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Playing Deathwatch, and I'm gonna have my players grav chute into an active warzone in a planet right alongside a Guard airborne op timed to an armored push on the groun.

I realize that I don't have the vehicle stats for Imperial Guard vehicles. Leman Russ tanks, Chimeras, Earthshaker emplacements, the works. Where would I go about finding this?

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make it cinematic, It's effectively a rolling piece of terrain that provides fire support or blows up as you see fit.

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Leman Russes have stats in Rites of Battle, I believe, and those stats are 'give up, even in deathwatch, an armored column's power is best represented cinematically.'

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The battle on a strategic level will obviously be abstract, but there'll be a fair bit of tactical engagements with some Stigmartus cultists with heretek-built armor.

I am pretty much looking at a Leman Russ tank as a sort of final boss for the session, so I will need the stats.

I don't really need the stats for ALL Guard vehicles, I'm just a bit curious, and it's on standby just in case they use the requisition for the help of a demi-platoon of motorized infantry or something.

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Well, there's stats for Predators in Rites of Battle. And Leman Russ are supposedly more resilient than Predators, so maybe start there and build your own Leman Russ?

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Why haven't FFG wrote stats for common vehicles like the Russ and the Chimera but they have stats for Space Marine vehicles, again? In DW it makes sense but why did they do it for RT?

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I'm a fan of the Cinematic option, myself. The Russes are a lumbering wall of death, the Earthshakers live up to their name, Chimeras go splodie and the Baneblade is a godless killing machine.

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>Create PCs using 40k rules
>create IG and Cultist army in 40k
>play 40k

My Dark Heresy players love doing large battles like this

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If you don't mind me piggybacking on your thread OP, is there anywhere where /tg/ plays Dark Heresy online? I have no one to play with and I've been itching to play it to the point where I played through the intro adventure by myself.

I even already made a character sheet, Amami Haruka, Naval Guardsman, recruited into the inquisition after being one of few survivors after a partial geller field collapse onboard the emperor class imperial cruiser Vae Victis

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..what, no more spoiler tags on /tg/? I haven't been on /tg/ in forever..

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I don't have much for you. You could homebrew up a few stats for them, or just go cinematic and go with the flow, giving them obstacles like downed tanks and explosions to dodge as they go.

You could also just play tabletop rules for them: fire an attack at them of some sort of heavy weapon, roll for hit, roll for armor save, and roll for damage or status. Then you just describe what's happening and rolling for whatever happens relevant to the PCs. Gives the cinematic feel, with the chaos and uncertainty of a battleground.

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I know it ain't Metal Slug but dang if that gif doesn't make me want to play some Metal Slug.

Fucking beautiful.

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It will probably be in Only War (confirmed to have wimp-ass ogryns, incidentally).

That said, battle cannons aren't that bad. 3d10+5 Pen 8. A Spess mehreen can survive that. He'd be low on wounds, but he can survive.

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It also doesn't hurt that I'm looking for every goddamn excuse I can to use it.

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>I am pretty much looking at a Leman Russ tank as a sort of final boss for the session,
>a Leman Russ tank as a sort of final boss
>Leman Russ as a boss

"And then, with the thunderous roar of prayer and jump pack, was Brother Stabby upon the traitor's war machine. Covered by his Battle-Brothers, Stabby ripped the hatch from vehicle and deposited several frag grenades within."

Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if your group simply decided to gang rush it and roll it around like Katamari fucking Damacy. Because they can totally do that.

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Wisdom. Make it an Armored Vendetta or something. Make it SOMEWHAT challenging.

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Drawfags. Make it happen. Now.

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You've got the pintle and sponson gun-mounts to contend with. Maybe have them use trenches and cover to try and get to the Russ's backside so they can pop the hatch.

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...how would they even catch the damn thing? It's a fast vehicle, and just as nimble. It could run circles around them while firing and they'd never catch the bastard.

also tanks have multiple people in the crew, so it's not as if it couldn't fire backwards while driving.

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It can only ever move max twice its tactical speed. And then the BS penalties are massive. It's annoying to move a vehicle.

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With any luck we'll get stats for all the IG vehicles in Only War. I really hope they put in a good system for armored on armor combat. It's is my dream to play in a party that is a Baneblade crew, it would be kinda like RT but on a much smaller and more badass scale.

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Okay, comparing it to vehicles in Rites of Battle, your average Leman Russ would look like:

Type: Ground Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 10m
Cruising Speed: 35kph
Maneuvrability: -10
Size: Enormous
Armour: Front 50, Side 31, Rear 20
Crew: Gunner, Driver, 2 Sponson Gunners

Turret Mounted Battle Cannon (500m, S/-/-, 4d10+6 X, Pen 10, Clip 40, Blast 10)
3 Heavy Bolters (1 hull mounted, 2 sponsons)

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And if you want to make it more or less powerful you can make it a variant rather than a simple battle tank. Something like an executioner or a demolisher. Make them know that even though they are space marines if they get hit this will hurt.

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It's gonna be emplaced behind a line of Cultists and heavy weapons, and maybe five Word Bearer traitors with a Dark Apostle empowering the whole horde. All of them will be suppressing fire the whole time. They're all gonna be in high ground, which will make this at least a bit of trouble to deal with, I hope. That said, I'm gonna test run it to see if it's too easy or too hard.

Also, if they actually do manage to insta-gib a vehicle with a lucky lascannon shot or something, I don't really mind.


Yep, this looks pretty good. I like that the front armour is as good as a Land Raider, but everything else is Predator level. The penalty on maneuverability should give the players the edge on it once they have it flanked. I'm gonna use this profile if you don't mind. Thanks man!

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Glad it'll be of use, and yeah, I basicly compared the numbers to figure out what's what (and grabbed others from the Imperial Armour books)

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One thing I've found useful is that it's very easy to adapt any unit to the FFG system from it's tabletop stats.

Rule of thumb: Multiply each stat by 10(for the double digit number) then add/subtract based on the unit's general role on the battlefield (Most standard tau are around 35-37 BS(tabletop 3), versus a WS of around 17/18(tabletop 2), since they are a very shooty army and generally weak in hand to hand.

It isn't perfect, but it works when FFG doesn't put the stats in the CORE book.

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I know it's slightly different for vehicle armor and such, just thought I would provide what little wisdom I have as a 40k junkie.

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