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>using cards you like instead of cards that win

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>Spike players

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>playing to win instead of to have fun

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>not liking cards that help you win

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>not liking cards that win

Get on my level.

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Hi Timmy.

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>playing a GK riflenought spam list

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>playing a fluffy army that loses every game

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nowadays i limit myself to only control decks just because i love winning the game with a big giant elesh norn or sun titan.

i can't bear to play delver, the deck is so boring it hurts.

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>playing traditional games

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>Taking Tech-Use on your Assault Marine because you don't trust the Tech Marine.

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>not filling your deck with bullshit combos and counterspells

The real victory is to have the most fun, and everybody knows having fun is a zero-sum game.

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>that one guy who uses sword of war and peace

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>paying money to win

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I run a myr deck that uses a lot of combos

splinter twin + myr battlesphere + myr galvanizer (optional)
palladium myr + myr galvanizer + myr galvanizer/splinter twin
palladium myr + myr galvanizer + myr galvanizer/splinter twin + fireball

and when all of that shit plays out, I also run 2 copies of Wheel of Fortune. I include legacy-banned cards in almost every one of my casual decks. Those are cards that win.

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>giving a rational response to the OP

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>trusting tech marines

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>not using cards that you like to win
Step up your game, fag.

If it so happens that you only like shitty cards, well, get better taste.

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>run in 5-color deck
>shut down everyone
I run a lot of artifacts like door to nothingness and this one in my sliver deck because I can usually have all 5 colors out my turn 5, if not sooner. Oh, gemhide sliver.

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>Not playing a deck that makes card you like into cards that win.

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>trusting /tg/'s opinion on Magic

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>preferring pepsi over coke

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>Using fluff and happiness over cheese and derp.

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Fuck off, Spike players are best.

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>not being a Johnny


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Can you name me any /tg/ game where you don't have to make an investment to play (and by extension, have the chance to win)?

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Risus. Spirit of the Century. Everything released on free RPG day. Motherfucking Crab Truckers.

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