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/tg/ How do you deal with a guy who wont learn new systems in your group? Inb4 kick them out. A member of my RPG group can't deal with the fact that the d20 system is not the answer to the mechanical needs of every setting or campaign idea the other GM and I want to run. He's become very pig headed about it recently and with a D&D campaign whining down and it being my go to GM next I want to run a Traveller campaign. He's flat out refusing to learn the system because he is a perpetual special snowflake character making and he can't cope with not having that much control over character generation. He also thinks d20 is just fine for Sci-fi despite mountains of proof its shit at it. What do?

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Okay, so he doesn't play in the Traveller campaign. What's the big deal?

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Tell him to quit whining or you'll run Maid instead.

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What system are you running?

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Traveller. He did say.

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He is a vital part of the groups carpool route and he knows it. As far as I can tell he is trying to use it to leverage getting someone to run a d20 based campaign. Also even if that was not the case I don't run campaigns for 3 people anymore, if one person cant make it we have to call it off, 4 or more and if only one person cant make it we don't have to call it off (since we only get to play twice a month or once a month most of the time.

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and that's all I got on this computer.

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>He is a vital part of the groups carpool route and he knows it.
Okay, so:
1) How old are all of you?
2) Why the fuck do you need to carpool to get to your gaming spot (which is probably one of your houses?)?

>Also even if that was not the case I don't run campaigns for 3 people anymore, if one person cant make it we have to call it off, 4 or more and if only one person cant make it we don't have to call it off
I thought, uh, I thought you weren't running D&D dude. Traveller works fine with three people, even if you have to dip down to two for the occasional session.

Group politics are the most petty, bitchy bickering imaginable. Unless you live in the Alaskan fucking wilderness it is unfeasible that any one person is "vital" for the group getting to wherever the group plays the goddamn game. He's trying to "use it as leverage"? Holy fuck. The only thing more pathetic than that would be someone bitching about it like it's actually a real fucking problem.

If the dude does not want to play in X campaign, he doesn't play in X campaign. That's fine. Just because you're nerds (not an insult, we all are here) doesn't mean you have to do everything together.

If this is just some passive-aggressive 'play d20' behaviour on his part most likely he'll fold and have none of his fucking "leverage" when he comes begging to take part anyway.

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Just promise him a d20 campaign in the feature, surely he will be reasonable enough to accept right?

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>How old are all of you?

Between 22 and 30. Of the Six of use 2 have cars. Cars simply are not affordable for most of us, most are underemployed and paying off degrees.

>Why the fuck do you need to carpool to get to your gaming spot (which is probably one of your houses?)?

Because we live spread out over 100km in an area with really bad public transit. If I for example am forced to get to the current GMs house from mine without the carpool it takes almost 2 hours there and over 2 hours back because the schedule change in the evening. In a car it takes 40 minutes but all our transit routes are useless garbage that are set up to service local factories not get people around town.

The whole thing about not being able to run it with 3 has nothing to do with D&D or what not, if there are only two of three people able to show up on a given day we call it off because individual decisions matter more with few people.

I agree with your other statements.

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I see that you assumed OP was American.

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>Unless you live in the Alaskan fucking wilderness it is unfeasible that any one person is "vital" for the group getting to wherever the group plays the goddamn game.
What the fuck? Are you so retarded that you might not realize that not everyone lives in a suburb or city?

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This. If hes trying to use something that should be a kindness as leverage, find a way around him. Make him realize your session does not exist to satisfy his whims.

At the same time, try to be fair with him. Maybe offer to do a d20 system in the future, something that interests the whole party. Best case scenario, everyone has fun. Worst case scenario, they don't but might support you in the future if he starts his bullshit again.

On that note, how do your other players feel about the situation?

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He is American.

He lives in an urban area too.

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Alrighty, then.

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I live in the US and I don't know my Imperial nor SAE measurements, metric only. Causes a bit of a problem at work sometimes.


How about just say, learn the system and shut up? Seriously, this is why I hate d20: a lot of its 'hardcore' fans refuse to learn anything else.

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Canada, not an urban area.


The other person on his leg of the carpool and I have little tolerance for this issue because he has threatened it before, not just implied. Not about starting a new campaign but during the current D&D campaign he wanted to leave after being there for only 3 hours when our plans where agreed on an 8 hour session. He stayed that time after some bitching but he ditched people the next time. We all thought he just was not interested in playing but when we asked him he said he just was interested in having long sessions.

Honestly I would like to get rid of him but I don't want to have no gaming because one person. On the other hand me and another guy are effectively unable to participate without carpool. We could get to the game but like I said before it would be around 2 hours each way.

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You either put up and shut up, or kick him out the group and deal with the long walks/buses.

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I might be able to help?

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It may not be ideal but try proposing using online tools, like roll20, till people's situations improve or douchebag realizes he isn't vital. Being actually around the table is always going to be more fun but running online might enable you to play more often.

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Use Skype.

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Kick him out.

Or rather, tell him to deal with it because you're running traveller whether he wants it or not.

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I agree, take your group online. You said this isn't an isolated incident, so you need to send a message. Obviously he thinks that without him there is no gaming group. Show him that the group can and will survive without him, in one form or another. If I were you, I'd run the Traveler campaign over Skype and not live. When he gets curious and asks why the gaming sessions have stopped, tell him outright that since he made his threats, you decided to run the campaign online because of him. If he asks why he wasn't invited, then tell him that he didn't want to learn the system. It's important to send your message that he can't kill your group, but it's also important to be 100% honest. No passive-aggressive bullshit.

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Your proposed course of action is pretty passive aggressive.

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This sounds awesome. It's the perfect way for getting around him, without kicking him out. It also sidesteps your logistic problems.

If he asks, be infuriatingly smug and uncomprehending, to his face.

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No, no infuriating smugness. I like the online idea, but make sure he knows you're going to do it. Maybe if he knows that his threat holds no power, he'll shape up and learn the system so you CAN keep playing in person.f

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I don't see it. He's the one holding the group hostage. Moving on with the game he didn't want to play without him shouldn't be a big deal. The only big deal is when he figures out that his threats didn't get him what he wants, at which point you just have to be honest.

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Yeah, actually just telling him outright that you're moving on with the campaign online rather than leaving him to figure it out on his own is probably the best. Then he can either follow through or shut up and get with the program.

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Far as any of us can tell, the power tripping is his only (albeit big) drawback and the group is already pretty small. No point burning bridges yet, the guy deserves a chance to redeem himself.

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>the power tripping is his only (albeit big) drawback

I dunno, unless a dude was my best friend I would throw them out immediately if they pulled this kind of bullshit. Does he bring tons of awesome snacks every session or something? I really can't see any reason to keep him. But if you really want to, this guy (>>19529647) has the best idea without any hints of passive-aggressive bullshit. Just let him know that you'll be playing Traveler no matter what. If he wants to straighten up and fly right, then it'll be a live game and he's welcome to participate. If he doesn't, it'll be an online game without him.

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Well, yeah. Tell him that he's not out of the group, you're just switching to online since you can't meet up if he doesn't come and he doesn't want to play the Traveler campaign.

Once it's over, he's welcome to play whatever campaign comes next.

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It's not passive-aggressive if you actually tell the guy clearly why there's no regular meet ups / why he wasn't asked to join.

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