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>For a period of ten days beginning on 14 February 2057, Lars J. Matthews will cease to possess any legal status. He will be stripped of all evidence of legal existence, including SIN, credsticks, DocWagon contract, bank accounts and so on. To the individual or group who ends Lars J. Matthews’ physical existence during those ten days, I leave all of Matthews’ assets and 1 million nuyen for a job well done. If Mr. Matthews survives and can prove his identity, his legal status and all possessions will be restored to him. Haven’t you heard? Never deal with a dragon, Lars.

The last character you played has been wholly and completely fucked by the last will and testament of the most powerful being on the planet.

Does he survive the 10 days?

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>To the individual or group who ends Lars J. Matthews’ physical existence during those ten days
>physical existence

If you play a free spirit, big D is basically paying you a million nuyen to stop manifesting for a week.

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What kind of special snowflake do you need to be to play a free spirit? Yeah I know the rules for it are around, but it's still stupid.

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Hell no. I doubt the last character I played had any friends close enough that they wouldn't sell her out for a million nuyen, and even worse than friends, anybody capable of ritual magic could probably find her no matter how well she hides.

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Still doesn't stop a mage from calling in favors from other spirits. Good luck surviving on the metaplanes if you have a sufficiently determined spellslinger after you.

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>Last character you played
Black Templar Apothocary

>Survive 10 days with no equipment

>wholly and completely fucked by the last will and testament of the most powerful being on the planet.
So the Emperor is dead and in his will Brother Apothocary Ezra Auslander is specifically mentioned and there are strict instructions about him dying?

Yeah I'm fucked.

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In Shadowrun?

Maybe, I haven't played it in years (before Dunk was president), so I haven't had any characters, but my previous ones tended to work for Aztlan and had more than a few ways to drop out of sight.

My current character is a changeling, so I'm afraid his fetch would get the dragon's ire.

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>most powerful being on the planet
>the emperor
What were you doing on Terra?

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drake mystic adept

Stay on Mt Shasta and hope Hestaby hides me

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But the reward is only for eliminating your physical existence. After you fuck off to the metaplanes there's technically no longer any incentive to murder you.

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Planet? PLANET!? PLANET!!? I'm a Rogue Trader, get on my level! Anyone even LOOKS at me funny I'll terraform their entire planet into a radioactive wasteland!

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>Human sorcerer who owes the elven nations more GP then can be physically counted due to the fact that he destroyed several schools of magic
Get in line bitches get in fucking line

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Well as a Rogue Trader you'd probably have a really hard time.
I mean imagine all of the Rogue Traders out their, their spies, all your enemies both within your family, in your retinue, on your ship and everywhere else being granted the right to kill you with absolutely no consequences.
The only thing that might safe you is good relations witht the Adpetus Mechanicus on your ship, a good company of loyal bodyguards and a ten day stay in the warp.

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>Sahaquiel the Salubri
>Doesn't have any paperwork trace
>Doesn't have bank accounts
>No records from his life 800 years ago
>Already hunted by all the Camarilla

Yeah, good luck getting him killed.

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>Dresden Files sorcerer

Well, um.


Better prepare myself for the Wild Hunt.

If I can stall or misdirect the Erlking for ten days, I'm home free!

SO, I'm fucked.


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>The last character you played has been wholly and completely fucked by the last will and testament of the most powerful being on the planet.

This would make things easier for my character, since it would mean that his greatest enemy is now dead.

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"I don't know how to deal with this..."

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itt: relentless mary sues

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Lars J Matthews will just get a boat and go on a ten day cruise. because in Shadowrun, nobody thinks about "outside city limits"

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Being I'm in a freeform that's depressing and fucked up as all Hell... yeah. It would be a welcome release.

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Are you kidding? Piracy is a viable way to make a living. Shit, there's fucking pirate kings.

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He silently and stoically puts down his PB&J calmly look at all the people around him with fire in his eyes before spinning around and running screaming at the top of his lungs
>Negotiator for hire that's basically a braver version of Rincewind .

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One water spirit totally rapes him. That was poorly planned.

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A Hedge Knight from a Song of Ice and Fire?

Yeah, I'm fucked.

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>Thinking the oceans are safe from orbital lasers
Shoulda snagged a tag eraser, Lars.


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> Nanotransen does not reconize the existence of the vigilante known as the Prismatic Avenger. Anybody wearing a rainbow suit is most likely a wizard and must be terminated on sight.


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My last character from shadowrun was a street samurai

Despite as much cyberware as you can stick into someone being in him I think I would be utterly fucked

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By virtue of being a sneaky fucking kobold with a good deal of trapmaking materials, three bolt-holes, and a large store of alchemist's fire and psionic weaponry, I think he would.

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