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GW has put out a third trailer.


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Wow, some pretty nice art. Better than the last two.

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spess anus

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Slaanesh at work.

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More like Khorne at work on Slaanesh's anus.

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More like the master troll Tzeentch goatse-ing the universe..

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Yeah the Tau Empire is just as bad as the Imperium guys.

Also why does that Guardsman need a plasma gun?

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It's always really awkward to see GW do their teaser super big surprise marketing thing when their have been concrete rumors about their super secret new release for months and the first fucking pictures are already leaked.

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I had to.

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herp derp

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I had to.

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Exactly, they are just being ridiculous. This whole keep everything secret until a week before is so irritating and along with the prices has really put me off the hobby.

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TIDF pls go

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So one of the first 2 new codex will be Eldar anyone thinking GW poster boys will be the other?

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First Codex will be Chaos.
Second will be Dark Angels.

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That nearly made me piss my pants sir, kudos.

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ah all the rumors I've read said Eldar will be the first or second, but they are rumors.

where are you getting your info from?

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I loled

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i like you

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All the infos we've gotten on /tg/ say;
Chaos, maybe dark angels, maybe tau, and only after those three, eldars.

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>we're all desperate to find out more about what's going on. To make sure you're the first to know, head into your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre on Saturday morning and have a chat to the staff.

Knock it off, GW web guys. Absolutely no one is desperate to "find out more about what's going on". You're going to charge $75 for a rulebook. That's what is going on.

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Good to see that, even when they're doing generic numeric paintings for their illustrations, they manage to make them look somewhat classy.

Still won't be as badass as Blanche's stuff for the 5th rulebook.

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Also Rumours. Chaos is said to be next by the same guy who predicted everything about the Necrons.
Dark Angels are the new poster Marines in place of the Ultramarines.
Chaos and Dark Angels are both in the new starter set. So I can't imagine Dark Angels not being the second.

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I don't get what I'm supposed to see here.

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ah that sucks I was really hoping for an Eldar update. I'm building an Iyanden Army list right now

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>Playing Eldar
>Not Playing Ultramarines

haha get a load of this guy

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I'd imagine they'll get an update sooner rather than later. 5e was spent mostly bringing all codexes out of 3e. So now they'll probably update the 4e ones.

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but but... space elves...

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being elvish isn't the appeal of the eldars.

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you mean the Brown-Eye of Terror.

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I fukken love this new art, it's the perfect combination of John Blanche and not-John Blanche.

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I dropped GW and 40k a long time ago for perry miniatures for war games and Reaper for DnD...so this trailer seemed unimportant to me...also most of those images are old edition art that was colored...and >>19556564 pointed out the lazy scribbles. Not impressed...Wayne England was the best gw artist.

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Yay spikey Eldar is best Eldar.

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Looks like the Imperial palace, really nice image. Especially the Primarch staues

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this artwork being shown feels unfinished. I get this with way with a lot of their pictures. Does this say something about GW

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Daemonettes and a Khorne berserker side by side? What is the 41st Millennium coming to?

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Hardly. When you mix Blanche's style with a more realistic style, you merely water it down.
But let's say that the pig disgusting visual realism is made excusable by the use of many of his visual elements and a few of his graphical/coloring gimmicks

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Daemonettes look like your greatest desire, so the Berserkers just think they're piles of blood and skulls.

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aye, looks like (L to R) Russ, Kahn, Dorn, Sanguinius)

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Well, it does say something about their settings: they're messy, dirty, chaotic places where everything is either decaying, unfinished, or swarming with useless shit and problems.
It's a good thing to have very complex, busy illustrations AND messy sketches. But what I don't like is when they try to make a "balanced" picture, with an average amount of details and elements.

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plus there are custodes in the bottom left

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All directly based from their Blanche artworks from collect visions, very nice

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these new pictures try to add too much, they bring too much color and less detail.

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your right, there is niether enough grim nor darkness in them.

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Speaking of the starter set, any rumors/predictions on how much that will cost? I'm already leaning towards using the mini rulebook in that than paying for the $75 XBOX HUEG rulebook. Though the $125 book with the leather bag and dice-in-a-Lasgun power cell does look kind of cool.

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It's fashionable. They try to make it look more "serious", by showcasing how they're a big, serious company that can afford printing fully colored books...

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Could it...be?
The setting advancing?
I..I feel like change is in the air, /tg/.

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What could possibly make you think that?
Seriously, it's ridiculous, the pictures don't show anything we don't know, the announcements and trailers don't either, the catchphrase is still the same, and yet, a ton of idiots find a way to interpret this as an advancement of the "plot".

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Awesome artwork. Even if I'm not fond of the space sphincter.

Don't care about the rules. Might get this purely for the production values.

Hopefully the fluff doesn't shit the bed.

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Probably not but atleast Girlyman could finally heal himself.

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I'm pretty sure it's merely a rule change.
or your own farts

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(rhyme intended)

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Yeah, the space sphincter looks like one of those boring FFG illustrators did it.

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God forbid the plot moves forward. The writing is shitty enough. If they had to legitimately move the story forward, we would see some real shit.

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Nothing compared to the time Corflich Loatheheart, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, captured 300 Fire Warriors and dumped them in the Garden of Nurgle.

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Yes. As a joke.

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That..really happend?
Is that canon?

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well, there are two of them and they're "limited edition" so I expect bullshitty $125+ prices.

I'm getting the $75 rulebook because I've never had a non-mini one, and I'll probably get the mini one for like $30 off ebay later. If I still give a shit. (I haven't even played in a year and a half, and I'm more interested in painting/converting and fluff now)

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>300 Fire warriors

so like, the whole Tau militairy? yfw Tau fire caste work for chos

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thanks for the awnser

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>yfw Cultist-Chan will be made canon

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Wait, two? Source?

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>you are now imagining said Fire Warriors going all Draigo on Nurgle's ass and wrecking the place

From the old Sagas of the Daemon Princes article on GW's site. And to be fair, Loatheheart was in command of a host of daemons from every god (the Murderval, which first appeared in the pictured WD article). Though I can't shake the feeling that a Daemon Prince offering tribute to his patron's arch nemesis is something that wouldn't have happened in the old fluff - unless anyone has any pre-Daemons Codex examples of such a thing.

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>doing anything cool like Draigo.

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Guys, um, is anyone else having trouble with certain threads? Like, they're not loading, on computer or on mobile. The URL appears to load just fine but all you get is a white screen. Like this thread:

Also nice, new art.

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it's around on Warseer/Dakkadakka/BoLS/etc.

apparently you pick the starter for Chaos or Dark Angels, whichever one you want. kind of like going halfsies except you don't get as many minis. I think there's terrain in there, though.

>> No.19557649

That would make sense, with the rumored addition of fortifications on the FOC. Also, really? Just one army? Isn't the point to have two armies so you can pick up a box and play with a friend?

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>Vior’la orbits a binary star and its name translates as ‘hot-blooded’. This is a notorious Fire caste world whose warriors are especially aggressive and skilled in the arts of death.
Surely this being they call 'Nurgle' stands no chance against so many such fine warriors.

>> No.19557663

I think it's to do with the outage we had earlier, and cloudfare being retarded.

>> No.19557693

Hot-blooded heroes always prevail through COURAGE and CAMRADERIE. It is known.

It particularly helps if they are piloting some sort of mechanized combat platform, like, say, a Crisis suit.

>> No.19557697


Pick one.

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any word on what 6th ed sisters are going to be like?

>> No.19557723


Yeah, but I think they were well aware that people would buy two AOBR sets, one would take all the Orks and the other would take all the Space Marines, and both would get the rulebook, templates and scatter dice.

So this is the same basic idea, just without the second person. And presumably not $200.

>Games Workshop economics

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Is there a bigger version of the space anus. I want it as my wallpaper.

>> No.19557749

So it's pretty much buying a Battleforce with cheaper models, but also a rulebook, dice, and templates?

>> No.19557795


that's the impression I'm getting.

I have mixed feels, though. if they're going that way, a "starter pack" for every army would make a little more sense. they already have the simple minis for Space Marines, Orks, and 'nids leftover from 4e. (plus those $8 boxes of 3-5 CSM, Orks, Marines, Eldar, Tyranids and Guardsmen)

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>there will never be an Adeptus Mechanicus Codex

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>there will never be tournaments flooded with the Imperial Guard fighting Space Wolves fighting Blood Angels fighting Grey Knights fighting the Adeptus Mechanicus with one Tyranid player and two Necron players

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I know your feel bro.
Tech Priests
None of them will ever be playable (except as "counts-as"es)
Feels bad man

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you make a good point.

>> No.19557923

I see. Well I guess I will just get the full rulebook then.

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yeah, I gotta say, the Mechanicus is probably one of the most interesting ''races'' (if you can call them that) in my opinion

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signals are mixed about the actual contents.


>The Chaos forces are a CSM Sorcerer, a unit of Marines, a unit of Possessed and a unit of Cultists

that seems the most likely to me.

Dark Angels having a Terminator Captain, 5 termies, and a tactical squad also sounds likely.

as far as vehicles go: ??? (apparently the Chaos Dread and Ravenwing bikes aren't in the starter box)

terrain's probably some shitty bunker and razorwire. maybe an altar of some sort for Chaos.

>> No.19557977


Yeah. I especially like the "modern" portrayal in the HH novels, where they actually seem high tech (like the Noosphere thing), vs the RT era shit where robots were programmed in BASIC pretty much.

>> No.19558001

But you understand that on tabletop they'll just have infantry that are stronger than Guardsmen but weaker than Marines, and have lots of plasma and las weapons, and some fancy weapons made out to be archeotech. Then some metal box transports and maaaaybe a Knight for 600 points.

>> No.19558006

RIP Zeth
And Rho-Mu 31
You will not be forgotten
Actually you were, and your research too lol

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>Bring allies back
>Better yet, make Imperium a single faction
>Add Mechnicum units
>Steamroll everything
>Heretics mad, Xenos jelly

>> No.19558045

Allies are back, in a way, according to rumors.

>> No.19558055

Imperium a single faction? They wouldn't do that. Even if they kept all the models and units there currently are, that'd mean people would only have to buy one codex for some absurd fee instead of multiple codecies for a slightly lesser fee.

>> No.19558062

Meh, but joining Sisters of Battle and Guards seems kinda likely, if you want to hear my worthless opinion

>> No.19558080

>Cultists are back
>Possessed Marines
>Deathwing Angels box
Can this be true?
>Shitty terrain pieces
I'd have to see the rules on them first
>All for about $125
Again, not sure if want

>> No.19558111

Worthless indeed.

>> No.19558137


>> No.19558140


>Cultists are back

I'd imagine as extremely cheap blobs. BS/WS 2 or 3, 5+ armor at best, laspistols and maybe some grenade launchers as weapons.

>Possessed Marines

Probably just because nobody buys them, GW gives them away whenever possible.

>Deathwing Angels box
>Can this be true?

eh. AoBR has termies. they're probably the same minis. perhaps with a sprue of feathers to stick on them.

>> No.19558161

I don't see why you couldn't have a Codex inquisition or something, where you have Deathwatch, greyknights, some IG stuff that Inq uses as well as SoB. I mean Inq employ all of these don't they? Even if deathwatch is the only one they're in direct command over... or are they in direct command over GK as well? Gk don't deserve their own codex i don't think anyhow

>> No.19558185

or they could just have a Codex to each of the Ordo's.

>> No.19558194


>> No.19558200

Also a Codex for every Spioce Muhren Chapter

>> No.19558216

wow, apparentely my brain stopped working for a second there, I apologize for my idiotic behaviour. probably better to just have a Codex: Inquisition instead.

>> No.19558222

I meant how would they add a new unit without a codex update? Would the rules be in the new rulebook or the starter set?

>> No.19558223

They have most command over the Grey Knights. DW and SoB have two masters, while the GK only have the Inquisition.

>> No.19558225

In the end, we'll have codicies for every Spess Mehren chapter out there, a Codex Imperial Guard, a Codex Inquisition, maybe a Codex Chaos, and everything else will just be bundled up into Codex Xenos.

>> No.19558274

remember back when it was codex Daemon Hunters, instead of Codex Psychic mareens

>> No.19558279

no, but seriously, why? There's already so much butthurt over there being multiple space marine chapters. Why split it up even more ? I mean I'm a marine player myself, but I seriously wouldn't mind a single codex for marines, one for IG, one for Inquisition or whatever, one for Admech (though that seems poorly fleshed out unless they add a ton shit. But something like Ordo Xenos is 10 times less fleshed out than that)

>> No.19558280


Starter sets come out in September, apparently. New Chaos 'dex is also supposed to be out this year, so they'll probably be in that.

it would be great if they released both the new Chaos and DA codices at the same time, but I don't trust GW to do something that logical.

>> No.19558303

DW has two masters? Who else? them breing temporary recruits from other chapters should have no significance in who they take orders from

>> No.19558327

I'm not saying that they should do it, I'm just saying that if they where going to do anything about the Inquisition they should probably just make a Codex:Inquisition.

>> No.19558338

>DW has two masters? Who else? them breing temporary recruits from other chapters should have no significance in who they take orders from

Their superiors in their own Chapter.

>> No.19558347

Daemonhunters was a shit codex.

>> No.19558369


Under the new fluff the Grey Knights actually have their own chapter master and a council so can work without being commanded by the Inquisition.

>> No.19558374

Yeah, that has no bearing on how the Deathwatch operates. They don't keep in touch, every single member of a squad are typically from different Chapters. Their belonging chapter's superiors has no bearing on how the Deathwatch operates.

>> No.19558429

The Chapters supply the Marines, they could call to get their Marines back. If the Ordo Xenos does something to piss them off then they won't donate more Marines.

All that DW can rely on are the rare few who stay permanently.

>> No.19558436

GK had their own chapter master as far back as second edition.

>> No.19558464

They could always do that, they just had a council of 8 Grand Masters, one of whom was voted to be a representative. They are still fully embedded with the Inquisition, and an Inquisitor's say is final.

>> No.19558518

You're painting a rather extreme scenario there, that has no basis in any of the fluff. There's nothing suggesting anywhere that DW's dealing is on any plane known to the donating chapters, thus said chapters have no way of knowing what they're up to and thus cannot 'approve' or 'disapprove' of their actions and threaten them to recall their donated marines should they disapprove. Again, they have no bearing on how the Deathwatch operates.

>> No.19558557


How the Grey Knights are structured was unstated in the 3rd edition codex and 2nd edition Grey Knights fluff wise were nothing like there newer kind so that old fluff did not mean much.

>> No.19558578

They don't know what the DW are up too, but if the Chapter Master needs all his Marines back for some reason, like their Homeworld is about to get raped, the Marine has conflicting loyalties.
He's not an embedded member of the Inquisition like the Grey Knights are.

>> No.19558638


>They are still fully embedded with the Inquisition, and an Inquisitor's say is final.

I was under the impression that they basically went whereever their Prognosticators said daemons were going to show up, and an Inquisitor could request their aid but not command it. And that usually, if an Inquisitor was asking, their Prognosticators would be verifying the need for GK intervention anyway.

>> No.19558689

Yeah the Prognosticars will look for Daemons and unless commanded otherwise the Grey Knights will go about Ghost busting on their own accord. But an Inquisitor out ranks even a Grand Master.

>> No.19558730

>But an Inquisitor out ranks even a Grand Master.
yeah, no

>> No.19558773


some leaked pics of the 6th ed stuff. like the bag and dice. also the psychic chart

>> No.19558779


Only politically, the Emperor himself made it so that space marines are independent from any other Imperial faction so an inquisitor cannot directly assume command of any space marine, this is why in the old codices you had "inducted imperial guard" and "allied space marines", it is also why the deathwatch consist of volunteers.

>> No.19558783




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No, truly.

Most Space Marines, but not the Grey Knights.

>> No.19558980

I dunno, Forge World have been doing the "specialised list" thing in Imperial Armour, and with their love of titans and huge vehicles, I could see them doing a Skitarii army list.

>> No.19558989

doesn't actually say anything to support your claim that:

>an Inquisitor out ranks even a Grand Master.

which is a quite ludicrous claim. Yes the inquisition control them, no a single inquisitor doesn't outrank even a grand master. Claims are on completely different levels.

>> No.19559038


Yeah, that was the biggest fuck you ever.

The end of the book basically goes: "Oh, so you liked the fact that the Admech had at least some tech more advanced than that of an average first world country...Oh, and you liked that not every tech priest were full on retards? Well sucks to be you man. It will never ever happen again. Mua-hah-hah-ha-hah!!!11!!."

>> No.19559045

It was actually to support my second claim, but it makes sense that the military force intended to serve the Inquisition actually serves the Inquisition.
Bear in mind that no Inquisitor officially out ranks another.
You can read the Emperor's Gift if you want an example.

>> No.19559052


besides which, Inquisitors have all sorts of different levels of authority and internal politics to deal with. any Inquisitor who's able to just ring up the GKs probably knows exactly what's up and it's just taking care of formalities rather than making a request/ordering them to do stuff.

>> No.19559078


they had the Noosphere in Titanicus. (and there's a HH short story called Kryptos where an Iron Hand gets to try it out, post-Istvaan).

he also uses some crazy stasis field to sit out a nuclear explosion with a Raven Guard.

>> No.19559136

Zeth wasn't the rationalist she projected herself to be though.

She believed after all, in a realm of platonic knowledge, which she could pluck ideas from, using psykers in a massive machine.

She may use less rituals, but she and mary sue were certainly mystics.

>> No.19559145


Yeah, but that is just whatever was left after the war. The books explicitly state that the Mechanicus never will become a force of invention after the heresy.

And they were right, there were six new marks of power armors made from the time of the unification wars until the Horus Heresy then they used ten thousand years before a new mark with a reinforced collar was made.

Ten thousand years for some marginal improvements.

That makes Star Wars seem like a vibrant and inventive setting.

>> No.19559150


except in 40k, all the mystical shit is real.

>> No.19559181


Being a mystic in 40K is not necessarily irrational, her machine did manage to pluck knowledge out from the aether.

Sure she would be a nutcase in the real world, but in a setting where space elves can fuck the metrosexual god of rapes into existence our expectations and rules do not necessarily apply .

>> No.19559187

Yeah, she was attempting to commune with the machine god, the divine sophia, knowledge itself.

The thing is, she kept claiming not to be superstitious. Unlike those people who plundged into the "forbidden lore", such as Artificial Intelligence.

She was no scientist, but a sorcerer.

>> No.19559193

what are all the different ordos anyway?

>> No.19559210

Yeah, she's the ancestor of the modern mechanicus, who... you know, are looking for the divine source of all knowledge, the Omnicopaeia, which would contain all STCs.

>> No.19559227

There are three major ones.
Hereticus (Heresy), who deal with Heretics.
Xenos (Aliens), who deal with Aliens.
Malleus (Hammer), who deal with Demons.

>> No.19559236


There are hundreds of different sub ordos but the main three groups are the ordo hereticus, the ordo malleus and the ordo xenos.

>> No.19559251
File: 83 KB, 771x359, 7478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Space Elf libido is the most terrifying force in this universe or beyond.

>> No.19559252

The Big Three are;
Malleus - Deals with Daemons
Xenos - Deals with Xenos
Hereticus - Deals with Heresy

Then there are or were:
Sepulturum - Zombies
Sicarius - Police the Assassins
Chronos - Deals with time anomalies but ended up vanishing

>> No.19559257


Except that she actually invented and researched in stead of running around hoping to stumble over some old repository of knowledge.

She was proactive while the current mechanicus is about as fossilized as it can be without being actual bedrock.

>> No.19559265

What's the chamber militant of Ordo Hereticus? SoB belong to ecclershis-whatever, right?

>> No.19559271


Stupid space elf, being sterilized does not imply lacking libido.

>> No.19559281

Yeah, invented, as in stole the Emperor's plans for the golden throne.

And innovation does occur within the mechanicus. It's not brought up much, and like most religions, they pass it off to the layworshipers as "newly discovered ancient religious texts".
But still, she was searching for the source of the STCs, she just went looking for Tzeentch for them, rather than humanity.

>> No.19559293

The ordo hereticus and the ecclesiarchy are in bed together, and what's good for one is good for the other.
So the Sisters of Battle work for both.

>> No.19559297

The only proper Chamber Militant of the Inquisition is the Grey Knights.

Yes, SoB are Ecclesiarchy.

>> No.19559303


Maybe in the context of their own physiology it does or it is a linguistic issue of the common space-tongue not differentiating between castration and vasectomy.

>> No.19559306

I think the Sisters get involved with the Ordo Hereticus a lot, but apart from that it's usually inquisitors with various henchmen and inducted guardsmen.

>> No.19559324

what does the imperium hope to gain by allying with the tau.

>> No.19559334

Anti-Chaos Xenos.

>> No.19559346

but...how does that help mankind.

>> No.19559347


Sisters of battle are part of the Ecclesiarchy and always have been but the Ecclesiarchy has a very close relationship with the ordo hereticus (this ordo was actually created to monitor the Ecclesiarchy) due to this connection they often call for the sisters of battle for aid which is why they are described as being the "unofficial chamber militant of the ordo hereticus”

>> No.19559358

He said that "the Mechanicus never will become a force of invention after the heresy."
Not that innovation doesn't occur.
Sometime it look like innovation happen within the Mechanicus, but in spite of it.

>> No.19559363

I could speculate a little, but it doesn't matter, because apparently the Emprah has a plan for them.

>> No.19559388


The Emprah had plans for the primarchs too.

Unless his plan was "Let Horus shank me in the kidneys" i am pretty certain that that plan was rather unsuccessful.

>> No.19559391


Because GW needed a new selling point for the Tau so decided to make them the ultramarine's pet project.

>> No.19559397

His plans don't always turn out right, but that doesn't mean he's going to be disobeyed.

>> No.19559398


But this time it will be different. This time, His plan is executed by the greatest among all Astartes, the all-conquering Ultramarines.

>> No.19559412

True, but I still say Zeth wasn't about innovation... well, she was, but because she didn't view it as innovation as advances upon previous technologies, but as glimpses into a realm of knowledge.

And if that counts as innovation, then so does finding an STC of a new type of spoon.

>> No.19559441


If a platonic realm of innovation actually exists in 40k universe, it's possible that there has not been any "real world" research ever but all mankind ever discovered has come from this idealand.

>> No.19559457

Yeah, which would explain Ork Meks, as they're obviously in tune with this platonic realm.

>> No.19559470

They just have Orky know-how coded into their genes.

>> No.19559472

Rho-Mu 31 still lives as a guardian to the C'Tan the void dragon!

>> No.19559473


Nah, that is archaeology

And since they invariably end up reburying it or.having it corrupted by chaos its not even very archaeology.

No really the Admech sucks.

Whenever the empire gets a new toy it is either the IG or Space Marines who got the idea or someone fund some ancient STC.

The Admech seemingly exist just to rubberstamp a sign of approval on new tech.

Drop a few chapter codexes and make an Admech codex, perhaps they would get to be actually competent than.

>> No.19559479

So is that webcomic all matriarchal space elves talking about sex? Because that still sounds better than most webcomics.

>> No.19559488

so while the ultramarines are babysitting the tau, the tau are conquering worlds for their greater good.
Unless the tau are going to be sacrificed or something it seems bad.

>> No.19559498


Yeah, and there is less hope for her to ever be relevant again than there is for Zeth and she got shot in a city invaded by chaos and drowned in magma.

>> No.19559512


If so i would hate having a vasectomy done in one of their hospitals.

>> No.19559514

chaos is the number 1 threat. Get rid of that and everythings just rosy

>> No.19559523
File: 101 KB, 900x636, 1226345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aww neat, I needed a Void Dragon shard to complete my C'tandex.

>> No.19559534 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 159x153, 1330016082932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>story advancing

Yes! Finally

>Ward is writing it

Oh god just kill me now I cant bear to look, that bipedal trainwreck?

>> No.19559553

>story advancing


>> No.19559568

If I were someone important in GW, I would definitely make a world campaign to find a new STC ending like that ... a new type of spoon, the best spoon ever.

>> No.19559572

Well, there's the Lucius forge world, which designed the Macharius Tank.
The Inorganic Cogitators of Magos Wilhelm Gaytes.
The "Lance" seeking projectile.
The ships of Artisan-Magos Hyus N'dai...

Plus, if Zeth's akashic device actually was tapping into a platonic realm, then there can be no innovation.
Everything which is "discovered", is simply being brought from that realm to this.

Yeah, that orky know-how is how they know what a proppa shoota looks like, and they then assemble the bitz to fit the pattern.

>> No.19559581

Hopefully not, maybe Graham McNeil will write about her again, he sometimes goes against the grain....he did let chaos win for the first time in the novel storm of iron

>> No.19559587

Ward doesn't advance stories, he finds existing ones, preferably chaotic and decentralized ones, and squeezes them under the sheer weight of his incompetence into an infinitely small singularity of "The Necrons did it"

>> No.19559608


>> No.19559609


Seriously though, how long until they actually do get sick of their '0.001 Picoseconds to Midnight' schtick?

>> No.19559625
File: 8 KB, 100x135, 100px-AndyChambers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but that wasn't Ward. That was Chambers.

It is probably the only thing Chambers did that I found utterly retarded, too.

>> No.19559629

Never. They have 10k years over a whole galaxy to play with and can shift events through the time line as they wish.

>> No.19559630
File: 33 KB, 600x480, 292a0fa2f991dafe5fac1a8e27527a29_17210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19559633


It is to late for that actually.

Humans must be the least technically proficient species in 40K

The Emprah chained the Void Dragon on Mars so that his dreams and thoughts would supercharge human invention, so just about everything beyond a medieval level of tech is actually due to the Void Dragon.

So even when artificially boosted beyond natural levels the Admech is still so hidebound that they make the Amish seem like Silicon Valley.

>> No.19559643
File: 368 KB, 1300x1000, adm1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what YOU think. We're going places, baby. Bold new places.

>> No.19559663
File: 363 KB, 1193x663, 253252252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So I take you liked the plot of Starcraft 2 then?

>> No.19559670

I see the AdMech finally got that old copy of Turok working.

>> No.19559680

No, but I'm pinning the blame there on Metzen.

Though if I was a betting man, Chambers was probably just as responsible for the "dark one" bullshit, seeing as it's exactly like the C'tan..

>> No.19559692

The only hope for them to be competent is to get a codex, Fold Greyknights and Sisters into, Codex Inqusition to make room

>> No.19559697

It's actually a pretty decent webcomic. But it updates about every 6 months.

>> No.19559732


Not the guy you were talking to, but I... Kinda missed that he'd started working on Starcraft.

You can't say it's not a logical career move though, going from 40k to 40k-lite.

It also explains why the whole plot was suddenly about ancient shit- although to be fair the Xel'Naga thing was in SC1 too.

>> No.19559747

Bottom line: How much Elf poon?

>> No.19559754



>> No.19559770

Well, shit.

>> No.19559775

>It also explains why the whole plot was suddenly about ancient shit- although to be fair the Xel'Naga thing was in SC1 too.
Well as you said, it's not suddenly. The ancient shit was there to begin with with the Protoss and the Zerg, and only became more prominent in BroodWar (they even mention the "ancienter evil" too).

Hence why I blame Metzen more than Chambers for stuff related to Starcraft.

But let me correct myself; IN REGARDS TO 40k, Chambers was pretty swell... aside from the Retcrons

>> No.19559813

I was thinking more about the Ancient Artifact you have to assemble, which in retrospect I now realize looked and acted a lot like one of the things the BL Novels revolve around before the Necrons come in and steal in the last five pages.

Still, I thought SC2 was... Serviceable as far as plot went. Miles better than anything they've pulled in WC or Diablo recently, anyway.

>> No.19559887

here's hoping heart of the swarm will be better

>> No.19559916

Only another decade 'till we find out!

>> No.19559917
File: 51 KB, 500x618, DarkTemplar_SC1_Cncpt1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still, I thought SC2 was... Serviceable as far as plot went.
Well, it did fine with the little stuff. The missions were fun, and most of the characters were alright

Had Valerian not been in the picture, and no-one had known what the artifact was going to do? I'd probably have been perfectly fine with the story.

>Miles better than anything they've pulled in WC or Diablo recently, anyway.
That's not exactly hard to do, really. I guess it could be considered a blessing that Sc2 had less retcons than WC3 and D3..

From what I can tell, it's much worse. The cutscenes should be interesting, and I'll bet the missions are entertaining.. but I've lost hope for the story at this point.

Now, the Protoss expansion is what I'm waiting for. Dem voices are where it's at.

>> No.19559982

>here's hoping heart of the swarm will be better



>> No.19559991

and something is wrong with this?

>> No.19560013

I don't really think that would've made the plot much better. It would've been even sillier if they'd decided to launch a massive military invasion of the worst planet in the galaxy without knowing what the artifact would do!

The real problem was that the 'overthrowing Mengsk' plotlinewas shoved aside for Char in the first place, just when it was going places. Now we either won't get to play Raynor toppling the bastard, or it'll play out in mini-missions. Or he won't get toppled at all, which I find depressingly likely.

>Legacy of the Void
Eh, maybe the voices will be good, but they'll just be starched shirts wittering on about the Ultimate Evil. I can take that in small doses, but a whole campaign about it will just make my teeth itch.

>> No.19560033

Ow, my soul.

>> No.19560077

>Still, I thought SC2 was... Serviceable as far as plot went.

It's actually mindblowing how incompetent and/or crazy Metzen is. If you can stomach the not-so-great production value of this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E95k-Gajk1E multiple parts review,
he really does a decent job of picking apart the EU books and sequels. Almost nothing of the original "essence" of Starcraft survived in its EU books, apocrypha, sequels, etc. Metzen is CS Goto tier bad, and SC2 doesn't even make sense internally, let alone in conjunction with SC/BW, or as fiction in general.

>> No.19560109
File: 208 KB, 604x800, Terranawesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't really think that would've made the plot much better.
well no, but it would have irked me much less. The whole conversation with "you want to save kerrigan" encapsulates (almost) everything I dislike about the game's plot.

>It would've been even sillier if they'd decided to launch a massive military invasion of the worst planet in the galaxy without knowing what the artifact would do!
Well, Arcturus has done it himself once, and the UED did as well. Changing the bent from "saving kerrigan" to "killing kerrigan" wouldn't really be out of place considering Raynor's character

>The real problem was that the 'overthrowing Mengsk' plotlinewas shoved aside for Char in the first place, just when it was going places. Now we either won't get to play Raynor toppling the bastard, or it'll play out in mini-missions. Or he won't get toppled at all, which I find depressingly likely.
Probably. Actually now that I think about it, having the Protoss side missions was pretty unnecessary as well.. And that damn prophecy of doooom

>Eh, maybe the voices will be good, but they'll just be starched shirts wittering on about the Ultimate Evil.
Suppose so, but I lapped that shit up with Tassadar. And now that Artanis has a better voice, I'll probably enjoy this as well. The protoss heroes were all pretty interesting in that final mission.

Now, not to say I think SC2's story was in any way -good- or fitting with it's previous lore.. but It wasn't -mindblowingly terrible- in the same way Diablo 3 was, so I'm a little less harsh on it right now. Come HotS (whenever that'll be) I'll be in full on mad mode again, most likely.

>> No.19560157
File: 850 KB, 1600x906, 289401-Hydralisk-Sarah_Kerrigan-StarCraft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SC2's plot sucked. Retcons everywhere!

1) B/c Blizzard's writer only has 1 story in him the Xel'naga are now the Titans from Warcraft 3 and there's even a Sargeras horribly-named The Dark One.
2) B/c no one can stay with their previous alignment the Overmind has been retconned into an enslaved good guy like the Orcs of Warcraft 3 or the Wanderer of Diablo 2.
3) Jimmy and Kerrigen are updated with worse voice actors and Jimmy goes from being a likeable good-old boy to a whiny bitch pining over some whore.
4) B/c they think it's EPIC in place of a plot we have a prophesy about the xel'naga returning to absorb the zerg+protoss and for no explained reason only Kerrigan can save us.
5) We know Tychus, the only likeable character, is working for Mensk from the intro and'll kill Kerrigen so there's 0 dramatic tension.
6) At the end of Brood Wars Kerrigan's brood defeated the combined might of every other force in the sector at once. In the interim she was just doing R&D making her zerg killier yet half of the new Terran forces are enough to take Char b/c every faction's as strong/weak as the plot demands with 0 consistency.
7) Xel'naga artifacts are asspull magic for whatever the plot demands.
8) Kerrigan's supposed to be human but she still has her zerglocks and can control zerg.
9) Jimmy didn't foresee Tychus planning to kill Kerrigan despite his saying she should be killed from the start.
10) No Kaloth.

>> No.19560161

well HotS is in Alpha right now, so, soon-ish? Also Is it weird that I was never mad to begin with? Same guy who posted >>19559991 I've been a fan of the original starcraft since I first
got in 2004

>> No.19560183

Who the fuck is Kaloth?

>> No.19560185

Hopefully this "no advance news" bullshit goes away once The Hobbit comes out.

And the prices drop once THQ declares bankruptcy, GW loses their royalty checks, and they have to increase sales to keep their stock price inflated.

>> No.19560190

They used the same voice actor for Raynor in 1 and 2.

>> No.19560201

>we're both n00bs

Alpha footage was leaked at the dawn of time showing Kerrigan kills Mengsk at the end of HotS.

>> No.19560212

I disagree with you on a surprising number of those, but I do agree with you on the 'only 1 plot' and 'Xel'Naga are magic' things.

>> No.19560233

Yup. Kerrigan does it, not Jimmy. Exactly my problem.

For all we know they'll change it out of spite. I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.19560234

same voice actor with kerrigan as well. its like people dont realize voices change slightly over a dozen years.

>> No.19560258

Nope, they used Tricia Helfer for all versions of Kerrigan in 2, Glynnis Talken (who also did Kashya from Diablo 2) did the role in 1.

>> No.19560277
File: 189 KB, 500x692, 1312654288176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope they change it out of spite.. though it'll probably be just as terrible in the end.

One thing I'm worried about is a lack of decent characters. In WoL you've got Matt, Tychus, Swan, Tosh, Warfield.. who are all well, characters. In HotS you won't see any of that, aside from antagonists.

I can already see the scenes where dreadlock-kerrigan whines to that queen.. over and over.. aaaugh.

>> No.19560309

Well, if the leaked scene's any indication, Jimmy's gonna be along for the ride at least some of the way. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a good angel-type Councillor against a Queen/Cerberate bad-angel type.

>> No.19560395
File: 150 KB, 1023x684, roach mcgoach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a n00b

Kaloth is an independent cerebrate heard about in bonus missions of Brood Wars. He used zerg infestation (which by then was retconned into a virus) to resurrect Alexie. It hasn't been said if he was independent, working for the Xel'naga, or something else. If he's ever brought up again it should be in HotS.

>change it out of spite

That'd take rethinking the plot, caring about their product, and work.

Nah, most folks haven't seen the video and Activision certainly could care less.

>Kerrigan does it, not Jimmy. Exactly my problem.

Kerrigan has more motive to kill Mengsk. If Jimmy killed Mengsk he'd be avenging Kerrigan.




Blizzard's already shown one of the early missions is fighting some zerg bitch who rebelliously took control of one of Kerrigan's broods. It'll be Brood Wars again except without the other factions and queens instead of cerebtrates. So worse.


I really hate the new Jimmy. The whole plot of SC2 was, "I miss her-->prophecy-->I save her". Hopefully getting to fuck Kerrigan will bring back Jimmy to his old self. Being a mopey bitch doesn't make it seem like he's been through alot, it makes him seem like a mopey bitch.

>> No.19560499

>I really hate the new Jimmy.
for the most part I agree

I did really like the scene (and mission) with the infested doctor. Felt like a return to form. 'course, it's all noncanon in the eyes of Metzen, but..

>> No.19560511
File: 20 KB, 128x128, vampirethemasqueradeblo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19560519

I think most of SC2's problems stem from trying to make the game accessible to new players who haven't played the first game of brood war

>> No.19560563

>infested doctor

If you're talking about when you've to decide to save the colonists or burn 'em, that was my favorite bit, the only one I much cared for.

>favoring n00bs over the faithful

That's the problem with everything from governments to religions: taking your current user base for granted and slighting them for a chance at new users.

>> No.19560589

Could you stop using the word n00b? It makes you sound like an asshole

>> No.19560598

It would've been better if all the choices hadn't magically resolved so all your decisions were right, Schroedinger-style.

To be fair, if you don't try to expand your audience then you wither and implode, like the comics industry. The problem is when you go too far in the other direction, like- well, like the comics industry.

>> No.19560606
File: 33 KB, 500x554, Ghost_SC1_Cncpt1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you're talking about when you've to decide to save the colonists or burn 'em, that was my favorite bit, the only one I much cared for.
yeah, that's the one. Easily my favourite part, too.

>protoss bein all "kill the fuckin zerg"
>no cure for zerg aside from burnin'
>"You're already dead"
hell to the yes that's a check

I'd have a bit more sympathy for the doctor if she actually did anything aside from WHY WONT YOU OPEN UP TO ME JIM

>> No.19560645

It's funny, because I also would've had more sympathy for Jimmy if he'd actually opened up to her.

Eh, what're you going to do when the character's scripted to be expendable?

>> No.19560707
File: 30 KB, 149x131, marine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I mean, with Tosh it was better handled (maybe because of the blatant voodoo sterotyping? Though I guess Raynor DID open up to Tosh with the crystal shit). And regardless of your choices with him there was no possibility of a bullshit "I cured the zerg, guys!" scenario.

I don't know. Something about her just ticked me off (well, ticked me off more so than everything else).

>> No.19560869

could any kind bro please link me the 3 trailers? My firefox is messed up and wont show embedded videos, and GW's teaser youtube videos are link-to only. Thanks in advance.

>> No.19561001

I wish there was more to the Spectres plot. I found it more interesting than anything else in 2.

>> No.19561015


The only worthwhile trailer

>> No.19561045


>> No.19561047

I guess you would, but Ghost is never going to come out


>> No.19561114

the specter plot we got was an improvement over ghosts, this was back when the Dominion was more Anti-villian, it was a black and white, Ghosts good, Specters evil plot, and Warfield was a card carrying mad scientist.

>> No.19561138

suppose so, but it's the only place you'll see the ghost/spectre plot fleshed out.

>> No.19561171

thanks man

>> No.19561185

I would gut what ever they were doing with ghosts and start from scratch if they wanted to revive the project, make it a dual storymode, switching back and forth between Nova and Tosh.

>> No.19561598

bump bump no bumps, three vetical bumps, four bumps in a square.

>> No.19561838

>Plus, if Zeth's akashic device actually was tapping into a platonic realm, then there can be no innovation.
>Everything which is "discovered", is simply being brought from that realm to this.
That's the whole philosophy of the Mechanicus, bro. Their doctrine states that the Machine God holds the sum total of all knowledge that ever was, is, or will be in the universe. There are no "new ideas," only divine revelations bestowed by the Machine God if and when He sees fit. Innovation is quite literally heresy to the Mechanicus because it implies that there is knowledge that the Machine God (and by extension, the Mechanicus themselves) does not already possess.

These particular beliefs are influenced by the fact that the Imperium was brought many steps further down from the technological level it occupied before the Age of Strife. Since humanity formerly achieved amazing wonders of technology and scientific process and then forgot them, in a sense all that knowledge has already been discovered, and is justwaiting to be RE-discovered in the form of the STC templates and other bits of human-made archeotech. That is the basis of the Quest for Knowledge that dominates the Mechanicus orthodoxy: if it wasn't already discovered by pre-Strife humans and/or doesn't conform to the tenets of the Cult, it is heretical in the eyes of the Deus Mechanicus.

>> No.19562052

People hold Zeth up as an innovator, a free thinker that could have stopped the Mechanicus stagnation. A rationalist against the forces of dogma.

But her attempts at innovation would have just proven the doctrines correct. Her akashic reader would have shown the Mechanicum to be true, and would have caused the Tech Priests to become even more fanatical.

>> No.19562165


I might have to start buying GW products again if cultist-chan was made canon.

>> No.19562293
File: 94 KB, 366x380, WHY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19562408

When do we get Plastic Hydras?

>> No.19562439

The Necrons are about as anti-Chaos as you can possibly get, considering that they developed devices long in the ancient past that are still in position on Cadia which actively repel Warp activity. They're called Pylons (YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL ONES).

>> No.19562477

>People hold Zeth up as an innovator, a free thinker that could have stopped the Mechanicus stagnation. A rationalist against the forces of dogma. But her attempts at innovation would have just proven the doctrines correct. Her akashic reader would have shown the Mechanicum to be true, and would have caused the Tech Priests to become even more fanatical.
True, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, now is it? Kelbor-Hal was an innovator, a free-thinker, and look where it got him. In the 40K universe, free thought without exceptional willpower to control it leads only to Chaos. The devotion and faith of the techpriests, and of the Imperium as a whole, is just a tool to preserve them from the machinations of Chaos.

If Zeth had succeeded, she actually could have stopped the Mechanicus stagnation, since it comes not just from their fanaticism, but from the sheer amount of time it's been taking to recover all the lost pre-Strife knowledge. The Mechanicus will only accept knowledge from "holy" sources ordained by the Machine God, such as the STCs, but the STCs are extremely hard to find, and that's what's taking so long. But what if the Machine God spoke promptly and directly to the Mechanicus through the Akashic Reader, instead of making them go the long way around by finding the STCs? The fanaticism might increase, but the stagnation would vanish, and the Imperium would be much closer to pre-Strife technology than it currently is.

>> No.19562532

It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I hate to see her held up as a paragon of rationality when the positions were actually reversed.

Plus, if that Akashic reader got up and running, and the Mechanicum had access to it... there's no way the Mechanicum wouldn't dominate Terra.

>> No.19562646

>It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I hate to see her held up as a paragon of rationality when the positions were actually reversed.
She was a paragon of pragmatism more than anything else...she didn't think it was a good idea to comb through billions of planets in search of the STCs, and figured she could build a machine on Mars that would cut right through the whole tangled mess.

>Plus, if that Akashic reader got up and running, and the Mechanicum had access to it... there's no way the Mechanicum wouldn't dominate Terra.
>implying this would have been a bad thing, or
>implying that the Emperor wouldn't have done something about it anyway

>> No.19562688

>In the 40K universe, free thought without exceptional willpower to control it leads only to Chaos.

That's kind of a weaselly statement, the "exceptional willpower" bit. The grandfather of the Imperial Creed, Lorgar, was also the guy that converted Horus to chaos, and lets face it -- chaos really wouldn't be a significant threat at all (compared to orks, tyranids, etc.) if it wasn't for Horus getting chaos'd. So au contraire, it would be more accurate to say faith is the best route to Chaos.

The ignorance of the Admech springs directly from when the Dark Admech and Horus willfully and maliciously destroyed a huge amount of the Admech's knowledge; in its original inception, the Admech not only invented, but invented utterly crazy shit like titans.

There are of course minor short stories of free inquiry ->Chaos, but the overwhelming majority of examples is that faith leads to Chaos. "Free inquiry" factions like the tau, dark eldar and necrons don't go Chaotic; when someone goes Chaos, its because they were a religious bumblefuck to begin with.

And yeah, the dark eldar are about as free inquiry as you can get (mainly "durr hurr, how much torture can this mon'keigh endure before he shits his brain out his mouth," but plenty of shit like pocket dimensions and slave stars), as their entire claim to fame is ultimately based off SCIENCE!

Remember, Emps and his original imperial doctrine were all about rationality and inquiry, and it was ONLY the original Imperial Truth that the Chaos Gods ever took as a serious threat -- the Imperial Creed has never been remotely implied to be threatening to Chaos, being as it is that it was invented by Lorgar. The Grey Knights, who might very well be taken seriously by Chaos, do not believe in it.

>> No.19562750

Oh no, it's not a bad thing, it just would completely change the course of 40k history.

I mean, the Akashic reader took Emps by suprise anyway. And if the rest of the heresy plays out, with the exception of mars remaining free, the Mechanicum can start creating a second, even greater, dark age of technology.

It'd be fun to watch.

>> No.19562813

you know your world is messed up when you're pinning for the dark age

>> No.19562888

So you're saying the Imperial Creed is a bigger threat to the Imperium than faithlessness? Be glad I'm not a Commissar or an Inquisitor.

>> No.19562972
File: 740 KB, 1050x866, 1284311503892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...But what if he's right?

>> No.19563126
File: 57 KB, 1162x875, 1332821036299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't the Imperial Creed also spring form the Lectito Divinatus, which was Lorgars possible brainchild BEFORE he went batshit into Chaos? Because lets re-cap, Lorgar worshiped Emps as a god before Chaos got their claws into him. It was only after The Emperor gave Lorgar the proverbial bitch slap and told him to stop worshiping him as a god, then Lorgar has his crisis of faith and NEEDED something to worship like a crack addict needs bath salts. If it werent for the Emps terrible parenting, then Lorgar might have stayed loyal.

>> No.19563221

This is true of most of the sympathetic primarchs, that said, A lack of belief would have left a populous unprepared for the existence of gods, after all where's the god that's on your side? but it also could harden you from sliding you to chaos to begin with, with folks saying they don't need a god, and understanding that it's the gods that need them, the problem is that while mankind is strong, a man is weak, an isolated man becomes two isolated men, becomes four, becomes eight etc.

>> No.19564008

It's kind of like that thread were the galaxy was actually LESS Grimdark in a world where the Emperor Fell to chaos before Horus.

>> No.19565167

Any new news since last 20 hours on the 6th ed ?

>> No.19565179

Nothing since the translation of the page Psychic lore matrix was on.

>> No.19565210
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There's a rumor that the german version of the 6th is leaked, any of you guys know where to look? All I can find is that old pancake edition.

>> No.19565227

Only leaks I've seen are the Spanish pages about psychic powers and the WD army lists showcasing allies.

Because it is impossible to know what is the ally rules relation to core rules the only tangible information anyone gets from those is that the method of taking and the amount of psychic powers you can take from the general lores depends on the army. Some can mix and match them with codex lores and some can't.

>> No.19565229

Oh and someone named Mat mention that some powers are designed to work in tandem.

>> No.19566989

>There are of course minor short stories of free inquiry ->Chaos, but the overwhelming majority of examples is that faith leads to Chaos. "Free inquiry" factions like the tau, dark eldar and necrons don't go Chaotic; when someone goes Chaos, its because they were a religious bumblefuck to begin with.
There are other reasons for why those three factions haven't otherwise succumbed to Chaos that have little to do with their attitude towards faith vs. free thought.

Tau have such a minor presence in the warp that it amounts to the fact that they have unprecedented resistance to Chaotic corruption---enough so that it borders on immunity. Their species also doesn't have the psyker gene at all.
They do, however, have faith in the Greater Good...

Necrons have always been pretty much immune to Chaos; being machines, they have no souls for daemons to prey on, and no psykers. They don't rely on the Warp for anything at all, not even travel. Faith and free thought don't even apply to 99% of their species---they're just following extremely basic engrammatic programming.

Dark Eldar live in the webway, which is canonically stated to be a kind of neutral zone that shields them from the worst of the Warp's predations---it even protected them from the worst effects of Slaanesh's birth, even if it wasn't able to keep Her from staking a claim on their souls. They also bred the psyker gene completely out of their (sub)species for fear of unleashing more Chaos.

>> No.19567054

Also, more on the Dark Eldar. Although they might not have mutation or use daemons/psykers or worship the Chaos Gods, in effect they have already fallen to damnation in Chaos. It is canonically stated that all the cruelty and pain they inflict is not any longer done simply out of desire or whim, but a desperate necessity born of Slaanesh's claim on their souls. It nourishes them and staves off the Warp's lingering predation, but as they get older they require more and more pain and cruelty to achieve the same level of results. Their whole lives have become an expression of Slaanesh's creed, and unwilling as they might be, their actions only serve Him in the long run.

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