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Alright /tg/ I remember about a year ago or so there were some stories about a barbarian named Wurg who liked murdering dragons. Could someone help me out? sup/tg/ turned up negative on both the character and the dude's trip.

Until then, thinly veiled excuse to dump story times.

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wow 2 took forever to load up I thought it didn't take...

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That's one of my favourites

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Alright this is gonna end soon due to me overestimating how many of these I thought I had saved. My bad.

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Like I mean hilariously sooner than I thought it would. Premature ejaculation hilarious.

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dude, I just thought the same thing D:

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Well I guess we are just a pair of saps then aren't we? Well meaning, ill-prepared saps.

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Man I'm really scraping the bottom of my barrel here

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And that's all I got for you /tg/. I have failed you

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man I have a lot of threads but not as many as I thought where /tg/ related...

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and rather derailed, because WIZARD!

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You get ONE bump, OP.

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Have another bump, OP.

IIRC Wurg ended up with a suit of armor made of dragons.

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/r/ing the story of all the monks in the tavern i think it was and they all try to impress eachother with martial arts moves n shit but end up rolling awfully and ruin the tavern

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Bump and vote for archival fa/tg/uys!


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I'm sorry, I just figured this thread deserved to be archived as all.

I apologize if I did something wrong.

Also a quick story.

> Be a level 6 human cleric in a haunted mansion.
> Separate from rest of the group (due to me leaving early that particular day) to find our missing dwarf barbarian.
> See barbarian being carried off into adjacent forest by a large force.
> Rush back to last place the party was last seen, nobody there.
> Walk to the other end of the hallway (on the second floor of the mansion) when the walls begin to ooze blood.

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> Run down the stairs closest to me.
> Notice the walls, stairs, and air seems to become more and more alive (like, as described to me, a mushroom like texture) the more I descend.
> Suddenly hear a voice in the darkness calling out my name (which was, as described to me, similar to a voice of the legion).
> Then, mansion is pulled up all around me into the sky
> Realize I'm no longer in the world I was anymore.

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We have our own non-shitty archive that automatically saves every thread.


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Ozzmar sounds like a fucking boss. I'd love to hear that story.

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Force anon wins.

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Anyone got the one with "the elves are killing each others in the hills and the forests"?

I need it for reasons.

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Specifically, it compares them to the slavs, and describes the progress of human evolution while the elves are killing each other.

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Sorry, just took me a minute to find

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Aaaaand something similar

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ECL 15 game, party is hired to investigate a haunted mansion.

We go in, place is larger on the inside than the outside, we cant get out. Okay so we head to the first room. DM says theres a bunch of cryptic lettering, alphabets and a body strung up between 2 pillars in the middle of the room.

Everyone fails the knowledge rolls with pretty high DCs. Absolutely NOTHING happens for ages as everyone talks to each other, pokes around the room, but otherwise does NOTHING whatsoever. DM refused to give hints and just sits there watching us narrate our actions to each other.

I am a ranger with good fort/ref saves. I try to get the plot moving by cutting down the body. DM says i triggered an epic trap with a save or die DC of something like 38. I fail. He cites the "occasionally some encounters will be tougher than normal" rule in the DMG. As far as i know the campaign didnt go anywhere because nobody dared to do anything, nobody could figure out anything and the DM refused to deviate from his carefully prepared plan and just sat there watching them do nothing.

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Well it turns out I had one more story

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Croat here

What in the actual fuck

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Picked these up a little while back, that thread made me laugh harder than I have in virtually forever.

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No Old Man Henderson?
Odd, that's usually one of the first ones posted.

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No, this thread cannot die! Post more awesome! Do eet, do eet nao!

I was in the thread this one came from.

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> The world I'm in is a cruel mockery of the world I knew.
> The sky is red, filled with blood mist in the shapes of clouds, sending down black lightning which tears my character's arm apart and disenchants my "protection from evil"
> A few feet away, I see an abomination laughing at me.
> It's described as a hulking behemoth, covered in thousands of eyes, with a frame that shifts from water to spiders to snakes to fire...
> It describes itself as anthropomorphic fear itself
> Suddenly...I wake in a camp.
> Everything before, my journey to self-redemption, my meeting with the party, me unknowingly being dragged to hell and confronted by a demon of my worse fears...all seems like a distant dream.
> I leave my tent, arm myself with my mace and my armor, and follow my commanders as we confront a small crowd of heathens.

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Let's see if I can't bump this epic shit...ah, this one's a goody.

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Short, but deadly.

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>have typed my "powergaming druid faggot" story twice
>never screencapped it
>debating on if I should tell it again or not
Do you want me to tell it /tg/?

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So how about a never-falling Paladin that makes fallen Paladins jelly?

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I would like to hear the story

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Does anyone recall the thread where that anon told a story about his human merchant in some online freeform chatroom that was killed by an angry dragon-guy, and the merchant's son came back to kill pretty much the dragon-guy's entire race?

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I agree. I'll keep bumping with what I have. Might break into HFY, if it gets REALLY slow.

Also, how this hasn't been posted yet, I really have no idea.

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Gets me every time.

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You could just put it in Word for easy copypasta.

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>Play War Master
>give speech about no man left behind etc. before we go off to fight Austrian Orcs
>Come across a siren in a lake. One person fails his save
>The rest of the party is running away writing off that guy as a lost cause
>I wake up, my attendant straps on my sword and gun belt
>"Don't do it man you won't make it she'll kill you!"
>Jump in anyway
>Swim into the lake, grab the guy, swim with him back to shore.
>We emerge from the water
>"No man left behind."

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Also, more dwarf shenanigans.

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Well I have at least one taker, so I'll tell.

This my friends, is the story of my first, gaming group, whom I still play with (only been playing D&D seriously for a little over a year)
>join up with gf and her dad for his sunday game
>he finds an add looking for people to play D&D with at the local game store
>its on saturday, so its perfect
>meet up with the guys
>Mike. Smoker, gun enthusiast, practicing druid and that sarcastic nice guy
>Troy, the bear with a heart of gold
>Ryan, started out cool but becomes the future "that guy" (we'll get to that later)
>and who was at the time, "that guy", Rob, who was quite literally borderline retarded


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Oh boy, it's Konrad.

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>pretty nervous but get into Ryans game pretty fast, having fun but one thing persists, Rob's antics
>though its my first time playing other than a few one off campaigns a year prior, I could tell he had no idea what the fuck he was doing
>was constantly slowing combat to a crawl with trying to call shots (which persisted for weeks, despite being told that we dont do called shots) and other shit

>over the course of weeks, Rob is increasingly annoying, none of us really like him , and he angers the shit out of Mike
>after halting combat at one point in the gf's dads game ( we had decided to alternate sundays at one point since Ryan wanted to play as well) for about a half hour, the group comes to a unanimous decision to kick him out
>leaves without much fuss

We thought the troubles were over, but had just fucking started.


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Also, one of my favorites.

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How about a revolution?

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I say, how could one forget the classy acts of Sir Bearington?!

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>not long after kicking Rob out, our Druid troubles start with Ryan
>playing Chaotic Neutral (read as Chaotic Stupid)
>uses that as an excuse to hide valid info from the party
>tries to hide and take loot for himself when he finds it
>begins slowing combat due to always arguing with the DM over spells

Huge "that guy" moment!
>talking with Kobolds to get through their territory
>at least 300 in the room alone
>negotiations start at 1000 gold and some food form the local bar that we worked out
>work it down to 200 gold and a nice pearl
>group decided to not go into combat
>ryan swigs a potion of hast
>everyone freaks
>nearly wipes all of the group but me (haha, gaseous form) when 500+ kobolds swarm
>he leaves for a smoke break
>DM brings the deal back up
>"sure,we'll pay the 200!"
>"you mean...the 1000"
>I'm the only person with that much gold
>have to pay it to live

>outside of this, we notice that something isn't right
>getting extremely high numbers on skill checks, even when rolling something like an 8
>everyone is suspicious but all hold their tongues.
>fucker dies to a construct of a Beholder (death beam is a bitch)
>seems okay with it and goes home to build a barbarian

this is where it gets interesting
>take it upon myself to look up everything about his character
>was lying about prices on equipment (saying a 10,000+ item was 2,000 and so on)
>had an animal companion from a list his level didn't qualify for

>calls Shea and bug (gf and her father) about his barb
>says he rolled MAX HP (8 12's in a fucking row) and a ton of 18's and 16's on stats
>discuss among ourselves to make him re-roll if he actually uses it


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It's been a long time since I namefagged or tripfagged, and I don't come here as often as I used to, but here I am.

I regret to inform OP that the campaign did not end happily, and though Wurg survived, his particular material plane was destroyed. In a game I DMed for the club the next year, just to feel what it was like to DM, I managed to work in Wurg as a background hero-deity. By some great coincidence, I started a thread on the subject today, the details of his ascension can be found here:

I believe I have told /tg/ about Wurg's greatest in-game accomplishment: the slaying of an Ancient Blue Dragon named Blaze. Not sure if I or anyone else screencapped it. What I have never told /tg/ about is his brief duel with Anti-Wurg, an elvish Paladin of Tyranny serving Tiamat. The circumstances under which we encountered him would take too long to explain, so I'll get straight to the duel itself: we both charged, using the Shock Trooper plus Leap Attack build to full effect, then used some weapon property which allowed us to get free bull rushes on each other. Separated, we charged again and both got critical hits. In the end, his higher critical multiplier and larger hitdice made Wurg the victor; he beheaded Anti-Wurg and survived being impaled upon his foe's greatsword.

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This may be 4e, but it's great all the same.

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>bring up how OP he has made us in his own game
>we are a bunch of lvl 8's with lvl 15 gear
>his challenges have to match what we can dish out, but our HP cant take those kind of fights
>ask him to let us re-roll with starting gear
>"its okay guys, you only have like 2 more encounters"
>after that we have a 3 week hiatus due to multiple things
>he thinks we just want him out
>never shows up again, assume he has been kicked out.

In the end, we replaced his game with Mike running Beyond The Supernatural, which we are all having a blast with, and got his 60 something year old mother to play D&D with us.
Surprisingly, she's a great roleplayer and combatant. I have to say, although we went through all of this shit, I fucking love the friends I have made in this group.

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What a classy ending. Good to hear things are going well for you.

In regards to my picture, not all Paladins get angry, but when they do, they do so righteously.

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Good story man and I'm glad your having fun now.

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Glad to see some people enjoyed it!

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While I'm talking about Paladins...

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Oh god, this one is amazing.

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Yesssssss that's the one I was looking for. I regret not being around for either the game or the recounting of it.

Thank you to all you fine gentlemen who kept this thread bumped

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I have a lot of Paladin stories. Just going in order of my folder, though.

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Enjoying the stories, are we?

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My previous! story, in handy dandy pasta form!

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This one is just plain frightening.

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Bricks are the best weapons ever.

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This guy is pretty cool, too.

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After looking around, I can confirm that I didn't save the recounting of Blaze's slaying. How foolish of me.

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The majority of these stories aren't really that good.

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File: 562 KB, 1880x2624, The Paladin's Choice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Text is a bit blurry on this one, but with the right zoom, you can read it. Well worth the time, though.

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Time for a mindfuck, folks.

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Ah, good ol' Lamp. What a great guy.

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I'm a fan of irony, but goddamn.

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Fucking Nat.

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And now for something completely different.

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Second to last one before I run out of these, my friends. I might go for a bit to grab a bite to eat, though when I get back, would you be alright if I started posting some Human Fuck Yeah stuff?

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Now, this one is more funny than anything, so it's a pretty good one to end on. I'll be back in a little while, hopefully. Here's to all the epic, less-than-epic, and even shitty moments that have occurred in role-playing history, eh?

>> No.19482765

Friend of mine wanted to try some "Cooperative World Building" after he heard about it in a podcast. The general idea is that the players each come up with gods, and take turns slowly shaping the world through three ages. I take up Nature, who I decide to portray as a chill-as-fuck lumberjack that chills out all day in his hammock and gets fed fruit by sexy dryad bitches.

The game is going along, with people doing things like making a giant desert, making various races that range from dragons to humans and everything else. Nature doesn't do too much past creating a race of bird-people that live on a chain of islands. Nature then decides to make an avatar that's a gigantic, chill-as-fuck turtle that can take the shape of any animal. Though the animal will be gigantic. Nature also turns an island into a large caldera that constantly has pure life flowing from it. Kinda like that stream of life from Mushi-shi.

Nearing the end of the last age:

>Dragons all go berserk, start waging war on everyone
>All the Eladrin wage war on their former human allies before vanishing mysteriously
>Avatar is Madness gets stuck inside a city that can only be reached by setting off without a destination in mind
>Nature makes two more avatars, a gigantic mountain made of ice that hangs out with the Yeti and chills all day, and a gigantic tree that hangs out with the treants and chills all day.
>Rifts get torn inside the world, no one knows why. Nature starts getting annoyed
>Death has turned a ten mile wide iceberg into a flying fortress of doom
>Dragons go apeshit and attack every race. The Treants and Yeti kill the fuck out of them. The bird-people that Nature first made get almost entirely wiped out.
>Nature gets his jimmies rustled.

>> No.19482774

>Nature orders his turtle avatar to turn into a giant whale to save the bird people
>Nature then gets out of his hammock, the skies rumble
>Nature grabs his woodcutters axe that he always has. Calls it The Calamity Axe. It's a woodcutters axe with KALAMMITY written on it.
>Nature looks down through the clouds and hits every major dragon settlement with a plague of scale rot. All of the dragons scales fall off. This goes on for 100 years.
>Nature then hits the dragons with storms of salt, to cause the dragons horrible pain. This lasts another 100 years.
>Nature finishes off the dragons with windstorms so large and powerful, that they pick up the dragons fallen scales and slice the dragons into pieces. This lasts 100 years.
>Nature cleans up the area by incinerating the former dragon cities with storms of lava. This lasts 100 years and this kills the dragons.
>Nature goes back to his hammock and takes a nap.

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That pic is missing the final post, though.
Epilogue is worth reading.

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I know there were more stories involving Obed Marsh, do you have those screencapped?

>> No.19483015


I wish. Also, I won't be as active in here, but I'll check in now and again.

>> No.19483208

I failed to save them on the last story screencap thread I saw, so I gotta ask, can someone repost the LARPers tale featuring the insidious High Lord Ulcik and his eventual defeat?

>> No.19484213

Is anyone actually going to archive this thread?
Or will that happen when it goes 404 on us?

>> No.19484463

Foolz will archive it but the images will go away eventually; sup/tg/ frown on these threads because every screencap is saved by dozens of us so we can always have another thread.

>> No.19484668
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I have those images my boy and very glad to share some good cultcha with you.
part 1 of 7

>> No.19484684
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part 2 of 7

>> No.19484698
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part 3 of 7

>> No.19484715
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part 4 of 7

>> No.19484730
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part 5 of 7

>> No.19484741
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part 6 of 7

>> No.19484759

part 7 of 7

>> No.19484770
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shit forgot the pic

>> No.19484865
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You sir are a scholar and a gentlebeing. May you always find a bacon sandwich when you require one.

Also, does anyone have the Legend of the Five Rings story about the group that gets killed by an Oni, only for one of them to run away and then get hunted down and brought to justice in Court by the Scorpion who survived the oni?

I forgot to save that one, and it's highly relevant to my interests.

>> No.19485074
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>> No.19485145
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>> No.19485259

You are also a scholar and gentlebeing of considerable excellence. Thank you very much.

>> No.19485313
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Anyone got the story where the bard poses as a paladin that died years ago and swore to return when the world needed him most?

I remember that it was from a "What character do you WANT to play?" thread, but I'll be damned if I can remember enough details to find it on foolz.

>> No.19485387
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>> No.19485400
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>> No.19485412
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I don't suppose I could get you to recount it?

>> No.19485414
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>> No.19485425
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>> No.19485430
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>> No.19485439
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>> No.19485449
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>> No.19485540
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>> No.19485630


>> No.19485644
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and then there's this thing

>> No.19485670
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>> No.19485831
File: 633 KB, 1245x2392, How Bubba the Biker Saved Christmas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19485956
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>> No.19486382

How long does the foolz archive save images for? I looked at some images in there and i got a 4chan 404 link.

>> No.19486405

bump for images.

>> No.19486417

What? I was just going to bump for answers, but okay then...

>> No.19487181

Holy shit.

>> No.19487209

I find this obsession with making paladins fall disturbing.

>> No.19487441

It's a thing. A lot of Paladins play very poorly; using their alignment and the character's need for JUSTICE as an excuse to be that guy or be a different kind of dick than the usual breed. Or they just don't know how to RP. Either way, the Paladin's fall tends to be well deserved and satisfying for the rest of the party.

>> No.19489681
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was the best WoD story I've ever read

>> No.19489685

you find their lack of faith disturbing?

>> No.19491522


Having never played a Paladin, why is it that so many people seem to enigineer scenarios where the only outcome is the Paladin falling or simply make him fall for the slightest reasons?

>> No.19491630
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Oh God, I'm dying in here. Great thread, guys.

Storytime caps really boil down to the very reason why /tg/ is the best thing to come out of 4chan. Things like Sir Bearington, OP's dwarf/orc situation, or Old Man Henderson are real works of genius. Some are tremendously funny, others are surprisingly engaging (I have to say that the one about the Midlife Crisis Wizard with his airship had me hooked, as well as the one about the dwarf and Mary Sue character killing the giant).

The amount of creativity in these parts is simply staggering.

You kick ass, /tg/.

>> No.19491633

No, I find this trend of wanting to make a paladin lose their faith for no good reason other than "I want to" disturbing.
My immediate gut theory is not wanting any kind of embodiment of a moral standard, so as to claim that the standard is nonexistent, but I'd rather give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
Are you saying "paladins are boring characters" or "many people who choose paladins RP them badly"?

>> No.19491651

Sounds a lot like "he wouldn't let me be chaotic neutral all the time!" for the vast majority of people I hear complaining about Paladins.

In my 3.5 game, we want our Paladin to fall not because he's trying to enforce his ideals of LAW and GOOD on us, but because he's a derpy, hammy follower of Sir Bearington who we just want to shake until he stops moving.

>> No.19491656

Well that's ok. I'm glad it doesn't go deeper than that

>> No.19492065


For some, it does.

I knew a guy who played a Paladin with a fall-lusting DM, once upon a time. Rather than allow it to happen, though, he opted to make everyone else in the party fall to sate his thirst for blood. This included a cleric, a druid, a warlock, and a psion... though the psion probably doesn't count due to the fact that it doesn't have an "ex-psion" status.

His fellow players raged like motherfuckers and swore revenge, only to realize the futility of it when he never played another Paladin.

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