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Hey guys. I am a GM at my wits end. I have a game tonight and I'm generally pretty damn good at winging it, but I'm having issues coming up with a basic structure for a Cyberpunk mission. Not a whole campaign, just one, good, solid mission. I'm using the Corporation ruleset (which is an amazing game, by the way, and takes very little time to learn.)
I need:
1. A basic premise.
2. Descriptions for any notable characters the PCs might come across.
3. A twist in the story.
If someone provides me with this, I'll upload the Corporation rulebook for anyone who doesn't have it, provided you give me a good place to upload it. And I'l thank you a lot.

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rolled 17 = 17

mediafire is pretty good

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Go here:
and donwload and read the twin cities metroplex transmission. Should be a good source for inspiration.

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Recall your last favorite movie or episode of a show that took place inside of a city, had two opposing sides violently going at it, and had a twist.

Replace characters with your NPCs.

Boom, done.

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OP here. Problem is, I usually don't watch much on TV, or movies for that matter.

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1. an employer contacts your group for a special mission, which takes place deep into an underground complex of storage lockers. Your job is to dodge the nightwatch, traps and get out alive with the package.

2. Johnny Demille, a low level small time crook who you find attempting to hack into a security door, he will lead you 5 levels down for a price, but ends up getting killed by a robot sentry. He carries nothing but ratty clothes and a lockpick set.

Mr. Fan, The Employer who sends you on your way, description would be your typical businessman with a sneer on his face at all time.

Head Guard Neet, a skitterish looking fellow in charge of the nightwatch, a mix of races and elements that protect the storage lockers in this complex.

3. The package turns out to be a rice cooker. DO NOT REVEAL THIS until the people hand over the package. Make it so that if the package is opened then they will not get paid.

the looks on the parties faces when they had to face life or death for a rice cooker.

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I don't know the "Corporation" system, but a good general structure is: "Johnson hires the PCs to do a snatch-and-grab of a corporate asset (be it a file, a computer file, a person, a new piece of tech, what have you) from inside a good ol' corporate arcology. Obviously well guarded, but maybe a bit too well guarded. Something new is in the way, something they've never seen, something the PC's can only just -barely- get through. They get the thing they're there for, and deliver it to the Johnson, only to learn that it's a set-up, and the whole mission was to test some new defensive measure, and now that the PC's have bested it, the Johnson, working for the corp they ripped off, corp needs them dead.

Classic but fun.

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I can't tell whether you're serious or not. Either way, this will definitely at least be plan B.

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I like it. FYI Corporation is basic cyberpunk

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A good source for cyberpunk inspiration would the TV show Leverage. All about a group of elite thieves that turn robin hood. Most episodes follow the format of hiest caper. Most of the targets are evil corporate executives and one of the thieves is an elite hacker. It's great show in itself and I highly reccomend it just for entertainment, but it's also great as a source for cyberpunk ideas.

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Glad to hear it. And I figured, so I just ran with something I'd make for a Shadowrun game, sans magic.

Need anything else, man?

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That sounds badass. Recording it for later viewing.

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Not particularly. Uploading the book momentarily.

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Leverage is absolutely amazing. Please treat yourself to a few episodes.

Yesss, new book... Thank you!

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OP Delivers.

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Not a problem. Keep the ideas coming guys. Anymore will be filed away for later use.

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Oh its Serious, nothing like risking life and limb for a semi-useless item for a guy who you just want to beat.

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Off the top of my head here's something from a leverage episode: They are hired to steal a potato. No wait, I'm serious, it's a prototype gengineered potato.
Theres an episode where this girl has bred a new species of potato and a big food corporation steals it and the crew have to steal it back from the corp's headquarters. It's great.

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I can't help but think that some twisted, biotech variant on Big Trouble In Little China would make for a great intro.

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>A basic premise.
Players are hired to uncover details about another corporation that is poised to buy there employer out.
The use of stealth, untraceable assault, or social graces (fake being new management) are do able.
>Descriptions for any notable characters the PCs might come across.
A megalomaniac CEO that employed the players
The high ideals rival CEO with a vision of a better tomorrow
>A twist in the story.
The rival CEO's company is actually out of his hands and he will be made the fall guy in a major sell out of his company.
What makes this more of a twist is just how so much good could of been accomplished if he really could pull it off.

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Better off with a season of Burn Notice, Strange Days, Johnny Mnemonic, Bourne trilogy and Entrapment.

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Someone is hacking into XCorps database, stealing vital industrial and corporate secrets, many of which could get the corporation in trouble with the law if they came to light. They hire the PCs to take care of it.

1. The mysterious janitor. He knows waaaay more then he lets on, and is generally a source of advice for the PCs. Bro-tier but kinda cagey about things the players don't need to know yet.
2. The Scientist, socially awkward and possibly sociopathic, he should generally creep the PCs out, while offering them gadgets and stuff at "prices" that should border on things the characters wouldn't accept.

3. The Gamer, as it sounds but he's really good with code and computers as well as The Net. (Jack in, Matrix/Neuromancer style BS)
The Twist: The Gamer is the person the PCs are looking for, and it turns out he wants to bring down The Net because people are just wasting away with their VR goggles on, or their children die of neglect. Any colateral damage is necessary for the world to be purged of it's corruption.

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