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What is the single most powerful entity in the Warhammer 40k universe?

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Fraz-etar, obviously.

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Marneus Calgar or Kaldor Draigo.

The most powerful entity is whatever GW thinks will most appeal to the kiddies, hence the Draigo curb stomping the warp.

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Everyone plays to his strings

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Rowboat Girlyman

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What is the most powerful tabletop miniature?

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One of the C'tan named the Outsider.

He ate so many other C'tan he could end existence with a breath. Again, they might be trying to retcon that.

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Tsara'noga was sharded along with the others. Even its lunatic might could not escape the fury of the Retcrons.

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Yeah, this, the Outsider.

The Chaos Gods are extremely powerful, but they require a way into realspace to do anything major.

The Daemon Primarchs are pretty powerful too, but again, they need a "gate" into realspace to do any damage.

The Emprah is on the Golden Throne, and is pretty much incapable of direct action. Assuming the thing underneath Mars is in fact a C'tan as is heavily implied, the Emprah in his prime could only actually beat it up and seal it away, not actually destroy it.

The Outsider however, is not only a C'tan that is entirely in tact, he's also eaten tons of other C'tan. I've heard some people say that if the Tyranids are actually running away from something, then it'd probably be the Outsider.

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Orks or Tyranids hands down, probably the Orks when it comes down to it.

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I thought the Outsider was still, well, outside the galaxy and all? Also, could I get a link or enlarged version on the image you posted? I'm getting into Necrons, and wanted to read that image.

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Cegorach says otherwise

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or dat cain

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Weren't the Orks created to fight the Necrons by the Brainboyz, or did that lore get overridden with the new Necron Codex?

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Most powerful being in the galaxy would most probably be one of the 4 chaos gods.

The most powerful model including apocalypse games is the emperor class titan

The most powerful model in game is a difficult one. It could be lysander, a tooled up wolf lord, vulkan, any special character has a good chance.

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The new Codex kept that, yeah (The Old Ones made the "Krorks"). The Old Ones made the Eldar and the Orks, and I THINK the Jokaero (don't quote me on that one though), but they did NOT make Humanity.

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Nurgle. Everything is suffering and feeding his stanky ass.

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It's mentioned in the old codex, but not in the new one.

>The Old Ones brought forth newer creations to defend their last strongholds, like the hardy, green-skinned Krork and the technology-mimicking Jokaero, but it was already too late.

One can assume it still stands though, since nothing has come out that contradicts it. Humanity was also described in the old codex as a "lesser creation" of the Old Ones.

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Arguably you could consider they tyranid race to be a single organism, in which it would be the most powerful entity.

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>The Outsider however, is not only a C'tan that is entirely in tact

But he's not.

>I've heard some people say that if the Tyranids are actually running away from something, then it'd probably be the Outsider.

Even when he wasn't sharded he was seal away.

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Tzeentch. Looking that only effective way to somehow eradicate him from this world would be either lack of powering emotions or Kaldor Draigo. Tzeentch has it's daemon legions and personal fucked realm with all knowledge and own schemes.

Of course, Tzeentch needs something to mess up warp and realspace with each other, yet looking at the position Tzeentch has, there isn't really anything expect other gods to pose threa.

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A fully intact C'tan would wreck everyone's shit, the new Necron codex says that even their shards are capable of literally anything/everything imaginable. They are only enslaved because their minds were shattered by the Silent King.
If a C'tan had enough of its memory it would have no limits, even the Emperor had a hard time trying to put down a lobotimized shard of the void dragon (even then he admitted to being unable to actually kill the thing).

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I don't know anything about 40k, but I always thought it was Gork and Mork.

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As much as Chaos fags will deny it, this is probably right.

A intact C'tan is scary as hell.

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I haven't been keeping up with the fluff for 40K, but isn't the Omnissiah an aspect of the Void Dragon?

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Nah. The Omnissiah is the Emperor. In fact, the Emperor made up the whole concept of an Omnissiah and planted it himself into the Cult Mechanicus so they would accept him as their leader when the Revolu- er, the Crusade comes.

The Machine God, on the other hand, is the Void Dragon, but just about nobody in-setting knows this. More accurately, the Machine God is the name the Mars colony gave to the strange phenomenon of people getting dreams of technology which, unbeknownst to them, actually came from the Void Dragon who's imprisoned in Mars.

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emperor is void dragon

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Like anything in 40k : maybe.

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>in his prime
He beat it up almost 1500 years ago from our current year. His prime would have been during the great crusade you fool, a psyekers power continues to grow throughout his life.

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shit meme is shit

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How did the Burning One figure out the working of the Webway?

The C'tan can into the warp and the webway is Warp Magicks.

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>actually came from the Void Dragon who's imprisoned in Mars.

Shard of the Void Dragon who's imprisoned on Mars. FTFY

All of human invention and progress is attributed to a fraction of a fraction of a C'tan.

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Bitch got outplayed by Creed in 4chan cup.

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Wardian Revisionism

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Freddy Mercury


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>The C'tan can into the warp and the webway is Warp Magicks.

Yes, so what's the problem?

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The C'tan can not fathom the warp. It is outta of their power.

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If the Emperor is actually Freddie Mercury, I'm guessing that means Nurgle is Michael Jackson and Slaanesh is Lemmy Kilmister. Question is, who are Tzeenech and Khorne?

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Old C'tan couldn't, but the new ones eat souls and fuck with the webway, so they probably can to some degree.

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>Michael Jackson
>Not Tzeetzch, God of Change

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David Bowie is Slaanesh incarnate, and Charlie Sheen is Slaanesh's greatest champion, gifted to survive unlimited amounts of drugs

Also, according to the grand visions granted to me after crossing the Seven Seas of Rhye, Lord Mercury is not the Emperor, but a being more ancient, powerful and fabulous than the emperor or the Chaos gods.

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>The C'tan can not fathom the warp. It is outta of their power.

No, they understand it and can even turn it against the people who do use it. They just don't manipulate it.

The C'tan who taught the Necrons how to enter the webway did so by basically using science as a hammer to shatter it open.

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