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So everyones bitching about GW's little price hike, and you all miss the beautiful bigger picture

the GLORIOUS side effect to GW's mistake, the redeeming factor, the great benefit.

By alienating their customers, betraying their fans, ruining their new potential clients, GW has push thousands to SELL THEIR ARMIES ON EBAY. theres going to be a MASSIVE surplus of models being sold to SPITE GW, and all we have to do is cash in on all the neckbeards throwing up their chubby arms and sticking it to the man.


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Cultist-chan, your speech has improved.

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mother of god. Better stock up on Simple Green

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I went to a dentist

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That's terrible. I don't think I like you anymore.
Tell Dranon to punch you in the face to fix this.

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>Un-fixing her speech impediment
Yeeeeeaaaaaahhh no. Considering that he got it for her.

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he even paid for dental floss

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>when checked ebay/craigslist and its already begun
>Craiglist article, selling entire Ork army, nicely painted, 4500 points for $250 because the hobby was becoming too expensive


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You can always hedge against price increases by investing in GW shares. An investment of $5000 will return about $300 per year. Over 10 years that's around $2500 worth of models you can buy after capital gains taxes, and the shares should be increasing in value if they continue to be an evil smart corporation. How many local game stores give you that kind of opportunity?

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Soh everyhone's beetching abouht GW's leehtle price hike, ahnd hyoo ahll mees the beeyuhtifhul beeger peec-toor

the gloo-rhee-ous side effect to GW's meestake, the redeehming fahk-toor, the greaht benefeet

By ayleeuhnaytihng their custhomers, beehtraying their fans, roo-ihn-eeng their nhew poh-ten-tee-al clients, GW has poosh thousands so SEHLL THEIR AHR MEES HON EEH BAY

There's goh-ing to be a MASS-EEVE suhr-plus of moh-dels beheeng sold to SPITE GW, and hall hwee have to do is cash in on hall the nheck-beerds throwing hup their chubby harms and stickheeng eet to the man.


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OP here, I know it wasnt for me, but...thank you...that was beautiful

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I'll add that if you bought shares in 2010 at <$400 you'd have covered all the price increases and then some.

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to be fair, the concept of investing in every greedy corporation thats likely trying to stop itself crashing and burning by upping prices and closing stores rather than expanding is the reason the economy is a piece of shit.

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He only did it because the Powers he couldn't stand her constant tardspeech...
He's not even helping her really...
Not like he would...
I mean, it's not like he likes her or anything.

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Just found a 1500 point dark eldar army on craigslist for 15 bucks.

I love my life

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Well, no, he very much doesn't. When she got her skull crushed and soiled herself post-mortem, he just laughed.

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All of the conflicts in 40k are just tsunderes trying to convince their peers and everyone around them that 'it's not like I l-like xenos...or anything!"

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Its an amazing feeling

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To be fair GW's North American business has show growth the past year to the tune of 12% LFL, they continue to be a profitable company (even with a decline in LFL growth which may reverse this year), and are debt free as a company. So the idea that they are "crashing and burning" is a bit of a misnomer seeing as they're still a very strong (as in have paid dividends over the past 3 years) business worth investing in.

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...this is true, I just dont like price increases and made so many bad investments this year

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People who the bank is foreclosing on their house seem to be selling a lot of models cheap near me.

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Search "necrons" on ebay, dem prices! It's beautiful!

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Price hikes AND new edition.

Brace yourselves, new armies everywhere.

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They may not be the best business model in the world (the lack of major upper tier components like economists and marketing teams), but they continue to produce a strong product. And over the course of the past couple years have really leveraged their IP to earn some serious dough (look at the mid year earnings statement for this year for God's sake).

I disagree with alot of what they do, but even I continue to buy models, albeit at a slower pace, and they continue to earn money and pay my dividend.

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>Games workshop when people bitch about their prices

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well, they are britfags

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Maybe ill start that guard army after alll

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>mfw I realize that prices are so high that I might as well just get all my stuff from Forge World

It feels strangely liberating.

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Wait. There are still morons playing GW games?

I thought everyone quit when they started selling plastic crap instead of miniatures.

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This is not how anime plots supposed to go.

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what the crap is this?

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Its not like I...I like you or anything baka

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So when exactly are these price-hikes suppose to take swing? I was told early June but prices on the Australian GW site remain the same.

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Birdy the Mighty. Second season. It's basically about an alien teleporter refugee on Earth murdering his way through a load of war criminals.

Like so:

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Seeing as their plastics still rank as some of the most high quality in the world - yes plenty of people (as a matter of fact a plurality of the miniatures market) still purchases from GW.

As a further note - people like you are why I still play GW instead of getting involved in another minis game. Because instead of gently helping people explore new hobby options you chose to call people morons (you probably use the phrase "sheeple" to boot).

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Wait, i what?

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> little price hike
Can someone tell me what happened?

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The yearly GW price hike took effect last week. It was largely a marginal increase with a few items soaring (Stormraven, Land Raider, SM tanks).

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Yes, yes you what.

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a little price hike happened
just like six months ago
and a year ago
and a year ago
and so on and so forth
which means that the price of their miniatures has doubled over the course of the last six years.

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There will be no price increase in Australia. But looking at the prices already in Australia this doesn't surprise me.

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There was no price raise 6 months ago. Its a yearly price increase, happens at the end of the fiscal year (ala June).

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i'm kind of aroused. does that get sexy?

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It's already happened, atleast in my store. Land raiders went up by $5.

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Probably only enough sexy to keep you watching and hoping for more. Then again, I'm not an expert on anime.

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Does this show even have a plot?

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What's it from? I need moar

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Shipping things into the hellscape that is Australia is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

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It is none of those things. Just every store in Australia is still pretending the Aussie dollar never increased in value after 1995.

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I can see why people hate Australia, if the redback spiders don't get you the fucking dropbears will.

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Not wanting to ruin this or anything but but the reason you find this arousing /tg/ is it because their tails are psudo penises on female bodies. The male and female genitalia are the most identifiable of all objects, and we find more things genital above all else. You're all closet gays


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Don't know, only keep a couple sourceless gifs for examples of tail rape.

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what show is that

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>girls rubbing and licking phallic imagery

"/tg/ is full of closet fags'

Please explain your logic to me.

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IQDB, motherfuckers.

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First rule of psychology:
"if someone likes something, he's actually repressing the fact that he likes the opposite thing instead."
that's why heterosexuals are closet-homos, cis scum are trannies in denial, and doms are subs trying to look tough.

you should know that.

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Women should have erogenous tails to satiate all forms of sexuality in the world

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Not wanting to ruin this or anything but but the reason you find this arousing /tg/ is it because there's a muscular guy whose pubic hair is exposed.

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This is a blatant case of projection.

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I almost beat you to it. Actually the first rule of psychology is people lie to themselves, and normally thats fine until certain lives impact on the lives of themselves and other.

Psych was easily the most wanky units I ever did in collage. but damn they're fucking good fun

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And his bulging eyes are reminiscent of dongs.

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Men should all be clowns in order to sate all the humor needs of the world. But things don't work that way.

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boku no pico

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Haha what?

What is this? It actually looks pretty funny.

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Yeah, I also need source for funny. Also, science.

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its a hard world

Clowns are scary

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The manga is awesome.
It's borderline hentai and actually has a story. (Well, at least the re-continuation of the manga after that nasty thing with the author's wife does)
The anime is shitty.

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Hen Zemi, though I've never seen this scene.

It's about a bunch of perverts researching fetishism.

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sounds amazing.

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Holy shit. I was just trying to be sarcastic, but psychology is actually THAT retarded.

God damn.

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Sort of, when pursue it as a career path, its far more intensive. But for the most part, people just arent confident dealing with their own problems, and find it hard to make and stick to decisions. Going to a therapist could be understanding something, or it could just be a commitment to not have to pay $80 an hour. The human mind is infinitely complicated, and like the old 'joke' goes; "How many psyches to change a lightbulb? just one, but the lightbulb has to want to be changed"

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What's complicated about it, again? Why can't people simply be thinking what they're thinking?

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Psychology lacks scientific rigor.

They're not trying to disprove their models, they're trying to prove them, which makes it a pseudoscience.

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Google id, ego and super ego. Your ability to rationalise and the personalization of your own ego can undermine core values.

Its a lot like the chaos theory, too many variables to attain accuracy. People thing what they thing and believe what they believe, but that can shift. In addition, it needs to be compatible with core community values and laws. Dysfunction is subjective

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I don't think any psychologist tries to claim that he's doing science, anyway.
At least since the 70s.

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These units were for Psychiatry, but same deal, you pretty much start with psychology which is all wank

the man didnt believe in female orgasms for fuck sake

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Behaviorists and the biochemist ones can.

Everyone else can fuck off though.

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Goddamnit, are you using Freudian psychology? You know you need to check on current research results every seventy years or so, right?

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>Google id, ego and super ego. Your ability to rationalise and the personalization of your own ego can undermine core values.

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So, basically, there is no psychological fact from an epistemological standpoint, and you can state anything about anything when it comes to psyche.


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Lets establish that im doing physiotherapy, dont think for a second I dont think its a joke.

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Back to that sexy anime, /a/ is a bunch of trolls.

And psychology, why u no follow scientific method

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Well, i know I don't. I mean, I've never seen one, only enacted approximations. i have no reason to believe it's not a big conspiracy enabled by the shame of women who don't reach it, because it doesn't exist, but still pretend they do. But hey, that's only making more assumptions to dismiss assumptions.

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because science isn't just a method, it has to be based on knowable facts.

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The real problem is that people's behavior changes when subjected to scrutiny. If you pose someone a question in a lab setting and record their reaction, you can bet they'll have behaved differently knowing they're being recorded. It's the fundamental problem with behaviorism.

The physiological perspective has potential for the future, but right now they have no way of measuring neurotransmitters and don't know what the fuck any of them do.

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>what is this i dont even

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...are you...repressing something

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So basically, psychology is complete wankery until we can decode neurotransmitters?

I'm not saying it doesn't help people, but the field is founded on bullshit.

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fuckin chaos and shit

speaking of chaos


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Its founded on a number of theories and trends and relies on the other person to take the largest steps. Think of it more as professional self help and less like mind reading or psychic cures

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It's just more of an art than a science at the moment.
If it was complete quackery people wouldn't be getting any benefit from combinations of pharmaceutical treatments and therapy. Given that the statistics we do have show that these two forms of treatment have a lot of benefits, we have to accept they are doing something.

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So it's not science right?

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Speaking of chaos. is it worth including plague ogryns in a deathguard list? I have no melee units and possessed are super lame

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The field is almost entirely conformation bias though.

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where can I get an underhand bolter.

shit looks sick.

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its therapy, if you consider alcoholics anonymous meetings to be science, then yes. Its more like scientifically guided support

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It's currently founded on anecdotes from Freud, most of which are now being completely and utterly dispelled in every way, and from behaviorists studies that were notoriously poor in handling.

Cognitive therapy still maintains some popularity in the modern era, but it revolves around the idea of changing perspectives. So, for example, if you become depressed, somebody needs to explain to you a new paradigm that changes your depression. If your mother died she's in heaven now, kind of thing, except they have more pretense about the entire affair and will try to help you rationalize in a way they think is acceptable.

Physiology is the future because it's the circuitry and basis for human behavior. Once this starts developing, you'll never see psychologists inventing fancy terms to say "talked about your problems and told you what I want to hear" again.

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And insane amounts of ethno-centrism.

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just stick it underneath the arm instead of sticking it over it


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dude, he cut the grip off a bolter, and stuck it under his hand, and then use a tiny amount of green stuff to make it look bolted to his arm

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It is a lot like fortune telling isnt it, except its fortune telling the past.

wow thats sad

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Well, yes, it might be less of a big hoax, but it might also be a lot more dangerous.

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Many people with mental issues have very small social circles/lack any trusted persons.
Talking obviously helps, especially when you trust the medical system.

...They almost managed to lock me up because of depression. When I had therapy, that made me quite careful. Still, talking did help. And I learned a lot, like hpw rapists aren't actually driven by their sexual urges. It was quite interesting talking to someone who met so many weird people.

Mental problems are extremely variable. For example, had I taken medication for depressions, I'd never be cured. This is based mostly on my own system of values - If I need to take medicine that throws my psyche out of whack to function, I could just as well just kill myself.
Though it was all rooted in certain events in my life, so it wasn't about an issue of my bodily functions, anyway.

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you mean people who actually go as far as to rape people, or people who just have rape fantasies?

>> No.19504681

Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you.
We are on fucking /tg/ and you even dare to imply that anyone on here could use the term "rapist" synonymously with "person that has rape fantasies"? What the fuck are you on? Are you a troll? An insane feminist lunatic?

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Depends man, my partner waited two years before we decided to try medication for her. It was a hard two years of mental agony for her, I would come home and find she hadnt gotten out of bed that day or she'd be picking up all her possessions from out of the bin because that morning she threw it all out. She had intense mood swings, social anxiety, depression, apathy. She pivoted everything on her father molesting her sister early on and an inferiority complex that developed from that.

The moment she got onto medication she was able to make sense of her own emotions, she was able to handle day to day life, got her job back, went back to study, she first time in two years she could be genuinely happy. Within a week we went from almost breaking up to getting engaged.

Depends bro

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>1st episode
>6 min in
>girl 1 writes report about farting in the bath, holding the bubbles and let it mature for 30 sec
>girl 2 grows 2 generations of fruit flies in her ear
>guy wears a diper in public and pees in it repeatedly
What the FUCK am I watching!?

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>an issue of my bodily functions

confirmed for premature ejeculator
how did you think that would be ambiguous enough

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>girl 2 grows 2 generations of fruit flies in her ear

I like to think ive tried a lot of things, a lot of weird ones too, but there seems to be a lot of fetishes I dont know about

is this shit normal over there?

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>guy wears a diaper
>not a girl


fuck this shit

oh well there's still nozomi

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Ive been there, besides the themed hotels and cosplay distr...you're right

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this thread got weird.

First it was Tzeentch
>Prices? Ebay?
>Just as planned
then it got slaneesh with /a/

>maggots in ear
goddamn, now Nurgle's taking over

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Now were all of them

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I was actually talking about brain chemistry.

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I fully endorse this move, though in the short term, it doesn't really hurt GW until the independent game stores realize where the trend is going and start cutting back on (or just completely stopping) their GW related orders.

The benefit to independant stores stopping orders is that they can sell old pieces based on the prices they bought them at, rather than the expected price to replace the bought item. If a store decides to stop carrying a product, they begin automatically undercutting GW with each of GW's price hikes... Even as the 40K market dies out for them, they'll gradually make better profits as they sell out of product (or they just freeze their prices, sell out of inventory quickly, and give no fucks while they quickly restock their shelves with a company that won't fuck them.)

With actual alternatives to GW starting to come into the picture, the proposition of having that kind of advantage looks better and better.

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very true

>> No.19505267

Were this not such a niche market, I might be inclined to agree, but GW has proven that the typical rules of economics don't apply here.

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Supply and demand will always be in effect

>> No.19505561

... Except that the actual supply and actual demand is reflected by prices in a non-fixed medium.

By a non-fixed medium, I mean places like craigslist and ebay... That's the price that's actually dictated by supply and demand. The prices fixed by GW are based on a "supply" of lazy suckers and the "demand" of GWs wishes and dreams.

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