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3/3 - I did my part.

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stop right there criminal scum

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Now this is womanhood.

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No, women can't be womanly if they have cat features.

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There are reasons they're called "cat fights" and women are called "catty".

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Indeed, both of those things have absolutely everything to do with physical features such as ears and tails and absolutely nothing to do with behaviors.

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Oh this is a cat thread?

I though this was a muscle thread.

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We can make this a muscle thread. The only reason I like cat girls is because people who draw them seem to know the balance between flabby/weak/helpless and steroid freak.

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Dunno, most of my other stuff is either nude or real girls, so I will stop.

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My pelvis is moving in the direction of snu snu without any guidance from me!

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..........any orcs?......

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time for the cool aid woman

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hang on...

Is this orcish enough?

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truly a /tg/ classic

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the orc one, to clarify

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I thought I heard the sound of a -4 STR thread. I was right. Proceed.

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that's it from me, enjoy

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>So why don't you have a boyfriend yet, /tg/?
Because I can't pass ;_;

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Stop throwing like a girl, it's embarrassing me.

Also somebody please save this thread or to /tg/booru.

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B-but if I throw like a guy I'm gonna pass even less!

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I'll stop trying to pass if you let me catch, if you know what I'm saying.

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That's nasty.


Why do I find this hot?

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How is that nasty?

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A catgirl turned muscle girl thread? How delightful.

Would you kind gentlemen allow me the oppertunity to post this little comic of mine?

Its filled with all sorts of naughty material our most gracious moderators wouldn't take kindly to.

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No, fuck off.

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Post it on /d/ and link the thread if you must.

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absolutely terrible in quality

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Not even /d/ would want FMG porn, I'll keep this comic to myself.

I apologize for my intrusion.

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I can't guarantee I'll fap, but if it's posted (and not b&), I'll read it.

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There are plenty of people that want that crap. Just not here.

We were enjoying girls with muscles, and you brought in muscles with girls. Go be a fetishfag somewhere else.

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The bottom of her foot is filthy and there's a nail in it.



There's some kind of nightcrawler being pulled out of her ear.

Her nails are overlong and claw-like.

How is that NOT nasty?

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I guess you've never known the horrors of /co/.

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women bodybuilding in a vain attempt to compensate for their -4 Str

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>spend thirty minutes going through all folders
>hardly any muscle girls

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Go back to the sticky thread.

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what self respecting person on /tg/ doesn't have a muscle girl folder?

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Is this what you want, /tg/? That you fantasize over the woman being the masculine one in your relationships? Are you too beta to handle a real, attractive, womanlike woman, so you have to settle for a steroid-filled bodybuilder instead?

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I have a -4str folder instead...

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Is this what you want, /tg/? That you fantasize over the robot being the feminine one in your relationships? Are you too beta to handle a real, attractive, womanlike woman, so you have to settle for a circuit-filled automaton instead?

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Or maybe we are more comfortable with our masculinity to go out with a women that is physically stronger then we are.

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Are you saying /tg/ is filled with robosexuals? Are you turned on by my pic, /tg/?

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Projecting so hard it hurts.

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>women physically stronger than we are
>our masculinity

>implying you can still be masculine with -5 Str

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>have no sorted folders at all
>all a clusterfuck of random file numbers and names

But it is a work in progress, friend, believe me. I've gathered up what pitances I had into a folder and am adding from this thread.

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There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman that can kick his ass at that which he excels.

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> muscle girl thread

Am I doing it rite, /tg/?

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>implying everyone wants to be a beta male feminist like you

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I wasn't expecting to laugh, but I did. Thank you, sir.

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Actually he's sort of right, it can be explained in the same line of reasoning as 'everyone likes dicks, especially you'.

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Hey now, that's uncalled for! You can be a sub without being a feminist!

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I just want a woman who's fun, shares interests, and can genuinely challenge me at them. Because, not having a challenge is boring.

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I must agree with him, however, because such a woman forces a man to work in ways unorthodox to conquer her. It is a good and admirable thing to push your limits.

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>kicking ass

biology says pick one and only one

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I've met a few ladies that would make you eat those words.

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/tg/ you perv

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History says "fuck Biology".

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Biology says you're functionally retarded. Have fun with that.

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Goddammit /tg/, these fucking threads.

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>You can be a sub without being a feminist!
Dude, what?

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Just be a typical fa/tg/uy betamale.

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Some people find transgressing rules hot. Such as transgressing the essential inferiority of women through femdom, while still believing in it.

Or something.

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More like these two please

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Just one more. If you like it, search for houtengeki.

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Messed up the file name. Here ya go.

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If you put enough points into it you'll be higher than someone who doesn't put any points into it at all.

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Thanks very much, anon.

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That looks like a package down there...

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Pretty sure that one's straight up a dude. Check out the pecs. Y'know, instead of boobs.

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I'll sign for it.

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I'm wrapping it up here. Good night, elegan/tg/entlemen.

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>ITT: /tg/ doing it right
>tg - I don't even need the other boards anymore.jpg

Oh man, I don't know why I left. I haven't been here for ages until I posted this thread, and you guys reminded me that you are wonderful.

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Good thread, elegan/tg/entlemen. Inspired me to draw some art.

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Dem lips. I had to get about my drawbro about making such huge lips.

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You could be wanting to be the little girl ;_;

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You should total do a red headed female mechanic. I want it because of reasons.

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Would this qualify

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1 google image search later...

sorry bout the watermark

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Don't know if this'll ever find it's way to you, but here you go. A little rough, but I am a man in dire need of sleep.

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>Notices feets of the Rythmic Gymnast top right.

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You should draw a picture of a red headed female mechanic punching Hitler while a robotic American Eagle crys tears of joy.

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Why isn't this thread on /d/?

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Norfolk, do you have any way of following your art like a Deviantart or tumblr account or such?

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Because you don't need /d/ when you have /tg/.

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But the /tg/ is not the place for your sick fetishes, silly.

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What are you going to do, ban me?

Go and worship your fucking mod.

>> No.19394232

Yep, that's what I'm gonna do, faget.

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Bye bye now.

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No, I'm going to sage your thread because fetishfags like you ruining this board with your crap. Here I go, you'd better hide behind your big strong mommy fetish.

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Sage does nothing.

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No it is.
Nah, whatever, I'm just sick of tg hypocrisy when in one thread everyone is "nono everything is fetish stop it, fucking fetishes hurr" and the other is fully /d/ stuff.
Just get shit together.

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Ignore this thread, move on.

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No, seriously, what's wrong with /tg/?
Why there is so much prejudice and other bullshit considering fetish stuff?

>> No.19394341

Because upper middle class white people indoctrinated in hypocrisy.

>> No.19394343

The prejudice is mostly about bringing fetishes into the game or the real world. This is an anonymous image board. It's a little different.

>> No.19394354

There isn't, it's just that you really should avoid bringing that shit into your games.
Why not do it on /tg/?
It's not like you can actually know or respect anyone here.

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There's no answer to be found here. Lay back and think of England.

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I know, I hate it too. Why can't /tg/ just be tolerant?

I don't think so, anyone can be a prude.

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I'd be glad if we either be ok with this stuff on this board or not.
I'm sick when in one thread everybody is crying and making a shitstorm about something that resembles a fetish, like every fucking time, and in the other they are posting naked bulked girls. It just grinds my gears.

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This is /tg/. Ignore what you don't like, it's what everyone else does.

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[insert crying eagle of your choice]

Sorry, man, got nothing of the sort. I don't really draw enough for it. Though that's not so true now that I occasionally drawfag on /tg/.

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