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Hey /tg/.

I'm considering creating a line of resin miniatures based on the ships from the homeworld games. I would start with the vaygr, (pic related). The miniatures would be squadron scale, for compatability with games like Full Thrust, or the new Star Trek ACTA game.As such, a large ship like the battlecruiser might be 65-75mm long, while a small ship like a frigate would be 30mm long.

The masters will be printed in 3d, and the product will be pressure cast in resin.

Starting out I would have the battlecruiser, carrier, destroyer, missile frigate, ion frigate, assault frigate, and one of the corvettes.

Anyone interested?

Also, any suggestions?

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Here's the 3d model of the battlecruise I would be using to print the master, if anyone is curious.

The antennas will probably have to go, though.

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Interested? yes very.
Can afford anytime in the forseeable future? Unfortunately not.

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You are a super cool man, OP.

Homeworld is a classy game, and miniatures of the ships would be awesome.

The very nichyness of this idea is getting me all hot and bothered.

pic: I searched google for "OP" and it gave me this

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I will buy fucking millions of these things.

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Get some lawyers in case Relic decides to eat you.

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I would be interested, but if you REALLY want my attention? Cast Freespace/Freespace 2 ships.

Less chance of getting rammed up the butt with a lawsuit there, too, given the IP's current dead status.

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I pretty much bought the Sorylian fleet in Firestorm Armada because they look alot like Homeworld ships.

If you would actually make them that would be pimptastic.

That being said, the dimensions a little small a Battlecruiser in Firestorm (for my guys anyways) is around 120 mm or so.

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>doing HW2
>not starting with glorious HW1
You sicken me.

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HW2 has better mechanics and ship design.

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It's interesting how you can convince yourself that you're nice, rational, in control, able to look beyond appearances and treat others equally... and then you're confronted with something like THAT and half of your brain screams in instinctive primal horror and revulsion.

I mean, seriously. What THE FUCK is that dot between her eyebrows?

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The only ship in HW1 was Salvage Corvettes.

The ONLY ship.

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Change a single contour of the ship design on each one. Tell anyone who lawsuits you to fuck the devil in hell. Don't even negotiate, if they talk shit, immediately countersue for harassment. You are actually allowed to do this, and if your work is sufficiently different then you will win.

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That's where the laser shoots out. It's gyrostabilized for accuracy on the move and has 360 degree wide field targeting radius.

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>I will buy fucking millions of these things
Wait, you mean OP's ships, or the octochild? I can see an argument for both...

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Well you can have all my dosh.

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It depends actually; there's a lot of British companies that make things like War Rocket Achilles or Time Travelling Physician miniatures.

Just don't say HOMEWORLD MINIATURES: label them something like Colonial Fleet, or Empire Forces or Space Tribes.

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Counterpoint: Relic is currently DESPERATE for money.

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Motherland miniatures
Houseplanet miniatures

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If GZG can get away with this, OP should be safe.


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Solution: get them to make HW3 or some other newfangled space sci-fi RTS.
Which we really really need right now.

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>Relic is currently DESPERATE for money.
Then why the FUCK don't they just make another fucking Homeworld?! Or at least something with the same type of gameplay?!

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THQ is desperate for money, Relic is not.
Worst case is they'll just be sold off.
Relic has pretty much been consistently profitable so someone will buy them.
I hope it's Valve or Paradox.

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1) Copyright.
2) You are attempting to use the in game models which, without textures, have shit tier details/quality.

Because of 2 I don't particularly care.

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Is that...
Is that a 03-K64-Firefly?

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Copyright's not that big a deal, you can find tons of models of "colonization" (read: Colonial) Fleet and their "Cyborg" opponents online.

If people can rip off BSG wholesale, you're probably good with Homeworld.

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Yeah, that was the general idea. Hell, I'm getting the masters past the 3d printers by calling 'em stuff like "Alien laser Rifle"

I'm going to need a good deal more skill at 3d modeling before I do homeworld 1 ships; the original game models just don't have enough detail to do them justice, so I'll need to greeble them up first. Homeworld 2 models should look pretty passable with a bold, striped coat of paint and some dots scattered around.

Not a bad idea, actually

Hm, That could be done. Anyone else interested in freespace ships?

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maybe some antennae can be made with wire depending on scale.

If these work out, could you branch out to Legend of the Galactic Heroes?

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mah nigga

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There's already a guy who does LOGH minis over on the SCN forums, though I'm not sure if he's actually still around. Might be worth a try. I wouldn't want to cut into his buisiness if he's still doing it. He's got a pretty damn nice selection, too.

I think you have to PM the guy called "tanker" to order


And the ships:

There's a picture listing the prices on the photobucket album.

(I hope I didn't just sort of swamp this guy with more orders than he's prepared to take.)

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Cool. Thanks man!
What kinda pricing were you looking at for the HW stuff? I was just thinking etched brass might work better for the antennae but that would most certain bring the price point up. Maybe have a few available as an upgrade if customers are interested?

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Seconding the Freespace/Freespace 2 idea!



Watch for ultimate joy:

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Models are still going to be horrible quality.

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Unable to PM him for some reason (just registered) -the last post on that thread was 2008 but he's still active on the board it looks like. Doing some digging...

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Somewhat related and I think you might like it.


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I'm thinking about $8-10 bucks for a big ship like a battlecruiser or carrier, or for a pack of two or three smaller ships.

As for etched brass, I'm afraid I don't have the ability to produce that.I could probably send out for something like that, but I wouldn't really know where to look, and it would cost more.

As it stands, I'm beefing up the big antennas on the fronts of ships so I can cast them, and leaving off the tiny ones that are scattered around.

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I looked again. Last post was actually 2010. Anyway, if you get the ball rolling on this, I might look into brass etching if there's interest.

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>want to make homeworld ships
>start with one of the uglier ones from HW2


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I've kitbashed this destroyer or light cruiser together just now.

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Beat it yesterday. damn, this scene always gets me to tears.

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This right here. This is why trying to make things geeks might like is a horrible idea that will never pay off.

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Tell me when you make the Pride of Hiigara.

I'll buy 50.

>captcha: terfitse 25,200,083
Okay, 25,200,083 it is then.

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Space Bananas, you say?

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Ah Homeworld. What a great game.

HW3 is one of those games that I'd probably pay ridiculous sums of money for a deluxe collectors edition.

Too bad I'll probably have to wait until they finish making Dawn of War 7:DEEP STRIKE.

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Yes. Space Bananas. I will buy ALL THE SPACE BANANAS!

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You forgot multi-beam frigates. Procured via salvage corvettes, obviously.

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I think I've got it looking a bit more vaygr, any thoughts?

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the barrel rolling laser ships, they where always my favourite.

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A man after my own heart.

GTVA Colossus, never forget!

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If you're still around, do you think the prototyper can get the crisp edges you need?

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You could probably take a file and knife to the edges if needs be.

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Produce a Hiigaraan battlecruiser (the flat thing with beam turrets on top and bottom) and I'll buy it, no matter what you charge.

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I'll certainly find out one way or another, eh?


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