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What modern gun is the closest to a classic flintlock pistol and/or musket?

I ask because I'd like to make the modern equivalent of this into my next character.

Uses "modern" guns, but paid out the ass to have them modeled to more closely resemble old weapons. Likewise, wears the outfit, but with modern body armor -- like, appropriately colored dragonskin.

You can probably guess he's a bit eccentric.

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there's world championships still at shooting flintlocks, lived next to one for a while.

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Revolvers are the only old-style handheld weapons that are still in use. They have an actual hammer, rather than a firing pin, and they don't have a large amount of complex machinery to move a bolt around. They're simple but elegant, which seems like what you're going for.

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look up "muzzle loaders" or "blackpowder" and you'll see some clubs, and dealers that supply them.

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I think he's after something a little more modern, guys.

Try this, OP.

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A shotgun that fires slugs could be a decent approximation of a flintlock smoothbore, though that's obviously not in the handgun department. You still get the benefit of the aesthetic, though, and you reap the rewards of that smooth, smooth absence of rifling.

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If I was doing this, I'd have a gold inlayed and engraved double-barrel sawed-off. Or maybe two.

This would be a purely cinematic character. IRL this is a terrible weapon. Hard to deny the "cool factor" of wielding a brace of these, or maybe using one in the off-hand while buckling your swash with a rapier, small-sword or saber.

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Holy SHIT, is that a holdout M79 grenade launcher?!

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Revolvers, modern muzzle-loaders, breach-loaders, lever action.

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Not the guy you're responding to, but is this the sort of think you like~?

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I can just see it. "DAMN, my mag in my carbine is out. Oh well, time to switch to my sidearm!"

pic related. :-D

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I have to question the sanity of anyone who uses a grenade launcher as a holdout weapon,

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This is what you're looking for OP. You're using practical, effective guns without something as dumb as "looks like a flintlock, works like a modern firearm" and you have a specific look that hearkens to olden times.

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They did make nuke rpgs once.

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If you're referring to the Davy Crockett Tactical Nuclear Recoilless Rifle, it was a recoilless rifle, not an RPG. And it was ecksbawkshueg.

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The M-28 Davy Crockett nuclear rifle.
fallout range > firing range
I'm sure you can all see the issue with it.

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Close enough to me.

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What rewards?

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It's a joke. There's no benefit whatsoever to using smoothbore, except for being easier to manufacture.

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Actually, there ARE rifled shotguns specifically for the purpose of firing slugs.

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>effective guns without something as dumb as "looks like a flintlock, works like a modern firearm"
Why is that dumb?

Jealous because you didn't think of it first?

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I think smooth-bore lets the bullet go a tiny bit faster.

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Then why do modern tanks use smooth-bore? I doubt 'It's cheaper' is the reason.

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Fin-stabilized rounds are more stable out of a smoothbore barrel and smoothbore suffers less wear over time.

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it's like the shotgun example. multiple types of slugs

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There's no reason to actually use rifling on a tank.

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Check wikipedia. Apparently projectiles used in modern artillery are too long for rifling to be effective.

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Most rounds those guns shoot are fin-stabalized. The only real difference is what those fins attach too.

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I think he's referring to the fact that the aesthetic changes would make the weapon less effective in real life, and there is no point to wanting a more obvious, less wieldy weapon.

Although his pointing out ocelot as using an effective weapon is a little off. It is a very effective weapon, but not nearly as reliable as modern weapons. It still makes more sense than what you are trying to do, which I agree is kinda dumb.

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Anything break action with an external hammer. With slugs. Hollowpoint slugs. One or two shots before reload, big projectiles and huge wounds. Should do the trick.

Or just have him use an actual modern muzzleloader. Though that would be a pain in the arse and gimp him horribly.

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>not as reliable

Nigger what Revolvers are THE most reliable firearm.

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Ocelot uses a Colt SAA, which were cap and ball.
Cap and ball firearms are less reliable than modern firearms.

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Wouldn't that mean that it would take him way longer to reload than it does?

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Minor nitpick:

The Colt Single-Action Army (aka, the SAA, the M1873 or the Peacemaker) is a cartridge revolver.

You are probably thinking of the Colt 1860 Army. That was cap-and-ball.

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Wait, you're right.
pic related on my part.

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Since this is a half-assed /k/ /tg/ crossover thread, I wanted to ask something that I'm more comfortable bringing up here than on /k/...

Would it be possible to fit a revolver chamber to something like this sawed-off shotgun?

I mean I know that's impractical, a bad idea, etc., but assuming someone had the gunsmithing talent (or even had to just build the gun from the ground up), COULD it be done? Be made functional, I mean?

I'm not asking about some dinky .410 revolver, but a full on 12-gauge revolver.

I'd photoshop a mock-up of what I'm asking with this, but I have no photoshop and no actual photoshopping skills.

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yes, it's not hard

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It'd be possible to make a shotgun feed from a cylinder, maybe even a double barrel, but it'd be impractically huge.

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i'm sorry i had to

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The cylinder or the overall weapon?

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Both, although that was mostly referring to doing it with a double barrel.
Actually, the Jackhammer used "casettes", which were basically detachable, shrinkwrapped cylinders.

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Go big or go home.

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12 gauge revolver

From Russia With Love

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>>Would it be possible to fit a revolver chamber to something like this sawed-off shotgun?

No, but you could just design a revolver shotgun from scratch. Or use an existing revolver design and add wooden furnature. Examples:





Was going to stop there, but then I found this baby, it's pretty much what you're looking for if you shorten the barrel and take off the stock:


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punch gun

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Meanwhile, in bulgaria

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Assuming it was a single-barrelled shotgun, how big would the cylinder have to be?

Like, bigger than the barrell itself, both ways? Or would it fit more or less like this >>19389391 ?

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There is a triple barrel revolver. I don't know if it's functional or not though.

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Because HEAT doesn't like to be spinning, and neither does apfsds rounds. You don't seriously think tank guns are just firing giant bullets, right? Because they don't. That would be laughably ineffective.

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I know.

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I have a picture of it.

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Look at 20 round drums for saiga shotguns. Thats how big the cylinder would have to be (for 20 round cylinders, of course. Were there fewer shells the cylinder would get smaller and smaller.)

a shotgun shell is about 18.5 mms thick, just scale up whatever revolver you want to base it on. most .357 revolvers would need a cylinder twice the size to hold the same number of shotgun shells.

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I love this thing.

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which is the pistol version of this.

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Revolver rifles are also nice.

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Mace gun.

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This appears to be an aftermarket, rear-facing stock-gun for a rifle or musket.

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I need to start collecting these images of strange guns.

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Here in the U.S., we have a specific subset of deer hunting season that's set aside just for muzzleloading rifles. Most of these aren't anything like the old guns, really. Some, however...

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Looking at that makes me feel like I'm about to be shot by a bokcase.

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The best part is that most of the time the barrels are right up against your shoulder. Don't arm it until right before you use it.

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Technically, that's the rifle version of >>19389532 as the Volcanic Pistol came first.

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...and the only one building them currently is some redneck.

Oh, and the bullets? You'll have to make them individually, because they're early caseless bullets. But yeah, it's a crazy lovely gun.

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Revolver Rifles are stylish. I first learned about them when I read about Ned Kelly. Mainly because the guy had a tendency to wield one with one hand.

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The story of Ned Kelly reminds me of an outlaw Iron Man.

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Less drinking, more writing to parliament about the poor treatment of the Irish by British police...but yeah. Weirdly enough, Sir Baden Powell (Founder of the scouting movement) was a fan of his and actually wrote that they should look into that armour for the British army to help reduce casualties.

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various caliber size comparison.

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Absolutely on topic...has someone this demotivator with some russian gun and the caption
"(???)-if you want to kill a man on 4 feet range and light his clothes on fire" or similiar?
I can't find it.

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cant do better with size but this is what I assume you wanted

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Are you trying to make an automatic shotgun ala expendables?

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How about this ?

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Is it guaranteed to break your wrist or your money back?

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>Implying the gun would even vibrate when grasped by the hands and well-developed forearms of any serious 4channer

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Can ya step?

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Because some people don't have effete wrists.

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No, I'm trying to make a five or six shot revolver that fires 12 gauge.

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Wouldn't that be remarkably inefficient?

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I think efficiency is the least of the worries

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Yes. As a matter of fact, someone (I can't remember who, but it was an established firearm company...) designed a 12-guage version of the Taurus Judge, but the ATF classified it as a short-barreled shotgun/destructive device, so they couldn't sell them to the general public. Go check The Firearms Blog for it.


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