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Alright /tg/, I think it's about time I share some with the board, namely my pic folders. The way it works is this: tell me which folder you are most intradasted in and I zip it and upload it to mediafire and share the link with you guys.
The folders are generally a bunch of unorganized, grabastic pieces of amphibian shit, so the "Characters, Female" folder for instance, contains pics of a wide mix of genres, like Sci-Fi, modern, fantasy and whatever else you can think of.
If you got any questions about a particular folder, just ask.
Most drawfag folders have less than 10 pics in them, while some got a LOT (like greenmarines with >700 pics).
I constatly save new pics in my folders, so the numbers are often not entierly accurate.
Some folders, as you have noticed, are crossed over for various reasons.

tl;dr: chose folder, I zip, upload and share it.

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There are currently >32.000 pictures in all those folders.

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Here are slightly outdated links to my Miljö (Enviroment) folders

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Anyone here/browsing the list?

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show me your cultish chan

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So, I take it all the censored stuff is furfaggotry?

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zip and upload c:\

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About 650 pics in that folder and sub-folder. Naturally, some are NSFW, but that hardly troubles /tg/ in my experience.
Do you want me to zip and upload the folder?

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No, my furfag folder is about 7 pic "strong", while 6 of those pics are wakfus pandaran and/or the... uh, catpeople, whatever they were called.
Well, I could, but do you know of a free file hosting server that accept >10 GB files?

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Uploading cultist folder

>> No.19516440

Argonian! And if there are any pictures of Hist in the folder too, that would be amazing,

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Only 2 pictures in that folder, so I just post them here (SFW). But I do know that I have more argonian maid pics in other folders, NSFW ones.

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All your women please

>> No.19516490

let's see it

>> No.19516495

Also, anyone know of any more free and easy to use file hosting sites?

~25-30 minutes till the cultist folder is uploaded.

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These are funny.
Do you have more?

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Well, the trouble is I don't know exactly where those pics are.
Characters, Female: the first few hundred pics is a mix of NSFW, borderline NSFW and SFW pics, before I started a new folder for NSFW or "risque" pics, namely
Random Girls.
Or do you mean Monster Girls? Or some other folder?

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Sadly, no

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What the hell is in the Chink folder? Asian tits?

I want to see the shiniez fondler.

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The "peekaboo" and "the harlequin rose" please.
I don't know what they are about, i HAVE to find out.

Also, if you have a Reaction folder i would love to have that shit. I collect reaction images. currently i have around 2000, when i get to 5000 or so i will upload it and share on 4chan.

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Not what I was expecting from Argonian, but this was arguably better.

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I'll post the SFW ones (however contradicting that may sound)

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You must be new here. Chink was an asian drawfag that visited /tg/ way back when. Anyone who knows about him can tell you he was able to draw some very fucked up things.

Drawfags iirc, I'll check what it is. And my reaction folder will have to wait, I want to upload more /tg/ related material first.

ATTENTION! More file sharing site tips are welcome so I can upload more shit for you.

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Can you zip and upload as much as you can. I'm looking for character inspiration rather then porn through

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Forgot the fucking Halibel pic.
Oh, the shiniez folder. It contains lesbian bondage. I suggest you visit shiniez over on deviantart, much quicker and a lot more comprehensive than my current folder.

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Holy crap, it's like The Collector Version 2.0!

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That would be my Character, Female folder. However, that would be several zip's, due to the 200MB file limit on mediefire. I will upload it after the Cultist file is done (about 15 minutes)

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Yes, I downloaded one of his zip's way back when. It's sitting pretty in the TG folder (should really be named Boards and random shit). Only 2380 pcitures in that zip though.

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shiniez.deviantart.net is where you want to go. He's also finally started filling in the gaps between the comic pages (he posed the first 100 completely out of order and with huge gaps in them)

Although A) it's deviantart, and B) it's still deviantart.

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Also, help me help you.

This is the last Halibel pic that is worst posting. I will post the two the Harlequin Rose pics I have, and then check the peekaboo folder.

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I don't understand why some dislike dA. Yes, it's full of mediocre shit, but there are still a metric fuck tonne of good stuff too.

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Halibel requester here: thanks anon! Sadly, I know little about uploading to sites.

Also, not requesting, but what's in Victorian Secret?

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And that was the two pics in the Rose folder.

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Oh, I agree, but a lot of people hate it anyway. Partly because of the people there, I think. It's full of drama and bitchfests and yes-men and me-too'ers. Just stay away from the comments on anything and it's fine, though.

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Steampunk (as in what hipsters think of steampunk) lingerie with added busty models (all drawn).

It seems I forgot about how awesome drawfag peekaboo is. Seven pics, will post them here.

>> No.19516771

Tell me which site doesn't have that. Though I have never experienced any bitchfests. Lucky me?

>> No.19516784

9 minutes remaining on the cultist folder.

Free-to-use file hosting server tips are still welcome.

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>female vampire Edward Elric

>> No.19516821

Been on the board for two years now, yeah, i am kinda new.

>señor hipalate

No captcha, you can't say that to that señor.

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It was eight pics, my bad. I don't know how I could do that mistake, considering I can count to potato.

2 minutes remaining on the cultist folder

>> No.19516867

Deathwatch folder, please.

>> No.19516881

Culexus, please.

>> No.19516945

Environment please. I'm hoping to have a background slideshow someday, and maybe this'll be the push I need.

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After Cultist is up I'd love Broquest, unless it's like, 4 pictures, then just post em.

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The Deathwatch folder is just a preview of Final Sanction, Im sure you can find the book on /rs/.
Two options.
Option 1: you have to wait till I've uploaded my Characters, Female folder, and that will take a while.
Option 2: you find me a free-to-use file hosting server, other than mediafire, and I can upload it shimuhlthenehus derp strike as the C, F folder.

And here is the first zip, Cultist.

I will proceed to zip and up Characters, Female now, some 2600+ pics.

>> No.19516983

That's dissapointing, then.

Do you have any Tau/Eldar/Dark Eldar?

Failing that, post the hottest picture you have.

>> No.19517005

130 megs, goodness gracious...

>> No.19517039

Ok, I think I have to make a que here.

Characters, Female (massiv folder, 4 zips, and it was 2400 pics, not 2600)
Miljö (Enviroment)

The Characters, Female folder will take about 2.5 hours to upload at current rate. Again, name me a free file hosting server and I upload there too.

And the BroQuest folder is about 70+ pics.

>> No.19517074

Any I would have would most likely be in 40K Characters folder. I'll add it to the que. And "hottest" is very subjective, and most likely a bannable offense. Narrow it down some, I suppose I can upload it on imgur and link it here (Drawn Porn is one of the crossed out folders).

Expect dubs, trips and quads of some images though.

>> No.19517084

Current que
Characters, Female (2 hours, 30 min lef-, 1 hour 44 min lef-, 1 hours 59 min lef-... a long fucking while till it's done)
Miljö (Enviroment)
40K Characters

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Forgot BroQuest pic

>> No.19517108

I'll be back in a short while, gonna get me a sammich from Metro

>> No.19517163


An actual suggestion is 4shared

>> No.19517291

Mm... Spicy Nosalis...
Thanks, do you happen to know what the file limit is on those sites?

>> No.19517311

Ok, MF decided to upload the last zip first, so just a few hundred pics in this zip.

>> No.19517345

Holy shit-balls, 4shared uploads like a motherfucker! Here's the link for Mr Culexus zip. I might just upload everything there.

>> No.19517428

And here is the Miljö (Enviroment) zip for you mentlegen.

Does the 4shared links work for you guys?

>> No.19517448

And BroQuest (christ, it's fast)

>> No.19517477

I'm now uploading the 40k Characters folder. It includes Cata-chan, Chem-chan, Jobblowski, Kriegers, Lil E, LCB and random assorted heresies.

>> No.19517509

Ok guys, srsly, anyone here or am I just wasting effort? Does the 4shared links work for you?
40k characters zip

>> No.19517519

i am here.

>> No.19517553

Could you upload Bikko and Daaw too?
Keep up the good work!

>> No.19517554

Anything of interest from my folders? I completed the que, sans the Characters, Female.

>> No.19517563

can i get a pathfinder please? :3 recently got into it and i could do with some awesome images to share with my party.

much obliged

>> No.19517576

No can do on the Daaw, it was only two pics and I moved it to my general pics folder. However, posting the six of the seven Bikko pics.

>> No.19517581


Can i get Deathwatch and a 40K folder. Also i would like to see you favourites if you any? Not necessarly 40k.

>> No.19517593


*if you have any*

do you guys know any good spellchecker?

>> No.19517600


Any specific 40K folder?

>> No.19517623


Nope. Just pick your favourites, and you would have my gratitude.

>> No.19517633

Favourite pics? Guh, I dunno. First I post the bikko pics, then I may check for something good.

>> No.19517654

Ok, you get the 40K Assassins folder. Uploading now.

>> No.19517662

Are your monster guys actual monsters or are they anime guys with animal parts?

>> No.19517673

requesting catgirls.

>> No.19517689

And here you go, everyone loves Assassins, unless you get eaten by one

>> No.19517705


Thank you.

>> No.19517706

Monster Guys are 99% monsters, Monster Girls are 99% fapbait.
Coming up.

imgur link for NSFW Bikko pic

>> No.19517720


I would appreciate an upload of the monster guys, then.

>> No.19517723


Cant you use rapidshare or something other. I dont have a 4shared account.

>> No.19517728

Could you do Characters, Male or Characters, Groups, or anything with fantasy character art?

The folders, man. They be floating before me eyes.

>> No.19517741

It takes a second or three to make one. I just made one for this thread alone. No big deal.

>> No.19517764

Uploading like a bro.
and being a nice pal.

you sir, have my gratitude and my appreciation.
thanks for making me a bit less misanthropic

>> No.19517776

Catgirls be here
On it's way
It would be cool if you be a gentleman and create an account on 4shared, due to fantastic upload speed.
Both maps are a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, modern and whatever fuck genre there are out there.

Que as follows:
Monster Guys
Characters, Male
Characters, Group

>> No.19517809

Thanks, I appreciate it a lot.
Some Daaw, for the guy who asked for the now, non-existing Daaw folder

Monster Guys for you, sir

>> No.19517830


Thank you very much, OP.

>> No.19517834

Uploading Characters, Male now

>> No.19517841

While this isn't technically related to the thread, would anyone here know where to find the old turn signals on a land raider comics? the website doesn't seem to have anything now.

>> No.19517849

My pleasure

>> No.19517875

Never heard of it

>> No.19517887

Just poasting the Daaw until Characters, Male is done (about 8 minutes)

>> No.19517901

I demand Zelly!

>> No.19517905

la di da

>> No.19517911


>> No.19517916

Que as follows
Characters, Male
Charactres, Group

>> No.19517933

Animooted Daaw for a bit

>> No.19517951

I know a lot of you guys plays Diablo 3

>> No.19517975

Oh shi-! Characters, Female zip 1 just completed (zip 4 can be found up above (ctrl+f))

>> No.19517985


Thanks in advance. Will bookmark thread. If I have zelly pics that you don't, I will post while they are relevant.

>> No.19517998

2 girls, 1 daaw

>> No.19518023

And Characters, Male be done and be here

Characters, Group is on its way

>> No.19518044

I have no idea why you saved that .gif under 'daaw'.

>> No.19518050


>> No.19518079

Probably because I thought it was more Daaw than B-b-b-boner!

>> No.19518097

I politely disagree with your opinion.

>> No.19518113

[Insert pointless retort, stating that my opinion > your opinion]

>> No.19518125

Hey, do you have a pic of a sci fi guy in power armor (sealed, helmet on) leading a battle force?

>> No.19518140

Characters, Group for you, sir

Zelly on he-, his way.

>> No.19518141

[Retort to your retort, about how you are a faggot and wrong]

>> No.19518169

Power armor, yes. See
Leading a battleforce? Not likely, I can't remember I've seen any pic like that, if you disregard 40k.

And some thri-kreen, gif related

>> No.19518183

Zelly be here, mon

>> No.19518217

Ok, the current que is completed. Requests?

>> No.19518226


re-requesitng pathfinder folder please

>> No.19518232

sauce please?

>> No.19518254

I request Shwig.

Also >>19518232

>> No.19518257

Mother the fuck yeah.

Downloading everything you upload, btw.

>> No.19518263

Sorry bro, I completly missed you. Pathfinder coming up
4chan, sorry fa/tg/uy.

>Generation A VIII starting now

>> No.19518291


thanks very much :D

>> No.19518338

Ok, here's the Pathfinder folder for you mang, sorry for skipping you.
More requests? Insert analy.

>> No.19518395


>> No.19518412

I can has in a non-subscription based download link?

>> No.19518417

Nope, but I love his quests

>> No.19518423


>> No.19518435


4shared is free bro. you gotta sign up to download but its not invasive or anything

Thank you for the pathfinder stuff OP!

>> No.19518458

If you can find me a file hosting server with as fast upload speed as 4shared, no problem. Otherwise, I hope you find it in your heart to register.

>> No.19518465


How do I download the file from 4shared wiithout logging in?

>> No.19518472

No roblemo, buddy

>> No.19518567

Requests! We need more requests!

>> No.19518615



@4share people: just make a bs account w/ bs email

>> No.19518653

There is this epic zelly picture in a pool of blood that I found like 5 years ago, and have never seen again. It's on my old comp somewhere though.

>> No.19518678

Bah, sorry. You cant, you will have to create an account

>> No.19518704

I'm surprised none have asked about the greenmarine folder, or Fucking Liar or Technomancer.

>> No.19518730


What's that image from?

>> No.19518761

Aaaab, 4chan?

>> No.19518781

I have it, along with a whole folder of Zelly stuff. I'll see if I can upload it to 4shared for you.

>> No.19518825

I only just got here. Now I am asking for greenmarine and Shwig.

>> No.19518827


Abh? No, I know my Crest of the Stars stuff, that is no Abh.

>> No.19518832

Meanwhile, in my country, we finish uploading zip 2 of Characters, Female. Only one more to go.


>> No.19518833

I never understood /tg/'s fascination with what's basically a furfag's muscle girl waifu.

>> No.19518834


What, a girl talking to me and being friendly, is this real life?!

Anyway, thanks. Anywhere you want to upload it is fine.

Zelly is win.

>> No.19518840

Alright, prepare your anu-, your 4shared account.
Que as follows


>> No.19518860

>muscle girl
That's generally enough

>> No.19518861


I am not really /tg/, in the sense that I don't play board games or warhammer, or magic, or whatever it is that you guys do.

Anyway, she just represents things that most attractive girls aren't irl - competent, athletic, interesting. Then again, I guess cool people of either gender are rare irl.


No offense, I still want that folder!

>> No.19518876



That should be it.

>> No.19518897

And here is greenmarines and Shwig's folders

>> No.19518930

what is shwig? and green marine?

>> No.19518933


That is, indeed, it. Thanks a lot.

>> No.19518939

Oh my, that is a lot of art.

>> No.19518949

The hell is that anime series?

>> No.19518962

Boku no Pico

>> No.19518976

Happy to help.

>> No.19518982

You must be new here (TM)

Shwig is an awesome drawfag with a very particular, and appricieated style.

greenmarine created many draw threads, and many an epic tits was had. He suffers from crippling vidya addiction currently and haven't created a draw thread for a long while now.

>> No.19519005

Gelbooru says its InuxBoku SS

>> No.19519009

oh awesome, thanks!

>> No.19519014


>> No.19519027

Awesome! Cheers! I'll go download both in hopes of beautiful same-sex relationships.

>> No.19519035

I assimilate your folder and add it to my own.

>> No.19519088

Oh thanks!
How about some Moe and Demonette too

>> No.19519109

I would like more of this please. And if you're already uploading it, great.

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