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it works I like it

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The Avengers, Terra's Mighiest Heroes

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Alright, so if Banner/Hulk is some sort of dual-phase Tech Priest/Angry Marine, what're the rest of the team?

Stark's a rogue trader multi classed with tech priest
Widow and Hawkeye would be assassins, working for Inquisitor Fury
Thor would be a Space Wolf, obviously
I'm stumped on Cap. Making him a spess muhreen doesn't seem right, but he's also not "just" a guardsman.

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Make Cap a Commissar?

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But Hulk is obviously an Ork

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what is the purpose of this thread?

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An Ork techpriest and Primarch of the Angry Marines.
....I think we just broke 40k. I love individuals with enough power to destroy the status quo in this setting.

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Do it.

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Hulk would be the Waaaaghboss and then some

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The irony of this is hurting my brain

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Captain Imperium, from the Imperial Guard, springs into action with his mighty storm shield!

The Invincible Iron Magus, from the Adeptus Mechanics, in his custom built power armor purges the enemies of the Imperium with melta ray and plasma shot!

The Mighty Brother Thor, last loyalist from his Space Marine Chapter, charges into battle with his jump pack, his mighty thunder hammer echoing the Emperor's own fury!

The Incredible Hurg, an ogryn bonehead given to further amazing feats of strength when enraged, but when calm has a mind as brilliant as any techpriest!

The Wasp, a Seraphim hailing from the Adeptus Sororitas, with unmatched grace she flits about her enemies whilst delivering mighty bolter round and steel-shod fist!

Hawkeye, this Vindicare Assassin is an amazing shot even amongst his own!


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He could be a Crusader, the type that usually guards Inquisitors. It'd make him big on the ideals of the Imperium and self sacrifice, as well as making him above the norm and getting him a fancy shield, among other things.

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