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Your character greatest fear now manifest in their most powerful ability.
What is it?

>character scared of disease
> can cause own body to rot and infect others

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>She can kill anyone you love and destroy anything you want to protect at the cost of her own memories.
I... Wow, that's depressing.
Let's try a character with a less existential fear.
>As long as she is helplessly bound, everyone who hears her must do as she says.
That one is just sketchy.

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Well, he doesn't necessarily fear it, but he absolutely hates being imprisoned. I've used all my creativity up for today, so that's all you're gonna get.

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>Character scared of spider
>Spider made of spider manifest
>When he think that he's finally done dealing with the spider spider, he learn that he is made of spider

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Most recent character's greatest fear is his mortal foe, a flamethrower wielding psychopath in a fireproof suit who hunts him relentlessly.

Pyro battles!

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Me again. Perhaps he can take over people's bodies while leaving them conscious of this.

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1. Alligators.
2. Crocodiles.
3. Brain aneurism.

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Fear of abandonment.

Can erase a target from existence permanently, but the act of doing so also erases their most precious person.

Beings who are removed in this way are remembered by none but the bearer of this power, and it cannot be used if the user has no valid sacrifice. (if they possess multiples, which is lost is determined randomly)

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Oh wow.
>Fear of body failure while mind is intact
>Can now paralyze others, leaving their bodies useless prisons for the rest of their long, painful lives

I would not fuck with that.

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My character is most afraid of God's wrath.

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>Nightmares of being put back into the middle of the Chechen War.
>Now able to induce horrific nightmares of wartime in anyone, so real as to make you think you too, were in the middle of a warzone, with all the attendant horrors.
>Every night.

War is hell, as they say.

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>All of your loved ones are already dead


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>Fear of failure

Slightly more of a very deep resentment, but close enough.

>When ever he fails at a task, a random target within twenty feet automatically succeeds whatever they're currently doing.

Double edged sword, most effective when you surround yourself with allies.

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My character is Terrified of Driders. I think he was only level 3 or 4 when we was dragged into lolth's buisness. The shit he saw and felt he will never forget

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Can become completely blind but everyone within a mile radius (can control distance at will) is also blinded until the effect is "dispelled"

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I remember when someone did this thread, but everything was posted in a slightly poetic, slightly insane style. Good times.

Anyway, my character doesn't fear anything because they have Exalted level arrogance.

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She is able to chain down those within 50 feet of her with the "Chains of Law".

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>manifest in their most powerful ability.
Does that mean they gain a new ability or is it that their most powerful ability becomes related to/represents their fear?

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their fear is manifested in a power. THey should be utterly terrified if/hen they use it.

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>Your character greatest fear now manifest in their most powerful ability.
>greatest fear
>most powerful ability

The bombs my alchemist lobs now explode in swarms of rats.

Rat bombs, my god.

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The duel possibilities that the universe is either infinite, or finite? The fact that should the universe be infinite that would require all things to eventually be repeated infinity? or that the fact that if it is indeed finite it would indeed have an end thus a true death?

Are you really giving her power over this shit? Cause I think any resulting power is way to overpowered.

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Wouldn't it be throwing rats that explode into more rats?

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>Throwing pregnant rats that explode into swarms of tiny, blind, pink ratlings that have razor sharp teeth and instinctually begin to devour the closest thing with a pulse.

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Now he can cause people to lose faith in their god?

Dire naked mole rat swarm?

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>Existential fear of lack of afterlife

I... I don't even know.

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Fear of his once noble house's name fading into nothingness... Magical aura that causes anyone who sees him to immediately forget seeing him... Pissdick.

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>Fear of Causing undue harm.
Able to smite the wicked, but for each wicked struck down, an innocent must fall. Each target is carefully selected to be sure that it is worth the cost.

Eventually there is no one of either category left.

>Fear of Death.
Dying will cause the creation of a simulacrum that has god-like powers, make decisions and take actions as you would given the circumstances, but will never truely thing, nor believe, nor feel. It will simply go through the motions of fixing everything you ever wanted to remedy in the world, and appear to enjoy the life that is suddenly granted to it.

But it will not live. And you will be dead.

>Fear of Change
You are preserved from the ravages of time, and can travel through it without error or difficulty, but you are bound forever to uphold the time-line as it is, no matter how atrocious it may be. Failure to maintain it will result in your slow, inevitable cessation of existence. An eternity that you can see, and experience, but can never change.

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>Greatest fear is being alone.

>Banish enemies to a dimension they will occupy alone, forever.

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