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So can the 40k universe ever reach peace?

Al the fluff preaches about how everything can only be as bad as it is or get worse, and the Imperium will never become less corrupt and technology will never be reclaimed.

However, there's the bit about "when the god emperor dies, mankind will either be lost or find true salvation".

So...what's the possible outcomes if 40k progressed in story?

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The Rhana Dandra is going to happen no matter what
the warp and the materium fuse
everything disappears

the best each race can hope for is to annihilate all the others before dying

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>However, there's the bit about "when the god emperor dies, mankind will either be lost or find true salvation".

This is the most persistent part of the 40k fanbase oral tradition. There hasn't been a word of support for this since Ian Watson wrote Inquisitor in, what, 1990? Still, players pass it from one to the other as truth.

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The Emperor gets better and wrecks shit all over the universe and puts an end to the xenophobic fanaticism

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And even in Inquisitor it was presented as almost certainly a lie and even the lie admitted it was just as likely the Emperor would become a chaos god of human suffering.

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it has been mentioned
therefore, it is canon

there's nothing you can do against it

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You idiot, if he puts an end to the xenophobic fanaticism that HE STARTED, then Mankind is doomed.

For record, the plan Emps is supposed to follow is to soul-bind every psyker to himself (that is to say, eventually, all of mankind) and to protect humanity from everything else in the meantime. If he can't do it, mankind will either be crushed by other races, or be entirely corrupted by Chaos as its whole population reaches psykerhood.

There is need for xenophobia.

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Wait, what?

What's all that about? Is that in the WHFB universe too?

I have the same question about fantasy actually. Prophesies from different races indicate that different things will happen, Chaos seems convinced either reality will end or they win the physical world. Elves are convinced Asuryan will lead the world to order, Dwarves are convinced the best is behind us, Bretonnians/Imperials think humans will inherit the Earth, Lizardmen think the Old Ones might come back...who's most likely right?

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It's also about the shittiest prophecy I've ever heard.

>If this thing happens, it'll be GOOD! or BAD!

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>who's most likely right?

Whatever faction makes GW the most money.

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everyone, since most prophecies don't contradict.

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>Progressing the plot

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Once the rest of the Tyranids make it to the galaxy the Imperium is fucked. I like to imagine that maybe then they might consider allying with the factions less likely to want to kill them like the Tau and Eldar, maybe make an army of supermarines with pulse rifle and battlesuit integration, and that thing that allows the eldar to keep their souls inside of armor or something. That, or they just end up destroyed and consumed in the zergrush.

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I think you could shorten that down to just

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So wait if he every human soul is bound to the emprah, does that mean with every death is power grows? Or that he is becoming more our god protector with every bound soul

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>Not Nidrush

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The Emperor didn't start xenophobia, retard. He was actually trying to form alliances with the Eldar in order to gain access to the webway (or something like that, I don't remember).

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I always find it weird when people refer to the "story" of 40k, because it doesn't have a story, it has a setting. A setting is a time and a place. It's even in the name. 40k is set in the 41st millennium. A one hundred year period in the (fictional, future,) history of the galaxy, filled with nothing but constant wars.
There can be no progress in the story, there can only be changes to the setting. If you want to know what the future of the warhammer 40k setting is then you're going to have to wait until they release warhammer 41k.

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Sure, when every race is dead and the universe goes through it's heat death.

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Everyone knows what is meant when someone talks about WH40k's plot. We know very well it's a setting, but THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THAT SETTING, BETWEEN CHARACTERS AND POWERS. The setting DOES have a story.

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it has a lore that can be told to another person. That telling would make it a story.

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>So can the 40k universe ever reach peace?

Yes. Under the banner of the Greater Good, It can. Once the factions and species of the galaxy open their hearts and minds to Tau'va and accept the wisdom of the Aun, the path to peace will be open to them.

They shall walk side by side with the Tau to the glorious great destiny.


The demise of the Imperium. The fall of Terra and the ascension of T'au.

The Tau shall inherit the galaxy from the Imperium and usher a golden age of unity, prosperity, and freedom.

The galaxy which was torn and bloodied by endless war will find calm and peace in the Greater Good.

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In order to achieve this, he needs to be soul-bound to every PSYKER, through the standard procedure used during sanctioning.

So,what matters is for LIVING psykers to be connected to Emps, and it means that if it works, humanity will be permanently communing with the Emperor.

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The materium and the warp will use and destroy each other before that happens.

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Even if the Tau controlled everything, there'd still be chaos, and rebellions, and Tyranids.

There is only war. There is no hope for progress or peace.


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its funny because theres only 1 actual black person in 40k.

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Yup. Jonah Orion of the Blood Ravens.

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who steals things

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Aren't the Salamanders an entire army of black spess mehreens?

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What's her origin? Is she based on a specific model, or a character in an illustration of a battle, or what?
>How would one MAKE a CC model?

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They are not actual black people though.
Its just the geneseed darkening their skin because of the UV. All space marines would do the same in the same situation

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Why not go with everything?

The Emperor dies and is reborn on Tera.
Someone competent assassinates Abadon and starts wrecking shit up.
The Eldar get their shit together and manage to create that new god who kills Slaanesh.
The Tau find a intact STC.

And the Admech Adpetus Astranomicon discovers reveals what the Tyranids are fleeing: A ork warboss the size of a large star.

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SO we're sure we can't beat Tyranids?
Or Orks?
Or Chaos?

They're unbeatable? Not like fantasy where you could possibly shut them out of the universe?

You can't escape that apocalypse scenario by going into another universe? Would Chaos be destroyed, because humanity could survive via GE Chaos conversion if not.

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Primarchs Return
Emperor Awakes
Chaos Undived unites and The Eye expands exponentially

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>achieve peace

0/10 apply yourself

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The ENTIRE galaxy has been at war for ten thousand years. On one side, you've got a Catholic Space Nazi empire that controls 75% of the galaxy; on the other, you've got Hell itself; and then there are quadrillions of humanoid fungi, space elves, Egyptian Zombie Robots, and a fuckton of hungry extragalactic space bugs. What can tiny vagina-face empire consisting of a mere 100 worlds do?

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Does he have a name? Otherwise hes just more concept art.

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Sigh, no, you misunderstand. There are stories set within the setting of 40k. These are stories of events that occur within the time and place that is the galaxy during the 41st millennium.
A story about the emp dying or waking up or whatever would not be set in the 41st millennium, it would be set in the 42nd millennium, of which we know nothing.
The whole point of the 40k setting is that it is a static period of no great change. The beginning of the 41 millennium was war, the middle was war and the end was war. Only war. It's a hundred years of nothing but war. That's what makes it such a great setting for a wargame, because all these countless battles take place.

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What happens is the Sisters and Eldar brofist and wander off to a new game to find somewhere they don't have to Job. I hear infinity needs new Military Orders and 'Weird Nomad Stuff'

Seriously though, I doubt that 40k will ever really advance. Keeping it static is what keeps the game flowing and people buying. Changing...anything...is likely to start fan warefare. They likely think it's safer to stick with what is working.

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There is the planetary governor of the DoW series too.
Also the IG cover has a black guardsmen

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Doesn't mean we can't talk about that though.

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>concept art
One of the most often misapplied terms in nerddom.
Concept art is for the design of a product. It is not intended to be part of the completed product. Concept art in 40k is usually a sketch with notes to assist the sculptors in adapting the figure into a miniature. Some of John Blanche's stuff is concept art. Most of Jes Goodwin's is. Illustration is for the depiction of a thing, and is part of the completed product.
This is an illustration. It depicts something that exists in the 40k universe.
Namely, badass black person striding through flames with sunglasses and cigarette.


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There was a black Inquisitor in DoW I.

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And Toth.

Guess that makes them two.

As I said, the races of the galaxy shall walk side by side on the road to peace. They shall face down the horror and danger untied hand in hand. Their combined strength bolstered by the Greater Good will enable them to overcome whatever obstacle in their path.

This Great Destiny was decreed by the Master of the Undying Spirit Aun'Va and the Tau will see it done.

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It's a side-effect of their geneseed and radiation from their chapter planet. IIRC in older editions it made them end up looking like really dark Africans. But apparently GW decided that wasn't GRIMDARK enough (literally in this case) so now their skin turns carbon black and their eyes turn red and start glowing.

Other than that they're a pretty cool chapter, unlike other space marines they're concerned about civilian casualties and still hang out with their extended families.

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Humanity survives one last fucking huge war when the rest of the nids get here, all the orks band under one boss and chaos goes crazy from all the stimuli. The Necrons reap to their hearts content until almost everything in the galaxy is fucking dead. Eldar are all dead and merge their souls into that god they keep talking about and they fuck off to some other part of the universe in the Immaterium. Tau are annihilated since they never stood a fucking chance are you even kidding me?

Necrons go back to sleep, Tyranids move on to some other part of the universe to continue nomming, Orks follow them in hopes of gettin' in a good waaagh, Chaos dies down a bit since almost everyone's fucking dead and humans start from square one and manage to colonize the rest of the milky way galaxy again. They make tons of positive technological and scientific progress and erect an efficient empire due to them somehow figuring out how to use the webway or whatever who gives a fuck. They finally have a military advanced enough to fit even the lowliest soldier in their force with power armor even more advanced than that of Space Marines, with weapons as accurate and powerful as that of the tau and psyker abilities.

Now with their new empire humanity manages to make extragalactic contact with other species, and it turns out the nids come back by the time they reach this point and evolved some new tricks from all the other species they've encountered and eaten and the Orks come from another direction and are fucking huge from all the fightin' and winnin' they've been doing.

Enter Warhammer 40M.

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>a full dark-age STC library & fabricator is discovered
that fixes the xenos, except maybe the necrons.
>necron pylons are reverse-engineered
that fixes 99% of chaos problems

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If humanity can rise to greatness despite of its failings, then it is a certainty that the Tau shall ascend to their rightful place as stewards of the galaxy.

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Even if you did manage to get all the races to work happily hand-in-hand with you, there are the Chaos Gods, and they will corrupt the shit out of humanity and turn them against you.

There is no hope for peace, TIDF.


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But yes, generally the Imperium is depicted as a bunch of unhappy, bitter-looking old white men. That's because that imagery best evokes what the Imperium is about. Same reason they use latin(ish) to represent high gothic, and gothic architecture. Shows what the Imperium should *feel* like, even if it isn't a realistic depiction of what it exactly would *be*.

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>A ork warboss the size of a large star.


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They "create" that new god by all dyeing

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>rightful place



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>all the orkz live on the giant warboss
>the more he fights the bigger he gets
> 1 AU warboss vs the 1 AU allship.

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Would Chaos actually protect the Imperium if they were actually in danger of being completely destroyed? I mean, Chaos DOES feed off of them, doesn't it?

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Enter Unicron and Galactus in a giant crossover.

So...in >>19424928 what happens to the Squats?

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All the Chaos Gods except Slaanesh were the Emperor's friends. :3

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They would protect and convert humanity, AFTER the imperium is dealt with.

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With starship sized rockets attached to his arms and legs so that he can swing his gigantic choppa.

Now they just gotta figure out how to make bullets fuckhueg enough for his gigantic shoota.

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of course we are using "protect" in a loose definition of the word.

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he shoots planets

>> No.19424995


entire planets

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Oh sure, there's nothing wrong with talking about stories set in 40k, of course not. It's when people start talking about the setting as a whole as if it had some overarching metaplot that's the problem. Becouse it doesn't.
OWOD had a metaplot, where every new book released moved the timeline slightly forward. 40k has never had anything even remotely similiar.

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It feels like 5th edition came out a year or two ago. Why the sudden release of 6?

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They're chillin' in an astroid belt just being space dorfs, having minor clan wars amongst themselves.

And by wars I mean drinking contests.

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You are aware that in DF. You are a party on an expedition....Perhaps the squats are out there...conquering new worlds, fueling blood devices, and fighting elves.

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Of course it has a metaplot. There's a war going on between everyone in the setting and there's a possible way for it all to end. It just isn't presented as such because GW isn't really concerned about doing that.

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>wisdom, from the tau
how about you just do what the necrons say and then the chaos will be beaten and the nids will be pushed out of the universe.

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>giant observatories operated by orks living around his eyes acting as his telescopic binoculars
>factory cities on his back constantly constructing planet-sized bullets for his megashoota
>ork workers maintain and live around the rockets attached to his arms and legs to operate them whenever he needs to get somewhere

Holy shit, this is the best idea ever.

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>So...in >>19424928 what happens to the Squats?

The squats seceded from the Imperium during the Age of Apostasy. The moment they were no longer Imperials, they became filthy mutants rather than sanctioned abhumans, and presumably were wiped out.

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>66th Millennium
>Imperium is fucked up
>Eldar are dead
>Chaos Strong
>Imperium is 1/3 the size it was in M41
>Lots of tiny xeno "Empires"
>Tau is dead because they never stood a chance
>Tyranids noming everything in the eastern part of the galaxy
>Tyranids trying to breach the west side but spehss murreens are holding them back... barely
>All hope is lost
>All the loyal primarchs return :3
>They revive the Emperor
>All those rumors about the Golden Throne deteriorating were false
>Emperor is millions of times more powerful from the psychic might of everyone backing him up and worshiping him

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Wow, you're dense. If the war ends it wouldn't be the setting of 40k anymore. 40k = anything that occurs within the one hundred years of constant war. If the war ends, it ends outside of that timeframe. If any meaningful progress in the war is made it changes the setting and isn't 40k anymore. No one is ever winning the war or losing the war. It is static. That's what a setting is.

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>one hundred years
I'm not sure you understand what a millennium is.

>sucSyrs SPOONING,

>> No.19425110

but what about warhammer 50k?

>> No.19425113

>Tau is dead because they never stood a chance

>> No.19425129

Or, frankly, anything else about the setting. The war in the last millennium is only a little more intense than in the previous nine thousand years, and from any point after the Age of Apostasy the setting would look pretty much exactly like it does in M41, sans Nids, Tau, Crons, but who cares. That's five thousand years of playable history without rules alteration, and you can play five thousand more with the power of imagination.

>> No.19425133

then half the fanbase leaves, leaving only the spess mahreen kiddies.

yeah that is a perfect business plan.

>> No.19425135


>Likes the cut of his jib
>Post picture of mainsail.

I mean I guess there is a jib in the picture, it's just almost entirely covered and out of frame.

>> No.19425138

Damn, you're right. Guess I'm pretty tired and slipped up. Feel free to use this minor and inconsequential imperfection as an excuse to ignore any salient arguments I might have made.

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They will advance it a bit when they are ready to introduce a new race.

>> No.19425144


>maybe make an army of supermarines with pulse rifle and battlesuit integration, and that thing that allows the eldar to keep their souls inside of armo

That sounds fucking awesome.

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>> No.19425157

Nope. They haven't done that before and I don't think they ever will. When they codified the Tyranid invasions into a timeline, they established a date of first contact in the setting's past. When they introduced the Necrons, the past. When they introduced the Tau, the past. They won't advance it, they'll develop it.
You've made the same error a few times throughout the thread and it was starting to bug me.

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>retcons said alien race has always been a threat to the galaxy!!

>> No.19425162

There will be peace when the Nids win.

EVERYONE else in-fights.

>> No.19425175


Actually, the Nids fight among themselves too. Two fleets meet, fight, the strongest wins and takes up the loser's biomass. Keeps 'em strong.

>> No.19425188


Even the Necrons?

And can the Eldar even afford to infight anymore? Or the Tau? They're fucking tiny.

>> No.19425198

the only type of race left would be a time traveling race

>> No.19425203


>Ynnead died fighting Slaanesh because Tzeentch helped him/her/it
>Orks are fucking everywhere now
>Warboss Mag Uruk Thraka is still alive and is the size of a Manufactorum
>He controls over half of the Ork Klans and blows up entire planets with his groin
>More spehss murreens because High Lords are getting desperate
>More exterminatuses
>More grimdark :3
>Nurgle becomes the most powerful Chaos God because everyone wants out of the grimdark and embrace love and peace
>The other Chaos Gods set up barriers of warpfire to prevent his garden from spilling into their realms
>Commorragh is huge
>Dark Eldar don't form small raiding parties anymore. Instead, they gather up fuckhueg armies now.
>Everyone and everything is even more powerful now
>Cyphus got spotted by a Custode in the Imperial Palace and stabbed him in the neck
>Luther died of old age

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For those saying "There can be no peace because it's a wargame" I say this.

Warhammer fantasy, compared to Warhammer 40k, has peace. In addition, they have hope for the future. It's also a wargame, just not one with a single giant war.

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The eldar don't consider whether they can 'afford to' infight. They don't have this kind of faction identity. They have their own nations and groups, and they have their rules and traditions.
Why don't the eldar just have as many babies as possible?
Because they're bound to an ancient and highly codified set of traditions that has them backed into a corner. Same death as the Imperium, but slower and more graceful.

The Tau *do* have that kind of faction identity, but, you know, accidents happen and so does Farsight.

>> No.19425218

the necron in-fights are merely just squabbles between ideas.plus they never really lose causalities so it's more of a wrestling match at seeing who is tougher.

then they go home and drink. if it comes down to it and they both hate X they will join forces and smash their face in.

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RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!-faggotry, so it's slightly less retarded.

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''Only the Greater Good can oppose Chaos!''

-The Unknown Shas'O

Tau'va is the antithesis of Chaos. It is the sacrifice of the self for the Greater Good of all. Wherever the light of Tau'va shines, the seed of Chaos will never sprout.

Chaos has no place in hearts beating with the passion of the Greater Good.

Despair not. There is still hope, my friend, it endures still. This hope is the Tau.

Have faith in them, for one day they shall be this galaxy's redeemers and saviors, and on that day THERE WILL BE PEACE!


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>Necrons have their own empires in Segmentum Pacificus
>They are fortified as fuck
>They don't want to be bothered
>They are happy Egyptians
>They only go to war with each other occasionally
> :3

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Warhammer Fantasy has stayed closer to its roots as a setting meant for use as both a wargame setting and a roleplay game setting, while 40k emphasizes the war part more with every iteration. If you want a more stable, roleplayable 40k, you read second edition books or the RPGs. Still no galactic-scale hope, but that's okay because you aren't playing galactic-scale heroes, because those pretty much don't exist.

>> No.19425236

Fair dues, it was a totally stupid mistake and I did do it like three times, but it doesn't really effect the argument I was putting forth.
Really, It's no big deal, I just think it's a weird misunderstanding that a few people have, this confusion between a setting and a story. 40k's setting is a place, with a history, but it has no overarching sequence of events that it fits into in the sense of being part of a story.
It's still quite interesting to think about possible futures of the setting, but those futures are really just new settings in their own right, and none of them is more valid than any other.

>> No.19425254

Do you get bored spouting the same shit day in and day out? Honestly, the repetition has got to be mind numbing. I can only imagine how riveting you are offline.

>> No.19425272


But then..

There are quadrillions of Tyranids... and...


>> No.19425275

I wonder if there's a part of the universe where Chaos is all happy and nice because of how well the denizens in that part get along with each other.

>> No.19425276

y u mad tho?

>> No.19425284

Once all the nids arrive the orks are just gonna band together and fuck them up. No biggie.

>> No.19425292

i accidentally an entire civilization.

>> No.19425294

How does that even sound mad? Are you pretending to be retarded or are you just that bad at trolling?

>> No.19425315

I love this picture. I can only imagine the fear that filthy xeno felt in that moment, where the mutated claw-arm of a Chaos champion snapped around his neck.

Your 'Greater Good' is a flawed concept in a galaxy filled with galactic devourers, daemon worshippers, corrupt Imperial warlords and desperate Eldar.

>> No.19425322

Theoretically possible but unclear as to likelyhood as I don't it's ever been made clear as to how closely the immaterium maps to physical space. It's possible that once it gets fucked up at one point the taint just spreads to the rest ignoring physical distance.

>> No.19425329


>> No.19425332

since the imperium forgot how to create new tech, the tau will eventually surpass them. Humanity will become part of the Tau empire.

Eldar will likely go extinct, or get wrecked by the Tau.

Orks will be annoying-ass raiders until they finish killing themselves

necrons will become super lurkers, waiting around and doing nothing until a species they want to transfer their souls into arrives.

nids will be get wrecked by everyone unless the whole damn race attacks

chaos will be ignored when the imperium becomes part of the Tau empire.

>> No.19425342

> the tau will eventually surpass them.
i think they already did.

>> No.19425344

But y u mad tho?

>> No.19425349

Its like you don't know anything about 40k.
Oh, that's right.

>> No.19425359

Right, not enough plot-based faggotry.

>> No.19425363


Seriously, this made me rage a bit. I assume the only source you have is the Tau codex? I'd correct every shithead mistake you made in that, but I'm sure someone else will very soon.

>> No.19425375

i was about to but you posted that, so screw it.

>> No.19425395


>> No.19425409

the three characters 40k are in the OP, of course ITT fanboys

>> No.19425432

Guiding them through dreams, the emperor gathers a group of the finest psykers together. They purify themselves for five years, striving to shed all impurity from themselves and become greater beings. They fail, but they do enough that, at the moment of the warp overtaking them, the emperor himself blasts away the last shreds of darkness, and they join to become a single entity of pure, holy energy - the hand of the Emperor.

The warp opens and demons come, but a chapter of space marines arrive just in time to protect the nascent being of light. With the aid of its power they hold the forces of chaos at bay until reinforcements arrive. Though chaos still assaults them, never resting, millions of pilgrims come to bask in the light of the Emperor's Hand. Psykers come, eager to join the being in its glorious enlightenment. Even the Eldar come, and at the command of the entity they are allowed an audience: they seek to transcend as it did and so free themselves of the pull of Slaanesh. Their whole craftworld joins together, the entirety of their power barely enough to shadow that of the Emperor's Hand but still enough to finally tear free of their alien bodies and become as it is, a weaker example but still potent in undeniable terms. More come.

>> No.19425435


In time there are dozens of the transcendant lightbeings, enough to spread to points of strife across the galaxy. Together their power destroys the Necrons, sears the hive-mind of the tyranids. The orks, awed by such power, seek to emulate the humans who follow the wake of these mighty creatures, and this desire slowly transforms them, making them more like humans. As enemies blunted by the Imperium's power seek other targets, the remaining Eldar who refuse transcendence are driven from their homes in the warp and scattered to planets across the galaxy, losing their knowledge of technology, their history and their culture, becoming primitive things twisted by ever-more clumsy attempts to use the power of the warp.

As enemies are pushed back, core worlds of the Imperium come to know peace. The turbulence of the warp begins to recede. But in one last great push, the traitor legions and the last hostile forces of Chaos surge forth from the Eye of Terror, spilling the warp across all space. At the last, the emperor sacrifices himself, blazing with glory as his many Hands pour power into him, transcending all humanity, transcending even thought and will, to become naught but purest light. The chaos gods are vanquished, and the masterless demons flee to the corners of the world, cursing all life. The warp, though still perilous, mutagenic and addictive, becomes a dark netherworld hanging between the stars, dangerous but no longer actively so.

>> No.19425446


All worlds divided by the energies of this place, the people of Terra construct great Titans, beings of technology surpassing that of the golden age of Man, joined with Eldar technology passed down by the emperor's Hands, creating individual, living beings of phenomenal power, so advanced in their machinery that they seem not machines at all, but gods. And these Titans go forth into the Nether to find the worlds lost, to rebuild them.

In time, one of their number is seduced by the remnant demons, who have come together into one great Legion, intent on putting all worlds to the flame. He comes to lead them, and in time, they find a world where a species who were once orks lives alongside a descendant species of the Tau. Corrupting these ork-things into bloodthirsty warriors once more, the Legion sends them to another world, where humans, human-descendants and descendants of the Eldar, some of whom have tapped the energies of the Nether to become something similar to what they once were, live in a primitive, medieval society.

>> No.19425467

So guys, I hear that you want me to come back? Give me a reason.

>> No.19425469

Banish your fear.

They shall break upon the bulwark of the Greater Good.

Back to your graves. Back to oblivion with you.

Your claim on this galaxy is null and void, for this is the brave new epoch of the young races where your authority has no meaning or power.

As long as there is air in my lungs, I will sing it from the highest of mountains to the lowest ditches.

Heed me or ignore me, I care not. I will continue spreading the word until I am no more.

>> No.19425471

>since the imperium forgot how to create new tech
Wrong. They do it all the time, progress is slow and not uniform across the Imperium but new stuff is cranked out all the time.
>the tau will eventually surpass them
The only thing the Tau have over the Imperium is their plasma guns and they got those from the Demiurg, and even then the only reason they're arguably better is because they're more stable. They don't do more damage and aren't more accurate. Drones don't count, the Imperium has servitors and other organic stand-ins.
>Humanity will become part of the Tau empire.
Wrong. The Tau are equivocally a flea on the dog that is the Imperium. That is a good size comparison. An Empire of over a million worlds compared to one with maybe a hundred.

>Eldar will likely go extinct
Maybe. All things come to an end eventually.
>or get wrecked by the Tau.
No, see why the Tau won't incorporate the Imperium.
>Orks will be annoying-ass raiders until they finish killing themselves
Orks aren't going anywhere. Fighting makes them stronger, you can't wipe them out anyway. Look at Valhalla and Armageddon. Spores from dead orks cause new locally grown orks to sprout up every decade or so.

>necrons will become super lurkers
Wrong, that's why in the fluff they're becoming more active. >waiting around and doing nothing until a species they want to transfer their souls into arrives
That requires them to be active, not lurking in the shadows.

>> No.19425484

>nids will be get wrecked by everyone unless the whole damn race attacks
You're thinking of the splinter tendrils. The main ones coming in cut literal swathes through space in their wake. Read up on the Tyranid swarm that's making its way through Ork-space. Shit is brutal and the winner of the conflict will come out immeasurably more powerful because of it.

>chaos will be ignored when the imperium becomes part of the Tau empire
Chaos works through human nature. As long as humans or any sort of psychically attuned race exist in 40k the warp will be hell.

I hope you've enjoyed my stunt of autism for the evening.

>> No.19425489

I'd like a really large scale 4X strategy game set in WH40k universe that plays like Master of Orion or something with endings for every playable faction telling of the ultimate fate of the galaxy from their perspectives if they win.

>> No.19425563


>tau are teching faster
>eventually they'll end up with basic infantry space marines have trouble with (except in melee)
tau will slowly expand. Slowly, but still.

Also, if the necrons finish up with their pylons, chaos is fucked

>> No.19425610


All the Eldar die, and they make Ynnead, the Eldar God of Death. This God of Death goes on a galactic cleansing mission, whiping out the lesser races, and thus, destroying the Chaos Gods.
All the Eldar die, and nothing happens. No Ynnead. That's it. Game over.

The Emprah: 1) Wakes up, 2) Dies and is reincarnated, 3) Chooses a "successor" that will improve things. No matter which of the three happens, humanity reaches a golden age, and shit becomes GOOD for them.
The Emprah: 1) Dies on the throne and isn't reincarnated, throwing the galaxy into literal darkness, cutting each world off from eachother, blinding the Astropaths, 2) Stays as he is and nothing changes and the Imperium slowly rots.

There's two ways this can happen: The most likely one, and the least likely one. Most likely, is that the Imperium simply never writes them off as anything more than a passing threat, and they just weather the storm in ignorant bliss. Least likely, is that by some stroke of luck, they manage to get more followers, and their tiny empire grows before balkanizing.
The Imperium finally gets around to checking the "Exterminate" box next to their name on the clipboard, and they are wiped out and forgotten in the course of four days.

They keep fighting.
They keep fighting.

All the Tombworlds wake up, and form a loose alliance, and wipe out the filth.
They slowly are eroded by the lesser races, or the Flayer virus infects all of them, and they lose their minds.

They eat everything.
Somehow, the Necrons, or Eldar, or Imperium, find a plothook way to destroy them.

>> No.19425613

Sigmar said you wouldn't. Wanna prove him right?

Also, everyone talks about the Imperium having so many planets and the Tau having so few.
The Bretonnians outnumber the High Elves by a HUGE amount, but I don't think 1000 peasantry will be beating Teclis and a unit of Swordmasters anytime soon.

A lot of the Imperium planets are medieval or less.

>> No.19425664

Nurgle's fucktoy.

What happened to the other elf gods? You can't tell me Vaul and Asuryan got spanked in the 40k universe.

>> No.19425691

One million worlds to one hundred.

Try to grasp that difference.

Two or three star systems full of hiveworlds would probably have a higher population than the Tau have people.

>> No.19425703

It wouldn't surprise me if there were more imperial guard legions than Tau firewarriors. Tau only exist in the world because they're so insignificant no-one really pays them much attention.

>> No.19425729

We shall combat silliness with further silliness!

He felt contentment and peace to have fulfilled his duty to Tau'va. To have given his precious life for his Bond Brothers and to shield T'au from the horror.

I tell you what I am sick off. Reposting the same pictures over and over. I need to update my Tau gallery.

>> No.19425755

Opps forgot my picture.

>> No.19425794

Isha is Nurgles gal pal, Khaine is in pieces, Cegorach is giggling in the webway, Ynnead hasn't been born yet (if at all). All the rest got killed by the C'tan and the Necrons.

However, of the C'tan, only the Outsider remains intact, the rest being broken into shards (The Necrons do not have ALL of the shards, and it is thought that the being underneath Mars is in fact the Void Dragon C'tan). These shard C'tan are literally only fragments of their former selves, and are pretty much just mindless god-robots that the Necrons prod into battle. The Outsider is not in pieces, but he is literally physically outside the galaxy (Though he is returning), and blitheringly batshit insane to boot.

The only living "gods" of any sort are Khaine (technically), the big 4, Malal, The Emprah (depends on your definition of "living"), the Outsider, Isha (much to her chagrin), Cegorach, and Gork&Mork.

>> No.19425846


>Why don't the Eldar have lots of babies

Because of the Chaos God of rape and sex they made the last time they tried that.

>> No.19425875

Ynnead will kill Slaanesh, and let the eldar be reborn without having to fear She-Who-Thirsts at very best. Wiping out more than one chaos god or 'lesser' races isn't part of it, and seems unachievable even if there are reborn eldar.

>> No.19425890


There are 10000x more humans than eldar, they have tons of sex without making any dark gods. Why can't the eldar have sex? Just don't make it really kinky or anything, just missionary position for the sole purpose of reproduction.

>> No.19425907

I always imagined fights between Necrons to basically be two Overlords sitting on a barge drinking tea (From empty cups), while they chatted about politics and the latest court drama on a barge high above a raging battle.

>Dear me Gro'ta'si, I must say that your Immortals are quite sporting today!
>Yes indeed, I've had the Court Martial Ruler Adjunct whipping them into shape all week!
>The Court Martial Ruler Adjunct? I thought you and him were in a tiff? Ah, Wintergreen, please send word for the Tomb Blades to enact Flight Maneuver Alpha.
>Flight Maneuver Alpha? You cad, you! And we've been patching things up, he prostrated himself, so all is well for now. I must say, that Wintergreen fellow of yours makes the most FANTASTIC tea!

>> No.19425912


Not even that would be necessary, you'd imagine the Eldar have some grip on turkey baster technology.

>> No.19425926


Don't we have that tech right now? It's M2 and we're more advanced than the eldar.

>> No.19425969

How about this for some grimderp:

Emps comes back, but isn't recognized. High Lords/whoever's running the Imperium who sees him at the time declare him a serious fucking heretic for 'impersonating' the Emperor and he's wiped out. It wouldn't be that difficult compared to the usual shit the Imperium faces-Who knows what kind of shape he would be in upon his return?

Anyway Astronimicon dies, everything outside of the solar system is separated from the Imperium, fucked and dies without the help of the Imp. to protect them. Chaos comes in through the wormhole/Warp hole Emps returned through and the Imperium falls.

>> No.19425973

True. You get the point though, they go from "Old guys on the run" to "the ancient pointy assholes who are now rulers of the galaxy".

The Eldar are all psykers (Or at least, more psychically attuned then man), live for much, much longer, and also are much, much, much more sensitive. For the Eldar, looking at a good sculpture is as intense as hot sex for a human, and it gets much, much more intense. Their senses are basically cranked up to eleven. Mankind however, has comparatively dull senses, and proportionally fewer psykers.

>> No.19425986


Eldar's emotions are much more intense than humans' are.

>> No.19426007


Wouldn't constant mind-blowing orgasms from looking at blenders dull the senses of the eldar? I mean, people become resistant to the effects of drugs if they take them all the time.

>> No.19426014

Because the god of pleasure claimed ownership on all their souls when she/he came into existence. Also as mentioned psychically attuned and intense emotions, but I think Slaanesh wanting to own them all is probably slightly more important.

>> No.19426021


Some where it's stated that Eldar born artificially are all born soulless, which is high Elfdar HERESY

And why they can't reproduce as fast as humans? Some silly shit about multiple fathers per mother, and most importantly, because they were the ones that sparked She Who Thirsts in the first place they are EXTRA vulnerable to getting a chaos dick up the brain.

>> No.19426070


Even then, they can just use artificial insemination, they don't need to have hot passionate sex.

The "Slaanesh gets more powerful whenever the Eldar try to reproduce" is so fucking stupid.

>> No.19426089

>born artificially

I'm talking sperm banks, not test tube babies.

>> No.19426093


They aren't BORN artificially under those circumstances, the female is simply impregnated artifically.

>> No.19426097


pretty much anything you do empowers the dark gods SOMEHOW

Get angry at a heretic? KHORNE IS GROWING STRONGER

Enjoy a nice fap? SLANEESH WORSHIP

Come up with an ingenious plan to wipe out orks? TZEENTCH IS PITCHING A TENT IN HIS PANTS RIGHT NOW

Forget to wipe the counter? NURGLE WILL HAVE YOUR SOUL

You really can't win

>> No.19426145

That's EXACTLY what caused the birth of Slaanesh. They got to a period of decadence, and basically, orgied a god into existence. Because of their heightened senses, they eventually required more, and more, and more, until they became violent, bitter, drug addled, etc. You want to know what the Pre-Fall Eldar looked like? They looked like the "Dark Eldar". The Dark Eldar are just the Eldar who said "Nah, I like being this way" and cheesed it into the Webway. The regular Eldar however, saw the error of their ways, and realized something: Because of their heightened senses, meditation, calm, peace, blah blah blah, were required to stay in control. Notice how the Dark Eldar tech and architecture is EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME, but the regular Eldar style is pretty bland, smooth, and relatively dull? It's so they don't excite themselves too much.

That's not even bringing up their souls. Slaanesh claimed the Eldars' souls when she/he/shi/it was born, and thus, when they die, they go to her. Additionally, Slaanesh is constantly eating away and eroding their souls, slowly killing them. HOWEVER, two ways were thought of to avoid this: One, regular Eldar use soul stones. Soul Stones cause the wearers soul to go into the stone when they die, instead of going to Slaanesh. This stone is then put into the Infinity Circuit, which is basically a dead Eldar hivemind (Alternatively, it's put into a Wraith or a Wraithlord, and becomes a hulking robot).

>> No.19426155

Best case scenario, OP? Emps dies, and becomes a warp god. Not a Chaos God, but something more like Isha and Kaihne.

A new gate into the Warp opens up where Terra is now, leading directly into the Emperor's new Manse. This new gate is named "The Eye of Hope," and serves as a replacement for the Astronomicon. Out of this new gate emerges the Sanguinor and some equivalent for Ferrus Manus and Dorn, here for good. The other primarchs also show up.

Big E still plays the role of Machine God for the Admech, and explains to them how all their tech works.

With their new ally in the Warp serving as a counterbalancing force to Chaos, imperial psykers are no longer quite the dangers they used to be. They become far more useful on the battlefield, and far less likely to accidentally cause a demon invasion. As such, they are viewed more kindly by imperial society.

The Imperial Tarrot becomes a quick, easy method to gain intel and/or identify a heretic.

And that's the best case scenario, OP.

>> No.19426160

Two, is what the Dark Eldar do: Hide. The Webway is "sealed off" from the warp, thus making Slaanesh's thirst much, much, MUCH less powerful. But, as Eldar can live for 1,000 years and be considered middle-aged, this doesn't help much, as time will take its tole. So, the Dark Eldar essentially "Pad" their souls via the souls of humans/xenos and eachother. They are basically putting a protective layer around their souls. However, this can only work for so long, and venerable Archons pretty much have to be CONSTANTLY "padding" their souls in order to survive, causing them to become even more depraved. They "pad" their souls with pain, suffering, psychic energy, etc, and in some cases, literally "heal" their souls by using the souls of others. This is essentially why the Dark Eldar leave the Webway for any reason what so ever: To get more souls to torture and feed off of. Whenever a Dark Eldar dies, every Dark Eldar in the area tries to suck up his soul (There's a story in their codex about some teen getting killing in a Green-Goblin Board accident, and his buddies fight to snort up his soul).

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