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Say a Chaos Legion realized how full retard it went and decided to come back to the Divine Emperor. What would it take for the Imperium to allow a Traitor Legion back into the fold?

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The emprah waking up and agreeing to it, and even then it's iffy.

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When a Chapter fucks up in a minor way doesn't the Imperial administration send them off on like thousand year long suicide campaigns as "penance?"

I think they're fucked. Partly because the Imperium are just like that, and partly because they've had dealings with Chaos and are forever tainted.

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Even IF the Imperium said ok to something like that, the legion in question would be put to death simply for being exposed to the taint of Chaos.

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>because they've had dealings with Chaos and are forever tainted.

I forgot about that part. The Inquisition thinks anyone (expect for themselves) that deals with Chaos in anyway is or will become a traitor.

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Er, no.
The rules are: heretics can convert to the imperial faith, traitors die.

The most they can do is repent and report for their execution.

Individual marines from the chaos legions, however, might be able to rejoin the imperium if they were recruited directly into a chaos legion because they never betrayed the imperium in the first place.

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Didn't the Inquisition go to Captain Titus and basically say "Oh you cant resist the warp. HERETIC!" even though Titus used it to defeat chaos?

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The 9 traitor legions are labeled 'traitoris extremis' by the Imperium, which basically means they're the absolute worst of the worst. The legions ravaged large parts of the Imperium during the Heresy, and in the 10 thousand years since then they've all been exposed to the warp extensively and thus, daemons, they've fought with each other, they've despoiled the galaxy, etc.

Would you let them back into the Imperium?
Also, what >>19399292 said.

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Blood Ravens.

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Chaos Legions have sold their soul, there;'s no coming back from that

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the only way to be welcomed back is to eat a bolt round. Or more like, receive one in the face. Repeatedly. And then be cleansed by holy fire.

still, the chaos legions aren't retarded, they saw the truth. There actually are gods, and not the false corpse emperor.

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The Blood Ravens were gifted their Loyalist status.

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My thoughts exactly. Why the hell would they want to come back to the Imperium? It's completely corrupt anyhow. Fuck that. I'll carve my own empire out with bolter and chainsword rather than serve thankless humans for 400 years.

Chaos offers so much more than the Imperium.

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Before Horus' betrayal only a very, very select few knew about Chaos. Maybe now bits of the Inquisition could purge the legions of whatever demonic presence corrupted them in the first place. Fulgrims sword, for example.

Then there's also the Alpha Legion. They went to chaos because they thought it would be the best thing to do for the galaxy if Horus won. Now that Horus lost, albeit 10k years ago, they might decide to come back some day. There's also a possibility that some of the Legion never actually went to the Eye of Terror like the rest of Space Marines. Does it specifically state that Alphurius turned to chaos somewhere?

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>(expect for themselves)
INCLUDING themselves

>Individual marines from the chaos legions, however, might be able to rejoin the imperium
no, they would not. Look to how the Dark Angels treat the Fallen. Repentant ones get the mercy of a quick death, despite many of them not being "chaos marines" at all.

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Loyalist filth, are you truly so weak that you fantasize about us returning to your dead Emperor's fold!?

We will never return, nor surrender, nor will we ever be defeated. Your false Imperium will be destroyed, and all who fight to uphold its reign shall suffer.

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> the chaos legions aren't retarded, they saw the truth

Horus turned because the forces of Chaos told him the Emperor quit the Great Crusade because the Emperor had gone back to Terra to achieve God-hood. That was entirely untrue. Emps went back to build his webway. The whole reason for Horus turning was a lie, and it was Horus who convinced the rest.

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See this is why I hate the Horus Heresy series

Like with the rest of 40k, no one at GW understands the concept of deliberate mystery

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>We will never return, nor surrender, nor will we ever be defeated.
>We will also never win.
Fixed that for you, Abby. How's the planning for 14th Black Crusade shaping up?

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>The Fated

>The Blood Ravens' 5th company is known as the 'Fated', and though the reasons for this are obscure, it may go back to an incident recorded in the annals of the Chapter's Librarium, but never spoken of openly. In M38 the entire 5th company was recorded as having been lost in the Warp, but the truth of the matter may be far darker; it is whispered that one of the company Librarians was seduced by the lure of the ruinous powers, and turned his fellow brethren to Chaos. This notion is by-and-large dismissed by the Chapter today, but for unknown reasons the current members of the Blood Ravens 5th Company wear badges of redemption, penitence and shame upon their armor suits.

Why are the Blood Ravens such indecisive crybabies?

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Lorgar and Erebus had a pretty big part in all of that.

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>seriously though, I know that, and CSM are beyond the point of caring really. They see that the emperor is no god, which is the truth, and however flawed they may be, they're some of the only (trans)humans that see that.

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I'm not sure why any of you are being so optimistic in this regard. This is grimdark Warhammer 40K. The Imperium treats renegades as monsterous scourges of mankind. Only the shallow betrayers are allowed a chance at penance, and even that often involves a thousand or more years crusade.

The Imperium would not allow a single traitor legion marine back in the fold. Never. The best they can hope for is a quick bolt round to the head.

Alpharius (though I may be wrong, because I haven't finished Legion) wants to use Chaos to destroy humanity, doesn't he? Something about the Cabal visiting him and telling him about humanity dun guffing or something.

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>no, they would not. Look to how the Dark Angels treat the Fallen. Repentant ones get the mercy of a quick death, despite many of them not being "chaos marines" at all.

That's because they are traitors.
Read the post before replying.

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well, there's the difference between the radical inquisitors (who'd use titus as a weapon against chaos without a second thought) and the strict, who would torture and then burn him without question.

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>Chaos offers so much more than the Imperium.

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Holy Terra, there is so much heresy in this thread.

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>This thread

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What are YOU going to do about it, little commissar?


Have fun getting through my fleet, weakling.

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>wants to use Chaos to destroy humanity

No no


The Cabal shows him that if the Emperor wins the galaxy will decay away into full chaos and Chaos' greatest triumph will be completed. They also show him that if Horus is to win Horus will eventually see that he went full retard and destroy humanity and himself. However, because Chaos is so intertwined with humanity if humanity fell so would chaos. Both options ended in the fall of humanity, but one saved the rest of the Galaxy.

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Yes, they did, but they spun an elaborate lie. One without which Horus may have never betrayed the Emperor.

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Loyal Imperial Citizens should vacate this thread in 5...

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The Emperor's Grace would be a swift death!

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...and then the Imperium fended off Horus and his traitor legions, the Alpha Legion stayed on the side of Chaos because they had nowhere else to go, became corrupted over time, and now a full-blown Chaos legion rather than "closet loyalists."

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To arms my brothers! The Imperium comes!

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But does it specifically state somewhere that Alpharius became corrupted, or is it just implied?

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Welp, we're boned...

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Stand By

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>Er, no.
>The rules are: heretics can convert to the imperial faith, traitors die.

Heretics can convert, and be forgiven in death. They still die.

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Just as planned...

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May the Holy, Savior Emperor preserve this great Imperium.

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Explain arco-flagellation, Brother.

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Back to the Eye brothers!

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It is a perfect time for some slavery-sex-orgy yes?

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This. Also, I hope you remember how vastly different current day CSM from HH ones, right?

There is that story about a hibernated Night Lord
waking up and being endlessly disappoint how the disciplined elite degraded into raging idiots and lunatics.

>Sahaal also continued to attempt to regain the corona and eventually signalled his brother legionnaires. He was, however, disappointed when upon the summons in his absence the legion forgot Konrad Curze's teachings of "Fear through focus" and discovered that the legion was now fear craving psychopaths led by the embodiment of corruption in his eyes, a daemon prince that was once his greatest rival, Krieg Acerbus.

Chaos is its own worst enemy. The dark gods could order a black crusade reaching Terra at any moment but they just dont care. Mortals are playthings. Even the ones serving chaos.

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Speaking of random hibernated Primarchs there are those two pesky legions that were "removed from imperial record"

They could be out there somehwere

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Yeah, then the guy left the BL and his stuff was retconned, his character turned into an extremist with delusions of grandeur.

But it was ADB who did it, so it's okay then.

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Knowing the Emperor's raging fetish for being in absolute control, they're probably the two who said "no fuck you, I'm content ruling a planet of my own." At which point he probably exploded them with mindbullets then covered the whole thing up.

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No, Angron tried that. Emps was like "well fuck your shit" and beamed him up anyway.

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Combining Prospero Burns and The First Heretic, we've got pretty strong hints that the Space Wolves were sent to kill the Primarchs and the surviving Marines were folded into the Ultrasmurfs.

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No. Those were left out intentionally so people could make up their own legions to play at tabletop and have a sort of legitimacy in the lore calling it one of the lost legions.

Its stupid, but mostly everything about early warhammer is stupid.

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it wasn't retconned. different (very reasonable) point of view from another legionnaire.

sahaal was always delusional, that was the point of lord of the night (this is speaking as someone who started night lords because of that book) is chaos' insidious, multifaceted nature and the subtle reflection of that in curze.

the night lords were always critically flawed, even during nostramo's "reform". sahaal was stubborn and crazy enough to think they could overcome that.

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the horus heresy series has dorn mentioning some sort of tragedy befalling the two legions, and not of the mysterious 'they might still be out there' sort.

originally they were for homebrews, but now it seems as if they've been wiped out.

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Say what you will, but he was obviously supposed to be a viewpoint character we agreed with before Spurrier left. Shuffling him off and having the new viewpoint character discredit him counts as a retcon in my book.

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Planets named after british candies and sweets. Squats. Half-eldar Ultramarines. Space marine armors covered in vietnam style scribbles.

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I think in Horus' vison on davian he said he saw 20 baby primarchs on Luna which means they were sent off like the rest of the Primarchs.... maybe they just didn't land on a planet.

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Space Marine Chapter Metallicus, with the warcry "Ride the Lightning."

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Primarchs named after gay poets.
Nobody's falling for it, 'Lion'.

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>Half-eldar Ultramarines


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>implying you can trust a daemon

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That wasnt an AdMech titan legion?

Speaking of AdMEch, I remember reading some ads in White Dwarf around `91, promising AdMech armies next year.

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Valedictors and Rainbow Warriors.

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As I recall, isn't it implied in that vision that a) It wasn't a vision, he was REALLY there on Luna. and b) Doesn't he break open one of the pods in a fit of rage?

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Alpha Legion have always been full traitor, only their Primarches know about the Cabal, the rest of the Legion turned because Alpharius told them to turn and they do what he says because they're super obedient lapdogs.

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It is stated that all 20 primarchs are reunited with their legions and with the Emperor at some point or another.

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his viewpoint was discredited, or at least significantly undermined within lord of the night by acerbus and the actions of curze

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It was the other way around.

There were even pictures of dashing ultramarine beakies with armor covered in nose art saving eldar ladies with eighties hair.

It makes me fuzzy inside that Starcraft preserved that kind of marines while 40k marines went to dour, boring, badly characterized templars.

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> the surviving Marines were folded into the Ultrasmurfs.

The only "evidence" of that is a rumour from a butthurt Word Bearer.

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and further, talos isn't presented with an 'all-correct' viewpoint either. his own squad/brethren (notably cyrion) gripe with him about how he only remembers and reminisces about the parts he likes.

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>No. Those were left out intentionally so people could make up their own legions to play at tabletop and have a sort of legitimacy in the lore calling it one of the lost legions.

No, that's what some fags like to believe so that they can pretend that there snowflake mareens are even more speshul.

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You have a point. Still, I was looking forward to seeing where his story was going. At this rate we'll never know.

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Yes he didn't he? But wasn't that after the Primarchs were tossed into the Chaos portal, or was it after he murdered a Custode?

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But wait, there's more.

The Forces of Chaos showed Horus the future that awaited him if he turned against the Emperor, but said that's what would happen if he didn't so that he caused it to come to pass.
How this plays in with the Cabal thinking it wouldn't I don't even.

It gets all sorts of fucked.

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Its a wargame where you are encouraged to make super speshul armies.

The entire fucking setting is just an excuse to sell miniatures for the wargame.

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From the latest HH books it seems like Omegon has gone a bit weird in the head and is plotting against Alpharius, who is in turn working to some goal of his own which may or may not be the same as the Cabal's

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They have faith in their Primarchs and believe that whatever reason they had for turning was the right one and so don't question it. They seem pretty impartial to it and don't particularly hate the loyalists, and indeed seem to regard the traitors with suspicion and hate.

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Yeah well that was a given when si spurrier parted ways with BL

The space wolf books should show the kind of shit that happens when multiple authors write the same characters

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>it seems like Omegon has gone a bit weird in the head
They all do in the end.

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> Planets named after british candies and sweets


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If I recall what I've heard, Alpharius was visited by the Dark Cabal and told that if Horus won, humanity would be lost as Horus regretted what he'd done and killed everyone.

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>It was the other way around.
actually, every instance of a half-eldar I can think of (both in RT and later) was a result of some poor lass getting "wooed" (read; raped) by a passing Eldar pirate.

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i wouldn't advise rejoining the imperium, it's gone full retard since the heresy, best to leave this galaxy entirely and start over from scratch.

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Why do you fuckers keep going on about how Abbadon is a useless shit? A lot of the time, he actually achieves at least ONE of his damn goals.

He retrieved the goddamn daemon sword, he activated the fucking Blackstone Fortresses. If anyone could get the fucking Traitor Legions to work together, he could probably take Cadia. But thats the fucking problem. Chaos hates itself, it infights worse than the Imperium does.

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Traitor Legion goes loyal = sudden influx of black shields in the Deathwatch ranks

>> No.19404672

Black shields?

>> No.19404683


Spess Mehreens who can't tell you what chapter they come from, but they REALLY want to help you and your kill team.

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