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What will you do when the glorious emperor comes to reclaim this hiveworld ?

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Don't delude yourself. If you can see the sky, it's not a hiveworld.

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moderately sized generic imperial world at best.

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I go to the bakery right behind my fat ass?

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Go on a killing, stealing, whoring, and drugging spree.

Once the Imperium realizes we worship Jesus instead of space jesus, we're as good as exterminatus'ed.

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> hiveworld
Besides that I would willingly kneel before the Emperor and join his army to crusade across the planet crushing everyone who refuses to join. After that enjoy the dream of going to space.

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When your glorious emperor will try his hand at our glorious homeland, we'll fight back. All of us.

And even should we fall, we have a secret weapon that no man can defeat.

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Agriworld, on a good day, I'd say. Maybe Aptus Non, though.

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>imperial world

You kidding?

Two thirds of this planet operate more or less like a medieval world - with warlords and dictatorial governments that rule like unopposed kings.
>the US depending on your personal opinion

Alternately we might be classified as an agri world

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learn guitar, join Slaanesh cult

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we're closer to an imperial world than an agriworld.

at least an agriworld can feed itself AND other worlds. we can barely do that.

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Ok bad choice of words

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Sit back and laugh as the grorious imperirar army is ripped apart by Soviet-era guns of third world militias while the Chineese zerg their vessels in orbit with cheap rockets and anti-satellite lasers.

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lasguns vs. nuggets
it will be glorious

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Probably the same thing I'm doing now, seeing as they arrived several years ago.

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Man, I love IG group-cosplays.

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Did we, /x/, /sci/ or /k/ ever figure out what that things is supposed to be?

(Besides an Imperium warship?)

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A fake?

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Could be an observation satellite. Reminds me a bit of the Chandra x-ray observatory but with more greebles.

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Ya looks definitely photoshooped

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My nigguh

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>while doing that enjoy dying horribly in space.

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There were about a hundred other pics from the same conspiracy nut, some looking like Imperial ships, some not.

If I recall correctly, there were some theories that the "ships" were made of balled up aluminum foil, and photographed in a dark room with directional lighting and a long exposure camera to give that blurry luminous effect.

Or they're authentic and we're all boned.

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That one sort of looks like a frigate from Halo.

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Then we're double-boned. Either we've got an incredibly shitty space ship with a large group of incompetents on it, giving us barely any new technology, or it's a Flood ship.

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The original thread it was posted in suggest it was a forward 3/4 view of an Imperial frigate. You can supposedly see the gothic arches of the bridge windows illuminated.

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If it's the Flood we're already boned. Sweet Jesus we're boned.

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It's a 4 year old photo. If it was the Flood, we would have been boned years ago.

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>giving us barely any new technology
>functional FTL
>working fusion reactors
>power armor
>a goddamn spaceship

nigga wut

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Actually, we totally can feed not only ourselves, but possibly another world if we focused on it.

The reason people go hungry is because all that food is unevenly distributed. It doesn't matter than the US can sustainably produce 20x the amount of food it needs, if that extra food can't be shipped and distributed to all those Ethiopians or North Koreans. Corn rots, milk spoils, meats need refrigeration.

Even then, these poor areas can likely sustain themselves if they weren't constantly ravaged by war, genocide, and crazy dictators.

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I think he means weapons wise.
True. Thank the diety of your choice.

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Dammit, when the fuck is X4 coming out?

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Massive reactive rounds
Las weapons
Plasma weapons

Huh i guess nothing to gain in that respect either

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The fusion sort of solves laser and railgun issues and FTL is a weapon in and of itself

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Weren't does just blurry images of the Space Station.

Thats not true what we have in abundance is food, water and space. We just suck huge amounts of cocks managing those resources. Just walk behind buffets and see how much food is toss away.

There was a little math saying that entire earth populations could live in Texas in 4 story high buildings. If I recall it was using an US middle class house and a family of 4. The thing is that we would still have space left for roads, hospitals and all that stuff in a modern city.

Or we could just murder everyone in Africa and about half of the worlds problems are solve right there, new land and without any number of motherfucking warlords that change almost every week.

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Posting more evidence of our impending Imperial conquest.

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Good point. I see Halo getting shit on a lot though among Sci-fi dudes because "HURR, NO LASERS IN 500 YEARS."
As if we'd use lasers when good old ballistic weapons aren't already reliable as hell, and likely cheaper and easier to maintain.

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>Weren't does just blurry images of the Space Station.
Some of his other pics are, but that's not what the space station looks like.

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To be fair the Halo universe technology wise makes some sense. At least through 1 to 3. Hell even Halo wars made some sense regarding ships being their own small self sufficient thing.

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Reach didn't really fuck over that, and neither did ODST. OK, the Sabre having shields was a bit odd, but I guess that was more for gameplay's sake than anything else. Halo 4 looks like it won't do it either.

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Do we have any proof he isn't just photographing Battlefleet Gothic models with an unfocused camera?

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we're a low-tech war world at best

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I just went a bit derp what with the AI thing in Reach. Like they where found in ancient aliens building? Or was it just Crotona (Or however her name is)

But yah Halo universe technology wise is rather well thought.

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As someone who used to play BFG, they don't look quite like the models to me. Similar, but the proportions and details are all different.

Still no way to prove the dude didn't scratch build models in that style, though.

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I still think it is just a blurry space station or satellite. Assuming is not scam

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That was actually a subroutine of Cortana Halsey gave Six, to answer your question.

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All hail the formation of the new Maailman Planetary Government and GWs proper management as a recruitment and training center for astropathic diagnosticators.

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Ok ok So Cortana is a normal human AI that has ancient alien knowledge inside here code? Because by just playing Reach it felt like she was found in the ruins.

Side note I really like how the Arbiter armor was an older version and made that a game mechanic so you could not cloak permanently like a normal Elite.

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I think you 40kfags are really pushy and annoying but I wouldn't mind getting taken over by the Imperium

Loli would finally be a legit fashion!

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Well, Cortana is actually based off of Halsey's brain. She'd like to keep her close. That, and she's an ONI military AI, designed to hack into Covenant computer systems. The fact that they resemble Forerunner ones I assume, was a nice bonus effect. Yes, she does get some Forerunner code in her over the course of the series, the Index, the activation codes to the giant hula hoops of doom AKA the titular Halo's.

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only if you're nobles, otherwise it's rags or nondescript mass-produced tunics
>inb4 I'm called out for generalizing based on produced artwork

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I think you're generalizing based on produced artwork.

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That makes more sense than what I was thinking originally.

Question is the Forerunner AI inside the Ark the one that Trolled the Forerunners. Since is like the only competent AI in the Covenant

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so no different than how loli is now anyways

>a bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo

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Escape to Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

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Guilty Spark? He was the monitor of the first Halo installation you encounter in the first one, if you watch the campaign vid on the last level it shows 343 flying away. He was built by the forerunners, but I don't even know if he's seen a living forerunner anyways.

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Which one? Guilty Spark or the other one, the one that was in the Forerunner Dreadnought? The one in the Dred was known as Mendicant Bias, and was the one tricked/corrupted into serving the Gravemind against it's former masters. I guess you could call "Assisting in the attempted destruction/nomming of all sentient life" Trolling the Forerunners.

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>Warhammer fantasy battle
Shiggidy diggidy

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I for one welcome Imperial fashion.

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Yah the one in the Dreadnought. Mixed up the Ark with the Dreadnought.

Also in the Halo universe where humans created by the forerunners or what? I just assumed that for some odd coincident Humans and the Forerunners where almost the same species.

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According to the Greg Bear Forerunner trilogy, Guilty Spark, in a way, actually did interact with the forerunners. He is based off of the mind of a human, and said human was the closest thing to a friend possible for a human to be too a Forerunner.

God dammit, I feel kinda pathetic for knowing all this Halo lore.

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Sort of.
Both of us were created by the Precursors, but the Forerunners were the ones to take up their Mantle of the protection of life.
We said fuck that shit, and engaged in a long and bloody war that caused the Forerunners to degrade us technologically and genetically. Modern Homo Sapiens is a creation of the Librarian.

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Despite all the hate Halo gets, it was rather well made fluff wise and story wise for a shooter.

Like the reason why the Covent is at wars to with the humans is due to the Prophets figuring out that the Humans where the direct descendant to their gods and if the rest of the aliens find out all their power in the Covent would be gone.

The hunters on the other hand are freaking awesome a warm colony that is so big that is put into two set of armor and that is why they go berserk when its pair dies. Or how the right poetry. Like some big friendly giant of doom

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Ok what? So the forerunners and humans are a creation of an even older species?

>> No.19574823

Mah nigga.

>> No.19574852

That looks horribly uncomfortable. Why do all Imperial people wear such heavy clothes?

>Oh yea. The UK is a sad, depressing, grey, cold land of grey greyness that turns greyer and colder every year.

>> No.19574857

Technically, we're not their gods. The Forerunners are. Genetically, we're similar to them, and one of the last actions they did before killing everything in the galaxy after evacuating everything they could was pass on the Mantle to us. That's why we can use their technology so well. We're literally their Reclaimers, the ones they thought best to carry on the Mantle.

Bungie has always been good with stories. Even Marathon had a deep story, if you took the time to look. Hell, it's better than many major movie franchises story wise. It will be interesting to see how 343 Industries does when it comes to the story. Here's hoping they don't fuck that up.

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Yep. It's in the Greg Bear novels. It's canon, until refuted by the games.

>> No.19574869

>that feel when nobody talks about Maailma anymore

>> No.19574872

I assume because she's from a cold planet. Space Imperial Russia, or something.

>implying you aren't trying to get us to post scantily clad Imperial girls

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Do my utmost to keep these horrendous autocratic monsters from ruining what little enlightenment we have achieved.

I would fail, but what value is there in living in the sort of place the Imperium would create of our world?

>> No.19574916

Not much really beside paying taxes and changing the worlds gods and prophets by the Emperor it would stay pretty much the same.

>> No.19574929

>what value is there in living in the sort of place the Imperium would create of our world
I dunno. The idea of living in a world where you know with absolute certainty that your god is real and He is a human seems pretty appearing to me.

>> No.19574957

You could say the same thing about the world as it is now. For all but the very rich, life is basically just about working every day until you get old and die.

>> No.19574991

I assume that by appearing, you meant appearing, and yes. Knowing your god is also a man is kind of refreshing.

>> No.19574993

And it's perfectly ok for them to force their Spess Catholic horseshit down everyone's throats? Fuck that. I refused to worship the shitty gods of Earth, and I'm not going to worship the shitty gods of spess, either.

Not to mention having to explain to the AdMech what this "Science" thing is and then being Inquisited because anything other than slapping your dick against the same technology the Imperium has been using for the past ten thousand years while chanting is TECH HERESY.

>> No.19574996


Protip: Even if you are rich, it is pretty much exactly the same.


I hear you brother. Wolverines?

I'll meet you in the mountains with my AK.

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If I wanted that, I'd already be worshiping David Koresh. I don't care how great of a wizard the guy was, The Emperor was no god and would not deserve worship even if he was.

>> No.19575022

Goddammit, spell check and liquor fucks me over again.

I mean appealing, not appearing.

>> No.19575029

Join the legion they said....it would be fun they said...

>> No.19575055

Dude. He's a fucking wizard. I'd worship that, considering the alternative.

>> No.19575079


Are they going to bring their awesome and glorious architecture to our world? If so, I welcome my new Imperial overlords.

But if they just want to draft people into the Guard and take our resources, then fuck it, launch the nukes.

>> No.19575085


I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

>> No.19575106

Living on my knees when there's fuckers who'll do a lot worse is better than standing and dying at the hands of those that would at least try to protect us somewhat.

>> No.19575115

Stop being so damned heretical.

If you get us all killed by the Inquisition, I will so totally haunt you in the Warp forever.

>> No.19575118

I will welcome our new overlords and join the guard, and then I will die in a terrifying manner that scars the rest of the squad for life.

>> No.19575143

They'd probably just take some Gurkas. They wouldn't come back for a second tithe. The wouldn't need one.

>> No.19575149


Heretical? No, just stubborn enough to die a free man.

>> No.19575158

Speaking of tithes... Notice how those pics of Imperial ships earlier ITT are dated to 2008? Right when the global financial crisis hit?

I think they collected the tithe.

>> No.19575182

If by haunt you in the Warp forever, you mean, drift along side your soul without any perception until an ether shark eats us both and we turn it into a slightly more powerful daemon and so on and so forth

Really, 99% of Earthlings would be on board the ships as fast as possible and everyone would know it; earth would become real estate for the nobles to despoil as they please while deploying an 8 billion-strong genere savvy guard regiment

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That makes you heretical.

>> No.19575194

That actually makes a little sense.

>> No.19575198

Stop it. They'll purge us all.

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As long the world pays taxes and recognize the God Emperor, the world is pretty much free to do what ever they want.

The mechanicus know their tech and science, rest of humanity doesn't go beyond 1920 or todays understanding of science and tech of the common man.

When you had more than 3 big events that whip out your science and demons that can rape you because your circuit board makes easier for predators of hell come and eat your soul. It is just more easy to tell everyone is magic and work more slowly and use tech you know it wont kill everyone by random warp beast.

Imperium tanks can run on wood and pretty much anything that burns, or just solar power in some cases
So in theory you could run a baneblade with bacon

>> No.19575219

...I hate coincidences...

>> No.19575249

>Imperium tanks can run on wood and pretty much anything that burns
You know, Henry Ford invented an engine like that but was payed by the oil companies not to install it in his cars.

>> No.19575257

So, wait, is atheism a threat then? Or can you simply use a variation of humanism to steer the nongroup towards Imperial ends?

>> No.19575268

In a deterministic world, there are no coincidences, only cause and effect.

>> No.19575269

Henry Ford invented the steam engine?

>> No.19575277

Oil companies are our nobility and planetary governors.

...wait, we're a fuel world? Is that earth's thing? promethium production?

>> No.19575279

I'm pretty sure that is a myth, the part where it could run on anything.

>> No.19575289

Nope. It was an internal combustion engine. That could run on any flammable organic material.

>> No.19575297

How efficient was it?

>> No.19575299

here's a better question, if we're an Imperial holding under tithe, then what is the function of GW and the 40k lore in this scenario?

>> No.19575309

The emperor is dead.

>> No.19575311

Very inefficient.

But if you could use household trash to run it, that isn't a big deal.

>> No.19575317

The Imperial Creed is a clusterfuck. You can have any version of the Emperor, from a super awesome caveman to a machine god, passing by a pretty sweet cool guy that kills monster and is not afraid of anything.

As long the Emperor is there and it is not Chaos you can have any interpretation of the Emperor

>> No.19575318

There's also optical and logical illusions; our visual and mental processors can make mistakes.

>> No.19575371

To gradually assimilate us into the mainstream Imperium over the course of several generations by influencing pop culture. When the Imperium finally reveals itself openly, it won't be such a shock, and hopefully people will know they need to kneel before the Emperor rather than resist.

>> No.19575372

If we had a Earth size planet with all the awesome Imperium tech and no need to spread it across the galaxy.

I had a point... Fuck it I should sleep.

>> No.19575386

There is an entire branch of the Imperium that does just that, prepare worlds for the arrival of the Imperium, usually taking generations

>> No.19575387

So then what are our Chaos cults? rape/murder clubs? serial murderer psychopaths? the son of Sam?

I mean if we're talking about established cults, things like Paganism, wicca, and Satanists range from harmlessly mundane to the pitiably lame.

An actual outbreak of 40k-level Chaos patronage would be absolutely insane; you could maybe cover it up if it happened in someplace like Africa, maybe- it helps that such things are rare as fuck

And what would the stance on occult dabblers be? I mean, I've tried to get into it for verification, but dropped out because everything points to effects being utterly subjective delusion

>> No.19575401

Well, they're here doing their thing.

>> No.19575409

Also: The RPG fluff explains that a lot of higly fashionable clothing is meant to be completely nonfunctional for practical matters, because it displays to everyone that you have people to do everything for you and don't have to work yourself.

That may explain things.

>> No.19575447

And let us hope they'll be pulling the big reveal sooner in our lifetimes rather than after.

As sucky as life under Imperial rule is, reality sucks at least equally if not more; I could totally see myself pulling a 'For the Emperor' even if I'm not religious. Not sure how I feel about the obstructive politicking within The bureaucracy though.

>> No.19575451

I suppose that goes a long way to explaining why she has giant golden sphinxes on her shoulders.

>> No.19575467

Thats for the Church of the Emperor and the Inquisition to figure out. I bet most Earth philosophizes and religions could be mold to the Imperial creed in some way.

At least with the 40k roleplaying game the Imperium sounds more reasonable than the table top version.

Cult wise there is a lot of grey areas.

>> No.19575468

Hey, we might just be important enough to ease into the Imperium full of mono-biome terraformed worlds if they're expending that much effort; then again, a few generations is nothing on the Imperial timescale of getting shit done.

>> No.19575485

no shit, I'm asking for a guess on what their stance would be regarding those items

also, if 40k lore from GW is part of the red carpet, why so much detail about Chaos?

>> No.19575500

Get this... What if the Ancient Aliens were actually human settlers back during the Dark Age of Technology, and we've just recently been rediscovered by the rest of humanity?

>> No.19575502

Knowledge is Power?

>> No.19575505

>That pic
COnsider my fears abated. Give me a lasgun, I have some xeons to kill

>> No.19575515

Presumably so that once we know it's all real, we have an appropriate abhorrence of the Ruinous Powers, and will willingly turn over suspected Chaos cultists to the Inquisition, knowing what will happen if they are allowed to continue their blasphemous works.

>> No.19575528

> What will you do when the glorious emperor comes to reclaim this hiveworld ?

the USA will throw off the rule of this tyranous foreign princeling. Free men will never bow to a man who thinks himself a god.

>> No.19575533

Semi-sympathetic treatment of various xenos cultures?
see: Maailma (Earth is just another colony that thinks it's Terra after 42,000+ years of [lost] history)

>> No.19575547

We all know America serves the Dark Gods.

Why else would all their food have high-fructose khorne syrup in it?

>> No.19575555

I would die on my feet...it would just be against the hordes of chaos, the slavering xenos, or the daemons of the Warp instead of my fellow man.

>> No.19575568

Because we might have Chaos guys working here too.

For all we know there could be some Chaos cell and Inquisition cell working on Earth, everyone trying to pull strings.

Regarding a stance on Earth religions they would be ok, maybe change Jew--Muslim--Christian god would be the easier thing to adapt they already have a single big god.

While things such as wicca would require more work but they could be just cults that focus in a particular aspect of the Emperor.

The Imperial Creed is rather lax.

>> No.19575594

>As sucky as life under Imperial rule is, reality sucks at least equally if not more;

"It is to live in the cruelest and most bloodthirsty regime imaginable." Probably THE most repeated bit of fluff.

I mean, I don't know about your imagination, but when I think of "cruelest and most bloodthirsty" I imagine what would happen if Hitler and Stalin brofisted and went "BY OUR POWERS COMBINED"

>> No.19575634

That is one hell of a mental image. Can we get some drawfag on that?

>> No.19575641

>Hitler and Stalin brofisted and went "BY OUR POWERS COMBINED"
I'd pay good money to see that.

It would be like /pol/ made manifest upon the physical world.

>> No.19575645

Catholics politicked pagan cults and faiths into worship by co-opting religious figures (the Holy Mother ~= the pagan Feminine) and holy days. the saints also do the job of extending the pantheon over specialist gods/goddesses

Hinduism and Buhdism fit the Emperor as acended being and the cycles of torturous living escaped only by following one's dharma and achieving nirvana at the end of a long line of abuse from your fellow men and monsters while turning your hand to aid your fellow man

basically, almost every religion on Earth can be co-opt by the Imperial Ecclesiarchy, except maybe Oberonian/Leveyan Satanism which is self-worship and the coordinated attack upon established dogmas in their weakest points.

>> No.19575679

Thinking about Buddhism I can only think of one quote from the Creed: "The path of duty is often a stony one, made smoother by thought for others."

>> No.19575685

Close, humanity rose during quickly during forerunner time and had started reasherching percursor technology due to reaching near forerunner tech levels. We were allied with the prophets at the time, and on friendly terms with the forerunner, we even taught the forerunner how to make A.Is, which bit them in the as latter. We were actually winning in our fight against the flood up until the forerunner got it into there head that the only way to say the galaxy was to nuke all intelligent life so they bombed every race back to the stone age and activated the halo arrays. They failed and we had to start back at square one.

>> No.19575694

If we were taken back into the Imperium... what happens to all our scientists? I understand the Imperium does still develop technology and such very slowly, but for the most part just does what tradition says without understanding why.

If they landed here there would be engineers and assorted other nerds trying to work the whys and wherefores of their tech right away. So what happens when a new world has people who are too inquisitive about technology?

>> No.19575705

Yes, but working within the Imperial machine or at least towards its mission statement is a meta-purpose I can get behind, sure the intent has been debauched into pointless endeavors by the power-hungry, but there are threats to be beaten and battles to be had

I'm a romantic and I really hate living under idyllically irresponsible global capitalism without anything more than a paycheck and science trudging forward at the cost of a billion dollars per ounce of advancement.

>> No.19575706


Or you could just, you know, start praising Space Jesus. It gets you a lot of cred in the Imperium if you sound like you mean it. If you sounded like you meant it *enough*, they might even, like, make you one of the new leaders of the planet or something.

Anyway I certainly wouldn't suggest arguing with or fighting them, which both are pretty equally certain to get your ass burninated.

>> No.19575713

What about Scientology?

>> No.19575736

And if you actually mean it strongly enough you get space saint powers in a moment of crisis that will most likely spell your doom.

>> No.19575740

Since we all hate them anyway, the Imperium may actually declare them heretics if only so everyone else on the planet will come together to destroy them.

Also the whole "alien souls in human bodies" bit probably wouldn't fly too well"

>> No.19575752

Still wrong. The precursors made the flood to test who would be their "children" we passed. We shortly afterwards attacked the forerunner, but weakened by our fight with the flood, they nuked us to the stone age (literally). We then destroyed the cure to the flood out of spite.

>> No.19575760

>didn't one of the celeb-believers eat his wife's afterbirth and like it?
Actually a Chaos cult.

>> No.19575767

They think we're all xenos who were killed by a space emperor and our souls were imprisoned in human bodies. Just change a couple names and things should work.

>> No.19575778

Earth engineers would be like the female techpriest that Cain banged. Would be good and wont move up in the adeptus due to not taking so serious all of the dogma.

I can't remember the name of the techpriest she had a tail made out of her mechandrits

>> No.19575808

We'll probably get the full story with the main enemy in the next game being the forerunners.

>> No.19575819


>> No.19575866

Quit making sense you bastard, 40k is one of the last things I like not intimidated by Scientology.

>> No.19575897

but... alien souls? a valid form of Imperial Creed?

"Yep, we're alien souls driven into human bodies by the Emperor so that we may be redeemed"

How is that not a BLAMming?

>> No.19575908

>pic related
Scientology is actually the only major religion that would be purged.

>> No.19575917

It is blam, unless those alien soul mean humans from another world.

Then it could be some what possible. God damn the Imperial Creed is Flexible, we should make it a religion, just for giggles.

>> No.19575928

Buncha gonddamn Xenu worshippers.

>> No.19575937


>Major religion

You lost me

>> No.19575948

But it's easy, you just draw parallels with an existing religion and then say it's actually an Imperial Cult- except for Scientology, see above for why

>> No.19575971

Like this?

>> No.19575983

I like the version where it's Space Catholocism, cause that's the version that most civilized worlds use and us using it likely means we can get on spaceships and go see the stars.

Also Catholics are cool guys who kill heretics and don't afraid of anything

>> No.19575984

>without anything more than a paycheck

And sleep. Remember that part.

You work no more than 40 hours a week, most likely. The average imperial works more in *two days* than you do in *five days*.

At least the unemployment crisis would be over.


I sorta miss my Army days and regretted the fact that I never felt like we were facing a credible threat. Joining the Imperial Guard might be "cool" in that you probably don't get worked to death (its not practical to do so to soldiers) and I might get to face a credible threat.

Plus not all IG units are pure cannon fodder, some IG are put into APCs and given melta guns.

But the most likely result of your planet joining the Imperium would be you finding out that your good days in your new life are worse than the bad days of your old life.

>> No.19575986

So, which main Ruinous Power do you think Xenu is supposed to be? Just plain old Undivided personified or anyone but Khorne? Tzeentch is top suspect for obvious reasons.

>> No.19576020

I think you know who the Scientologists really worship...

>> No.19576036

should have seen that one coming, now I gotta brush these invisible scarabs off my body before they eat me alive

>> No.19576144

This is now the decree with my missionary Rogue Trader. The Koronous Expanse shall see the light of the Imperial Creed!

>> No.19576182

Embrace his philosophy of a pskyer race.

Pic related.

>> No.19576326

Three posts? that's it?


>> No.19576367

Didn't hiveworlds need like 10 billion people? We're at 7bil

We're an Industrial world regardless.

>> No.19576377

no dummy we're a civilized world. Or a pleasure world

>> No.19576419

Are you retarded? We're perfectly capable of feeding the current population. Its just that it'd make the third world grow even faster

>> No.19576444

start a cult and summon a bunch of slanneshi daemons to fuck the world to death.

>> No.19576523

40k worlds are often mono-biomed because of terrible history or Dark Age terraforming techniques, they are also generally mismanaged to the point that a few scattered megalopoli with a total population of 10b is a great deal of people for a world

Earth/Maailma would be a crown jewel

>> No.19576524

The Imperium as a regime is. They don't give a shit how planets do their thing so long as they aren't heretical and pay their tithes.

And guys, believe it or not but most of the world is utter shit. You maybe have 1 or 2 billion people if you take Europe, America, Canada, South Korea and a few other developed countries.

>> No.19576542

I become the ruler of the deathworld continent of Australia and get rich by selling rights to all our awesome shit and training rights for soldiers

Then I make a giant Capitol for my people to live in and prosper so I make more money from taxes

>> No.19576543

what terrible history?

>> No.19576558

Yeah. People don't get that Hive Worlds just have hive cities, not that the entire surface is completely urbanized.

Just look at Armageddon with its' ash wastes and jungles.

>> No.19576592

Well there are the two extremes of hive worlds where you have total urbanization and massive spires with land outside the hives

Most hive worlds probably fall into the latter category with the occasional planet like holy terra being completely covered

>> No.19576601

Cadia is the stomping ground for every Black Crusade but is generally depicted as rolling hills and forests with heavy fortification

Kreig suffered and possibly still suffers from nuclear civil war

Terra lost its oceans and thus any environment not man-made during the Heresy

Tallarn suffered some terraforming failure IIRC or was psuedo-Exterminatus'd

>> No.19576628

Tallarn was virus-bombed.

>> No.19576640

I meant terrible dark age terraforming

>> No.19576643

Ah, right, thanks.

>> No.19576657

Become cleric. Or join IG.
Fuck Space bitches.

>> No.19576671

>usually mono-biomed because
>terrible history
>dark age tech terraforming

he said 'or' Anon, they're two separate items

>> No.19576709

Become a rogue trader and start amassing my xeno harem.
It's not heresy because I am using them to subvert their people by showing them the glory of the imperium

>> No.19576819

ah sorry thought it was typo

>> No.19580308

After the Imperial reclamation the parliament building in Budapest will probably be chosen as the new Imperial governor's personal headquarters.

I mean, look at it.

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