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anyone on /tg/ have a scan of Only War?

Will bump with pics

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I too, am intrigued to see what it comes out like. I know one anon promised scan the other day.

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So far, all that's been posted is a few pictures of some of the enemies. As far as I'm aware there isn't a full scan available yet.

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Oh Steel Legion. No one loves you any more. They've moved on to the Death Korps and Cadians.

But you will always have me, poor old Steel Legion.

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Bumping for the backbone of the Imperium.

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moar liek gay legion LOL

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Do they call them steel because every fuggin modle is made out of steel?
Its why niggras that play steel legion are buff from carrying their box around.

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>anyone on /tg/ have a scan of Only War?

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.....the fuck is with the guy in the middle's lasgun?

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was anythign for only war realesed for Free RPG day?

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anyone have a scan of latest white dorf?

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New model. Hover lasgun. Issued only to Elysians who have a tendency to drop their rifles during grav-chute insertions. The internal hover mechanism slows the rifle's descent so it doesn't shatter on impact with the ground.

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I just realized, that any and all imperial pilots should probably look very similar to Elysian derp troops.

I would so do that if i had modles. Also if i was gonna put land speeders in a guard army i might give it to the pilot.

Its been painted 'mid drop'.

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