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The Turtle endures!

House Bulwark
"Not One Step Back"
62 Defense:
The Shell (Superior Castle, 50), The Maw (Tower, 10)
31 Influence
31 Lands:
Wetland with coast (6). The Shell.
Bridge (8). The Maw
Grassy plains with stream and Hamlet(17).
22 Law: -2 on Fortune rolls
26 Population: +1 on fortune rolls
27 Power:
Green Warships (8)
Green Garrison (3)
Green Garrison (3)
Trained Personal Guard (9)
Green Archers (4)
28 Wealth:
Port (10)
Maester (10)

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Did we want to spend any of our 8-wealth on upgrading our unit's gear?

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And so the epic begins.
Plans for House Bulwark:
-Become the Switzerland and Alcatraz of Westeros.
-Await the arrival of the Great Turtle of The Deep. May his ascension be marked by celebration and a feast of lettuce.
-Eventually either take the Throne or become an independent nation. Or both, cuz that's just how we roll

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We might want to do that, given the number of choke points we have, better gear means we can take better advantage of that.

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I say make the Maester an Artisan instead
>+1 defense to defensive structures
>Any weapon forged count as CASTLE FORGED.
>+1 fortune to wealth once a month
>Other benefits at GM's discretion of having a Master Artisan, can you saw, potential Valaryian steel blades?

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What the heck is this. A medieval fortress-nation?

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What does the Maester give us, though? Can we get both?

>> No.19487115

That's our next investment then. The Maester does a lot of good things for us right now.

>> No.19487119

We're building our own GoT House!

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So what kind of soldiers do we field, anyway? Being defensively focused as we are I can't help but imagine some kind of shield phalanx approach to combat, but with the Gaelic influence mentioned at the end of the last thread I'm suddenly seeing Kern and Gallowglass-type dudes among our ranks. Sparth axes and claymores everywhere.

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And I might just run a quest with this house. House Bulwark for the Throne. Mind you, I'd be playing quite fast and loose with canon past a certain point. After all, whatever we do, it's got to be able to fuck over the canon in some way..

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>mfw lurking these threads as I prepare to run a SIFRPG

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Basically, yes. Previous thread had us roll absurdly high defense and mediocre-average everything else.

We have a nigh-impenetrable supercastle on an island, a tiny army of untested troops, and a passable economy. We also have, by virtue of that strong defensive ability, more balls than brains.

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+3 to house fortunes rolls.
Also you get a measter, those adept at the healing arts, poisons, as well as being master historians and craftsmen of their own right, the perfect tutors, nursemaids, and court advisors.
Some, can use dark magics...

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Artisan does *one* of those things.
Not all.
Maester stops people from dying of an infected papercut.
And runs our finances for us.
And educates our children.
And tends ravens so we can communicate with people other than by sending boats back and forth.

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I would play.

>> No.19487160

We might not go for the throne, everyone is going for that, it paints a giant target on us, and we can't run it from the Shell. We're interested in getting money and prestige and coming out ahead no matter who wins. We are patient.

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This might be better as a shared fiction idea that /tg/ keeps building on with the system. Especially given your earlier ideas about taking the Iron Throne, which are about as likely as modern North Korea taking over the rest of the world.

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>And tends ravens so we can communicate with people other than by sending boats back and forth.


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Just House Bulwark Quest then? Alright. I can work with that.

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I think we should save it so we can hire a Master Smith, which would give most of our men Superior weapons.

If we're going to have 4 characters, maybe we should have Lord Bulwark, his Heir, a Hedge Knight or Retainer, and the Maester.
I'm thinking he'd be Middle Age, whcih gives us 240 starting XP. It costs 10 XP to increase an ability to 3 and 30 XP for each point after that. You also get 100 XP for specialties, which cost 10XP per bonus die.
However, being that old you take a -1 die Flaw to Agility, Athletics or Endurance

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I'd say in canon it's a fusion of Dornish and Iron islanders styles so...yeah actually pretty much the same thing only with more drowning of our foes.

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Eventually we must get dragons.

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Take it to Agility. We are the turtle. We have no need for rash swiftness.

>> No.19487197


Are there even stats for those? And that means we must capture Daenerys at some point.

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Im watching these latest threads to play in one.
Dont believe the OP from th previous thread was my DM though.
He did recruit on here a week about with the opening thread being a shield heraldry of Baratheon though...
Infranty units with support groups of fast hitting Raiders behind them?

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Our Lord can make 2 of his 3 Benefits Head of House (duh) and Heirloom (giving you a Valyrian Steel Blade)

>> No.19487204

What I mean is, this thread so far has been in line with the /tg/ created settings, like old /tg/ was famous for. Let it develop all together, with no GM, and using the ruleset/rolling/voting to continue its creation--then we can use the rules to create a primary competitor and the rest of the nearby world. Let /tg/ do what it does best: shared setting creation. Don't be in such a rush to make this a quest, there's plenty of time to do so later if the idea ends up losing steam.

>> No.19487210

Hmm maybe an axe or a spear of V. Steel as it doesn't seem fitting for him to have a sword given we ARE THE TURTLE

>> No.19487214

Does he really need an awesome sword? What else can he get?

>> No.19487217

What about a shield of V. Steel?

>> No.19487224

>Not a hammer
>Or a snapping beak

>> No.19487225

This. Though it should be described as more of a sparth type than a Dane axe, since we aren't Greyjoys.

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Guys listen,

Valyrian Steel Shield? Shaped like a turtle, of course.

>> No.19487235

See, now that is much more turtle-y.

Though I'd not heard of that even being a thing in ASOIAF.

>> No.19487239

sorta pointless V. Steel is known for its sharpness unless that damn shield has some...it's a shield sword combo in the shape of a turtle.

>> No.19487243

A shield would be nice. Give it a tortoiseshell appearance, and maybe even an oval shape.

>> No.19487244

We have 100 very well trained and almost unbreakable House Guards, 200 raw recruits in our Garrison, and another 100 fairly green Archers, as well as a navy of 5 ships manned by levied fishermen

First step, what should Lord Bulwark's name be?

>> No.19487261

We should probably pump Persuasion up rather high, we're trying to go for Switzerland Alcatraz, Alcazerland, after all. Maybe get it to 4, good Warfare, decent fighting, high Endurance, not sure what else.

>> No.19487263

Something in Anglicized Gaelic. Lord Angus Bulwark, for example.

>> No.19487264


>> No.19487270

Aren't you two clever.

>> No.19487282

An incredibly light, mostly industructable shield is useless?

>> No.19487284


What about scale armor (with turtle-esque scale design) with Valyrian-ly sharp points?

>> No.19487291

Being Middle Aged, our Lord gets up to 3 benefits (2, if you remember he's got Head of House). However, that leaves him without Destiny Points, unless he takes drawbacks to get them

>> No.19487295

Lord Leonardo Bulwark
His First born Son and Heir, Donatello Bulwark
Ser Casey The Hedge Knight
And Measter Splinter

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>> No.19487303

>> No.19487308

true, Like I said, sword/shield thing where it's gotta something akin to a spike justting out from the end in the shape of a tail or something.

>> No.19487314

As cool as this is, it really doesn't fit with our Gaelic theme.

>> No.19487320

Being that this is /tg/'s house, it only makes sense for the Lord to be Massive.

>> No.19487324

You son of a bitch. You motherfucker.

>> No.19487326

>take Bastard Born, Outcast, Reviled, and Supreme Arrogance
>play That Guy in-game

>> No.19487328

Oroku Saki.
Lord from one of the free cities? A dornish lord?
Some crazy Wildling name?

>> No.19487329

The Gaelic theme that's only been suggested once or twice so far? Not that names have to match their Earth history sorts (see: all the horsemen without Mongol names but clearly Mongol-alogues).

>> No.19487330

Charismatic could be very useful, we need to get everyone to trust and like us if we're going to have hostages from half a dozen houses housed in the Shell.

>> No.19487332


Shall I bear your children?

>> No.19487334

Indeed. I'm thinking Massive and Tough, and take a few Drawbacks to boost Destiny points, since it isn't ASoIaF if you don't have flaws pouring out your arsehole.

>> No.19487345

>We can be a DWARF

>> No.19487346

Per cannon, you don't waste V-Steel on anything but noble weapons really.
V-Steel armor/shields would be reforged into swords in short order.
Heck, per cannon, they're "extremly few" non-sword/daggers made of V-Steel.

>> No.19487348


this, as long as we hold hostages it doesn't matter how big our house is when it's about as easy to take as storm's end or dragonstone.

>> No.19487360

We aren't a combat house, we don't go into the field. We rely on patience and our fortress, don't burn all of our benefits on things of limited use to us.

>> No.19487370

I can't tell are we turning this into a quest thread?

Anyways someone archive this and the last thread

>> No.19487378

I hope not. We're doing too awesome for that.

>> No.19487381


become navy superpower and profit, also are we on the same side of westeros as the iron men? if so then fuck.

>> No.19487382

He's our lord. He should be made of huge.

>> No.19487392

You may not have been around for old /tg/, but this kind of collaborative creation is what we used to be known for. Don't try to kill it off by turning it into a quest thread, with one person directing everything. Watch and learn, young grasshopper, great things are in the making.

>> No.19487396

I vote for a removal of the turtle god. As much as a funny idea it is, it's just not very political. Hell it might lead to a casus beli for someone to fuck us up.

>> No.19487402

We are not. Lucky us.

>> No.19487410

I'm good with both that, and with the house having no aspiration to the Iron Throne, because they are realistic.

>> No.19487413

Still someone should archive this on suptg for future reference.

>> No.19487415

Seconded, to an extent.
I sorta like the idea of displaced Rhoynishmen leading the house, in which case reverence of the Old Man of the River would make sense, but other than that, no need to dream up some turtle god just to be all turtle all the time.

>> No.19487424

That particular poster seems to not be quite in line with the rest of /tg/'s suggestions.

>> No.19487425

Complete opposite sides. We're in Dragon's Reach, the land of Robert Baratheon and his two brothers.
There there is King's Landing, The Reach, The Frey's and the Lannister's lands, and THEN there's the Iron Islands

>> No.19487427

The only thing we have to fear is if Fitzcarraldo joins the Ironmen and they drag their longships over the Neck

I think we either go with Lord Angus or Lord Leonardo.

He's got to have Status 5 or 6, which leaves 170 or 140 XP left over. We need Fighting and Warfare too.

>> No.19487431

Having Lord Leonardo and his son Donatello will do that well enough besides.

>> No.19487434

this, so Old Gods, the Seven, the Lord of Light?

>> No.19487448

It's too far south for the Old Gods. Probably the seven, and if we wanted to later on the lord of light.

>> No.19487450

Status 5 should work, we need persuasion at a good level, maybe 4, and decent fighting and warfare at least 3 for each.

>> No.19487452


let's be realistic, we already by the end of the fifth book have R'hlor on the move, and the fags in kingslanding fucked up and gave the faith of the seven permission to form a personal army again (fucking cersei). Let's be realistic and try to avoid excommunication.

>> No.19487455

Lord Leonardo.

I mean, it's funny as hell to have Maester Splinter, whereas the other two suggestions were bad puns.
>Lord Angus Bull (Wark)
>Lord Terrible (Wark)

>> No.19487459

Old man in the River, we carved the stream in the castle as a shrine to him it was a pond till we got there. I'd say for the fun of names we're of Rhoynish blood that has been displaced to Dragons reach

>> No.19487468

I thought we were Stannis's bannermen? Gotta tow the line there or we're going to get a sick burn.

>> No.19487473

I'm the one who suggested Angus, and I can tell you with a straight face that no pun was intended.

>> No.19487486


thanks, found a map will post just for reference

>> No.19487487

They did? I'm not that far in the books yet.

Well... maybe we should embrace fanatics? Fanatics would be great for morale during a siege or particularly tough year.

>> No.19487490

I did analogs for everyone, even Ser Casey is a tie in.

>> No.19487495

Stannis was a follower of the Seven until everyone abandoned him post Robert's death.

>> No.19487499


embrace R'hlor and burn the Heretic in winter for warmth.

>> No.19487503

I know, but the rest were alright, Maester Splinter was the fuckwin tier.

>> No.19487510

Yeah, seriously, how the hell is that even a pun, anyway?

>> No.19487511

Cooped up on a tiny island, you want to be stuck there with a bunch of fanatics?

>On the other hand, it would make us even more the fantasy version of North Korea...

>> No.19487519

Nope, stop being a heathen. Heathen.

>> No.19487523


Wikipedia is your friend. Google can also help.

>> No.19487529

Come on Knight-kun, if you die, I can preform last rites on you.
No tongue this time i promise!

>> No.19487530

It's not spelled "Bullwark", you know.

>> No.19487536

>Has never heard of Angus beef
>Only one of the most common varieties of cattle
>An Angus Bull-wark

>> No.19487540

>Implying puns rely on spelling and not homophones

>> No.19487542

If we get Persuasion, Warfare and Fighting 4, that leaves 50 XP, that is, 5 abilities at level 3. Athletics, Endurance, Cunning, Will, and maybe Animal Handling, Marksmanship, or Survival.

>> No.19487543

MOVING ON, what is the next order of business gentlemen?

>> No.19487544

Doesn't stop it from being a pun. Just like Terry. Terry Bulwark becomes Terrible Wark.

>> No.19487550

I'm down with that.

>> No.19487552

>Implying puns don't rely on intent before everything else

Eat a dick.

>> No.19487560

Marksmanship I'd say.
If you're defending a wall it's good to be able to snipe the guys crewing the siege weapons.

>> No.19487563

Sounds good, though it seems a little strange for our lord not to have Endurance above 3.

>> No.19487571

He's no spring chicken, maybe he just can't jog as long as he used to.
He's still adult human average, even though he's at least well into his 40s.
Seems fine to me.

>> No.19487574

Abilities, Specialties, and Benefits and Drawbacks for Lord Leonardo. I'm thinking we just use the sample characters for Ser Casey, Donatello, and Maester Splinter, maybe with a little alteration (ie Ser Casey has blood of the Rhoyne instead of First men, Donatello has 5 Status and increases Persuasion, Warfare, Cunning or Fighting by one) and roll for their backstory and personality

>> No.19487579

Fair enough sir, fair enough.

>> No.19487584

>Has never heard of the very common phrase "no pun intended"

>> No.19487593

I quite like the idea of some more random results.

>> No.19487600

>Has never heard of the very common phrase "scraping the bottom of the barrel", which you need to do in order to make this a pun in any way

No, seriously, eat a dick you little shit.

>> No.19487611

Nenesis of Oroku Saki of course.
The Shredder.
Maybe he runs a band of roving pirates instead.
Maybe the name sound a little more african or arabic to fit in the shroad of his being from the lands of the free cities.

>> No.19487621

3 is pretty good.

Lord Leonardo Bulwark, Middle Aged Leader
Agility 2 (Flaw:-1D)
Athletics 3
Cunning 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 4
Marksmanship 3
Persuasion 4
Status 5
Warfare 4
Will 3
Head of House


Now we have 10 points to put into specialties, plus our 2 benefits and our drawbacks

>> No.19487622

Guy who actually posted it here, see >>19487473 please.

Everybody else ignore the angry faggot and move on.

>> No.19487626


famous for stealing a famous item or sinking a ship with close family members on it?

>> No.19487629

For some reason, I picture our Lord being young, bristle-chinned, and with the Massive advantage so he can one-hand a pollax.

>> No.19487642

I can pass "Leonardo" in this setting, but that name is right the fuck out unless he's something like a wildling.

>> No.19487644

don't forget he killed Maester Splinter's father, and that Maester Splinter acted as a surrogate father/uncle to us during our youth

>> No.19487648


>> No.19487659

Two single-edged swords might not be more fitting?

>> No.19487662

He could just be a Pirate from the Far East. Like Quarth.
There is a canonical "China" in the setting, it's just way far out.

>> No.19487663

I'm >>19487540 and I can say with certainty that I am NOT >>19487584

>> No.19487665

Leo's hotheaded. so Furious could be one.
Honor-bound as well, though it might make it tough to run a secret prison if we have it though.

>> No.19487671

Some specialties in Bargain or Convince would be nice, maybe 1 or 2 in memory, a turtle never forgets, 1 or 2 in shields, and I'm not sure whether to go for Command, Strategy, or Tactics.

>> No.19487673


that was what the father looks like for >>19487626

>> No.19487676

Actually, a V-Steel Katana would be a pretty interesting and unique weapon...

Sorry... not a Katana... A... Um... Valeryian Sabre?

>> No.19487677


I never realized GRRM had left out all Japanese names/culture from his setting, but I do like that he did.

>> No.19487680

>might make it tough to run a secret prison if we have it though.
Why should The Shell's status as The Alcatraz Of Westeros be a secret?

>> No.19487681

That...WOULD be something not entirely unlike a wildling as far as Westerosi are confirmed. All right, I'm down.

>> No.19487690

Well, we don't know TOO much about the culture of Asshai and Yi Ti besides some prophecies and critters that live there.

>> No.19487705


>> No.19487718




>> No.19487727

It could probably cut through a tank!

>> No.19487736

Command is always useful in war, especially since we have so many Green troops.

>> No.19487739

We're in a giant fortress island. Nothing could go wrong.

>> No.19487740

Inb4 "Masterword Bastard Sword"

>> No.19487741


CONCERNED. The fuck, fingers?

>> No.19487751


>> No.19487760


i'm with this guy, honor didn't work for ned or robb or jon, fuck that shit. What happens if we're blockaded for a year eh? Or our navy is destroyed? We're stuck in our little impenetrable shell without incoming food.

>> No.19487763

Will you two just SHUT UP!

>> No.19487765

Take it! Definitely take it.

>> No.19487771


Er, Heir.

>> No.19487776

Yeah, voting for Command as it will help him lead his troops better and make up for their lack of experience.

>> No.19487781

Honor brings allies. Or at least people who might trust us to do something. We can't take much land but we might as well become someone loyal bannerman.

>> No.19487801


Stannis and Joffrey will both need us in time, we can decide then.

>> No.19487812

Dear god no not Joffrey.

>> No.19487815

Shields 2 would let us use a Tower Shield in combat, which is cool.
Agility 2 (Flaw:-1D)
Athletics 3
Cunning 3 (Memory +1)
Endurance 3
Fighting 4 (Shield +2 )
Marksmanship 3
Persuasion 4 (Bargain +1 Convince +1)
Status 5
Warfare 4 (Command +1)
Will 3
Head of House

That's 4 Specialties left, plus up to 2 benefits and any more disadvantages we want

>> No.19487817

Reward brings allies, cunning brings allies, strength brings allies. Honor does shit all except give some fond memories at the end of the day.

>> No.19487821

Surely you mean Stannis and Ned/Robb will need us in time and we can choose then.

>> No.19487842


what's the point of fighting for Robb when we're on the other side of the continent? I'm not saying we have to serve Joffrey i'm saying it's an option.

>> No.19487853

Stewardship is pretty useful, and we should have some specialty in whatever weapon we'll be using.

>> No.19487860


>> No.19487870

I'd put another into Bargain or Convince, whichever one is best at turning us into Switzerland Alcatraz, which would probably be Convince. Then one point in Stewardship.

For Benefits, we should get Charismatic, turtles are very charismatic.

>> No.19487871

In this setting, anyway.

It's enough to make you wonder how the knightly virtues ever became a recognized concept in Westeros when honor clearly means even less than it did in the real world.

And one of our PC offspring needs to be a hard-drinking, kilt-wearing, claymore-swinging, frequently-accused-of-sheep-buggering Highlander archetype.

>> No.19487927

So Donatello Bulwark would shift that Status point into Endurance, swap his Breeding specialty into Resilience (for drinking) and gets an extra Destiny point for Disturbing Habit (Bestiality).
And it gives you a bonus to Intimidate! "That's a very pretty horse you have there. Shame if someone were to sodomise it."

>> No.19487938

>"That's a very pretty horse you have there. Shame if someone were to sodomise it."

>> No.19487949

>And it gives you a bonus to Intimidate! "That's a very pretty horse you have there. Shame if someone were to sodomise it."

>> No.19488017

oh, and here's a Heraldry blank i made from WFRP

>> No.19488020

so we'll proceed forward with the choices we've made?

>> No.19488035

Lord Leonardo Bulwark
Agility 2 (Flaw:-1D)
Athletics 3
Cunning 3 (Memory +1)
Endurance 3
Fighting 4 (Shield +2 [some weapon]+1)
Marksmanship 3
Persuasion 4 (Bargain +1 Convince +2)
Status 5 (Stewardship +1)
Warfare 4 (Command +1)
Will 3 (Courage +1)
Head of House, Charismatic
Intrigue Defense 10
Compsure 9
Combat Defense 7 (13 with Tower Shield)
Health 9

Time for Donatello's backstory. I need 6 rolls of 2d6, 2 events in his youth and adolescence, and 4 for his goals, motivations, virtues and vices.

>> No.19488042

All at once or one at a time?

>> No.19488062

rolled 3, 1 = 4


>> No.19488064

rolled 5, 2 = 7

Here we go.

>> No.19488069

Might as well do all at once, just take the first 6 rolls to be posted

>> No.19488084

rolled 4, 2 = 6


>> No.19488090

Donatello fought in a battle before he was 9, and did some heroic deed in his teens. Leonardo is a worse father than Ned Stark

>> No.19488101

rolled 5, 5 = 10

Aye, he was a wee little laddie when he claymored 'is first shitestain te death.

>> No.19488107

rolled 1, 3 = 4


>> No.19488140

rolled 4, 3 = 7

Might as well do the last roll.
Donatello's goal is love (possibly sheep-love), he's motivated by Stability (which is a fine Turtle trait) and he's courageous.

>> No.19488151

rolled 5, 5 = 10

And he's foolish.

Ser Casey has 8 rolls, since he's old enough for 4 background events.

>> No.19488152

Courageous AND Foolish. The perfect combination, from which I foresee no difficulties whatsoever!

>> No.19488171

rolled 5, 2, 2, 1, 6, 6, 2, 5, 5, 5, 2, 5, 6, 5, 6, 6, 6, 4, 5, 4 = 88

Have fun.

>> No.19488213

rolled 5, 2, 4, 2, 3, 1, 6, 5 = 28

Ser Casey's history:
Involved in a villainous Scandal
Performed a heroic deed
Torrid love affair
Held as a prisoner
He seeks power and stability, and is humble but scheming.

Maester Splinter was a Ward as a chld, became involved in a villainous scandal, and attended some great Tournament.

>> No.19488226

Splinter seeks Power, and is motivated by love (so he loves the family and wants to help them gain power?)
He's courageous and scheming, which is useful. A couple of schemers should keep Scottish Robb Stark under control

>> No.19488285


which is what robb needed, but sadly catelyn and lumin were away.

>> No.19488288

Sounds good.

BTW, where on the map are we, anyway? Should we assume that our islands are somewhere in the middle of Blackwater Bay or just off Massey's Hook?

>> No.19488296

>implying Robb Stark isn't Scottish as is

>> No.19488297


in between messey's point and Tarth?

>> No.19488312

rolled 2, 6, 5, 5, 4, 6, 6, 6, 2, 3, 6, 3, 1, 4, 4, 1, 1, 2, 6, 4 = 77

Make sure the threads get archived, guys!

>Relying on foolz only is for, well, fools.

>> No.19488445

That would make sense if we're supposed to have been sworn to House Baratheon for centuries

>> No.19488474

I like it.

>> No.19488594

So what time period should this be? I'm thinking have it start around the first book, so we have a bit of time to do stuff before Stannis calls his banners. Or maybe have it set around the Tourney of the King's Hand, so we could do a modified version of the Peril at King's Landing module, with Shraddar of Lys behind the plot.

>> No.19488648

The book assumes you start off at a time roughly concurrent with the beginning of the first book. Bobby's on the throne, Joffrey's only a tiny little shit rather than a tiny little shit WHO RULES THE KINGDOMS, Dany still fucks her brother, people still think Tywin Lannister shits gold, etc...

>> No.19488703

Plus it provides all sorts of opportunities for fun and excitement!

>> No.19488815

I'm not saying we SHOULD arrange for Joffrey's pheasant dinner to be braised in a delicious marinade of basilisk's blood...

>> No.19488816

does it really matter at that point?
he dies like 5 minutes later anyways

>> No.19488817

I once had a Maester who devised a way to counter the mental scarring of basilisk's blood, but preserve its flavor on meat, rendering it a harmless and extremely tasty spice (or, with a bit of skill and risk involved, a means to subtly increase aggressiveness in a meek person over time).

>> No.19488823


beginning of the book sounds good, a lot changes over the war, but do know our fleet will inevitably be demolished at the battle for black water unless they're kept patrolling.

>> No.19489719

>Dany still fucks her brother


>> No.19489745

Loltargaryens. Though I don't think that ACTUALLY happened...for once...

>> No.19489757

Targaryens have a habit of marrying/fucking their relatives. So their blood remains "pure".

Pros: Bitchin dragon blood; Im Fucking fire-proof bitches
Cons: Retardation and madness

>> No.19489822


well we do learn that her brother tried to fuck her before her wedding to Drago.

but he was wisely talked out of it.

>> No.19489892

>Going for Ninja Turtles References for names
I love you guys.

>> No.19492440

bump for a worthy cause of a thread

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