.

Most of them were reclaimed and rebuild, and more worlds were liberated from the Imperium.

Minor setbacks can not stop the advance of the Greater Good. The Tau lick their wounds and move on.

Destiny awaits and they march towards it.

>the imperial guard then proceeded to siege the sept world.

The Commander of the Imperials sent word back to the Imperial High Command of the Tau ''Weakness''. This prompted them to call for the Iron Hammer Campaign the so called ''Greatest confrontation between the Tau Empire and the Imperium''.

Nearly a century later the Campaign never arrived (Or did it? perhaps the new Tau Codex will cover it)

>> No.19583165

>legitimate claim
Ha, the entire milky way belongs to the Eldar by birthright. Your tau are just squatters. As I said before, your empire is dying but you're too deluded to see it. The tyranids gain more ground every day while you lose worlds willy-nilly to every xenon that makes contact with you. Deal with it, primitive.

>> No.19583328 [DELETED] 

You know what is funny.

A few plays on words and that post would look like something a Necron would say to an El'Dar.

Anyways, I had enough of speaking ill of the noble El'Dar. It pains me that it had to come to this.

I sincerely apologize to the El'Dar for (speaking the truth and nothing but the truth) for my rudeness and I would like to remind the El'Dar that we are honoured by having them as our Brothers in Arms.

Once again I beg their forgiveness (For speaking the TRUTH) and bid you all farewell.

>> No.19583344

You know what is funny.

A few plays on words and that post would look like something a Necron would say to an El'Dar.

Anyways, I had enough of speaking ill of the noble El'Dar. It pains me that it had to come to this.

I sincerely apologize to the El'Dar for (speaking the truth and nothing but the truth) for my rudeness and I would like to remind the El'Dar that we are honoured by having them as our Brothers in Arms.

Once again I beg their forgiveness (For speaking the TRUTH) and bid you all farewell.

>> No.19583445

That is a good one. The Galaxy belongs to humanity who conquered the majority of it not once during the Dark Age of Technology, but a second time during the Great Crusade. If the Eldar were half as competent as they believed they wouldn't have let the birth of a god shatter their empire.

>> No.19583465


sorry, cant hear you over the sound of victory on kaurava

>> No.19583484

TIDF u r ghey and faggot

>> No.19583515

who cares about his faggot opinions?

>> No.19583544

>implying the weakling Conservators could hope to prevail against the might of Firaeveus Carron, Taker of Boxes

>> No.19583583

>implying canon
tho i have to admit, you ass rape us on daily basis

...time to become a cultist

>> No.19584689

I don't know if Sage works on this board, but...

Why so many namefags...!? The horror... Of... Attention whores... So many, how can only one be That Guy?

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