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Hey /tg/ - have you read any inspiring or badass comics lately? That one page of something you'd never seen before that made you go "Yep....now I'm reading ALL of this"?

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This is, of course, obligatory.

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Pic better be unrelated, nigger.

Also, >>>/co/

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Goblins is shit though.

Are you going to suggest reading Drow tales next?

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to be fair goblins does have the adventures of minmax, snakebutt, and what's-his-dwarf
if only the author didn't waste so much time on the goblins

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No, but that line was really cool.

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Man, I fucking hated Minmax, until that scene in the bar.

"...Wait, you mean you...raped her?"


That dumb meatshield suddenly became that much more endearing to me

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I'll post it there instead if you prefer. I just wanted to hear /tg/s views. I prefer /tg/ related comics after all.

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minmax is how i deal with That Guy in game
pic very related

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The Sigard player was a true man but I dispair at the actions of the others, though of course particularly the rapist.

Who thinks like that, that they can do what they want then throws such a bitchfit when they recieve retribution for thier blatant and pointlessly evil action

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the person that thinks like that is the person the paladin must always watch for.
be ever vigilant brother

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Well, if you have any to share, there's a thread in the "proper" place


/co/ seems to be rather quiet on the subject though

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I can't bring myself to look at Goblins. Even briefly.

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Really? Why not?

I mean, I know I'm in the minority, I also like OotS and Dominic Deegan. Maybe I hit my head and suffered a concussion or something.

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Eh. Not horrible, but obnoxious updating.

>Dominic Deegan
You...may want to get your head checked. Unless you're 14-17.

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Well....I was when I started reading it. Well, 11 actually, and I've been reading it for a decade. I just can't give it up now, y'know? Not when there's only a year to go.

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Yes, yes you can quit. Especially when the artwork has gone from shitty animu bullshit to...slightly less shitty animu bullshit.

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Here's one?

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I read it for a while, and I'd be totally off it not for the fact that I stay up to date with the snarker thread. And even then, I sometimes go weeks without it. If the OOTS forums weren't one of my go-to SFW time-wasters, I'd have forgotten about it ages ago.

I honestly went from 'this is neat' to 'what the fuck' around the time of Mookie saying that Stonewater was his attempt to create a 'noble rapist'. I have to admit, I did a shitty webcomic when i was in high school, but I at least had the self-awareness to go 'wait, no, this is utter shit' about three months in. When I continue to see what he's put out, I keep jotting down notes of things never to do.

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>I've been jamming my dick in this doorway for ten years, I can't stop now!

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I have.

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>noble rapist
when did we start talking about rance?

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A grown man goes by this name.

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By that point the door is your commonlaw wife.

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I just went and checked. Holy shit, 10 years for that... sure lines are cleaner and at least facial features seem to be in their place now, but damn. It's been 10 fucking years, hasn't he tried to improve at all?

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Exactly, and divorce papers are a bitch. Might as well wait until it dies.

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>that line was really cool.

No, you are wrong. Check again.

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I'll admit, it seemed much more badass when I thought that was a murderous grin, rather than just a see-through face.


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Glad I'm not the only one who couldn't figure out what the fuck was up with his mouth.

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We never stopped.


Every morning, five times a week, I open a new window and chek the latest srip of DD.

You know why?

Because during my many winters I've never seen anything so entertainingly bad as that giant pile of turd that Mookie calls his webcomic.

That band arc, that band arc.

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By my calculations that makes it approximately 0% more badass.

Unless you are 12 years old.

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Why has he got a see-through face? (and hair for that matter)

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Sign of demonic contract/ownership.

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On topic: pretty much this.

Too bad it ended the next page.

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Was wondering what this Dominic Deegan shit was.



What a world we live in, I need a drink.

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Marked by a demon

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I've been reading it since this page. I only care about the humans and yuan-ti plot so I tend to miss large tracks at a time.

Still the best page so far.

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Worse, this guy apparently gives talks about writing heroes and villains at conventions. And people attend that.

I think he's become addicted to fan worship, and will never stop making that comic, despite his 'only one more year guys!' thing.

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Meh, suit yourself

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Okay, I giggled, but I still raged at the artwork. What the fuck is up with that guy? Why is he half wood? What's that pink blob on him? Why does the other guy look like he's made of play-doh? Does that belt say "I am great"? I know it's taken out of context, but seriously, what the fuck is this?

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This, pretty much.

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Pretty much everything you just picked on is explained with context.

THe pink blob is scar tissue from the fight a few scenes previously. THe half wood thing isn't specifically explained but its mentioned that he was transformed by some kind of magic. And the "I am great" buckle is because Minmax is a dumb, min-maxed fighter. Who thinks he's great.

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Good LORD.

I will continue to have good taste, yes, thankyou.

A timeless classic.

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That Amish cowboy in the background is still more interesting than three-quarters of the Goblins cast.

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What the Fuck is that?
And it was all going so well...

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>pink blob is evidence of how shit the artist is at depicting scar tissue
>the half wood thing is a necessary part of his Original Creation©
>The "I am great" buckle illustrates how unfunny the author is

Just some minor corrections there.

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Goblinslayer is pretty much the BBEG of the second arc of Goblins or so. Pretty much as chaotic evil as a guy can get while still leading the forces of a Lawful city. Very much a durrhurr villain. The goblins were unable to defeat him. The half-wood thing is never explained, probably some odd prc or magical effect. The pink blob is where he's healing from being impaled on a rusty sewer pipe. Playdoh is the dude's art style and is actually fairly consistent. And yes, the belt says "I am Great". Minmax started out full of himself and got that belt made even though he couldn't read. His dwarf buddy teased him over this, pretending it actually said he was a faggot.

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rolled 10 = 10

I fucking love Gunnerkrigg Court

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I don't care what the majority og /tg/ thinks, I've enjoyed Goblins for ages and still do.

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Here's the follow up.

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Going to post some other random pages I like.

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>People say goblins have shitty art, shitty characters and shitty story.
>Read it every time it updates and find it slightly entertaining.
>Don't think the story is amazing but its not the worst I have seen.
>Don't mind the art either, again its not amazing but its bearable.


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>pink blob scar tissure
>worse than the monacle eye scar on mm
They both look pretty shitty

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No one cares. NO ONE CARE.

Stop. Just stop.

Stop posting this garbage, go enjoy bullshit somewhere else.

I never said it was worse. It's all equally horrifying.

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Picking on the artstyle of Goblins is such low hanging fruit. If you read a little more of the series and the supplementals, he confirms that he is totally a THAT GUY DM.

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goblins has its faults but i wouldn't call it bad

what are some good /tg/ related comics?

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rolled 1 = 1


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Sea monster girl gets adopted by a single father.

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The Meek (apparently on some kind of indefinite hiatus?).
I liked Darths & Droids when I read it ages ago.

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What the hell am I looking at

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the hell is this from?

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That's enough completely awful webcomics for me for tonight. Farewell faggots

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jesus christ how horrifying

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Japanese Highschool boy is inadvertently made a Magical Girl themed Valkyrie.

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Oh god! I take it all back! I'm sorry Goblins, your artwork isn't bad anymore! Oh christ make it stop!

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Battle Angel Alita, if i recall correctly


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Humanity: Fuck Yeah - the comic?

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It is a zombie mary sue. The whole run was horrible.

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It was great to see Thor get slapped around by an Undead Viking.


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This page got me reading the rest of JiM, into some Thor, and that whole dealio inspired a campaign

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Am I the only person here who'll read things with bad artwork because I find the story good enough?

Anyway, on with posting the pages that sold me the story.

Nun pregnant with Christ.
For the MLP:FIM audience, you'll recognise the artist as the girl who 'Totally Ruined My Little Pony Forever!!!1!' when she mentioned calling a Pony the internet slang for retard wasn't a good idea.

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>there is a BOP-IT on the floor

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its a "dont like what I dont like" thing.

/tg/ is very open about much stuff, like your favourite RPG or if you rather play for roleplay or for rollplay.
Some of us like writing pageslong backstories, others take 2 sentences and make up more as they go.
And we respect each other for it.

But, there are certain things /tg/ cant let live down. One, edition wars, DnD over DnD over DnD and so on.
Second, wether 40k should be here or not, while the majority likes it, some people hate it with all their heart.
And third, webcomics.
To some people, webcomics just need to be entertaining enough to make them get a smile every now and then. To others, they need to deliver a dark and mysterious story filled with angst and intrigue and sudden relevations about backstories of the main characters.
Another dont care about the story as long as the art is traditional and nice.
To even another kind of webcomic reader, every single page needs a pun.

On these subjects, /tg/ has no respect for each other.
Goblins has his own art style, not the best but at least its own. And, basically, I believe that art style is the most often reason people critizise him. Yes, he draws playdoh. Sorry they arent facial expressionless anime characters that shift eyes like hats. You know that it is true.

And, of course, there are those people here that heard that some people hate the comic based on art, have never read it and claim to hate it because obviously thats the mainstream thing to do.

There are a lot of reasons to like things not. Doing so because you heard that some random, anonymous person on the internet doesnt isnt one of them.

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Don't forget whether we use coasters or not...

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>Second, wether 40k should be here or not, while the majority likes it, some people hate it with all their heart.

I always thought that was less, "40k shouldn't be here" and more "40k has a very annoying, invasive fanbase that like to insert themselves into anything they find". It's not that we don't want to share the space with them, it's just that we want them to play in their own area and respect other people's right to do so too.

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>even questioning if to use coasters

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Don't ask.

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My problem with the Goblins drawing style isn't the expressions, but the sheer lack of communication it has. If something is supposed to be a scar, I don't think it should look like candyfloss if it is trying to look intimidating or serious in any way. Most of the pages I've seen from it need to have their illustrations explained in order for me to understand what the hell is going on, and it's just not naturalistic enough for me to actually enjoy it.
I think that it's in part because the medium tries to do more than it is able to - compared to, say, OOTS, where the very name of the comic is poking fun at the style, and where there have been numerous jokes based on the lack of noses, etc.

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And play doh or not, everything looks very flat (though i notice he does a little bit of shading now).

>> No.19467796

Almost every page she posts will have many easter eggs about.

Superhero comic equal parts played straight and mocked mercilessly.

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so you admit that you have not read the comic and base your view on what you have seen and heard in 4chan?

Basically, you would also complain when shown alucard shapeshifting into a living eye terror because you dont know the context, who the fuck alucard is (well I guess you do but still), and what this has to do with anything

because that is usually what you get when watching a piece of anything out of context. Someone that KNOWS the context has to explain it to you.
Yes, the visual medium could be transport better what is going on, but someone that has actually read up to that point does not need to think or question about the visual input because they know what is going on and what is supposed to be what.

take this comic for example. Do you have ANY idea what is going on, even though the art is rather simple?

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Well, yeah. The girl in the lab coat is explaining her hypothesis that being born with magical potential can have all sort of effects on the human body, and that might be why the girl with the black hair has big boobs despite being skinny. The blonde is jealous

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I am SHAMED that nobody has posted these yet.

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I picked up the first Thief of Thieves from my local store this past wednesday and i read one page of it and decided im buying all of them tonight

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Whoops, left my trip on.

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the one wielding a labcoat is a guy, the girl with black hair used to have short red hair before her magic burned out, which is the main reason they are even discussing this, and the blonde girl wants magic and is assisting the guy which has access to alien technology.

But, well, the blonde girl is kinda jealous, so, points for that

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My opinion is based on the pages of it that I have read, not on the criticism of others. My not having read the entire series does not disqualify my opinion of the drawing style used. That would be like me having said "I don't like this TV because it's only SD and not HD," with your answer being "You haven't seen every movie on it."

In that comic, yes, I understand what's going on right from the beginning. I see people inside a building talking about magic and mutations. What that has to do with the plot is none of my concern at the moment. What is happening right on the page I'm at, however, is. I don't need names and such, but just a general understanding of what the artist is trying to show. That has nothing to do with plot in any way.

The comic you presented has shading and is naturalistic enough in its drawing style that I can recognize the scene from reality. In comparison, the pages from Goblins that I've read have seemed like a palette that hasn't been cleaned properly.

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isnt it fascinating how little of the actual story you can take out of a single paragraph of a book?

>> No.19467929


Not the guy you're talking to, but what are you trying to prove?

Also, you know that el goonish shive is crap, right? Like, ungodly awful crap?

Tell me, are you always such an entitled asshole that the idea itself of someone hating for legitimate reason something you like is alien to you?

>> No.19467953

fair enough, I see that you have put thought in your post.
And I respect you not liking the artstyle enough to accept that the comic is not for you. Because you made yourself an own opinion.

Its the people that took on the opinion of others and then went overboard with them that I want to adress. If you are going to hate something, at least make sure to hate it rightfully. Dont go *I hate icecream* because all you ever had of it was chewing gum flavour. Others may assist you in building your opinion *hey, try straciatella and cookie, they go really well together!*, and you have the right to deny icecream that was already on the ground, but to judge it truly? You need to take a taste first.

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>> No.19467969

... Or at least not be ignorant enough to let your opinion of flavor carry to something that tastes differently. If someone refuses to eat ice cream because chewing gum flavor was traumatic for him, it's a bad idea to push the issue.

>> No.19467977

Humans vs Wolf, Fox and Tiger anthros. Rabbits remain neutral and dragons seduce everything. (Including a cat familiar, much to the embarrassment of it's master.)

>> No.19467989

Ah EGS. I used to browse TVTropes a lot, and found that every second entry was an EGS entry. So I read it. Basically, it was the author's furry/transformation fapcomic, before I think he realised what he was doing and started making a not-too-bad comic. And then the latest set of arcs are apparently to take it back to its roots. So I stopped reading.

>> No.19468001


Well, would you look at that! It turns out you're not retarded!

Sorry if I spat upon ELG: when I'm not raging I can actually see how it could be a decent webcomic. I mean, if you like all the. . . you know.

>> No.19468013

you should mention that the comic is furry only, as it involves, is about, and mainly, about a guy having sex with a furry tigerchick.
Or a guy having sex with a dogchick.
Or a guy raping a wolfchick.
Or about the squirrel dude wanting to bone another wolfchick.
It is all about random furries having sex. Im not kidding, the female protagonist, the tiger chick, runs around naked all the time because her *sleek fur covers me perferctly*.
Also, the first thing the main protagonist, who is the singly most powerful wizard alive that had AMNESIA, OH NOES, wants to do is to save and bone the tigerchick.
It ALSO involves genderswapping and more boning.
Did I mention that every few months the female furchicks get into heat and need to be boned to cure that? Yeah, and they fuck anything that moves in that time.
But dont worry, the blue haired protagonist gets the tigerchick preggers, uses black magic to kill dudes, has a dragon familiar and still gets more booty

>> No.19468074


Well, though i read that comic once upon a time, i stopped it after seeing that author had no intention of make the original personality of Trace, ( the people who read it would know, for you who dont know, Protagonist was orignally a furry hater, you know, making war against furries and hating them. He was also somehow more interesting than any other character in the story.)

>> No.19468075

yeah, it starts out rather... bad, but the author called himself out on that shit. Its worth a read, at least. The author even critizised himself on his earlier story arcs, so, yeah, he learned.
And the characters are actually quite developed later in the story, as they have character progression.
Its a rather long road, but if you have the time, and dont mind a few doses of teenage angst here and there, I can actually say that EGS is enjoyable.

>> No.19468106

That fucking comic is the single most most mary sue-infested piece of shit I've seen for a while.

>> No.19468115


I don't know. I started reading it some years ago, clenching my teeth to get past the first story arcs, but then suddenly I reached I point where I started hating everybody excpt Ted's father.

I finally stopped at the magic hammer summoning arc, but hey, maybe someday I'll give it another shot.

>> No.19468118

its all about the furry sex, I tell you

>> No.19468119

>>Wee... Lets only point out the things I hate about the story.
Sorry you didn't like it but I do.

Shock, horror, it's like people have

>> No.19468138

Shock, horror, it's like people have

>> No.19468142

>Liking Two Kinds
>A valid opinion

>> No.19468147

Goblins is the CAD of /tg/

>> No.19468152

>>its all about the furry sex, I tell you
And yet it's always fade to black or off screen and in all honestly, there isn't that much in it.

You've become fixated on this point, it is starting to suggest something to me here.

>> No.19468156

so, tell us, what are the good aspects of the story?
I am interested in your opinion, so I can change my mind on the comic I already read. Yes I read it completly. Yes I regret it, but at least put myself through it.
So, go on. What are the good things?

>> No.19468158

Oh come one, it's not nearly that bad.

>> No.19468162

In before he says "its fun" or "i like it" or other such buzzword language

>> No.19468180


Whoa there, that's a bit harsh. Yes, it's bad, but nothing is CAD level bad.

>> No.19468183

Get out.
Go back to /v/.
Never return.

>> No.19468199


No, that's an actually reasonable request for our standards. Come on furry, I know you're new, but try to keep up.

>> No.19468213

I didn't even realize I was defending a furry comic, and I apologize for that, but anyone who uses the term buzzword on 4chan deserves a permaban.

>> No.19468215

moon over june

>> No.19468221

I think you should just leave and go back to /v/ or wherever else you post.

>> No.19468228

thing is, the main story line is driven completly off the romance of the dude which is the high templar overwizard of the world able to sucking out the lifeforce of the planet to kill people, and the tigerchick which happens to be the princess of all tigerfolk, which are evil and relentless but she is innocent and gentle because she was a slave and had a friend.
But the *romance* is way forced to help the story progress. Its really rather like someone gave both love potions.
There is no *What if* there is only *hey I like that furry ass* and *hey I want some human cock*

>> No.19468231

No, that's actually worse than CAD.

>> No.19468244


Look, you seem like a nice fella, but I have to agree with >>19468221
Really, for your own good, go back to your own board and let it be done with.

>> No.19468245


No, CAD is /tg/'s CAD

>> No.19468274


Where's the love?

>> No.19468276

>People write/draw something they enjoy, and even recognize they are not that good at it and don't become Tim Buckley levels of retarded.

>/tg/ still hates them.

I guess you expect every game you play in to be best selling novel tier in story and characterization too?

>> No.19468291

A monk once asked master Chao-chou, "Does CAD have Buddha-nature or not?" Chao-chou said, "BU"

>> No.19468311



>> No.19468333

Is that you Tricia? Or is it MewsDid911?

>> No.19468338


I have no idea what that is. Here, let me check a moOH JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! NO, NO, NO, OH GOD NO!

>> No.19468352


the reason people are justified in hating on CAD is that in addition to being anti-funny, we know for a fact that the person who makes is a terrible asshole who actually thinks he makes the greatest shit ever.

>> No.19468357

Uh no, I just browsed it, I never edited.

>> No.19468364


And also exposing himself to underage girls on the internet.

>> No.19468368

Last one.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Jack and the Beanstalk, -Of OZ, all of those stories are real and a secret organisation keeps an eye on people who can travel to other worlds incase they start to fuck things up.

>> No.19468373

I'm sad


>> No.19468388

It was the tank bit that did it for me. It is the exact same retarded fun that my group would try.

>> No.19468396


Wait, which webcomic is that from?

>> No.19468401


>> No.19468403

Because I'd imagination a inspiring /tg/ comic looking something like this.

it's historically accurate and it mentions dicks

>> No.19468407

gone with the blastwave.

it doesn't update anymore if i remember correctly

>> No.19468416

holy shit! a new page!?
truley this is greater than the second coming*

*) second coming: that one time you fap so hard you come twice

>> No.19468423


Fucking this. Also, I've got the whole thing in one image. Here.

>> No.19468446

It updating again.

>> No.19468451

>> No.19468460

he also has a really good dr. who comic

>> No.19468461

Now that someone posted Battle Angel Alita i suppose Manga are allowed now

>The Legend of Koizumi
World Politics/Mahjong/YuGiOh/DBZ in one fucking awesome manga

though it has recently entered a terribly underwhelming saga so yeah

>> No.19468465

At least we can safely say no one will ever be as bad as Tom fucking Preston

>> No.19468466

Is that Hitler announcing he's going to the moon?

>> No.19468467


>> No.19468469


I learned to play mahjong just so I could read that fucking manga. Glorious.

>> No.19468472


>> No.19468480


>> No.19468482

rolled 50 = 50


>> No.19468484

yeah, and he turns into a super aryan lateron

There is even an anime to the manga.
Its basically that the world governments fight each other using majohng, and you can cheat by yelling out japanese techniques.

In one of these games, for example, the dude erased a point on one of the majong pieces by pressing so hard the wood disappeared, while enterning his hand with the piece from orbit.

Its random at best, but fun to watch I have to say

>> No.19468489


>> No.19468492

Holy shit, a new GwtB!
And new GwtB 250K!

>> No.19468495

>manga allowed


>> No.19468497

So /tg/ hates Goblins, and likes gone with the blastwave?

So as long as it is mildly well drawn you like it right? Big empty wasteland and trench coats and gasmasks are lazy as fuck. Everyone is exactly the same fucking character. And it is lolrandom with no plot at all.

Are you niggas serious? I don't like Goblins but at least that guy fucking tries.

>> No.19468504

You know what trying is? Erfworld until it stopped upda-

Its updating again!

>> No.19468507


>> No.19468508

>extremely well painted comics

>> No.19468510


>> No.19468511

>take a look in the manga
>see this

>> No.19468520

All manga is dumb, this one just gets progressively more awesome until SBR

>> No.19468522

That's well painted? Holeeee shiiiiit.

The comic posted in this thread is the only Gone With the Blastwave that has ever used a color besides black and brown. Smooth faceless masks? TRENCHCOATS?

I'm sorry I can fucking paint a flat black surface and I've never fucking tried.

>> No.19468527

That's not part 2!

>> No.19468536

Thank you for further demonstrating how clueless you are.

>> No.19468539

>I don't like Goblins but at least that guy fucking tries.
Unlike you, it seems.

>> No.19468544

Man, what is up with /tg/ being a better /co/ than /co/?

I'm not complaining, just... perplexed.

>> No.19468548

>part 2
>best jojo
I mean I used the image because I consider them one manga, but really.

>> No.19468549



>> No.19468556

well, acording to moot, we are the better anything of everything.

>> No.19468567


....I don't get it. Are you trying to say that Goblins is good because you don't like the art style of a completely unrelated comic?

>> No.19468570


the last panel of
is better than everything Goblins done

>> No.19468572


I'm not sure which line I like more: the final line, or "Perhaps he has waited all his life for this one moment."

>> No.19468573

>according to moot
haha no just a few random /tg/ posters who spam it all the time while shitting up the board

>> No.19468575

Let's not turn this into a circle jerk, please. It's the worst thing about us, we pat ourselves on the back too much.

>> No.19468576

/tg/ is the mary sue board.

>> No.19468578

Okay, give me a proper rebuttal then. What exactly is so great about Gone with the Blastwave's art? Seriously explain it to me?

Does the person know how to draw? Yes.

Does the person know anything about making a world or an interesting story? No.

Does the person make interesting characters? No.

Can you even tell the fucking characters apart? No.

Are there any jokes that are not timbuckly levels of WORDS followed by "We are lost and this is confusing." ? No.

You want art? Neat fine! That does not make it a good webcomic. It's just a dumb romp for people who stroke it to guns, gas masks and deadpool.

>> No.19468584

>So much Part 5 love




>> No.19468594

Either you're pretty new here, in which case, welcome friend! Enjoy your stay!

Or you've been complaining that we've been discussing Goblins here for fucking years. In which case, how's that going for ya?

>> No.19468598


Part 5 has some great Stands like Kraftwerk and the suit Stands. Personally I'll always prefer the design of Part 3 Stands, but in an ideal world we could have that plus Part 5-on powers.

>> No.19468599

Mango is allowed?

Biscuit Hammer.

>> No.19468603

No, I think Goblins is pretty shit. But usually /tg/ would judge people for their efforts, and not their latent talent.

Would you like a DM who's games are only "meh" but he's an okay guy who actually cares about his players and makes sure to DM once every week or whenever the players all can make it?

Or a DM who does not give a fuck, and just happens to be really good at DMing. His stories are interesting, but he barely ever DM's, barely prepares, and does not give a shit about where the story is going or what is happening?

>> No.19468618

You seem to lack the ability to separate skill at digital painting with DESIGN choices.

>> No.19468632

You seem to be unable to focus on the argument of if it is a good webcomic or not.

You seriously enjoy the same joke over and over again spouted by generic characters in a boring featureless backround?

Guess what you love Garfield.

>> No.19468641

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things it's a pretty decent /v/ comic.
though i liked it more when it was about getting the "manly guys" into regular jobs more than the usual stuff it does nowadays

>> No.19468651


>> No.19468664

I love to *read* Goblins, but I have to admit the artwork is hideous

>> No.19468668

I never argued about the contents of the comic but about the art.

>> No.19468692

It's better then goblins by a longshot, because goblins is fucking cartoony and retarded. It's still a long ways off from being good.

>> No.19468709

I apologize, but it seems that one of you fuckers is hating on blastwave.


>> No.19468721

It has become incredibly shitty and protracted. Fuck, does anyone care about the bishie arc?

>> No.19468741

It really has.
see if the bishie arc was like 3 strips or something i would be okay
but fuck that thing is becoming WAY longer than it should be

>> No.19468746

Jesus FUCK that's the worst art I've ever seen from that comic!

>> No.19468748

so... Goblins
a bag full of dicks held by a crying goblin, human, snake, tree, troll and some sort of lizard thing drawn by the little artist that could.

seriously is there anything in that comic that doesn't burst into tears

>> No.19468773

The joke is they are lost and inept.


>> No.19468774


Not sure if badass or inspiring but it made me read all of it.

All of it.

And then I said goodbye to my sanity as it felt it was no longer welcome.

Then we used bits of it for a setting in a game and shit got weird.

>> No.19468793

stopped at the pony, never going to the website again

>> No.19468794

>> No.19468811

>this thread...
I've seen Goblins before on /tg/ but I don't think I appreciated how absolutely terrible it was until this thread motivated me to read some of it... The people who claim it has a good story are either retarded or are trolling you.

I'm hesitant to post an actually good comic in this thread but... Orc Stain is amazing. You should be reading it.

>> No.19468824

Wh-what is this?

>> No.19468837

Vampire Knight Requiem, pretty badass French comic from Heavy Metal

>> No.19468841

They found the main force again, didn't they? So they weren't lost for a bit. Then they put Flamer dude in charge.

>> No.19468848


It is beyond mortal understanding

>> No.19468855

Orc stain is fucking awesome. If you can stomach all the genital mutilation that is.

>> No.19468860


>> No.19468873

Best mad scientist ever.

>> No.19468879


I love this manga, so damn much.

>> No.19468882

Maybe I'm jaded but for me the whole dick-trophy thing is one of the greatest things about the setting

>> No.19468886

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.

>> No.19468897


It's really not that good.

>> No.19468902

>only one person brought up Unsounded

Cmon guys....

>> No.19468924

>American T rex with gatling guns

>This is a napalm thrower

>It shall be perfect for my creatues genitalia!


Man between this and Orc Stain I have my reading set up for a week.

>> No.19468932

See the worm in the eye? That's the main character.

>> No.19468935

"this" being what?

>> No.19468938

You. I like you.
Atomic Robo is a fucking great comic. From the serious moments to the pure comic hilarity that is Dr Dinosaur.
I can't wait for Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific.

>> No.19468948

What if Superman finally lost his shit at the stupid little monkeys he had a fetish for?

>> No.19468957

We would kick his ass, presumably.

>> No.19468959

Batman would kick his ass.

>> No.19468973

Batman was the first to die.

Well, technically, it was his wife and children who were the first, but yeah.

Mild spoiler, but even after he was dead the Batman stand ins characters plot JUST IN CASE would've worked if only for...

You know? Read it. It's worth it, and only 70 issues long.

>> No.19468978

My only gripe with the Goblins comic are the sadfaces. That's it.

>> No.19468985

Sorry, I thought this was a "badass comics that inspire you" thread.

>> No.19468993

>Give Batman kryptonite
Superman is dead already.

>> No.19469014

Stray Toaster, but it's hard to pick just one page. It's all amazing.

>> No.19469025

I'm trying to beg for sauce without actually saying it, ok?

>> No.19469031

The Goon! It's set in fantasy 1920's West Coast America, as a mysterious new gang arrives in town, their leader being a necromancer.

This annoys the existing gang, whose main enforcer is a burly man known only as "Goon".

First few issues are goofy pulp action comedy, but the series gets progressively more serious and dark (while retaining the action and comedy) until it's near grim dark.

You'll end up loving Ol' Goon

>> No.19469037

>Ignoring the kryptonite that batman already has in his utility belt.

>> No.19469039

Dude's looks rminds me of TF2 Soldier

>> No.19469044

Plutonion is a big fucking baby, he's just lucky he lives in a world where he's the top dog.

>> No.19469053

It's a comic for the rpg Enter the Shadowside, where supernaturals are real. And one of the group of people who knows it's real are /x/
Yes. I'm talking about the board.

>> No.19469059

you know even with an entire suit made of kryptonite Batman would be screwed if Superman ever went evil, right?

>> No.19469060


70 issues and then a proper ending, or is it still ongoing?

>> No.19469062

He already has a bunch. There was an arc where the Justice League collected and disposed of all Kyrptonite on earth.

Superman takes the last chunk and quietly entrusts it to Batman, in case he ever (lets face it WHEN) he turns on them for whatever reason.

Batman just takes it solemnly and later you see him opening a vault in the bat cave to place the shard in, and there's already a huge stockpile of (every color of) Krptonite in there.

Sidenote; The Green Lantern's plan to beat batman is to materialize a jetback onto batman, flying him to the other side of the world, giving the green lantern time to think of a better plan.

>> No.19469066

Issue #39 is hillarious.

>> No.19469073

>The Green Lantern's plan to beat batman is to materialize a jetback onto batman, flying him to the other side of the world, giving the green lantern time to think of a better plan.

>> No.19469080

I thought /tg/ loved blastwave...I know I enjoy it.

For you, anon.

I remember seeing it a while ago, and I liked it, but there was very little. Has it progressed much farther now? The last one I read had the undead dealing with zombie-drama.

The flash wins.

>> No.19469083

He's fucking BATMAN. He's got about fifty plans based around that possibility alone. And every one of them would work.

>> No.19469088

Proper ending. Some say the ending wasn't satisfying enough (they wanted him to get beaten up), but I think it was appropriately bitter sweet.

The spin off stars MAX DAMAGE, the worlds former greatest supervillian, SPOILER

who, after seeing the Plutonians rampage, was so sickened he decided to become a super hero.

Sadly he has no idea how to do this so ends up just doing the opposite of what he would've done.

It is much more light hearted than the main series, but still grim at times.

>> No.19469091

I fucking LOVE Goon. Stop by my FLGS/CS every time a new issue comes out.

>> No.19469096

Why don't the just turn the jetpack into a bomb?

Really, batgod wankers are insufferable.

>> No.19469098

Eurgh, another Batbot.

>> No.19469109


>> No.19469114

This guy knows.
Even batman doesn't have a solid plan when it comes to evil Barry Allen

>> No.19469122

Stop wanking, read Tsukihime. Chop chop. No more Prototype for you.

>> No.19469129

It's a lame ending, and by the time it comes around and we've seen
>>Plutonion does horrible things, something appears to stop Plutonion, turns out it didn't work, Plutonion does something even worse -repeat
It leaves you so desensitized to all the death and genocide you don't even have a fuck to give anymore, he could destroy the Earth and it would be yawn-inducing.

>> No.19469140

Alex Mercer Vs EVIL!Superman
Whoever wins, we all lose.

>> No.19469142


>> No.19469155

Oh right you wank over him too.

>> No.19469159

Oh boy a VS thread!

Superhero comics are the worst kind of comics.

Also do you want to know who wins the fight? The guy who's name is on the title of the current issue.

>> No.19469161

Admittedly, he'd need time to put said plan into motion. Supes wouldn't give him that time.

>> No.19469168


>> No.19469177

Considering the potential he has to completely fuck over everything with his liabilities, yeah. He's a fucking sentient virus that absorbs the knowledge and skills of the things he eats. That right of the bat makes him pretty fucking strong.

>> No.19469185

I just discovered this awesome comic called Advance of the Giants (or Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin).

Basically, giants long ago devoured most of humanity except for one population living in one walled off city. The art is pretty lackluster, but it actually works to the artists advantage when he draws the giants, who are some of the creepiest enemies I've ever seen in comics. It's also very dark, with every fight between the humans and giants producing casualties that would put X-Com to shame.

>> No.19469188

>> No.19469193

Alright. You win.

>> No.19469201

Superman: the original Mary-Sue.

Seriously, why any gives a fuck about superman is beyond me.

His only weakness is convenient plot devices. He's an invincible god with random fucking powers (heat vision AND cold breath SURE WHY NOT).

And to top it off; he has a fucking middle-america conservative retard demeanor.

>> No.19469208

>fuck everything over with his abilities.
Damned auto correct.

>> No.19469209


The problem with this argument is that Superman would never do what's shown here, while Batman would do exactly what's shown here.

Sure, Supes can win mega fucking easy if he gave in. But he doesn't. World of Cardboard.

>> No.19469224

You could say the same about the Flash near enough. Or indeed' Batgod' when fanboys are writing him, changing planning and resources into precognitive 'preptime' and plot fiat.

Pretty much any comicbook character in a neverending comicbook-Verse becomes completly wank given enough time,

>> No.19469241

This is why.

>> No.19469246

All Star Superman made me a better person.

>> No.19469251

Why are you so over-dramatic and full of shit?

Not to mention there's characters from legends well pre-dating Supes that are bigger sues. Sun Wukong for one.
Your ignorance is offensive.

>> No.19469254

have you read him recently?
Also power levels =/= character quality

>> No.19469256

THE FLASH WINS DAMMIT. And when did elegan/tg/gents start disliking Blastwave?

>> No.19469257

Is that why he was simply beaten to death in the 90s? He was killed, outright, with no mention of his weaknesses, using only punches.

>> No.19469261

I loved All-Star Superman. I loved it. It made him for me, able to be related too.

>> No.19469267

To be fair, the /x/ in EtS's universe is far FAR FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR from the /x/ in our universe. Which I guess makes sense if ghosts do real.

>> No.19469269

Why people don't prefer other, better, superheroes is beyond me though.

This looks sweet, reading now!

>> No.19469270


You and me both.

>> No.19469279

Yes.... because a dude powered by cocaine is a better superhero.

>> No.19469285

Snowflame: Best supervillan of all time. No contest.

>> No.19469292


Now that we've established that Batman isn't a supergod himself, I feel it is acceptable to post this.

>> No.19469295

Will you take this fanfaggotry to /co/, please?
Here's the simple truth: Batman and Superman are fucking worthless, overpowered characters whored out by a worthless company that can't think further ahead than the next impending reboot.
Everything DC does is shit. Every poster arguing this Superfag versus Assman asinine, absurd, moronic, sophomoric, silly, trivial discussion deserve to have their testicles removed and replaced with two small barking dogs.

>> No.19469297

>I am the human instrument of hi will
I'm 99% sure that's also one of DoW Chaplain stock phrases

>> No.19469299


Similarly, /tg/ would be lauded as the most game-breakingly dangerous school of magic imaginable if wizards were real.

Or we'd be the peasant scrubs still lusting after the baker's redheaded daughter. Who knows.

>> No.19469303

.. would you rather we tried to get it back to modern takes on cape comics then, or shall I start posting about my favourite Heavy Metal and 2000AD tales?

I know /tg/ loves those.

>> No.19469305

If only the writers understood this. I wish he had actually died in Final Crisis.

>> No.19469306

I'm sorry, that is one of the hammiest fucking "badass" lines I've ever seen.

As evidenced by the fact that you can take ANYTHING and replace "sunny" with it.

"Sure is rainy today, and there's always more DEATH AND SUFFERING THAN RAIN in my experience."

"Sure is windy today, etc."

So on and so forth. It will always make sense, because the original dialogue barely tries to.

>> No.19469307

He didn't die you idiot. That was just some stunt to get people to buy issues. He got knocked out and went into a super made up hyper healing sleep power he never mentioned he had before.

>> No.19469317

He was dead, not completely dead, but he was still dead. Also, he said it himself: didn't know I could do that.

...I'm gonna hold out on the Princess Bride jokes.

>> No.19469319


>> No.19469326

A very fair point.

>> No.19469328

Imagine a very polite, dry witted British man.

Now imagine he is very muscular, and also half zombie, half human (Don't over think that bit).

Sound good? Then read Zombo. Best gory black comedy out there.

It's setting is humanity is the only intelligent species, and it easily conquers every habitable world they find from the native species.

Until they land on a few death worlds. Then, somehow, all these deathworlds appear to work together and guide their native lifeforms evolution to match their goal.

Now they hate humanity with a fucking passion as they create a variety of ultra lethal virii, including a zombie virus.

It's pretty cool.

>> No.19469332

Inspiring or badass comics... hm...

>> No.19469366

Inclined to agree with you.

In some areas I actually really like the art of Goblins. Thunt does some solid execution of making a scene feel like it's occurring in a three dimensional room and keeping where people are consistently. There have been a few comics where different panels are from different perspectives but everything stays consistent.

The blob faces is weird but I just take it as his style. It doesn't really bother me and it's how he draws so eh.

The story complaints are a bit more on the dot, but Goblins is certainly not the worse story I've ever seen.

So I keep checking it because it's mildly interesting.

>> No.19469378

>He was dead, not completely dead, but he was still dead.
This had me laughing for 10 minutes and I am still not quite done yet.

>> No.19469415

Comics get a lot more goofy than that.

>> No.19469636


>while the majority likes it
>the majority
>liking 40k

Dream on, 40kid

>> No.19469680

>batman vs superman
" this looks like a job for Power-man "

>> No.19469692

But Power Man has been a shit character ever since he stopped wearing his cheesy-ass costume.

>> No.19469732


>> No.19469756

I'm not upset, just a little put out that he's no longer a joke character.

>> No.19469856


>> No.19469873


>> No.19469903

Does /tg/ like Goblins? I've been reading for years and loved it. Used to read OotS but got terribly bored of it. Goblins, however, has not.

>> No.19469966


That panel was pretty damn inspiring. As for badass, I picked up Nemesis. Looks like the grand-father of fawty kay really.

>> No.19469977

get the fuck out faggot

>> No.19469999


>> No.19470046

Quads get to stay

>> No.19470309

/b/ plz go away

>> No.19470310

Much like Requiem, this looks like it just doesn't work on a computer screen.

>> No.19471277

I'm not even into superman and this was hilarious. Thank you.

>> No.19471389

acording to the justice league/ young justice series, you can take them anyway you want but they are at least partially canon, Batman actually has kryptonite in the the batcave.
In young justice, Robin even goes to fetch it to defeat superman with it, so yeah, appearently, in those universes, Batman IS able to beat superman, if only due to the fact that Supermans powers are capped there and hitting him actually has an effect (not a big one but it DOES throw him around)

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