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Would you ever get a tattoo to celebrate your love for a game?

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A combination of God, country, and family, maybe.

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No, but I'd get a tattoo of a dick on your forehead.

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This is officially the most American thing I've read in AGES.

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How about 'Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious'?


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Only tattoo I want is a copy of my organ donor details on my torso.

Just in case.

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Not a TEN symbol (like Akuma)? FAIL

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>Man gets coupon barcode tattooed on arm never pays full price for dish detergent again.

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On the contrary, I'm a Croatian, and that is paraphrasing from ultra-patriotic singer Marko Perković.

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>how stupid you feel once the coupon expires

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You have your own personal organ donor? That's must be expensive as hell.

"I'm sorry sir, it's hard to say how long it will take to find a don-"
[tears open shirt, points]
"Ah. We'll get on that right away, sir."

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I already have a tattoo celebrating my love of Niko Bellic, what more do you want from me?

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Tat? No.
Piercing? Maybe. It can be easily removed without leaving much track if I ever change my mind.

btw: Friend has Mark of Slaanesh carved into left shoulder, I admire her courage.

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Wait, what is the paraphrasing? 'A combination of God, country, and family, maybe'?

Also, still sounds American. Best thing about patriotism is that it's often a set of beliefs about how uniquely awesome your own country is... which most of the world happen to share.

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Wait, you don't? What are you? Poor?

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Balkanites are basically Americans with stronger alcohol, when you get down to it. I take this as final proof.

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i was thinking about getting a green 8-bit mario mushroom
i love mushrooms as much as mario

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I had one, but he escaped. I think he's in Canada now.

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Not a fair comparison, as Guile doesn't have any tattoos.

Those are birthmarks.

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And centuries of racial and religiously motivated internal warfare...

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Marko Perković is quoted as saying he draws all his inspiration from "his love of God, country, and family". And that's a pretty Balkan thing to say, if you've been there. Croatians are incredibly patriotic because everyone who lives there fought together and survived against extermination.

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Like he said, America with stronger alcohol.


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best post I've read in a while

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Ah. But you see my point- it's also an American thing to say. Take out God, and it's a very Chinese thing to say.

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I've thought about tattooing the floor plan of my longest standing dwarf fortress.

But they told me you can't get ink done on your beard.

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Considered a D20, but I've seen some pretty fucking horrible dice tattoos

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America has alcohol?

news to me, that shit is basically water

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>Replace God with Party, and it's a very Chinese thing to say.

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I dunno. The only tattoo I've ever looked at and said "holy shit I want that" was this huge fucking radical icon of an Orthodox saint someone had on his back... And I'm not Orthodox. So what am I supposed to do?

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>implying there's a distinction between 'country' and 'party'
What are you, Falun Gong or something?

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The majority of America's doesn't get sold in convenience stores and such. It gets made in small towns and given to friends, family members, and anyone who happens to enjoy drinking stuff that could drown your average Scotsman's liver.

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Get this, instead.

Just remove the parts you don't think you want and go for it.

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>implying there's a distinction between 'country' and 'party'
Of course not, but it's just so great that it's worth mentioning twice.

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You know, the America-as-Balkans thing was a joke, but it's starting to sound nervously accurate.

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>Would you ever get a tattoo to celebrate your love for a game?

Good God no

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Don't be preposterous. The Yugo and the Chevy aren't anything alike.

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Anyone seriously considering the america-is-balkans thing has clearly never been to America, or the Balkans.

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I like the way you think. As a reward, you can wear FIVE red stripes.

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Tattoo? All I need is a projector!

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I can attest that I've woken up in Chicago before, and thought I was still in Subotica, but... No, they're not really that similar at all. The language barrier and the prevailing cultural attitudes are very different.

Also, Americans tend to project this sentiment of disliking you because they're not sure where you're from.
Serbs project the sentiment that they know exactly where you're from, and they hate that place, and everyone from there, even if it's an obscure town in Montana.

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Probably not no, because there's alwasy the chance I may come to dislike or resent the game for whatever reason and then I'd just feel silly.

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I've never particularly wanted a tattoo, especially a /tg/ one, but if I had to this wouldn't be too bad.

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My coworker has a Triforce tattooed on the back of his left hand and a shield I don't really recognize on his left shoulder.

I thought he was crazy before I found out that he did it himself while he was overseas, in Iraq.

Now I know he's crazy.

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I have this tattooed on my right bicep.

How long has it been since you slayed The Beast /tg/?

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>Openly declaring your affiliation with the pyramid.

Have you learned NOTHING Neonate?

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No, because tattoos are for faggots.

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Can /tg/ last a single thread without talking about the Balkans?

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My body is too pretty as is for markings

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I have a full mural on my back featuring Gary Gygax flying over a rainbow riding a unicorn. It says "RIP u were to young, i crey evry tiem"

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Name three things that are not the Balkans.

>occupation. terramoo
I'd rather forget that chapter of our history, captcha.

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>self tattooing
>while deployed
>gaming tattoos

Welp, that hits all three of the criteria, I'd do my best to avoid this person in the future if you value your spleen staying where it is.

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That was a damned awesome mangu, it was. And I usually hate mangoes.

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I've considered getting that planeswalker symbol before (smaller, though. The more inconspicuous the better) or a symbol of torment.

Getting a symbol of torment would probably make me look like an idiot and/or an emo faggot though, especially to people who know what is symbolizes, because y'know, I don't actually have it anywhere close to bad enough to warrant a symbol of torment. Damned thing just looks so cool, though.

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It's finished?

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Unfortunately it just kinda ends.
It's really annoying, but there you go.
If you've read the part where Fran is trapped underwater, that's where it ends, even if it doesn't seem like it should end.

>> No.19444078

Indeed, it is. Made me really want to play Tzimisce flesh-crafter. If only someone was running WoD around here.

btw: If you liked it, you might also want to try Leviathan. (sage for /a/)

>> No.19444108

Oh shit, yes. Leviathan is so good.

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