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Sup /tg/, 40k lore question: what loyalist Space Marine chapters have a particular hatred towards a certain group of Chaos Space Marines that dates to the Horus Heresy? Like Imperial Fists-Iron Warriors deal.

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Space Wolves and Thousand Sons have some bad blood between them, about that whole Exterminusing the shit out of the 1K Sons homeworld, and then the later retaliatory attack on Fenris.

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The Iron Hands hate the shit out of the Noise Marines (Emprah's Children). Their primarchs had an epic bromance going before Fulgrim fell to Slaanesh and killed Ferrus Manus.

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Word Bearers and Ultramarines, the whole Monarchia and Calth shenenanigans.
My guess any space marines chapter has a hatred for the other space marine legion/chapter/warband that killed their primarch. Like Blood Angels should really hate Black Legion etc.

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Dark Angels and-


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EVERYBODY hates the Black Legion. Especially the Imperial Fists.

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Dark Angels hate that douche that felt the oven on.

They were so busy partying and having brewskis when the HH was over. Then some douche leaves the oven on and a guy goes out for a smoke.

BOOM, no more homeworld.

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>Black legion

Cadia strong!

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The Space Wolves & the Thousand Son's Legion are the bestest friends!

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Become Cadian Strong today and join the Cadian Army at your nearest Military Indoctrination Office!

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They pretty much most did:

Iron Warriors - Imperial Fists
Thousand Sons - Space Wolves
Alpha Legion - Ultramarines
World Bearers - Ultramarines
Emperor's Children - Iron Hands
Sons of Horus - Blood Angels

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Every Traitor Legion has a corresponding Loyalist Legion, either through similarity or dissimilarity. They aren't all perfect, and there's some overlap, and they don't always hate their counterpart, but they often do.

Black Legion = Ultramarines, vanillaness, effectiveness
Thousand Sons = Space Wolves, sorcery or lack thereof
Emperor's Children = Iron Hands, love of self, hatred of self
Iron Warriors = Imperial Fists, sieges
Raven Guard = Night Lords, speed and sneakiness
World Eaters = Blood Angels, BLOOD
Plague Marines = White Scars, footsloggin vs speed
I'm not really sure how Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, Dark Angels, and Salamanders go together, if at all.

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The Disco Marines.
The funk can never die!

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You two made my night

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>implying they're not a samefag
>implying you aren't them

13/472, see me after class.

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Dark Angels and Word Bearers can go together because the WBs used to worship Emps but turned away in hate and disgust, while the Dark Angels got corrupted and are trying to redeem themselves. So there's an opposite there.

Alpha Legion and Salamanders are both bro-tier. Though Alpha Legion probably goes better with White Scars on the tactics angle, while Death Guard go with Salamanders on the close-range fire support angle.

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>implying the ultramarines weren't infiltrated by the alpha legion and the ultramarines are now the alpha legion.

>implying I'm Alpharius

>implying everyone is Alpharius.

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I am Alpharius

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Iron Warriors hate the Imperial Fists, because there is a long deep seeded hatred mainly from the Iron Warriors end.
Both Armies specialize in siege warfare, however the emporer decided to let the Imperial fists make all the siege fortifications, while he used the Iron Warriors as basically cannon fodder for laying siege to fortress's. The Iron Warriors Primarch was pretty miffed at this as he believed the Iron Warriors were better suited for the Imperial Fists and the emporer was playing favorites. When the Horus Heresy went down the Iron Warriors joined after the emporer yet again passed them up for the Imperial Fists again. So they said "Fuck it" and basically went to prove that they where the better of the two. And they did in the Iron Cage incident. The Iron Warriors basically dealt the Imperial Fists a blow so devastating they never recovered.

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Y'know I always hear that about the Imperial Fists, they were supposedly dealt that massive blow, yet in the all the rest of fluff they seem to be doing alright, hell they're stationed on/draw from Terra, so they can't be doing too badly.

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Night Lords and Blood Angels kind of hate each other too.

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Imperial fists were one of the biggest chapters to begin with, and while the cage of iron was pretty fucking nasty - it was *nowhere near* as bad as the dropsite massacre.

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It wasn't even so much that iron warriors were 'amazing' at sieges, or that they 'preferred' them. It was literally they did it once, everyone thought they did a fucking amazing job at it, so from that point in time - thats all they get to do, all sieges all the time.

Truthfully the Nightlords would probably be the best at 'siege' (if they get to fight on their terms).

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That's what I get the impression of, is what I'm saying. Doesn't strike me in that they really lost that many marines.

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No, I am Alpharius

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Oh they lost a lot, but they also had a lot more geneseed to rebuild from too.

Dropsite massacre = almost 0 recovered geneseed.
Cage of Iron = only 400 loyalist 'bodies' unable to be recovered. Who knows how much geneseed was able to be recovered, but its implied that they came back with a lot more than the dropsite massacre.

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Lets put it this way, they were once one of the largest legions but after the Iron Cage they only raised two successor chapters.

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um... 3

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I thought Prospero was only bombed. Like the Fulgrim planet.

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Dorn went full retard there.

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Dorn was a retard to begin with

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Thousand Sons: Blood Ravens. They hate them because they stole their schtick. And their stuff.

Though to be fair, just about everyone except the Ultramarines seems to hate them for the same reason.

The Ultramarines just see it as people looking up to Rowboat Girlyman as their spiritual liege, so they're cool with anyone trying to be like them.

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Why does Abaddon and Black Legion have a hateboner for the Blood Ravens?

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They stole his arms.

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It only gets more retarded when you read the details.

he KNEW it was a trap. and every other primarch knew it too.

when Dorn still said he was gonna do it Guilliman said he'd help but Dorn would have to wait about a week for the Ultras to get there.

course Dorn was all, "nah man I don't need help this is gonna be a cake walk!"

smash cut to... Situation Fubar and the IF getting rescued by the Ultras... again.

course if you listen to the Hammers of Dorn tell the story it goes completely different.

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No brothers, you are Thousand Sons

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If you just need blind hate go for grey knights they work for the inquisition personally.

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They are Black Legion.

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>"There were records found on Kronus. Records some said contained information about our Chapter's history. Captain Thule was the only one to read them."
>"What happened to the records?"
>"Captain Thule destroyed them."
>"I am not surprised."
>"Why are you not surprised?"
>"Those who wish to know who they truly are should be more careful with their wishes."

>"The descendants of traitors are not always traitors themselves."

>"How dark are the halls of the chapter Librarium? As dark as the secrets kept there."

>"Sons must atone for the sins of their fathers."

>"You can redeem the past of the Chapter."

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The only sin Magnus ever made was being every bit the same as his father. He was the chosen son, just not the favored.

His sin was the sin of Love. He cared too deeply for his legion, and for that, gave it over to Chaos to save them. He cared too deeply for his father, for that, warned him, and was betrayed by it. He loved his brother, no matter how antethema Russ is to him, and did not raise a hand to him at the battle for Prospero. Magnus made the sin of being human.

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Isn't one of those the Legion-In-All-But-Name that is the Black Templar, though?

I think the Salamanders got it worse. Do they have ANY canon successors? I think just the cursed founding one.

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>did not raise a hand to him at the battle for Prospero

no they fought. he didn't defend the planet allowing it to be destroyed. but once Russ made it to his tower he fought him.

if im not mistaken Magnus killed one of Russ's wolves and even got a few good hits in the melee

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I believe at one point the loyalist and traitor legions were supposed to sort of mirror each other. The Night Lords and Ultramarines even have the same basic color scheme. But I think that idea was mostly dropped a long time ago. Like, around second edition.

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All who knew the truth are sworn to secrecy or are dead. The new Generation of Blood Ravens will never know the truth of their origin.

These secrets will die with Angelos and Thule.

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Actually he was just a fucking pillock who thought he knew everything, That shameless complete certainty got him fucked in the ass by chaos.

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>some bad blood

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I believe at one point the loyalist and traitor legions were supposed to sort of mirror each other.
well many do kinda play reflect each other. or are almost exact opposites.

The Luna wolves were masters of siegecraft and the IF were masters of fortifications.

or how the Word Bearers were complete failures of a legions and the Ultras, their opposite, where actually competent.

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Abaddon confirms that the Blood Ravens are the Sons of Horus.

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Magnus suffered alot from Arrogance. Like claiming he knows all about the Warp and being able to control it, despite being a candle compared to the Emprah's power, and pissing off Leman Russ.

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Re-reading a Thousand Sons as it is, however, I thought Magnus essentially handed the fight to Russ, hoping that the Wolves wouldn't be full retard (Hahaha, fat chance. Tools,) and spare his legion.

Whatever, I love Ahriman the best, that dude's a boss, and the only one in the 41'st millennia with a shred of humanity left it seems.

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I saw it as him fighting but he lost all heart from his own failure. so he did fight but he couldn't really put up much of one. specially against Russ

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This doesn't confirm anything. It just means he wants to convert Blood Ravens to chaos.

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What a coincidence. I too am Alpharius.

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Damn it Relic. The whole Thousand Sons theory made alot more sense then Luna Wolves. They always might be a mixture of gene-seeds though.

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Ahriman is fucking bro tier. He is not even into chaos. But I hate is god complex.

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The point being that Magnus barely defended himself against Russ. He was one of the most powerful psykers in existence at the time, able to burn an Eldar Revenant titan to cinders.
Not only that but he was a literal giant that towered over Russ and old fluff mentions that although he studied a lot in a fight he was incredible, having bested Angron once in a straight dual.

Once Russ arrived Magnus got angry and threw a few punches but ultimately he already knew what was coming and was resigned to it (being claimed by Tzeentch).

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>into chaos
He might think he isn't.

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>implying you're not Omergon

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>having bested Angron once in a straight dual.

can i get a source on that?

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The blood Ravens ARE Thousand Sons successors. Abbaddon's Black legion is not just made up of Sons of Horus, y'know, he makes a point of accepting Chaos Marines from any Legion or Warband or Traitor Chapter into his ranks. All this meant is he wanted to fold them into the Black Legion, NOT that they used to be sons of Horus.

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I really wish I could give you one but I don't know where I could find it.

It was old. at least 3rd edition because it had the grainy grey box around it they used to put fluff into.

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Tehre is noh time to beh lohst! Battle Brothars!

Spehss Mahrens, todeh we will steal our origehn. We know oua duteh and we will do eet. We take gifts for our honor as Blod Rehvens,
as SPESS MAHRENS, and we take gifts in the nehme of the Empra!

And if we fail this deh we fail in mystery, we fight with no origehn story, but we shall not fail, no! It is the enemeh who will gift us their identity!

As you know! Moast of oua battle brothars are shtehtioned in SPEHSS, Pruhpeared to receive gifts from the foul traitors! Oua perimeter has been
pruhpeared in the even dat oua enehmies should be so bald and so foolish. We have plehced numerous false backstories, allowing for muhltiple, simuln-tehneous and devashtehting defensive cover stories with the Empra's inquisition.

The Codecks astartees nehmes this maneuvah Steal Origrehn. We will descend upon the foe, we will ovawhelm them - we will leave no geneseed or standard unstolen! Meanwhile oua diversion fawses will ensue the full defense of oua headkwaters from the inquisition.

We are the spehss mahrens! WE ARE THE EMPRA'S BLOODEH MAGPIES!

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