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From days of long ago, from unchartered regions of the multiverse, comes a legend.
The legend of Swagtron:
Seducer of the Multiverse!
A mighty butler, loved by girls, feared by evil.

>archive.foolz HERE
-=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

'Mike, remember when you told me you'd have me checked out by someone in R&D for my data manipulation powers?'
'Yeah, I do kid.Unfortunately, Wabisuke, the guy i wanted to have check you out, is away home for some business. '
'Damn. Well, can somebody else do it?'
'Well... There's that guy... He's actually an all-rounder but his equipment should be able to gather your data well enough.'
'Great. Well, can we set an appointment with him?'
'Well, here's a thing, if you go into his lab I can't assure you of your own safety.'
'Huh. Well, it can't be that bad right? I mean it's just a couple of tests. can you set an appointment with him for me please?'
'Your funeral kid....'
'So, who's it gonne be?' you ask him
'Doctor Stahl. Doctor Ludvig Stahl.' he tells you with some dread in his voice.

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rolled 6 = 6

Go suck a billion dicks these threads are shit

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Fuck yeah!

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What were you planning? Your tweets were terrifying.

Yes we've been told that.

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Thank you. I agree 100%. I'm sick of seeing this fucking thing on the front page all the time.

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It takes far less effort to just ignore the thread, man.

Don't forget the sticky, either.
>Be excellent to each other

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Yeah uh, mainly because they do. They're shitty anime-shit fapfictions that do nothing but clog up the front page with poorly written sex scenes.

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>sex scenes
This quest always fades to black.

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Ha! I wish we had poorly written sex scenes.

>> No.19524430

We... don't have sex scenes? I don't ever remember any. Who is telling you this stuff?

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well, time for SCIENCE!

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>Poorly written sex scenes

Confirmed for complaining about shows you never watched.
Every sexual encounter in this quest has faded to black.

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Yeah, it's hard to "be excellent" when this shit prevents people from looking at legitimately good threads, clogging the front page with loads of faggotry. I'd like to be able to read/post in things that have to do with /tg/, not be forced to look at a poorly written abortion that belongs on /jp/.

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Let's ask Ursula if she's met Dr. Stahl.

And don't forget to mentillate a warning to Ichika about possible invasion by the European Union. Have a clone give him a brown paper bag with condoms inside.

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No, it's like bitching about going into an Italian restaurant that serves hamburgers, ordering a hamburger, and then getting spaghetti and meatballs.

Fuck you and fuck your shit metaphors.

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I genuinely laughed at this one.

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Quit complaining and bother someone else. And it hardly prevents people from looking at "legitimately good threads". A SINGLE thread can't clog an entire page.

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So by definition what's happening is people come to the traditional games board for animu and when they get here they get traditional games?


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Who would order a hamburger at an Italian restaurant? I mean come on, really?

Did you mean
>No, it's like bitching about going into an Italian restaurant that serves spaghetti and meatballs, ordering spaghetti and meatballs, and then getting a hamburger.

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You know you can hide the thread right?

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Wednesday, morning.
After breakfast and as the girls got ready or the day, you head down into the library where you know Ted, your tophat wearing T-rex familiar, was.
There, you found him illing a shelf with books that were taken from Yuki's old dorm room, probably ones she deemed weren't really necessary to have in her new one.

"Hey Ted. I was wondering i we could talk." you say as you approach the dapper reptile.
"Of course my dear chap, I welcome any and all chance at a conversation. What can I do or you today?"
"Well... I was wondering how you'd like a few upgrades."


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I think you may have gotten your metaphor a bit backwards there. Just saying.

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No, what is happening is we go to the animu restaurant, order some traditional games (which they have on the menu), they say "Oh, it be right out-aru!" and then they come and give us some weird fucking animu food.

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rolled 77 = 77


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then block the thread and move on, stop being cancer to the board as a whole.

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rolled 76 = 76

Rolling. I hope the fellow is open to the suggestion.

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So, you go to the animu restaurant, then order tg, then get animuized tg? Because it's an animu restaurant? Jesus. Get your shit together.

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rolled 73 = 73


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rolled 82 = 82


rollin for upgrades followed by a simulation with just us and the cyber dino entitled ted excellent adventure

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rolled 55 = 55

dice roll go!
>animu restaurant
What like a theme restaurant?
>order traditional games
>order a game
>at a restaurant
What? Some sort of weaboo-walmart cafe?
Why would you order a game at a place that sells food?

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In my dimension of existence, hobbies are food.

>> No.19524547

Your metaphors are wonderfully deranged.

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What do videogames taste like?

>> No.19524564

Sweat, tears, and blood.

>> No.19524570

Thread successfully derailed.

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Why are you roleplaying!? It doesn't make any god damn sense!

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rolled 17 = 17


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Hardly derailed, just waiting for laser monocle cyber T-rex.

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Can't sage with a picture.
Rolls are looking good so far, fuck yea Tedbot!

>> No.19524610

Hey get a load of this guy thinking he derailed us.

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Ok, so, what does stamp collecting taste like? Oh, and I don't know, fuckin, civil war reenactment.

>> No.19524629

>stamp collecting
Like stamps. duh.
You really want to know?
>civil war reenactments

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Or for that matter what do lolis butts taste like?

>> No.19524646

That's not a hobby fuck you

>> No.19524657

True, it'd be a sexual deviation. But it could be made into a hobby.

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Like gumdrops and rainbows i'd guess.

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You're terrible this is what I was talking about earlier. This is not what I ordered, I ordered traditional games. Now I'm getting this freaky shit.

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Collective games are traditional games territory, these are just side conversations

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You could, I don't know, use the catalog and just look at threads you think are interesting and ignore this one? I don't know. You're making it sound kind of like you came into this thread thinking it was a magic the gathering thread or something. Or maybe you thought it was a restaurant. Shit, I don't know.

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You mean an inappropriate joke we made once that began to recur? Sure it's lost it's staying power but it occasionally had it's moments.

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It's more of the "this is taking valuable, good threads off of page 1" that bugs me.

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"Well, I'ts not like I don't appreciate all the work you've done for me, no, far from that. It's just that I've been noticing from our last fights that you lack some ranged weaponry. And,well, I've picked up a set of armor that should help with that. Now I was wondering if you'dd be willing to wear it into battle."
you tell him as you show him the box you got from the RCS.
"Oh. Well, truth be told, I too was thinking I could use a pop-gun of sorts. Tell me my good man, would I need to be constantly wearing that? Or can I only put it on in battle?"
"Iv'e been talking to Kraus about that and he says that with his new storage capabilities he can materialize it on you only when needed and store it once you're done."
"What an absolutely wondrous solution! I would not have known what to do I had to wear that even around the house. One still needs to keep his appearances as you might know."
"So, will you be willing to use it?" you ask
"Of course, I'd be delighted to." he gives you a smile baring the sharp rows of teeth in his mouth.

You leave him to get back to work as he starts to hum Pachelbel's Canon.

[anything you'd want to accomplish before classes start?]

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>not hiding the thread
>not using the catalog

>> No.19524758

If it was taking any "good" threads off of page one, it would only be taking one. You've got fifteen pages to look through anyway. And the odds of it being a "good" thread aren't that great anyway. We only ever have the same five threads about the same five systems anyway.

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Not really, we can talk to ursula later, and Mandy's got the plant.

>> No.19524779


You can now view all pages at once.

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Mentilate warning to Ichika. He deserves a warning at least.
See if we can get a clone to give him a special package (brown paper bag of condoms).
Gotta exercise that clone program.

>> No.19524806

Heres the catalogue, and see how theres really shit all on /tg/? Without me looking i'll tell you whats there asside from quest threads.
Im new to rpgs...
Wouldn't it be crazy if...
Where is the so and so thread...
______ Quest

Replying to you is fun, can you stay? I want something to do between LG's posts.

>> No.19524816

Yep use this as an excuse to start running our clones as much as possible

And to tell ichika that his life is about to get a lot more hectic

>> No.19524822

Yes! this!

>> No.19524825

what day is it ingame?

also probably mentilate ursula the confirmation.

warn ichika about what?

>> No.19524831

Impending rape.

>> No.19524840

Hate to break it to you mate but there have been no valuable or good threads on tg for years now

I used to be browsing this place with about ten tabs open but now I come by maybe once a week to see if there is anything interesting going on ever

[stillnospoilersontg] there isn't [nevergonnagetspoilers]

>> No.19524860

>6 pages of archived threads
Jesus fuck this is Commander Quest all over again.

>> No.19524873

>warn ichika about what?
Impending invasion by the European Union.
Tell him, that they enjoy some spunk in their prey, and to give them a spirited hunt. But resistance, in the end, is futile.

>> No.19524889

Stop by the Bureau shop. i want to check for a few items.

>> No.19524897

You guys want "worthwhile" threads? Check out Clownpunk. Proof that /tg/ STILL gets shit done. This? This is the poor, lonely man's anime version of D&D, on the internet.

But yeah, I guess I can stick around. I have nothing better to do because every other thread I've been paying attention to hasn't moved for 20 minutes.

>> No.19524902

Was commander quest about a bunch of lonely /a/ nerds who wanted to seduce various animu waifus

>> No.19524908

Now with 500% more waifu!

>> No.19524920

Nah it was about a bunch of lonely neckbeards who wished they could fight and lead men instead of getting breathless from opening their front door

>> No.19524928

Link me to this clownpunk thread or fuck off.

>> No.19524934


>> No.19524945

What? It sounds cool. I'm into way more /tg/ shit than just quest threads.

>> No.19524947

Here ya go, faggot.

>> No.19524965

Wicked! What's your opinion on the current state of the American Market, and do you think it's possible to avoid another recession? I mean it's understandable that times are tough, but with the republicans having so much power helpful bills like the one Warren Buffet suggested keep getting put down.

>> No.19524966

You know what this quest needs more of?

Bear shenanigans.

>> No.19524975

What happened to that, anyway? Just disappeared after march.

>> No.19524980

Oh, and the archived first thread.

>> No.19524984

There's 2 links to the catalog man. USE IT YOU WILL BE SO MUCH HAPPIER.

>> No.19524994

Real life got in the way for the guy running it. And his comp died recently, so no clue if life is still being hell for him or not.

>> No.19525002

Thanks, mate.

>> No.19525004

Because Republicans are terrible people who believe that because we could all POTENTIALLY become rich, we all will so we should do tons of nice shit for the rich all the time.

>> No.19525012

Yeah we have all but forgotten about that

We need to see the results of our bear whiskey experiment we sent back to SWD

>> No.19525014

>ichika warning
Remembering the unsettling conversations from yesterday's teaparty, and how Mio has taken one of the girls interested in Ichika, Laura, under her wing, you assemble a quick Bro-bag for the guy.

First, a quick note.
-Girls out to get you. Don't try to resist. Good luck.-
Then, a box of rubbers.
A few choice excerpts from the little red book you now store in Kraus.
And finally, a bottle of massage oil.

With this package assembled, you spawn a clone, and have him deliver it to the boy while invisible.

>Hayate B
You activate your invisibility, take the package from yourself and quickly jump out of the bottle.
With only two minutes to do this, you must hurry.

You knock at ichika's door, and he opens it to find a bag floating in mid-air as you held it out in your invisible hand.
"Take this, Good luck." You tell him in a bad attempt to disguise your voice.
"Hmnn?" he muses as he takes the bag from you.
You say nothing more and jump back into the bottle to rejoin your other-self in getting ready for class.

>> No.19525029

Perfect, now let us speak with Amazoness and see if she has a real name.

>> No.19525067

Welp, we tried.

Anyway, next items are asking Amazoness, delicately, about her name.
Like...ask her about her full name, since the translation software might have mangled it before the updates.

>> No.19525144

After getting ready for class and joining the girls by the front door, the six of you jump out into the quad and get going.

Today, Instead of taking your full entourage of familiars with you, you opt only to take J and Lo and leave the others back home to do whatever they want.

As you walked with the girls towards the R&D dome to drop Ursula off first, you tell the science witch about Ted's willingness to get upgraded.
"That's great. Maybe we can get started on building the armor tonight? I'll grab some stuff from the lab to add onto it as we build it at home."
"Sure. Wait, are you really gonna try and make him fly?"
"Of course." she says with confidence.
"Well I'm sure he'd love it. Byt the way ursula, Mike has scheduled some tests for me with someone in R&D. Something to do with evaluating my Data-manipulation. Maybe you've heard of the guy, Mike sure didn't seem too thrilled about him."
"Who is it?" she asks
"Ludvig Stahl."


>> No.19525148

We need to talk to... whoever it was, about getting that pond/river set up

>> No.19525154

rollingu rollingu

>> No.19525160

rolled 2 = 2

haha whoops forgot the dice.

>> No.19525161

rolled 52 = 52

And away we go.


That's not rolling

>> No.19525162

rolled 72 = 72

Another roll, prepare for failure.

>> No.19525171

rolled 48 = 48

German Civil War, incoming

>> No.19525174

rolled 10 = 10


>> No.19525182

Rolling oh wait you can't roll while saging

>> No.19525186

rolled 39 = 39


>> No.19525192



>> No.19525194

rolled 43 = 43

It means the world to us that you tried.

>> No.19525206

rolled 83 = 83

Let's test that.

Since saging the thread doesn't really do much.

>> No.19525212

rolled 58 = 58


>> No.19525224

rolled 15 = 15

rolling for da scary doktor

>> No.19525230

Hey it worked

>> No.19525232

rolled 43 = 43

Eh, one more roll probably won't make much of a difference.

>> No.19525233

It would be the highest yet.

>> No.19525236

rolled 94 = 94

Ok then

>> No.19525254

rolled 39 = 39

fine then

>> No.19525270

I'm satisfied with this.

>> No.19525271

rolled 34 = 34


>> No.19525289

rolled 65 = 65

Yes, its time for SCIENCE

>> No.19525373

rolled 96 = 96

The rolls are with me!

>> No.19525441

rolled 64 = 64

I want to win it big (or small)

>> No.19525470

since the detractors seem to have momentarily shut up,
until a mod posts a sticky that says quest threads are no longer ok on /tg/, they're staying.
if you don't like this quest, maybe you ought to consider moving on with your life rather than take the time to tell us how much you dislike us.

>> No.19525486

Please. You've never gone out of your way to tell someone to stop doing something you disliked? Gee, you sound pretty perfect there. I just don't get why this isn't on /a/, where it seems it would fit slightly more.

>> No.19525516

Because quest threads are roleplaying which is /tg/ material. The mods explicitly banned quests which had been on /a/ from being on /a/, like Katawa Yandere. Quests are and always will be /tg/ material and /tg/ material alone.

>> No.19525531

because quest/cyoa threads have been herded to /tg/, and despite your best efforts, we've proven to be a better home for them than /a/.

I'm not perfect, but I try to live and let live, and when something doesn't affect me to a degree that actually matters, like this quest does to you, I do my best to keep my mouth shut and not give a fuck about it.

>> No.19525532


>> No.19525544

If I remember correctly, mods decided that ALL quests and CYOA threads gets shunted to /tg/.

Which is why KY threads ended up here. And some of Bromont's thread get sage-bombed by /a/ and may transfer here.

Since this is mod decision, we cant do anyhting about it. No doubt those that dislike this idea already contacted the mod/ or moot. But since nothing is happening, I guess they dont give a fuck about it.

>> No.19525552

Because for the umteenth time, mods send quest threads from other boards to /tg/. They have been doing this for years. It isn't like it's new.


>> No.19525562

They made it so threads with quest in their title autosage. That is the full extent to which they give a flying fuck.

>> No.19525582

Only that's not accurate. It's not enough to have "quest" in the subject line.

Last I can recall the theory is it's mainly one butthurt mod that dislikes quests and marks them to permasage.

>> No.19525583

Actually most of us don't when we are on the internet, we just ignore it and move on

>> No.19525603

"I haven't met him personally, But I've met his assistant."
"Oh, then do you know something about him?" you ask her
"His assistant says that he's 'infuriating' and 'Basically insane'. When I asked Rood about this, the big guy just chuckled."
"hmnnn.. I guess I won't know till I meet him then."

After dropping-off Ursula in R&D, Yuki and Perrinne in Basic; you, Hina and Erica head into class.

>> No.19525614

Well, that's odd considering Meta Quest ( >>19524278 ) has quest in its title and is running quite fine.

>> No.19525622

I must leave, farewell.

>> No.19525627

>You've never gone out of your way to tell someone to stop doing something you disliked?
Well sure, on occasion, but I've not harped on about it nigh-endlessly.

>> No.19525628


>> No.19525630

and It only happens mostly on weekends [friday evenings-saturday]

>> No.19525635

Your thinking of no fun mod who permasages quest threads, its not automatic.

>> No.19525643

Goodnight, I love you.

>> No.19525650

That is not a lot of fucks given considering how easy it is to bypass.

Bye decent-ish sage guy. You are always welcome here, but please dont bring your more uncouth brethren. At least you said your piece in a civil way.

>> No.19525654

Does your planet need you?

>> No.19525676

Yeah he is nicer than the others we have had
Especially ego he was a right prick about it just because no one wanted to play his shitty quests

>> No.19525694

I dont know why he's always so pissed, I mean if he were more interesting people'd follow him too.

>> No.19525703

Now, now comrade. There is no need for such harsh language. Lets just leave him alone, and hopefully he will leave this thread alone.

>> No.19525704

don't be a stranger

>> No.19525727

Mostly I do, I just used him as the extreme example of how not to sage a thread

Funnily enough I don't mind him for the most part and his ideas are good even if he can't keep them interesting enough for a long term quest

>> No.19525773

So we are off to find the craziest mofo in the bureau who does everything for science

So are we gonna have to roll to avoid sunder and render rays? Or just the gender change dart gun

Either way it's like walking into a lions den with meat armour on

>> No.19525788

Whatever happens, it better be glorious.

>> No.19525796

As long as we mention how he and Tesla are awesome, and Edison's a dick, we'll be fine.

>> No.19525801

Clone walks in first
We get Tsun/kudu/dere hayate clone from then on

>> No.19525813

Yeah we definite mention tesla rocks but chances are we walk in and he sees a fresh guinea pig. We all know how we play him

>> No.19525816

That...is actually a pretty safe idea.

>> No.19525819

I don't. The only MSQ side quest I follow is Sousuke's. Care enlightening me?

>> No.19525824

Voting this to be our main plan. Fuck walking in unprepared

>> No.19525831

Wait a sec
>Clone walks in
>Stahl thinks its Edison
>Shoot clone with gender dart in preperation with ramming "Edison" with the Phalusination or other crazy plans
>Clone becomes girl
>TOS Hayate now in mainline

>> No.19525835

Eddison is a dick and also made a woman out of Stahl.

>> No.19525836

Everything is crazy, for SCIENCE! And with no regard to consequences

First thread we shot a Raygun at things until we nearly burnt our lab down, then decided to do it all again because we liked the results

>> No.19525839

Ludvig Stahl is the MC of LG's Mad Scientist Quest. Stahl is a proper mad scientist, honoring Tesla, hating Edison. Downside is, Edison is still head of R&D.

>> No.19525851

>Edison is still head of R&D

>> No.19525857

Nah I doubt we would get that to happen

Especially since tosyate is bleeding through already

Walking in and finding tosyate sitting there? Quite possible, even more possible is his testing dragging her through

>> No.19525862

That morning's simulation was fun.
sure, it might not have been very combat oriented, but as the Dude put it,
"This will help you with your fine-majaikal-control."
And so, your class played baseball.

But it wasn't just any baseball, no, you could use majaik.
You could use anything in place of a bat, you could throw the ball using majaik, you can even engage in combat as you stole a plate.
It was basically BattleBall.

And now, you find yourself up to bat.
Lime's on first base ready to run to second, Negi, though he put up a good fight, lost to Sakura as he tried to steal secondbase.
Gai is on the pitcher's mound, the balls he throws are fast and brutal.

You materialize a spoon and wait for the pitch.
[ ]bunt it
[ ]try for a home-run
[ ]let him get a strike in first

>> No.19525867

That's actually a good question. On the other hand, after their last encounter, Edison is now a little girl stuck in a permanent force field.

Not that I expect him/her to stay there.

>> No.19525870

Because we turned him into a little girl, made him some variant of Kuu/Tsun/dere for us with a Raygun then left him locked in an impenetrable shield we don't know how to turn off

>> No.19525871

Well he did turn edison into a loli then put him in a unbreakable box.

>> No.19525875

[ ]let him get a strike in first

>> No.19525876

Timestop, Rebound, Homerun.

>> No.19525879

[x]Home Run

We can't go easy on him just 'cause he's our bro.

>> No.19525882

[x]bunt it
Don't try to get too fancy with it.

>> No.19525889

That is because men of science do not assassinate
They kill in scientific duels which shake the foundations of the universe

>> No.19525891

Yes no need for theatrics.

>> No.19525910

Could be glorious.

>> No.19525968

Hit the ball, timestop, grab the ball and teleport, hide ball under the left field bleachers.

>> No.19525988


>> No.19525997

Magic is perfectly legal. Use a spoon to touch the ball just in case though.

>> No.19526017

Speaking of Gai we need to ask him how he focuses his majaik into str and def
Could come in handy for us

>> No.19526031

>Nobody mentioning anything about rebounder

Do you even think outside the box?

>> No.19526039

right here.


>> No.19526040


>> No.19526058


See this is what happens when you don't READ.


>> No.19526100

Outside the box would be to apply slider then have the ball simply use the curve in the spoon to take off over the stadium.

>> No.19526159

Gai winds up and unleashes a pitch.
The ball flies straight and true.
Instead of going for a full swing, and having erica who was stationed center-field intercept the ball, you bunt it low.

The ball hops along the ground somewhere between second and third, Where Kenji tries to scramble for it.
Lime blasts to second base, her robotic legs taking her there in a flash.
As soon as she steps off the plate, you teleport yourself to first.

The next one up to bat is Sousuke.


>> No.19526172

rolled 65 = 65

M16 teim?

>> No.19526174

rolled 87 = 87


>> No.19526180

rolled 73 = 73

Comic misunderstanding. He blows it up with the C4 he planted in it earlier.

>> No.19526183

rolled 26 = 26

Is Sousuke gonna blow the ball up?

>> No.19526185

rolled 11 = 11

May as well.

>> No.19526186

timestop right before the ball is in our swing zone, coat it in molotov so it explodes in the glove of whoever tries to catch it.

>> No.19526190

rolled 1 = 1

Can he catch the thing into the mouth of a mortar and blast it down the field?
Or this>>19526180

>> No.19526192

That's just dangerous.

>> No.19526194

rolled 50 = 50


>> No.19526195


>> No.19526197

rolled 24 = 24

Oh come on, I just got here, RNG.
You filthy bitch

>> No.19526198

rolled 26 = 26

Well, it had to happen some time.

Well done.

>> No.19526201

rolled 4 = 4

I see that you borrowed lookouts dice tonight ADF

>> No.19526204

rolled 83 = 83

Well, let's see if I can salvage this from a nat1.

>> No.19526213

oh boy here we go. HUE train leavin the station.

>can sensically use this image for once.

>> No.19526215

rolled 23 = 23

Looks like it is time for Sousuke to screw up brilliantly at something civilian

>> No.19526223

rolled 50 = 50

What is that even from?
I know itis baseball but what the fuck exactly was happening to get that great shot?

>> No.19526241

rolled 96 = 96

He's on the plate, isn't he safe?

>> No.19526263

either it was staged, or possibly an outfielder/second baseman jumped for a low flying ball, or decided he could reach the base faster than the runner by leaping at him. like most of my 4chan folder, i got it here without proper context.

>> No.19526269

Important thing: We can't die in a simulation.

>> No.19526272

We just fail it.

>> No.19526276

rolled 77 = 77

It's hue
We can die anywhere, any time, any how

>> No.19526279


Nat 1s break reality.

>> No.19526284

the bontas airdrop into the field and pull guns on everyone, turn a baseball game into a hostage situation.

it would be the perfect chance to introduce John McClane.

>> No.19526290

Sosuke steps up to the plate with an old rifle in his hands.
He turns it around, much like one would do if he intended to use it as a club.
Gai throws his pitch.
Sousuke makes contact.
The gun's stock breaks, the force of the swing dissipating.
It falls straight into Gai's waiting glove, taking Sousuke out.
Lime is running for third, Kenji waiting for her with weapons out.
You teleport into second.
Gai throws to Kenji, Lime gives the legally-blind boy a great uppercut, steals third and runs home.
As the ball rolls out of the unconscious boy's hand, you run to third and home as well.

>> No.19526304

Aw, that poor SMLE.
I'd still like to see a Legolas-type M/28 Mosin-Nagant.

>> No.19526310

>Lime gives the legally-blind boy a great uppercut

>> No.19526330

She's just reinforcing his beliefs that the feminists are out to get him!

>> No.19526350

Have our familiars heckle the enemy team.

"I say, batter! Batter! Now is the proper time to swing the bat!"

>> No.19526369

Innings pass, both teams chalking up numerous runs.
Your team's pitcher is elected to be Sousuke, an he does this well by stuffing the ball down the barrel of a bazooka and firing it like that.

By the end, both teams now locked at 51 runs, the game hinges on you batting next.

Gai has changed his pitching style, now putting the ball in front of him and kicking it into the strike zone.

You ready a spoon and steel yourself.

>> No.19526371

We only have J and Lo.

>> No.19526372

rolled 86 = 86


>> No.19526375

rolled 67 = 67


>> No.19526377

rolled 80 = 80

uh oh

>> No.19526385

rolled 3 = 3

we've beaten his kick before, we can do it again.

>> No.19526386

rolled 69 = 69

Le's do eet.

>> No.19526392

rolled 90 = 90

This is going to fail miserably

>> No.19526396

rolled 22 = 22

We successfully blocked a Rider Kick. The same trick won't work on us twice!

>> No.19526400

rolled 22 = 22

Good show, old chap.

>> No.19526405

rolled 85 = 85


>> No.19526408

rolled 75 = 75

nonono we need to have the spoon coated in rebounder

>> No.19526412

rolled 36 = 36

You know Kraus REALLY has to say something about Naru, otherwise we wont be able to do anything about her.

>> No.19526420

And he'll say something about her when we find the fucking robot Landing Gear has been mentioning since then.

>> No.19526425

rolled 55 = 55

Obviously with a good enough roll, it will be.

>> No.19526439

We haven't tripped any flags for her and either rolled the wrong number to progress her path or haven't had any advancements in it

This is partly why we are learning about our data manipulation skills. We can learn to control them better than "put a hat on something and be nice" and fine tune how much majaik drain it puts on us

>> No.19526459

rolled 58 = 58

I just made this attack up on the spot, Gai.
Hayate no Gotoku: Like a Hurricane!

>> No.19526485

Nah she is a separate character

The path for Naru is planned out like everything else LG has thrown us we just need to progress and roll the right way

>> No.19526513

OR the plan could be for the AI to be loaded into the robutt body.

>> No.19526529

he unleashes his kick, the ball flying out towards you, distorted by the force of the blow.
You stop time.

Coating the spoon's bowl with rebounder, quickly, and also walking down the field the coat the ball in slider, you release your hold on time and swing with all your might.

The rebounder coated spoon sends the ball flying at the same speed it was flying towards you, straight up and over centerfield.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Erica says as she flies up to try and intercept it.

Now, you've seen her do this throughout the game, effectively catching any and all promising homeruns, this was the very reason you soaked the ball in slider.

She tries to catch the ball, but the slippery thing just passes through her glove.
It flies off and is lost somewhere in the horizon.

Your team wins.

Back in your seat, after the simulation has ended, the dude makes an interesting announcement.
"This afternoon, we'll be holding joint exercises with the basics class. It's a straight forwards team fight with their teams going up against yours in a tourney."
"but since most of your teams now overpower them, I shall only be selecting a certain number from each team to participate."
"Those that will be selected will be notified during lunch, and those that aren't will have the rest of the day-off. Now, you kids get out of here and enjoy your break."

[ ]lunch with the girls
[ ]check out the __________
[ ]go to __________
[ ]do that thing you've almost forgotten all about.

>> No.19526534

Doubtful but possible

>> No.19526545

[x]do that thing you've almost forgotten all about.
I'm pretty sure we've all almost forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.

>> No.19526548

Do that thing your almost forgot about and see Gai about how he channels majaik into strength and defense

We have shown we need an edge in them in the past so this could lead us towards fixing it

>> No.19526552

[x] what thing?

>> No.19526584


>> No.19526588

[x]do that thing you've almost forgotten all about.
i have no idea what it is though.

>> No.19526591

Trap you say?

>> No.19526606

Body for the simulation maid?

>> No.19526611

[x ]do that thing you've almost forgotten all about.

Vague plot is best plot

>> No.19526632

Talk to Keima about that thing.

You know what I mean.

>> No.19526646

There's never any doubt about what you mean Udz

>> No.19526647

[x]go to Mio to do that search of the resort with her magic eye.

>> No.19526664

So you do know I'm talking about the record & player we left him, good.

>> No.19526672

[x]do that thing you've almost forgotten all about.

I dunno what it is, but lets do it.

>> No.19526707

YOu don't know why you've forgotten about it all this time, why you've always put it off for later.
But now that you remember it, you must do it.
'You two go ahead home and get started on lunch I have something to do.' you tell Hina and Erica.
'Okay, We'll save your portion for later.' Hina tells you as the two of them port home.
You walk out of the room and out into the quad.

Arriving at the Medical Wing, you stalk the corridors berating yourself for forgetting to check in on The Doctor.
It's been weeks since you last saw the strange man in the blue box.
And you have so much to tell him about your majaikal drain and that weird girl you keep meeting.
And so, you head down to the hall where he normally parks that large blue telephone box.

Takign the 11th roll

>> No.19526719

rolled 52 = 52

Let's get it started.

>> No.19526720

rolled 29 = 29

Well shit, I really DID almost completely forget about the Doctor.

>> No.19526727

rolled 25 = 25

lets get this out of the way.

>> No.19526730

rolled 24 = 24

Oh you.
Also, we didn't forget about it, more like gave up because every time we went down he wasn't there.

>> No.19526731

rolled 27 = 27

Yes, finally

>> No.19526732

rolled 99 = 99

This is not the eleventh roll.

>> No.19526741

rolled 80 = 80

And again...

>> No.19526742

rolled 97 = 97

Of course...

>> No.19526746

rolled 56 = 56

once more into the breach

>> No.19526757

rolled 84 = 84

And again

>> No.19526760

rolled 69 = 69


>> No.19526761

rolled 40 = 40

That was nine. Which will be 11?

>> No.19526774

rolled 14 = 14

You are! You're number 11!

Could have been worse. Could have been my 40, there.

>> No.19526776

... hi Slaanesh.

>> No.19526787

I should have posted a pic of the 11th doctor instead. I would have gotten an 11

>> No.19526846

We forgot because so much everything started being thrown at us and we couldn't hold all these waifus and shenanigans

>> No.19526850

That would have been a fine trick indeed.

>> No.19526854

Wouldn't work unless it was the 111th post

>> No.19526868

I was the 11th post

>> No.19526882

I dunno, it would have been a triple 11, by counted post, roll and image, if it had turned out.

He means the 111th post of the thread.

>> No.19526891

You find the often missing blue box parked where it should have been.
Before you can even knock on the door, it opens and the Doctor's companion, the lady known as River Song, opens it and says.
"He's been expecting you. Come right in."

You follow her inside, finding the doctor standing in front of the central console.
He doesnt look much like the jovial, whimsical man you have had the opportunity to interact with before.
His face, for all intents and purposes, is serious.
"Err.. Good day doctor. I hope your trip went well." you say in greeting.
"It didn't. More importantly, there's something we must discuss."

>> No.19526899

"Your serious face is scaring me, Doctor. Should I be scared?"

>> No.19526900

"Am I going to have done something terrible? Oh, but I suppose you couldn't actually tell me, spoilers and what not?"

>> No.19526909

don't forget, we wanted to ask the doctor about helping us track down Cogbeard the dorf clockwork specialist.
I'm out. see y'all another night.

>> No.19526928

Obligatory Naru reminder.

>> No.19526959

"I'm sorry to hear that. This seems to be a serious discussion. Would you like to discuss it over a cup of tea?"

inb4 the Cassiopeia is tearing time apart

>> No.19526990

The lack of a complete Cassiopeia is htaring time apart

>> No.19527001

Screw Naru, we might have time shenanigans to deal with

>> No.19527035

Last thing you remember, the doctor was trying some form of what you assume to have been radiation therapy to get you back to normal.
The intense pain, like you were being ripped in two, overwhelmed you and you pass out, the blackness a welcome reprieve.

Later, you wake up in a bed in the infirmary, your body still that of a girl.
"dammit. I guess it didn't work." you say as you sink back into the pillows feeling utterly defeated.

>> No.19527047

If it hadn't been for some bad rolling, we would be screwing Naru.

>> No.19527048

Oh. That.

>> No.19527051


>> No.19527194

Divergence Eve

New thread at 2200 4chan time.

>> No.19527196

The doctor was gone so long trying to fix our issue of turning ourself into a girl in tos

His presence caused the bleed through of Susan

>> No.19527215

Landing GEAR!!

>> No.19527217

Waiting fifteen minutes to give us that? Why are you so cruel?

>> No.19527219

Fuck that noise.

>> No.19527244


>> No.19527277


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