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Greetings, /tg/.
I'm sure you heard of the clownpunk thread, If not, Look it up here; http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19498130/
It's long, And cluttered up, So I decided to make a new one. Clownpunk has had a lot of feedback, And it's kind of a hassle to organize it all. So here's what I did, I took everything that adds to the game and and put it in one big unorganized pile next to the organized stuff. It's still better then look through all the posts of people just chatting about things. You can find that here;
I would enjoy it if people focused on game mechanics over fluff. We have enough fluff. We could probably make a pillow at this point. But, I guess I can't really stop people for making fluff.
Well, Anyway, Welcome to the circus. Let's make this a thing.

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Rough draft of a complete template for character profiles. In Items: those are tickets-tokens-points

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Oh boy. Well, one last very important thing I wanted to add was how transportation works. There are certain vehicles that seem more fit for all-terrain transport than others. But, this being a clown world, functional isn't usually what the audience wants. So, vehicles, along with weapons, have another stat than just "power" or "Value", "oddness". When something has high "oddness", the audience takes more pleasure in seeing it being used. But if it has lower oddness, it gets boring pretty quickly.

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Zork isn't here to do it, so bump.

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Can we pack 20 clowns into a two-seater to increase its oddness value?
Provided we roll for suffocation?

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Fuck yeah more clownpunk!

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Of course. See, Clown Cars are like the TARDIS. Far bigger on the inside.

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Well, where do we want to go from here? Perhaps we should write up a summary of the mechanics, or we could discuss some things we would like to see. I personally would like to see more performer types, like fire eaters, trapeze artists, knife throwers and fortune tellers.

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So oddness would be kind of like fuel? Like, it costs a certain amount of oddness to move a certain distance, or something like that?

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Fire eaters and other "strange" carnies are bad-guys, who are sort of like feral people. They come in pirate and crazy-person varieties.

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Eh, well, playing in a game with only like 9 classes would get boring pretty quickly, even one with so much need for innovation. So I would say make them more likely to be encountered as enemies, but not unheard of to be found in more civilised areas as peaceful adventurer analogues.

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Makes sense. Variety is always important.

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Knowing my luck, this bump will cause a single other person to reply.

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Eh, I'll give summarising the mechanics a bash. Don't expect it fast though, I've got studying to do.

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How about those eggs with the clown facepaint on them?http://nationalclownweek.org/eggs.shtml

Also jesters are the extinct precursor race, mysteriously vanishing hundreds of years ago.

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Okay, I just got done taking all the posts with mechanics mentioned in them into a text document. I'll get to work summarising them in a bit.

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I've got writefag to give you, but I've got to bugger off. Don't let this die.

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I'm getting there.

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10 and 2 - Whenever you make a drive check, you gain a 1d4 bonus to it.

Baker - Once per day, you can make 2d4+1 cream pies for free.

Thesaurus Rex - Your familiars are energized by the audience as well!

Abridged Thesaurus Rex - Requires Thesaurus Rex. Any pun heard by the familiar energizes it, giving it a +1 to its next roll. Does not stack.

More feats. I'm starting to come up few a few additional tools to help players not be generic clowns and fall into a niche.

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Spectral laughter roared through the tent as the Ring Master sputtered incoherently as he desperately tried to wipe the seltzer from his face. As he did, he saw an elephant trunk reach up to wrap around his chest and hurl him into the air. He landed face-down in a barrel, his legs comically waving about in the air. Another burst of guffaws boomed out from the sky, and muffled curses were heard from the barrel.

The beastmaster waved to the mime, in her position high in the rafters. Crafting an (invisible) lasso, she looped the rope around the barrel and swung it far across the room, to where the tent opened to the red sky. The ringmaster’s head knocked out the barrel bottom during the swing, so he could see himself land, still trapped, in a car which squeeked at the new passenger’s sudden weight..

The fungineer approached the car from behind, allowing the ringmaster to see his doom approach. “You know, Ringy…” the fungineer gripped the back of the car.”You really need…” The clown pushed, starting the car sliding along the rails. The ringmaster looked to the right to see the horror of his own personal roller coaster approaching. “No!” The mastermind screamed as the car tipped down the drop. “NO! Nononononoooooooo…” His cries stretched out to oblivion as the car shrieked down the valley and began to shoot up the rails now rising into the sky.

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The fungineer waited until the car had shot off the incline into air, and then cupped his hands and shouted “…TO LIGHTEN UP!”
The ringmaster exploded into sparks and flashes as the firework-laced rollercoaster car detonated, filling the sky with multicolor lights and explosions. The audience gasped and oohed, all accompanied by laughter and applause. The fungineer suddenly heard a new noise, a strange noise; the creaking of seats! Th-They were getting a standing ovation!

The fungineer, mime, and beastmaster silently watched as the sky they knew rippled and changed. It turned from blood-red to a more velvet color, which waved and shook softly as the laughter faded into disjointed chattering and footsteps. The curtain had fallen. The show was over.

If the group thought that was the strangest thing to happen to them that day, they were wrong. They turned to a strange swishing sound and saw… a tent flap, open in space. But through the flap, was an open area… and another tent. “All this way… Just for another round.” The fungineer muttered, trying not to cry. “Well, anything’s better than here.” The beastmaster suddenly announced, walking towards the portal. “Let’s see what the hey now.”

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As the beastmaster stepped through the flap, his clothes changed. Gone was his carnival outfit, in it’s place a respectable polo shirt and slacks. Even more surprising were the two girls that suddenly draped themselves over his arms. ”C’mon, honey, let’s go,” the redhead laughed. “Oh—Um, of course. I’m sure my friends will be just a minute,” The said, glancing over his shoulder at the clown and mime before escorting the ladies towards the new tent.

Galvanized by the beastmaster’s action, the mime stepped thorugh next. Her striped clothes warped into a sensible black dress with white highlights. She turned back to the fungineer—and spoke. ”Come on, the show will be starting soon.” The fungineer stared for a moment, then stepped forward to take the mime’s outstretched hand.
“Well, the audience ab—
We abide.”

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Yes. Yes I like this.

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The only thing the audience hates more than an unfunny act: Perspective.

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Think of it: Would you like an actor pointing out YOUR flaws? People don't like realizing that something is wrong with them.

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Incoming summary.

Alignments: Works on a sophisticated/witty/slapstick-happy/neutral/unhappy. Certain classes lean towards certain alignments, but it isn't hard and fast. e.g. Magicians are generally Sophisticated Neutral.
Two kinds of HP and damage, Pride and Physical: Pride is associated with attacks such as lobbing a pie at a guy's face. Deal enough Pride damage and the afflicted runs off, tail between their legs. Physical is associated with attacks like having a heavy object fall on your opponent, and when physical HP reaches 0, the character dies. These can be combined, like a squirting flower that is filled with acid, dealing damage to both Pride and Physical HP, however the Audience may take offense at this, or be pleased. They are a fickle lot. Pride damage (Jokes) is affected most by the Audience, mixes (Tricks) the second most, and physical (Violence) the least.
Acts are multi turn, multi character attacks that deal massive damage to both pride and physical HP, and require numerous checks to pull off. However, they gain massive bonuses from the Audience, and a single act can potentially end an encounter.

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The Audience's mood is determined at the start of an encounter, the CM rolls a d10 and this determines where the counter lands on the mood chart. The mood chart is the sophisticated/witty/slapstick-happy/neutral/unhappy chart, and 1-9 decides where it lands. So Sophisticated Happy would be 1, and Slapstick Unhappy would be 9. Attacks and moves that share the alignment of the mood recieve +2, moves that are on the mood adjacent are +1, moves that are 2 squares away are -1 and 3 away is -2. On a 10, the crowd is either happy or angry, flip a coin, if it is heads every square is +1, if tails then every square is -1.
To determine amount of HP in both Pride and Physical, you would put counters on sophisticated/witty/slapstick at character creation, so +2Pride/0Physical for Soph, +1/+1 Witty and 0/+2 for Slapstick.
The whole system would be d4 based, but I'd reckon maybe a d6 would be better because d4s are evil, and semi-rare

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There was a bit on stats, but I dunno if there was enough discussion on them so I didn't include it.

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Bravo! This is really cool.

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Yeah uh, sorry it took so long. I was distracted by various things.

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Good day to you all! I see you've gotten some more stuff...I like it! Bravo.
Anyway, if the thread has been inactive for a bit, Stop clowning about. Bump!

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Yes indeed. But I'm having trouble coming up with ideas...

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Welp, can I ask for a topic to be discussed? What should the mains stats be?

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I thought it was agreed stats should be how well a clown can do in certain comedy types, How much HP and PP (Pride points, I guess.) a clown has, And I think defense against certain things...
Stuff like that.

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Yeah but "stuff like that" doesn't exactly cut it, now does it? So I was thinking we need a physical stat for classes like Strongmen, so Strength is a must. Beastmasters would need a stat to keep control of their animals, so Willpower. Magicians would need to be Innovative Certain types of Clowns and Acrobats would need Dexterity. Certain types of Clowns would need Silliness, while others would need Subtlety. These are just some ideas, and I reckon they could be pruned down quite a bit, but hey, grain of sand, pearl all that jazz. Which reminds me, would musicians be found in a circus?

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Oooh yes, should Creativity be a stat? Or should that be left to the player? Or is it too close to Innovation, which I am thinking should be rebranded Intelligence.

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I think creativity should be left to the players.

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Some thing I just thought of, offensive punnery, using REALLY bad puns you could cause pride damage to both your target and yourself, bit haphazard but could be useful.

>> No.19518945

So sort of like Dark Knight attacks in FF?

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Some one had the same idea for sad clowns, Making fun of himself, Giving both parties pride damage.

>> No.19519162

Yeah, that sounds good, and they have a damn high resistance to pride damage. Think about it, once a guy intentionally fails for the amusement of the Audience, what can you really do to him? In fact, taking Pride Damage might actually endear him to the Audience

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I would like ruffian clown to be a class basically a brawler using his fists and what ever cheap crazy tricks he can devise. Some skills maybe:

Pop, pop, wam: you blow ballon brass knuckles unknowly having a real set hidden under one of the balloons. Causes target to be stunned for 1d4-1 turns.

Spring loaded: launch a spring loaded boxing glove at enemy via your hand. Move target 2 ft back

Intimidation frown: frowning clowns are intimidating even more so when they stare directly at you. Causes fear for 1d4 turns

Damage can be added to pop, pop, wam and spring loaded.

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We have strongmen for a brawler type class, But I really like those skills, And they wouldn't fit on a strongman...

>> No.19519251

They could be transferred to more evil aligned clowns.

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If we want to have Mime characters that can talk, we should have it affect them. For instance, they can have an "invisible" melee weapon, but it only works so long as they remain silent.
Put their "mime power activate" spell on a cooldown so that they can enchant themselves for combat or break the spell after a battle.

>> No.19519321

Yeah, That'll work.
They are all rather slapsticky anyway.

>> No.19519352

WhAt'S tHiS i HeAr AbOuT sOmE mOtHeRfUcKiNg ClOwNs?

>> No.19519364

Maybe the reason they can make invisible objects at all is because they remain silent?

>> No.19519426

Also, I would think that speaking is a sign of weakness or dishonorable among mimes.

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So what else do we need? Lay out some problems/goals and people will become interested again.

>> No.19519711

I'm not sure...
I guess I should go through the unorganized ideas and sort them out...
I'm just really hoping this doesn't die.

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With the audience alignment chart how does rolling a 10 work? reroll?

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No homestuck is terrible and has nothing to do with this go away

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If you land on 10, Flip a coin, If head up every alignment is +1, If tails every alignment is -1.

>> No.19519749

Lack of art.
Clown types and other classes aren't very organized by their differences.
Lack of art, again.

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>> No.19519784

I'm gonna start google fu'ing some pictures and organise them into respective categorys

>> No.19519990

Have some choice art (5 seconds in google) as a bump

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>> No.19520065

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As a professional clown, this thread makes me so happy.

(Captcha: kuestin felf,)

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>> No.19520150

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Alright, Lets start writing down some class stuff.
I'm going to work on some magician stuff, And try to make it look like it belongs in a rulebook. A paragraph describing what the class is, Followed by a couple basic skills, Some example tricks, And some class exclusive feets.

>> No.19520360

Also, Let's think of some supportive classes. Buffs, Debuffs, Healing, Stuff like that.

>> No.19520621

booze should be used for healing.

>> No.19520641

Booze and pie.

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Random tangent: Pie flavors. Pie flavors could have different effects. More than just the banana cream variety, all sorts!

>> No.19521004

The magician class profile might take a bit, Since I have ADHD and procrastinated a lot.
In the mean time, Is anyone else working on these profiles?

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So, What kind of flavors would do what?

>> No.19521600

Muscle [Strength]
Balance [Dexterity]
Pizzazz [Charisma]
Determination [Willpower]

Subtlety & Silliness [Possibly not main stats?]

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Apple pie should be like health potions, And blue berry mana potions. Apple pie, When eaten or if you get hit by one, Will fix physical damage, While blue berry heals pride.

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Key Lime Pie, of course, is the most insulting of all pies. Not only will it deal MASSIVE pride damage, it will enrage the enemy to direct all their attacks at you. After all, someone wasting a precious resource like lime JUST to insult you?

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Magicians are a powerful and complex class, Taking multiple turns to deal a large amount of Physical damage and pride damage, Keeping the audience awed with their tricks, While at the same time doing damage to their opponent.
The magicians are masters of illusion, And are very secretive. To all but other magicians, Their powers a supernatural, Being able to do things without a rhyme or reason. It has been said that not even the audience knows how the magicians do it.
Every magician has a familiar that looks exactly like an average human, Except much less intelligent. These are called assistants. They are almost always the opposite sex of their magician, And is limited to following the commands of their magician and standing around looking pretty. Tricks involving the assistant is more likely to succeed then tricks with a normal person.
Magicians are renowned for one of their most powerful skills; Asking for a volunteer from the audience. Doing this is incredibly risky, Not being able to pull off an amazing trick with an audience member will result in the audience resenting him, And he will be unable to ask for another audience member for quite a bit. (Once per day, A magician can choose to ask for a volunteer from the audience. Flip coin, Heads a volunteer appears. If trick does not satisfy the audience, The magician can not ask for a new volunteer for 1d6 days.)
Skills: Magicians use Intelligence, Subtlety, And Charisma in order to keep the act mystic and mysterious, While still entertaining.
Class exclusive feets;
Golden retriever: Assistants hair color is blond, Allowed a magicians assistant to retrieve items for him.
Disappearing act: The magician can escape a fight with 1d6 members of their party, Smoke will appear and blind enemy for 1d10 turns.

>> No.19521931

Heres what I have so far, Skipped out on example tricks, And couldn't think up much for feets and the skills section, Though.

>> No.19522168

guys...I fucking posted a template character sheet with all the stats. Why hasn't anyone looked at it?

>> No.19522193

I looked at it.
However, Seeing as this is still under construction, It could be changed at any moment.
Nothing is set in stone, You can not set anything in stone, Fungineer can not set anything in stone. No one can set anything in stone.

>> No.19522220

I saw a lot of hassle over stats in the middle of this thread. I put them all down in one spot ;p

It's whatever.

>> No.19522605

Bumping this for great justice. I'd like to write up a summary for some of the other classes, maybe...

>> No.19522652

which post

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The second post. c:

>> No.19523400

Just checked back, that looks great. I'm about to give it a run-through.

>> No.19523650

Also, I hate you for using Comic Sans.

>> No.19523740

A well-intentioned bump, because this needs more exposure.

>> No.19523826

Finally got this cranked out, took way longer than it should have. Anybody else still here?

>> No.19523841

Forgot pic :V

Captcha: file iskcoa

>> No.19524123

bamp for interest

>> No.19524260

I'm getting distracted by minecraft, Bump to keep this alive.

>> No.19524386

Currently sketching my character.

>> No.19524539

We should start making a sample campaign for this. Actually, one for each area. I'd be willing to write up a little bit if I got a bit better descriptions for whatever place.

>> No.19524636

I think it'd be better if you just ran wild with them, actually. What kind of details do you need?

>> No.19524725

Places of interest/major landmarks, generalizations of the inhabitants(the majority of people living there are usually happy, have large dwellings, carry at least 5 pies with them at all times, etc), what kinds of enemies will be encountered, at least one reason why anybody would even want to be there in the first place, etc.
You know, the things you need to make a campaign

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>> No.19524805

Hello fungineer!
Erect some information!

>> No.19524810


I'll be uploading my character concept shortly, see this post >>19523841 for a bare-bones sheet on him.

>> No.19524872

Let's start with TOWNS:
The Arcade:
Ghostonville: A Shooting Gallery that is now populated by crummy gamblin' bum clowns.
The Main Drag: An area lined with bright lights and fancy games. Lots of ways to win tokens, or lose them.
Walt's Office: Where the "magic" happens, and by magic, I mean orphan lobotomies.

The Park:
Dragport: A shut-down house of mirrors that now serves as one of the better trading posts of the Park.
The Black Hurl: A very dangerous, shifty rollercoaster, frequented by pirates.
Davey Jone's Shocker: L. Chuck's personal ship, torn straight from the viking ride. Very, very scary and large.

>> No.19525000

Audience-damn this shit is gold
Is Davy Jone's Shocker mobile in any way?
Also, kind of an odd question, but what's the ground made of in each area? Because I'm immagining a flat, dusty area for the park, grass for the big top, and cracked tile for the arcade.

>> No.19525001

Quick question, What is the "Ocean" in the park?
I imagine it as a big silver floor, That either acts as quicksand to everything but buggies and bumper cars, Or electrocute you if you step on it.

>> No.19525020

Park is covered in shiny plastic, like a real bumper-car ride. Big top is layers of crap, piled up from the hundreds of years the circus has been there, Arcade is really nice rug because it's a giant casino. Underworld is just full of shit. Literally.

>> No.19525023

Their is a ocean type area in the park, Where you ride bumper cars and buggies shaped like boats around on, Though you can't walk around on it.
I assume davy jones shocker is a large buggy.

>> No.19525096

You ever seen one of those big, swingy boat rides? That's what it is. But with cannons. And as for the ocean, it looks like that shiny, black flooring they have for bumper cars, but it's actually some kind of water when touched.


>> No.19525215

well, he said the shocker is from a viking ride, which is made to swing from a harness, not be driven about. I'm guessing they slapped some wheels on it or something?

How big is each area? I'm guessing multiple miles per each, and it'd kind of have to be to have a hall of mirrors inside of a bumper-car thingy. And one last question until I think of some more: What are the area transitions between the areas? I'd think the entrance to the arcade would look similar to when they first get to costco in Idiocracy, the underworld is accessed by sewer-style manholes scattered about, and the park encircling the entire complex(big top being like a mountain in the middle) and expanding seemingly infinately outwards

>> No.19525251

For some reason, I can see people firing urchans out of canons, But I know chuck wouldn't do that. Chuck loves those little bastards.
Now I am imagining chuck as one of those pirates with a heart of gold.

>> No.19525315

The original idea for this is that the carnival expands over the entire world, But I think it was reduced to just a single content.
It's pretty big.

>> No.19525351

Oh, alright then.

How about mercury for the "water"? It's a liquid with a somewhat grayish hue, with the added bonus of being poisonous!

Anyway, what about enemies? I already know pirates at the park, arcade robots, and freaks in the underworld, but who stands in your way in big top? Rival clowns?
There needs to be a clown yakuza working for the ring master. That'd be awesome. And instead of being handcuffed to briefcases, they use clips to attach themselves to the spiderwebs of rollercoaster supports. They'd have pokerfaces painted on instead of happy or sad, and would use a lot of dry humor and/or political jokes

>> No.19525409

Well, We have the ticket takers.
And, Their is a lot of common creatures around the place as well, I'd imagine a bunch of crazy carnival goers, As well as the freaks from the side show roaming about each area.

>> No.19525419

Rival clowns are one enemy. Another big enemy is "Ticket masters", creepy weirdos who the audience can't help you against. Strongmen are some of the prime "mook" material. If you want to be a jerk, Urchins could be enemies. Also, "Addicts". People who have literally had their brains rotted in the arcade. Zombies in an amusement park. Generally stick to the darker areas of the big top, arcade, and underworld. Very rare to see in the Park. Some believe L. Chuck is one, though (DO YOU GUYS GET IT)

>> No.19525446


>> No.19525457


>> No.19525488

rodeo clowns?

>> No.19525502

Rodeo clowns are the tanky paladin types.

>> No.19525504

So who ARE the ticket guys?

>> No.19525508


>In unrelated news, who knew that 3-year olds didn't sleep well when they go to bed at 7 instead of 9 ; _ ;

>> No.19525537

Wouldn't it be awesome that, If you uncover walt's secret, And tell chuck, He goes charging into the arcade with an army of urchins and pirates and tears up the place?

>> No.19525549

It's probably possible to convince Chuck to join your side by showing him the atrocities the other elites commit against urchins.

>> No.19525554

FINALLY got this thing done. It's a very crude sketch, and I don't know why I have everything in German, but I like it. Crazy Bon Bon is a very young Rodeo Clown, so he's a bit naive in the ways of the world. But he's crafty, and a good shot with that pistol-harpoon-constant-source-of-gun-themed-puns.

>> No.19525610

Have to go, goodbye.

Remember to update the archive

>> No.19525615

Bob would probably attack you, unable to be reasoned with, Walt probably wouldn't mind you, As long as you kept playing his games and don't stick your noise where it doesn't belong, And chuck, If he's the pirate with a heart of gold like I imagine him to be, He would still rob you, But if you have an urchin on your team, He'll probably help you out if only for the urchin.

>> No.19525642

You don't have to update the archive.

>> No.19525661

Please don't ignore me ; _ ;

>> No.19525675

I'm sorry, I just really don't have anything to say to that.
Do you want a cookie?

>> No.19525688

That'd be nice, yes

>> No.19525725

Here, Have a cookie.

>> No.19525737

I'd immagine that if you met chuck, he'd invite you onto his ship for a nice talk. There's at least 20 urchins running about on the ship, but they all seem pre-occupied, performing minor tasks or playing amongst themselves. So you have your talk with chuck, and he seems like a really nice guy, he even smiles a lot. When you get off the ship, you find your pockets bare. The urchins have been stealing your things the whole time, and the captain was smiling at each successfully theived object. Going back and demanding your belongings back, chuck plays dumb, suggesting that you might have holes in your pockets. Humoring him, you check your pockets and find two large holes(courtesy of, you guessed it, the urchins), decide maybe he was right somehow, and scuttle on back

>> No.19525783

Meanwhile, In a day or two...

>> No.19525791

Assuming he follows his inspiration, Bob probably can't be reasoned with, though he can be easilly fooled, and having a few rakes with you could help you deal with him as well.

>> No.19525833

So, Should we write out a basic example campaign?

>> No.19525934

So, What do we have left to do?
We have a lot...
Should we just work on compiling a rulebook?

>> No.19525953

Yeah, but not just "Go take out [area boss]"

There should be other objectives that you can get more inventive with, like "find the golden pie" or maybe you're in possesion of a certain object or objects with the innitials "CP" that everybody you meet attacks you to try to get a hold of. You're not not entirely sure what they want since they never elaborate beyond"hand over the CP", though you have in your possesion(among other things) chili powder, chilled peppers, cream pies, and clown pants

>> No.19526041

I've yet to see an actual battle system for this. We've decided on the whole 2 forms of damage and audience grid mumbo-jumbo, but I'm talking about actual "I kick the guy in the balls, how do we figure out how much damage I just did to what?" If the audience was in the mood for slapstick, then it would get a bonus, but how do we figure out the base damage?

>> No.19526063

I never thought of that....
Audience damn it.

>> No.19526114

The CP one would be a great starting point; it gives a simple basis for jokes while still allowing you to get inventive by doing things like snacking on chocolate pretzels or hitting people with color printers. It would probably take place in big top

>> No.19526187

Yeah, despite being the core of a roleplay, it's one of the easiest things to overlook when creating a homebrew.

That and how much money is actually worth, especially when you're working with multiple formats of money

>> No.19526226

I can't really think of anything tonight, I need to go to bed..

>> No.19528832

Gooooood morning San Francisclown!

What's going on?

>> No.19529876

This looks nice.

>> No.19530527

I'm trying to figure out a good damage system using D&D as the base, but pride is tricky.

What base are we going to use for the stats? As in, your basic, level 1, generic clown would have X pride, Y health, and Z attack

>> No.19531377

Use hit and damage dice, but keep it d2, d4, or d6 based ;D

Also, back.
Also, he mad. Comic Sans is inherently funny. It is best font for this game.

>> No.19531515

What about every 2 points above 4 points gives you a +1 for a check made using that stat?

Everyclown starts with 5 pride and 5 hp.
Your strength bonus adds to hp. Your Charisma to your pride. AC + Agility's modifier is your Armor. Charisma's modifier + Sophistication's modifier is Poise. Weapons themselves have an inherent damage modifier to them. To see is your joke connects, roll and add the modifier to the appropriate joke (Take the average if it crosses multiple joke schools. Round down.).

Agility + Charisma determines turn order.

>> No.19531644

Every two levels grants you a bonus stat point. Every 3 grants you a bonus feat.

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