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((This quest takes place in Nasuverse, a setting built from Tsukihime, the Fate series, and other works done by Type-Moon.))

((It also takes place ten years after Holy Grail War: Seattle. You don't need to look it up to understand the quest, but it can give some context.))

"Are you sure this will work?" my friend asks. He's tall and willowy, with bright blonde hair and green eyes. He dresses for a warm day, no matter the temperature.Right now, he's at the door to this little hut in the woods, Crest on his neck glowing bright like a golden necklace. "I shouldn't have to tell you how risky what you're doing is..."

"I know, Don." I reply, "It's already done. He should be with us, now."

"...I don't see anything. I thought you said you were using the familiar of your family?"

"He's not an evident one." I reply.

Please tell me you're there and I'm not just self-narrating like some noir film detective...

My name is David. I'm not your ordinary teenager - I'm a magus. My mother was one, too. SHe's one of the greatest. She's decided that she can't teach me her magic - I have to learn my own. Despite that, I've gone to school like a normal kid. I'm eighteen now, a senior at Umbral High. It's a newly constructed school here in Washington.

((Continued in next post.))

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I'm in the woods, late at night, because I'm here to break up a party. Several of my friends have been dragged in - people I don't want to see on the sort of hard drugs going around this campfire. Not to mention the booze and other crap. I'd call the cops, but they'd probably just arrest everyone. Gerald, the ringleader of this outing, brought in the unpopular kids mostly to dope them up and laugh at them, I think - I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about the consequences.

Me and Donnie are out of sight or hearing of the party, which is not far off.

So, Legion. You there? Any ideas, or thoughts?

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rolled 26 = 26

Stealth on up to dat party! Engage spy mode

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First off, give us a situation report. What is going on that you need us, who is your friend, what are your current abilities?

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rolled 62 = 62

Can we shapeshift? If so, turn in to a wolf and start howling in the woods near the party

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Oh yeah, Bob the Skull returns!!

Update, young Master David: what are your abilities as a magus?

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Damn, David has grown up a bit since we last saw him, if we are still bob the skull.

We're here. still have a craving for trashy romance novels and bacon

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what sort of stuff can we do at the moment?
Or are we a normal human?

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Do you think he realizes the reason that mistress won't teach him her magic is due to them not being of the same blood line?

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WE are an advisory familiar. we just help our master make decisions. previous master was an alcoholic woman who got busy with Atalanta during the last grail war and adopted david, who was a tiny-ass kid at the time and atalanta's master.

Did we ever get to see that action, bobs?

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Oh god OP. please don't make this super weaboo just because its Nasuverse

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He doesn't usually. Read up on grail war quest on suptg.

On topic: Where da sexy wimminz at david?

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Er, right. I only, as a magus, have a single 'spell'. I can multiply reactions and processes. I can make flames go higher, I can make adrenalin pump harder, there really isn't much of a limit. I have my crests collecting Prana right now, and I have enough to boost one thing to be five times greater, or two things twice as great, one at a time, in sequence.

Of course, this works on other spells, as well.

And since Mother taught me some simple magecraft before stating I must learn on my own, I know some of the basics of thaumaturgical theory. Basic magic stuff.

Other than that, I'm an okay brawler, and a decent runner.

Donnie, my friend, uses a simple spell to turn his breath into fire and another to enhance his breathing ability. His family is trying to become dragons, or like them, or something. I don't bother to ask the purpose of their crest.

Of course I do.

I creep closer to the party and... my suspicions are right - one of the wide stumps has a lot of little ziploc baggies, and various accoutrements of drug users - needles, pipes, things like that. My friends nervously fidget nearby while Gerald and his bunch chuckle at the sight.

Oh, one important thing: Magic is supposed to be a secret. I don't remember the specifics, but bad things happen if people know it exists.

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(( >>19433970
>I have my crests
should read as
>I have my Circuits ))

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What is everyone doing?

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what? Nasu is a huge westaboo with a fetish for long-swords. There is very little Japanophilic stuff in his work

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Make the campfire explode.

wait for someone to toss something on it for maximum effect.

Or, you know, call the police. they're the ones who break up drug parties and stuff.

Do you know how good old solomon is doing by the by?

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This is a good start.

Possible course of action, Master David: if the forest seems pretty spooky by firelight, maybe the old "haunted forest" schtick would work.

You and Donnie split up & make weird creepy noises and a scary voice saying, "Get out of my woods, get out, get out.....whooooo!", then make the fire blaze up like someone threw gasoline on it. That should scare the goon squad away and save your friends.

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Wait for drugs to flow, give expected targets a bad trip.

It will be on fbook in a matter of minutes.

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We could exponentiate the effects of the drugs on one of them
Make them whitey out, freak the others out

>> No.19434103


Get Gerald high as fuck by making drugs more powerful on him. Bail buddies out.

Also, long time no see, Dave. How're your moms?

>> No.19434130

OP writes a bit slow

>> No.19434133


I like this idea.

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...They're fine.

I smile, and reach out to the fire. The heat, the matter transitions... I can feel the process.

I just make it bigger.

The fire explodes into the sky, and Gerald freaks out. Apparently he was already running on some of the lighter stuff, so I reach out to him as well, and boost it further. He screams, dashing into the woods in a random direction, and his friends flee as well. I raise an eyebrow.

That was easy. Then again, I've not tried boosting someone else's internal reactions.

My friends look at one another. Harold and Tony stand up, looking around.

I'm spent, in terms of prana. Should I send Donnie after Gerald? Just to make sure the idiot doesn'[t run afoul of anything? And how should I approach my friends?

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Hey, David!

has the right idea. Drop this on 'em and scare off the other folks.

We know anything about Gerald? If is he a muggle or Mage?

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So our pal wants to be a dragon? Wonder if he has the kung fu to support that.

How well trained are you, master? Did Carmichael rub any know-how on you?

>EGO, did you ever make another build thread?

>> No.19434195


Well, yeah, a bit. But that's because he doesn't pre-write anything. He legitimately waits for Anon to come up with a course of action, instead of railroading like MSQ.

Which is why I like the quest. Well, that and NASU

>> No.19434215

>>EGO, did you ever make another build thread?
Not yet. Next War is gonna be so crazy, I'm working out the effects of the various rule changes that have been incurred over time. It'll be a bit. ))

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Dude, we're alive! I thought Mistress said we'd die...

Also, IRC is #HGWSeattle at Rizon. Don't be shy, y'all

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>Just to make sure the idiot doesn't run afoul of anything
>Implying there's any way in hell he WON'T

Send Donnie, and follow discreetly at a distance. My shenanigans-senses are tingling.

>> No.19434269


Might as well, but tell Donnie to watch him but not to confront him. Gerald's a prick; if he falls down a ravine or gets bitten by a snake while tripping balls, it serves him right.

>> No.19434275

Hold off. While making sure Gerald doesn't fuck things up more, we don't know much of him. Is he dangerous, outside of being a douchebag? Would he just laugh at the unpopular kids getting fucked up? Would he slip them mickeys? Try and blackmail them? Inadvertantly try their new super-serum on them?

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"Donnie, go make sure Gerald doesn't find a moon stag or something. I'll check on Tony and Harold, and catch up. Stay safe, no confrontations."

"...Gotcha." he says, and runs after him.

I approach my friends, waving a little.
"Sorry to break up your party, but I don't think Gerald wanted to be pals with you." I tell them. Tony objects, bu Harold stays on my side, as I look through the crap. Ugh. None of this was a good idea for Gerald, let alone a first time user. And some of it... I don't know much about drugs, but Gerald's not exactly rich. "Tony, you got a phone, right? Call the cops and tell them exactly what happened. You shouldn't get charged for this, and, really, some of this is probably so low-quality it might have killed you. I think."

Gerald probably didn't know that. At least, I hope he didn't.

A scream from the woods, and I swear.
"I'll handle it. You two sit tight, make that call." I say, dashing into the woods. Damnit! Fuck this state being a Mystic Creature wildlife reserve! Fucking clock tower wanting to see moon stags in their natural habitat can go fucking shove it!

Donnie is holding back Gerald, who is still flipping out, in a clearing. A creature stands opposite them, a stag twice the size of a normal one, whose antlers form into a circle over its head.

Gerald's friends are nowhere to be seen.

>> No.19434356

Uh, how dangerous are moon stags? I'd rather not find out. Let's try to help Donnie keep Gerald from freaking it the fuck out.

>> No.19434367


The hell is that?


>> No.19434394

> a stag twice the size of a normal one

Bow before the local deity, I guess

>> No.19434398



Well played.

>> No.19434422

Nah. It's a moon stag. Likely dangerous if you piss it off.

>> No.19434441

What do we know on Moonstags? Is it dangerous if folks find out about them?

Also, how much of a Muggle is Gerald? Does he at least know The Supernatural Exists?

>> No.19434447


We are gonna summon Jack the Ripper by hook or crook! We'll be White Knights for her if we have to!

>> No.19434455

"Goddamnit..." I mutter, trudging through grass to help pull Gerald away.


"It's okay, Gerald." I say, pulling him away. "They're perfectly safe. Naked and lost. But safe." I sigh.

THe Moon Stag is a stag whose antlers grow into a circle over their heads. For some reason, this arrangement gives them primitive Circuits, which they all use the same way: Direct teleportation magic. Magi have been trying to replicate it for years, but we still can't manage it. It might even just be part of them, like how a pegasus can fly with such tiny wings and go so fast.


I look over at Donnie with a sigh as the creature stares at us, stepping over abandoned clothes. It doesn't like people intruding in its territory, so it makes them leave.

I can't tell you how many times I've run afoul of the damn things.

And Gerald is a total 'muggle', by the by.

>> No.19434490

you shouldnt talk if you only ever read fateshit

>> No.19434505


Let us into his head and we'll dick with his memory and erase this little episode.

I mean, how hard can it be?

>> No.19434508

Any drugs in Gerald's system? Could we knock him out, then use this to frame him?

"Well officer, my upstanding friend Donnie & I were going for a stroll, wehn we came upon these ruffians. Gerald was tripping some serious balls, having spiked the coke with LSD. Him & his friends got naked and did all kinds of stupid things. I hope it taught them a lesson"

Show Gerald why you don't fuck with the unpopular kids unless you're dating them

>> No.19434512

Agreed. Gerald doesn't need to know about this shit. He might just put it down to the drugs though.

>> No.19434543

Be polite to the Stag. It probably has something beyond Teleport in its moves

>> No.19434553


David, can you multiply/enhance memories? Do you think you could say GERALD THINK OF A DOING DRUGS ON A BLUE ELEPHANT, then spam his mind so the memory floods all else? Make him be a little screwy?

How much more prana do you have?

>> No.19434590

Yeah. For all we know it knows Hyper Beam too.

>> No.19434609

How physically tough is Gerald? Could Don & you just punch him into submission, knock him out, and say "WHELP HE FELL DOWN SOME STAIRS. DRUGS ARE BAD, KIDS!"

>> No.19434635

Nnnnnot enough. And you guys can't be transferred. And since you run on my power, you'd use that for your own spells, had you any.

Carefully, we leave the glen of the Stag. It feels like ages of careful movement, but it's finally done, and we return to the camp - where cops are waiting.

One of them, a lanky fellow, approaches me.

"So which one of yo-"

"FUCKING HUGE REINDEER, MAN!" Gerald cries. "It was, was like, the size of TWO of those cars!"

Me and the officer share a look, and we hand him over. They take all the drugs as well, and I relax.

Donnie finally sighs in relief.
"Well, that went well." he says, putting out the fire with dirt and a bottle of water kept nearby. "So what do we do now? Head home? Don't you have a curfew, man? I was gonna ask, but you were so riled..."

Oh.. Oh yeah.


>> No.19434648

Liz is gonna chew out your ass man. Better get home. Also, hows the God Emperor, I mean, Solomon doing these days?

>> No.19434669

Get teleported by Moon Stag, gain excuse

Umbral High deals with magical shit, right?

>> No.19434670


We'll help smooth things over with Mistress and Atalanta, David. We ARE old friends, after all.

>> No.19434694

Yeah, we're gonna smooth things out SO well with Liz... she's barely tolerant of our BS back when she WAS fighting to survive. Now her son has a horny demon who lusts after her in his head?


>> No.19434695

Old friend is an understatement. We caused Liz and Attie to win the war. IT WAS ALL US!

>> No.19434731


Right. One who also kind of kept her, David, AND Atalanta alive AND was instrumental in winning the Grail War AND made her effectively immortal by suggesting she wish for the Third Magic.

>> No.19434751

"Yeah, mom's gonna have my skin." I mutter.

"Don't worry, man. I'll drive you. We'll let her know what happened. I'm sure she'll be proud of you."

"You just want a chance to check out Attie."

"Hell yeah." he agrees. "Fifty my ass, she barely looks older than me."

I palm my face as we head through the woods back to his car. Tony and Harold will be taken home by the cops, so we can ride alone. He sighs as soon as the doors close.

"We can't keep this up, man. It was fun the first few times, but... sooner or later this is gonna bite us in the ass. We're not superheroes."

"I'd rather get a few bruises than let my friends get hurt."

"It's not bruises. I know we're sorta sheltered here, but fuck, man, what if there's a dealer? I can't stop bullets, can you?" he asks as he pulls onto the road.

>> No.19434802

You want to end up like Shirou man? Living in a doll body and getting fucked to stay alive. Actually, that doesn't sound to bad. Bad example.

You want to end up like... Kiritsugu man, keep playing the superhero route. Personally, I'd say let your friends fuck up. You can't stop bullets.

>> No.19434807

David, me boy. You've done this before? Gone around pretending to be a hero using your magic to save folks?

This is a dangerous path, son

>> No.19434815


>mfw David is a non-autistic Emiya Shirou

>> No.19434849

Well, maybe if you multiplied the force of friction on the barrel or slide-lock, jammed the gun... the expanding gas would...

It's probably still a bad idea. Try to avoid guns.

>> No.19434862

So, now that you're on your way home for mom to nag you, mind filling us in a little on how things have been? As a Legion-type familiar with extensive knowledge, we have some background in your personal history. But fill us in on the gaps between the lat Grail War and now?

Our chronological memories break down after that point

>> No.19434867

Have you tried to get training for this hero deal? The family is full of bodyguards, son.

>> No.19434876

Yeah, like what the God Emperor of Mankind, known know as Solomon is doing. He still running those bookshops? Or has he expanded even further?

>> No.19434878 [DELETED] 


If we really are Bob the Skull reborn, would Liz recognize us as such when Master David returns home??

We really should help Master David explain things to Mom since he was kind enough to brought us back.

>> No.19434882

>Known now

>> No.19434914


This, so much this. We have a 10-year memory gap that needs to be filled.

Also: if we really are Bob the Skull reborn, would Liz recognize us as such when David returns home?? We really should help Master David explain things to Mom since he was kind enough to bring us back.

>> No.19434932

Yeah, yeah, I know. Shirou was a teacher for a few of my later courses. He's an okay guy, if a bit... thick? Yeah, thick.

"I know. No more parties."

He smiles, patting my shoulder.
"Good. Now mom can stop being so worried when I come home looking like a damn racoon."

"Hey, that was all you." I laugh. "Still, thanks for all the help."

"Aww, man, I can't just let my bro walk into the fire, can I? Anyway..." we talk about some minor crap, and then... "So about Rache?"

"... What about her?" I ask. "We dumped each other. She's not a fan of secrets, and I can't tell her about half my life yet. No biggie."

"Goddamnit man, one of the hottest ladies in the school, and you drop it because of shit like that?"

I shrug, and he lets it go.

Solomon is currently one of the biggest producers of print books and graphic novels on the planet, under the company name Golden City. Mo- er, Eliza has been researching Third Magic for a while now, and those findings have been a major source of income aside from Attie going into retail. That bugged Mom for a while, but Attie was just fine with it. Other than that, you have anything more specific?

Eliza let half of them go after confirming they could line up other jobs, mentioning something about 'unnecessary money drains'. I've two bodygaurds of my own, but I slip them often. THis is one of those times.

We arrive at the door, the lights are on.
"You want me to come in with you?" he asks.

>> No.19434963

Oh hell no. He isn't gonna interrupt our tearful reunion with our old mistress. Plus he just wants to hit on Attie. Don't let him in.

>> No.19435006


Enough of the original personalities seem to remain that she probably would, yeah.


Yes, he can help explain things.

>> No.19435021


Why? Because being magus is suffering. Better learn now.

>> No.19435032 [DELETED] 


Attie's in retail? Neat, I wonder what she sells.

Anyway, time for our tearful reunion with Ex-Mistress Eliza. Finding out that the loyal, faithful familiar known as Bob the Skull has returned and now serves her son.

I guess Donnie could be helpful in explaining things to Master's mom, but don't let him ogle Attie, young Master.

>> No.19435034

Having someone to corroborate our story wouldn't hurt. Just tell him to make his ogling non-obnoxious.

Thanks for the update!

Did the Einzeburns give us your family the slip? We thought they'd still be mad, what with your mom gutting them in the last Grail War. Plus, she has the Third Magic IIRC, which they'd want pretty badly.

>> No.19435063


Attie's in retail? Neat, I wonder what she sells.

Anyway, time for our tearful reunion with Ex-Mistress Eliza. Finding out that the loyal, faithful familiar known as Bob the Skull has returned and now serves her son should set Liz's mind at ease.

I guess Donnie could be helpful in explaining things to Master's mom, but don't let him ogle Attie, young Master.

>> No.19435116

>Now mom can stop being so worried when I come home looking like a damn racoon.

"You look like a raccoon. Who has been run over by a locomotive."

Marcone approves.

>> No.19435152

Anyhow, it's good to know you have bros like Donnie.

Come in, say hi to your moms, try to explain your shit, and figure out how we avoid getting into shit for playing at being superhero. Again.

Liz is sure gonna be surprised when she finds out you cooked up a familiar on your own! ((Though, I have to wonder... I thought Familiars had to be recreated from dead bodies. These implications, they are unsettling)

>> No.19435199

Ah, the Einzberns...

Well, ti was pretty bad for a few years - then the head of the family and Eliza has a talk. They're paying her to give them what she can learn. She says the Magic is as natural to her has breathing, she doesn't exactly understand it. So she sends monthly reports, and they send us money.

Attie sells apples. Has an orchard out back and in the off season works for a local supermarket.

"Fine. Just don't ogle Attie." I mutter, getting out and walking up the stairs to the door.

... It's locked.

I grumble, opening it with my keys. And walking into the main room, I find Mother reading a newspaper and Attie cooking dinner.

They look up and sigh.

"It's midnight." Eliza asks. "Where the hell have you been?" she folds up the newspaper and gives me her full attention. "...And you summoned Legion." she adds. "Joy."

>> No.19435203


"You can tell?"

"You took the direct copies of his ritual from my study." she says. "You have a lot to learn about subtlety, young man. Now what are you doing out at this hour?"

Donnie snaps from looking at Attie's posterior, then nods.
"Well, miss-"

"I didn't ask you."

"I was out keeping some friends from getting hurt." I tell her.

"And what about you?" she asks. "Were you safe?"

"I made sure I had a way out."

"... No more of this. It's the fifth time this month. Do I have to have Shirou tell you about his 'heroism'?" she asks. "I'm proud you care so much for your friends. But you're not going out this late again. There's a Geas in your room, sign it when you're done with dinner. Donnie, would you like to stay for dinner? My sources tell me you've been a part of keeping my boy safe."

"Yes ma'am, I'd be honored."

"Ha. I'm not that great."

>> No.19435231


>> No.19435246

Nice to see you again Liz. And you know we call ourselves Bob the Skull.

And nice going with the geas David. We'll try to find a way to work around that, but don't count on it.

>> No.19435275


*float over to Liz*

Hello again, former mistress! We, the spirits that constitute Legion as well as Bob the Skull, have missed you.

Young Master David is telling the truth about helping his friends. He does have a bit of a 'hero complex' but rest assured: Bob the Skull shall serve and advise Young Master David just as faithfully as we served you in the past.

>> No.19435279


What, no "Hello, Bob, so nice to see you again, thanks for saving my son's ass...again..."?

Mistress, I don't remember you being that ungrateful.

And we can't help but be dirty-minded. It's who we are, unfortunately.

>> No.19435284


And I'm not surprised Eliza's displeased with the Legion, the Bob Familiar. Those types of familiar like to squabble WAY too much.

Also: HARSH. A fucking Geas is the Mage equivalent to being grounded? DON'T DO IT! At the very least, read the wording. Shit will go south if you can't head out of your room between curfew hours and you need to leave but can't.

Also, why's Attie cooking so late?

>> No.19435293

Talked to the Einzberns and they didn't try to get you engaged to one of their girls? I'd feel ignored, son.

Stay up playing games until really late night.

>> No.19435332 [DELETED] 


I'm gonna go sulk now, it's your fault!

>> No.19435353


>Geas-enforced curfew

Welp, no Shikinanigans for us, then.

Master, I'd advise reading that geas VERY carefully.

Oh, and, incidentally, how long did you sumon us for? 'cus we got burned by that LAST time around.

>> No.19435370


But...but...but..Liz won the war, thanks to her own efforts and our sound advice. I'm somewhat hurt by her remarks but nonetheless: we shall prove our worth all over again by advising our former mistress' son.

Then she will thank us for our efforts and pat us on our smooth, bony head.

>> No.19435381

I wonder if we'll ever meet the back alley alliance.

>> No.19435417

"Legion wants to know why you're so unenthused."

"I'd rather he not be summoned for something I explicitly told you not to do." she says with a sigh. "I'm happy to know the personas survived the transition intact. We'll talk more later, Bob. Just not now."

"Why's she cooking so late?"

"I had a feeling you'd be home this late. So I asked her to wait. We don't have anywhere to be tomorrow."

I nod, as dinner is served.

It is quiet, and the food delicious. After I clean up, I head back to the room, dismissing Donnie to head home. His mother is likely fretting as well.

The Geas is simple - just an upset stomach that grows worse the longer I stay out past ten. I grunt as I sign it. I've had to do this a few times - a magically endowed punishment. Mother finds it easy to work Geas, due to her Third Magic.

Well, I still have my computer and the internet, at least.

>> No.19435442

well, Liz is as charming as ever.

By the way David, we have discussed issues with our legal personality, and we are requesting fair wages for our assistance in your endeavors.

Preferably in the form of a certain genre of novels, wink wink nudge nudge

>> No.19435461

>Implying we have a head
>Implying we are corporeal at all
>Implying we aren't literally a voice in David's head that has access to his thoughts, senses, and a vast body of general knowledge.

Let master have some dinner first, he needs to fuel up after a long night.

Afterwards, once we try and mollify Eliza a bit, we can move on to trying to figure out how badly this geas-thing is going to bind Master's soul

How's your studies at school, Master? Do you study magic there? or is that simply an at-home thing?

>> No.19435488

So what are the plans for the future, master?

Magus, chemist, botanist?

>> No.19435520


Master, don't forget you can use us like a magical recce drone, if you let us out and supply us with energy. We can do the whole pooping-and-snooping-in-the-dark bit, while you stay here.


>> No.19435521

>"I'd rather he not be summoned for something I explicitly told you not to do." she says with a sigh. "I'm happy to know the personas survived the transition intact. We'll talk more later, Bob. Just not now."

Oh no you didn't! No. Uh-uh! No way! I am not helping. Because unlike the rest of you-.. of me! Oh whatever, I did not forget the last time we were summoned.
You know, the whole deal with "winning the whole grail war for our Master, giving her phenomenal cosmic powers and then of course forgetting all about us." No way in hell I'm helping again.

This is the same thing all over again! We were just summoned because Master is in trouble. And on top of that it's not even Master but the brat.. How did he even manage to summon us? And why should we helpt put? We do the tough work and after that we will be discarded just like that again. "Oh, though luck, Legion, you weren't meant to be around for longer than a few days, yeah, now go away!"

That's not a proper way how you should treat a fantastic, unique, majestic familiar like us. I say we don't help him at all. Why should we? He's nor out master and he even if he ware I sure ash ell wouldn't accept being summoned like that after all this time. Nobody even asked if I WANT tu summoned again.

So, dear rest of me, please show at least a bit of self-respect and pride and don't wag your tails at the brat like it's the best thing ever. And not at our master either.

>> No.19435522


And maybe bargain for David keeping us around after we've served our purpose (rather than dismissing us like his mom did), as well as eventually give us a corporeal form when or if he is able?


Good point. Tell us what your future plans are, Young Master, and we shall do our best to advise you in making your goals reality.

>> No.19435548


Time to sulk? I'm fine with that.

>> No.19435563

I must say that I agree with your friend's concern about making trouble without having any manner of defending yourself directly. Most gangster types a very poor pistoleros, but a numbskull with a pistol is still potentially dangerous.

>> No.19435567

Alright. We need goals, objectives, who this Rachel chick is, any pictures of her in revealing clothing, anything you want us to know, how long we're getting summoned for, that sort of shit. Liz found us useful. Prove that you can handle us kid, and we'll do whatever you need us to.

>> No.19435584


Oh, hey, it's our genius-speechwriter friend! Glad to see you made it through alive, too.

But hey, yeah, we sort of...disintegrated, but at least she kept the ritual intact. I'm just glad to be alive again at the moment.

But you're right: we should negotiate compensation BEFOREHAND, this time.

>mfw captcha is in Hebrew text

>> No.19435607

You were actually created by Mother, for the sole purpose of seven days of help. You were, at the end, falling apart. She mentions that you were coming in and out of 'reception', so to speak. I'll find a way to allow you more independance, but as a familiar, you can expect to be compelled to help me no matter what. It's simply the way things are, and if I changed it, bad things would happen.

I have removed the week limit, but I'm not sure what that will do to your stability.


I actually, had this idea. Harder drugs have been coming into this area, and I want to stop that. I'm just, uncertain how. I want to use my magic and Donnie's magic to find a way to make it happen faster. And, uh, your help. It was sort of last minute, but I imagine you'd be a big help!


Old flame. Nice girl, very sweet, but she hates secrets. You can probably see how this would be a problem. I'm not sure if I want to chase that again.


>> No.19435624




>> No.19435642




>> No.19435643

That reminds me,..

You think we can take over his body for some timed to get hammered? I think going full-alcoholic is the least we could do after being summoned on whim. After 10 Years. And the only thing we get is "Oh joy."

Yeah. She's not sorry at all for undoing us.

>> No.19435648


Speaking of Mistress, I believe she wanted to talk to us...

Have fun interneting, Master. We've got old friends to catch up with...and extort rewards from.

>> No.19435676

>Stopping drugs
You stop people, not drugs. And unless terrorism is in the charts, it won't be simple.

Campaigning bad trips, maybe?

>> No.19435685

And thus began the 1206th bobite civil war

>> No.19435686


Not that I don't agree to an extent, but let's at least reserve judgment until after we hear her out.

>> No.19435700

>I'm not sure what that will do to your stability.

Considering the arguments, young man, you probably fractured our psyche even moreso than last time

>> No.19435718

Find the dealer. Take him out. Messily. The rest will get the hint. If you don't want to kill him, you could wipe his mind, or call the cops on him. Either way works.
Look, kid. This hero act will not be good for you in the long run. Is Teddy Bear of Swords putting you up to this? If so, stop it. And if not, still stop it. You have to pick your battles.

As for girl troubles, we have no idea. If you want to chase it again, go ahead.

And look, we expect some sort of payment. It's either booze or pics, and Liz always kept a stash in her desk. Just a hint.

>> No.19435730

a stash of booze or a stash of pics?

and do you REALLY think she hasn't changed the combination yet?

>> No.19435744

Perhaps we could get David to train in some self-defense when he's not wasting time on the internet?

But, since we are online... What sort of drugs have been distrubuted? 'hrd stuff', yeah, but what? Pot can be grown fairly easily in the local area, but harders stuff could be foreign or local?

What kind? Meth? Cocaine? Heroin? other kinds of new nastiness?

>> No.19435754


What about finding a way to keep us stable so David can keep us around, and maybe find a way to give us a corporeal form?

That's something we want to bargain for, right??

>> No.19435762

Knowing Liz, both. And she probably hasn't.

>> No.19435770

I head back downstairs. Mother fixes her shirt as she comes into view, and looks at me - er, at my forehead.

"You want to talk." she says, "Take a seat, David. This will be a strange conversation." she says, and I do.

I want to repeat that I'm happy to see you back." she says, smiling slightly. "Your help was instrumental, even the deciding factor, in the Grail war. It's because of that I'm alive. But the reason I'm so angry, is because only one instance of you can exist at a time. And that instance cannot be taken apart until the deadline occurs. I was actually planning on reviving you in the near future. There's something huge going on here, but I'm uncertain what it is."

I frown.
"Something huge?"

"And now, to get your help, I have to go through my son, who I would thus need to put into danger. You're powerful, Bob. Very much so. Which is why the one-of restriction is in place."

It's actually something new - Street name is 'Howling'. But other than that, I don't have much info.

>> No.19435786


>> No.19435796

I appreciate flattery, but I expect action.

Like, you know...



>> No.19435804

Haven't you kids watched the Wire at ALL?

All that does is encourage even MORE vicious gang-bangers into hunting your ass.

Study the kinds of drugs out there, the distribution patterns. THEN you start pruning. Careful-like.

Didn't Eliza have a problem with alcoholism? With a child and lover and a chance at happiness found (and being hunted by one of the most powerful magi families alive) wouldn't you think she might clean up her act a bit?

Look into the limits on familiars, David. We want to help you, but losing our identity is kind of a scary deal, sometimes

>> No.19435812

We want a body, bitches, and booze. Those are our conditions.

>> No.19435822

we aren't technically *LOSING* identity, we're just gaining *MORE* identities. considering the time of year, probably very shitty identities

>> No.19435902

..What are you? Some lowly mutt that will go all wiggly-waggly just because you were summoned? Pleae keep in mind that it was us, who won the war for our master. If not for us she probably would have screwed up big time. I think that we at least should get some kind of a apology.

>I was actually planning on reviving you in the near future. There's something huge going on here, but I'm uncertain what it is."

..Fine. I guess this kind of works as an apology. For starters.
Anyway. "Something huge" is a bit vague. Care to expand upon that? I man.. It's a bunch of drugged up kids. Who cares? Why would you care in the first place?
..Oh sheesh, the "whole being mother and stuff" made you even softer didn't it?
Ah, suddenly I misst he time were we staged mass-crashes, thrown kids into couldrons and watched them dissolve into nothing and watched Emiya explode and pondered if we should just kill the br-.. Ah, nevermind.
First things first:
The boy needs a gun. I'm all for big calibers baby! Preferebly something shotgun-esque. Nothing makes your day as much as a guy you don't like splattered all over the wall!


>> No.19435952

Dude, thats David's parents. Show Master some respect.

Glad to see we're appreciated, Eliza. Glad to know you valued our inputs.

Still, some explanations would be in order. I know you care about your son, but you were pragmatic about problem-solving. If it directly affected you & yours, then yes, deal with it. But - aside from his episodes in stupid heroism - he's not likely to become a druggie.

Care to clarify?
And that's how David got into the Clocktower by writing his thesis "Sure Is Summer In Here: Seasonal Factors Influencing The Mental Stabilites and Personality Variation In Legion-Type Familiars."

>> No.19435955


Nah, been there done that. With our help, Master David will become GAR on the level of Future-Shirou Archer and get more ass than a toilet seat.

Until we get our own body, he can let us watch him give tons of girls "mana transfers".


With a body, we can get the other two easily.


This sounds like good advice, Young Master. Also, David needs a gun of some kind. Did Mom teach you how to shoot, Young Master?

>> No.19435956

"He keeps talking about payment."

Mother groans.
"Oh for..." she mutters. "I'll look into getting you a solid form. But you're all one soul, remember that - all of you will be sharing one body, that can't be changed." she mutters. "Anyway, until then, you're stuck with my son. Keep him out of trouble, would you? Or at least keep him alive."

I'll do that! Maybe I can ask Ben about that sorta thing, he knows about it.

"He's asking about the huge thing."

"There's more to Howling than it appears. I imagine he's told you - it's a new drug. However, it's unique in that it's made from Ether Clumps as a primary ingredient. And it can cause rapid growth of Mana Circuits." she adds.

What?! A magus producing drugs?
... Well, okay, it's not that shocking, but still.

"A side effect of this is being able to sense mana in the atmosphere. This can cause hallucinations if care is not taken, so it might be being sold as a hallucinogen. THe problem is that it's basically creating false magi from nowhere."

I stare at the table.

"It's incredibly dangerous. But we can't find the source. Once created, it loses prana signature."

>> No.19436014

That is one clever mage making this shit. Likely using proxies to distribute to the dealers. Hm. Finding this dude keeps getting more and more difficult. Might need to wait for a shipment, then nab the proxy to interrogate.

>> No.19436026

>False magi

We need to find purpose. First theory is someone wants to harvest Magic Circuits off weak targets

>> No.19436032

Now that's what we're looking for! A little payoff never hurts to keep us on task.

And don't worry about David. We kept you alive during a total war with demigods, we can keep him save from some pill-pushing pricks.

Magical drugs? Artificial Magi? Hmmm....
Interest. We must contemplate this.

But Ben,David? Who is this Ben of whom you speak?


>> No.19436038

Former Mistress, have you cut down on the drinking? Because you really weren't taking proper care of yourself back in the day.

Also, now that I'm in someone else's head, can you give me a hug, I've missed you.

That is seriously bad and would take a pretty damn good mage to make.

You want me to look into this former Mistress?

>> No.19436040

((Gotta head out for a bit. I'll be back soon.))

>> No.19436052


Mistress, please. We kept all three of you alive through a bloody Grail War, we can handle a drug dealer, magus or no.

Also, the way to find this guy isn't magic - it's good old-fashioned legwork. Make like my old boss Harry - do some investigatin'.

Start with the distributors - beat one up, ask him where the drug comes from. If he doesn't answer, let us at him.

>> No.19436067

>And it can cause rapid growth of Mana Circuits." she adds.

What? How? Isn't it pretty much written down in the Records how much Circuits you have a soon as you're born? That's not something that suddenly decides to grow on your own like... potatos. Suddenly I want to eat potatos. Baked ones. With sour-cream.

>"It's incredibly dangerous. But we can't find the source. Once created, it loses prana signature."

You don't say. But isn't it more of something the Association should carry about. Or the Church.

.... Oh hell, the church.

You wouldn't believe how wet I get just thinking about the faces they probably made when they found out that there is a drug that creates heretics.

>> No.19436089

Off-topic but may I ask where all this cool fanart is from? Is there a Nasubooru or something cause I have a feeling if I tried google I'd get mostly porn.

>> No.19436183


Most of the name/tripfags are pretty into Nasu. And Google safesearch is your friend.

>> No.19436206

Last I knew safesearch really wasn't but I suppose I'll give it a shot.

>> No.19436235


I've got most of mine just by lurking on /a/ regulary for 2 years.. Other than that: Google. Yeah, there is not much to it.

>> No.19436400

>What? How?

"He's asking how. Saying something about the records."

"That's true - the Record should be infallible. It's part of why it's so dangerous. We've no idea how it does what it does."

"And the church or other organizations?"

"Both have asked me, personally, to look into it. Money is on the table. A lot of it. Help might come along, if needed."

"He's saying to investigate personally."

"Are you sure it's worth the risk? His distributors might have his familiars."

>> No.19436479

This is looking pretty damn weird and big, we need to check things out personally instead of leaving it to other people who don't know magic the same way we do.

Crisis aside how've you been doing Mistress? You and Attie doing well together?

>> No.19436608

Any user captured to prove they are actual Magic Circuits?

>> No.19436657

>His distributors might have his familiars.

So? You're a mage. I hopse you didn't expect to live a long, peaceful live. Oh.. and get yourself armed first. I don't really trust his wishy-washy magic. It seems even more bothersome in usage than the kind our last master had and no one really expects a mage to have firearms.

Oh yeah, and if the Church is eager to help you should ask them to get at least one executor. Since we don't have a Servant at our hands an executor will have to do the trick..

>> No.19436732

"He's asking about the circuits."

"Ah... Thourough." she smiles approvingly. "THe circuits are indeed strange. Circuits in a magi are like lines, leading under the skin. Long and thin, with branching paths. Howling circuits, while acting the same, appear different - like cracks in glass from a central point or area. They're incredibly inefficient, incredibly low in number." she goes on. "Most of them hurt themselves when casting, undergoing physical pain, if they can even do that."

"I'd like to get a gun."

Her eyebrow twitches.
"You can have mine. I'll teach you proper use. Never take it to school. You can keep it in your room."

I nod.
"You're buying your own ammo, or at least, I'm taking it from your allowance. It's not that expensive, but you should understand the value of ammunition."

"Yes, mum."


"He's also saying to call the church."

"Yes, a good idea. An Executor would be useful."

Attie munches quietly on an apple in the background, cleaning the counters. She seems to be trying very hard to keep her apron facing me.

>> No.19436762

Hey there Attie, you mind passing me an apple? I haven't had any is about ten years.

We never told Attie that we were the ones who brought the two of them together, I'm wondering if we should pull that one out.

>> No.19436775

Attie isn't wearing anything under the apron methinks.

or wearing something very skimpy

>> No.19436828

>She seems to be trying very hard to keep her apron facing me.

Funny, ten years ago she had no problem with a teenager watching her and liz through their boat's window

>> No.19436839

Hey David, ask Attie to turn around and grab something from a high shelf. Maybe some apples.

>> No.19436853

I think your moms are having sexy time tonight.

I hope the walls aren't too thin

>> No.19436914

Time to sleep, must be late.

>> No.19436926

>I hope the walls aren't too thin

What the hell kind of bob are you?

>> No.19436958

Expect Catholic-Funded charities to push a LOT more anti-drug PSAs.

If we align with the Church, Executors would be handy. And by handy I mean vital to not-dying to ridiculously OP bullshit.

Tell me, how do these magic circuits compare to Crest-Worms (the other well-known kind of artificial magic circuits).

That's a good mother, Eliza!

This'' teaching your son fiscal responsiblity AND responsible gun ownership! Kickass!

In theory I approve, but still. Master's parents. Over the line! Save the lusting after family members for pic related

>> No.19436966

Well we may enjoy it quite a bit, but this our Master's mothers we're talking about here.

>> No.19436968



Mom raises an eyebrow at my expression, then laughs. It's... not something I hear often. But when she does, she laughs with her whole body.
"Oh no. You haven't changed at all." she says, snickering to herself. "Close your eyes, Davey."

I nod, and I feel Attie rush by into the bedroom, then Mom pauses beside me.
"I'll be getting input from Attie on what she likes in a man, Legion. Defend my boy with all your might - you'll be rewarded. In any case, it's time to get to bed, David."

I nod, standing up and heading upstairs, sitting in my room. It sounds like Mother wants me as uninvolved in this as possible...

>> No.19436987

>"Most of them hurt themselves when casting, undergoing physical pain, if they can even do that."

Fake circuits sound like fun. Anyway, if they ware fake and temporary that could be how and why they exist in the first place. I mean... creating Faux-Circuits is bad. But actually tracking someone who is capable to change this in the Records would be.. superbad. So I guess it has some brightside to it.

>"You can have mine. I'll teach you proper use. Never take it to school. You can keep it in your room."

....Really, Master, really? He has reality-melting powers called magic and you worry about the gun in the school?

>"Yes, a good idea. An Executor would be useful."
Yeeah. he/she/it. Could be useful. Just as long as you don't expect them to be actually useful. I mainly want one as a distraction we can use when shit should hit the fan. They are good at killing magicky things, just don't expect them to be good thinking, or heaven forbid, investigating.

That reminds me,.. Does master still have Andy's..- It was Andy, wasn't it? - Number? This whole thing sounds like something we could actually put a creep who is good at watching and finding people to good use.

>> No.19436996

Always do the opposite of what Eliza says

That means we have to be involved as much as possible

>> No.19437021

Do the hallucinations include visions of 80s hair and Sybil Danning getting her top ripped off?


>> No.19437033

Eliza, you aren't any fun sometimes. David, you closed your eyes? For shame, you owe me one.

Your mother worries about you, I would know I was there when she first met you. She can be a paranoid woman, though given the world she lives in a bit of paranoia never hurts.

Obviously we're going to get involved in this David, I'll do my best to keep your out of trouble but this isn't something we can really leave laying around.

>> No.19437046

Dammit man, why did you not at least crack your eyes open a little bit?

Technically not incest fantasies since she isn't related to US

>> No.19437061

>Can't be out after ten

We better get a reliable Executor if we re to be this limited

>> No.19437105

Do you really think that people who - when in doubt - stab their magical swords into things, can be called reliable?

>> No.19437119

I'm sure we can at least potty train them

>> No.19437130

Why are we, Bob the Skull, so obsessed with Hot Lesbian Action? We got some of that during the last Holy Grail War. We won't see anything from Liz and Atalanta that we haven't already seen.

OTOH: with our help, Master David will become GAR on the level of Future-Shirou Archer and get more ass than a toilet seat.

And once he is, we can watch Young Master give "mana transfers" to tons of hot girls until we get a body of our own.

>> No.19437136

Agreed. Nose about as best you can. Your mother has your best interests at heart, but - at your age - you need to spread your wings a bit.

Hmmm.... maybe, instead of going to bed, you search up some shit online about the Howling drug. See if people talk about it much? On facebook or whatever you kids use in this day & age.

See if you can trace the date back to when folks started using it or hearing about it. then, cross-reference it with other unusual happenings in the area.


Potty trained executors?

>> No.19437204

>Making David into Shirou
Fuck that. If he goes hero, then he goes way more complex. One-track hero is no fun, have t get some Constantine in you.

>> No.19437206

I'm not that concerned with Lesbiums, but I am concerned about our former Mistress. Just want to make sure she's doing alright, last time we saw her she was slightly alcoholic and injured. We may be a strange hivemind but we do care. Also Lesbiums are pretty nice, but we will turn David into the GARest motherfucker around.

>> No.19437208

Technically she isn't related to Shiki either but it's still kinda creepy.

>> No.19437209

>Master David will become GAR on the level of Future-Shirou Archer and get more ass than a toilet seat.

NOPE. Also, I don't think the kind of ass he get's is the kind we want our Master to get.

>> No.19437220

...Right. I'll try to limit my involvement to what is safe.


I begin my searches, and find out a few things:

>First, Howling was distributed exactly a month ago. Well, not exactly - but to the day.
>Some people, a very small minority, claim it has no effect.
>Finally, the moral outcry for it is disporportionately huge, especially among the religious.

... Wait a second, I recognize this username of an immune attempter. Rachel uses that one all the time, 'FireRose'.

>> No.19437247


Re-read my post, fellow Legion. I said make Young Master GAR like Archer. GAR as in "overwhelmingly manly".....then he gets all the pussy.

>> No.19437265

I am so very okay with this plan.


>I'll be getting input from Attie on what she likes in a man, Legion.

A canonical lesbian who serves a goddess of sexual chastity and female virginity is going to providing design notes to the maker of the future vessel of us, a notably sex-obsessed and horny male entity.

I see no way this could possibly go wrong.

Hey, Eliza! Pic related would be a wonderful Familiar vessel! It diguises as an Executor, it's physically strong, it's capable of all manner of combat utility... what's not to like?

>> No.19437267

>Some people, a very small minority, claim it has no effect.
...does that mean we have pariahs and nulls running around?

Could be useful to keep tabs on them

>> No.19437288


Clarify "immune attempter", Young Master. Is that someone who tried it but it did nothing for them or something else??

>> No.19437297

I draw lines at tans and spandex

>Girls and drugs
Think we can get something straight from source? Failing that, do we have her blog/journal?.

>> No.19437313


Something along the lines of Odie would be good. Odysseus got tons of poon while trying to make it back home to Ithaca.

>> No.19437317

Alright, fine. Operation: Fabio the Magus is a go. Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns.



>> No.19437333

>Hey, Eliza! Pic related would be a wonderful Familiar vessel! It diguises as an Executor, it's physically strong, it's capable of all manner of combat utility... what's not to like?

This is our one and only oppurtunity to become the little girl and you want to become a guy in his Mid-Fourties instead?

>> No.19437343

I like to think that Eliza dresses as swag as Tokiomi does

>> No.19437359

We attempt something wild and dangerous, ladies & gentlement...

we attempt to grow...a Tohno Gland!

>> No.19437361

dammit, he brought lolibob back as well. Where's GARbob? we need him to chase her off

>> No.19437370

You fool, do you have any idea what you'll unleash!?

>> No.19437382


>> No.19437400

As in, someone who tried and got nothing.

I file away the thought that Rachel is something special, and continue seeking information. But I find nothing more, and lay to bed, thinking of incredibly masculine men.

But I dream of something else entirely.

Huge gears. Turning, green sparks rising when they touch. An infinite engine of gears, arranged in a wild spiral. Ticking. I see myself in the center, cords leading from it, circuits burning and visible on my skin. I reach out, green fire touching my flesh, reaching for something, just beyond my fingers...

And I wake up. It's early morning on a Saturday. Where should I go? Or do?

>> No.19437405

Well he might inherit it from Eliza somehow, I mean shit, she got a powerful heroic spirit to fall in love with her.

I bet we can get a few dead apostles and mages after David here.

>> No.19437413

Gar Bob, Target is located in Dave's Right-Frontal Cortex, Eliminate him. Brain Cells Expendable!

>> No.19437423

I like the Gland-Idea. We still should get the body of a young girl, though.

Oh please, like we didn't all agree on that..

>> No.19437429

Wait. The drug is named "Howling", it first appeared EXACTLY one lunar cycle ago...

Wait, you have evidence suggesting your GF is immune?


I can see where this is going.

This train has no brakes.

>> No.19437452

Your friend may be a magus. That may be the cause for the immunity. You may wish to put out feelers.

Also Master: Remember the rules of gunfights. The only way to win one is not to be in one. The operative word is 'fight' not 'gun'. If you have a choice, bring a long gun and bring all of your friends with long guns. While certainly inelegant, pistols take little training to become reasonably proficient with. Assume to expend at least 500 rounds becoming acceptably proficient.

>> No.19437454

Well the first thing you should do David is get some breakfast then make puppy dog eyes at your mothers until they teach you how to shoot a gun properly.

>> No.19437465

Not sure if this would be cool, rapey, cool rapey, or just weird

HEad down stairs, grab some wheaties and an 80s "best of" rock soundtrack. IT'S TRAINING MONTAGE TIME!

>> No.19437490


As in Young Master's ex-gf is a werewolf? Shit-shit-shit-shit-shit......

>> No.19437504

I still think that contacting the pervert-master from the last Grail-War would be a good idea. He could spy pn things for us.

Also I don't like the kind of dreams you have. Let's hust hope it's not the prophetic- or the "My soul is connected to something that my sould shouldn't be connected with"-kind.

After that we shoukld probably check on Rachel, find out where she got it from. Even if I don't like digging up old relationships.

>> No.19437506

Nah, he may not be a magus, but a person with magic circuits in tact.

Some people are born with a shitton of magic circuits and don't even know about it.

Yumizuka Satsuki was one of these people and turned into a full fledged vampire because of it.

These people aren't much to worry about, but if there are dead apostles about then there might be something to worry about.

>> No.19437529

>But I find nothing more, and lay to bed, thinking of incredibly masculine men.

You fools, you overdid it. Now he's going to turn into Pic Related

Eat a breakfast of champions, son! Eat it and be full of glory to face the day ahead of you!

>> No.19437538

Well you could always talk to your old flame... yeah that would be awkward wouldn't it?

How about a jog to clear your mind, or perhaps see if those poor schmucks turned up safely. If your druggie acquaintance doesn't get clean and soon, there may be a high probability of him getting a hold of some of this stuff. You may consider finding a way to get close to him in case it happens, as much as a shot in the dark as it is...

Well I don't think you'd be up for the setting him up as bait to lure out a dealer, but that maybe another possibility...

If nothing else perhaps you can talk Liz into letting you get some shooting practice in.

>> No.19437546

Spend a little bit collecting training materials for gunplay and for magical training. You are likely to be cast into the crucible before overlong, master. Then start investigating. Practice after curfew.

>> No.19437570


Nah, that's fixable. From now on we fill Young Master's head with images of him giving "mana transfers" to a succession of hot girls before he goes to bed.

>> No.19437583

Master, eat breakfast. While at this, tell your mother about what you dreamed of last night. She's a magus, she might be able to understand if this is prophetic or foreshadowing or what-have-you.

Also, investigate Rachel. She might know something.

How did she take breaking up with you? The last thing we need is a hampered relationship holding back a big lead on investigation

>> No.19437584

Hell, if he is going to be gay, he had better be as awesome as Freddy.

>> No.19437588

I disagree

We fill his head with images of this.

>> No.19437601

Oh yeah! Breakfast. I forgot about that shit. You should probably get some of that!

Heh. Breakfast... I wonder what it's like to be hungry?

>> No.19437622

Surviving a gunfight is not about shooting but about cover.

Also, do you know of other magi in campu or the area?

>> No.19437704

I head downstairs when called, getting a wonderful breakfast of pancakes. When I express my need to excercise and practice my guns, Eliza nods and Attie looks excited. As soon as we finish, Attie rushes into the bedroom to change, and Mom heads out the back door, picking up her toolbox.

Attie comes back out in a t-shirt and bike shorts, and proclaims herself my 'coach'. As we head out, I pick up my cell, and put it in my pocket. Attie puts me through the rigors of trying to keep up with her on the bike, though her speed is just enough to keep up with and push myself.

...It aggravates me in the back of my mind that cars slow down as we pass, and I can see heads turn.

When we finally take a break, I call Donnie.

"Oh, hey man! What's up?" he asks. We move into discussion of the three guys.

"Well, Gerald's actually in deep shit. Turns out all that shit you caught him with is enough for serious jail time." he says. "His friends had some interesting stories to tell. Turns out the Stag sent Jamesy to his ex's. They broke up that afternoon. Fun times!" he says, laughing.

We talk for a while, then I head back. Mom has set up a shooting range in the back yard, and waits for me to get my breath back before teaching me the basics of gun safety and use. After shooting, and missing, for half an hour, she declares that this will be a daily thing, and bids me to put away the gun and clean it later, possibly tonight.

It's now around noon. What should I do?

>> No.19437718 [DELETED] 




I disagree with you. We fill Young Master's head with images of this.

>> No.19437723

WOrking on cardio wouldn't hurt. The ability to move without being winded is excellent. A little training wouldn't hurt.

Firearms training would work, too. Even the basics would be handy.

How would you approach handling the Rachel situation? She is a person you were on good terms with and who you knew a lot about. What was she like, Master, aside from pretty and not being big on keeping secrets?

Also, what can you tell us of your drug-dealer friend ben?

>> No.19437739




I disagree with you. We fill Young Master's head with images of giving this a "mana transfer".

>> No.19437805

>implying pic related wouldn't be a better motivator

Did Gerald have any Howling on him when he got busted?

Ask Eliza about the dream you had. Prophetic visions can be a bitch.

After that, try and get back in touch with Rachel. How did you end your relationship? Was it messy? Clean? That might be our next lead. Alternately, we could try your druggie friend Ben. He know a lot about this shit, perhaps he might be able to clue us in more about this sudden appearace.

So, after checking in with Mom over the dreams: check in with David's Ex Girlfriend Rachel or his druggie friend Ben?

>> No.19437879

Seconding this motion. Getting clarity from a senior mage you can trust on visions and odd dreams is something you should do as soon as possible.

Then it's time to get in contact with your contacts. Or alternatively, you've put in some exercise on your body, why not some on your craft as well?

>> No.19437906

I'm advocating RECON. Who was that Ben dude you were talking about, let's go meet him.

>> No.19438014

Shit, forgot pic.

Practicing the magic wouldn't hurt, if you enough prana. Can you just muliply the factor of a frce or mechanism? What limits does this have?

What do we know of Ben, anyhow?

>> No.19438030

The dream is likely Davids inner world. One reality marble using superhero wannabe is one to many. We don't want a second running around.

>> No.19438051

>It's now around noon. What should I do?
Eat lunch, dickwheat.

>> No.19438084


First of all, I tell Mom about my dream.

"You might have dreamed about something called your Origin. It's not a bad thing, it can lead to greater power and insight for you. But... It's not something I can really help with. Sorry."

I sigh, then call Ben.

He fills me in a bit more:

>Primarily, Howling is 'premium'. It is REALLY expensive. He assumes because it's hard to make.
>Second, about half the users of it end up dead in a month.
>Clarifying, he mentions it's here or there, maybe a week off sometimes, but the month thing is a deffo pattern, according to him.
>He finds it really creepy. Looks like golden play-doh, and tastes like banana bread, according to his friends. You eat it in servings about the size of your fist.

>Contacting Rachel

We're on okay terms. But we don't talk much - she values honesty and openness, she prefers to talk face to face, and she doesn't like surprises. She likes places of nature, like parks or reserves. ...There's a lot to say, really. You sure you need all the info?

I set myself in my room to practice, by carefully overclocking my cheapass laptop - NOT my PC - with my power. It's good training, because if I go too hard, I know it'll explode, but if I don't, no effect will occur.

Oh, right.

It's late afternoon, and Attie will start cooking soon. We normally have early dinners.

>> No.19438141

Hmm, call up Rachel and set up a time to chat with each other in the local park after you get some food. She has more information on the Howling than most, and are you sure she isn't a werewolf?

Try practicing your perverted grin and also the raised eyebrow, we're going to need you to have that around you want to accurately relay what we're saying.

>> No.19438185

Isn't there a magi club we can contact? Doubt any family is okay with unchained drugged sorcerers around.

>> No.19438193

So we start his harem with a werewolf (or would it be wifewolf?). Excellent

>> No.19438229

Alright, carry some silver the next time you meet her. I have a suspicion. And yes, we need ALL the info. The more the better.

Eat Attie's cooking, and start looking for Howling dealers. Mark down the distribution centers on a map. When the lunar cycle changes, keep an eye on the dealers. If they get a shipment, I think I know what we're dealing with. I just hope I'm wrong.

>> No.19438255

>Blonde master
>Nature girl

Does she talk in formal lexicon?

>> No.19438332

Yeah. David, we have to know this. Because you might have scored with a True Ancestor. Or werewolf. Or both.

You got SWAG man.

>> No.19438337

The more info, the more we know how easy it would be to approach her as a lead. If you broke up screaming and fighting, it might be a touch trickier.

So Rachel likes open spaces, is blonde, like honest in a relationship, and may-or-may-not have taken this drug which kills roughly half of users and is apparently fine.

Does she have a regular schedule? Someplace we could just 'happen' to acidentally meet her?

We should check in with her. Idle chatter at first, then try to steer the conversation towards drugs and the like. Ask if she heard about Gerald, mention that you were invited to his party. Say he was acting weird. THEN you start asking questions about Howling/

>> No.19438479

Blonde? Where? Where is there ANYTHING about Rachel being blonde

>> No.19438513

No where. We just assumed I think. DAMMIT DAVID, WE NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

>> No.19438594

What? She's brunette. And there are no masters.

>She's a werewolf!
I guess you could say... she's a bitch? Heh heh heh. Naw. I'm pretty sure she isn't.

I make the call. It's not easy, but I'm meeting her in a local park around seven tonight.

Anyway, she always liked nature. Not that she dislikes the city or towns. Something about the smell of it. She really likes movies, a real film buff. And she's... Well, she really is stunning.

I eat my dinner, then drive out in my really crappy car to the park. I can see her from where I'm standing.

It's about seven thirty.

>> No.19438621

>Implying you aren't the blonde master

>> No.19438639

Well, go talk to her dumbass. That's why you came, right? Though if you wanted to se her for something else... just let us stay for the ride, if you know what I mean.

Alright. Be careful around Rachel. Don't ask her straight up. And if she seems about to rip your face off, she probably will.

>> No.19438660

Until you have proof that she isn't I'm sticking with the werewolf theory David.

Well then go over there and greet her you git. Talk some, make small talk, then shift the conversation to friends then shift it to Howling, say that you've heard a couple rumors about it here and there and were wondering what she knew about it, if she had any personal experience with it.

Also kid, if you start doing to horizontal mambo don't turn me off like your mother used to.

>> No.19438731



>> No.19438768

>Going to a park

>> No.19438812

The conversation is at first stilted, then becomes more smooth. Our time apart has made it easier and simpler to ignore the slights we used to hold as grudges. Soon, I start talking about the 'parties', and then...

"What... do you know about Howling?" I ask.

She shrugs.
"I got it as a gift. Well, a 'gift'." she air quotes. "I tried it, yeah, but nothing happened. I guess it doesn't work. Not on me."

"...Who gave it to you?"

"Some guy in a club." she mutters. "Never should have gone, it smelled of cat piss. He says it'd make me feel incredible. Meh. Why you asking? You're not the druggie type."

>> No.19438850

"I saw someone go tits high and wrestle a deer not long ago. So it works on some people really bad"

>> No.19438898

You realize that she may just have magic circuits that she doesn't know about right?

Shit happens all the time in the nasuverse

>> No.19438907

Tell her you heard some rumors about it after the shenanigans with Gerald. Say, while researching it, we saw your name come up. You got worried, etc.

Also, I kind of want to wonder why she's so interested into trying drugs, but best not push out luck.

Also, ask about what sort of club smells like cat piss? Why'd you take drugs from someone at such a skeezy place?

>> No.19438934

Say this:
"I don't like keeping secrets. Do you really want me to tell you about why I'm asking? I'll tell you, as long as you promise to take what I say to the grave. This is some serious shit, and if you don't believe me fine. Red pill or blue pill Rachel. It's your decision."

>> No.19438959

no, don't do this, you will quickly get thrown in the looney bin and your moms won't be able to save you i think.

>> No.19438963

I'm iffy about telling her about magic, it seems way too risky and might piss off Eliza. Tell her that we heard some stuff about it and were looking into it.

>> No.19439021

That's only if she chooses to go down the rabbit hole. We did warn her. Worst case, we piss off Liz, and Rachel needs a mindwipe. We can deal with that.

>> No.19439065

>" Why you asking? You're not the druggie type."

Just curious. We don't tell her anything. We don't involve her. She's all about honesty and openness as a magus we're pretty much far, far away from that.

Ask about the guy that tave it to her. How did he look like, could she describe him? Was there anything that felt "Off" about him?

>> No.19439072

>implying david knows enough to make mindwipes happen.
i don't think so tim.

>> No.19439073

Hahahaha. A Sorcerer is the kind of person who laughs at Death. Of course mom could help. Granted, she'd be quite annoyed, which would be bad.

>> No.19439092

Liz could do it. We don't need to worry, and it's only if she actually takes us up on our offer and goes down the rabbit hole.

>> No.19439145


Are you crazy? That girl is all about honesty and being open and you want to tell her about about magic and supernatural stuff and shit?! That's pretty much a death sentence!
That's just plain retarded. No offense.

Keep in mind that the usual way for mages and the church to keep witnesses silent is killing them.

>> No.19439151


First off, no.

Secondly, no.

And finally, no.

Really, mate. That's just...a massively Bad Idea. The LAST thing we want to do is give this chick any indication that there's anything abnormal going on here. I'd suggest we put a spin on what happened yesterday with Gerald, tell her that the drug was present, and we want to know more about it.

>> No.19439195

"I was looking it up. Saw your old username. I was a bit worried, is all."

She leans back and smiles.
"I'm just fine."

"Well, I heard it has a high death rate, is all."

She shrugs. "When I had it, I wasn't caring about much of anything. I just... Sorry, I shouldn't burden you with that. You on one of your white-knight stints, David?"

"...Yeah. This stuff, it really bothers me."

She studies me for a while, her face unreadable.

"Listen. I can't help you. I'm sorry. The guy who gave me the stuff was weird, but not in any way I can explain."

She shakes her head.
"I don't like wearing black, David, and I hate funerals. So let the police handle this."

>> No.19439259

What does she mean weird? Ask her.
We need to find the mage making this shit and shut him down before he inadvertently reveals what he is.

>> No.19439270


Define "weird." Weird physically? In a...lupine kind of way, maybe?

>> No.19439272 [DELETED] 

Ask her what she meant by weird. Was it the way he acted?

>> No.19439295 [DELETED] 

So... a question here.

Howling hit the streets a month ago, right? So how the heck is there a definite pattern that its users end up dead after a month? There shouldn't have been enough time for that pattern to be established yet.

One of our sources either has bad information or is deceiving us.

>> No.19439308

rolled 46 = 46

So... a question here.

Howling hit the streets a month ago, right? So how the heck is there a definite pattern that its users end up dead after a month? There shouldn't have been enough time for that pattern to be reliably established yet. Unless they just mean "50% of everyone who has ever tried it is now dead"?

>> No.19439374

>You on one of your white-knight stints, David?"
I don't like her, but a part of me is happy that at least someone finally called us out on it.
...Isn't it sad?

Ask her she has that weird guys number or how she met him.

>"I don't like wearing black, David,"
Clearly a woman with no taste and funerals have buffets...duuuh?! Why else would someone go to a funeral?


Didn't she just say that she's not able to explain it?
..And will you stop with the wolves?

>> No.19439412


>Stop with the wolves

Read the thread's title, mate. I'm not jumping on the Horo wagon, just using me head.

>> No.19439415

Wait. What if the drugs are like a timebomb. Ticking down to the next lunar cycle. And when it reaches it...

>> No.19439499

Yes, there obviously are wolves involved.
No, that doesn't mean that everyone we meet is a werewolf or about to turn into one.

>> No.19439509

((EGO is having problems with his connection. A response is coming soon))

>> No.19439536

Okay, guys, here's the deal. EGO's having connection issues, so I'll be posting in his place for the time being.

Bear with us here.

>> No.19439556

You've got his trip, so everything's just fine.

>> No.19439572


Never said they were. Just covering the bases, mate.

>> No.19439601

Our girlfriend took a drug which should have killed its end-users and is still fine. THis selfsame drug appeared exactly one lunar cycle ago.

The woman who look this drug is described by our Master as having a thing for natural space, due to liking their scent better.

It's enough to make me a mite suspicious. Sure, this flies in the face of common sense, but Master is a Magus and is that type of human whose very existence defise common sense.

As for what we tell her: DON'T spill the beans. David, you broke up with her because honest kind of broke down, what with Magecraft and all. Don't try and change gears now, it'll look weirder than 'I'm worried about you'

>> No.19439645

You know, we should probably ask Attie and Eliza to look into her background if they haven't already. Eliza has lol hax magic lying around and Attie is probably the best huntress in the modern world, if anyone could recognize a werewolf it'd be her.

>> No.19439648

She already said, she can't explain it. I can think of a couple different spells that might hide identity. So we probably have a magus on our hands.

"I'm not about to say I'm backing out. But I'll try to stay as safe as I can."

"... I'll have to take that, I guess." she says quietly. "Good luck. And... I guess it's good you haven't changed. I'd be sad if someone like you just stopped caring."


... That's a fucking excellent question. I'll ask Dave when I get back.

I turn to head back to my car when I bump into someone... no, two someones. James and Derek.

"Hey, asshole. How's it going?" they ask, blocking my way out.

>> No.19439674

>People still going for the werewolf theory.
>Still not realizing that people develop magic circuits all the time and don't tap into them.

>> No.19439678

Say nothing. Do nothing. Wait for them to make a move.

>> No.19439683


*Whoopsie. Shoulda said Ben, not Dave.

>> No.19439714


>Not realizing that people are BORN with magic circuits, and don't develop more

>> No.19439716

Remember your CQC Dave!

No, don't start a fight unless you have to. Wait for them to make a move, stare them down, be prepared to down them down quick and dirty if they start anything. Remember, most of the important stuff is along the center line of the body, groin, solar plexus, throat, nose. Those are your targets if things go south.

>> No.19439733 [DELETED] 

Oh, hey David, forgot to mention. We can cast a weak bad luck spell. If you ramp it up, well, we won't even have to touch these assholes to hurt them. They'll do it to themselves.

>> No.19439776

>"Hey, asshole. How's it going?" they ask, blocking my way out.

Oh boy, here we go...
Chillax. Wait and see what they want. It's not like they are of any threat to us.

>> No.19439790


Didja bring your gun, Dave?

>> No.19439816



>> No.19439832

Escalation is not what we want right now.

>> No.19439845

>Pulling the gun on them
All of my why.

That's even worse than the Idea to use magic against them in public and that was already a pretty bad idea. Even though I would love to make them go "pop!".

>> No.19439875


Question, not solution. And who the hell said we'd pop them? A pistol is a hell of a motivator.

>> No.19439889

We don't have it on us.

>> No.19439946

No, and I'm glad I didn't.

I smile at them.

"Shit's going great, man. Great weather for jogging."

They look at each other and then back at me.

"Listen, asshole, you got Gerald in such deep shit-"

"No, he did that himself." I say, a little angrily. "He was ready to put my friends in harm's way. Come on, Derek, if someone tried to hand Jenny some cocaine out in a parking lot, would you be cool with that?"

He pauses.

"Well... it's my sister."

"I'm an only child. I can't really sympathize, but my friends are really close to me."

"I don't give a shit!" James says, "You made my day a living hell, faggot!"

I sigh as he moves up to throw a punch, which I dodge back out of. Derek's sitting this one out, or rather, ditching, but I still have to deal with James.

>> No.19439995

Jogging eh? Not a bad excuse.

James tries to swing again, smash him in the solar plexus, amp up the pain response to a level that will make him black out. You don't start a fight you can't win Kid.

>> No.19440005


Put the asshole out, Master. Remember, no punches in the face - you're likely to break a finger. Gut and groin.

Or just use magic to increase his Seratonin output...

>> No.19440030

As soon as he leaves himself open, kick him in the balls. No time to waste on them. We've got stuff to do, things to find, mages to kill.

>> No.19440049


I like your style. Very Magus Killer of you.

>> No.19440100

Smack him in the temples with both of your hands. Use magic to amplify the disorientation. Then, use the time to lecture the SHIT out of him.

He thinks it's fun to dick around with drugs? Bitch better realize what he's getting into!

>> No.19440105

Why, thank you. I like your style most of the time, too.

>> No.19440200

"Let me tell you about bullshit." I say, hopping away from various blows. My mothers trained me. One of them is a Servant. I duck and weave, smiling all the wile.

"Mother... fucker..."

Ohhoho, he's actually trying to hit me. He's TRYING to inflict harm.
"Bullshit is when you save lives, and instead of accolades, you get accosted." I say, kneeing him in the groin. "Bullshit is when I can't even go to the park without having to deal with shitheads like you." Smack him across the face, hard, with the heel of my hand. "Bullshit is when assholes like you decide it's okay to fuck with my friends." He begins to recover, and swings for me.

And that's when I see the knife. The extra range on it stings on my cheek, but not before I kick him in the balls and he crumples. "And bullshit is having to explain this." I gesture at the wound as I stomp it out of his hand. "I'm taking this." I growl, moving back to my car.

I sit down heavily.

"Fuckers." I mutter.

...Is James... smiling?

>> No.19440233


>> No.19440271

That isn't good, if you're smiling after the beat down we just laid down that means he's either crazy or on drugs, I'm guessing the latter.

>> No.19440278


Kick him in the head, using magic to dick with physics and make the kick faster/harder. Knock the fucker out.

Failing that, GTFO.

>> No.19440343


Everything about that was completly unnecessar, David. Master would have done this in a more dignified manner and without the whining. All the while being drunk.

>> No.19440355

Enhance drug effect or inflammation, if we can't brawl him

>> No.19440400


Ah, forgot to add: Don't wait for his next move, start the car and hit it.

>> No.19440419


Better yet: start the car and hit HIM.

>> No.19440428

Wait, do we know that Rachel isn't a Werewolf 100%? Also, is it possible to scan for these fake magic circuits?

>> No.19440463

While funny, doing that would be a waste of time. Why should we deal with him when we can obviously just go somewhere where he isn't.

Let him smile at our backside.

>> No.19440476

I start the car, and begin to pull out.

And that's when I realize the fucker slashed my tires, and is taking his time walking towards me. He has a second knife. I open my magic circuits, letting the Prana flow into me. Anger flows through me again, but I ignore it. Last time I acted on anger with my abilities... Well, I don't want to revisit it. Nonetheless, I have a few moments before he gets to me.

>> No.19440498


He knows where we li-

Wait, what the fuck am I saying? We probably have the safest house EVER.

That's right, Captcha, I was gonna hit him for insurance that he couldn't come after us.

>> No.19440501

Sounds like SOMEONE wants an amplified crotch pain!

>> No.19440510

Amplify the muscles in one of his legs but not the other, so he falls over like a dumbass.

>> No.19440528

>And that's when I realize the fucker slashed my tires
>slashed my tires

...Ok that's fucking it. I tried really to be all levelheaded and professional about that.

Murder the fuck out of him.

>> No.19440565

That's better. You're meant to be the worse side of us. Listening to you be professional was weird. Like walking in on your parents having sex weird.

Wait. We don't have parents.

Like walking in on David's parents having sex.

Wait... That's not weird. That's very hot.

>> No.19440587

Ok, David. Pump your magic into the bright headlights of the car, flash them into this fucks eyes then while he's blinded kick him into the balls and bash up upside the head until he goes down.

>> No.19440590

damnit pervert bob, go to bed, you arn't needed here.

we should just explode his heart and say fuck the world, seriously how in the fuck do you put blame on someone for exploding someone elses heart?

>> No.19440619


Okay, enough's enough.

Dave, I want you to amplify his blood pressure. Five times normal should do it. Human water balloon, anyone?

Object lesson to his friend, and just flat painful as fuck to boot.


I was WONDERING why I kept getting "Duplicate File Found"!

>> No.19440650

... Fuck it.

I reach out to him, and amplify his heartbeat. He drops, his chest oddly swollen - and I swear to god my finger, my index finger on the right hand, lights up with green fire. It's only there for half a second. Less than that.

Like a heartbeat.

A strange feeling washes over me. I've killed someone. I've killed someone. I have killed a person. I spoke to him, he was an asshole, but... Fuck.

What the hell do I do now? Oh god, what do I do?!

>> No.19440667

Get the fuck home and tell mommy

>> No.19440685

First, check if he's actually dead. Is he still breathing? Does he have a heartbeat?

>> No.19440686

Get home, tell Eliza and Attie exactly what happened.

>> No.19440694

no moralfag bob, no, thats fucking bad.
its simple:
theres literally no way in fuck anyone can trace it off to you, so ignore it and GTFO out of there.

>> No.19440710

>Dave, I want you to amplify his blood pressure. Five times normal should do it. Human water balloon, anyone?

Oh, I love that. DO IT!
While I don't think he will go "pop", I do imagine that that bleeding from all your orifices at the same time is not a nice feeling.

>> No.19440727



Secondly, you need to vamoose. Now. Go back home, report in full to Mistress and Atalanta, including the glowing-finger bit. We still don't know what the fuck is going on in Seattle, but odds are they can help figure it out.

Oh, and David? Nice work with the heart-spell.

>> No.19440743

But mommy will know he did it anyway.

Plus mommy won't be as bad on him as the cops, the church and the mage association

>> No.19440748

>he exploded his heart with no fucks given
now you have taken down the first step of being a man, now drive away with no fucks given. otherwise your mothers with kill the everliving shit out of you and you will be immediately geased for eterntity for protecting yourself.

>> No.19440790

David. It's not about killing a person.

You killed a lowdown, degenerate scumbag that was given the rarest bit of mercy and turned it down.

Had he lived on, he would have done nothing but hurt and end other lives. You did well, and as long as you know right from wrong, you will not be in trouble.

Now, go talk to Eliza. Despite not being so the first time we met her, she is responsible, and can see the same difference we can.

>> No.19440808

No! Of course we don't tell Master about it!

>A strange feeling washes over me. I've killed someone. I've killed someone. I have killed a person. I spoke to him, he was an asshole, but... Fuck.

Yes. It's utter bliss, isn't it? That my boy, is how it feels to snuff out a life. Of

>What the hell do I do now? Oh god, what do I do?!
Take a deep breath.
Calm down.
Everything is alright, boy, we've done that all the time back in the good old days.

Check if he really is dead.
Check if someone around saw him dropping dead.
You can try to perferm CPR just for appearance if someone is around.
He was a durggie, it's not unusual that he suddenly popped a vein.

>> No.19440828

Rebooting, give him a sec.

>> No.19440837

Black Bob, the 'good old days' left traumatic scars on everyone involved. Don't confuse him by calling his confusion bliss and sit down until we have to kill someone again. Or until Eliza shows up and she can deal with your bullshit.

>> No.19440876


Well, Derek's still here, at the very least. Ooh, we can still see if we can make the human body pop!

Or we could pull an entropy spell. Superfast cell turnover, no new growth...he'll melt!

Ahh, so many amusing ways to kill people, so few assholes to try them on...

>> No.19440877

Hey, some people got out of that with no traumatic scars whatsoever. In fact, I'd go so far as to say a significantly majority of them did.

>> No.19440894

Oh please stop rationalizing that. It was good, honest murder.

No. Master changed. She doesn't need to know everything.
Do you really want to make her unhappy?
Do you really want to make her think that David summoning us was a bad idea?
We don't want that.
Yes, she will now that we used magic. No, if we don't tell her, she won't know WHY we used magic. All is good. All is fine.
There is also no reason to run to Mommy because his finger went E.T. on him when he was casting a spell.

We now know that he won't any qualms when it comes down to the hard stuff later on.

>> No.19440901

Dude, Derek's redeemable. The other bastard wasn't. Give him a chance and let's not send David to hell so quickly.

>> No.19440924

David, don't listen to Black Bob. He's here to tell you what NOT to do. Listen to nice people/split minds like >>19440790 .

>> No.19440935

I won't allow you to taint David's mind with your faggotry.

David is a good kid after all, and a good kid will do his best to make this situation better, and that's by going to Eliza about this.

We're not killing another human being unless its out of absolute necessity, he's not Kiritsugu or Kotomine.

He's better than those two.

>> No.19440938


My point is, Eliza won't take issue with David's use of magic in self-defense. And we really CAN use her magical know-wots about the finger, and about how a vanilla could take the kind of pounding Dave gave him and still be smiling.

It's less "running home to mum" and more "getting useful feedback/info/insight." She's a resource, why not make use of her?

>> No.19440951

Right. Gotta tell Mom.

I call for a ride from Donnie.
He raises his eyebrows at the body. I tell him what happened and he puts his hand on my shoulder. I'm feeling worse with every passing moment, but he reassures me that everything will be fine. No mother would be angry her boy defended himself, he reasons, and he calls for a tow on my car. All four slashed, so it's not really drivable.

The rest of the day is something of a blur. I return home, tell my story again, and instead of anger, I recieve comfort, gentle hugs and soft words.

My haze is broken when Mom speaks again.
"David, I want you to understand something." she says. "What happened today, I can forgive. That young man was out for blood. Ready to kill you. Like a gun, death is a tool. But it's the most important one to understand, David. Once you kill someone, there isn't any turning back. Even my ability only works on recently dead individuals - otherwise, the soul disperses. The decision to kill is not something to take lightly - at all. You need to carefully weigh your options. You need to look at all possibilities. Taking a life is the last thing, the last option, you should ever consider."

She puts the knife in my hand, then reaches into her jacket. "See this photo?"

She hands me a picture of a young man, possibly of african descent, holding a soccer ball. "I don't know this child. But I knew his father. He captured me, when I was ten. Tried to ransom me. He was a poor jailer, and I stabbed him in his heart with a ten inch nail. My father gave me these words. Your first kill will stay with you, but not forever. Keep a piece of it with you, forever. So you know what it feels like the first time, every time."

I stare at the knife numbly.

>> No.19441017

Master, a knife is an excellent tool regardless of meaning. Taketh it with thee. The proper fighting style would be blade up in right hand, left shoulder into target, upward stabs. Looketh into a formal knife fighting system.

Also, bless your eyes, thou'rt a proper magus-warrior now.

>> No.19441019


Oh, gods above, David. You don't deserve to be a magus. You don't deserve the pain and death that magic brings with it. Goddammit, you're too innocent for that!

Feh. Too late now, I suppose. You should take the night off. Do some thinking, get some rest.

But do that in a bit, because we need to talk to Eliza.

Mistress, any idea what allowed that jackass to take that kind of a beating with a smile on his face? And what about David's finger? Is that some sort of ability we can put to good use?

>> No.19441028

But the only thing >>19440790 was doing, was rationlizing his what he has done. There is nothing good about that. I'm not saying he should go ALL MURDER on everything ever. That guy trid to kill us, we killed him better. That's all there is to it. The End.

There is no need to kill Derek. That why I also said that we should perform CPR on the body. We should at least pretend that the durgs did off him and that we're as surprised as he is.

He had it coming and it was fun. One does not mess with the tires of our vehicle.
Still, telling Master about this is a bad Idea. On many levels. She doesn't have to know, she doesn't have to concern herself, she doesn't need to be unhappy.

The boy is a Magus, he needs to be though. You're an adult already, you tasted a woman, you killed a man, Do you really want to run to your mom for every little thing? Don't you think that she will blame herself and think that she somehow made a mistake in your upbringing? Parents are like that. Let's not bother her.

>> No.19441054

David, listen to your mother. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to this sort of thing. You didn't do anything wrong but you shouldn't forget what this means.

Keep the knife with you, first a knife is useful to have, second it may fill you with resolve.

But for now relay my questions to Eliza, we have a few questions.

Eliza, why could the punk take a beating like that and continue going, smiling all the while? What was that green fire on David's finger? Can you interrogate his spirit if you move quickly?

>> No.19441056

>Goddammit, you're too innocent for that!
Considering that he was raised by a sorcerer for a decade after living through a holy grail war, the idea that he could possibly be innocent boggles the mind. Whatever happened to mages raising their kids to be properly cold-hearted bastards determined to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives? Surely between Eliza and Atalanta they didn't drop the ball THAT badly with David here.

>> No.19441112


Thing is, their only objective was to have a loving family. I see no problem there.

And yeah, David lived through the Grail War. He was also as far away from combat as we could manage, and was nowhere near Eliza when she did cruel, bad shit to people.

I had just hoped to leave one person unblooded. Naive of me, I know, but there it is. I'm kind of crazy that way, if you hadn't noticed - I swing from White Knight to Full Psycho pretty fast.

>> No.19441128

Drugs come to mind. Mundane normal run of the mill drugs...

>> No.19441175


Ah, well. Now the boy at least knows how to kill people. Like I said, he is a proper magus and an adult now.

>> No.19441186

A loving family raised to weakness is a loving family too fragile to last. I thought more of Eliza's judgement.

>> No.19441234

Technical difficulties (again...).

>Eliza, why could the punk take a beating like that and continue going, smiling all the while? What was that green fire on David's finger?

(From now on, assume that david relays these.)

"Well..." she frowns. "All sorts of drugs, or just being smug as hell. I've seen people grin through worse." she says. "I've even done it myself. As for the green fire..." she shakes her head. "I've no idea. I'll ask Thomas to ask his network, but I don't think you'll get anything."

I frown. It's unusual for Mom to be uncertain.

I head back upstairs, and Donnie follows, sitting with me.

"So, Attie always like bike pants so much?" he asks, jokingly.

Don't assume my sexual experience.

>> No.19441262

"Attie" weareth bicycling pants normally? Good tidings, indeed.

Also, thy magic is strange, thy pedigree is unknown, and thou art surrounded by the extraordinary. Expecteth the unexpected.

>> No.19441284

Oh no.. How is it possible that you only took tha bad traits after master?

When we were talking about your relationship with Rachel I thought you were well versed in "Mana-Transfers"...
Well fuck me, who's going to explain to him the thing with the flowers and the bees..?

>> No.19441300


Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!

>> No.19441314

Tell Donnie that the brocode rulings regarding mothers applies even if they're lesbians and that you are willing to enforce this code through any means necessary.

Oh ho ho, David, if you don't want us to assume anything you should probably give us some details. If you need any help good ol' Uncle Bob will give you a hand, we know what we're talking about. We're the one brought Eliza and Attie together if they didn't tell you that tidbit.

>> No.19441324

Give the boy some credit; theory might be a touch late. He is more than likely well-versed in "theory," as it were. Application is likely the only deficient area.

Hohoho... perhaps he might find an "Atalanta" of his own...

>> No.19441341


If you touch her, Eliza will turn your soul inside out, and kick your ass so far up between your ears you'll have to wipe it whenever you sneeze.

And oogling Atalanta is OUR job, dammit! ...fuck, did I say that out loud?

>> No.19441345

>Please jam it in.

>> No.19441348

I think another picture is more appropriate for you.

>> No.19441351

Well if there is anyone who can help him find an Atalanta of his own it's us, Bob the Skull. We went in to win the HGW and we ended up snagging our Mistress a hot bisexual greek huntress. I think we can handle getting our Master someone nice. We might even be able to comment and help him when things get intimate.

>> No.19441360


Don't say I didn't warn you...

>> No.19441361

Thou existeth as a facet of a familiar spirit of chaotic thought. Chances art good that thou didst.

>> No.19441404


>mfw Bob running a commentary during David's sexytimes, complete with seafood metaphors

>> No.19441405

"You touch her and Mom will have your hide. And then I'll have the rest."

"Chill, bro. She's a damn work of art. I can at least appreciate."


"Oh well. You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be alright."


"So... You spoke with her?"

"Yeah. I heard she tried Howling, got worried."

"... Hey, Ben contacted me."


"Yeah. Says one of his bros fed him some shit - 'the death rate doesn't work that way'. He's looking into it, but all he heard that was that all the deaths happened, like, at once."

I frown.
"That's bad."

"Yeah. Some other news - New teacher coming soon."


"Yeah, just a sub, but she's apparently transfering from some catholic school or some shit." he shrugs.

>> No.19441416

..Well. At least it's only blood and not a goddamn CGI-Dragon.

>> No.19441428

Since you've killed James, I'd advise you stay on your toes tomorrow. His druggie pals are most likely plotting on you as we speak. Expect a multi people ambush next time.

What you can try to do sooner or later is to actually attempt to buy some of this Howling. That way, you can actually see for yourself just what kind of dealers we're dealing with and observe their unnatural nature for yourself. It can't be that expensive if high schoolers can afford it.

If you can't pony up the money, just follow someone to a deal. Bring binoculars so you can observe at a safe range.

>> No.19441442

David, my suspicious meters are dinging off the charts. Do not trust the Catholics, especially females ones from schools, I bet you 10 trashy romance novels to one secret about your parents that I know and you don't that the sub is a Church Agent of some kind.

This Howling gets even more suspicious, see if you can get more info on when everyone died, see how it relates to the lunar calendar. Acquire some for yourself if possible or at least stake out a sale from a distance with binoculars.

>> No.19441445


>Catholic School


>> No.19441454

>Yeah. Some other news - New teacher coming soon."
>"Yeah, just a sub, but she's apparently transfering from some catholic school or some shit."

>> No.19441492

Elaborating a little more on a potential ambush, describe how you get home from school?

>> No.19441498


This one's on our side, mate. Actually, depending on how we play our cards, she could be VERY on our side...

>> No.19441509

Since tommorow is Sunday, I'll stay at home. I'm not confident in just looking for a dealer at this point. It might land me in more shit - especially with James out.

Coming home from class isn't that much allowance for an ambush. I sorta live in the middle of nowhere - on the Peninsula, so I doubt they'd know where to find me.

You... You really want me to attempt to seduce a teacher.

>> No.19441524

Screwing magical killer nuns is an even worse idea than screwing servants in the first place.

>> No.19441527

David, it is time for you to prepare for a momentous event in your life. It is something your mother did during the last grail war, maybe they did it to each other. You must seduce this sub.

The primary goal is to seduce someone with the intent of turning a truce, working towards similar goals into a full on alliance. The other goal is Mana Transfers. Godspeed David, I believe in you.

In short, yes. Yes we do.

>> No.19441543


If she's an Executor? Hell, yes! Especially if it is who I think it is.

And come on. What better addition to our little family than a fanatical Church deathmachine who loves us enough to ignore the fact that we're a heretic?

>> No.19441553

If your mother brings up any objections to this plan just tell her Legion says "Are you sure we have enough hot water for both of us?". It'll win her over.

>> No.19441577


Oh, that?

Yeah, that'd do it.

>> No.19441601


..Yeah, and then you guys tell me that I AM the worst part of us.

>> No.19441616

It's pretty much a cheat code for this sort of situation that grants us instant agreement from her and Attie.

It's a tactical decision completely removed from our perversions. We can't trust anyone the Church sends when their primarily allegiance is to the church, they're just as likely to backstab us.

But, if we pull a HGW seduction special we can turn her primary motivation from faith/duty to love/care of David than we can actually trust her and utilize her in our plans.

Everything else is just a fringe benefit.

>> No.19441621

Definitely observe her Monday.

>> No.19441623


Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't suggested killing her horribly the first time we see her yet.

Or maybe that's just the self-preservation instinct...

>> No.19441635

Definitely go out of your way to observe the sub Monday. It can't hurt not to.

>> No.19441637

... I reserve the right to reject this on the grounds of "this is fucking insane". Or any other reason. Got it?

"You got real quiet."

"Yeah, just, thinking." I mutter.

"So. Dad's been thinking of heading to the graveyard soon." Donnie said. "Gotta visit birth mom. It's her birthday tommorow."

"Why you bring this up?"

"Well.." he scratches the back of his head. "I was thinki-"




"Nothing. Fucking Legion."

"Oh. Well, we need someone to watch the house for a few days. Would you be interested?"

>> No.19441655


Okay, then I just hope she turns out to be an 80-year-ish old nun with only one eye.
Now THAT would be hilarious.

>> No.19441664


Oops, that sort of...slipped out~

I have the notes I took of that one time Mistress forgot to knock us out lying around in my head here somewhere, too...

>> No.19441667

Sure, his house will make a bitching pad to perform the Alexander family patented technique, their greatest spell far beyond the Third Magic.


Ok, fine you don't have to seduce her, we can't make you. But you should observe her closely and get close to her, learn her strengths, weaknesses, places you can get leverage on her.

If something like that happens Plan A will be abandoned and we'll move on to a different plan.

>> No.19441679

It's a shame you're going to be down an ally for a few days. Go ahead and house sit for him, but bring your gun.

Just out of personal curiosity, what do you know about his mom and her passing?

>> No.19441694

Of course. But even if you don't want to go as far as to evoke love in her (I wonder if that could be amplified NEVER MIND THAT'S IMMORAL), befriending her is just as good. It's merely getting trustworthy comrades, should you need them. And if my intuition is correct, we may need them...

>> No.19441700


You should into IRC, bro. Just saying~

>> No.19441729

Also, where does he live? If he lives some where more accessible, then you might have some problems/vulnerabilities. You might want to pay close attention to your route to school tomorrow. Don't tell anyone that you're house sitting for him.

>> No.19441751

Monday. I keep forgetting that.

>> No.19441759

His mother was a woman of fire.

She was a wild woman - Wild hair of orange, the color of flames. SHe had beautiful golden eyes, too. Me and Donnie had a joke between us when we were coming of age that while he ogled Attie, I ogled Susan. She taught me a lot of things, like how to cook, in her mind, 'properly'.

That is, know only what each ingredient tastes like, and never use a recipe.

She passed suddenly - The Crest was transferred on Donnie's twelveth birthday. She just... vanished. They searched for her, but five years later, she's been declared dead.

"I'll be happy to, man."

"Thanks, I'll let dad know. One less thing to be worried about."

I smile, punching his shoulder playfully.
He lives nearby, in a large 'town'. Lake of the Woods. He actually lives on the lakeside.

"We're leaving afterschool tomorrow. No mad orgies, bro."

"Heh. As if."

"Hey, you got more swag than you give yourself credit. Rachel asked YOU out, remember?"

I nod.

"My advice? Lay low and use familiars." he says. "You're not going to back out of this Howling bullshit, but the activation word for the Atalier barriers is 'Dominus Draconus.'"

He pats my shoulder. "See you then. I've got places to be."

>> No.19441791

You definitely need to figure out how to make a familiar. It would make the information collecting process much safer and faster.

>> No.19441792


You should probably consult with Mistress and Atalanta. Tell them where you'll be, and the activation phrase. Just in case.

Also, we need to do some digging on these druggie gits. No, really, we do.

>> No.19441808

Failing that, just ask your mom to do it for you.

>> No.19441833

Talk to Mistress, if you can't make familiars you'll want some help learning and maybe borrow some of hers. Information is power and all that, if you need any tips and tricks call up Caster's former master, he knows that stuff like the back of his remaining hand.

As much as Mistress may object you're going to have to look more into this whole Howling situation and those druggies who attacked you, it's going to go after you even if you don't want it to.

>> No.19441840


Make familiars, spy on druggies, pump mom(s) for info. Sounds like a plan to me.

>> No.19441865

I let Mom and Attie know about the arrangements and start packing. Eliza knows of the Words, she's been a family friend to Donnie's family for at least seven years. I ask her about familiars, and she hands me blueprints for a few and some materials for some simple ones - including some magically preserved raven bodies.

Finally, she goes on to say that she cannot supervise me, so I must remain on my best behavior. She will revoke the Contract while I'm away.

Any last plans before I get to bed?

>> No.19441889

Well give your mothers a hug, tell them it's from Legion as well.

Ask Attie to make some extra food so you can have leftovers instead of having to spend time cooking.

Get the phone number for Caster's former master, if we need advice for an information war he's the one you want to call up.

>> No.19441893


Bring your damn gun with you. And set up a way to get ahold of Atalanta instantly, as she can respond a good deal faster than Mistress can.

Other than that, get some rest, Master. I sense that we have a busy few weeks ahead of us...

>> No.19441927

Just take it easy tomorrow. Killing someone can't be easy on you. Practice your shooting. Make that familiar. Have any ideas on some research you can do on the internet? Otherwise, just get a good night's sleep.

>> No.19441943

I hug Mom and Attie, letting them know it's from you. Getting the number for Caster, I head upstairs, and clean my gun, then reassemble it. Checking it twice, I pack it as well.

With no more to do, I head to bed.



>> No.19441957


>> No.19441966

Sunday, noon.

I run weekly, but if you want to keep a tab on me, I'm usually on IRC as Shot: #HGWSeattle at Rizon.

>> No.19441976

So is the Executor Lisa? What do we know about her other than her basic appearance and her having a broadsword that chops magic circuits apart?

About how high up is David on the Magus power scale?

>> No.19442008


Not much, and not applicable. David's magic sort of transcends the scale, as its power is wholly dependent on what process he uses it on. It can cause a single atom to divide, and it can cause supernovae.

>> No.19442016

What kind of gun does he have?

Is Donnie family Asian? Yeah, slightly racist, but w/e

>> No.19442062

Donnie's family is actually of no ethnicity - earlier generations have been mucking with it genetically to get "As close to a dragon" as possible.

As for type of gun? I'm not really a gun nut, but probably something 9mm and hidable.

Probably, not much and...

Look, Nasu power levels simply are not discrete. Everyone is a hax hard counter for at least two other characters. In a straight fight, Davey would likely have trouble fighting one on one against another Magus, because he is a force multiplier, not an attacker. He'd need something to make 'bigger'.

>> No.19442086

Practice some draw drills, kata, and some body weight exercises. You must stay in good shape for the trials ahead, master.

>> No.19442108

Does he play video games?

Can he amplify leverage if he was wielding something? If he can and can do it well enough, I'd recommend getting a crowbar. You never know when you need to break something, or open something.

>> No.19442109


So, a good ol' M9 Beretta it is, then.

>> No.19442135

>Does he play video games?
>Can he amplify leverage if he was wielding something?

Yes to both.

General rule for Amplification is if it is a 'reaction' or 'process' then, yes, it's just a question of Prana use.

>> No.19442154

Are Attie's apples delicious or magically delicious?

Does either Attie or Eliza look much older after 10 years?

How's Teddy Bear of Swords along with his partner Stonking Great Tits doing?

>> No.19442171


>Are Attie's apples delicious or magically delicious?
They are of the greatest quality possible in a mundane apple.

>Does either Attie or Eliza look much older after 10 years?
Not really - I'm considering aging to be a byproduct of soul decay, so Eliza will (probably) live until she decides to die.

>How's Teddy Bear of Swords along with his partner Stonking Great Tits doing?

He was moved into a more suitable vessel, but has moved to Oregon with her for reasons unknown.

>> No.19442189

Are these dealers under watch by any vigilante groups or neighborhood watch groups? Perhaps you could see if they know anything. In particular, you can try to glean information by looking at their websites first.

>> No.19442205

Those are some nice sounding apples.

Did they at least send David his Teddy Bear back? It was a loaner.

If we get Bob a body will we get Bob's Independent Magical Adventures in the Nasuverse?

When David's Circuits are as full as he can reasonably pull off under standard conditions what is approximately the upper limit on what he can magnify?

>> No.19442419

Since David said not to make any assumptions on the subject, how much romantic and/or sexual experience does David have?

>> No.19442445

>If we get Bob a body will we get Bob's Independent Magical Adventures in the Nasuverse?

It's sorta out of line with how I normally run shit. I use first person narrative as it seperates the players from the characters, allowing me more freedom to write out my characters and give them votes.

>When David's Circuits are as full as he can reasonably pull off under standard conditions what is approximately the upper limit on what he can magnify?

At current ability, he could detonate a fire in a method simulating a small amount of C4. Or, he could accelerate healing ability to the point of healing a wound in a few minutes. However, it should be noted that this healing is simply accelerated - it is not better than normal healing and is INCREDIBLY painful.

Shortstop. That is all.

>> No.19442470

>Did they at least send David his Teddy Bear back? It was a loaner.

Before I forget: Yes, and it was even carefully restored. Great Stonking Tits is like David's favourite aunt.

>> No.19443926

>hasn't even made it to third
We'll fix that soon enough

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