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In my fantasy setting most Orcs are slaves to rich land owners, a clear indicator to black slavery. My goal in this quest is to capture the essence of fellowship the slaves must have felt under such oppression. I have an image of them working the fields singing a soul song together as one voice.

>Do Half-Orcs receive the same treatment as Orcs?
>What would be the Orc equivelent of the word Nigger?
>Can we get some Orc art?

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>What would be the Orc equivelent of the word Nigger?

I stick with the shadowrun equiv which is Tusker.

Straight to the point and gets the insult across

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It all depends on the setting you're creating.
The word orc has many different connotations. An elder scrolls orc is vastly different from say, a 40k ork.

These questions can only be answered by you and your players.
Just go for it.

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>half orcs

Implying a white woman would ever breed with such savage monkey-people. Sure you jest.

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Indicator does not mean reference.

Slavery didn't create a real sense of fellowship as far as I'm aware.

Nigger comes from the spanish or portuguese for black, I suppose. An equivalent would be a descriptive word used by the first people who instituted orc slavery, and a little deformed with the time.

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>Do Half-Orcs receive the same treatment as Orcs?

In Fantasy USA? Yes, of course. They even call Elfs and Dwarfs and newly arrived humans Orcs there though.

In Fantasy South American they're considered to be worse than animals, because mixed breeds, worst traits of both parents, ect.

Fantasy Europe mostly imagines that they eat people all the time and shares South America's notion that they're probably animals rather than anything approaching actual people. Only that they don't draw a line between Orcs and half-Orcs, but at least they don't call Elfs, Dwarfs ect Orcs.

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Half-Orc get even worse treatment.

They are shunned on both sides. If there are other slave races then interbreeding with them would net them the same (low) social status in the eyes of the ruling class as the pure breeds but they would probably be shunned by their own.

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Maybe a man did.

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Greenskins! Fireblood!

Internal division between orcs put to hard labor and those used as servants.

An orc who is basically John Henry! Or Jim Jones!

I've always wanted to do this, but black people = orcs seems uncomfortable (not that it stopped Blizzard from making them first nations).

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Or, like in historical slavery, intermixing would be so rampant most slaves would have the blood of their masters in them after a few generations.

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So It might be best making my character Half-Orcs. I'm mulling over the idea of making full 100% Orcs too aggressive and monstrous to function in society, whereas the Half-Orcs are human in mind but not in body, making them in this case only fit for slavery.

Also - Half-Breed as a Half-Orc insult

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I know a tale of a half-orc who was born into slavery... twice. Once, as the runt of his litter, never even given a name as a shame to the clan, beaten until the day the humans came to take him.

The slavers. They beat him worse until his face was covered in scars. But his soul, his song, his deathless idea that he was nothing more than a symbol in this world, would be forever changed, when he was given a mask.

The rest, as they say, muchachos, is history.

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The known mixed breeds weren't that popular.

Sure almost every slave had some white blood but that wasn't something people wanted to remember. Especially as the mixing was a result of rape more often than not.

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It all depends on the setting you're creating.
The word orc has many different connotations. An elder scrolls orc is vastly different from say, a 40k ork.

These questions can only be answered by you and your players.
Just go for it.

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>that image

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No Orc art.

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In my current setting, maybe 60% of Orcs have attempted to integrate with society, while the remainder are serious Grumnsh-devotees who climb back up to the mountains to practice the old ways and bring ruin to the 'traitors'.

'Civilized' Orcs are treated mostly as 2nd class citizens, and endure reduced job opportunities due to their lower intelligence, and discrimination.
Orcs are usually ostracized due to their affinity to exclude other races (ala real-life Asians/conservative jews), and almost always travel in large family groups of 6 to 12. As a result, Dwarf-on-Orc violence is high, and elvish families often flee the cities for more 'family friendly' environments.

Despite their hardships, the majority of elder Orcs consider their current state an improvement. No longer are they killed on sight just for having greenish skin and tusks, nor do they have to live in dirty, dark dungeons to avoid surface-dwellers. They are free to practice reformed Grumnshism without paladins breaking down their doors, and most cities are willing to work with Orc communities to make their annual Hordes into something more like a parade, albeit one with axes, ritual scarring and lots of fighting.

Half-Orcs are tolerated by most Orc families, and since they are marginally smarter than their brethren they can usually bring more wealth to their families. Humans take the opposite approach, and half-Orcs are treated how we would treat over-muscled autistics.

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>In my fantasy setting most Orcs are slaves to rich land owners, a clear indicator to black slavery.

White guilt thread? White guilt thread.

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>What would be the Orc equivelent of the word Nigger?
Nigger comes from the Latin for black (nigrum). Latin for green is viridi. Figure something out.

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Sounds like vermin.

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Also, most racial-murder-rage is turned to gnolls now. Yeeneghou is pissed at this, and powerful demonic Gnolls/Ghouls/Ghoul-Gnolls have showed up in Gnoll encampments.

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I like vidder.
While you're at it take a page from alan moore and call warforged clickers.

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Try it out as you would when using the n-word.
>Fuckin' vidders.
>Vidder stole my bike!
Alright, let's try a joke now.
>A human, a knife ear, and a vidder are walking on the beach and find a lamp. A genie pops out and says, "I'll grant you each one wish." The knife ear says, "I wish my people were back in the wild forests, free, and happy." Poof, all the knife ears are in the forest, free and happy. The vidder says, "I wish all my people were back in the jungle, free and happy." Poof, all the vidders are in the jungle, free and happy. The human says, "So, let me get this straight. All the knife ears and vidders are out of my homeland? Well...I guess I'll have an ale."
Yeah, I think it works.

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Britain made slavery illegal before the US.
It was passed as a law.

In the US they had to fight a war to end slavery lol.

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The vast majority being unknown, having mixed with Iberian stock in the 17th century. I'm not going to get sources out, as I can't be bothered atm; you shouldn't graft your understanding of more modern race relations to the entirety of african american slavery in the united states. Shit, there were numerous half-black slaveholders. Shit was whack. I would say the division between 'house orcs' and 'field orcs' would be many times more important than that between half and full orcs.

>same ngreess

captcha is getting in on this

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>My goal in this quest is to capture the essence of fellowship the slaves must have felt under such oppression
There was no such thing. The first American slave owner was black.

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The British passed the law to fuck the Belgians, whose industries were all based on slavery, by moving continental prestigious opinion towards emancipation. Like most so-called British enlightenment, it was rooted in a desire to bring ruin upon other people, not any sort of altruism.

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Virrer (Ver-er)
Virri (Ver-ee)
Vidder (Vid-er)
Viddi (Vid-ee)

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Okay, then I guess I'll try to capture a friendship between Orcs in such a place, a trio of them.

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When did Orcs stop being pigmen and start looking like ugly green people?

No really, when did this change occur?

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he looks so sad

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Can't confirm that, but it should be noted that the first decades of the transatlantic slave trade had many white slaves as well. The key difference being that most of them were slaves due to debt and their names and origins were recorded (while black slaves did not have their names and origins recorded).

In my setting, I have surface dwelling 'evil' elves practice slavery. Only goblins are slaves by default, but some have earned their freedom. Bugbears are second class citizens who sometimes are sentenced to slavery; individual elves can be condemned to slavery for egregious crimes. My point is that slavery is a lot more complex than "all x are slaves"; that's really only a small period of american slavery.

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Well, the japanese made them pigs after Tolkien made them, so... As soon as they started.

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AD&D, I think.

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They passed a law in Britain that ended slavery in Belgium? That must have been some law.

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One french word for pig is 'verrat'.

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They just shut down a major market which obviously reduced the economical power of their rival that was providing services to that market.

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I've got a nation where most crimes are punishable by breif servitude to the state or wealthy landowners. Not exactly slavery, but it appears that way to the untrained eye. I had a PC paladin go in and think he was about to start saving the opressed, then someone taught him how society works.

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That law probably really hurt their slave trade though...right?

Oh they had none or little. Yeah.

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You can thank fetish-fueled art on the internet and the 'huge sexy orc bitch' thing.

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Just checked, it's from latin "verris" which means pig.

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when did orcs START being pigmen?
Tolkien never suggested they were pig-like and the swiss mountain goblin/gnome/spirit "Orc" is described as a very hairy dude

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In my fantasy setting, Orcs and Dwarves are complete bro's, they live in the mountain area's together, with Dwarves living in the mountains and Orcs establishing a 'city' on the outside of the mountain. It's a shared community and orcs and dwarves belong to the same 'clans' (which is mostly a generations long blood brotherhood, there is no interracial marriage).

Orcs have a lifespan similar to humans, while dwarves have a lifespan about 350-450 years. Though it is a mixed community, dwarves for the most part are content to stay in their tunnels and workshops and do a large majority of the crafting, where Orcs make up the bulk of the military and live on the surface, where they do the bulk of the farming (in chinese mountain-terrace style farms).

The Clan is *very* important to both Orcs and Dwarves, if an outsider insults a clanmate, that outsider could be staring down a very pissed orc or dwarf. Respect is a mutual thing amongst them, and even goes so far as the clan elders (comprised of well respected venerable orcs and dwarves) helping match-make for marriages for younger clan members.

Orcs play the more protector / provider role, where dwarves are the skilled laborers / traders.

It wouldn't be uncommon to see a 'bigger brother' orc, reading 'little brother' dwarf a bed time story, or a gaggle of orc kids wrestling with older dwarf and tugging on his beard.

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I can't really contribute to this thread with anything other than a picture of a sexy orc lady.

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>when did orcs START being pigmen?

When people realized "orc" rhymes with "pork"

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Apparently, Tolkien didn't give them a pig like description; just a monstrous one even so far as to imply the term "mongoloid".

so i guess the pig thing didn't come first.

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As I understand it, white 'slaves' were indentured bondsmen and women, i.e. they were sentenced to a period of enforced servitude as punishment for a crime, after which time they were given land rights and freedom

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'pig ears' only a little off from elf, canines only an increment off from human, and green skin are all it takes to be an orc these days?


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Way back when I my setting the precursors to the orcs and elves existed as a firm military dictatorship and followed a monotheistic religion that revered a god of military discipline.

The future elves split off first, because they decided they liked magic more than gods, and the nation fought a war against them. It was during this was that a powerful agent for the government decided he was through with the dictatorship. They clearly gave zero shits about the lives of the soldiers, so he lead a rebellion and then exodus to find a land where the soldier is respected and not used like a tool.

tl;dr Orks are Zanzibar Land

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In my setting orcs and goblinoids were created by the first dragons to prove they were just as good as the gods and so deserved to rule over the lesser mortal races

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I really like this. Nice one.

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My favorite one about this is Orcs/Dwarves are very psuedochinese/japanese, and in general they lead a fairly peaceful and happy life.

In all but the largest communities, Orcs and Dwarves live in the same tunnels, with wings being devoted to certain clans - Some orcs do live outside the tunnels but once again its in big communal groups - where you may have 30-40 members of a clan living in an area to tend their fields, with some travelling down the mountainsides to river vallies for fishing or the like.

Captcha : orkeyde spokesmen

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Imagine something like this, but with a 'mine' entrance to it, and this would probably be one of the smaller communities - sustaining a mixed population of about 800-1000 or so, comprising maybe 3 clans.

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>dwarf/orc bromance world
Oh wow I'm running with this in a campaign
Operation fuck the elves up

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and im a dumbass and left my trip on

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Taking notes. This is an interesting concept.

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I ended up having something similar, only instead of Dwarves it was Halflings. A lot of this had to do with the mythology of the world, and when the continents were being created for the material plane, the God of Humans destroyed the basis for what would've been the Halflings and Orc's homeland. As a result, the God of Orcs and Goddess of Halflings set up a pact to take revenge on Man, and ended up with their tribes pretty much coalescing.

Until recently in the world's history, a band of Orcs and Halflings was a really bad thing for a mostly human town to encounter, with at best leading to a shitton of looting and at worst outright slaughter. There has been some attempts on both the tribes' parts and various leaders in the major towns to either cool the warring down or to exchange land for essentially a ready made mercenary group.

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That's going to be canon in my next setting.

I cannot express how awesome that is, but pic related anyway.

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Obligatory dump of my master race folder.

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Could we have more of these kinds of orcs? Good pictures are hard to find (as opposed to Warcraft and Tolkien orcs).

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Keep in mind that todays orc clans have human blood mixed all through them, so some look more or less human than others. Only the most isolated and xenophobic tribes boast pure orcish blood,

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Anyone still here?

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I just popped in.
I'm thinking of convincing my DM to let me change my human Healer/Cleric "team mom" into an orc/half orc

Any personality changes recommended? I still want to have the "nurturing healer" but with an orcish candy coating.

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Be overbearing, and treat them like you would treat another orc, i.e. a little rough.

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Your eyes twitch when someone messes with your "kids".

>humsla name
Captcha seems to like the idea.

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Oh and then your axe/mace too.

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Hehe, noted.

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In Fantasy Southamerica pure humans would be the ruling minority, along 20% of the population, interbreeding would be pretty common, there would be lots and lots of officially classified categories of orquitude and elfitude (orcatto, orcling, elorc, halfizo, etc, etc.) and most interbreeds would try to human-up their sons and daughters by marry them off with humans or more human-like interbreeds or by spending lots of money on inproving their social standing, because money makes the human. Also, at some point, slavery of orcs gets dropped because is no longer economically feasible and then onwards there's only passive agressive racism towards them

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Wow, where did you *get* all these? Was this some LARP you participated in or photographed for?

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Those are pictures from the Drachenfest in Germany. I participated the last four years and intend to attend this year as well.

I'm playing an orc myself, though I'm not on any of those pictures.

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Wow, seems this Drachenfest really goes all out in their costumes, I must say, never been into cosplaying or LARP (beyond Civil War re-enactment) myself, but I gotta say, props to these guys/gals.

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That has nothing to do with the Drachenfest ,necessarily. Most orc-players really are going balls-out with their costumes, and it shows.

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To clarify a little, the Drachenfest doesn't have any standards when it comes to armor, but the Orkheer has.

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I'm absolutely going to have a slave caste of orcs in my campaign, thank you /tg/

>> No.19469876

That trollface on their banner...
... I want one.

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Have a Steam-tank instead

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warhammer, warcraft (not lolcraft) and LOTR have the best orcs in my opinion. psychic fungus, demon possessed, and evil elves? pretty awesome.

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In my opinion, Gothic had the best orcs. I mean, those guys are a fucking horde.

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Did I mention that I have a huge fetish for gals in orc attire?

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i still like the whole orcs are from another dimension/planet idea. thats pretty damn cool

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Caption kind of sucks on this one, I really should look for the original.

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Not a fan, the exception being WH40K

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A look at the camp.

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Are these pictures from Drachenfest?

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Is that a fucking horde or is that a fucking horde?

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Most of them, yes.

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Last one.

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I need to go there. The pictures and videos are amazing.

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If you want to roleplay, forget it, the Drachenfest isn't really about that. There is a lot of roleplay, of course, but you go to the Drachenfest to beat the crap out of people, find new contacts and boast with the cool stuff you made.

For example, my clan took a boar's spine, pulled a hose through it and used it as a straw to drink our snakebites.

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Because pig men are fucking gay

>> No.19470087

Well, beating the crap out of other people sounds interesting enough. I don't have much experience with LARP yet, though. Can a beginner survive at such a big event?

>For example, my clan took a boar's spine, pulled a hose through it and used it as a straw to drink our snakebites.
Where'd you even get a boar's spine? Pretty interesting idea.

>> No.19470106

The father of a friend of mine is a hunter, he shot a boar and we got to keep the spine. At first, we tried to incorporate it into our bone altar, but that didn't really work out.

Also, being a beginner is fine. I'd just recommend latching on to your camp.

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I don't think you area aware of how entertaining pigmen can be. Especially those of the jewish variant trying to free their people from egyptean bondage with bone-crushing violence.

>> No.19470555

I can try to give some more setting notes about this, maybe even do some writefagging - but it'll take some time.

I have something of a hardon for chinese/japanese 'medieval' culture and the orc/dwarf tribes somewhat reflect it. While most clans are agricultural/industrial, similar to feudal japan / china there were almost exclusively warrior clans that were appointed as 'lords' of areas (albiet instead of being handed down by warlords they are consensus of clan council) - the only 'non' warrior members of these clans are weapon / armorsmiths. Due to their good access to materials however, you essentially have the larger orcs kitted out as 'knights' in plate armor with big twohanded weapons, Dwarves in these groups don't have the same large frames that the orcs do so they favor shields and stabbing weapons.

The greatest warriors of the clans become Blademasters, who's prowess with their weapons is so legendary that they tend to doff the majority of their armor and fight with just their weapons (once again the orcs favoring all two handed weapons, and the dwarves losing the shield in favor of two one-handed weapons).

On names, individuals will frequently introduce themselves with their clan's name first, and then their individual name as clan is frequently considered to preceed individuality though there are exceptions. Individuals are usually given a single name to which the whole of the clan refers to you by (nicknames are common though) and should you do something worthy of it you can 'earn' a second name (which is about when you start introducing yourself first and stating your clan last, depending on the nature of your second name).

>> No.19470635

Names can be granted posthumously too, for example if in a losing defense of a clan-hall an orc gathered up dwarven children and locked them in a room to protect them, fighting off enemies long enough for others to rally, but being mortally wounded in the defense of his little brothers - he could earn one hell of a name post-humously. It wouldn't be uncommon for 300 years down the line him to be something of a legend amongst the clan, and some of the dwarves he saved to still be alive (and having spent great amounts of wealth honoring his life and death).

Ancestor worship is a very big thing amongst the clans, with children of both races looking to ancestors (and elders) for guidance. Orc youths sometimes have issues with their tempers and they can be frequently sent to their dwarven elders for lessons on the virtues of calmness and clarity of mind. Dwarf youths can occasionally have issues with being too passive, and they'd frequently be sent to the older orcs for lessons on the fact that life is short and it can be lost at any time even for a long-lived species like the dwarves.

Orcs tend to play integral roles in helping dwarven youths get married, and amongst dwarven and orc children rough-housing, dares and good-natured challenges are frequent. Conflict amongst youths is seldom, but when it happens adults and elders from both sides quickly get involved with the repeated mantra of "One does not harm his own flesh, to do so is wasteful and stupid".

Thats all I can think of at the moment, but if anyone wants to ask questions I can try to respond as best as possible.

>> No.19472848

I'm not sure using a creature with higher strength and lower intelligence than normal humans to represent blacks is a good idea, even if the message is that slavery is bad.

>> No.19473463

I don't think using a race with higher strength and lower intelligence than normal humans in an analogy for blacks is necessarily a good idea.

>> No.19473532


I refreshed and it still didn't show me that I'd already posted.

>> No.19473817
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>> No.19473933



>> No.19474007

>In my fantasy setting most Orcs are slaves to rich land owners, a clear indicator to black slavery.
Really? I tend to see orcs as being nomadic bandits. When I want massive evil armies I use hobgoblins, the kingons of the goblinoid family

I would have orc/dwarf solidarity occuring only when they're living together in Human or Elf lands. Back home they hate each other, but at least they speak each other's languages and treat each other with honour instead of like backwards mountain people.
Like how India and Pakistan hate each other, but in Australia they're both more interested in not getting glassed by bogans.

>> No.19475206

Your setting your rules. My setting my rules. I like the concept of brotherhood even in the face of diversity.

>> No.19478104

I won't let this thread 404

>> No.19479907

Looks like The Potamoks, a french comic. There's a scanlation on /rs/.


>> No.19480197

Hmmm... If you are going to draw parallels with the real world, you should have free orcs somewhere who routinely sell their clanmates into slavery.

Keep in mind that in the real world (i.e. other than Roots) blacks weren't captured by evil raiders with guns and horses. It was a couple fat guys with wagons who made the circuit and asked the chief who he wanted to sell that year.

If you are looking for real honesty and not simply 'wahh white guilt' you should examine this aspect.

>> No.19482355

So a few rich human lords buy orcish slaves from the orc tribes when there's not actual hostilities going on.

>> No.19483504

I'm not the op, I posted what my setting was further down - furthermore slavery never really comes up in the setting I run.

>> No.19483861

If you're drawing parallels to the real world, don't listen to this guy.

Also, if you're drawing parallels, there's gonna be a shit ton of half-orcs...

>> No.19486049

Why not, everything he said was true?

>> No.19486103

I know /tg/ likes to theorize about fantasy genetics, but for whatever reason (there have occasionally been attempts) the orcs and dwarves cant interbreed - their genetics are too different. Unless there were magic involved or divine intervention (remember these guys practice ancestor worship not diety worship), it just isn't possible.

Humans somehow still manage to be able to have successful crossbreeds with most everything, but other than that your race has to have either an inherently magical nature, divine nature, or be some sort of spirity beastie (like a fey creature).

But entertaining the possibility that orcs and dwarves could crossbreed, what would the physical traits of one likely be?

>> No.19488555

Stocky like dwarves, but taller, approaching the height of humans or elves. Brutish, tusked and savage.

>> No.19488713

First off thank you very much for coming back and sharing.

What I would like to ask is what is the place of these dwarf-orc bros in your setting? How do they relate to the other species and external events? Also, what is the magic level of your setting?

>> No.19488731

Kenshiro with tusks and a beard.

>> No.19488764


>> No.19488779

>What would be the Orc equivelent of the word Nigger?
I've always used Piggers

>> No.19488785


That's too adorable to be an effective insult.

>> No.19488833


Fuckin awesome

>> No.19488902
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I'm not letting this thread die.

This pic made me wonder: is there an Orc god in any setting that isn't a loser like Gruumsh? A cool god, ya know, like Kord.

>> No.19489035

>What I would like to ask is what is the place of these dwarf-orc bros in your setting? How do they relate to the other species and external events? Also, what is the magic level of your setting?

Orcs and Dwarves form something of their own kingdom, they do interact and trade with other races frequently mostly humans as I've drawn a lot of parallels between the real world, humans are prettymuch the 'arabs'. They strongly dislike elves, who see down their nose at everything and parallel Celts / Picts, elves are notably buff as fuck lumberjack/hunters/forest gardeners. They *hate* goblins, ogres and gnolls who they war most often with and they somewhat parallel mongols, goblins are nasty little pig riding bastards, ogre tribes when united generally just wreck shit up, and gnolls are used in bedtime stories as baby eating monsters - which is often true.

Orcs and Dwarves don't mind humans that much, but on occasion have gone to war with them. Elves like to raid and have occasionally been at war with the orcs and dwarves. When the goblins/ogres/gnolls get their shit organized though just about everyone unites to try and put them down, which meets with varying success. The trading with humans has occasionally caused half orcs or half dwarves to happen, but they're pretty rare.

In regards to external events, it really depends on whats happening, for the most part the clans are insular and prefer to live in peace, but a lot of individuals seek to earn a second name for themselves and end up travelling with one of their clan brothers to try and earn it, as adventuring is really the only good way to earn yourself a second name and guarantee a good position in the afterlife when its not wartime. Bringing back a worthy trophy can get you established as a blademaster too, or if not named one at least taught by one (something like the head of an ogre-khan).

>> No.19489064

Magic level is pretty low-middling, it mostly focuses on enhancement - increased strength or speed, or faster healing, weapons that cut better etc, but there are tons of magical creatures in the world, a battle between wizards might happen once every two generations, it would flatten a city and the story would make its way around the world if anyone survived it. Orcs and Dwarves occasionally get into nasty spats with dragons - which is often the woeful demise of a clan. Among the Orcs and Dwarves one of the greatest names you can ever earn is "Dragonslayer", its that hard to do. Dragons are generally very aloof though.

True 'wizards' are exceptionally rare and very dangerous - at least one necromancer in known history caused prettymuch everyone to unite against him. Elves are occasionally known to call fey valkyries into existence. Angels sometimes manifest in the world. Clerics and Shamans are fairly common, but the amount of power they hold is proportional to the amount of faith they have. Paladins are rare and amazing. It is a magical world, but not exactly faerun level magical.

There is a fair bit I haven't covered though, trolls have their own little kingdom, but nobody likes to interact with them - it tends to end poorly. Just about everything you could imagine in a dungeons and dragons type setting sans planar travel is represented, as its a very big world and if you look hard enough you'll probably find things. Reality bending wizards are very rare, but they are a possibility and if you happen to be (un)fortunate enough to know one, you could easily go on a journey of the planes, Psionics is a bit more common though (and severely toned down). To explain it in something of laymans terms - people in this world very rarely see more than 9th level.

>> No.19489071

Interesting ideas. Are the goblins/orges/gnolls "bags of XP to be harvested", like in D&D (AKA bland, stupid, and uninteresting), or do they have their own cultures/territories?

>> No.19489083

Sounds like a nice low magic setting I can see myself playing in, thumbs up bro. Then again, if magic is altered so drastically, how do you balance non-casters vs casters?

From what you've said so far, your PCs are most likely to be fighter/rogue-types with the occasional shaman/cleric thrown in, is that about right? Could you elaborate on this bit a little more?

>> No.19489088

That's not how it went at all. They went to a port and bought slaves from slavers who went around kidnapping people (at first) and then from the various empires which grew from that and made "you are now a slave" the punishment for all crimes. Plus, you know, packing people like cargo, throwing them overboard and weighted down, etc.
But yeah, white slave traders considered the whole thing 100% legitimate, assuming that the Africans must have been lawfully enslaved according to the legitimate authority of their people.

>> No.19489153

Oh, forgot to mention, Elves are frequently rumored to have shapechangers amongst them, like werewolves / werebears etc, It is true - but they're something sort of unique at first it began with some mysticism type stuff where people could take on half-animal forms for varying amounts of times (from a few hours to a few days), but at some unknown point it happened that certain elves had an inherent ability to shapeshift into half animals. Natural shapeshifters can trace their lineage back to one of the mystics - It took a little bit of time but shapeshifting turned from a recessive ability to a dominant (but rare) one, its never openly spoken of and most shapeshifters know nothing of their origins.

Unlike lycanthropes however, these people aren't able to pass it on like it were an infectious disease, they cannot however turn fully into animals, that has always eluded them. Shapeshifting elves do breed true however, and any offspring they have (even half-elves) retain this ability. The most 'commonly' represented that they take are bear, wolf, stag and boar, there have been known to be others though, as what your parent was has no bearing on what you are - although once you first change your form is set. Shapeshifters tend to live in seclusion on the outskirts of society - trying to hide their strange ability, elves are the most common shapeshifters though and have a very slight measure more acceptance. Shapeshifters frequently adventure or seek out others that don't know of their ability and typically leave behind a lot of children of one night stands. What shapeshifters turn into seems to reflect internal values however, and depending where you were born in the world and how you saw the animals of the area shapeshifters could really be almost any natural animal.

>> No.19489230

They're not bags of exp, they do have their own cultures, they're mostly nomadic though.

Goblins are seen as pests and somewhat generally harmless individually, but as so many other fantasy tropes point out there's no such thing as 'just one goblin'. Ogres are actually very reminiscent of kingdom under fire Ogres (its almost exactly what I had in mind creating them), in that usually they stick to their own business and bully around smaller races as they get the chance, but every once and a while a smart one happens and then there's a huge shitstorm because an ogre managed to unite the frequently warring nomadic ogre clans, and basically smashed through the settings 'great wall of china' with their fists and has now caused a huge fucking problem for everyone (because as I've said earlier, typically the 'highest' level characters are 9th level, and those are damn uncommon - armies of ogres aren't exactly pleasant for a world of mostly martial classes below 4th level). Taking an ogre-khans head is a pretty big deal even when there isn't a big one who's managed to unite a few clans. Gnolls are the most maligned though, because they're the most intelligent, and they're known cannibals, eaters of carrion, and consumers of sentient species - If goblins or ogres are causing shit, it was probably a gnoll who put the idea into their heads.

>> No.19489245

Honestly, I encourage PC's to take classes from stuff like the book of nine swords. Psionics are considerably more common than wizards, but they're also much less powerful. Shamans and Clerics are more common, but they're more buff-machines with occasional "GOD SAW A HERETIC THERE -lightning bolt-" type blasting.

Wizards do retain save or die / save or suck and all sorts of other shit, but they're *very* rare, to the point where I couldn't conceive players actually fighting one unless they -tried- to find one, and then after that tried to piss him off. The earlier mentioned Necromancer who had every nation who knew about him team up against him? He was only like 16th level.

>> No.19489272

It's refreshing to see "mob creatures" fleshed out into proper species with a culture and something else to do other than guarding a treasure chest in a spooky dungeon.

Sounds good, though only practice will tell. Do the Shamans and Clerics have healing spells, or is that toned down to faster recovery?

On a side note I can see you're trying to place emphasis on roleplaying instead of rollplaying, and I salute you for that.

>> No.19489301

After re-reading my post, It seems I haven't really answered your question.

In regards to caster vs non-caster balance and how I handle it? I don't, characters tend to stay below 7th-8th level, and at that point in time I feel that most martial classes are sufficiently deadly to casters that its somewhat balanced.

Most of the races of the world favor classes like psychic warrior, crusader, warblade, scout etc. In fact I tend to discourage 'fighters' because honestly the class fucking sucks and is bad at what it was designed for.

>> No.19489402

Shaman is essentially druid class, and Cleric is well, cleric class, so yes, they get healing spells. PC's essentially get treated as the 'big damn hero's of their world, because a crusader with a long-spear and shield in the right stance and with a little bit of luck could outfight fighters practically all day as long as they have a little luck (maneuvers on shield bashes are a bitch). Things get a bit more frantic though when you have that same crusader run into an ogre or two.

>> No.19491464


>> No.19491608

Mine is similar to this anon's with the Dwarfs down under the mountains crafting and smiting, and the orcs above farming and protecting. Th dwarfs provide them with high quality farming tools and weapons and the orcs return the favor with food and malt based alcohol.

Humans don't usually travel into the mountains, due to loose political footing, but that does stop crafting traders with casks of ales, wines and rare seeds for the orcs, and rare metals for the dwarfs.

This same practice continues in cities, with dwarfs and orcs living in the same districts, usually areas with parks.

In my setting orcs have a distinct love of natures, they don't have just a green thumb, as a few people joke. If the orcs were left to their own devices they'd set up farming communities along the rivers of the country and trade across the land, but because of their non-violent actions, they were raided too often. Then they found the dwarfs in the mountains who couldn't grow food in the rocks. Everything looked up from there, as the orcs are strong enough to plough fields by hand, they're intimidating with a big hammer. But learned men know their god is a god of agriculture.

>> No.19492088

Should also be pointed out that wizards who don't have teachers or access to a lot of spellbooks are somewhat limited in spell selection unless they spend a -lot- of time researching magic, and while core is powerful you get to ignore a lot of splatbook bullshit.

Psionics is much more workable for a low magic setting.

>> No.19492252


There's always the art of inventing new spells. One of my players opted to do so as part of his character concept, Keen Baughb.

The majority of his "new" spells were just reflavors of the originals, but he did come up with some new ones from time to time.

>"Squeak!" - Grease redone to cause things to become covered in suds, as if freshly mopped.
>"Time-Out!" - Similar to Hold Person, except it compels those who fail the Will Save to find the nearest corner to stick their noses in.
>"Happy Little Working Song!" - A Mass Charm Person equivalent, made into a lower level by virtue of the fact that he has to continue whistling and directing the targets to new tasks or grant them a new Will Save. Could only assign one task per round, but could get the entire group to work on it at the same time.

He then published a book full of these kinds of spells as a hearth magic guide, teaching housewives the arcane arts so that they could have tidier homes and lead better lives.

>> No.19492620

Yes, but inventing spells takes time, research and effort, a lot of the reason why wizards go adventuring is for either inspiration, money to find their research, artifacts to assist in the research or material components for those new spells.

The thing is without a teacher or access to a lot of spellbooks you're kinda limited to those 2 spells on level up.

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